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ft J hi s-
l Ky Ky
r r 1 N
m r '
VOL. 2!
NO. 25
- J- - f n! r
. Vji bCik
i -
Uliv V0111 jjomls whiTe
vou can L't the most value
for your money. Wu hac
tlir pioils to show to make
vour selection and our
prices can rot fail to suit
Price Bros, a, Co.
5.' 1
I Livery, Feed and
. . .
Ilav, (Train, Wood and Coal.
Wagons, Busies, Harness,
Saddles, etc. Iron, Hard
woods. Phone SO.
3 a
tí W a VJ a
If you have not received copy of our Cata
logue write at once. Our stock of the
above goods is larger and more complete
than ever.
si;m us youk dk'dkks.
Agency, New Mexico and Arizona,
U.M1S-117 South Kirst St., Alltii'iiH'njm',
New Life to Ea Infused into tho
Coal Mining Business at
San Antonio.
No FiivurllcH in tln Matter of íüu'Iit of
Way. .fililí' Mrllllliui JV1U
of Hiiinii,
'Vho folliHviny is from Thurs-
MeruitH'- Jnur-
Author i.'l (hii'iul
U ('.(i1'1'', l'l't'li'
)1 I osiu,
S 500,(100.00
1, HOO, 000. 01)
ilm;i S
' M. W
('linn imy, 'U' Frrsi.lt
i'r.ink Mi Ki'f, ('ahii-r.
O. K, Nrwliall, A.i;trfiit l'
day's Allni(('.uriii
"Now life lia 1icn smldonlv
infusoil into San Antonio." said
Judii'o D.mii-1 II. McMillan of
Socorro, to a Journal reporter at
the Alvarado last niyht. "The
formation of three railroad com
anies to lmild lines I'roiU that
place to the Carthage coal fields
and the immediate prospect of a
fourth, has served to wake the
town to a life it has not known
for years, and to make the situa
tion in that section very interest
ing." Juilc McMillan is one of the
principal movers in the organiza
tion of one of these railroad com
panies, which propose to lap the
coal beds at Carthage. His com
pany,' like the others, is ready to
proceed with the construction of
the ten miles of railroad, and it
seems to hold out the prospect of
very interesting times when the
race for the b.'st rights of way
begins. Jud-e McMillan left
last iiijfht for Santa Ke.
The situation at San Antonio
is sufficiently unusual to be iter
estinr. Some vears airo the
Santa Fe railroad built a branch
to the Carthage coal fields. Later
they tore up the track believing
that the tra flic from the Carthago
district did not warrant the
expense of operation. Lately,
however, the attention of miners
and engineers has been called
afresh to the Carthage fields by
the discovery of new bods, which,
in the estimation of experts, will
turn out immense quantities of
coal for twenty years. The old
rade used by the Santa Fe is
still standing practically intact,
and all three of the proposed
lines arc anxious to et control of
this ready made road bed. The
line, however, is all over public
domain, and it will be necessary
to ret the consent of the secretary
of the interior for its use. Here,
airain, a race between the three
companies seems prohauie. Anoth
er point over which there has
been some rivalry is a bridge
over tho Kio tirando at San An
tonio, which all three companies
desired to use. This has been
settled in a manner which leaves
the railroad builders up in the
air higher than before by the
Socorro county commissioners,
who found they could, play no
"A meeting of the county com
missioners of Socorro county was
held last niirht at which the mat
ter of the use of the San Antonio
bridge was discussed," said Judge
McMillan. "The commission
very properly decided that it had
no right to give the use of the
bridge exclusively to any com
pany, and its decision was that
any or all of the railroads could
use it, provided they maintained
it free of charge to the county for
the use of both as a railroad and
wagon bridge. There isconsidera
ble freight to be hauled out of
Carthage, and the expense of
operation of tho road will be
small, so that there may be busi
ness for more than one road.
Some of those interested in the
proposed lines hold coal lands in
the district, but one at least of
the railroad companies is going
in solely for the freight business
that is to be had.
"I am informed that within the
next week another corporation
will be formed to build a fourth
road into the Carthage district,
this one to come down the east
bank of the Kio (rande from
San Marcial. This line will have
three miles more of road tu build,
but it will have the advantage of
no bridges, whereas there are
two on the other lines, as
proposed from San Antonio."
"And which of these four com.
panies is likely to come out on
top?" was asked.
"That is something' I am not
now prepared to answer," said
Ju'le McMUUa.
Iü. P. s. lioor.V s; . LISTS
Hint 1 1 1 o Ki'i'liiiiiiititiu Nciict lie .Ukt'd
tit llrlp to ( i(iiiiti'tc the Oiiiii
Hiid Ditch,
The following letter from lion.
1!. S. K'odev explains itself. The
suggestion is well worth con
sidering. Albuquerque, N: M., I
July 7. 101.
I-M i tor Socorro Chieftain:
Socorro, N. M.
My dear Sir:
I s.iw copied in the New Mex
ican an editorial Irom a recent
issue of your paper, hoping- that
our local legislature will appro
priate some money for the com
pletion and enlargement of the
dam and canal at the point of
Socorro mountain.
May I kindly ask if this is not
a project that could be taken up
under the reclamation service?
If so, whv not have some of your
citizens take the matter up with
1. M. Hall, chief engineer for
the Kio (raudo valley of the re
clamation service, whose head
quarters are at 1-2 1 l'aso, Texas?
Sincerely yours.
I!. S." Koiu.v,
Delegate in Congress from New
Iie are if OintiiictiN fur Catarrh (hat
Contain Mercury,
As mercury will surely destroy
the sense of smell and completely
derange the whole system when
entering it through the mucous
surfaces. Such articles should
never bo used except on proscrip
tions from reputable physicians,
as the damage thev will do is ten
fold to the good you can possibly
derive from them. Hall's Catarrh
Cure, manufactured by F. J.
Cheney cc Co., Toledo, ().,
contains no mercury, and is taken
internally, acting directly upon
tlu' blood and mucous surfaces of
tin' system. In buying Hall's
Catarrh Cure be sure you got the
genuine. It is taken internally
audmado in Toledo, Ohio, by
F. J. Cheney & Co. Testimonials
Sold by druggists. Price, 75c,
per bottle.
Take Hall's family Pills for
A former Cilien of Socorro for M:i:iy
Years, Later of l'l Puso, Pics
in San llleiro.
Kobert V. Monroe, formerly a
citizen of Socorro for nearly
twenty years, buCa resident of
F.l Paso for the last three years,
died in San Hiego, California,
Wednesday morning. Mr. Monroe
was landlord of the Park House
and later of the Windsor of this
city for several years, 'lie was
also city marshal for some time
and watermaster.
The following dispatch is from
San Diego to the Kl Paso Herald
under date of July :
Kobert W. Monroe, of Kl Paso,
died here this morning. Mr.
Monroe was the proprietor of the
liroadway saloon in Kl Paso and
has been making that city his
home for a number of years. He
came here about two weeks ago
for the benefit of his health. He
will be buried here tomorrow bv
the local lodge of the Knight
Pythias. The only relative
is known to have is a brother
North Carolina.
Socorro llruj; nuil Supply Co.
Ask the readers of this paper who
are suffering with indigestion or
dyspepsia to call on them at once
and get a bottle of Kodol llvs
pepsia Cure. If you knew the
value of this remedy as we know
it, you would not suffer another
day. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure is a
thorough digestant and tivsue
building tonic as well. It is
endorsed personally by hundreds
of people whom it has cured of
indigestion, dyspepsia, palpita
tion of the heart and stomach
troubles generally. Kodol Dys
pepsia Cure digests what you eat.
It is pleasant, palatable. ;uid
To World's fair Visitar.
The Interstate Merchants' As
sociation of St. I.ouis i:i distribut
ing a booklet denying the report
that Fair wsitors are charged
excessive rates for hotel accom
modation. A bureau of informa
tion has been established at 1S24
Olive street where satisfactory
accommodations will be secured
for U.U who make application.
As Democracy '8 dioico for the
Presidency i No Other Candi
date Had Ghost of a Show,
I! rum nuil Hill Oiiidc Honors in the
Committee on I,' evolutions. I'roliiilt-
ly liose for Yire-P resident.
The national democratic con
vention began operations in St.
Louis Wednesday and its labors
have continued until today. Karlv
this morning the dispatches an
nounced that Alton 15. Parker
had been nominated on the first
ballot for the presidency. No
nomination has vet been made
for the vice-presidency, though
the chances are strongly in favor
of Mayor Rose of Milwaukee.
The platform contains the
usual democratic planks, except
that it contains no money plank
whatever. This is a victory for
Lryan as against Hill, who
fought hard tor a sound money
The names that aroused most
enthusiasm in the convention
were those of Parker, Cleveland,
and Rr van.
( oiiiaiaiiicati il.
I'M tor Chieftain:
In last week's Chieftain it was
stated that on the previous Sun
day a party consisting of two
young women and four or live
young gentlemen left San Anto
nio on a hand car excursion for
Socorro and. a rain storm- intercepting-,
every member was soaked
to the skin belore reaching their
destination. The article concluded
with the words, "There was
nothing dry about that picnic."
the true tacts of the allair are
as lollows: on that isunday
afternoon two young ladies and
their escorts wont to Socorro on a
hand car intending to take sup
per at the. Windsor and return to
San Antonio before dark. Put
when the rain was over, which,
bv the way, occurred while the
party was at the hotel, the agent
at the depot advised them not to
go home on the hand car as
trains were on the road, and
besides there was danger of
washouts. The young people
returned to the hotel and awaited
the southbound passenger, which
was on time. Tho party arrived
lioine perfectly safe and dry, and
as tho Wi ndsor hotel has a roof and
the train was likewise protected
tjie statement made last week
was not true.
The honorable person who
contributed such a falsehood to
bj printed in the Chieftain might
not be so elated over his intended
maliciousness if he realized of
what little credit a falsehood is
to him and how much it adds to
his present uublotted reputation.
Yours truly,
A Fkii-ni'.
Territorial fair.
liase ball at the territorial fair
this year promises to furnish a
measure of excitnient that has
not been known for several
seasons past. There is keen
rivalry between the several base
ball clubs in New Mexico, notably
between Las egas, Albuquer
que, Kl Paso and Doming, while
Katoti and Silver City both have
solcudid teams. The fair associa-
. . , . , ir ....
financial Slati ineiit of Histricl Court
Clerk H. f. Martin of fifth
Judicial District.
As a model of brevity and
correctness, the New Mexicau
publishes herewith a synopsis of
the quarterly account of monies
received and paid, rendered br
W. K. Martin, clerk of the Fifth
Judicial Disttict Court tor the
quarter ending June 30, 104.
The amounts due the territorial
treasury for the quarter were
paid by Mr. Martin on the second
instant to that official, and hti
is certainly sotting a pace as au
efficient and painstaking district
court clerk. There is auother
reason for the publication of Mr.
Martin's statement. It shows
that tinder the new cash scstein
introduced by him in the Fifth
Judicial District accounts are
more easily, more intelligently
and more correctly kept than
heretofore. The summary is as
"tlt'AKTUfcl.V KKPOKTor . E. JIAR-
tin, ci.i:rk or mstkict ooukt
CO K o V V R T U H i: N DI X ( J I" X i:
30, 1I04."ToT.L KlXTiPTS.
Socorro County il.S51.7l
Roosevelt County 72 4(i
Kddy County 2oo 15
Chaves County 1,201 ,.
Lincoln County 7u 55
Total $ 3. 41.2 44
li v amount paid to terri
torial treasury S SSS 20
Refund attorneys 1 1 S5
Paid county treasurers
and sheriffs 1,721 42
Clerk's fees deducted (al
lowed by la w 1 2 5
Cash on hand 812 32
Total S3,4h2 44
Price Lrothers Lank of
Socorro $ 107 14
First National Dank,
Portales 20 i5
First National Lank, Ros-
well 472 tS
First National Uank Kd-
dv 71 SO
Jaffa Uros., Lincoln,... 13") 75
Total.. ..' S SI 2 32
The practice introduced bv Mr.
Martin of having the court fundi
pertaining to each county deposit
ed with the banking linn in that
county until they are officially
paid out or turned into the terri
torial treasury, is also highly
commendable and one that should
be adopted by every other dis
trict court clerk in the Territory.
These funds are deposited to
Mr. Martin's official credit and
cannot be used except officially.
Santa Fe New Mexican.
The pill that will, will (ill the bill,
Without a gripe.
To cleanse the liver, without a
Take one at night.
De Witt's Little Karly Risers are
small, easy to take, easy and
gentle in effect, yet they are so
certain in results that no one who
uses them is disappointed. For
quick relief from biliousness sick
headache, torpid liver, jaundice,
dizziness and all troubles arising;
Irom an inactive, sluggish liver,
Karlv Risers are unequalled.
Sold by Socorro Drug and Supply
lion this year has oiTerred $15it0
in prizes for base ball, the big
end going to the home team win
ning the greatest nuinberof jarnos
during the fair series, the other
being divided into second and
third money. The winning team
will have a pocket full of dollars
to take home with it as well as j
lots of honor. i he proles unnal
feature will be cut out.
Piles l pon To) tif Tiles.
Piles upon top of piles of people
have the Piles, and De Witt's
Hazel Salve cures theui. There
are many different kindsof piles,
but if you got the genuine and
original Witch Hazel Salve made
by K.C.IK' Wilt iS: Co. of Chicago,
a cure is certain. H. A. Tisdale,
of Sumuierton, S. C, says, "I
had piles 20 years and Do Witt's
Salve cured me after evcrvUnng
else failed." Sold by Socorro
Drug and Supply Co.
Subscribe fur Tnr. Ciuici'T-vin.
California Siiaiincr Outings,
The Santa Fe Companr
placed into the hands ol its local
agents a lot of artistic folders,
and booklets displaying the
attractions of California as a
summer resort. Anybody inter
ested should call on the local
agetit for a supply of this
To the fair iirimiiit.
Albuquerque, solved the here
tofore troublesome problem of
getting people to and from the
fair grounds during the annual
territorial fair. This year the
visitors to the fair will ride to
the fair grounds on the best
equipped electric street railroad
in the southwest.
fiiK'lihti Capital In MokoUoiik.
An Knglish syndicate is mak
ing the largest investment in the
Mogollón district ever put into a
New Mexico mining field. A
huge plant will be erected on the
upper (ila to develop electricity
to operate the properties.

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