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Sljc Socorro (íljicftoin.
K. A. DRAKE Editor.
Entered at Socorro Postofliee as second
clan mail matter.
(Strictly In advance.)
One year. . .
12 00
Six month.
1 00
Dkmocratic sentiment in the
territory is strongly in favor of
aain setting Mr. Larrazolo up
to Ik: bowled over. Strange as
it tnav seem, Mr. Larrazolo is
So the democrats are going to
have a five months' campaign,
eh? What a waste of time!
Why, it won't take them the
half of five months to spoil all
chances they now fondly believe
thev have of winning.
If Delegate Andrews is renom
inated his record as delegate in
congress has Wen such that he
should receive and will receive
the loyal support of every rea'
republican newspaper in New
Mexico. Whether he is to be
renominated or not remains for
a republican convention to deter
mine. Thk fact that work was begun
on the electric light and power
plant the first of the week signi
fies that the plant will be in
operation by the middle of June.
Kverybody is convinced that it
would be difficult to suggest an
improvement of greater import
ance to Socorro at the present
In the plain between the So
corro and the Magdalena ranges
land for homes for ten thousand
people is awaiting the plow and
the harrow. If that entire plain
should be put under a high state
of cultivation within the next
score of years, that would not be
a greater miracle than some that
are wrought every day.
Thk democratic central com
mittee at their session in Santa
Ke last week placed New Mexico
democracy squarely on record for
Mr. Iiryan. The committee did
well. Hut Mr. IJryan will need
the votes of the New Mexico del
egation to nominate him and he
will need many a hundred thou
sand more votes than he will get
to elect him.
I'komisknt democrats of New
Mexico are already expressing
grave concern, if not anxiety,
over the probable result of Gov
ernor Curry's exercise of his well
known skill in the political bat
tle soon to open. Nobody knows
better than the governor's form
er political associates do that
fear of his consummate political
strategy is always in order from
his opponents.
Socokko has suffered much
from fire and flood and earth
quake, but for the last twenty
years there has not been a time
when her business men were as
confident as they now' are that
the (Jem City's fortunes are
changing for the' better. Socor
ro has improved greatly in the
last few months and stillgreater
improvements are now in pro
gress and prospect.
Thk oil trust must be disgorg
ing a trifle of its ill-gotten gains
in an effort to make it appear
that it is not so black as it is
painted. Somebody lias discov
ered that the infamous concern
once refrained from devouring
the substance of a competitor,
and that fact is heralded as an
overwhelming evidence that the
trust is. after all, a benificent
institution. Of course nothing
is said of the thousands ot , com
petitor that the trust has ruin
ed with as little compunction as
a shark shows in gulping down
its prey.
Since that meeting of their
central committee in Santa Fe
last week the democrats of the
territory are again dreaming
dreams and seeing visions.
They have already carried New
Mexico for democracy though
election dav is still six months in
the future. That is the usual
democratic way. But after elec
tion is over and the votes are
counted our friends the enemy
will be awakened from their
trance to a realization of the
fact that New Mexico is still
safely and soundly republican.
Then will be heard the oft-repeated
outcry concerning fraud
and corruption, for that, too, is
the usual democratic way. All
this is but history, and history
repeats itself.
Socokko can well afford to be
amused at the monkey and par
rot time some of her neighbors
recently had over the matter of a
city election. Albuquerque,
Santa Fe, Las Vegas, and some
of the rest of them had a merry
row on their hands and there
were charges and counter char
ges enough of a certain sort to
indicate that the government of
those cities has not been just
what it ought to have been. So
corro had no trouble of that
sort at her election last week.
Under the administration of
Mayor Hursum and the present
city council Socorro's city gov
ernment for the last two years
could hardly be improved upon.
There have been a few trifling
complaints, to be sure, as there
would be under any circum
stances whatever, but the city's
finances have been well manag
ed, many public improvements
have been made, and there has
been such general satisfaction
with the conduct of affairs that
even the democrats gave the re
publican ticket last week the en
dorsement of not putting out a
ticket against it. Socorro is in
condition to view the political
troubles of her neighbors with
perfect complacency.
Death Was on His Heels.
Jesse P. Morris, of Skippers,
Va., had a close call in the spring
of V)0(. He says: "An attack
of pneumonia left me so weak
and with such a fearful cough
that my friends declared con
sumption had me, and death was
on my heels. Then I was per
suaded to trv Dr. King's New
Discovery. It helped me imme
diately, and after taking two
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New Discovery is the best reme
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Kind Deed.
At a meeting of a band of
Merer class in a small town near
Denver each child relates the
kind deed he or she has recently
done. One day the teacher ask
ed little Kmily to relate the kind
deed she had done. She quickly
rose and said:
"I took o IT a tin can tied to a
little dog's tail."
The teacher asked: "Did you
know who tied it on?"
"Yes," replied Kmily, with
hesitation. "I didn't know any
kind deed to report, so I tied it
on so that I could take it off."
He Oot What He Needed.
"Nine years ago it looked as
if my time had come," says Mr.
C. Farthing, of Mill Crrk, Ind.
Ter. "I wis so run down that
life hung on a very slender
thread it was then my druggist
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sale. Apply to F. Fischer. So
corro, N. M.
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Geo. K.Cook's livery stable.
Cores "Woman" Weaknesses.
We refer to that boon to weak, nervous,
suffering women known a Dr. l'lerce'i
Favorite rrescrlptlon. .
Ir. John i'jtn one of the Editorial Staff
of Tnc Eclectic Mudical Kkvirw nays
of Unicorn root UeUmUui lHileii) which
la one of the chief Ingredient of the Fa
vorite Prescription :
A rrmftdr which Invariably acts a a uter
ine Invlgorator nial for normal ac
tivity of the entire tvtndurtlve aytti-m."
lie continue "In llelonlaa we have a nnill. a
tnent which more fully answer the altura
liumoM tlxtn any olhrr -Irua vilh vhich an
oroiuioiovl In tti treatment of dlwaws pe
culiar to women It I W'ltlom that a raw la
wn which duns not prewnt some Indication
for thl remedial wcnL" Dr. Kyfa further
aya: "The following are amona the leading
Indications for iielonlai (Unicorn root). I'aln
or tachín In the bark, with leurorfho i
atonte (weak) condltW.flxof the reproductive
organ ot Alomen, mentí, drprewlon and Ir
ritability. aWs-lated wltl)clironlc dlaeaws of
lb reprodil live (trian of women; conn ant
enaattun Jl heat In the reflon ot the kid
naya: oienrrtiaa-ls (flooding), due to a weak
ened conitW-n ofthe reproductive aystem;
amenoyTi(X avyreed ur absent monthly
perlod.áV.irTívTronri or accompanying an
abnoamjll condition of the digestive organ
and kpmc I thin blood) habit) dragging
eenMon to the extreme lower part of tbe
J( more or tc of th ahove symptoms
iff' tT''lu. no In v. -11111 Jiiinua ran .hi
Better "Uitui ttko Dr. Pierce a "Favorit'7
l'rt-rriptlnftrlifl b IHB icaumg ItigrtUi
enUol wniiM Is Unicorn mot, or Lieiouias,
and the medical properties of which It
Most faithfully represent.
Of Oolileu Seal root, another prominent
Ingredient of "Favorite Prescription,"
Prof. Flnloy Elllngwood, M. I)., of Iti-n-Dett
Modlcal College, Chicago, says:
"It la an Important remedy In disorder of
the womb. In all catarrhal condition
and general enfeelilement. It In useful."
Prof. John M. Scndilcr, M. 1)., late of
Cincinnati, aya of (Joltlcn Heal root :
"In relation to Its -encral effect on the,
ayatem, thrre ' no mrittrUir tri um alxnit v hli h
thert U Kirh uvn'rnl unanimff of oftntim. It
Ik unlcerwitli regarded as the tonic useful In
all debilitated tit ates."
Prof. It. It-irtholow, M. I., of Jefferson
Medical College, says of (lolden Seal :
"Valuable In uterine hemorrhage, menor
rhagla (flillng) anil congestive djMiicnor-rliu-a
(painful nienatruatlon)."
)r. Pierce 'a Favorite. Prescription faith
fully represent all the above named I n
S milenta and cures the diseases tor which
iiuT are recomtnuudod,
It Bid the Bueineaa.
During the equestrian per
formance a number of ladies in
the front stood up, thus obstruct
ing the view of those persons
who were seated. In vain were
they collectively requested to sit
down, till at last a happy
thought occurred to one of the
sufferers. He called out, in
measured tones: "Will the pret
ty lady in front kindly sit down,"
whereupon about 50 old women
briskly seated themselves.
A Twenty Tear Sentence.
"I have just completed a twen
ty year health sentence, imposed
by Bucklen's Arnica Salve,
which cured me of bleeding piles
just twenty years ago," writes
O. S. Woolever, of LeKaysville,
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are a alga of serious km lie com
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ache. Doctora failed to relieve
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now entirely cured.''
At All Druggists
stating ase and describing- aym
toma, to l.adiei Advisory Vrpl.,
The Chattanooga Medicine Co.,
Chattanooga. Tenn. B If
I Section 1. There la hereby given
ami granted to the Socorro Electric
Company, a corporation organised
under the laws of the Territory of
New Mexico, the right, privilege and
franchise to conatruct. maintain and
operate a power plant within aalil
City; to furninh and sell electrlo light
and power to said city and the Inhab
itants thereof; to use the streets,
avenue, alley and public grounds
of the nald city of Socorro, Including
any territory that may hereafter be
annexed to aald city, for the erec
tion of pole, ponte and tower, pipes
ami conduit, stretching, running and
suspending wires for the purpose
of tranmltttng electric and other
power to supply said City and the In
bltant thereof with light and power,
and also for the purpose of transmitting-
said power beyond the corporate
limit of said City for une of persons
Twilling outside the corporate limits
of snld City or for any other pur
pose, subject to the terms ami condi
tion hereinafter mentioned.
Section 2. The franchise hereby
granted shall authorise the Socorro
Klectric Company, hereafter atylej
"The Company," to build, equip and
nuilittiiin all necc-seary buildings,
structure. machinery, appliances
ami appurtenances within said City,
for producing, transmitting, selling
and supplying electric light and
power; to mike all necessary ex
cnvii lions In the streets, avenues, al
ley nnd public grounds of said City
fur pipe, conduits, polen, posts, tow
er or other appliances- necessary for
the enjoyment of said franchise;
provided, however, that the rights
nnd privileges hereby granted shall
not be exercised or enjoyed so as to
occisión public or private damage or
Section 3. The poles, posts, wires
and other fixtures ahall be so erect
ed, placed, constructed and managed
as not to Interfere with any water
pipe or hydrant, or with the poles,
wire or other structures of any tele
phone or telrgraph linea now erect
ed and used along the streets or av
enues of said City, nor with any treee
within the streets, avenues, alley,
park or other public grounds of
ml. i City. Nor with any drains, side
walk, sewers or street crossings. The
trmyor or other proper officers of said
City may delgnate the places where
aid pole, posts or towers are to
In- coii:ructed, and upon failure to
do ho, the said Company shall place
and erect the same as near the outer
edge of 'the sidewalks of all streets
and avenues as practicable so as to
cause the least possible Interference
with the postage of persons and ve
hicles. And all such poles, posts, tow
er, pipes, conduits end other struc
tures In said streets, avenues or oth
er public grounds shall be subject at
any time to regulations by the City
Council, and under the direction and
control of the same.
Section 4. The Company ahall In
stall and maintain such transform
er, fuses. Insulation and other appli
ance on or along all wires placed
or suspended by It on shall safe
guard against, or minimise the dan
ger to persons and property from
electric current; but said Company
shall not be required to maintain any
c . ppllances or to take any fur
ther precautions than are customari
ly maintained and taken by well
managed electric light and power
Section 5. The City of Socorro will
furnish said Company with water
from the city mains for use In the
boilers at Its power plant, but for
no other purpose, for the period of
one year after aald plant Is Installed
and in operation, free of charge; and
thereafter, no long as said operations
Khali continue under this franchise,
nt the rate of eight cents per thous
and gallons; all meters, pipes and
connections with the city mains to be
furnished and put In by and at the
expense of the Company.
Section 6. In consideration of the
rights, privileges and franchise here
by granted, the Company shall furn
ish to the City, free of charge, for
the purpose of lighting the streets.
avenues, parks and other public
grounds of said City, during the life
of this franchise, electric current for
one 1000 candle power arc light and
twenty 40 candle power Incande
scent lights, moon light schedule.
The Company shall also furnish
said City electric current for such
addltlonul lights or other purposes
us may be authorized by the city
council nt not more than the max
imum scale of rates hereinafter pro
The company shall furnish elec
tric current for lights, power and
other purposes at not a greater
charge than the maximum scale of
rnte. to-wit: for current used on
any premises and measured by one
meter, using per month
Lews' than 6 K. Ws. 25c per K. W.
From 5 to 10 K. Ws. 22 He per
K. W.
From 10 to IS K. Ws. 20e per
K. W.
From IS to 20 K. Ws. 18c per
K. W.
From 20 to 25 K. Ws. It Vie per
K. W,
From 25 to 30 K. Ws. 15c per
K. W.
From 30 to 40 K. Ws. He per
K. W.
From 40 to 50 K. Ws. 2Vo per
K. W.
From 60 to 60 K. Ws. lto per
K. W.
From 0 to 75 K. Ws. 10c per
K. W.
From 75 to 90 K. Ws. so per
K. W.
From 90 to 125 K. Ws. 8 He per
iv. w.
From 125 to ISO K. Ws. c per
K. W.
From 150 to 175 K. Ws. 7Vic per
K. W.
From 175 to 200 K. Ws. 7c per
K. W.
From 200 to 260 K. Ws. fVic psr
K. W.
I From 250 to 300 K. Ws. and over,
6c per K. W.
and 2 cents additional per K. W. If
bill to customer for such current
for eny one month shall not be paid
on or before ths tenth day of the
in xt succeeding month. ,
Whenever the Company's gross
receipts, derived from the furnishing
of electrlo current to customers for
any and all purposes ehall exceed
110,000.00 per annum, said maxi
mum scale of rates shall be changed
as follows:
Lena than 5 K. W. 20o per K. W.
From I to 10 K. Ws. 18c per
K. W.
From 10 to 20 K. Ws. It He per
K. W.
From 20 to 80 K. Ws. 15c per
K. W.
Other rates of said scale to re
main unchanged, and t cents addi
tional per K. W. and bill Is not paid
befcre the tenth of the next succeed
ing month, as above provided.
At the expiration of each ten year
period, during the life of this fran
chise, the maximum schedule of
rates, that may be charged by the
Company, ahall be changed and es
tablished In conformity to the fol
lowing provisions:
For the purpose of determining
the maximum scale of ratea to be
charged during the second ten yenr
period, the Company, during the
fifth year, of this franchise shall
make cards of Its load at the power
house one day each week through
out the year, taking each day of the
week In succession; and from said
rsrds, the total wattage for the en
tire year shall be computed: the to
tal expenses of operation for said
year. Including taxes and ten per
cent on actual value of plant for
depreciation, shall be divided by the
total wattage, to determine the cost
of production per K. W. at the pow
er plant for nald year.
The cost of production per K. W.
for the tenth year hall be deter
mined In the same manner.
'And the maximum schedule of
rates for the second ten year period
shall bear the same ratio to the
schedule of rates In force during the
fifth year as the cost per K. W. for
nld tenth year bears to the cost for
said fifth year.
The maximum scale of rates for
the third ten year period shall bear
the same ratio to the schedule of
rates In force during the fifteenth
year as the cost per K. W. for the
twentieth year bears to the cost of
said fifteenth year, to be ascertain
ed as above provided. And similar
methods shall be used In fixing the
schedule of rates for the fourth and
fifth ten year periods.
The mayor and city council, or
any member or agent thereof, shall
have the right to examine all bills,
vouchers, bonks and accounts of the
Compnny for and during the years
In which the cost of production per
K. W. Is determined, as above pro
vided, end to be present at the mak
ing of the cards of the load, to In
spect and read the Instruments from
which said cards are made and to
require from the Company such
other Information and evidence as
will enable the city council to en
force a compliance with the above
Section 7. Th Company shall
have the right to Install on the
premises of each customer within
the city a meter; to charge therefor
a rental not exceeding fifteen cents
per month; to inspect and adjust
said meter In the day time as often
as Is deemed necessary; to deter
mine therefrom the monthly con
sumption of current; and to require
each customer to make a deposit
with It, equal to the actual cost of
said meter, as security therefor and
for the payment of the monthly bills
of aald Company to said customer .
Said Company shall have the right
to discontinue its service .to any cus
tomer who ahall fall to pay his
monthly bills within such time as
may be prescribed, or who shall fall
to conform to any reasonable rulee
or regulations prescribed by the
Section 8. The Company shall at
all times, during the life of this
franchise, aave the city harmless
against any and alt damages, which
may be caused In the construction,
maintenance or operation ot said
plant and its said linea for the trans
mission of power; and shall, at lta
own expense, defend all actions that
may be brought against the city for
damages alleged to have been caused
by such construction, maintenance
or operation.
Section 9. In consideration of the
granting of this franchise the Com
pany ahall permit, and the city
hereby reserves the right, at any
time, to attach to aald poles, posts
or towers fire alarm and police wires
and fire alarm boxes; the same to
be done at the expense of the city
but under the direction and super
vision of aald Company.
Section 10. The rights. privi
leges and franchise hereby granted,
are granted to the Socorro Electric
Company for the period of fifty
years from the date of their accept
ance by said Company, but may be
terminated at any time within such
period by the wilful violation by
aald Company of the terms and con
ditions of this franchise or by Its
wilful failure to maintain and op
erate aald plant for the period of
three months; but not for any ces
sation of operations caused by Are,
breakdown or other unavoidable
accidents, when the Company ahall,
with reasonable diligence, proceed
to replace, repair and put In opera
tion the said plant and linea.
Section 11. The Company ahall
begin the work of erection and con
struction of Its said plant or lines
within two months i and shall com
plete and put in operation said plant
within six months 'from and after
the date, upon which the rights,
privileges and franchise hereby
granted ahall be accepted by said
Company, and upon failure of the
Company either to commence aald
work or to complete aald plant
within the tlmea above limited, all
the said rights, privileges and fran
chise shall forthwith cease and de
termine. Section 12. Upon the termination
of aald rights, privileges and fran
chise In the msnner provided In
sections 10 and 11, of this ordinance,
the Company ahall have the right to
sell, dispose of or remove all posts,
poles, wires, towers and other fix
tures and applVances owned and
1 placed by it In any of the streets,
avenues, alleys or public grounds of
said city within two months from
and after the termination of sold
rights, privileges and franchise. And
upon the failure of the Company to
avail Itself of this right within two
months, the city may take down
and remove all such posts, poles,
wires, towers and other fixtures and
appliances, nnd ell the same at
public auction, and after paying all
costs of taking down and removal
and of sale, to piy over the balance
of the proceeds of said sale. If any,
to the Company, Jts successors or
assigns, upon reasonable request.
Section 13. The Company shall
supply and sell to Its customers,
within the city of Socorro, common
Incandescent lamps, wires and other
appliances, commonly and ordinar
ily . ed In lighting residences, with
tlcctrlclly, and may Install the same
at prices not more than twenty per
cent above the actual cost of such
lamps, ' wlr?s, appliances snd Instal
lation: but this restriction shall not
apply to any arc lamp, or lamps, of
an unusual else or character, or
necessary appliances or material
therefor or for any electric appli
ance or apparatus designed for any
purpose except lighting, and which
may be furn shed and sold by said
Section 14. The Company ahull
tiot. during the life of this franchise.
Increase the amount of Its capital
stock, either common or preferred,
unless such additional stock It fuHv
pnld for, at Its par value In mon"y
or In property, or un1e such add'
tlonal stock represents Increase 1
or additional value of the actual
plant an 1 assets of the Company,
excluding franchises, over nnd ihov
the present capltal'xatlon of Thirty
Thousand Ilollnrs.
Section 15. This ordinance shill
go Into effect upon the dae of the
flllng by the Comptnv 'n i'ie rfl-e
-t the City Clerk of a-' uncondition
al acceptance In ' tvr'tln of said
rights, pr 'visires inl ' n-bt-- n 1
or all to term ml i nn lltlnn a'.ove
Wpr. 'f)er.
p.,.,' ... .'.p r-'v i-vm-n of the
City of Foen-ri. this 16th day of
March. A. I). l"ns.
(Seal) II. O. HURSIIM.
Tty Newcomb.
CORRO: Section 1. It shall be unlawful for
any pets n to dam-iK- or in any way
Interfere with the pules, posts, tow
ers, wires or other flxtuies or appli
ances, or any pipe or conduits
now. In, upon or over, or which may
hereafter be placed In, upon or over
any of the streets, avenues alleys
or other public grounds of the city
of Socorro, used or Intended to be
used for the transmission of tele
graph or telephone messages, or any
electric current for light or power,
unless salj person be duly authoris
ed so to do by the mayor or city coun
cil, or by the person or corporation
owning or using such poles, posts,
towers, wires or other fixtures or ap
pliances, pipes or concluí s, now in,
upon or over, or which may here
after be placed In, upon or over any
of the streets, avenues, alleys or oth
ed public grounds of the city of So
corro, used or Intended to be used
for the transmission of telegraph or
telephone messages or any electric
current for light or power.
Any person who shall violate the
provisions of Section 1, of this ordi
nance, shall be punished by a fine of
not less than fifty dollars and not
more than One Hundred Dollars, or
by Imprisonment In the County or
City Jail, for not less than thirty,
nor more than sixty days.
Section 2. Fussed by the City Coun
cil of the City of Socorro, this ltth
day of Mnrch, A. D. 1908.
Ry Newcomb.
Bulbs, Vines, 'Shrubs, Fruit and
Ornamental Trees. Colorado grown.
Beat on earth. Low Price.
Free Catalogue. Agents wanted.'
International Nurseries
'It Ut tremra."
Hot and Cold Baths
Your Patronage Solicited
passed by Congress forbidding railroad
operators working more than nine hours a
day, has creatad demand for about 30 000
more telegraph operators than can now lie
secured. Itallroad companies have rut rail
road wires Into Telegraphy Departments of
Practical Business Colleges.
For booklet, "Why Learn Telegraphy?"
sail or address J no. Draugbon, ITes. at
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