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GIjc Socorro ifljicilain,
rtjnufiHF.D n
K. A. DRAKK. Kdit.tr.
Entered at Stocorro loao.fttoe a aeooml
cl mail matter.
(Strictly in advancn.)
One ymar....: 9 (X)
Hix month !M
1 1
ii.' r-v V ''-t
v. '
For President.
THKouoKK Koosr.Yi.rr
l.r Vi.v-1 'resident,
K(M)si-, ti.t's tiomin.ttioii w.t-. a
foregone cPtuHisiiui. So i- liis
It is now up to tho tleitioyTatic
national yun vetitioii to nomlii.iU'
tho victims.
Til T joint statehood jlank
seems to have lial rouuh sailing
on convention seas.
Ki. Hki knsuk defends the
School of Miru-s in a manner that
will win that paper many friends
n So. orro.
SuCukkO is infested with its
full fchare of that class of inhabi
tants whute only uiiloti seems
to he toafTord a repulsive example
of idleness and the fruits thereof.
On account of his gallant tight
for New Mexico Delegate Rodev
fan easily be forgiven his little
fling at the opponents of joint
statehood as recalcitrant repuhli
canw, Thk recent mischievous assault
O made upon the School of Mines
bv Klfego Haca of KI I'aso,
Texas, was very ill-advised, as
that gentleman is likely to litul
to his cost.
Tin; Chikftain has not yet
ihandourd all hope of a union
county ticket this fall, hut it
must be conceded that a good
many local democratic magnates
v.eein bent on their own destruction.
Tin: At.m 'vji'iiKiji'icCrnuN has
nianv friends in Socorro and the
number will grow greater as a re
sult of that paper's recent defense
of the School of Mines against an
unreasonable and unwarranted
So:ai:iuuv asks concerning
1'aiker, "What has he ever done
to deserve dftucratic preference'"
The, rjut:.tiou is easy, I'arker
lias dour nothing, and therein he
bas a mighty big advantage over
numerous other democratic candi
date who might be mentioned,
i . . .
It is suggested that the pol
iticians were not exceedingly
enthusiastic for K'oost -veil's tioni
iaaiion, but that tiny nominated
him Ucause tu-people demanded
him. What stronger guarantee
oí bis fitness could be afforded?
Also, what greater assurance of
bis election is possible?
TiiK re'i;blicun i.ik-atiuat iuu
of Socorro county will this fall
pledge its candidate (or the
legislature, to introduce and urge
the passage of a bill making a
liberal appropriation for the
completion and enlargement of
the dam ud canal at the point
of Socorro mountain. The fact
that the citizen s of Socorro hive
contributed so liberally for the
Construction of this work of
tl;fni ainst the, menacing Ud
destructive floods that sometimes
sweep down from the mountains
will help greatly to secure the
passage of such a bill.
Axvbodv wbo may be disposed
to criticize the New Mexico
School of Mine would do well to
keep a firm hold upon these facts:
The total enrollment at the
School lat year was 103. The
number enrolled from outside of
the territory was IK. The number
of Spanish-speaking boys and
young men enrolled was 25. The
appropriations for the main
tenance and support of the School
i now 4.Í oné-hundredths of a
mill on each dollar of the assessed
valuation of the taxable property
of the territory, and it is esti
mated that this millage will
hereafter produce from twelve to
fifteen thousand dollars a year.
Last year was by far the most
prosperous and in all respects the
most satisfactory in the history
of the institution.
(Mir Filipplno Victors.
In its century of history the
White House has seldom been the
scene of a more interesting recep
tion than that which was given in
ho::or of the visiting Kilippinos,
who have been making a tour of
the I'nited States. The Presi
dent and Mrs. Roosevelt enter
tained them at luncheon, after
which the prominent people of
the national government were
invited in to meet them.
With few exceptions, none of
these visitors, and they are the
leading men of the archipelago,
had ever been in the United
States before. Some of them had
never before left the archipelago,
for the Philippine Islanders are
not great travellers. Most of the
places to which they would natural
ly go are a long way off, and so
those who are not prepared for a
formidable journey stay at home.
Travelling has been in all ages
one of the greatest agencies in
bringing people to understand
one another. Even the Crusades
did much good in broadening the
view of Kurope at a time when
travelling in the modern sense
was unknown. Americans going
to the Philippine Islands have
been profoundly interested in the
strange contrasts which the
Asiatic tropics present.
There visiting Filippinos wee
equally interested in conditions
here. Thev found the American
summer about like their climate
all the year round. Our warm
and substantial buildings told to
their observing eyes of the frosts
of winter and the absence of
earthquakes. The railroad system
of the United States amazed
them. .The multitude of our
cities was almost confusing.
And still these visitors are well-
read men. It is a peculiarity of
Asia, by contrast with America,
that while the masses live in an
exceedingly primitive condition,
the educated few are abreast of
the times in culture and learning.
Judge Arellano, for instance, the
chief justice of the Supreme
Court of the Philippine Islands,
upon whom Yale University this
year conferred the degree of
doctor of laws, is a jurist of the
rirr.t rank.- -Youth's Uompatiion.
Cured of Clirnule IHarrbueu After Ten
Yearn of Suffering,
"I wish to say a few words in
praise of Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy,"
say Mrs. Mattie Hurgf, of Mar
tinsville, Va. "I suffered from
chronic diarrhoea for ten years
and during that time tried variou3
medicines w ithout obtaining auy
permanent relief. Last summer
une. of my children was taken with
chokra morbus, and I procured a
bottle of his remedy. Only two
doses were required to give her
entire relief. I then derided to
try the medicine myself, and did
not use all of one bottle, before I
was well and I have never since
been troubled with thatcomplaiut.
One cannot say too much in favor
of that wonderful medicine."
This remedy U for sale by all
Subscribe for Tu Cwiuftain,
Though Kaia Shlrlil Are 10.000 Yean
Old, ImprvTfinetiU Are Still
Neceas ry.
"How rich I'd be," said an um
brella salesman to a Chicago
Tribune reporter, "if I had
patented the umbrella."
The floorwalker smiled.
"You might as well talk," said
he, "of a patent on swimming or
cooking. Umbrellas appear to
have existed always. Wherever
we excavate Babylon, Nineveh,
Nippur traces of the umbrella
are found. This instrument is
coeval with mankind.
"It is of oriental origin. The
English didn't begin to use it
until 1700. Shakespeare, with
all his genius, had no umbrella
to protect him from the rain.
Jonas Ilanway was the first
English umbrella maker."
The floorwalker paused to brush
a white thread from his long
black coat. Then he resumed:
"Now, what you might do
would be to patent some new sort
of umbrella some rain shield
built on better lines. We have
proof that the umbrella existed
for 10,000 years, and yet in all
that time it has not once been
improved. Consider it. It is by
no means perfect. It turns inside
out readily, and it only protects
the head and shoulders from the
rain. Change all that. (Jive us
an umbrella that is a complete
rain shield. Then you will
become a millionaire."
Itrutully Tortured.
A case came to light that for
persistent and unmerciful torture
has perhaps never been equaled.
Joe (olobick of Colusa, Calif.,
writes. "For 15 years I endured
insufferable pain from rheu
matism and nothing relieved me
though I tried every thing known.
I came across Electric Hitters and
it's the greatest medicine on
earth for that trouble. A few
bottles of it completely relieved
and cured me." Just as good for
liver and kidney troubles and
general debility. Only 50c.
Satisfaction guaranteed by all
Woollen Shoeit In Holland.
"The wooden shoe," said a
native of Holland, "is worn
almost exclusively by the peasant
classes, and they Jind them more
comfortable than the leather
shoes that are worn in America.
The foot is clad in a heavy
woolen stocking and then slipped
into the shoe without fastening.
They never fall off because the
people are used to wearing
them. They would not exchange,
because any other kind would not
be comfortable. The shoes are
of elm wood and cost from 10 to
15 centsof American money. Two
pairs will last a year."
Xlgbt Wait Her Terror.
"I would cough nearly all
night long," writes Mrs. Chas.
Applegate, of Alexandria, Ind.,
"and could hardly get any sleep.
I had consumption so bad that
if I walked a block I would cough
frightfully and spit blood; but
when all other medicines failed,
three SI. 00 bottles of Dr. King's
New Discovery wholly cured me
and I gained 58 pouuds." It's
absolutely guaranted to cure
coughs, colds, la grippe, bron
chitis and all throat and lung
troubles. Price 50c and $1.00.
Trial bottles free at all drujj
SOKRT sin: sroKt'.
Courage l n Matter
of the Jl.joU.
Her Purgatory.
"Hut surely," protested the
lately departed Boston girl, "you
are not going to take me to the
er infernal regions."
"Ouly for a few seconds,"
replied the attendant spirit. "We
must, thaw you out a little."
Town Topics.
No I'll j Showu.
"For years fate was after me
continuously" writes F. A. Gul
ledge, Verbena, Ala. "I had a
terrible case of piles causing 24
tumors. When all failed liucklen'a
Arnica Salve cured me. Equally
good for burns and all aches and
pains, Onry 25c at all drug stores.
Ike Mistake That Ha Made by a New
fork Milliner.
One of the richest and most
prominent society women in New
York caught an unexpected
glimpse of the reverse side of a
Fifth avenue trades-woman's
manners the other day. The
society woman in question is very
quiet and unostentatious in her
dress, and it is only the appoint
ment of her equipage that
betrays the fact that she is
wealthy. She stopped her car
riage outside the establishment
of a fashionable milliner, entered
and addressed the proprietress.
"I see you have in your window
a sign, 'Apprentice Wanted,'"
she began.
The milliner eyed hercontempt
uously from the crown of
her modest bonnet to the tip of
her common sense shoe.
"You would not do at all," she
said. "I want a ladylike person
who can wait on customers."
"I wished to place one of mv
maids with some one from whom
she could learn millinery while I
am abroad," continued the visitor
quietly, "but I'm afraid you
would not do."
As the footman opened the
carriage door for his mistress
the horror stricken milliner
recognized too late the livery of
one of the "first families" of New
York. New York Press.
The Fable In Russia.
This fable, dealing with the
fall of Witte, the Russian finance
minister, is related in a brochure
entitled "A Glance at the Secrets
of Russian Policy." published at
Vienna: "The czar dreamed the
following singular dream: lie
saw three cows, one fat, one lean
and one blind. The next day he
sent for the metropolitan Paliadi
us and begged him to explain
the dream, but the metropolitan
declined. The czar then sent for
Father John of Kronstadt and
made the same request of him.
Father John stroked his long
curly hair with his hand and
made reply in the following
words: 'Your majesty, I under
stand your dream in this way:
The fat cow is the finance
minister, the lean one is the Rus
sian people and the blind one'
'Don't be afraid. Go on,' said
the czar. "The blind cow is
your majesty!'"
With its companions, heart
burn, flatulence, torpidity of the
liver, constipation, palpitation of
the heart, poor blood, headache
and other nervous symptoms, sal
low skin, foul tongue, offensive
breath and a legión of other
ailments, is at once the most
widespread and destructive mala
dy among the American people.
The llerbine treatment will cure
all these troubles. 50c bottle.
Sold by Socorro Drug and Supply
Kxaetly So.
Those old maids who assembled
in New York the other day
sneered at President Roosevelt's
remarks concerning large families
and said that he had no business
to talk about the loveliness of
having children, because he was
not a mother and therefore lacked
the experience necessary to
discuss the subject intelligently.
Still, says the Chicago Record-
Herald, it would seem that the
old maids have litilc to brag of
concerning this kind of ex
Working Night And Day.
The busiest and mightiest lit
tle thing that ever was made is
Dr. King's New Life Pills.
These pills change weakness into
strength, listlessness into ener
gy, brain-fag into mental power.
They're wonderful in building up
the health. Only 25c per box.
Sold by all druggists.
He Are you good at conun
drums? She Yes.
He Well, here is one: "If I
were to propose to you, what
would you say?"
t '"V
o.mhI iri
hlood a
lo in has
! ik
b'-art and
poor tii't-v
Anruiij turan thin
nr of blond. It t"
common in tnrn unrl
yolinK women and all
thov who work indoor.
who do nut mi rnoniih outdoor ir and
ffivul ovpfn in thrir lony Tfi'-tr ar- too
mi ii y white blood corpus! 'n ill uvh cam ,
and tin-re f otten a pri nli.tr sound in the
heart, railed n niutrriur. in cues of a'lomia.
Tim heart murmur it cauitd by tintino
of the blood pRssinif thtoiiRh the heart.
The murmur of aiieirjiu disappear wbca
the hloud regain it nului.il rotiislrrny
and ruhnes It is nut heart dieae.
Sometime people HiifiVr imeriM- p.iiu otr
the heart, w hich i not heart disease, but
caused by tlur ototnach. It I the occasion
of much ariviety, alarm and t lii-i mi. tor
which it victim i dependent uputi lerlcx
disturbance from the stu::iui.h r.iied bv
ind;v s:ion. In the sume wav m iny b id
counh are dependent upon tliee lellet
distill bance of what i railed the pneumo-
falric nerve. To etriili tbe bleod and
ncrease the red blood roruuc!e thereby
feeding the nerve on .rich red blood and
doin( away with mtvou instability, take
L)r. Pierce t '.olden Medical ii-ioverv,
which promotes digestion mid nsMunlaliou
of food so tli.it the blood mi Us l.lopvr
Mtpply of nourishment fiotn the stom.ich.
I'.ct a near to nature' wav as van can. A
medicine mule intiulv of botanical et
tract nml w hich dot not contain alcohol is
the safest. lr. 1'icrce's ('.olden Medical
Iiiscovery contain no alcohol or nuicotu .
Dr. Hcice' I'lcasaiit I'elUts are tli;
best liver pill.
Russian Choral Sininz
Love of mu,c, cultivated and
enlarged by the tine rendering of
the anthems and chants of the
services of the churches, is a
trait of the Kussian peasant.
The choral singing of men and
boys in some of the smaller ham
lets is indeed so rich and finished
in style as to be a constant source
of wonder to all travelers. Social
( liecrfull) lleintimii'lidi'd fur Hlieli
- mutism.
O. (1. Iligbee. Danville, Ills.,
writes, Dec. 2, P01: "About two
years ago I was laid up for four
months with rheumatism. I tried
Ballard's Snow Liniment; one bot
tle: cured me. I can cheerfully
recommended it to all suffering
from like affliction." 25c, 50c.
SI. 00. Sold by Socorro Drug and
Supply Co.
('cnipclent for the Job.
Conductor All aboard! Please
get aboard quickly, Miss. The
train is about to start.
Young Lady Hut I wish to
kiss my sister goodbye.
Conductor (iet aboard, get
aboard, I'll attend to that for you.
Chicago Journal.
Mamma Yes, Willie. Your
father is going to buy this picture,
lie's a connoisseur. Do you know
what that is?
Willie Yep. It's a old guy
what'll dig up a hundred for a
dinky picture when his dear lit
tle son's sulferiu' for a billy-goat
an' wagon!
1:55a "i1 Pausen'"'' 4:1? a tn
1 50. p '...Kant Kreiht... It:.';' a r.
12:15 "i . ..Local FjviKht. . . 10'Ot.i
No. and Un) carry patsriur. be
tween Albuquerque and Sail Marcial.
Daily except Sunday.
7A5 a tn : L,v .. Soco ro. . Ar 12-lu p ni
Official Directory.
PeWate to Cotir-.-í n. S. K...dey
Governor. Miguel A. UUf t
Secretary, Jainer. W. KaynolJ;
Chief Ju .t ice. W.J. Mil!
I Benj. S. Bal.er.
v I'. W. Tarker
A-s-.L.ciatc-i, ' J- K' Me.Fie
V. H. Pope
I 1. A. Mann
Surveyor-iieneral. M O. Llewellyn
United Stale Collector. A. L. Morrison
V. S. Di-t. Attorney, W. U. ("hildti
U. S. Marsh.il. C. M. t'oraker
Ki-c 1. 00K '!!h vS iota M. R. Oter.i
Kec. l""'-d Mueller
Kec-. " " I. ai Cruce;.. . ,.. Calles
Roe. II' t'r' l'"jVl ,n:j"
Kef. " ' Ko.uell, H. l.elaii.l
kec. 1. L. ( lever
Forest Supt I. L!. Ilatuia. Simla I c
Fuiost Supervisor. Gil. Kiver Kcserve
K". C. Ma'W.ic. Siher City
Forest Supcrvirtor, IVci Kiyer Ke-
Herve. Goon; L:oi;'enlui;, l.s
Solicitor-General. K. I.. Hattlett
D;st. Attorney, k. C. Gortii.it'. Santa Fe
' VV. !1. 11. LWenvn.
I. a:i Cruces
" " K. I. Rimes, Silver City
' " C. A. Spies. I,;ts Vf;aH
" " .1. Leahy. Katoit
" A. A. Seilillo. Socorro
Librarian. Lyiayette Fiiimett
Clerk Supremo C.mr!. J. ! Si 11.1
Sup't Penitentiary. II. . Ii:iisiim
Aiüutant General. V. H. Wiiiteuian
Treasurer. J. M- V.U114I111
Auditor. W. Saren
Oil Inspector, Join: S. Clark
Territorial Boanl of F.ilvication.
Sup't. Public Instruction, J. K. Chavez
Judge F. W. Park r
Clerk and Kcvjistcr V. L. Martin
Joint Green walil
Commissioners, - Abran Conifera.
( Carpió Padilla
Sheriff, Leandro linca
Treasurer & Collector. H. tí. Haca
County Clerk, V.oleslo A. Pino
Assessor, lien jaiiiin Sanchea
Probate Judge, Mauricio Miera
Sup't. Public School, A. C. Torre
Mayor. Aniceto C. Abeytia
Treasurer, K. L. Price-
Clerk, Kob't T. Collins
Marshal, H. Dreyfus
City Attorney,
Police Magistrate, Amos Greei
Juan J. Baca, president: C. T. Brown,
ecretarv and treasurer; A. II. Hilton,
F. G. líartlett, A. E. Kouiller.
Stock and jMiullry have few
troubles which re not bowel and
liver irrugiilariticH. J lack
Draught Stock and I'ouitry Medi
cine in a bowul and liver remedy
for stock. It puts the oriaus of
digestion in a iM'ifit condition.
Prominent Ami'riuui breeders ami
3 farmers koep llu ir Lerds and tlocks
healthy by giving them an occa
li.ina! ilosof Uhuk-Draulit Stock
and Poultry Medicine in their
f.xid. Any Mbn k raiser niavbuya
''i-rent half-ound air-tiylit can
of thin medicino from hi dealer
and keep hii ttock in vigorom
health for vit'ks. De.ilerK geiitír
nlly kiH'p lllack-Druuglit Stock and
Poultry Medicine. If youm does
not, sond 25 cents for a sample
can to the. manufacturer.-!, Tho
Uliiittanoorfa Medicino Co., Chat
tanooga, Tenn.
HncHMU.B, Oa., J io 30, Wi.
Hluck-UrauRUt Ktoek iirt Puultrf
Mo.tli-ine is tho lust 1 ever tried. Our
took u lo'iking 'ftl when you -nt
ma tbe medicina and Dow the; ara
per oeuk Doner.
Sill' I) R R II
LODGE. No. o, a.'
F. A A. M.-Kegu-lar
lions, second and
fourth Tuesdays
of each month.
Visiting bretherii cordially invited.
Gl'o. E. Choi;. '. M.
C. G. Di'nl'an, Sceretary.
Regular convocations iirst and third
Tuesdays of each month.
C. T. Brown. E. H. P.
C. G. Pi'ncan, S.-rretarv,
. ... " i
)rder of the
Eastern Star.
Í A-Jrjm i a son ic 1 1 11 1
first and third
Mondays of
c.ch month.
Kmm.i Dou;hi:ktv, W. M.
G;:o. E. CorK, Secretary.
vz ;c .
f UUAiL,, ill), J, K
C:fn-' nvguiar
--Jji:-'-t 'fl me. tioir i...,rv tl'i.l.
ening a
hall. Visiting knights given a cordial
welcome. A. Mavi.k, C. C.
S. C. Mi:i:k, K. of K. and S.
tt&,fc& mu"X ever)
g'5;fCvV iiestiay event
I. &2 8 o'clock , at
. For Drunkenness, Opium,
V tlm Tobacco Habil
Currt rfuST
oílilv:llll. SrSSsaMi
aadNc ir.-.tlhenia.
-Ta t KttLEY
Dwluht, III.
Have your cards printed at Th
Chiefttiin ofik?.

gttttliiK ') tina. Thoy aru lookiug 20 (

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