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Tlio medical and surgical diseases
of the eye, oar, nose and throat a
special and, exclusive practice.
Catarrhal diseases of the nose and
throat treated.
. The 8cicntilic application of spec
tacles to the eye receives my atten
tion .
Chickaslia every olLe . Jtonday.
Knmnrn rf I)r tt IV Tin miKiMMm
The ladies of the Christian
church are sorely disappointed in
not receiving the oysters for their
supper tonight. The bivalves are
expected tonight aud tney will
begin serving them tomorrow at
noon, and keep serving until mid
night of tomorrow.
The Eltermans Safe.
Through a letter received today
by Mr Rube Douriand, Mrs Kltcr-
itjud pays (o tell their friends that
she aud Mr Eltennan are alive, al
though "losing nearly evert thing
wo bad," as she expresses it. All
the friends of these people in
Chickasba wilMu' happy to hear
of their safety. -
The First National Dunk of Chick
usha makes its first monthly state
went today, showing total rigour
ces of fc(iS,874 G3, and a line of de
posits of WJJAYl 3:i. For a bauk
that began business two months
ago the showing is all right.
Miss Clara Miller and Mrs. ("has.
Iiose were out "tui horseback this
forenoon scattering show literature
and tooting on a silver cornet. They
allowed de ole man to try the horn,
and while he endeavored to make
the tiling squawk they turned hi 11.
up a la hand organ, "biowed'' in his
car and assisted in every way lliey
could and he finally made it toot to
the admiration of the nigger hod
carriers, the central girl over the
way and the whole oltice force. The
ladies didnt have the right instru
ment for de ole man. lie blows de
base drum, he does.
At the play of Breezy Point, at
the court house tonight Mrs.llamp
tou will sing a solo, Mrs, Iliddle
will give a recitation, and Mr.now
will give big heap of music on his
justly celebrated Pianola.
Killier of the above will be worth
the price, of admission, while the
girls are bent on- doing their dead
level best to make the show worth
all you pay for it and tix bit besides.
If anything could add to the hor
ror of the situation at Galveston it
is the vandalism of the ghouls who
are reported as robbing the dead.
This most shocking incident of ah
in the awful tragedy which ha9
overwhelmed Galveston. . It seems
inconceivable that cumditv or anv
- K v
other dross in human nature could
survive such an appalling oemon
tration of the violence of nature
and weakness of a mau as the stuck
cn Texas lily has experienced.
Bitter fighting does not necess
arily mean personal abuse or nn
savory remarks. Keep your tem
per Work nil night and talk all
day if you find it essential to your
sncccs. It will irritate you and
cause Dyspepsia but you rati find
relief for that in Dr. Caldwell's
Syrnp pepsin wlich is guarant
eed by E. Howard.
. It is after he pels his hiil that
a man realizes whether he lr.it em
ployed a physiciiui or just a plain
The Odd Fellows of Chickasba
wired i')0 to the Galveston gaffer
era today.
Mr J C liohart jumped into 52
years of age today, and bis family
set 'em up to this semi-old man in
a big dinner and lots of good
wishes for a return of many more
such anniversary days. Mr ISohait
has bet n a resident of Chickasba
for six to seven years and has
been a leading factor in shaping
the conrse and upbuilding the
city. A good thinker, and with a
a happy way of expressing his
well matured ideas he is alwajs
listened to with marked attention
at public gatherings, and bis ad
vice, sought on questions of public
interest. While hebas been at the
head of "the Bank of Chickasba.
a'id always among the leaders in
public affairs, ho has also been a
leader and substantial worker in
the Christian church of this city,
jnd to his elicits the church so
ciety is largely indebted for its
temporal aud spiritual welfare of
today, His purse, his influence,
and bis labors have been given to
its welfare uustintingly, and he
with bis co-workers euu feel a just
pride in its welfare aiid good stan
ding at this time.
According to the family book,
it which we have been allowed a
peep, we find that Jacob Cogdell
Bohart was born September Htb,
131S, in Buchanan county, Mis
souri, was married to Miss Martha
Ann dull", November IS, 18CC, and
they have a family of two boys
ai d five girls, all grown and hap
pily married except the two youn
gest girls, who are yet at Lome.
Mr Bohart has had several occu
pations, having been a fanner, a
pedagogue, a merchant, an ''ancel
of commerce," and a banker. The
Express, with many friends, wi I
join the family in wishing the gen
tiemaii many returns of this aimi
versary. Dr. Walter Penquite.
Specialist in diseases of theFye
Far, Nose and Throat. With my
new and Improved method of
treating ehrouic trachoma (granu
lated lids) cures result in from 10
days to 2 weeks, which formerly
required months and years. Treat
mentis painless no burning or
cauterizing, or scarifying; no con
tracting or shaving of lids as re
sult of treatment. I am thorough
ly equipped to perform all surg
ical operations; cataract, strabis
mus (cross eyes) end all other
operations performed. Myopia,
II,vitr.iietropia, Presbyopia, As
tigmatism and all other aueomal
ies of reflection corrected by
glasses uceonitely fitted. Oftice at
residence, corner Washita and
Iowa streets, opposite Christian
chnrch. Oilice hours, 'J to I'J a m
and 2 to 3 p m. Phone No. l'2'2.
The Steam laundry is fast get
tin; in shape to do Imsiuets.
The Myosolis Baud, which
means the Ladies Brass Band of
Chickasba, will give their first en
tertainment tonight at the eotut
house. We bad a peep at the stage
this morning, and it is a beauty.
They do say that the electric
lights at the Gypsey euterlaiumt nt
was the Lot stall' and was furnish
ed free by the irrepressible Tom
Irving, the electric light man.
DiedLittle Virgie Gillnrd, son
of Mr and Mrs Gillard, at t p m,
the 12th inst, aged 17 mouths.
Just arrived ear IIuuter'3 cream
dour at V. W. Homo's.
lust arrived car Hunter's cream
Hour at w. W. Home's.
Don't Sling rnud.
Do not lose your head. Talk
politic i but don't get mad. Then
go to E. Howard drug store ana
get a trial bottle of Dr. Cald wells
Syrup pepsin.
Have you tried that Big K flmr
at E V Ilollingsworlh's.
Don't lorget the Big
Cash Store when you
want Boots, Shoes
and clothing The lar
crest stock in Chicka
slia to choose from.
J. G-. Mays.
No. eji
At Close of Business. September 5, 1900.
Loans unl Discounts fc!9.250.F0
Overdrafts, secured and unsecured. 2.U00.01
V. S, UondN lo secure circulation. . 6 300 00
Premiums on U. S. liomis., W.75
Hankinbousc, furniture & fixture l,M4 40
Due from National Hunks (not rc- 4
serve Agents) 5,341.70
Oue from State ISanki aud Bankers. 7tS9.57
Uue from approved reserve agents.. 9,41 1.01
Internal Revenue stamps 18131
Checks and other cash items ... 1W.85
Notes of other National Hunks 1.57.V0O
Fractional paper currency, nickels
aud cents 45 13
LAwri i. Miinkv Keskuve in Bask, viz:
I.eyul-teuder notes.. ;.IWUUf
TOT A I .'...W.S74.05
Capital stock paid in t:S,).U0
I'nillvlilcdproHU. less expenses and
taxes paid.. 142.55
Our to Ktate Banks and Hankers. 3.1HI 77
Individual dcpdslls subject to check 30,563 33
Demand cerliticaUis of do iwsit "0 00
Time certitlcates of deposit 00
Certified checks .V.... 235.00
Tot A I frl,874.65
C"l'TVuH'liKH I
I. 11, 11. Juhnson, Casn'erof the above-
I amed hank, do solemnly swear that the above
statement is true to the best of my knowledge
and belief. 11. U. JOHNSON,
Subscribed and sworn to before
litr a x met bib 131 h day of September, IWiO.
l2-J D. 1. 8AYBK.
-sqs Notary Public.
C'oiiMK r-Attest:
Webb Hi'ntlrii, 1
K, K. Wootien. Jr., J. Director".
K. llund.
, The mass meeting to solicit
funds and clothing for the suffer
ers at Galveston was called to or
der by maj or ScoflVrn, who was
made chairman, and A B Snow as
Kevs Cameron, Compere, and
Leonard, and Messrs B 1' Smith,
II B Johnson, and J C Bohart
were appointed a committee to so
licit money and clothicg.
A message from superintendent
Hovey Raid that a fast train from
Chicago with 12 cars would pass
Chickaslia at 5:10 tomorrow, and
if the citizens desired to load a
car this train would take it. Mr
Kiinmcrly said he would have men
to recene anything np to train
time. The meeting adjourned and
the committees went to work.
For Sale 5 wagons, G Bets of
work harness, 1 Ki-hand males. 2
choice work horses, 30 work
horns aud cow ponies, enquire
Bank of Chickasba.
Some of the men who swiar to
newspaper circulation seem to
have got jobsprodicting President
ial majorities.
Sporting gfxxls at the Fair.
A Powder Mil! Explosion.
Betnoves everything in sight;
so do drastic mineral pills, but
both are mighty dangerous. 2To
need to dynamite j our body when
Dr. King's new life pills do the
work so easily and perfectly.
Cures headache Constipation.
Only L'j cents at Brown & Co,
The laborer earus his bread by
the swe itt of his brow and the
pugaiist by the swat of his blow.
(!o to Simpson when you want
your buggies and carriages repaired,
paintedvor new tops ordered.
The jewelry for a gentleman cor
rectly attired, anxious inquirer, is
none at all.
A ear of Big K flour at E V
No matter how small a woman's
shoe may be it is generally a foot
Keep Cool, If you can't keep
cool, call and get one of our Alaska
Uc.rigeralors. a nice Water Cooler,
aud a Jewel Gasoline Stove.
Gil key Bros.
Quitclaim deeds, mortgages, bills
of sale, scale books for sale at this
olliee. ,
Fresh c nnvaseil hams at McGnug
hy Bros.
R F ScofVern & Co will move
one door west into the Ruther
ford building, next Monday.
Albert Thoinpsou of the Thoc
nix Grocery company favored two
young mou who were working at
the Globe restaurant by allowing
them to use his room, Last night
both of them skipped out and Mr
Thompson isunable to find a new
suit of clothes, a pair of pants and
a K V I a 'ge.
iigs i,
Liila ! !
Columbia (tranit Ingrain, 50c
Model Uniofi Super 35c
Extra Union Super ! 40c
Ilaif Wool Union, . . 45c
Extra Super Cotton Chain 50c
Sherman All' Wool, 50c
Ultra Extra Super, all
' Wool, 1080 Ends, 00c
Drussells Ingrain, 36 in
wide, all Wool, 75c
Medium Tapestry, 8 frame, 55e
X Tapestry, 9 frame with Iku 70c
XX Tapestry, 10 frame, the
very best Tap SOc
Body Brnssells, with liorder
.to match, 1.03
We have some very rich patterns
in these popular carpets, all with
borders to match from $1 to $1725
AXONY Axminsters
I'atterns that are exceptionall gtxxl
and colorings are soft, at.. $1.10
This line represents the Newkst
designs and Coloring, very soft and
Stop and I think, we can sell you a
good joined matting for 14c,others
ask 20c. A cotton chain matting
for 20c. The best grade in straw
chain we w ill soil this week for 32c
and the very best cotton chain, Jap
anese pattern, at 35c. Call and
see our line.
LINOLEUM-Well this Is
Where we shine:
Quality E, 52Jc
Quality 1), 55c
Quality C, 70c
Quality B, gOc
Quality B, plain cork color, . .. 75c
These prices are for the 72 inch
width. 144 in. .(cc's isfc tq. d.
Wanted to "lick the spoon
ludianopolis Ind. Nov. 10 '9'J.
Pepsjn Syrup Co.,
Dear sir: We Lave been keep
ing house for five years and ore
never without Dr. Oaldwells pep
sin Svrun. We find nothing to
equal it for stomach troubles and
my children like as well as candy.
One night recently my wife was
giving a dose to our baby and
Nelda (onr little eirl 4 years old)
cried for some too. Her mamma
told her she didn't need it and
then she said: "Can't I lick the
spoon P It is so pleasant to take
the effects are so good we hate to
be witkout Dr. Caldwell's Syrup
Pepsin. Yours truly,
Lake d. v erthers.
Mgr. Enterprise Hotel.
Sold by E Howard.
Look out for the "Silver Bow."
The map of the Indian Territory
is for sale at the book stand of
D. P. Hawkins post office lobby.
Two Candidates.
for the insaue asylnm saved them
selves from stomach troubles that
drive folks crazy by taking Dr.
Caldwell's Syruy Pepsin. It la
g, urr.uiteed to cure every form of
stomach trouble. Sold by E.
Something "
Buy the Quaker
folding bath cabi
net . with stove,
etc. For sale at
.he Fair, by
Effie Baker,
Infill place a phone in
j our residence aud
. . keep same m re-
pair for
59 per Day.
Phone in place of bus
ness 2.50 per
. mouth.
You won't let them jro to
waist when you see the
great bargain sale on
BJLrniriiDrsr, see a.
Some stores have" goods going to
waist. We have Waists tor vou
at bargains on Saturday;
Tour's for Low Prices. rj
At our new stand opposite the Phoenix Grocery (Jo.
Gartwright & Murray
Successons to O. A. Horn.)
Also Dealers in Cattle, Hogs and Sheep.
We Kill Only-First Class. Cattle.
The People's Meal Market,
J. D. Lindsay, Prop.
We keep all kinds of Fresh Meats, Game and Poultry. AVe kill every
thing we sell, and sell nothing but First Class Meats.
Fish and Oysters Every Thursday.
Give us a Call, Phone 14.
The Express office is prepared to print
Letter Heads, Note Heads,
Bill Heads. Statements,
Envelopes, Cards.
Circulars in typewriter type,
Shipping tags, Dodgers
or any kind of printing needed at short
notice, and at prices to meet any coin-
pction. Phone 13 and we will see you.
The Daily Express only 50c a month.
The Weekly 'Express only SI a year.

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