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The medical and surgical diseases
of the eye, ear, nose and throat a
special and exclusive practice,
Catarrhal diseases of the nose and
throat treated.
The scientific application of spec-
tacles to the eye receives my atten
Chickasha every other Monday,
Enquire of Dr. R. P. Tve. u 0 lnl
nay Hay Hay-Hay Hay
At E V ilollne'sworth bv A W
Bay Hunter's cream Hoar at W.
W. Home's.
f The Bank of Chickasha moved
into tbeir new building last Mon
dy. .. .
The prospector keeps coming
Every train brings in a new in
MARRIED At the home of
fie bride's parents, last night,
September 18th. Mr. Dellis Del
las and Miss Myrtle Keudig, Kev.
Compere officiating.
ine irst .National Bank of
vuiviioua nic luinj ym some
very neat advertising in the shape
or small nicely engraved slips of
paper, being works of art in en
graving and printing. The slips
are 7jx3 inches, bear in j. a por-
- trait and a big lot of "fives'' in
- different portions. The paper
bears the signature of four indi
viduals and the beauty of the
whole advertisement is that the
slip of paper can be used to bay
chuck, Chickasha town lots, beer
or almost any gcod thing. You
need not be told that it is a five
dollar bill, bat there may be a
curiosity to know how the editor
came to have one of them. The
adv is all right and will go in any
community at par value.
The circulation of the Daily Ex
press continues to climb np every
day. The people know and ap-
. preciato a gbod thing when they
see it.
A Sad Accident. .
Last Monday Mr. Henry Kirk
endall, about 18 years old, son of
Mr. Joe Eirkendall, living 12
miles northeast of here, went out
to ride the pasture. As he did
not come home during the day, a
search was made for him and he
was found in an unconsious con
dition from which he never recov
ered and died Tuesday morning
wnemer nis norse fell on mm or
how be met his death is not
kuown. He was worthy and
bright young man of good promise,
ome men give their wives
wraps and some men cve (hem
The purity of the Baking Powder
named "Perfect' is a guarantee
against sallow complexions caused
by indigestion. 12 3m
seeing it believing until yon
look at yourself in one of those
convex mirrors.
We have for a long time desired
lo obtain a strictly Pure' Baking
Powder that we could sell reason
able and have contracted with an
eastern factory for tue genuine
brand named "Perfect ' and will
sell it at 25 instead of 50 per pound
J. A. Wake, Jb.
12 3m. W. W. House.
It is not until they get into
tight squeeze that some men be
come sponges.
The stomach is ia our be6t friend
and the next best is the "Perfect
Baking Powder.Itia chemically pure
and assists digestion. J.A.Ware.Jr
When a man's food doesn't
agree with him he usually makes
things disagreeable for his wife.
By using the Baking Powder
named 'Perfect' you will show ap
preciation of pure food. Always use
the 'Perfect. W.W.Home.
The reception given to llev
Leonard at the Presbyterian church
last night was well attended and
highly enjoyed. It was simply
reception and nothing more. Mrs.
Light, Mrs. Hampton and Mrs
Dawson were the receptors and vis
itors coming in were made "at
home'' in such a charming manner
that it was a mix from beginning
to end. It was nothing but talk,
talk, talk until a goodly hour when
a luncheon of sandwiches; cake and
coffee were served, and that was
enjoyed. The ohurch building was
nicely arranged and scats were in
plenty for all. It was a very
pleasant affair, where every one did
their best to make the other feci that
they were ail akin.
MAIililED At tbehome of
the bride's parents today at 12
o'clock. . Mr. G. W. Mumford and
Miss Onu jQrognn, Bev. Leonard
ofilcialfug. , They will go south
this afternoon for a tour.
, I Mr. W. E. Lowe wife and little
dangltW siio lives at Coshes City
.in., viti.-u luroogn oar ciiy 10
day en roate U" Moui,',r.a-' 7r '
to visit relations and propped,
, J. N. Virden, of Goshen City,
.Ma., passed through our town to
dayand will prospect at Mount
ain View, and other points west
for a few days.
Darly Early, is very sick aud
has been for several days.
i Mrs. CI W Squires, one of Gods
good and true woman who has lived
at Goshen City Mo., for over 46
years passed through our tily to
day emoute lo Mountain View for
a Visit with friends. Win. F Gran
lee of the Chickasha Express lived
neighbors to Mrs Squires for sever
al Jears and learned lo respect her
as an obliging ncigbor, a kind
mother, a true- Christian and a lov
ing, wife under any and all circum
stances. This lady is the mother
of a large family all of whom are
doing well find located near her
oil home in Mo.
Even when an impecunious
lordling is purchased by an Amer
lean heiress her father goes
through the form or giving her
Just arrived car Hunter's cream
flour at W. W. Home's.
Wigg We never get anything
for even the fellow who smokes
a pipe most pay the piper.
Just Arrived car Hunter's cream
flour at w. W. Home's.
Elobbs "Did you indulge in
the weekly dances at the sea
shore?'' Slobbs-"No I think the
seashore hop is a good thing to
Don't iorget the Big
Cash Store when you
want Boots, Shoes
and clothing. Thelar
cest stock in Chicka
sha to choose from.
J. G-. Mays.
For Sale 5 wagons, G sets of
work harness, 4 16-hand mules. 2
choice work horses, 30 work
borfes and cow ponies, enquire
Bauk of Chickasha.
The A O U w has changed meeting
oightc, now meets every Friday
commencing September 28th. Ac
cepted 11 applicants last night
and iniated 2 new members.
Fen ton rue went
jny, . .
to Mangaro
MARRIED, Wilson w Atkins.
At the Methodist parsonage in
Chickasha, on Saturday, Septem
ber 15tb at 2 p. m., Miss Susie Wil
son and Mr. Charles Watkins.
Ilev. Cameras officiating, Only
the immediate -r relatives were pres
ent, The happy couple left on the
north bound train for Okarche to
visit the parents ol the groom, and
where a reception and snpper was
given in their honor. After visit
ing relatives of the bride in Wichita
and other towns they will remain
some time in Wellington, Kansas,
returning to Chickasha in tim) of
the opening of Kiowa and Com
anche country.
The bride, Miss Susie Wilsoa, is
the only daughter of Mrs. Henry
Martin, and step-daughter of Mr.
Martin, the stone and brick con
tracted She has made many
friends in Chickasha since coming
here a year ago. ,.
Possessed of all the characteris
tics and womanly traits which go
towards making "'perfect woman,
nobly plained,' Miss Susie as her
friends loved to call her endeared
herself to all who knew her.
Handsome, good and accomplished,
her husband is indeed to be congrat
ulated in having won a prize.
Mr. Watkins is highly esteemed
by a large circle of friends, lie is
a brick and stone mason, indus
trious, energetic and intelligent
the kind of man desirable in ; any
community as a good citizen, and
an npbnilder and upholder of
everything good and honorable,
They have the best wishes of
large circle friends for their hap
pinera and prosperity,
Bay Hunter's cream flour at W,
W. Home's.
Ho! Ho! Ho! Iain tickled
to death. Why? I went down to
W. M. Pettitfil's and got some of
his chocolates and bon bona and
swallowed my tongue! '
Bitter fighting does not necess
arily mean personal abuse or un
savory remarks. Keep your tem
per Work all night and talk all
day if you find it essential to your
suoces. It will irritate you and
cause Dyspepsia but yon can find
relief for that in Dr. Caldwell's
Syrup pepsin which is guarraut
eed by E. Howard.
No more trouble at any home,
buscuit like mother made. Use
Big K flour, E V Hollingsworth,
Don't Sling mud.
Do not lose your bead. Talk
politic) but don't get mad. Then
go lo i. uowara arug store ana
get a trial bottle of Br. Cald wells
Syrup pepsin.
Anything you want at E V
lings worth's. , Phone 4)1.
Mrs Brocks weuf to Fort worth
today on a visit with friends.
J E Hamilton of Jamesport Mo.,
arrived and will look us over.
car of Big . K .flour at E V
J II Morris of Caldwell Co, Mo,
arrived here today on a prospect
ing tour.
Sporting goals at the Fair.
Fresh canvased hams at McGaug-
by Bros.
Blobbs-IIow did you enjoy
yourself at the prohibition ban
quet last night!" Slobbs-Not at
all. Every time there was a toast
instead of drinking we ate it.
Look out for the 'Silver Bow."
The map of the Indian Territory
is for sale at the book stand of
D. P. Hawkins post office lobby.
Some men kick because they
have nothing to kick about.
J. A. Dome.l, at the City Black
smith fihop, is headquarters for
repairs on traction engines or
any kind of uiach.inery1boilere,&o
Special to 'the Ladies
we sell-Dr. Warner's
Rust Proof Corsets.
Every one that fails
o give you entire sat
isfaction we give
new one instead.
The Big Cash Store.
A Powder Mil! Explosion.
Removes everything in sight;
so do drastic mineral pills, but
both are mighty dangerous. No
need to dynamite joar body when
ih Jiing'a new life pills do the
wort ei eas
Cures headache
Only 25 cents at
and perfectly.
Brown & Co,
Go to Simpson when you want
your buggies and carriages repaired,
painted, or new tops orderad.
Quit claim deeds, mortgages, bills
of sale, scale books for sale at this
When you want your racers or
driving horses shod, go to Simpson.
He does the work himself dont
depend on hired help. Satisfaction
Texas Restaurant
The display of Topsey Half Hose in
Fancy. Colors that we have in our West
Window and also the . fine line of Fancy
Shirts in the same window.
The newest thing for Shirt Waist
We have a nice line of these in exclus
ive colors, also' all the new shades in
grays and tans in dress goods. We are
opening new good every day. Call and
see our large assortment of strictly new
goods. It will surely please you.
Wanted to "lick the spoon
lodianopolis Ind. Nov. 1C "J'J
Pepbln Syrup Co.,
Dear sir: We have been keep
ing house for Ave years and are
never without Dr. Caldwells pep-
Bin Strop. . We find nothing to
equal it for stomach troubles and
my children like as well as candy.
One night recently my wife was
giving a dose to our baby and
Nelda (onr little girl 4 years old)
cried for some too. Her mamma
told her eh didn't need it and
then she said: "Can't I lick the
spoon!" It is so pleasaut to take
the effects are so good we hate to
be without Dr. Caldwell's Ryrup
Pepsin. Yours truly.
Mgr. Enterprise Hotel.
Sold by E Howard.
Scale books at the Express of
flee in any quantity from one to a
Spend your caah at E V
hngsworth's,and save money.
, . Two Candidates.
for the insane asylnm saved them
selves from stomach troubles that
drive folks crazy by taking Dr.
Caldwell's Srruy Pepsin. It is
urranteed to cure every form of
stomach trouble. Sold bv E.
Buy the Quaker
fouling bath cabi
net with stove,
etc. For sale at
the Fair, by
Effie Baker,
' ' ; Agent.
You won't let 'them so to
waist when you see the
great bargain sale on
S.TTJK:D.A.-2-7 SEP. 8.
Some stores have goods going to
waist. We have Waists for vou
at bargains on Saturday:
Tour's for Low Prices. V
At onr now stand opposite the Pbcenix Grocery Co.
Win place a phone in
your residence and
keep same in r
pair for
Per Day,
Phone in place of bus-
ness $2.50 per
.'"r !'! t.'J 1 1' " '"
M.T. CABTWHIUUT, .' wv. Mimoi
h ::jM Garlwright & Murray
Also Lexers in Cattle, Hogs aud Sheep.
We Kill Only First Class natiip
m - ---- w.ww MMMivi
The People's Meat Market.
J. D. Lindsay, Frop. ;
We keep all kinds of Fresh Meats, Game and Poultry. We kill every
thing we sell, and sell nothing but First Class Meats.
Fish and Oysters Every Thursday V
CSive us a. Call, Phone 14.
Job 'Printing
The Express office is prepared to print
Letter Heads, Note Heads,
Bill Heads. Statements, ,
Envelopes, Cards, -Circulars
in typewriter type,
Shipping tags, Dodgers,
or any kind of printing needed at short
notice, and at prices to -nicot any:eQHi-4
petion. Phone 4 aiiii we:viirc:ii
The Daily Express only oOe a liioutlu
The Weekly Express ; only 81- A-yAr.'

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