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1 l'n riV fY(o r-Cv
VOL. 22
NO; '24
I iuy your jrools whore
you can ,rct the most value
for your money. We have
the jroods to show to make
your selection and our
prices can not fail to suit
Price Bros. & Co.
Livery, Feed and Saio Stable
Hay, (irain, Wood and Coal.
Wagons, Busies, Harness,
Saddles, etc. Iron, Hard
woods. Plione 80. ?
If you have not received copy of our Cata
logue write at once. Our stock of the
above goods is larger and more complete
than ever. m h m
Agency, New Mexico and Arizona,
H 1-1 1 5-1 17 South First St., Albuquerque, New Mexico.
ational Bank
Authorized Capital -
Paid Up Capital, Profits ami Surplus
I e osits,
$ 500,000.00
1, 00,000.00
jushil.i S. NvyiioMh, Pri'slilrnt.
M. W. Flumnoy ,. Vict 1'rtMilrnt.
Frank McKer, Caithier.
C K. Kewhall, ARniktont Cashier
This Popular Institution Has Stong
Friends Among the Leading
Journals of the Territory.
Sneak in Terms of lllirli J'ralsc of the
llenellt from the Work of
the School.
FOR A. T. S. V. AND A. & i. RAILROADS.-0-
The New Mexico School of
Mines, one of the territory's most
useful and thriving institutions,
has recently been subjected to
criticism from a certain source.
The many friends of the School
in all parts of the territory will
be pleased at the promptness
with which two of the leading
and most influential dailies of the
territory overwhelm all criticism
with their generous words of ap
preciation and praise of the work
done at the School.
The Santa Fe New Mexican of
Thursday spoke editorially as
"A few days ago an attack on
the management of the New
Mexico School of Mines at Socor
ro appeared in the El Paso News
in the shape of an interview and
this was reproduced in the Albu
querque Journal. Investigation
of the charges made therein
shows them to be absolutely
groundless. It is stated in the
interview that there were only six
of the students enrolled who are
residents of New Mexico. An
examination of the school cata
logue of 1903 shows that there
was an enrollment of 10.1 students
for the scholastic year just closed
of whom all but ' fourteen were
either natives or residents of the
Territory. Students from out
side the Territory pay a tuition
fee of $50 per semester, while
bona fide residents of New Mexico
are charged only $10 per term.
It is charged that unjust
discrimination is practised by the
faculty against native born
students of Spanish and Mexican
descent. This is certainly not
based upon facts. For instance,
the Spanish language is taught
at the school to a large and
constantly rowi n- class of
students and the board of regents
and the faculty insist that
Spanish be made an important
branch of the educational system
in vogue there, as it is ' fully
realized that to mining engineers,
especially, a thorough knowledge
of the Spanish language will
prove of great benefit, "as the
mining industry in the Spanish
American Republics to the south
is constantly growing and will,
of very necessity, demand the
services of many mining engineers
from this country from now on.
"The School of Mines since its
establishment has done great
good and is preparing to be of
still more benefit in the future.
This is susceptible of the clearest
proof and beyond successful
contradiction. The records of
the school and its annual cáta
lo gues during the past twelve
years make this absolutely plain
and patent to any one who will
take the trouble and the time to
investigate. The School of Mines
is an educational institution of
which the people of this Terri
tory ought to be and are justly
The Albuquerque Citizen of a
few days ago reproduced an
article from last week's Chieftain
and commented as follows:
"The atove from the Socorro
Chieftain proves the recent at
t ick of Elfego Baca, formerly of
Socorro, but now attempting to
practice law in El Paso, on the
School of Mines false in every
particular. Baca has a personal
grievance, as his recent interview
published in the El Paso News
and reproduced in several terri
torial exchanges would indicate,
against President Keyes and
other members of the faculty,
and he took occasion to air him
self and at the same time make
some false statements about the
school in the columns of the
newspapers. Baca is a mischief
maker, as his record in the courts on
previous occasions and especial
ly before Judge Pope, who had to
let him know in open court that
he (Baca) could not run his
(Pope's) court, and his interview
about the School of Mines will be
thoroughly understood as coming
It is
from a man who would
tear down than build tir
amusing to learn that Baca, whr
i ; .-. . i i i
..-. in ji i ,isd, assumes to boss
the next legislature, before the
members thereof are elected, and
intends to go to Santa IV and
see that the School of Mines is
abolished by the legislature.
Judge Baca," as some have dub
bed him, will find that task
very hard one."
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh that
Contain Mereury,
As mercury will surolv ilotror
the sense of smell and completely
ui-mugu me wnoie system when
entering it through the mucous
surfaces. Such articles should
never be used except on prescrip
tion i rom repuiaoie Physicians,
as the damage they will do is ten
fold to the good you can possibly
neme irom mem. nail s Catarrh
Cure, manufactured by F. J.
Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.,
contains no menmrv. nnrl i i.iin
internally, acting directly upon
mi.- uiuou anu mucous surfaces of
the system. In buying Hall's
catarrh Cure be sure you get the
genuine. It is taken internally
and made in Toledo, Ohio, by
1' . J. Cheney Ai Co. Testimonial's
Sold by druggists. Price, 75c,
per bottle.
Take Hall's family "Pills for
Fourth or Ju!y Amusements.
Ramon Olguin is arranging
for some Fourth of July aniuse"
mcnts that will amuse. There
will be a prue for a ball game
between two teams of boys about
fourteen years of age. There
will also be a burro race and a
sack race. San Miguel band
will play its most patriotic airs.
The day's amusements will
culminate in a grand ball in the
evening at the Garcia opera house
to 'which everybody is invited.
Come, everybody, and help to
make glorious " the day we
Smorro lru& and Snpplj Co.
Ask the readers of this paper who
arc suffering with indigestion or
dyspepsia to call on them at once
and get a bottle of Kodol Dys
pepsia Cure. If you knew the
value of this remedy as we know
it, TOU Would not suffer nnotli,.r
day. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure is a
thorough digestant and tissue
building tonic as well. It is
endorsed personally by hundreds
of people whom it has cured of
indigestion, dyspepsia, palpita
tion of the heart and stomach
troubles generally. Kodol Dys
pepsia Cure digests what you eat.
It is pleasant, palatable and
Guadalupe Tafoya, a man
years of age, arrived in Socorro
June 19 sick and penniless. He
stopped at the home of David
Flores until his case was reported
to the city authorities. Mayor
Aniceto C. Abeytia then found
accomodations for him at the
home of Vicente Sanchez and
called Doctor Swisher to attend
him. The patient died on the
un and the remains reecivpii
burial in the Catholic
It is reported that
had a wife at El
. Mayor Abeytia has
written her in regard to the
death of her hushand.
Weak Hearts.
Are caused by indigestion. If you
cat a little too much, or if you
are subject to attacks of indig
estion, the stomach expands
swells, and puffs up against the
heart. This crowds the heart
and shortens the breath. Rapid
heart beats and heart disease is
the final result. Kodol Dyspepsia
Cure digests what you eat, takes
the strain off the heart, cures
indigestion, dyspepsia, sour stom
ach, and contributes nourish
ment, strength and health to
every organ of the body. Sold by
Socorro Drug and Supply Co.
I.o w Hate to St. Louis.
On Saturdays, July 9 and 23,
coach excursion tickets will be
sold to St. Louis and return for
$25, good to leave in ten days
from date of sale.
Tuns. J.yei:s,
Santa Fe Agt.
Envelopes, letter heads, note
heads, bill heads, statements.
printed at reasonable prices at
The Chieftain oliice,
T f f T T T T T i t T fi t T T 1 1 4
Furnished rooms at Winkler's.
Hon. R. E. Baca of Santa Fe
was a Socorro visitor Thursday.
Fresh vegetables at Winkler's.
San Antouio is making elabo
rate preparations to celebrate the
Fresh fruits in season at Winkler's.
R. C. Patterson and wife of
Polvadera were guests of land
lord Y linker Monday.
Ice cream with crushed fruits
at Winkler's.
Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Medley
registered at the Windsor this
morning from Magdalena.
C. T. Brown has spent the
greater part of the week in the
Magdalena mining district.
, Jos. E. Smith and family left
yesterday morning for a sojourn
of a few days in Water Canon.
Miss Pearl Berry is a guest in
the home of her sister Mrs.
Cipriano Baca of Albuquerque.
J. J. Leeson has so far recov
ered from his recent illness as to
be able to attend to business
District Attorney A. A. Sedi
llo has been afflicted with a severe
fever for several days, but is now
considerably improved.
Miss Myrtle Kiehne is assist
ing with stenographic work in
the office of W. A. Fleming
Jones and John E. Griffith.
J. II. Hilton will soon enlarge
his business. His friends and pa
trons are advised to look out for
his announcement in a few days.
Joe Hilton left Saturday for
Gardiner's ranch north of Mag
dalena whore he will enjoy the
pleasures of ranch life for a few
District Clerk V E. Martin
delivered $ into the hands
of the county treasurer Tuesday.
This sum was derived from tax
collections and lines.
Eena Cortesy had a fall one
day this week that resulted in a
badly sprained hip. She will
probably be con lined to the bed
for two or three weeks.
Attorney Jas. G. Fitch, who
was elected delegate-at-large for
New Mexico to the democratic
national convention, left this
morning for St. Louis.
Mr. and Mrs. L. N. Barnes
have gone to Magdalena to
reside. The city up on the hill
is attracting a good many people
by its increased activity.
mence the erection of a new suite
of offices on Court street, which
vill be occupied by John E. Grif
fith and Vv. A. r leminir Jones.
The high wind that prevailed
for about half an hour yesterday
afternoon blew the roof off of
Doctor Sayler's house across the
street from the School of Mines.
A. Alexander, a prosperous
stockman of the vicinity of
Coouey, was in town Thursday.
Mr. Alexander told the same old
story of drouth and suffering
Rev. Reid Hale of Texas will
conduct services at the Presby
terian church this evening aiid
tomorrow morning and evening.
Everybody is cordially invited to
Henry Graham has accepted a
desirable smelter position at
Globe,. Arizona. The statement
in last week's Chieftain that Mr.
Graham had accepted a position
at Silver City was a mistake.
Mrs. John Creenwald and
daughter, M iss Este lie, who has
been at school in Kansas City for
the past year,, arrived at their
home in this city Monday from a
visit of several days at the World's
Fair. "
A. II. Hilton of San Antonio let
his Socorro friends have a glimpse
of him Monday and ycbterday.
Mr. Hilton says that the New
Mexico Midland company is grad
ing on the line from S.m Antonio
to Carthage.
J. W. Cox was in town Tues
day from his ranch near Datil.
Mr. Cox said that the ranges
were in a bad condition in his
vicinity, but that there had
recently been light bhowers that
promised improvement.
W. D. Newcomb, who was a
guest for a week at the home of
his sister Mrs. W. E. Martiu of
this city, left Ihismoriiiiigfurhis
Imme in Santa Fe. Mr. New
nniili occupies the position of
chief ihik at the territorial
Postmaster L. E. Kittrtll had
the new postotiice fixtures fully
installed Thursday. Socorro can
now loast of as line an appearing
and modern postotiice as any city
in New Mexico. Postmaster
Kittrell is entitled to a vote of
thanks fur hi-, enterprise in this
Professor and Mr-:,. ('). R. Smith
and cousin Mr. Helfrich of Bowl
ing Green. Ohio, returned Wed
nesday from a camping trip ta
the western part of the county.
All returned in the best of health
and spirits and possessed of a
superlative New Mexico com
plexion. Dr. C. G. Ciuickshank of San
Marcial isa very sick man. He
recently returned home from a
trip to eastern cities, where he
went to consult eminent special
ists, but he was not benefitted.
Dr. Swisher of this city was
called down to see him Monday
in consultation with Dr. Bacon of
San Antonio.
It is reported that a party of
two young women and four or
five young men left Sari Antonio
Sunday on a hand car excursion
to Socorro. Report further says
that the party intercepted a
thunder storm on the way and
that on their arrival at their
destination every member of the
party was soaked to the skin.
There was nothing dry about
that picnic.
Hon. and Mrs. W. E. Martin
entertained a number of their
friends Monday evening at their
home in the western part of the
city. There was some enjoyable
music and liirht refreshment
were served. Everybody had a
most enjoyable lime and went
home fully convinced that Mr.
and Mrs. Martin fully merit their
reputation for being among the
best of entertainers. The guests
were Hon. ;nid Mrs. H. M.
Dougherty, Mr. and Mrs. A.
Mayer. Mr. and Mrs. W. Homer
Hill, and Mrs. C. F. Blackington;
Misses Ramsey, Hendricks, Ruby
Berry. Eflio Berry, Lena Price,
Estelle Kiehne, and Madge Ter
ry; and Messrs. L. E. Kittrell,
W. M. Swisher, E. L. Price,
Joseph Greenwald, and E. A.
l'iles I'imiii To of Piles.
Piles noon top of piles of oeoole
have the Piles, and De Witt's
Hazel Salve cures them. There
are many different kindsof l'iles.
but if you get the genuine and
original Witch Hazel Salve made
by E.C.De Witt - Co. of Chicago,
a cure is certain. II. A. Tisdale,
of Suinmerton, S, C. says, "1
had piles 20 years and De'Witt's
Salve cured me after everything
else failed." Sold by Socorro
Diug and Supply Co.
The Socorro Drug and Supply
Co. had a narrow escape Wed
nesday from a fire that must have
been very destructive. Jos. E.
Smith's presence of mind is
probably all that saved the com
pany's store from severe daViage,
if not from destruction. In the
afternoon smoke was discovered
coming up ficm the cellar. Mr.
Smith rushed down and found a
large pile of boxes on lire and
the flames already making their
way through a board partition,
lie had but a single bucket of
water, but he distributed this to
so good advantage that the lire
was. easily controlled afterwards.
Mr. Smith thinks that the lire
was started by a piece of phos
phorous Hying from a lighted
match into a box of glass packed
in straw.
The pill that will, will fill the bill,
Without a gripe.
To cleanse the liver, without a
Take one at night.
De Witt's Little Early Risers are
small, easy to take, easy and
entlc in effect, yet fhey are so
certain in resultsthat no one who
uses them is disappointed. For
quick relief from biliousness sick
headache, torpid liver, jaundice,
dizziness and all troubles arising
I rum an inactive, sluggish liver,
Early Risers are unequalled.
Sold by Socorro Drug and Supply

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H. Chambón will at once com

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