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VOL. 22
113-115-117 South First.
401-403 North First.
Buy your goods where
you can get the most value
for your money. "We have
the goods to show to make
your selection and oar
prices can not fail to suit
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Somebody Wat Boring an Arteaian
Well, Struck Oil, and Caueed
Wild Excitment.
The striking of crude oil in the
artesian well at River Side stock
yards has occasioned the wildest
excitment in Koswell and oil is
all that one can hear talked on
the streets, says the Koswell
Kecord. This oil was encountered
several days ago, but it was kept
secret for awhile. Now hundreds
of people are flocking to the scene
of the strike on every train and
many are driving there to take
claims and make investigations.
Six sections have already been
staked out and claims are still
being taken with a rapidity that
is astonishing. The ones who
would get rich quickly can see a
fortune in the not far distant
future in a gusher. Thousands
of people are expected to arrive
there within the next week and
the land for miles around will be
taken up.
The Court House Auditorium Packed to Its
Utmost Capacity and Many Turned Away
for Lack of Even Standing Room,
A Grand Ovation to the Republican Candidate for
Delegate to Congress, to New Mexico's Popular
Governor, and to the Cause of
Even That Large Number Is Con
sidered a Very Consortiye Esti
mate for the Senator.
Tou Should Vota for Andrewa
Senator Andrews will be in
sympathy with the administra
tion in Washington, where a
democrat would be lost.
Senator Andrews has great
influence personally with num
erous representatives and sena
tors in national legislative bodies.
Senator Andrews is developing
the resources of New Mexico.
Senator Andrews is bringing
millions of dollars of money from
the east to the pockets of the
people of this territory.
Senator Andrews is opening
up New Mexico by a great sys
tem of railways similar to the
Denver and Rio Grande of Colo
rado. Senator Andrews understands
your needs and is a business man
capable of supplying these needs.
Senator Andrews does not talk.
He does things.
Vote for a man who helps you;
who knows how, can, and will
help our territory.
Meyer Wi Better Satisfied in Hie
Life with a Campaign in New
A Peavy Load.
To lift that load off of the stom
ach take Kodol Dyspepsia Cure.
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stomach, belching, gas on stom
ach and all disorders the stomach
that are curable, are instantly
relieved and permanently cured
by the use of Kodol Dyspepsia
Cure. S. P. Storrs, a druggist at
27 Main street, New Britain,
Conn., says: "Kodol Dyspepsia
Cure is giving such universal
satisfaction and is so surely
becoming the positive relief and
subsequent cure for this distress
ing ailment, I feel that I am al
ways sure to satisfy and gratify
my customers by recommending
it to them. I write this to show
how well the remedy is spoken of
here." Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
was discovered after years of
scientific experiments and will
positively cure all stomach trou
bles. Sold by Socorro Drug and
Supply Co.
First National Bank
Authorized Capital
Taid Up Capital, Profits and Surplus
Dejosits, - - -
jonliua S
M. W.
KeynoUU, PresMeut.
Flournoy, Vice President.
Prank McKce, Caahier.
C. K. Newhall, AsaUtant Caahier
Church Noticee..
"Rally Day" will be observed
at the lresbyterian church to
morrow at 10 o'clock a. m. All
are invited to come and hear the
children ng, There, will be ad
dresses ami violin music. At
the evening service the theme of
discourse will be, "The Rise of
Peter after his Fall."
The Ladies' Aid Society of the
Presbyterian church will give a
Tea at Mrs. JN. A. Kutzner's
next Tuesday at 2 o'clock p. rn
A large attendance is hoped for.
An illustrated lecture on the
Yosemite valley, the big trees of
California, and the Yellowstone
Eark will be given soon by S. C,
mall of Boston. Mr. Small i
not a professional lecturer, but
he will describe what he himself
has seen. The proceeds of the
lecture will go toward paying
the debt on the Presbyterian
Attention, Sheepmen!
Wool growers, under the Mc
Kinley tariff law your product
commanded about 17 cents a
pound; under the democratic
Wilson tariff law the price fell to
5 cents a pound. Now again
under the republican Dingley
tariff law the price of wool has
risen to from 15 to 18 cents a
pound. A vote for Money is a
vote for 5-cent wool. A vote for
Andrews is a vote for 18-cent
wool. Which do you like best?
The greatest jolitical demon
stration witnessed in Socorro in
recent years occurred Wednesday
evening in honor of the visit of
Governor Otero and Senator An
drews and their campaign party.
All day long the crowd in the
city kept increasing by the com
ing of people from the surround
ing country and villages. More
than an hour before the time set
for the addresses in the court
house, the spacious auditorium
was crowded with expectant peo
ple and when the hour for the ap
pearance of the speakers finally
arrived every available foot of
space in tue room, even to
windows, doors, and the stair
way, was packed wi(h humanity.
It is doubtful if this political
demonstration, this popular ova
tion to political leaders, was ever
surpassed, or even equaled, in
Women's skilful hands had lent
an unusual charm to the ap
pearance of the court room.
Flags, bunting, and flowers were
artistically arranged about the
room, the center of decoration
being the speaker's stand. Back
of the stand, pictures of Roosevelt
and Fairbanks, Governor Otero,
and Senator Anejrews adorned the
wall under a canopy of flags,
while the name "Andrews" was
skilfully woven in evergreen
foliage. The general effect of
the decorations was artistic in the
At half past seven o'clock the
assemblage was called to order by
chairman Jose E. Torres of the
republican county central com
mittee and organization was
perfected by the election of Hon.
Juan Jose Baca as president and
Honorables M. Cooney and A.
Schey as vice-presidents. On
assuming the chair, Mr. Baca
delivered a brief but earnest and
enthusiastic address in behalf of
the cause of republicanism. The
motion to the effect that Mayor
A. C. Abeytia and Hon. Dan'l II.
McMillan be invited to seats on
the platform was carried without
a dissenting vote. A committee
consisting of Messrs. Estevan
Baca, W. II. Byerts, H. G. Baca,
Elfego Baca, A. A. Sedillo, J. E.
Torres, John E. Griffith, Francis
co Abeytia, Jose Armijo y Vigil,
and Severo A. Baca was appointed
to wait upon Governor Otero and
escurt them to the court-room.
The entrance of the distinguished
republican leaders was the signal
for enthusiastic and prolonged
Governor Otero was the first
sjeaker. After predicting Senator
Andrews' election by a majority
of several thousands over his two
opjMjnents and also paying him a
high tribute for the service he
had already rendered New Mex
ico, the Governor emphatically
and completely refuted several of
Mr. Money's campaign state
ments. Mr. Money has repeated
ly stated that the territorial tax
rate has been increased during
the Otero administration. "Cor
rect," said the Governor, and
then quoted from official records
to show that his administration
had paid off several hundred
thousand dollars of indebtedness
contracted by the Thornton demo
cratic administration and had
largely increased the appropria
tions for the support of territorial
institutions. These things had
made' an increased tax-rate neces
sary. Governor Otero said,
besides, that under the last demo
cratic administration territorial
wart ants sold at 40, (.0, and HO
cents on the dollar, while under
the present administration no
territorial warrants had been
sold for less than 100 cents on the
dollar, and that there is now
$250,000 surplus in the territorial
treasury. It has tx-cn repeatedly
asserted by Mr. Rodey, or in his
behalf. that the territorial
administration defeated him at
the Albuquerque convention.
Governor Otero showed that in
fact Mr. Rodey received more
votes and a far larger percent
age of votes ;n that convention
from territorial officials than
Senator Andrews did. The
Governor then stated that in his
next mossage to the legislature
he would recomtm nd an ap
propriation for th- relief of the
people who had suffered from the
recent floods in the Rio Grande
valley. He paid a high tribute
to Hon. II. O. Bursum for his
economical administration of the
an airs ot the territorial peniten
tiary. Mr. Bursum has reduced
the expense of maintaining the
prisoners from (3 cents to 29 cents
per capita. The speaker added
that Air. Bursum had been ably
assisted by Hon. W. E. Martin
and advised the jxople of this
district to elect Mr. Martin to the
legislature. The Governor closed
his address with the statement
that he and his party had visited
every county but one in the terri
tory and that in all his olitical
experience he had never witnessed
such enthusiastic receptions and
ovations as thev had been favored
Senator Andrews was then in
troduced. The Senator spoke
very briefly but directly to the
point. He said that he was not
an orator, but a plain business
man; that he had built railroads
in New Mexico, and expected to
build more; that irrigation en
terprises were so expensive that
they must be undertaken by the
general government; and that if
he were sent to Washington as
delegate to congress from New
Mexico and found that he was
unable to get appropriations for
irrigation in the territory he
would resign and come home.
Senator Andrews' brief address
was well received.
Col. Prichard was the last
speaker of the evening and he
acquitted himself in his usually
happy manner. He reviewed the
republican and the democratic
records thoroughly and showed
that the democratic party was
never so lucky as when it was
defeated. He called attention to
present prosperous conditions.
He asked why confidence should
be with-held from the party
umler.whose administration such
conditions had been brought
about, and whether it would be
better to return to the 5-cent
wool, the 50-cent sheep, the mul
titude of souihouses, and the
Coxey's armies of tramps that
characterized the Cleveland ad
ministrations. Col. Prichard
closed hfc effective address with
a statement of some of the strong
reasons why Senator Andrews
and not Mr. Money should be
Thus ended the addresses of
the evening. For fully an hour
afterwards Governor Otero and
Senator Andrews stood before a
passing line of people, shaking
hands and speaking a cheerful
word with each. All in all, this
may be characterized as one of
the very largest and most success
ful political gatherings ever held
in Socorro.
Albuquerque, N. M., Nov. 4
Senator William II. Andrews
was seen yesterday in this city
regarding the result of the aj
proaching election in which he is
the republican candidate for del
egate to congress. I really pre
fer not to be quoted at this time,"
the candidate answered, "only
that the result will undoubtedly
give me a heavy majority. I
have visited every county but one
and know the prevailing senti
ment. The receptions that have
been given the Governor and my
self have greatly impressed me.
The mere I see of New Mexico
the more I love it. The trip we
are just completing has shown
me the great extent of the terri
tory and its many needs. It has
taught me better than ever be
fore the fact that we live and
have our homes in a territory of
wonderful resources, vast and un
developed, of unexcelled opportu
nities and of limitless possibili
ties but a territory unfortunate
ly handicapped by certain natural
disadvantages. When I am in
congress I shall devote all my
time and influence to the removal
of all obstructions to the growth
of New Mexico. Today my elec
tion being practically assured, I
pledge myself to secure those
appropriations so essential to the
systematic irrigating of our
lands and the storage of the
waters of our rivers and to se
cure for each particular section,
regardless of locality, federal
assistance so long delayed."
When Governor Otero was ask
ed regarding his view of the sit
uation he said: "Useless to
talk. Senator Andrews has the
votes and will win by one of the
heaviest of majorities. Six
thousand, I believe, is too con
servative. I never was better
satisfied in my life with an elec
tion in New Mexico. We are
sending a man to congress who
is the man for the position. I
firmly believe that in electing
Andrews we elect a man who
will secure the tardy recognition
of the greatness of our territory
in Washington. He is well
known, has great influence, is in
sympathy with the administra
tion and will make good where
many have failed. On our trip
the people have been very con
siderate and now at the close of
the campaign I desire to thank
them for their enthusiasm and
kind receptions."
Death of D. Wattelet.
Mr. D. Wattelet, an old and
highly respected citizen of So
corro, died in the city Thursday
morning, Nov. 3, after an illness
of about a week. The remains
were laid to rest in the Socorro
cemetery yesterday.
Mr. Wattelet was born and
reared in Paris, France. He
came to Socorro in 1881 and has
resided here continuously ever
since. He leaves a wife, two
children, Leo and Alice, and
three step-children, Mrs. E. M.
Kealer, Mrs. L. Bertrand, and
A. C. Laffont, to mourn his loss.
Thouaanda Cured.
DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve
has cured thousands of casjs of
piles. "I bought a box of De
Witt's Witch Hazel Salve on the
recommendation of our druggist,"
so writes C. H. LaCroix, of
Zavalla, Tex., "and used it for a
stubborn case of piles. It cured
me permanently." Sold by Socor
ro Drug and Supply Co.
Jaramillo and Armijo, Commlaalonere
Eduardo Jaramillo and Alfredo
Armijo have conducted their own
private business successfully.
That is the best guarantee that
they will conduct the county's
business well. Vote for them for
County Commissioners.
An assortment of fancy station
ery at The Chieftain ofiice.

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