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Síjc Socorro (íljicflaiu.
published by
K. A. KliAKK. K.litor.
Enterre! nt S'icorro PostoHice a round
cía mail matter.
(Strictly in advance.)
One year 52 M
Six month 1 00
SATTKDAY. NOV. 5. ln4.
:. .v.: I
f - . . ' M
. For lYi'sident,
T 1 1 F ) I )() K K K( )S K V K I.T
For Vicv-Prcsid.-nt.
For Delegate to Congress,
EJFor Council
For Representatives
For Sheriff
A. 15. 15 AC A'
For Collector ;tnl Treasurer
For AsM'svir
For School Superintendent
For I'rohate J ml tie
For I'rohate Clerk
Commissioner 1st. District
Commissioner 3rd. District
For Surveyor
' II. L. I'.ROWN '
For Coroner
Hon. 15. S. Wodi:y is doomed
to inglorious defeat and a name
less political irave, more in sor
row than in aiitfi r Ik- it said.
Tin; republican county ticket
is a ijood one. and contains in
itself a guarantee that if it is
elected the affairs of Socorro
county, will he well conducted.
Tu ii New York Herald, one of
the leading democratic journals
of the country says: "It seems
almost a foregone conclusion that
Woosevilt will he elected." So
say we all.
Mh. Monkv concedes that the
next congress will be "hopeless
ly republican." What is the use
of electing a delegate who will
belong to a helpless minority?
Vote for Andrews.
At the hour of tfoini to press
the Chieftain. ,l)as . assurances
from wh;U..mut he cwnsvlered
excellent 'authority (hat the re
publicah' "bounty ' ticket 'will be
elected by" a bijí majority.'
Votk the republican county
ticket." It ii a.tickt t that needs
no apologies, and unless the
shrewdest and most experienced
politicians in Socorro county are
mijihtily deceived it will be elect
ed from top to bottom.
Tin: Cu huta i will rot resort
to x r-ou.il abuse an-1 vilification
in a political campaign. This
course is a matter of principle,
thouk'h in this case, as in all
others, rit:ht principle and jrood
policy uo hand in hand.
Sl-NATuK W. II. Andhkws has
coiiductid a than and vigorous
campaign ar.I the Chieftain
thinks that it 'peaks without
prejudice when it s.-ns that Mr.
Andrews' election a satis
factory majority is a moral
lertaintt .
( !i:iki;i; I'. M.iy. democrat
ic candidate lor delecte to con
gress, js a e, 1 1 1 , in. m ;nid a yood
d tnoer.it. Th.it i- sa injr much
for him. hut it would be saying
much more for him to say that
he was a uviitliitl.iil aed .i .'ood
Mk. Mui:v assured his hear
ers that it he were elected he
would have tli' support of two
democratic I'nited States sena
tors. That would be a little bet
ter, possibly, than no support at
all, but if Senator Andrews is
elected he will have the support
of a safe republican majority of
all of the I'nited States senators.
Vote for Senator Andrew
Tin: republican candidates who
have been ill Socorro this week
from their campaigning tours say,
almost without exception, that
they never took part in a politi
cal campaign in Socorro county
when the prospects for the elec
tion of the republican county
ticket were brighter than now.
It is hardly probable that men of
limy experience in the political
activities of a locality will lx
much deceived in that respect.
Sknatok Andkkws will be
elected. In the ten years of his
residence in New Mexico he has
done more for the development
of the territory's resources than
any other man ever did in the
same length of time. That fact
is the best possiMe guarantee
that Ii-- will do a ir -at leal more
in tin r un li'ii when his oppor
tunities .tie ilKlVase . by his be-coming-
a ile i.:y; : te to co:'iress.
Til' P :' 1 v h ,' il! be levied.
Vote i. t S tu. Wr Andrews.
Wll.l :.M Jl.NNIM.S lJrfVAX, the
n - : (1. m). raí of th-!u all, the
"peerless leader" who twice bole
hi parly's rt. indar ! to lio,:or:ible
defeat, has outdone all republican
speakers in the si-vi ritv of his
denunciation of democracy's can
didate for presid nt. Mr. liryan
has said, for instance: "I am
sanguine enough to believe I can
jirove to every unbiased mind
that Jude Parker is not a lit
man to be nominated either by
the democratic party or by any
other party that stands for hones
ty or fair dealing in politics."
Voto tho Republican Ticket.
VfiTK the republican ticket be
cause the republican party is a
party of glorious achievements,
while the democratic party has
accomplished nothing in the last
half-century that it is now proud
of or that it would undertake to
accomplish attain if it had the
Vote the republican ticket lie
cause the republican party stands
proudly on its record and lxddly
avows its purpose of conducting
the jiovcrnuicnt in the future as
it has conducted it in the
past, while the democratic party
has repudiated its own record
and is disunited and undecided as
to what it will do in the future.
Vote the republican ticket be
cause the republican party is a
party of' positive, progressive
jHIicy, while the democratic par
ty is a party of mere negation.
Vote the republican ticket be
cause the republican party's can
didate for president is a jH'rson
ifuation of the true American
spirit of courage, activity, and
progress, while the democratic
candidate has proved himself to
be woefully lacking in all those
(italities that inspire either the
enthusiasm or the confidence of
even his own party.
The M)licies of the republican
party have leeome recognized as
the true American policies and
democrats have not dared to de
clare their purpose of changing
those policies if they have the
opportunity. Therefore, vote
the republican ticket!
Bltck Panther of Africa More Feroci
ous than the Bengal Tiger.
Of all the big, dangerous cats,
none is more unapproachable and
more treacherous than the black
panther. Hailing from the heart
of the deepest African jungle,
lithe and supple of body, alert
and nervous, this stealthy
marauder exceeds in ferocity even
a IJengal tiger. He is the only big
feline that the lion trainer does
not venture to train; and he is
the only cat so absolutely
distrustful that he shuns even the
light of day.
Often he will lie all day long
in a dusky corner of his cag, his
yellow slit eyes shifting and
gleaming restlessly. Even the
feeding hour, when pandemonium
breaks loose among the big cages,
when hungry roars and squeals
mingle with impatient snarls and
impact of heavy bodies against
steel bars, is apt to have no effect
on him. He may lie eyeing his
chunk of raw beef suspiciously,
and not venture forth until day
has waned and the last visitor
has left, to tear meat from bones
with his long, white fangs.
In fact, so ugly and vicious is
this beast, that frequently he
turns on his own kind, and in
many instances it is impossible to
cage him, even with a mate.
McClure's Magazine.
Disastrous Wrecks.
Carelessness is responsible for
many a railway wreck and the
same causes are making human
wrecks of sufferers from throat
and lung troubles. But since the
advent of Dr. King's fjew Disco
very for consumption, coughs and
colds, even the worst cases can
be cured, and hopeless resignation
is no longer necessary. Mr. Lois
r;'gg of Dorchester, Mass., is
one of many whose life was saved
by Dr. King's New Discovery.
This great remedy is guaranteed
for all throat and lung diseases
by all druggists. Price 5l)c, and
$1.(1(1. Trial bottles free.
"Well, I can't hold in much
"What's the trouble?"
"I'm rinding it impossible to
resist my natural impulse to do
heroic things."
"Why resist?"
"Eh? I'm waiting until the
Carnegie hero fund can get
together and lay out it's plans."
Cleveland Plain-dealear.
Doesn't Respect Old Age.
It's shameful when youth fails
to show proper respect for old
age, but just the contrary in the
case of Dr. King's New Life Pills.
They cut off maladies no matter
how severe and irrespective of
old age, dyspepsia, jaundice,
fever, constipation all yield to
this perfect Pill. 25c, at all drug
Her Miscalculation.
"And so this is the end!" he
exclaimed, bitterly.
"Well," she replied, "if you
haven't any more nerve than to
give up right at the start I sup
pose it'll have to be the end. But
I thought you were more of a
man." Chicago Kecord-IIerald.
A Runaway Bicycle.
Terminated with an ugly cut
on the leg of J. B. Orner, Frank
lin (rove, 111. It developed a
stublorn ulcer unyielding to
doctors and remedies for four
years. Then Bucklen's Arnica
Salve cured. It's just as good
for burns, scalds, skin eruptions
and piles. 25c, at all drug stores.
Subscribe for The Chieftain.
Problems Lon? a Puzzle Are Rapidly '
B(jn(f Solved by the Men
of Science. j
From the earliest ages the air
currents have been invested with
the most profound mystery which
the learned men of all times have :
vainly sought to solve. Now; j
however, the meteorologist is j
gradually divesting the wind of;
its mystery and is able to explain
convincingly how and where it
originates. The study of a great
numlxT of observations taken
simultaneously all over the coun
try and, in fact, all over two
continents, has enabled the
expert to foresee just when wind
and storm will arrive at certain
sections of the country.
Of course, the physical topogra
phy of any neighlxrhiH..! has its
influence on the local stor.ns,
fogs and prevailing winds. The
"mountain" and "valley bree'zes"
that are so eagerly sought dur
ing the summer recreation or
sojourn is an instance of the ef
fect of mountains on local climate
and weather conditions. As ex
plained by W. S. Tower, asistant
in meteorology in Harvard
university, because of active
radiation at night the layers of
air near the earth become cooled
and as cool air is heavier than
warm air, a law of physics that is
generally appreciated theoretical
ly but usually overlooked pratical
ly, this heavy air tends to move
down the hillside. The tendency
becomes, after a time, sufficiently
pronounced to produce a general
downhill movement, eventually
resulting in a perceptible breeze.
That is what is commonly
designated locally as "the moun
tain breeze," and which, from its
origin, is practically in one con
stant direction, though the inter
vention of powerful storms may
temporarily reverse the customary
movement. Vice versa, during
the day, the presence of warmer
and therefore lighter air near
the earth causes a movement of
the atmosphere with an upward
tendency, creating the so-called
valley breezes. In certain favora
bly situated localities the ap
pearance of the mountain or the
valley breeze is as regular as
clockwork, the transitional period
being marked by a calm.
Not A Sick Day Since.
"I was taken severely sick with
kidney trouble. I tried all sorts
of medicines, none of which
relieved me. One day I saw an
ad. of your Electric Hitters and
determined to try that. After
taking a few doses I felt relieved,
and soon thereafter was entirely
cured, and have not seen a sick
day since. Neighbors of mine
have been cured of rheumatism,
neuralgia, liver and kidney trou
bles and general debility." This
is what 15. F. Bass, of Fremont,
N. C, writes. Only 50c, at all
Almost Insulted.
Hawkins They tell me that
Jawkins is a cohl-blooded scoun
drel. Dawkins -Yes, he's as cold
blooded a proposition as you
Hawkins- What?
Dawkins-Ever saw. - Pittsburg
Neuralgia Pains,
Rheumatism, lumbago and sciatic
pains yield to the penetrating
influence of Ballard's Snow Lini
ment. It penetrates to the nerves
and bone and Iteing absorbed into
the blood, its healing properties
are conveyed to every part of the
bod)', and effect some wonderful
cures. 25c, 50c, $1.00. Sold by
Socorro Drug and Supply Co.
A Timely Question.
"Papa," said little Bobbie
Whitterly, as he stepped on the
wharf after an unusually tempes
tous voyage from Liveriool, "do
you supiose the time will ever
come when they'll invent seasick
less ocean steamers?" Brooklyn
Man in millionaire many limn orr in
the porMon of blood cell. Woman i
not quite no rich, for acientiU bare proven
thai t tic normal number of red blood cell
in adult mm i five million; in women four
ami n half million to the square millimeter.
Thr norninl cell i not absolutely round
in health, but, in diseaae, become es
treñir! y irregular in ahape. Every one cae I
tr in perfect healtti and pooaen the mil--v
of ric?h red blood corpuscle If tlier
only know how to jo about ft Dr. H. V.
I'ii-rcc. ronaultintr phyician to the Inra-li!-i-
Hotel and Surgical Institute, at Buf
falo. N Y., advises every man and woman
to prepare for a long lile by obaervina; na
ture's lawa. In the first place. If yonr
lii;tmn ia fntilty, and the food you
cat not takrn up r the blood and Mum
tinted properly, yott need a tonic and ditrs
ttvc corrector, something that will increase
the rrd blood corpuscle; he believe in
going about this in nature' own m-ar.
Scars n(fo, in his active practice, he found
that nn alterative extract of certain kerb
and roots, put up without the use of alco
hol, would put the liver, lunrt and heart
into fuller and more complete action. This
medirme he called Dr. Pierce' Colden
Medical Discovery. By assimilating the
food eaten, it nonrishea the blood, and, in
stead of the ill-shaped corpuscles, the per
son's blood takes on a rich red color and
the corpuscles are more nearly round.
Ncrvointtc!- is only the cry of the starved
nerves for food, nnd when the nerve are
fed on rirlt red blood the person loses
1ho-e irritable feeling, sleeps well at night
and feels refreshed in the morning.
If yon want to know about yonr body,
read Dr. Picrce'a Common Sense Medical
Adviser, which can be had for the coat of
mailing, .11 cent in one-cent stamp for the
cloth-bound book, or ii stamps for the
paper-covered volume. lootj pages. Ad
dtcss Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cleanse tn
bowels and stimulate the sluggish lircft
vi iy
i...... , ,,.. nan.,..
South 80C0RR0. North
1:55 a m Passenper 4:12 a tn
l:59p ...Fast Freight. .. 11:55 a m
12:15 pm ...Local Freight... 10:00am
True to Her Sex.
She (at the theater) Tom,
dear, that man in the box has
been staring at me for the last
ten minutes.
He Shall I go over and thrash
She Mercy, no! But tell me
if I look all right.
Health is absolutely impos
sible, if constipation be present.
Many serious cases of liver and
kidney complaint have sprung
from neglected constipation.
Such a deplorable condition is
unnecessay. There is a cure for
it. I lerbine will speedily remedy
matters. C. A. Lindsay, P. M.,
Bronson, . Fla., writes, Feb. 12,
1W2: "Having tried Heroine, I
find it is a fine medicine for con
stipation." 50c bottle. Sold by So
corro Drug and Supply Co.
Another Oood Way.
Harold I hear that old
Gotrocks has settled all of Lord
Littledough's debts.
Jerrold Yes; he's doing all he
can to break up the engagement
between Lord Littledough and
his daughter. Punch.
Only a Few Scraps.
He When a young couple are
married they always have good
things to eat during the honey
moon. She And after the honeymoon,
what? ''
"Oh, then come the craps."
Yonkers Statesman.
Fresh fruits in season at Winkler's.
17 OP Gop
Arc you a sufferer?
Has your doctor been unuc
Wouldn't you prefer to treat
yourself AT HOME? .
Nearly 1 ,500,000 women hare
bought Wine of Cardui from
thtnr druggiuta and hare cared
themwlvej at home, of such
troubli as periodical, bearing
down and ovarian pains, leucor-rlm-a,
barrenness, nervousness,
diz.inena, nausea and despond
ency, caused by female weakness.
'these are not easy cases.
Wine of Cardui cures when the
doctor can't.
Wine of Cardui does not lrri
tut the organ. There is ne pain
in the troatment. It is a soothing
tonic of holding herbs, free from
strong and drastic drug. It is
succesvful because it cures in a
natural way.
Wine of Cardui can be bou ah t
from your druggist at 11.00 a
bottle and you can begin this
treatment today. W ill you try it?
la oasaa raqulrln spMlal dlrMHIoaa.
adtlrma, giving- syoiptoats, l'ba Ladls
Advisorf 111-. Tbs CheMNJS
Medicine Co., Challan a, Iim,
No. 99 and 100 carry paaaenerrs be
tween Albuquerque and San Marcial.
Dally except Sunday.
7:45 a m I Lt. .Hocorro. . Ar 12:10 p in .
Official Directory.
Delegate to Congress, D. 8. Kodey
Governor, Miguel A. Otero
Becretary, Jame W. Raynold
Chief Juatice, W.J.Mills
f Benj. 8. Baker
F. W. Parker
Askociates, t J. R. McFie
W. H. Pope
I E. A. Mann
Surveyor-General, M. O. Llewellyn
United States Collector, A. L. Morrison
U. 8. Dist. Attorney, W. B. e hildcrs
U. 8. Marshal, C. M. Foraker
Reg. Land Office Santa Fe, M. R. Otero
Rec. Fred Mueller
Reg. " " Las Cruce,... N. Gallea
Rec. Henry Bowman
Reg. " " Roswell, H. Leland
Kec " " " D. L. Geyer
Forest Supt....I. B. Hanna, Santa ie
Forest Supervisor, Gila River Reserve
K. C McClure, Milver uity
Forest Supervisor, Pecos River Re
serve, George L,angnourg, L,a
Solicitor-General, E. L. Bartlett
Dist. Attorney, K. C. Gortner, Santa Fe
W. ii. Ii. lvieweuyn,
Las Cruces
" R.P.Barnes, Sitter City
" C. A. Spies, Las Vegas
" " J. Leahy, Raton
" A. A. Sedillo, Socorro
Librarian, Lafayette Emmett
Cleric Supreme Court, J. V. Sena
Sup't Penitentiary, H. O. Bursuni
Adjutant General, w. h. w internal
Treasurer, J. H. Vaughn
Auditor, W. G. Sargen
Oil Inspector, John S. Clark
Territorial Board of Education.
Sup't. Public Instruction, J. F. Chave
Judge F. W. Parker
Clerk and Register W. E. Martin
Í John Greenwald
Commissioners, Abran Contreras
( Carpió Padilla
Sheriff, Leandro Baca
Treasurer A Collector, H. G. Baca
County Clerk, Boleslo A. Pine
Assessor, Benjamin Sanche?
Probate Judge, Mauricio Miera
Sup't. Public School, A. C. Torres
Mayor, Aniceto C. Abeytia
Treasurer, E. L. Price
Clerk, Rob't T. Collins
Marshal, H. Dreyfu
CifY Attorney,
Police Magistrate, Amos Green
Juan J. Baca, president; C. T. Brown,
secretary and treasurer: A. H. Hilton,
F. G. Bartlett, A. E. Rouiller.
LODGE, No. 9, A.
F. & A. M. Regu
lar communica
tions, second and
fourth Tuesdays
of each month.
Visiting brethern cordially invited.
Gko. E. Cook, W. M.
C G. Duncan, Secretary.
Regular convocations first and third
Tuesdays of each month.
C T. Brown, E. H. P.
C G. Duncan, Secretary.
9, Order of the
Eastern Star.
aaAt Masonic Hall
first and third
Mondaya of
k each month.
Mas. Emma Douchbktv, W. M.
Gko. E. Cook, Secretary.
m. -aw
LODGE, No. 3, K.
t meeting every Wed-
aí'?V$L ne'dav ve1! t
JlZr AL 8 o'clock at Castle
hall. Visiting knights given a cordia
welcome. F. Fischkh. C. C.
S. C. Mksk, K. of R. and S .
TT For Drunk
For Drunksaneti, Opium,
Morphine and
other Drug Using,
tht Tobáceo Habit
tutd Ns'irssthsnla.
Dwfght, III.
Dr. Sayler will do dental work
by appointment. Tel. 5.

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