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The modical and surgical diseases
of the eye, ear, nose and throat a
special and exclusive practice.
Catarrhal diseases of the nose and
throat treated.
The 8cientilie application of spec
tacles to the eye receives my atten
tion. Chickasha every other Monday.
Enquire of Dr. It. P. Tve. u - ,!n
AMERICA Mert every Tliurwlay
"J nlnlit In Muxonli; Hull. VIkIUiik
f f rmniliers cordially luvitcd lo ul
J i.1 -trnd.
Coubiil. Ailvlsor
Mrs. Groganand Mrs. Munford
will entertain the Ladies Aid
Society of the Christian church
Friilav afternoon from three to
live o'clock at tho home of Mrs
Munford known as the Evans
Mrs. J Jr. Johnwm and Mr3. J.
W. Hrown will superintend the
erection and caro of a (ireen
howtio in tho near .future and then
we will lie
any time on short notice
FOR RENT Three room house
for rent, $8 per month. . Apply to
Miss Lula East,
West Chickasha Ave".
aMo to ret flowers at
Misses Nellie and Lettio Puttee
went to Howie today to visit rel
atives for a few weeks.
Notice to Ladies.
To the ladies of Chickasha and
neighboring towns we will have
on displny October 3rd and 4th
our fall and winter stock of Mil
linery. Our goods are all new and
up-to-date. All are cordially in
Mesdames Petitifils & Wilson
Kev.ll. II. lict, is in the city
and will assist Ilcv. Coinicre in
the meeting at the Haptist churcl
this week.
For Sale.
One spau of mules, wagon and
harness. Inquire at this oflice
A car of Big K flour at K V
Drop in at the Bunk of Chick
asha and take a look at that new
12 foot desk made at Harrier and
Miiler at the Steam Carpenter
Shop Home enterprise to the
front again.
Home enterprise In the front
rank again see Wibley & Sheahans
new np in G steam laundry wagon
its a dandy.
. Just arrived a lot of sample
Shirts, Fascinators and Hoods at a
discount of 33 per cent. They
are great value. The Fair.
A. S. Uilkey went to Marlow
and Duncan this afternoon on busi
A Ckickasha Dialogue.
The following amusing and in
structive dialogue took place re
cently between the marshal, police
and mayor of the city and one of a
squad of tramps recently committed
to jail:
"Whence came you?''
"From a town in the Indian ter
ritory called Siding No. 1.''
'What's your business here.5'
"To learn to subdue ray appetit:
and to sponge my hying from an
ndulgeat public.''
Tlicn you are a regular tramp,
I suppose?''
''I am so recognized and accepted
wherever I go."
"How can I recognize you as a
"By the largeness of my feet and
my general carniyerous appearance
"How do you know yourself to
be a tramp?-'
"In fcking food; by being often
denied, but ready lo try again.
How trained you admittance to
this town?''
"By means of my feet."
"How were you received?"
"On the tnd of Hard Gunnels'
billy presented at my head."
How did Gunnels dispose of
"He look meseveial times around
the town, to the south, cast and
west, where he found the city mar
shal, Dave Hopkin,anJ policejudge
Billy Cloud, where a great many
questions were asked."
"What advi;o did Billy Cloud
give you!"
He advised lo walk uprigh, regu
lar steps to the next town."
" Will yoa be oft or from?"
'With your permission I'll be ofT
and leave at once.''
"Which way are you traveling?'
"The high-way.''
"Of what are you in pursuit?"
"Time. I want to kill him."
"My friend,'' said acting Mayor
Billy Cloud, "you are low at an
institution where the wicked are
always troublesome and the weary
are as tough as ilia rest. You will
now be conducted to the middle
chamber by a flight of stairs con
sisting of live or more steps. Instead
of corn, wine and oil, the wages of
the ancients, yours will be bread
and water for live days When
your company escapes from here,
divide yourselves into parlies of
three each and take a bee-line for a
new town to be located in the north
east corner of the Kiowa and Co
manche country soon to be opened
up, where they will run free soup
houses, if necessary. Follow your
guide and fear no danger if you
behave yourselves.
WANTED. 20 cotton pickers
nt once. Apply Cotton Seed Oi
B. Y. P. U.
Program for Oct. fi, 1900.
Topic: Rich Toward God.
Song service.
Scripture, Heading, Luke 12:
13-31. Leader.
Heading Biblo teaching on
riches, Mrs, Brown.
Feeding his soul with corn,
Miss Myrtle Charlovillo.
Paper True Kiches, Mr. Jim
Voluntary Kcmarks.
Leader, Mr. Elliot.
Hay HayHay And Feed.
At E V llollncsworth' bv A W
Buy Hunter's cream flour at W.
VV. Home's.
The Fair is in its new quarters,
the Elite's old stand. New goods
arriving daily. The people's frieud.
Don't forget the opening, Octo
bcr 3rd. Come out and let us enjoy
one day discussing and looking at
the latest things in Hats. New York
Buy Hunter's cream flour at W
W. Home's.
The purity of the Baking Powder
named "Perfect'' is a guarantee
against sallow complexions caused
by indigestion. 12-Jin
Anything you want at E V Hoi
lingsworth's. Phone 91.
Latest style in shirts, hose and
21st-lw McGaughy Bros,
See them, they are new. ''What?'
Our display of dishes and glassware
The Fair.
J. A. Dinned, at the City Black
smith shop, is headquarters for
repairs ou traction engines or
any kind of machinery, boilers,&c
Yes. , We will prcpam a treat for
vou. It will be free to all. Come
and join the song, " What a gath
erin"." New York Store.
WANTKD 10 men with wag
ons and teams to shuck corn at
once. Apply at the First Nation
ul Bank.
J. II. Harris, G. M. of the I.
(). O. F. of this jurisdiction re
turned from a months visit with
friends at De Moines, Ioara, look
ing quite well.
Remember Mrs. Siyer's Millincy
opening to norrow and come out
and see the display. All the ladies
are cordially invited.
W ANTE D-An experienced din
ing room girl at tho Kimball
The mnp of the Indian Territory
is for sale at the book stand
I). P. Hawkins post oflice lobby.
Have vou tried that Big K flour
at E V Ilollingsworth's.
Have you seen the large assort
ment of men's hats, strictly up-to
date. 1 he l air,
(Col.) A. J. Denton and F. C.
Carter went out this afternoon
supplied with shot guns, dogs and
ammunition and will bag enough
quail for all of tho Chickasha quail
inters in Chickasha (.')
All Master Masons are request
o 1 to lie at tho Masonic hall Satur
day night Regular.
A tablet and a pencil lo: everr
school boy and girl in town. We
have them from lc to 10 cents.
The Fair.
Heals Sick without medicine,
Tells the past, present and Future;
Locates Ix)st or Stolen properly. He
is the man who has located seven
different hiddectreasurs inOKlahoma
within the last nine weeks. This
man, docs this- through mental pow
er of science. He reunites the sepa
rated, causes speedy and happy
marriages to tho one of your choice.
If the demon rum assails your home
or is there cause for trouble and
distress, if so, call and see this gift
ed man and receive power and in
structions that will bring about a
speedy and permanent relief. Do
not give up in despair if you have
been deceived in the past do not
delay but call and sec him call and
see what can be done by nature's
doctor who can alleviate pain with
out medicine. Whatever may be
your desires, troubles or -wants,
don't fail to call and sec this man.
If you are in doubt that this man
can do all he claims, call and see him
and be convinced. He comes lo
your town highly recommended by
the public and press. Prices reas
onablc. Don't delay; he will only
be here a few days. Hours from
9 a. in. to 9 p. m. Seventh son of
the Seventh Son of a Seventh
daughter. Spirit medium.
Has parlors at Colorado and 5th
For Rent.
One or two rooms, furnished or
unfnrnished, convenient to busi.
ness part of town. Enquire at
this oflice- tf
Sec those three piece boy's suits
with fancy vests. They are the la
test thinirs in boy's 'dress. New
York St:ro.
Spend your cash at E V Hoi
lingsworth's, and save money.
W anted At once, messenger
boy, 13 to 1(5 years old, one that
can write. W csiern u niou Icle
graph co.
Hill & Hulit
Have some valuable business pro
perty close in for sale
Also, have three well improved
residence properties that are attract
ive and will price them low
We have some good properly to
sell or trade that will make you
2 Lois, house, dugout and well
some shed and chicken lot, $ 100.00
caMi lakes it all.
2 Room house, 2 lots, wall corral
and flieds, 230. Will take good
team on this trade.
Hill & Kulit.
Fresh canvascd hums tit McGaug
hy Bros. -
New g.ods. Arrive every day
Call and see them.
Isthe "Pass Word'
Ladies' Club,
of every well dressed
The new straight front Royal Worcester
Corset, is the newest and soon to be the
most popular creation in the corset world.
To be up-to-date, you must have one of
If you wish information concerning the
straight front corset, we will be pleased to
give it to you.
Rogal. move
The famous Shoe for woman. ,
We have just secured a nice fall
.ine of the Shoes; all the latest
styles are included.
OARPETS CARPETS. Again we have something
in our carpet department that will startle you. Ingrain,
Art Squares and Medelions. We have them all sizes from 9ft
x9ft up to 15ftx20ft. All the best 1080 end all wool ingrain,
i w k
Wanted to "lick the spoon
ludianopolis Iud. Nov. 10 '99.
Pepsiu Syrup (Jo.,
Dear sir: e have been keep
ing house for five years and are
never without Dr. 'Jaldwells pep
sin Syrup. We find nothing to,
equal it for stomach troubles and
my children like as well as cand-.
One night recently my wife was
giving a dose to our baby and
Xelda (onr little eirl 4 years old)
cried for some too. Her mamma
told her she didn't need it and
then she said: "Can't I lick the
spoon?" It is so pleasant to take
the effects are so good we hate to
be without Dr. Caldwell's Syrup
Fepsin. Yours truly,
Lake d. weetheks.
Mgr. Enterprise Hotel.
Sold by E Howard.
Game, Oysters, chili at the Gem,
The stomach is is our best friend
and the next best is the "Perfect"
Iiaking Powder.lt is chemically pure
and assists digestion. J.A.Ware.Jr.
Extra select Purwick oysters
any style at the Gem restaurant
l?y using the Baking Powder
named 'Perfect' you will show ap
preciation of pure food. Always use
t h e ' Pe rfect''. W.W. Horn e .
J ust arrived car Hunter's cream
fiour at VV. V. Home's.
Just arrived car Hunter's cream
Hour at w. VV. Home's.
Celebrated Delgado chili at the
Gem restaurant.
The Ladies of Chickasha and Vicinity
are Cordially Invited to an Opening of
Millinery on
I will be able to Show you the nicest
display of Millinery ever shown in the City.
Store lloom two Doors East
of Grand Avenue Hotel
FELIX moser;
Iii Order to Keep the Trade in Chickasha,
I have concluded to reduce the
Price of Boots to
Theni . PTOuI7.50tO$8.50 Bo0
R.ii.hi. Sewcfl, SIO.tflSII.OQ. bhMker
Chickasha, I. T.
For S-le 3 wagons, G sets of
work harness, 4 Hi-hand mules. 2
choice work horses, 30 work
horres and cow ponies, enquire
Pauk of Chickasb'a.
All kinds of short orders at the
Com restauraut. 21 tf
McGaughy Pros.
When you want' your racers or
driving horses shod, go to Simpson.
He does the work himself don'l
depe;:d on hired help. Satisfaction
Mrs. Mont Campbell lost two
door keys, tied together with a
white ribbon. The Under will
please deliver them to the Palace
Drug Store.
Visit our Pargaius Counters,
New goods arriving daily and the
sale goes on at Tip Euirr
You will miss a treat if you fail
t) be present on October 3rd at the
New York Store.
yv'J l.avo for a long time desired
to obUii a strictly Pure Puking
Powiier l.-a' wo cuu'd sell reason
able and lu.ve contracted with an
eastern faeluiv for the renuine
brand named "Perfect" and will
sell it at 23 instead of 30 per pound.
.'. A. W.MiK, Jit.
12in. V. U House.
Scalo books at the Express ol
fice iu any cjm iy from one to a
WlMl 0111- (ittvj SiUby hats and
doublu breasU'd S!MH suits,, together
with a pair c car vici kid thocs,
you are dressed i ;) ,m;l no one hurt
financially. NVv 'York Store.
quit claim (if 4 , .-riovtsages, bills
of salpj scale ' fox sale at this
Ollji;!., ' .
Look out 'Of il' "Silver How."
Buy Hnntei'a crim flour at VY.
Y. Horn's. '
New York
Look up the time via any route and compare it
with the Wabash Fast Mail it won't take long and
it will save you half a day if you are going to New
York. Wabash Fast Mail, Kansas City 6.15 p. m.,
New York 7.30 a. m., is the quickest train. We
have figured every known route before making this
statement. You get on at Kansas City and get off
at New York without having set foot off the train
not so via any other route.
Wabash Fast Mail
Lenves Kpnsnn City. ...Wabash..
Arrives. Detroit Wabash..,
Arrives Niagara Falls. .Wabash..
Arrives Buffalo Wabash..
Arrives New York P. L &"tl.
Arrives Boston...
. 615 ..evrry evening.
.11. .5 ..next morning.
. 6..VS ..same evening
7.50 ..name erenine.
7..V) second morning.
..I. I. Cent aad ft. A &..10.34 . same morning.
We can Rive quicker and better service to almost
any eastern city or town than any other line run
ning east from Kansas City.' Tell us where you
want to go. We will point out your best time and
connections, tell you all about the service, quote
you rates which you will find to be the lowest.
V. estern Passenger Agent.
Traveling Psseneer Arent,

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