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The Chickasha Daily Express.
Chickasha, Indian Territory, Wednesday, Deceember 5, 1900.
No. 297
Established 1892.
For Chickasha First; The Indian Territory Second; The World After.
Established January I, 1900
sP. '
A wise man always puis a fair
price for his oLoeu.
lie knows that when a Qve dollar
shoe is oftored for a dollar aud a half
it is not a tive dollar shoe.
He doesn't expect something for
He knows that our shoes and our
prices are exactly right, and that
our 3.50 shoes are the best $3 50
shoes in town.
Shoes and
:- The Cost WI be Over Two
Hundred Million Dol
lars to Construct.
The Commission Says it
Will Need That Much.
Otb erRouts are Said
to ba Cheaper.
The Unanimous Conclusion is That
the Nicaragua Koute is the
Most Feasible Though the
Most Kx pensive of the
Several Propsed .
Washington, Dec. 4. The report
of the Isthmian Canal commission
ff submitted by the president to ton
grcgd today gives as the unanimous
conclusion of that body that "the
most practicable and feasible route
for an Isthmian canal, under the
control, management and ownership
of the United State, is that known
:t the Nicaragua Koute."' The
comniicbioii estimates the cost of
! his route at ?2(iO.5OO,00O. This
estimate is much in excess of any
heretofore made and is due to in
creased dimensions and othc feat-.
ttres not heretofore considered. j
The commission also estimates thoi
lost of a canal by the Panama rente :
r.l 1 ii,.TI2,.j7U, according to one'
one rou.e, or 1."i;,:I7.S,j8 accord- j
nig to another route. As between ;
the Nicnrngua and I'anama route
the, commission sums up a number j
of advantages favorable to the,
former. i
It ststcs also that under the con- j
cessions given by the Panama gov-:
crnment to the Panama canal com
pany, that government is not free ;
to grant the necessary rights to the
United States except upon condi
tions mode by the company.
The report is a document of about
1 7 ,('00 words, almost as long as the
president's message. Although the
work of the comniistion is not yet
completed, many of the field parties
yet being out, yet it has been suf
ticicntly advanced to make it prac
ticsble to present his preliminary
report, giving the essential findings.
Will sell all kinds of property a
auction, at any or any place.
Points About the Kind That Com
municates the Disease.
Facts Aaeertalncd by SelcatlSa la
vcala;atloa Which Mar Be of
Yaloe to Member of taa
Hainan Family,
It has now been pretty well estali
lished that the microbes or parasite
which are found hi the blood of human
victims of go-called "malarial" diseases
are ulso found in some moMjuitocs.
And it appears to have been ticmon
t trated that certain stapes of the de
velopment of these microbes occur out
side the human body. It Is yet to bo
proved that thn mosquito ailoriis the
only other iloniicile required) for this
part of the parasite' career. But just
now that Insect is the only living crea
ture against which complicity In the
crime ia proved, lltncc just now scores
of experts are devoting a great deal of
study to the relation which exist be
tween malaria and mosquitoes, says the
New York Tribune.
For a time thin subject wa coon pli
cated, by a curious contradiction. On
the one hand, the microscope revealed
Uie presence of th cow well-known
parasite In moAquitoes; and mos
quitoes that had. bu infected" were
made to romraunicata malaria to hu
man subjects. On the other band, cer
tain neighborhood which abounded in
ouiwjiiitora were found to be prac
tically Irm from malaria, and thou
sands of persons have been bitten by
s-uch inaucta without suffering1 from
malaria. Dr. Mansou and Surgeon
Major Roe, two prominent IlritiUj in
Tesligatora, at length discovered that
one kind of mosquito wofc actively) con
cerned in th business and another
kind was not. This, (l course, put the
matter In an. entirely new light, and
has led to a more careful observation
of the diliuguihiu marks of mos
quitoes. The mosquito most abundant in
some localities is known to th scien
tists as the "culex pipiens." This
genus ha aow been acquitted) of. any
share in tht dissemination of malaria.
The parasites are sometimes found: in
U, but the bite oi th culex somehow
doea not seem to produce malaria in
human subjects. That jt can and does
communicate microbes to bird seems
to be partially proved. I!ut so far as
men and women are concernnt, noth
ing moro than the ordinary and well
known consequences of a mosquito
lute is to be- expcted from the culex.
The misquito -which doea all the mis
chief, so far as is known at present,
is the anopheles (pronounced "an-ofT-e-leze,"
with the accent on the seeond
syllable). And it ia very desirable to
tell them ii)art. Eventually it may
prove that the suppression ol the
anopheles will rid a region of malaria;
but if that were true it would be lool
Isb to wtte lime, money ami energy
in fighting the culex.
In a recent address in this city Dr.
L. O. Howard, chief entomologist of the
agricultural department in Washing
tun, pointed out n?veral differences be
tween the two. First, as to their winps.
Those of theculex are practically with
out any color markings Those of the
anopheles bcardark, irregular patches.
which are not so well defined as those
of a butterflyi, but which are easily
recognized; if the two Insects are
placed side by side. Then there are
their feelers, or "palpi." These are two
in number and stick out forward from
the head, one on each side of the pro
boscis. Those of the culex are short
and insignificant, while the palpi of the
anopheles are nearly as long as the
proboscis. Thirdly, the two mosquitoes
have a different, way oi resting on the
wall of a room when quiet, Tha body
of the culex is parallel with the wall,
whereas that of the anopheles sticks
out at an angle. If he ia on the celling
his body wilj stem to atick out at a
right angle. The hum of the culex is a
little shriller than the note of the
anopheles. The difference in pitch is
about equal to four tones of the musi
cal scale. Finally, it appears that the
anopheles is chiefly active at night and
is given to repose by day. Other points
of dissimilarity have been observed in
the eggs, larvae and pupae. Jlut these
ncedi not bs dwelt on here. It would,
require an expert to detect them. The
means already described, and especial
ly the first three, will be found the
readiest and most convenient for dis
tinguishing the two insects. And a
htudy of mosquitoes from this point of
view is likely to prove a fascinating
and profitable pursuit to a good many
young people this summer.
Seoten Flakermea raddles.
At certain seasons in Scotland,
when the fishing is not very brink, the
fishermen act as caddies and are eas
ily recognized by their costume a
woolen jersey and trousers braced up
to the armpits. One of these was
asked his name by the gentleman for
whom he was carrying, and the reply
"Weel, sir, hereabouts they maistly
co me 'Breeks, but ma "maiden name
ia Broon."
This is only equaled by the caddie
who was asked who such and such
a person was, and replied:
"I no rightly ken his name, but
he's a major something; at least he's
not a real major, but he married a
major's widow and took the title."
Scottish American.
A "haltared Hope.
It was the day before Thanksgiving.
"Alas!"' moaned the gobbler, as he faced
the block, "1 thought the treatment of the
Armenians would have turusd people
agniiitt Turkey, but it seems not." K. Y.
Rlahaal Dab? la tha World.
The hrtJe Grand DncheT Olga of
Rniisia may be said to be the richest
baby in the world. The week she was
born $5,000,000 was settled on her, and
it is Mid that this huge sum was safely
invested in British and French securi
ties. For in a country like Russia no
one knows w hat may happen to mem
bers of t he reigning houa.
The Same Effect.
It Is observed by travelers in Siberia
that the effect of constant cold is prac
tically the same as the effect of con
stant heat. The people develop a dis
inclination to work, and become,
strangers to ambition of any descrip
tion. Wine la Task Cars.
In France, where wine is almost as
abundant as petroleum is here, it is
transported in bulk in tank ears.
pr BTnrB 'TrBxrirrrroTrrffXT
i . ' t t f-ft Wm l" g
Purchase a home in your young
That your old age may he passed
Will open his Land Office 4 blocks west of
Court house till he finds a location to suit.
Land Bought. Sold and Exchange.
iaj puiuiiaao a
our Blocts West of tie Court
sr m r
o8 a a o o o a o e b o a 8 b itaj a n a
. Fttpolatlon of the South.
If our southern states alone were as
densely :ttled as Germany they would
have a population of over 190,000,000.
Chicago Chronicle.
A tiny incuse that seems to have its
own wsy in all it cares to do has taken
up quarters in a bulk window on Chest
nut stret, Philadelphia. The window
contains a fine display of traveling '
bags and dressing cases, and under!
ordinary circumstances the presence '
at the little intruder would not be
tolerated a minute. But this is not .
an ordinary mouse. Instead of ere-.
ating !.auc and damage toy gnawing,
holes in the valuable bags and grips
this particular mouse does a valuable
service to the firm by spending its time
in catching the flies that are nnwme
enough to come within reach. Every
evening after the store has been e'osed
snd the clerks have gone home a crowd
gathers on the pavement oii!:.i(!e and
watches the little fellow capture the
unwary flies. It is a wonderful per
formance, and so quivk of movement I
and keen of eye i the mouse that a'
fly rarely escapes that it springs for.
The mouse's mode is pimple and ef
fectual. From a crouching attitude
it waits until a fly comes close enough,
then it straightens upon its hind legs,
the two front paws, like tiny hands,
are thrust upward, and the unwary fly
is clutched and brought down. After
that the rnous eats the fly and then
gets ready to catch another.
Wo are proud to call our customers' atten
tion to such a corset. Wo know no bettor.
We can lit you hnndsomely at ft t. 00, or, if
j ou wish, a finer qualit y All are Rnst-proof
" $1.25, $1.50, $1.75.
Ask to see Warner's RUST-PROOF.
Small houses built on short notice; rents collected; property'
looked after and necessary repairs kept up. Should you wish
...i,-.- i, i i i 'i. i
uumc ami buu oavcu r. money, come
Mortgages raised and loans extended. Purchase
" your dear little wife will beautify it. Should you wish to buy,
sell, rent or exchange property of any kind, crivo me a call.
List your property if you wish to Sell, Exchange or Rent. m
Money advanced on property placed in my charge. Monev to
Loan. If yoararethinkingofpurcbasinglots or ahome, call on
House. ROBT.
a j j ma a a a b a a o b o o op b B o o o
C. U. Campbell, Pres., U. B. Johnson, J, T. AUht, Ass't. Cashier, "
It. K. Woottin, Jh., Vice Pres., Cashier. It. F. Johnson, Ass't. Cashier.
No. 5431. ;
First National Bank,
Capital . . . $ 25.000.oo.
R..V. Bourland, C. H. Bessent, R. Bond, E. B. Johnson, A. L. .Vail,
B. K. If'ooten, jr., Webb Hendrix, C. B Campbell, H. B. Johnson.
CORRESPONDENTS Importers and Traders National Dank, New York; Am- J
" erican National Bank, Kansas City. Mo; Boatman's Bank, St Louis, Mo; Farmers m
and Mechanics Bank, Fort Worth, Texas. .at
ai Our patrons, irrespective of the size of their accounts, will receive careful and 4
considerate attention, and liberal accommodation will be extended them upon accept- JJJ
a, able collateral, . . a
J. C. Boh art. President. J. A. Bohabt,
J. H. Clahk, VlcePresident.
Bank of Chickasha,
Capital, : : : $20,000.00
Offers to Depositors every Facility w hich their Balances, Busi
ness and Responsibility Warrant.
I am very much overstocked with
clothinp- and overcoats. Anyone
in need of clothing will find it to
their interest to call and examine
our stock before buying.
I am willing to make an even ex
change for the cash, so come and
get my prices.
J. G. MAYS Propr.
in comfort.
nna seo tne. i
a homo and
o o o q o o o o o o o o o a o o o a b b a o o ujj
Cashier. J.B.Clark, Ass't Cash
W. A. Bouart, Ass't Cash

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