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Socorrí) 'iuiiity Kiimncos.
T k 1 a I. r.u.ANii:.
Sell 1 ; (. 1 ,al ri.7'4 ;il IX. r.. li.c.i.
Í ... l i i- iv,. i f .i- l . i t v. Ilii :v. ilil ?lri:is-.'lvh of
I .r tnr ; i -r.i! .'. -in il.. 1 1 f l.ii lf-ln li-riail
. . .. I t' ii . :i...t o.' i i.i .. ' !'l ii i.l.e rs. S -iu
i . . .uVviL t...),
Ti..ot A,tcr:t, A. '!". & S. P. Ky.,
Socorro iev ."léxico.
Ivnilio Valles
J. C Kiine
If. K. Harris. Jr
Candelario Iopez
l!.indelario Jarcia
Ks pi i pul a Ksouüxd
M. Miera "
Oiniiii,- - I. .i.ii Tr-;.s
Imirl Kllinl I.H i F ir a N II.
Int. Km ii I 1"'; :iji,-i IS.oiliN.V.
Iill. t'lni.l I i'l 751
Sinov, l'n ul 2 -1
t I'u.! I 1.1. i- l
C V. mi ! I.e i.
I t, n i l.H i
'.Vil I :i imiv I :iii-l )! :;
s..i- , : i ,.. .., 1 1
i .ot ,i .-. .1. !.. 'I
liil'li-.l I-' .inl ! ' .,
t'-iii iirrii's Tolrpliiiiie ServiiT t') lie IVr
fi t tctl Ne! Momia) Niir!it. lib
J i
H H f U O II
a' . V
1 r i
t. v
ú o
-Is' V'
I . It
z n mm
' V ft. ..v I'
r í tl
VOL. 21
NO. .3
(M 1-1 lit 111'""'
m.iiM'. . I..
I11.unt.11n1 -1.
i tii in M
I H I T .... C .. Mill ..( I 11 Ml ..-t ! ! 1 f . 1
r.-. '1 uif r .. K ' ii 1 ''ti 1 1 11 1 1 1 v I v A '"('" 7 f;
v !-' hi' l.i vim- .:. 1 k. I .:.. . r ; ..v . : I u t '; L
kl Z: l'ilU'.ií ll t r luo La-;. -.. 4 ..0 . 1...... 4 ! " "1 Jt" H
TAf Tí .m.tTf A
Till' 1:ili'l:irt In nlw hurí nl od V
itiort- 5 ..lW Rli.l il
( tt W-'r'r iiv,-( Hicr V1. for r S n.rnv
r 1 .ro i: w 'iia.'t .irt'tit in Hi-' '."i U VjuI Cíui l.y;ji-.w Uúchí,
- JS
'i ;i'iy D' 1
M". I 1oul-t í.T.Of itií !-"' ikto( iff1 n ! rl tli mtiif lit
lrallu r usvil In K- "i.ví.í .fi'i. ii; .;f urn nro ji:nt n ft'mmi n ii
lnlt mTi k tvliiiV.'. I.. TVnii'a fiiM' v Ith rniv.r "r1 ?r"r 1.:
ivirri:!. 1 ikr in.- iiit..Mfi" of if .- ; .: mv-'i : :! v ' .ti'sir-.i: k.ic and
w i'ii I. 1 : v w-r-. ; f -nil or eai tut-; hii; im-Umia or it;rit io..'á.
CATA low n;i,i:.
1 1
Sold excSusivcSy by
.. J i
rrv-- ti .
r . i i v.T. rr i .
f r ' 1 . ' . ----- -
1 '
1 II I
-. -I IB
II t 'J TI T . .
c-.r w'a s;rf
if yo:i have r.oí rsccivcci copy of cur Cata
hgiiz wrhi at on:::. Our stock of the
above cccb b lai'ger and more complete
ihan ever. : --'
si;ni) i.s yotjk ohdkks.
Til 1
Agency, New Mexico and Arizona,
li.'.-l 1 '-117 S:u!h Kirst St., Alluiquerque, New Mexico.
One Way.
Round Trip.
(f vo.: r.-.-p-.-t t i ' f'uli furnia,' wliy not r wlu-u the railroad fur i low?
l'r m ii.-i'.v to Jiiik- 15. V't.i, vo:i may V. t!i"ro for Í25.00. You may liny a
r niui-triji ticket May 1.? t i May 1') inclusive, for 5 !5.0' a coii-4(lci'a!)li' íviluctioii
i'r mit.-iiI. rato-t. Thsas rnuul-trij ticket! will 1).- liniiteil lo July 15, ami
1: -i.-íV 1 ;v vcr i. ivi'.í í ii;;orJ -il.
The nii '-wa; tic. ts will lo ;.co.-iteil for passu -fe in f:"ee chair cars cnrrii d
fd-.t train
ire,; i.l'.v
'.; -Is wi'.i 1)'.' honor
.it i :-e. .l v;'.y.
If slcepr is do .ii-eil, tick.-ts . ill he accepted for i,:i.--.sac in
on pavm mi, of cu-itomary IViihn.iii charge. The round-trip
on a.iv
Santa I''e train. - Pullnian space extra.
. i o..
Sí'nta il.'rt-'ri
uiplfu. si'li.'.lulr
( :'.. ' .''1 t '..! -i '... 15.
I i i ' r ' i , ,ii I i n.ii :t. i
irst Nation a
Í L Gil B,
:r.l Ctirital
i-.l l' 1' .";'. al, LT.iuts r.r.d Surplus
fi. Iifynolvl, l'rpdent. Trauk McKcf, Cafchier.
V. l-'l.iuriioy, Viet I'rrsUiffnt. C. K. i.'cwhall, Assistant Ceidiier
: 500,000.00
Tl; V.ir.wd Mrotn in I!ei.'.iil:ir S'lnn
mil! 1'ranvui'li llnatinf nuj Other
Unhir. is;.
The hoard of c unity couir.ii-isionerH
I was to in---, t on M inlay, April . hut
I no , ii. .i n tu in io present aójoiii iiineut
I ' t.i::en Uilii! the IH'X t da v.
At iiie ire -li.u; i f ihe hoio'd on Tin s,
il iv ihfr" were prenent Cem:mis: oners
J iin tii- cnwalo, prei.'.i ut, and Aiir.iu
I en'reias, ai.-o Ilei.utv Clerk Miera.
inii e' ni t'oe list ::ieelniir
Thi v were apUived, ex
cept ih.it part which comprise i in re
port of evTiei. .surer Ahrun Aheyta,
i hi: report stand- unapproved.
It was or.l'ivd that i'roti.ite Clerk 11.
A. i'ino H.v.n the necessary t...oki for
iii'1, x;n' the c Hin'y r.-conls as le.piir
ed hy law ai d at once proC-rd with thi
v on ot ni;'ki:it; Mich an index.
The !, j.,d . o i.r.ici's were approved
as follows: t.eop .Id Madrid, road
s'o-.i rvi-or of precinct No. 2; C It.
Hii'Ison. road snp-.tvi.-or of precinct
N'o. 3-!-; li. lla.:a, coustahlo of precin.'t
No. 4.
A pp ntiitenls were made ns follow.-.:
J-.ilijn Montoya, iiisticf of the peace of
precinct No. Jo; Meliton Madrnl. ro.id
s'.i pervi-i r of preiinct No. 27; K ti't
McKinloy, road .supervisor of precin -t
No. 41: Jesus (aicia, constable of pre
cinct No. 1.": S 'vero Montoya, jusiic
f the peace of preenct No. 2o; T..omas
Hill, coi'sta'ile of precinct No. 2 .
i'--p nts of h'- 'i-'es of the p.-ace were
app.-.ived ; follows; I'edro Aruiijo,
precim .". No. ( i; K. K. V.aca, pr-.-i.icl
No. J .5; i', lipe Perjlta, pr. iiuct No. .1 1.
At th.. m s-.ion oí tile hoard on Wen
iiesd.iy, April hi'l.s against the wild
animal hoiinty fund wcri upproved
and .55 per cent ot each of them vras al-low.-d.
The amounts allowed were as
I I' rani; I. Winston
i José Maria Sanchez ....
I 11. T. Mayhery
.Ibm. . r.lediey
Harry Keddley
Hrajeden Gonzales
Kohert N. Straw
Ked Kiver Cattle Co
Bills were allowed out of the general
f ii nil as follows:
lien j. Sanch.'Z, assessor Í201 Kf
I Leandro Haca. c. h. expenses. . 2i) l5
" feeding prisoners
' salary
H. A. I'ino salary andexpenses
J. W. kavuolds, for certified
copy C. ii. No. 8
II. lleca, stiiups .ve
" " " salary, stamps éic
H. 1. liowmaii, list of patenti d
!. W. l'richard, salary
! A. H. Hov.-ell. supplies
K. K. Hilton, " .
John tlrveiiwald, .salary
Abran Coutreras, "
Carpió Padilla, "
Kclipe líouruinon salary
Kiias K. liaca,
K. A. Drake, supplies
A. C. Torres. "
The following hills wi re allowed, to
he paid out of th." court house and jail
fund, viz:
Jas. P. Chase, insurance 75 (H)
Leandro I'.aca. Sheriff .)' 27
J. K. Vigil, repairs 75
M. tJallegos y t., repairs ,t IX
llenj. Sanchez, com 18 "M
Kills to lie paid from the general
school fu:id were allowed a.i follows:
A. C. Torres, salary Í225 (X)
" " " supplies , 32 ii
fienj. Sanchez, com 223 18
llen j. Sanche?, was allowed couiniis
i.ious out of various funds as follows:
Int. fund l'Hl 243 4n
K'7 34 SI
Survcv 34 1
Court! 13 4
Wild hountv 12 H3
Ki ad ' 20 11
Hills were approved on the road fund
in favor of road .superintendents as
Celso Garcia, pet. No. 2' f 10 50
Victoriano Sanchez, pet. No. 15, 13 00
Julian Savedra, pot. No. 25 11 50
A hill ol I'.lfego liaca was rejected.
At the meeting of th
Thursdav, the report of Sheriff Lean
dro liaca concerning licenses collected
was approved. It was ordered that the
treasurer transfer certain funds as fol
lows: 13.42 iriiui the advertising fund
to the county general fund; 8 cents
from the interest fund of 1H84 and 53
cents of the interest fund of 18 j'l to
the interest fund of l'Ml.
Treasurer 11. G. liaca delivered to
the commissioner 8 cupnii:; of the de
nomination of 3.00 of the year lh)7
and 53 cupons of the denomination of
5í25.('i) of the year 1001; also his report
for the quarter ending March 31, I'll.?.
The report was approved.
Attest: John Gkkkvwai.i,
It. A. Pino, Chairman
Uv Clerk,
C. Mikka,
Dep. Clerk
H. 15. I'. m .-.
S. lu-.il lli-t.
1 4 I J
i. iii 5;
Í5.I5-JÍ.I v7.es . J.
t k i a r. anci: maíh :i 31,500.
1 liji.oiei jr.;
, C .I.I.S l iii-IS
j I ash j ai.l over
l';i-'i .el h-iiul Í '1
II iu!i A 1 1. 4.11 1 5.1
first N" it.
II oik N. Y. .41
I'm, I S li.w.l
W in. nit Ii'im. .5 5" (I
IVii-l S-'usil
Wjir.-n t IM.t.j H JJ
lUi.U'il 1 OMs.
..r 1- '.'7 'A
)':e,l Ti-rri.
Tm-.i. for Ket.. 4M 1 '
I'ni l In:. i.'w'i;mii
1-i 'T . 24 Ci
I' ml Int. CeniM.'is
Wl 1.J25)
Paiil t'fintin. 1'irst
.N o iIk. .. Y. 4 13
P -1.1 f...iri rami
t'l'itilii-.m-s oo f.
t'asn i..u. Hi.nrt li
7 lH)
7 DO
7 oo
4 (K
(5 oo
20 5o
51 is.)
f 4 I Kl
115 0
15.) 0)
75 00
231 00
3 50
51 l2
41 45
Iifanagi.'i" Matthews will put on all- j
night telephone service h.-i.-mnoig
next M uní. iy night. This additional
service will hi: c nisidered as an
equivalent for th; lack of service the
first davs of April, hi that the rental
for p'.i.uies to suhscrioers will lie for
this mouth the rat?s advertised, i-2. 00
for olli:es and Cd.oo for residences,
lieginniiig with May lust, however,
the rates will he 52.5) a mouth for
i.-SMtif'-1-"' SC., I, f,,. r.KÍil,.ii '.'u
7o These rites will include night service.
.. . ' . . , .....
i ue exira cuarge is mane to neip to
pav a night operator.
Collections will I made monthly in
advancr, and the following rules
must h" ohu.-rved, viz:
ill Noho'.lv is t he allowed to med
dle with the instruments. Line men
will attend to them whenever neces
sary. (2 Afler a suhscriher has called for
a iiumt er he must not leave the instru
ment until the conversation is finished,
or until he is notified that the tiamher
called for can not he had.
5l The bell should not be rung after
a number has been called for. The
receiver should simply he held to the
ear. Central will do the rest as prompt
ly an possible.
(4) The call should be for number
(5 KiiigofT.
123 00
75 ro
14 00
1 25
75 00
'o. i n
01 IK)
75 00
25 00
120 oo
3 75
Hurt's TliN.'
Wo offer one hundred" dollars
reward lor any case of catarrh
that cannot he cured by Hall's
Catarrh Cure.
F. J.Ciii:m:ycv Co., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have
known F. J. Cheney for the last
15 years, and believe him per
fectly honorable in all business
transactions and financially able
to carry out any obligations
made by the firm.
Vi;sT c-L- Tkaiw, wholesale dru;-
nists, Toledo. ().
Wamung, Kinxan & Makvix,
wholesale tlruoists, Toledo, ().
Hall's Catarrh ('ore is taken
internally, acting- directly upon
the blood and mucous scrfaces of
the system. Testimonials sent
free, l'rice 7:V. per bottle.
Sold bv all Druo-ojsts.
Hall's Family 1 'ills are the
A Severe Wind Sturm.
Last night and today Socorro
has sinTered altogether the worst
sand-storm of the season. In
hoard , I fact j js ();1C t)f the severest for
years. The stronp; wind and Hy
inpf sand made the streets well
tiioh impassible. The tin roof of
Mrs. Nancy Smith's two-story
residence on the west side of the
Court House plaza was blown off
during the night. YV. II. JJyerts
also reports the unroofing of his
house at the upper end of Fischer
avernie. The new telephone sys
tem has stood the storm well,
though some slight difficulties
have been reported. Probably
when the system is well establish
ed, such a storm will not affect it.
Mrs. John I'., (irinilli Improving.
Mrs. John 12. Orifiith, who un
derwent a severe but successful
surgical operation at a hospital
in El l'aso about a week ago, is
recovering rapidly from the ef
fects of the operation and will
doubtless soon be restored to bet
ter health than hers has been for
several months. This is glad
tidings to Mrs. (lri filth's relatives
and friends, who have been much
concerned for her welfare of late.
Doctor Edwin Swisher had Mrs.
Griffith's case in charge and as
sisted in the operation.
laiulslatm Purchase I'.puslt!uii
To the dedication ceremonies
of the Louisiana Purchase Ex-
I position, tickets on sale April 2S
j and 2') at one fare plus $2.00 for
the round trip. Keturn hunt,
May 5, Vm.
Tuns. Jaqi'K.s,
Santa Fc Agt.
rresbjtorlttH Chura Notice.
On account of. sickness in the
family of Elder Fullerton and
among those who were to unite
with the church tomorrow, the
communion and children's day
services have been postponed
until early in May.
Fifty Years the Standard
'iest Honors World's Fair.
Ssssi Tests U. S. Gov't Choniisf
Delegate Itrdt-j Provide fur l.'mulnu.
tion of Applicants.
Uy this Delegate Kodey gives
notice to parents and iualitied
young men of New Mexico that
there is now a vacancy from this
territory for the position of
midshipman at the National
Naval Academy at Annapolis,
Md., which the delegate is retpuir
ed to fill.
It has been determined that the
selection of the cadet from New
Mexico will be made by competi
tive examination, so that all New
Mexico boys may have an efjual
chance. The one standing high
est in the examination will be
nominated as the cadet, and thos?
standing next in order will be
named, respectively, as first,
second, third and fourth alterna
tes. The successful candidates
will have to be present at An
napolis, Md, on June Hi, 1903, to
stand an examination there.
The local examination will be
held at the University of New
Mexico at Albuquerque. N. M.,
at 2 o'clock p. m., on Tuesday,
May ii, lOO.s, and will continue as
long as may be necessary. The
examination will be conducted by
Professor Tight, of the Universi
ty of New Mexico, as chairman
of the board, and by Professor
Willson, of the Military Institute,
and Professor Keyes, of the
School of Mines, under rules and
regulations to be previously pro
mulgated by them.
Candidates to be eligible must
be in perfect physical health,
actual lionalule residents of the
Territory of New Mexico, and
must be between the ages of 15
and 20 years.
Printed copies of the regula
tions can be had on application
to Delegate Kodey at Albuquer
que, N. M.
Territorial papers please copy.
Due Notice Is Served.
Due notice is hereby served on
the public generally that De
Witt's Witch Hazel Salve is the
only salve on the market that is
made from the pure, unadulter
ated witch hazel. DeWitt's
Witch Hazel Salve has cured
thousands of cases of piles that
would not yield to any other
treatment, and this fact has
brought out many worthless
counterfeits. Those persons who
get the genuine Hewitt's Witch
Hazel Salve are never disappoint
ed, because it cures. A. E. Howell.
( hurles ( lUerslcrve Saved a Little Ulrl
Life in San Franclseo.
Charles Arthur (lildersleeve,
one of the young men who enlist
ed for service in the United
States navy during the recent
visit of the naval recruiting party
to Santa Fe, performed a heroic
feat the first day of his arrival in
San Francisco. According to a
letter received from him by his
mother, the party arrived at San
Francisco at night, and instead of
going straight to Mare Island
they stayed at a hotel. He arose
eariy the following morning and
went down the pier for a walk.
He was watching the passing
boats when a little girl who had
just lauded and was sea sick, fell
into the water. "I don't know
why I did it," writes Gildersleeve,
"but I could not help it; I jumped
into the water and got her, hold
ing her above the water until we
were picked up by a passing
boat." The girl was only 4 years
old. The father of the little one
who witnessed the occurrence,
gave the young man a gold watch
for saving his daughter's life and
one of the officers of the navy is
keeping it for him Albuquerque
The hero of the above occur
rence is a grandson of Col. and
Mrs. E. W. Eaton of this city
ami a brother of Miss Helen
(lildersleeve. who is a student at
the School of Mines.
Is hereby given that Township
1 South. 'Range 4 West, New
Mexico P. Mer., has been survey
ed, and this office will receive
applications for the entry of
lands in such Township, on and
after June 1, 1W.3.
Nicolas Gaixks
H. W. Bowman
The Chieftain ti Ho Lectured
The following announcement
recently appeared in the Douglas
(Ariz.) Dispatch, viz:
"There will be a lecture illus
trated with stereoptican views,
and songs in the Library Hall on
Wednesday, April 15th, at 8 p.
m., by the Kev. Joseph McCon
nc ll. The subject of the lecture
will be "The Socorro Chieftian."
The lecture is given to aid in
building the Episcopal church in
Douglas. Admission 50."
The Chieftain is always ready
to asist Kev. McConnell in the
promotion of the cause he to ably
represents, but for this paper to
be chosen as the subject of a
lecture for the building of
churches would be a quite too
flattering distinction. Kev. Mc
Connell explains, however, that
he sent a notice of his lecture and
a clipping from The Chieftain to
the Dispatch office at the same
time and that somehow things
got mixed.
A I.ll.eml rrlnre.
The crown prince of Siara
cnptiis lo h. n rdn IniifinVi Jral ritan
j He says that all kinds of religion
will be welcome n his country
because the fittest will survive.
A fair field and no favors, and
may the best creed win that
seems to be about his programme.
Milwaukee Sentinel.
Subscribe for Tun Chieftain.

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