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1 Vol. 1
The Chickasha '
Chickasha, Indian Territory, Friday, Peceember 7, 1900.
No. 299
Established 1892.
For Chickasha First; The Indian Territory Second: The World After.
Established January I, 1900
r PF
C ... j
A wise man always pais a fair
price for his shoes.
He knows that when a five dollar
fhoe is offered for a dollar and a half
it is not a tivc dollar shoe.
lie doesn't expect something for
lie knows that our shoes and our
prices are exactly right, and that
our $;i.fiO shoes are the best $3. 50
shoes in town.
Shoes and
It's a good thiug to be too bur-y
to tell your troubles.
Thea may strew the beach
with refuse, and yet it's tidy.
The folks who simply sit and
wish are not the ones that catch
the fish.
, , When h fellow buys his trous
ers ou credit, are they breeches of
The young man will never rise
in the world who depends upon
au alarm clock.
? Lots of bachelors would make
good husbands if the girls could
make them propose.
Some people gain reputations
for cleverness where the j are aim
ply disagreeable. '
When a fellow boasts that he
was up with the lark, he may not
have gone to bed at all.
The fellow who thinks ha ,is a
genius At '10 usually thinks at 40
what an ass he used to be.
At the present time, theology
appears to possess a greater
fascination than politics for Gen
eral Harrison, who is going to
Washington to attend a meeting
of the committee for the revision
pf the Western Confession of
pf tb.
The inheritance . of. oucbalf
million dollars by a San Francisco
girl, who is engaged to a boot
black and is going to marry him,
is probably the most romantic
thing that has happened to Cali
fornia since the discovery of fold
in Sutter's mill race in IMS. j
Goethe: Setting, nevertheless,
the sun is always the same son.
I am folly convinced that our
Sentator Fairbanks Introduced
it Into the benate
Washington, Dec. 4. Senator
Fairbauka of Indiana today intro
duced a bill to admit Oklahomaas
a state, with two representatives.
The usual provisions for a consti-
tntional convention and the grants
of lands for Btate institutions are
made. ,
, Washington, Dec. 5. Senator
Fairbanks said today that he be
lieved the bill which he has intro
dnced in the senate providing
statehood forOkiaboma would be
passed at this session of con
gress. Mr. Fairbanks said that
he had introduced the bill be
cause he thought the people of
Oklahoma were entitled to state
hood and because the platform
adopted by the Kepnblican
national cotnmitteo had declared
for statehood for the territories.
The general opinion in both bouse
and senate is that if any territory
isadmitted to the Union during
Mr. JlcKinley's administration
that territory will be Oklahoma.
The action of congress at the last
session in passing a free homes
bill which benefited Oklahoma
more than any other section of
the oeuntry is poiuted to as an
indication that congress is prepar
ing to take the more advanced
step of statehood for that tetrri
tory. Delegate Flynn is due in Wash-
wgiuu tomorrow. nen lie ar.
rives be is ezpectcd to start the
fight for statehood in the house.
The nnderstatnndine ia that
Chairman Knnx of the house com
mittee on territories, while oppos
ed to admitting the other territor
ies to statehood, will favor
The title of the bill introduced
by Senator Fairbanks is, "To en
able the people of - Oklahoma' to
form a constitution and state ov
eminent and to be admitted into
the Union on an equal footing
with tha original states, and to
make donations of public lands to
said state."
The idea of Mr. Fairbanks and
other supporters of statehood is
that the new state, when admitted,
shall consitt of Oklahoma and,
later, Indian territory. In accord
ance with this idea the fifth sec
tion of the bill "That Congress
may admit into the Union as a
part of the proposed state the
inhabitants of part of the area of
the United States now constitut
ing the Indian territory.
The Spnate committee on terri
tories will it is said, give a hear
ing on the Fairbanks bill early in
January. ''
The Money for the Indiana.
Washington, Dec' 5. The Sec
rotary of the Treasury sent to
day to Congress estimates of the
apprepriations required in the va
tious branches of the government
for the fiscal year ending June
30, J902 Among the npproprta
tious required in the Indian ser
vice is one for an appropration
of 1J million dollaas to carry out
the agreement made with the
Kiowa, Comanche and Apache
Indians, made last June. This
agreement provides for the pay
ment to the Indians of 2 million
dollars, but officials of the Treas
ury, when called npon to make
the flret payment, decide the only
one half million dollars of that
amonnt was appropriated by the
language of the act ratifying the
agreement. The secretary recom
mends that the balance, one and
a half million dollars, be appropri
ated at once.
Purchase a home in your young days
That your.old age may he passed in comfort.
Will open his Land Office 4 blocks west of
Court house till he finds a location to suit.
Land Bought, Sold and Exchange.
Small houses built on short notice; rents collected; property
looked after and necessary repairs kept up. Should you wish
to purchase a home and and haven't money, come and see me.
Mortgages raised and loans extended. Purchase a homo and
your dear little wife will beautify it. Should you wish to buy,
sell, rent or exchange property of any kind, gi e me a call.
- List your property if you wish to Sell, Exchange or Rent.
t f ,Money advanced on property placed in my charge. , Monet to
... Loan. If your are thinking of purchasing lots or a home, call on
Mnr Blocls West cf the Court House.
Jt vsz.vs. T;
A W omans Awful Peril.
"There is only one ohance toeave
your life and that is through an
operation" were the startly words
heard by Mrs. I Ii. Hunt of Lime
Ridge, Wis., from her doctor after
lie had vainly tried to sure her of a
frightful case of stomach trouble
and yellow jaundice. Gall stones
had formed and she constantly grew
worse. Then she began to use Elec
tric Hitters which wholly cured her.
It's a wonderfnl stomch, liver aad
kidney remedy. Cures dyspepsia,
loss of appetite. Try it. Only oOcU,
To Cure Malaria in $ days,
Take Quinoria. All druggists are
authorized to refund the money in
any case of chills, fever or malaria
it fails to cure. Price 50c per
package. Sov9 ly
Men's boy's and chil
dren's clothing and
overcoats goiag at
half price at the The
Big Cash Store. Come
and get a bargain.
J G- Mays:
Elite clothing, Raymond's and
Miller's gloves, Budd and Blake
neys perfect form shoes and T. & J.
hats all for men at the
We have sold more "hot staph''
in wools and woolly goods this
week than all last yar, because we
had 'em and advertised 'em too.
C. B. Campbell. Pres., . H.B.Johnson, . . J. T. Apst. Ass't. Cashier,
E.K.Woottes, Jr., Vice Pres., Cashier. . U. F, Johnson, Ass't. Cashier. J
No. 5431.
First National Bank,
Capital . . . $25,000.00.
R. M. Rowland, C. H. Ressent, R. Rond, E. R. Johnson, A. L. Kail,
R. K. Woolen, jr., Webb Hendrix, C. R Campbell, U. R. Johnson.
CORRESPONDENTS Importers and Traders National Banli, Now York; Am
erican National Bunk, Kansas City. Mo: Boatman's Bank, St Louis, Mo: Farmors
and Mechanics Bank, i'ort Worth, Texas.
Our patrons, irrespective of the size of their accounts, will receive careful ud
considerate attention, and liberal accommodation will be extended them upon accept
able collateral, I
J. B. Ci.ahk, Ass't Cash
W. A. Bohart, Ass't Cpsh
When yott want your racers or
driving horses shod, go to Simpson.
He docs the worlc himself don't
Innol stn I. : nml 1. nl rA Siat icTint inn
Guaranteed, tor sale by Brown & Luaranteeri. '
Co., druggist. 1
J. Bohart, President. J. A. Bohabt, Cashier.
J. H. Clakk, ViceFresident.
Bank of Chickasha,
Capital, : : : $20,000.00
Offers to Depositors every Facility which their Balances, Busi
, , , ness and Responsibility Warrant. . .
r y '-Jirit is a being of a nature qtite
- i indestructible, and that its ac-
i tivity continnea to eternity. The
II ious wisely drew fiotii death the
jij iiope of future bliss. f , ',
) "Lynching mast not be tolerat-
i j fd in a great and civilized ooun
I try lik. the United States," jays
I President McKinley in his ines-j
wige, referring, presumably, to
Akron, which is only about au !
iiour to ride from Canton. j
Of course it can scarcely be 1
expected that the mission beards
vill refuse to accept money for
jtrojort destroyed in Turkey ifi
the Cramps pay it to them.
. The meeting of a ' man and
k 'irnninn 5n pw Ynrlr. thir tiir.
nige, tne oisappearance or the
;room a ndthe death of the bride,
all within three days, ia only
.mother proof of the utter futility
T Phitarrn atfnmntino in onmndia
tf T "" "e." ...... "'"T""'
" ith Sew ork. " . I
t iiic nifwi eneeiive . lime ivt!r
pills made are DeWitt's Little
Ivirly Kisers they never gripe,
il ' .... .... ... I I X n I
- . ... , " t.
- - ' ' . , g
theIbig -cash storh.Ii Q, MAYS PrSr.
Wo are proud to call our customers' atten
tion to sui-h a cort. We know no better.
We can fit you handsomely nt 8 1.00, or; it
jou wish, a tiuer quality AU aro Rust-proof
1 $1.25, $1.50, $1.75.
Ask to see Warner's RUST-PROOr.
' i
I am very much overstocked with
clothing and overcoats. Anyone
in need of clothing will .find it to
their interest to call and examine
our stock before buying.
I am willing to .make an even ex
change for the cash, so come and
get my prices.
ralace Drug Store

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