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trriil()ii..''h!,B5Teeal)lo. droliis" frota" l.vid
that w 111 Rive ciileker rellet or a more por
ninnenf. rnre (lian Dr. Pirren' Favorito
corro, ban Marcial, ano San
Antonio, N. M.
of P. Recalar Sljc Socorro (íljicflniit.
K. A. DRAKE Editor.'
Entered at Socorro Postoffice a second
class mail matter. ". .
(Strictly in advance.)
One year
2 00
Six months 1 00
. . . . .
If the condition of the "rcpul
lican party in New Moxuo'is not
soon mcmled it will not many
moons until the domoi ruts are
sitting hy the fleshpots.
SocokkoIi.is been atl'.ivtei with
wimi' wimlv March weather lor
the past week, but as usual re
ports indicate that the m City s
affliction has lecn vastly less
severe than that of lur ncitrhhor
double the" number of students
in attendance. There are other
features of the present condition
which will contribute to a very
substantial increase in the
School's revenue next year and
in succeeding years, and thus
errharicc thc usefulness of one'of
New Mexico's foremost educa
tional institution.
Socohko count v is the banner
county of New Mesico lor min
eral products and from prevent
indications it is reasonable to ex
pect that she will retain, that
proud position for manv vcars to
Always Keeps Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy in His House.
"We "wot hi not be without
Chamberlain's Couch Remedy.
It i-s kept on hand continually in
our home," says V. W. Kearney,
editor of the Independent, Low-
ry Citv, Mo. That is just what
every family should do. When
kept at hand ready for instant
use. a cohl may be checked at
the outset and cured in much
less time than after it has be
come settled in the system.
This remedy is also without a
peer fur croup in children, and
will prevent the attack when
jjiven as soon as the child In:
dines hoarse, or even after the
roupy couirh appears, which
can onlv be done when the rem
dv is kept at hand. For sah
y all ilruitüists.
William V. Hko;an has just
lecn chosen managing editor of
the Albuquerque Citizen. Judg
ing from the character of the
work that Editor I'.rogan lias
leen doing on the statT of the
Santa Ke New Mexican or a
year or more, he is sure to make
a success in his new and influen
tial field. - ,.
The Santa Fe New Mexican
sums up the results of the labors
of the late legislative assembly
in the following apt paragraph:
"One hundred and twenty-three
bills became laws at the recent
session of the Assembly..' With
the exception of half a dozen'
these are all in the right din
tion and their provisions wil
prove beneficial. The half dozon
that are more or less nhicctiona-
ble are not very vicious and will
have no bad effect, except th.Vf
they will take some money out
of the treasury. These things
were to be expected. They hap
pen in the best regulated jUdiis
erreat or small, in republics and
in monarchies."
, Arbor Day Proclamation. A "Woman's Back
iThe following Arbor lav pro-I ru imh acli ,-h..I niii .iuv1
Tin: Cattle and Horse 'rotee
tive Association has accomplish
ed a great deal of guod for it
members, individually and col
lectively, during tin- tew years
of its existence. The results of
the etforts of this organization
afford a striking illustration
how much may be accomplisiiei
by united effort when individual
effort is sure to fail. Fortunate
ly, too, the good accomplished
by this association is not con lin
ed to its own membership. The
welfare of Socorro county, is so
largely dependent upon the wel
fare of its stockmen that any
thing that contributes to their
prosperity can not fail to. in
crease the bank accounts of their
neighlors. The Cattle and
Horse Protective Association
merits the encouragement atrd
support of all good citizens of
Socorro county.
Magdalena. District Booming
L. R. Hubcock, postmaster and
general merchant at Kelly, So
corro county, and a stockholder
in the Tribullion company, own
ing and operating the Kelly
mine in the, Magdalena range
spent yesterday in the city. Mr.
ISabcock savs that the Magda
lena district now has an aspect
ot permanency, with indications
of . ti great future. Every hole in
the district is being given more
or less attention and t lie big
niínes, rhe (Graphic and the Kel
ly, are ..being worked hard,
Iioth of these larger properties'
are shipping org daily and each
of them wilt . -soon have concen;
trators'in conneci! n witjithein,
which will -greatly facilitate the.
j 'fix 1 1 íc t 1 orí ' o f values. A Ihri q u e r
"(jl)e Citiv.etf. ' ' '. ' -
Saved Her Son's Life. ;
The happiest mother in the
little town o Ava, Mo., is;' Mrs.
S;'Ruppee. She writes: .''One
year ago my son was down
with such serious lung trouble
that our physician was uriable to
help him; when by our druggist's
advice I began giving. In in' Dr
King's New Discovery, and I
soon noticed improvement. . I
kept this treatment up for a few
weeks when he was perfectly
well, lie has worked steadily
since at carpenter work, Dr.
King's' New' Discovery saved his
life." Guaranteed best cough
and cohl cure by Socorro Drug
cc Supply Co. 5()c and 1.00.
Trial bottle free.
clamation has been issued bv
Governor Hagcrmani
To the People of the Territory
of New Mexico:
. In accordance with the laws of
tile territdty Vrovifllng that "flíé
governor shall designate each
year a day to be observed as Ar
bor day, I, II. J. Ilagerman, gov
ernor or the territory ot New
Mexico, do hereby' proclaim Fri
day, March the 2th, A. D. l'M)7,
as Arbor day, and . recommend
that the same be a holiday in all
the schools of the territory; that
the teachers and pupils observe
this day by planting trees and
shrubs for the lenefit and adorn
ment of public and private
grounds, and endeavor in every
way possible to carry out the ctfcj
jecjs for which the day is so es
ta Wished. if
The county school superintend
eilts ot the various counties are
hereby asked to give notice of
this proclamation to the teachers
in their respective counties, and
to encourage a proper observance
of the day.
, Since the question of tree cul
ture is of vast importance in this
territory, I recommend that the
people in general give some time
and attention to the purposes for
which the day is set aside.
Done at the executive office
this 20th day of March, A. D.
Witness my hand and the great
seal of the territory of New.MeX'
(Seal) II. J. Haghkman.
liy the Governor: .
.1. W. Raynoi.ps,
Secretary of New Mexico.
wimi k iMsc ni fulling, or other diplacf--
nienl. of the polvlr nruuiii." Other yni
tom ,f foniaje 'weakness arg frripieut
liencliu IÍ77.na. ImnRlnnry hmt1 or
dark pota floating before Hie eyes, (tnavv
Ins noimntlon In stomach, rinifrgiiiff or
hcnrrtiit down In loweralMnmin.il or pelvic
irinins, faint polls with nonepil wrnliiii's.
If liny eoiisldernliln niimlier oí the uIhivo
symptom are present, there Is no remedy
Prescription. 1 1 lins a reeord of over forty
Tears of cures. It is tlie most ihimmiI
InvlKoratinit loriie and strrnifthenlnit ner
vine known to medical science. It Is mwlii
of the slyeerh: extracts of native medicl
ril roots found In our forests and con
tains not a drop of alcohol or harmful, or
haliit forniliiR drops. Its Ingredients are
all printed on the lottle- rapper and at
tested under oalh as correct.
Kvery Ingredient. enterln Into "Fa
vorite Prescription " has the w ritten en
dorsement of the most, eminent, medical
writer of all the several mmiooN of prac
ticemore valuable than any amount of
nfm-profcsslonal testimonials thouuh the
latter are not lurking, having t'en con
tributed voluntarily by grateful patients
'III numbers to exceed the endorsement:!
given to any other medicine extant for
thn cure of woman's Ills.
You ran not afford to accept any medicina
of unknown rom posit ion as a substituto
for this well proven remedy of knows
composition, even though the dealer may
makn a little- morn profit thereby. Vonr
Interest In regaining health Is paramount
to any selfish Interest, of htx and It l: an
Insult to your lntellignce for 1,1m to try
to calm off upon you a fuibitltutc. You
know what you want and it Is lib busi
ness to supply tho artlcje called lor.
Dr. Pierre a rieasant relicts nro tho
original "Llttlo Liver Pills" first put up
by old Pr. Pierre over forty years ago.
much Imltatod but never equaled. Little
lugnr-roated granules easy to take a
' ' Afflicted With Rheumatism.
1 .
"I was and am yet afflicted
with rheumatism," savs Mr. J.
A Dramatic Death.
A sergeant major of an infan
try regiment stationed in lire men
was sentenced to a slight disci
plinary punishment for having
mortally wounded a man with a
revolver in the course of a fight.
He appealed against this but
was informed that his appeal
had been rejected, lie then or
dered his men to load-their rifles
with blank catridges but during
their absence reloaded them with
ball catridges. He then drew up
Special Maater'a Sala.
tTtuler and by vlrt"i: of a certain
judgment and decree of foreclosure and
ortler of sale of the District Court of
the Third Judical District of the Ter
ritory of Mew Mexico, within and for
the Con n tr of Socorro, entered on the
4th day of December, A. D. 1906, in a
certain cause then pending; in aaid
Court, being Civil case No. 5143,
wherein ' Thomas F. -Cooney and
Michael iCooncy, as plain tills, obtain
ed a judgment and decree of fore
closure against Charles F. Jilacking-
ton and Khoda M. Itlackiiigtou, two
of , the defendants in said cause, in the
sum of tour thounaitd six hundred and
firty three dollars, with interest there
on from said date of judgement at
(t per cent, per annum and the costs of
suit amounting to ten and oÜ-100 dol
lars and accruing costs and expenses
of making sale of the property de
scriled in said decree (making a total
of four thousand seven hundred and
sixty-two and 4M00 dollars to date of
sale, not including expenses of said
sale) and in which decree I was by
said Court appointed Special Master
to make sale of the property mention
ed and described in said decree, in the
event; of said defendants making de
fault in the payment of the aforesaid
judgment within ninety days after
the name was entered, now, therefore;
Whereas default has been made by
said defendants in the payment of
said judgment, although more than
ninety days have elapsed since the
entering of the name; I, the under
signed Special Master, hereby give
notice that I will on the 17th day of
April, A. I). lo7, between the hours
of ten o'clock a. m. and two o'clock p.
n. of said date, at the north door of
cm nt v court house, in the City
and L'i u.ity of Socorro, Territory of
Mow ; f. xico, offer forsale.and will sell
at. public vendue tothe highest and best
bidücr lur cash. all (or so much thereot
as may tie necessary to satisfy the
aforesaid sums) of the following: de
scribed property situated in the Coun
ty of , Socorro and Territory of New
Mexico and more particularly describ
ed as follows:
The southwest quarter (S. W. )
northeast quarter (X. E. 1-4) section
twenty (20) and the northeast quarter
1-4) southwest quarter (f. w
1-4) section twenty-t .vo (22) township
three (,q south of rans'e three east, Is
M. P. M. when surveyed.
Dougherty A Griffith, Socorro, New
Mexico, attorneys for plaintiffs.
A. A. SKDir.l.o,
Special Master
3:00 a m; Passenger 3:00 a m
10:00 p mi... Fast Freight... j 1:55 a
11:55 a ml... .Local Freight...! 4:05 a m
No. 99 and 100 carryipassenrers b
tween Albuquerque andSan Marcial.
Daily except Sunday.
45 a m j Lv. .Socorro. .Ar 2:10 p at
C. 1J. Rayne, ettítor of the Her-I his men in firing line and care
aid, , Addington,' Indian Terri- fully showed them how to aim
BECAl'SE of the liberality, of
the thirty-seventh legislative as
sembly and for other V i reasons
there is good ground to' believe
that the New Mexico School of
Minea will now enjov a period of
prosperity even greater than
that of the last two or three
years. The assembly's liberality
consisted in an increase of a thous
and dollars a ear in the annual
appropriation and the donation
of a fifteen thousand dollars for
Copper in the Oscuras.
Dr. Fayatte A. Jones, the min- !
ing engineer, returned this morn
ing trom a trip to Lincoln coun
ty, where he went three weeks
ago in company with Dr. J. Odd
Hamilton, of Koswell, to exam
ino mining property lor a com
pany of Koswell and Kentucky
capitalists, says the Albuquerque
Citizen. The prospects are lo
cated in the Oscura mountains
and, the mineral sought is copper.
When asked what he found, Dr.
Jones said that he saw soine pretty
good lookig stuff, and it is very
likely that his report will be favor
able. If such is the case develop
ment will be begun on the prop
erty immediately. This Koswell
Kentucky company has interests
in ( Irant county also.
Disorders of the stomach pro
duce a nervous condition and
often prevent sleep. Chamber-,
Iain's Stomach and Liver Tablets,
. i stimulate the digestive organs.
lory, "Jut thanks to Chamber
lain's I'ait lialm am able once
more to. attend to business. It
is '? the best of liniments.' If
troubled ' with rheumatism give
Pain Halm a trial and vou are
certain to be more than pleased
With the prompt relief which it
anorus.! (me application re
lieves the iain. For sale bv all
druggists. .
Douglas Jerrold. .
With his father managing two
theaters and his mother and two
sisters "treading the boards,
it is scarcely surprising to learn
that Jerrold commenced lite as
an nctor. But the nimble, crack'
ling, original wit for which
Jerrold became so ramous soon
began to assert itself. At fifteen
years of age he was contributing
sonnets, epigrams and songs to
the' magazines, wlnte ere lie was
twenty he had written numerous
pieces for the stage. His dramas,
both comic and serious, were
characterized by a brillancv
which took the town bv storm,
while as a prose writer he proved
himself of a particularly brilliant
and original type.--Pall Mall
A Favorite Remedy for Babies.
Its pleasant taste and prompt
cures have made Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy a favorite with
the 'mothers of small children.
It quickly cures their cough and
prevents any danger of pneu
monia, or otlier serious conse
quences. It not only cures
croup, but when given as soon as
the croup v cough appears will
prevent the attack. For sale by
all druggists.
Human Faced Clock.
A clock with a human face is
the work of a clockmaker in St.
Petersburg. The hands are
pivoted on the nose.. A fnidnight
the'évjjs.; close' and the mouth
yawrjs. , About 2 in the morning
the inoitth emits a gentle snore.
Thiá is doné by mean of a, phoño-
i graph in the interior. '
their rilles straight at his heart.
With the utmost calm he then
ordered, "Fire," and fell with
four bullets through his heart.
Worked Like a Charm.
Mr. I). X. Walker, editor of
that spicy journal, the Enterprise,
Louisa, Va.. savs: "I ran a nail
in mv foot last week and at once
applied liucklen's Arnica Salve
No inflammation followed; the
salve simply healed the wound.
Heals every sore, burn and skin
disease. Guaranteed at Socorro
Drug cv Supply Co.
Na Coat For Nineteen Years.
During thejouney from Victoria
falls to Kimberley a big, sun
browned man lxiarded the Zam
bezi express minus his coat,
with his shirt sleeves rolled up
He took a seat at dinner, and the
chief steward remarked to him
that as there were ladies present
perhaps he would have no ob
jection to putting on bis coat
"Great Scott," the man replied
I haven t worn a coat for nine
teen years. You will have to wait
my friend, until I can buy one at
Kimberley." South African
Dkpa htm kxt ov thk Intkmok,
Land Office at Las Cruces, N. M.,
March 11, 1907
Notice is hereby civen that Ole M.
Sakaraison of Magdalena, N. M., has
tiled notice of his intention to make
final five year proof in support of his
claim, viz: Homestead fntry iNo.
3578 made October 15, 1901 for the W'i
KWJÍ V. SW'i Section 14, Town
ship 5 S, KaiiL'e 5 V. and that said
proof will lie made before Probate Ulerk
Socorro County at Socorro, N. M., on
May H, 1907,
He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon
and cultivation ot. the land, viz:
J. S. Mactavish. J. R. Phillips of
MuL'ilalciia, N. M., Abel Alderete of
Kelly, N. M., David Farr of Magda
lena, N. a.
Et OKxK Van Pattkn,
t." jACltMMt . . j J
''fAÍR3AN:'t j 1
N ' " .. fla.
Sin Antonio, H. I.
Selling agents for Jack of all
Trades engines, all sizes, for So
Prices and terms on applica
Boots, Shoes, Harness
and Saddles
rt'stnri tlii 4v.tm tí n linltbv
the erection of a students' roriní- j con(nt;(lll ;,n,i make sleep po'ssible;
torj. The dormitory wilL.lill a , ,,ir sl1c u ,,,, llrujrf8,Si
longfelt want. It will make it .
nossible for students to attend '" ' Pasto.
the institution ata cost far lie- , ' A recipe for paste that never i Camel Not a Bwiminer.
low the lowest cost possible un-j dries or sours is to add one tea-' The camel cannot; swjin. The
der present conditions, and those j spoonful of powdered alum and moment it loses its footing in a
familiar with the history of the j ten drops of oil of cloves to a stream, it turns on it s side, and
School of Mines do not hesitate pint of very smooth thick Hour makes no effort to save itself
to say that this fact alone will paste. 1 from drowning.
Found At Last.
J. A. Harmon, of Lizetnore,
West Va.; says: "At last I have
found the perfect pill that never
disappoints me; and for the
benefit of others afllicted with
torpid liver and chronic, const ipat
tion. will say: take Dr; King's
New Life Pills." Guaranteed
satisfactory., , 25c.. at Socorro
Drug (St Supply Co.
Percy Byashe Shelley.
While it is as a poet that Shel
ley will always be remembered,
the fact must not be overlooked
that he had a passion forreforin
ing the world, before all things.
He wrote many valuable essays
and pamplets on ípuestions of. the
day some time before he astound
ed the world with his' brUlianey'
as a poet. Of his' lyric worl' t
has been said that it "presents'a
sum total of Iií'kÍi creiitiveness,
profound thought and transcend
ent music such as cannot Imj
found elsewhere in Knglish
literature." - Pearton's Weekly.
An assortment of fancy sta
tionery at the Chieftain ofhee.
Dktaktmknt ok thk Intkkiok,
Land Office at Santa l-, N. M..
March 2b, 1907
Xotice is hereby given that Juan
Moutoya y Castillo ot Magdalena, JN
M.. lias tiled notice of his intention to
make tinal rive vear oroof in suooort
of bis claim, viz: Homestead Entry
No. i744 made Dec. 2H, 1901, for the
S'á NW'Í and N'á SW! Section 2
Township 1 N., Range ( W, and that
said proof will be made betore h,. tl.
Sweet, Probate Clerk, at Socorro, N.
M..OH May 8, 1907.
He names the following witnesses
to prove his continuous residence
upon, and cultivation of, the land, viz:
Celso Lopez, Jose Chavez y Baca,
Jose M. Jarainillo, Martiniano Chavez
y Baca, all of Magdalena, N. M.
Manuel R. Otero.
Depahtmbnt ok the Intehioh,
Land Office at Santa Fe, N. M.,
March 26, 1907.
Notice is hereby given that Marti
niano Chavez y Castillo of Magdalena,
'a. M., has tiled notice of his intention
lo make tinal rive-year proof in support
of hi.i ciai.a, viz:
Hu.inst ;ul Entry No 6745, made
Dec. 26, 1V01. for the SWtf. Sec
tion 14, Township 1 N, Range 6 W, and
that said proof will be made before
E. II. Sweet, Probate Clerk, .-ocrro
county, at Socorro, N. M., on May 8,
He names the following witnesses
to prove his continuous residence upon,
and cultivation of, the land, viz: Cel
tio Lopez, Jose Chavez y Baca, Jose
M. Jaramillo, Martiniano Chavez y
Baca, all of Magdalena, N. M.
Manuk', R. Otero,
Notice of Forfeiture.
To J. A. Lawrence: You are hereby
notified that the undersigned has ex
pended for labor and improvements
for the year ending December 31, 1906,
one hundred dollars on the White
Clay mining claim, a copy of the loca
tion notice of which is recorded in
Book 50, at page 97, in the Recorder's
office of Socorro county at Socorro,
New Mexico. Said White Clay min
ing claim is located , in the Cooney
mining district, Socorro county, New
Mexico. , i
.And" you are further notified that if
.u't the expiration of ninety days after
VAm'an; 'served with this notice in
nfliVj tail, or refuse to contribute your
Krt;oil of said expenditures, youi" in
terest in ', said , White Clay mining
claim will become the property- of the
CJ ko. W. Rowk,
(llenwood, Socorro County, N. Mex.
Oats, oats, oats for sale at
Geo. K. Cook's livery stable.
Two Good milch cows wanted.
K. L. Kisenhart. Phone 24.
LODGE, No. , A
V A.'M.i-Rer
lar communica
lions, secqnd mm
fourth Tuesdaj
of each . month
Visiting brethern cordially invited.
Uno. E. Cook, W. M.
C. G. Duncan, Secretary.
Regular convocations first and third
Tuesdays of each month. t!
W. M. Borrowdale, E.'H. P.
C. G. Duncan, Secretary.
B CA jJ Ik.
'i&'.Wtesr- I F.aitm Star..
Üjrt j"' At Masonic HaVJ
7v-JX- Mondya af
each month.
Mr8. Anna K. Baown.W. M.
John E. Griffith, Secretary.
LODGE, No. 3, K.
meeting every Wed'
nesday evening at
8 o'clock at Castle
hull. Visiting knights given a cordis!
welcome. J. A. Smii.KV, C. C
S. C. Meek, K. of R. and f.
2. Regular meetings firat M
third Thursdays of each month.
Mrs. R. W. Lewis, ,
Mrs. Emma. Abeyta, M. K. C.
M. of R. and C.
Abran Torres
Packages Dkuvkrkd
Phomptly -
i.kavk okdkks at .,
C. A. Baca's Barber Shop.
NOTICK U hurt-liv niveii lliat all (illcll
fur iHTitiliH in irrai.- cauln, hurim Vb4 skM
iihin th MAlillAT.KNA ud 8 AV. MATfcO
KOKKST KKSKKVES duriu th'Mus !
mil niuxt lie lill In my oftice hi HiiiJiImi, h.
M .hi nrlH-fiire April I. 17. 'uí (otor.
lion in regard to llir trranr ' chr4,
and blank forms m lw ul 1 mslnlri sllt
liiiii, will Iw funilkhwl MM'M ril. J. .
IIatton, Actinir HUHTVlltir.
Studehaker wagón!
famous Studebaker warB'.
Apply to Geo. E. Cook.

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