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VOL. 2'
113-115-117 South First.
401-403 North First.
v .
Buy your goods where
you can get the most value
for your money. We have
the goods to show to make
your selection and our
prices can not fail to suit
Price Bros. & Co.
Livery, Feed and Sale Stable
Hay, Grain, Wood and Coal.
Wagons, Buggies, Harness,
Saddles, etc. Iron, Hard
woods. Phone 80. j j
The Democratic) Candidate for Dele
gate to Congress Speaks to a
Socorro Audience,
But He Xada as Strong an Effort
as He Could for a Weak
rana n
aiional Bank
Authorized Capital - -Paid
Up Capital, Profits and Surplus
Perosits, -
$ 500,000.00
joshiia S. Keyuold, PreMileut. Frank McKee, Cashier.
M. W. Flournoy, Vice President. C. K. Kewhall, Assistant Cashier
The demKratic convention met
in this city Monday for the
nomination of candidates for
county officers and a candidate
for delegate to congress.
, When the cut and dried program
of the convention had been car
ried out, Mr. George P. Money,
New Mexico democracy's can
didate for delegate to congress,
was introduced and delivered an
address two hour in length. Mr.
Money is a pleasing speaker, but
it may be said without disparage
ment that his address, considered
as a campaign effort, fell
considerably short of fulfilling
the expectations of even his demo
cratic friends present. At any
rate, the speaker found it neces
sary at one time to make a direct
appeal to a portion of his
audience to favor him with their
attention and when he concluded
his speech his audience was
noticeably smaller than when he
began. This fact was probably
due in a large part to the nature
of the subjects discussed.
Mr. Money criticized the Otero
administration severely for an
alleged increased rate of taxation
for territorial purposes. If it
were granted that the allegation
is true, Mr. Money should then
have stated that a part of the in
creased tax rate was levied to
pay indebtedness contracted by a
democratic administration, and
whether he was in favor of pay
ing or repudiating that indebted
ness. He should have stated also
that a part of the alleged increase
in the rate of taxation was due
to more liberal appropriations for
the maintenance and support of
educational institutions, and
whether he was in favor of
maintaining those institutions or
abolishing them.
Mr. Money denounced New
Mexico's present jury law in
severe terms, and declared that
if a democratic territorial legisla
ture should be elected it would
repeal that law. He must either
not have known or not have cared
that the present jury law is quite
satisfactory to the people of this
judicial district and that under
the administration of such judges
as Freeman, Hamilton, Leland,
McMillan, and Parker even a
democratic attorney could find no
serious ground of complaint of
its operation.
Mr. Money declared that, even
if a republican congress would
not grant New Mexico statehood,
if he were elected delegate to
congress the territory would have
two United States senators in the
persons of his distinguished
father from Mississippi and his
distinguished cousin from Texas.
The speaker overlooked the
important fact that New Mexico
will not choose democratic United
States senators and the further
important fact that when Hon.
W. II. Andrews is elected to con
gress New Mexico will have
what Mr. Money said he believed
to be a safe majority of all the
United States senators to promote
her interests.
Mr. Money stated, as an argu
ment in support of his arraign
ment of the republican party,
that no man or party could re
main long in power without be-
? A. . " Y A 1.
coming tyrannical, lie must nave
changed his opinion before he
finished his speech, for he an
nounced a little later that his
father, Senator Money of Missis
sippi, had held public office for
twenty-nine years and that, by
inference at least, he himself
would like to imitate his father's
Thus spoke Mr. Money.
Considering the fact that he was
advocating a hopeless cause, he
acquitted himself well. It is safe
to presume, however, that the
republican party of Socorro coun
ty will not lose a single vote as
a result of Mr. Money's effort.
Of Bernalillo County, Republican Candidate for Delegate to
the 59th Congsess.
Senator W. II. Andrews, republican candidate
for delegate to congress from New Mexico, will ad
dress the people of Socorro county in this city on
Wednesday, November 2. Senator Andrews will Ik;
accompained by Governor Otero, Hon. II. (). Bursum,
and other prominent republicans of the territory.
Everybody, regardless of political affiliation, is in
vited to le present to meet the membres of the party
and hear the republican position on political issues
authoritatively stated. Come, everybody!
Marriage of Distinguished Jurist to
Charming' Santa Fe Lady Solemn
ised Wednesday Afternoon.
Fresh fruits in season at Winkler's.
A very pretty wedding was
solemnized at the Church of the
Holy Faith at 4 o'clock this after
noon when Associate Justice
Frank Wilson Parker, of Las
Cruces, and Miss Anna Davis, of
Santa Fe, plighted troth. The
ceremony was erfornied in the
presence of a large number of
friends of the contracting parties
from town and abroad. The
church was decorated in white
and gold, white and yellow
chrysanthemus predominating,
and the alter was draped in the
same colors. The bride was
charmingly attired in white
crystal crepe, made over cream
taffeta, trimmed with chiffon and
pearl ornaments and wore a
picture hat to match.
After the ceremony was conclud
ed, there was no reception but an
informal wedding supier was
served at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Allen CI. Kennedy, with
whom the bride made her home.
Only the intimate friends of the
bridal couple were present. 'This
evening Judge and Mrs. Parker
will leave on their honeymoon
tour, to be absent about a month.
They will first visit the Judge's
former home in Michigan and
then several of the eastern cities,
taking in the exjnjsition at St.
Tenuis on their return trio. Thev
will make their future home at
Las Cruces, which is the head
quarters for the Third judicial
district, of which the groom is
the presiding judge.
The bride, who has been for
several years a resident of this
city, making her home with her
sister, Mrs. Allen (i. Kennedy, is
very popular in social circles, and
is a charming young woman.
Judge Parker is too well known
throughout the Territory for
much to be said concerning him.
This is his eighth year as a mem
ber of the Supreme bench of the
Territory and for over 2') years
he has been a resident of New
Mexico. He is held in the highest
esteem by his colleagues on the
lench and he enjoys the respect,
good will and friendship of the
New Mexico bar and of all the
citizens of the Territory and who
have the good fortune to know
him, in a remarkable degree.
He is properly classed among the
best and leading citizens of the
Territory. The sincere and lest
wishes of their many friends
throughout the Territory will
accompany Judge and Mrs.
Parker through their journey of
life henceforth. May this be
happy, long and prosperous.
Santa Fe New Mexican.
Captain Cooney Declines.
Capt. M. Cooney declines the
nomination for county school
superintendent tendered him by
the republican county conven
tion. In a letter to the chair
man of the republican central
committee, Capt. Cooney says
that lu? is out of politics this
campaign, that nobody was
authorized to use his name be
fore the convention, and that,
while claiming to be a straight
republican, he must decline the
unsolicited honor.
Church Notices.
The Ladies' Aid Society meets
with Mrs. (iordon next Tuesday
afternoon at 3 o'clock.
"Rally Day" will be observed
by the Sunday school of the
Presbyterian church Sunday
morning, November . Programs
have been procured for the oc
casion, and there will be special
! addresses, music, and recitations
It is hoped that there will be a
I large attendance.
"The Fall and Rise of a Creat
Man" will be the subject for
thought tomorrow morning and
evening at the Presy terian church.
The Church entreats all, and
especially men, to attend its
services regularly.
j Col. J. S. Hutchason has been
in Socorro two or three days this
week greeting his many friends.
Electod by Bepublican Votes, Pres
ent Officials Show True Demo
cratic Appetite for Office.
Eight Candidates Out of TwiWi are
Mow Residents of the City of
The democratic county conven
tion met in this city Monday and
did what it could to name a ticket
that would have some show to beat
the republican ticket already
nominated. Of couse according
to custom the democratic conven
tion should have been held before
the republican, but democrats are
not conspicuous for their courage
even in their advocacy of political
indicies, much less in the conduct
of a campaign.
The platform adopted denoun
ces the republican party. That
is well enough, for democrats
would have i:o material for a
platform if they couldn't find
soiia thirg to denounce The plat-
lorm proclaims allegiance to the
principle of self government, and
then denounces the manner in
which the republican convention
nominated its candidate for del
egate. That is the democratic
idea of self government, perhaps
each man to be at liberty to
direct other men's family affairs.
1 he platform denounces the
republican party for its conduct
in regard to statehood for New
Mexico, and then commits the
egregious no, the characteristic
blunder of declaring that the
only hope for statehood lies in
the election of Alton II. Parker.
This amounts to a confession in
open court of the insincerity of
democratic professions in behalf
of statehood, for every democrat
every democrat who has 're
turned to sanity,' at least knows
that there is absolutely no hope of
Parker's election. The platform
says that Senator Andrews sole
qualification as a candidate is
his supposed ability to contribute
a liberal corruption fund to the
campaign, or words to that ef
fect. That is good, for when a
democrat resorts to the abuse of
his opponent, to his credit be it
said, it may be taken for granted
that he is on his last argumentive
legs. The platform declares in
favor of the repeal of the present
law by virtue of which sheep are
allowed to be taxed where the
owner resides. In that sole
respect the democratic platform
is good. It follows the lead of
the republican county platform.
The following ticket was nom
inated: For councilman H. M Dough
erty of Socorro.
For representative L. M.
Lasley of San Marcial.
For sheriff Leandro Haca of
For probate clerk lioleslo A.
Pino of Socorro.
For collector and treasurer
Benjamin Sanchez of Socorro.
. For superintendent of schools
AnastacioC. Torres of Socorro.
For assessor John Greenwald
of Socorro.
For probate judge Jacinto
Sanchez of Sabinal.
For county commissioner, 1st
district -Adolfo Torres of Kelly.
For county commissioner, 3rd
district Carpió Chavez of San
For surveyor Haynes Howell
of Socorro.
For coroner Tomas Hernan
dez of Socorro.
On of Many.
II. A. Tisdale, of Summerton,
S. C, suffered for twenty years
with the piles. Specialists were
employed and many remedies
used but relief and permanent
good was found onlv in the use of
DeWitfs Witch Hazel Salve.
This is on)y one of the many,
many cures that have been effect
ed by this wonderful remedy. In
buying Wjtch Hazel Salve it is
only necessary to see that you
get the genuine DeWitt's made
by E. C. DeWitt & Co, of Chi
cago, and a cure is certain. De
Witt's Witch Hazel Salve cures
all kinds of piles, cuts, burns
bruises, eczema, tetter, ring
worm, skin disases, etc. Sold by
Socorro Drug and Supply Co.
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