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The Chickasha daily express. (Chickasha, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1899-current, October 24, 1900, Image 2

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A. ML. 6irw.
a. F Guim Kut&am Kuxn.
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Weei.j Ex- J I
Fsrt&Ast to dre&ltd call, tke
itizL of Wagoner and vieiaity
cw-t at tie major's oSe Star
17 tigtt, October 20 at efght
o'clock, for tbe pGrpose of eoo
tierrtng the organization of a
leazce lookicz to tke BLioa of
Gklabocut asd tie Indian Terri
tory eider one Sute government.
On broUob, WtUiBglon H. Meigs
tu elected temporary chairman
sd Charles Cffssit&ck temporary
After the object of tie t&eetiog
Lad been stated by the chairman,
a motion tu made thai tbe chair
Appoint a committee oa constitu
tion &d bj'awi. TLe chair ap
pointed as tack committee C. E.
Cutlf, E. D. Jaibo s.d 3. II.
After short rece. tke coca
cdttee oa constitution arid by
la reported tke folio wing con
cosmrcnos of the league
Section 1- This organization
ka:i be known as the......
League of Single Statehood Pro
Sec 2. TLe object hereof are:
(a) , to effect a union of the Terri
tory of Oklahoma and Indian
Territory nnder one government:
(b) , to educate the public mind
upon tbe advantages and benefit
to be derivf d frota such ncionc),
to hasten the admission into tbe
Union of States the two Territo
ries as one State; (d), to promote
'home role' and nch other Fed
eral legislation by Congress as,
with jast and righteous adminis
tration of oar laws, will result in
the greatest good to tbe greatest
Lumber of onr people.
Sec. 3. The officers shall be: a
president, a vice-president, a sec
retary, a treasurer and an execu
tive committee of fire members,
f which the president shall be ex-
officio chairman; all of whom shall
bold office for .one year and until
their suecessrsare elected and in
Sec. 4. Elections may be by
Lfcllot, viva voce or otherwise as a
majority of the jsembers present
may decide immediately before
taking the poll, and tbe parlia
mentary rale and regulations
governing the deliberations of
this League Khali be those last
enforced in the House of Eepre-
sentative of the United States.
Sec. 5. The funds of this Lea
gue shall be raised by voluntary
donations, held in trust by the
treasurer and by him paid out in
cucb sums and for such purposes
as may be voted by a majority of
the members present at any meet
lug. The League snail hold re
gular meetings on the ...day
of each
Sec. 6. All male persons over
the age of 16 years shall be eligi
ble to membership, and all such
persons subscribing to this con
stitution snail thereby become
members of this League.
Sec. 7. This constitution may,
at any meeting, be amended, mod
Ifi d or suspended by a three
fourths majority vote of the mem
bers present.
Sec. 8. We, the undersigned
of I. T., aod
withy kereby pledge ourselves
t abide by tke above aad forego-
ibf eoittitctioo a&d by all koa
rbl asea&s to Ubor to advance
tke eacM of tke aoioa of Okla-
koma aed the iLdiaa Territory
a&d tkeir epftdy admiaiioa i&to
tke Uoion m one State.
Oa motion, tbe eoostitatioa
im a&o!oolT adopted m read.
Tko ekair declared fiomicationa
for preideat of tke league to be
ia order, w teres do o Uoa. C. E.
Cte was otkanimooaly elected
pre&tdeot. followed by tke elee
tloa of Hoa. W. I. Hoot at vice
pmideaL Wellitrio H. Mdgi
as secretary, aad Fred haiklLtoc
as treMorer.
Ater tk election of efScers,
Prtaideat Caatlo appointed tie
follow is g txtea'dt committee
tapt H. F. Jones, A. F. Parkia-
sod, J. C. Caaarer, D. Jarb&e.
I. C. B. Uadeer.
Foilowicg tke organization, tke
followiiig reaolotioos were pre
sented by Meigs and unanimously
adopted:. -J" : . .
Tke Oklahoma Indian Territory
Single Statehood Resolutions
adopted by tke T)"agoner League
of Singlo Statehood Promoters,
after the origanixatioa of said
League, Oetober 20th, 1300. .
Whereas: lodiaa Territory and
Oklahoma are contiguous terri
tories having, climate, soil, pro
duets and resources of an allied
and supplemental character, the
surest, strongest foundations for
the bomogenious state govern
ment; and tbe early development
of the boundless resources of the
o if united under one govern
ment would be assured: and
Whereas: Oklahoma is a dnlvi
organized territory of the United
States having enjoyed thereunder
the blessings and benefits of no
parelleled progress and prosper
ity, till she is now almost ready
for admission into the sister hood
of states and
Whereas: Indian Territory
presents conditions and ills no
precedented in the history of ler
ritorial government in the United
States, baviDg a population of
400,000 people, with no self gov
ernment whatever, a population
sufficient to entitle us to two
Reprecanatives in Congress but
having none: a people without
political status and denied all
political rights, whose progress
is retarded, whose business is
demoralized and whose future, as
long as the present conditions
exist, is without promise; and
- Whereas: We believe that In
dian Territory with area of 30,000
Bqoare miles and Oklahoma with
iOo YoU Want
a Wagon
I l 111 1
Built of second growtlt
Hickary and vonnf?
,burr oak, with proot
poxes, ana a score or
other advantages over
oxner wagons. If so-.
call and se&
the New Cap
Fordry ground,
try our
We are keadqaarteri for .Majestic Eaogea and Greai Western-Stoves;
uuncan. I. T.
tory into the Union as one State! I k. woor: i, Vto. , i r.i!e, J f
im. j
as its paramount object aad airn
There being do farther busi
ness the League adjoarned, sub
! ject to tbe call of tbe president.
Fischer's Pri-mium Cigars, if not
why not try them; Ibey are tke on
ly baud made 5 cent cigar on this
market, made of finest quality of
tobaccos, as sweet as a nut. They
please many smokers maybe they
wil please you. See that you get
Fischer's Premium when von &k
. -
tor mem
her, 38,000 square 'mile with a
combine population of 800,000
souls, united and admitted into
the Union as one- state would by
the rapid developement of its
rich resources, its swift and
surely great increase in popnla
tion and material wealth, become
a commonwealth of power and
prestige in the Nation the last
and fairest of Columbia's daugh
ters from the Louisisana Pnr
c iase; therefore, be it
Resolved: By the Wagoner
League of Single Statehood Pro
moters, that we favor the union
of Oklahoma and the Indian Ter
ritory, the timely admission of
the tiro into the union as one
state, ad we hereby pledge our
selves to work to this end till
such union is an accomplished
fact, be it further
Resolved: That we call unon
and urge all persons in the twin
Territories, favorable to tbe cause
of single statehood, to join us in
the organization of these Leacues
in the various cities and towns,
under Ibis or similar constitution,
Come and see our line of mens
and boys bats, we bear tbe people
say when they look in the window
how can they sell them &o cheap
from 22c to 2.50. Tbe Fair.
An amateur can catch a SO-pound
cat with a seine bought of ilobley
Just u easily as an expert
Neoga, 111., Oct. 14. '99.
Pepsix Svecp co.,Monticelo, 111.
Gentleman: I feel it my duty
to express to you my gratitude
for what your wonderful remerfv
has done for me. I waa com.
pletely rua down with a complica
tion of stomach disorders. For
ten months 1 could not work
and was treated bv th Tff Ami.
nent cbysicians. One Insist iA
upon operating on me, declaring
nothing short of an operation for
appendicitis would rnr me. A
friend induced me to try Dr. cald-
weu s yrup Pepsin and from the
first dose I bei:an to im Drove, and
have gained 35 pounds in weight
ana am enjoying the very best of
neaun. x never fail to say a good
word for Dr. Caldwell's Syrup
Pepsin for I know what it h
done for me it wtll do for others.
Gratefully jours.'
: chari.p.h rrfBBT.
hold by h. Howard.
School supplies of all kinds, the
best and cheapest in town. Tab
lets from lc to 10c. Pencils 7
for 5c and better ones.
The Fair.
First .National Bank,
, , , ChUCKASHA, ,IND, TER. , 5
Capital . $25,000.00. :
. - R. JT. BonrTaU, C. B. Resmnt. X. Bond. S. B. Join, J r Ya;t
0fler t( Depositors every Facility which their Balance,
Business and Responsibility Warrant.
1 B Cum. Am i csM
W. A. IIumabt, Ah i Ch
Bank of Chickasha,
CaP'tal. : : : $20,000.00
Offers to Depositors every Facility which their Balances, Basi
Bess and Responsibility Warrant. '
B. P. Smith, t'mmim,
Wm. !. Viee pre.
C. T. Ekwis. Cuhlrr.
Citizens National Bank
Capital, - - $50,000.oo.
B. P. Smth. J.C. D riggers, r. luman.
, V.L. Satryer, J. B. Tittle.
Hoorer KatloaaL Kew York; Nitloaal Itaok of Commtre. Ki City Mo
UercbaDUad Plnter, SHermio. Tex.. Cooltoenul NjUoaaijritok. Bt Looii '
W. L. Mobly is headquarters
for all kinds of sporting goods.
as fishing tackle, guns, ammuni
tion, etc., etc.
W. L. Mobly has a fine line of
staple and fancy groceries, and
has them at prices that are right.
Don't i-oreret the Bi?
. . " C3
uasn store when vou
want Boots, Shoes
andfilothincr TJia lav
eest stock in Chicka
sha to choose from.
J G. Mays.
Have you seen the large assort
ment of men's hats, strictly up-to-date.
"The Fair." I
Dougan's j'Feed Store
For Feed of all Kinds and I'rompt Delivery
Cor. Chickash a 4tk Sts., Opposite Jleat Market.
E. S. Dougan,
: uH"rop;
O. J". G-T?, A-V
Feed of
2J CbBaii a! the Cfeesnsst.
fr " ivuu ivui uiiiuui :j
all Kinds.
vl i vl i vl i i ii l vJ l i vi 1 A i i Ju vA vi i l vi 4
nilLlTTEinOS tlVES
g 3rd. St, Cpposite Postoffice. CHICKASHA, IND. TER.

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