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tfllf SiKOrrU UlllCfllllll ;"ljkr ' 'r1 they think! I .11.1. l A (KI7..I.V IIF..UL
' i themselves extteuielv fortut; " - "
PUBLISHED Y "i in Uapp..nintc tt f a' i t li in the trn Trarl-Mr Bea.
DCQKH3 CDUIUT PUBlIS!1lr,a CU. jtirÍKlit tioTi oí Hon. Trunk W
K. . HlUV.. IMiii.r. lar!er.
Entrd at V corro Pontoltiif at nadiid
cT.Hwi II. ail matter.
(rirtlv i'i alv:iiiV. I
t n year í 2 IMi
K.x Itvitltlu 1 "O
SATTKIJ.W. JT'l.Y ivo-t.
'H-: ; ..
' .S
- -v. i .O
Vn t are to be the issues dur
ing the political campaign now
opened? All recent issues the
tariff question, the money ques
tion, and the question of expan
sion -have been settled in the
republican way and the demo
cratic leader dare not reopen
them even if the v would. Shall
President Koosovclt be entrusted
with the execution of the govern
mental policies that he has been
uhiv lh itr trtn;u nt il in cstiib'ish
niii ,u. 'I th.i'. tlit- people have
1 accei-ted? -that question oromises
to lie the sole issue of the
campaign and there is but one
logical answer.
Tur President.
t iikoix) k v. k( s i : " i : i r
Tor Vice-Presidi-nt.
Tiik Albuquerque Journal nives
occasional indication that it still
has the I'enialillo lotwily gang
in its "mind's eve."
Tm; question now is. lWs anv
tody reallv fc-.d more patriotic
for hu ing helped to raise the
regulation Fourth of July
Win-: unto the man who be
comes a candidate fur office in
Socorro county next fall. The
long drouth has caused mativ to
thirst with exceeding great thirst.
F.viikv gr ut measure of Koose
velt's administration has already
received the enilorenicnt of the
American people. Now for an
endorsement of Koosevclt himself.
Tjik New Mexico School of
Mines may safely challenge a
loniparisoti between its record for
tiefulneks and that of any odor
educational institution in the
i .
':nv. Atwati.Ii of Weslyan
university is an advocat" of the
Use of .tlcrdiolic food." Mr.
Swallow is the prohibition candi
date for the presidency. "What's
jn a name?"
F.i.n-.iio I.'s rieht to under
take to abolish the School of
Mine can not be questioned.
t.Iufottunatelv tor Mr. Haca in
this (Mitieular the same thine;
;an nc't W said for his judgment.
Tut. fiumcisl recoid of tíov
rrnor (Mero' adiijiuii.tt ,t lion i
b'iM'i :ti t-.tiga'cd bv "uht
fli-1,,1., the enemy.' Happily,
the more searching and accurate
the investigation is, the Letter it
will be for the admiuistratiop.
A I'olitliril Year.
Kvi-ky fourth year is of great
political significance to the peo
ple of this country, for then they
choose a larger number of im
portant officers than at any other
time. This year, for example, in
addition to a President and Vice
President, a whole new House of
Keproentati es is to be elected,
besides the governors of thirty
three states. Next year four new
governors only will be chosen,
no members of the House of
Representatives, unless to till
vacancies, and no President or
The concentration of elections
in a single year has not come by
chance. Men cannot talk politics
and do other things well at the
same time. So the business men
have favored electing governors
"presidential" years. The party
leaders have favored it. too,
because then the full party vote
is cast, and the chances of elect
ing their candidates for governor
in a doubtful state are greater
than when there is no candidate
for President to be voted for.
Flections are won or lost
through what may be called the
floating vote, using that term in
a good sense. A great majority
of the electors support either the
Democratic or the Republican
ticket at every election. They
believe in the traditional prin
ciples of their party, and will
support those principles, even if
they may not like the candidates.
i A small minority consists ot men
who are not strongly attached to
one party, and if they dislike
either the platform or the candi
date of that party which they
usually support, will vote against
All the speech making and all
the denioiisli atious of whatever
kind, fnm now till November
8lh, are planned for the express
purpose of attracting doubtful 1
voters, of keeping in line those
who are inclined to t'etert, and
K1IU UN Trainer.
A distinct type of a zoo rogue
is the beast that goes wrong ow
ing to accidental temptations,
like Shaggy, an exceedingly
intelligent, tractable Kocky moun
tain grizzly who reverted to sav
agery and turned man killer in a
twinkling owing to the .unfor
tunate misstep and fall of his
Shaggy was a big, handsome,
gray old fellow, with a jungle
thick coat and a lumbering,
awkward gait and a funny twin
klo that made him particularly
I adaptable for his part of clown
in a remarkably trained group of
fourteen bears. He had come
under the hands of his teacher
when but a helpless cub, had
never lost his liking for caresses
and. although the mightiest beast
in the collection, was least
suspected of being dangerous.
Once when a striped hyena hung
to the ankle of his friend he had
run to the rescue, had cut loose
right and left with his ponderous
forepaws and had bitten and torn
and mangled the ugly beast to
death before he could be beaten
olT. Among his accomplishments
were that of turning admirably
grotesque somersaults and the
more difficult feat of balancing
himself on his hind legs on a
three foot wooden sphere.
Not a scratch or a scar had his
trainer to show for the years of
work he had put in with the
bear, and yet without an instant's
warning this saute beast attacked
and injured his master so that
when rescued he was seinidetnent
ed and so dreadfully cut and
lacerated that the surgeons
decided it useless to try to save
his life McClure's Magazine.
of inducing the d isa fee led to .jo another, it is expected when the
Cured of ( hroiiie liinrrlWu After Ten
Year f .Sufleririfr,
"I wish to say a few words in
praise of Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Kemedy,"
says Mrs. Mattie Uurge, of Mar
tinsville, Va. "I suffered from
chronic diarrhoea for ten years
and during that time tried various
medicines without obtaining any
permanent relief. Last summer
one of my children was taken with
cholera morbus, and I procured a
bottle of this remedy. Only two
doses were required to give her
entire relief. I then decided to
try the medicine myself, and did
not use all of one bottle before I
was well and 1 have never since
been troubled w ith thatcoinplaint.
One canuof say too much in favor
of that wonderful medicine."
This remedy is for sale by all
A Sioii Indian Citstmii.
Among the Sioux Indians a
common custom exists. When
one family borrows a kettle from
to the poll on election day. It
the party mauagers only "knew
from year to year who the doubt
ful oues are to be, they could
direct their attention exclusively
to them, but the waverers are
the same men. So
IT kbould not be forgotten
tb4t the republicau organisation
of Socorro o.uuty will pledge its rot always
tall to introduce and urg. the ; ammunition in political battles
pa .'.agt: of a bill making a liberal '. to bring down a voter as is
appropriation for the completion requited of another hind todo
i:.latiire this it takes about as much oratorical
of the daiu aud ditch at the noint
of Socorro mountain
It now appears that vlu ii a
Russian detachment .tumbles
blindly upon a waiting Japanese
detachment and is i,rundv wal
loped aud diiveit from the field
the ftusLianh were in-rcly trying
to fiud out th exact strength of
the Japanese torce?.. Nobody
will question that the Kubsiaiii
bave hit upon an effective plan
tu n.o)p;-.h their object.
0:j tbc tirst day of July Socor
ro county became u part of tne
third judicial dutrict. While
the people of Socorro will have to
await with patieucean oppoiluni
ty to bow the keenness of
their apprtcUtiou of tie merits
if th act by which they were
d-prived of district headquarter,
they are . l ail tics ready to
execution iu actual
Youth's Companion.
warfare. -
llratully Tortured.
A case came to light that for
persistent aud unmerciful torture
has perhaps never been equaled.
Joe Colobick of Colusa, Calif.,
writes. "Tor 15 years I endured
insufferable pain from rheu
matism and nothing relieved me
though I tried everything known.
I came across Flectric Hitters and
it's the greatest medicine on
earth for that trouble. A few
bottles, of it completely relieved
aud cured tne." Just as good for
lucr and kidney troubles and
general debility. Only 50c.
Satisfaction guaranteed by all
Ice cream with crushed fruits
at Winkler's.
Subscribe far Thr Chiiíjtaií;.
kettle is returned a small portion
of the food that has been cooked
in it will be left in the bottoM.
Should this custom be disregard
ed by any one, that person would
never be able to borrow again, as
the owner must always know
what has been cooked in her ket
tle. A white woman on one oc
casion returned a scoured kettle,
intending to teach a lesson in
cleanliness, but her act became
the talk of the camp as a fresh
example of the meanness of the
NlK'lit Whs Her Terror.
"I would cough nearly all
night long," writes Mrs. Chas,.
Applegate, of Alexandria, Ind.,
"aud could hardly get any sleep.
I had consumption so bad that
if I walked a block I would cough
frightfully and spit blood; but
when all other medicines failed,
three $1,00 bottles of Dr. King's
New Discovery wholly cured me
aud I gained 58 pounds." It's
absolutely guaranted to cure
coughs, colds, la grippe, bron
chitis and all throat and lung
troubles. Price 50c and Si. 00.
Trial bottles free at all dru
Call at The Chieftain office for
your fancy stationery.
It (.'ornes ffbim All tfin l.tmtr Oils Arc
In f ull PUj.
The following is a popular
explanation of what is known as
second wind. In ordinary breath
ing we use only a portion of our
lungs, the cells at the extremity
not being brought into play.
This is the reason why those who
are not in training when they try
to run for any distance soon begin
to gasp and unless they are
resolute enough to persevere in
spite of this choking sensation
are forced to stop, but if they
persevere the choking goes oil.
and they aquire what is known
as second wind.
When this second wind U fully
established the runutr does not
again lose his breath, but can
run in comfort as long as his
legs will carry him. The fact is
that on starting the farthest
portions of the lungs vare choked
with air and the remainder do
not supply enough to meet the
increased circulation induced by
ly degrees, however, the
neglected cells come into play, so
that when the entire lung is in
full working order the circulation
and respiration again balance
each other, and second wind is
the result.
With its companions, heart
burn, flatulence, torpidity of the
liver, constipation, palpitation of
the heart, poor blood, headache
and other nervous ss mptoms, sal
low skin, foul tongue, offensive
breath and a legion of other
ailments, is at once the most
widespread and destructive mala
dy among the American people.
The Herbine treatment will cure
all these troubles. 5uo bottle.
Sold by Socorro Drug and Supply
A Stanley Story.
Stanley used to relate the fol
lowing funny story: One day
while he was conversing with a
friendly tribe during his travels
one of the chiefs present inquired
how many wives he possessed.
Upon Stanley replying that he
had none, all those present stood
up like one man and unanimously
exclaimed, "What a splendid
liar!" They intensely admired
the apparent calmness with
which he hail, as they thought,
tried to pass off upon them a
wondrous traveler's tale.
Is a violent inflamatioti of the
mucous membrane of the wind
pipe, which sometimes extends to
the larynx and bronchial tubes;
and is one of the most dangerous
diseases of children. It almost
always comes on in the night.
Oive frequent small doses of I5al
lard's Horehound Syrup and ap
ply Ballard's Suow Liniment
externally to the throat. 25c,
Sl.flO. Sold by Socorro Drug and
Supply Co.
Kiicliilid's l.urir-st House.
The proud distinction of being
the largest house in Kngland is
generally accorded to I,ord Fitz
william's Yorkshire seat, Yv'ent
worth Woodhouse. Of this house
it is said that the Uiree principal
entrances are so far distant from
each other that visitors are
advised to bring three hats with
them, one to be kept at each
point of egress. A house which
is ()00 feet long, has a hall in
which two average suburban
villas could be comfortably placed
and boasts a room for every two
days of the year is certainly
large enough to satisfy any
reasonably ambition.
luamlierlaiu'it Colic, Cholera uud 1)1
ariboru Kemedy.
This remedy is certain to be
needed in almost every home be
fore the summer is over. It can
always be depended upon even in
the most severe and dangerous
cases. It is especially valuable for
summer disorders in children. It
is pleasant to take and never
fails to give prompt relief. Why
uot buy it now? It may save life.
For sale by all druggists.
A nOThüR'5 LOVc.
A mother" love e il'xim- that hñ
rni'K,,?''t mili cm
tint lu lp Inn :ifi,rc"-'
i-i ! it a- the cr.'W n
of vv o ni é n It ii i)d
Hnv.rvir, Mother
hoot! i . luuki-il I 'i
wnri'tcMvuli lei !inir
ot ift rat (It i. "id h .il
Mus1 all iviiiirii. t
t W, Inn., i -..n.
í'c"?" I. an i tiffvoiin, dv.
C arj -.lie I iti nr-d
i4 f uterine lonir
atid n r r v 1 11 v . h
uttrnctli biiililcr to fit hrr fot tlV orle;.l.
Nil mittrr linw bcaltby of nttonK a wuruati
tm for hc cunnot hrlp Sut 1m: biiirlitrd hv
taLing Dr. Tit-trc'i, 1 avonie V renvilplioii
to u iir for tlii cviut.
Thti ii a kal on mtith't UJ 1 f
-With a hrKrt oiv rttun-iiiic with priMode I
will rti'lravot lo writp yo.l. II i liiMtly two
iuii$ ,ii mil'-- I fin! u'r.ilc to voj t'nr ádviuf?
tt i jr.hnií m' hrtilth which win ttirti vcrv tmt
hii;h Mu I. IVmitt, il" Hini'Mialr Kv.,tu Or
K V. Pi'T.-r. t hief i-onM!ltitig kutgr-o'.i ni the
InvalUV H itrl and Slirnic-ll lusütulr. at BüfUlo.
S, V. -! Iti.r, fi-vritetl my iuhcTititf, 111 ot lie T
It-tltr to you Al'lr rri rivittfc ; jr atlvit-e uni
(hp 'I'luninun Vnw M-rli-.l Aliviar I lityM
imr ot volir H:'Vorhr YT'V nt'llon.' att'l lu-uu,
'T1 A Wtl WCTtlilO dU llie fifi'lut lUvtnci ut -a
ilmr llllle bo '
lJutcd uti by over a third of a century
of trtjiaikaLli' iliir", a record tuck a Do
other reinedv for the diseay; una weaV:
tiemea peculiar to women ever attained,
the proprietor and makers of It. Pierce':.
Fuvor'te Pre etiptiou now feel tully war
ranted in u?.erui to pay '500 in legal
mom y o the fluted Sti'.u-s, for any eise oí
Leuconhea, l'Vuiale Wcalíik'í. ProlapMi,
or Falling of Womb which thty cannot
cure All they ask is a Ian and reasonible
trial of their uiau ol cure.
Theit financial te'ponibility is well
I now 11 to everv newspaper publi .hrr and
ilruirfit in the I'nited State-., with most of
.o , """j
. . . . PaniMiirer. . .
,.Kat Vrritrht
..t ..1 rt. t.t
' 4:12 a m
;1Vf? m
'pi . ii .1 ni
1:55 a m ,
l:oyp 1.
t.M'' pm
,o. 'arid loo earrv p.tent'et be
tween Albuquerque nJ Salt Matcial.
Daily except Sunday.
745 -a m U . Socorro. . Ar ' 12:10 p m
Official Directory.
Deieati to Cjiijrris
Govei uor,
Chief Justice.
Jame W. Ravnold
W. J. Mill
I Benj. R. baker.
: K. W. Farkei
'JR. McFie
; W. H. Pope
E. A. Ma mi
M. O. Llewellyn
whom they hive done busine for over a i U. S. Marshal
Ci.iied Suu Col'.ectoi, A. L. Morrison
IT. S. Dif-t. Attorney. W. B. Childer
third ol a ctntury
How to live in health r.ni happine., I
the general theme of Dr. I'icrcc'a Common
Sense Medic il Adviser Thi great wotlc
ou medicino : nd hyifiene, contaiiiniK over
ioikj ViaKe at mole than 700 illustt ilion.
i sent f-.ec ot receipt of stamps to pay ex
penso of mailing only S nd (i one cent
stamp for the cloi h-bound voHnDc. or only
í staoip for the book 111 pi'pri covers.
lie Told Her the Wr-d.
"Doctor," said the beautiful
young woman who hatl become
the wife of a rich old man, "tell
me the worst. I will be brave
and try to bear it."
Leading her gently from her
suffering husband's bedside the
doctor answered:
"Nerve yourself, then, for a
terrible shock. He's going to
get well." Chicago Record-Herald.
C. M. Foraker
for Kheu-
O. (1. Iligbee, Danville, Ills.,
writes, Dec. 2, ll01: "About two
years ago I was laid up for four j
months with rheumatism. I tried
Mallard's Snow Liniment; one bot
tle cured tne. I can cheerfully
recommended it to all suffering
from like affliction." 25c, 50c
$1.00. Sold by Socorro Drug aud
Supply ('o.
Siiiiii'tiities Ncrevtiury,
I licks "You tlon'l mean to
s;iy you are going to see that
show again! Why, you saw il
last night."
Hicks "I know; but since
then a friend of mine has been
explaining the jokes to me, and
of course, 1 shall know how to
enjoy thvm now." --- Iioston
1 Reír. Land Orlice Santa I t, M. R. Otero
I Rc.c. Fred Mueilar
I Reg. " " La Cilice.. . .N. Galle
1 Rec. " " ' " Henry Bowman
I Reg. ' " Ro.vcll, II. Lelanü
I Rec. D. L. Gryer
l'orot Supt I. E. llanna. Santa Fe
I Forext Supcivisor, Gila Iiiver Reserve
j R. C. McClurc, Silver City
! Foreat Superisor, Peco River Ke
i nerve, George Lanfenbiitp,, L;i-
I Vegas.
Solicitor Geucral. K. L. liartlctt
Dial. Altornev. R. C. Gartner. Santa Fe
' W. Ii. H. Llewellyn,
Las Cruce
R. V. Barnes. Silver Git y
C. A. Sjiie. La Vega
J. Leahy, Raton
A. A. Seilillo.' SoLot ro
Libraiiau. Lalayette Emniett
Clerk Supreme Com l, J. D. Sen
Sup't Peiiiiciitiaf) . H O. U.nauiii
Adjutant General, V. il. Whitemau
Treasurer. J. H. Vanehu
Auditor, V,'. i. Sarjen'
Oil Inapectur. .iolin S. Clark
Territorial Board of l-'ducatioti.
Sup'l. PubUo Instruction. J. I''. Cliavce
Jude V. VV. I'aiker
i'leik uud Register V. K. Mailm
John GroenwaKt
Cuiii!iissoiier, Abran tíotitreras
( Carpió l'uditla
SlieritI, Leandro Baca
Treasurer & Collector. H. G. Baca
County Clerk. Boleülo A. Pino
Assessor. Benjamin Sanchez
Probate Judge. Mauricio Miera
Sup't. Public School, A. C. Torre
City uk socorro.
Mayor. Aniceto C. Abeytia
Treasurer. K. L. Price
J Clci'.i, Roh't T. Collins
Mat-Mial. M- ureyiu
City Atloruey.
Police Maisti ati-. Amo- Greea
Juan J. Baca, pto.iidciit; C. T. Brown,
secretary and treasurer; A. H. Hilton,
l' G. liartlctt, A, K. Kotiiller.
A Shady Tree.
I.rl.ie;icc Docs she ever speak
of her family tree? Patrice "No;
I think it was one of the shady
sort of trees. Yonkers Statesman.
ng rains
S O C O R R t
LODGK. No. . A.
I'licsda vs
Visitinp brethcrn cordially invited.
Clio. K. Cook, W. M.
C. G. Duncan. Secretary.
S( COrVKO CHAPTEK N'o. 8, R. A. M.
Key liar uf,ii'."vaifia firt anil third
Tucsilov .-. r f each :i!oi:th.
C. T. Uhov. N. E. H. P.
C. it. Ifi NCAN, Secretary.
1 a
fourth T
' of each
ei"! Keel.r St..
Chicago, Í1.1... Oct,, 2, 1902.
I Hiitfenii with fallnin mid con
pfitioti of On! womb, 'with severa
paiiia tiiroiieh the. (jroiim. 1 suf
tere l temliiy at the time of men
8tru;ittoii. hiiil l.linHinij headaehea
and rushing of blood to tlm bruin.
What to try 1 knev not, for it
pi)ieAl that I hail tried all ami
failed, but 1 hail never tried Wine
of Cardui. Hat bleated remedy for
sick women. I tound it pleasaiit
to take and noon knew ti.at I liad
the rii.'lit medicine. New blood
seemed to course throufh my veiui
and aftcir usin eleven bottles I
was a well woman. ,
CuuV C5ma34
Km. BiimIi is now in perfect
health bceanw) she Unik Wino of
Cardui for menstrual disorders,
beariiiR down p'lins aud blinding
headaches when ull oth;rr rtitxtedies
failed to brill? her relief. Any
euJi rer may seeure health by tak
ing Wine of Cardui in her borne.
Tho first bottle, coavinc.es the pa
tient she is on the road to health.
For advice, in cases requiring
special directions, address, piviny
Fvinntoms, "The Ladies' Advisory
lViartmur,t," The Chattanooga
Mudivine Co., Chattanooga, Tenn.
i r
"''.iv...r4i"'';!L a 1
Order of the
lastcrn Star.--
At Masonic Hall
first and third
Mondays of
each month.
Mws. Emma Poih.hkkty, W. M.
Gho. K. Cook, secretary,
I. OF 1.
LODGE. No. 3, K.
of P.-Retrular
t?'' J'$-$ ineetinif every "Wed.
nesdav eveninir at
8 o'clock at Castld
hull.- Visiting knights iven a cordial
welcome. A. Maykr, C. C-
S. C Mkkk. K. of R. and S.
T7 n 'of Orunkeitnsts, Opium,
11 W JZZ, th.TobaocoMabil
and Ns'irsttbsnla,
&MrlM, III,
i Have your cards printed at The
Chieftain office..

candidato for the b
B. '5. Rodey
M.Kuel A. Otero
r- r. .v a. -M.-- Kegu
xx Inr r-)Tinnunica-

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