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The Chickasha daily express. (Chickasha, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1899-current, December 10, 1900, Image 1

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The Chickasha Daily Express
V 1. 1 Chickasha, Indian Territory, Monday, Deceember 10, 1900. No. 301
wl.EtSiShOT.s For Chickasha First; The Indian Territory Second; The World After. uxeUfmo
ry roTToTrrirrriroTnnnr
1 ca
u & v f a
A wise roan always pais a fair
prim for his shoes.
He knows that when a five dollar
shoe is o&Vrwl tor u dollar and a half
it is not a five dollar shoe.
Il doesn't upt'ot some'liing for
He kuows that our shoes and our
prills are exactly right, and Miat
our $3.50 shiie are ttie best $3 50
shoes in town
Shoes and
Appropriat;onAgreed to for Co
pleting the Allotment-
Guthrie, O. l, Dec. 8. A. dis
patch received today from Wash,
irigtou states that the lodian
affair committee allotments in
the Kiowa and Comanche conn
try, the work to beconcladed in
eight months after December 6.
Amulets and tuck stones of on
aort and another are becoming more
ctnd more popular with women, and
1 he bungle of detested memory U re
vived in u more romantic and inter
esting form. The modern girl is de
cidedly up In fetichism and though
Mime frivolous fair ones wear jew
eled cowa and pips and lizard and
ehamrocka and bells and boots In
discriminately and impartially, the
really up-to-date young ( woman
chooses her talismans faatidiously und
is learned in talismanic lore, says the
New York Sun.
To be really wise and occult one
must go in for astrology and choose
one' talismans in accordance with
1he symbol of the planet under whose
influence one was born; but it is ask
ing too much of the incxtrrn so-; let
H'nl to insist upon her adding astrol
ogy to her already depressing reper
toire. Still it doesn't rwjuA much
research to find out whether Capri
corn or Cancer or some other Zodi
acal sign Is most appropriate for one's
, lucky piece
Fur general maacot purposes a
white elephant is about as aaliafac
lory as anything one. could choose.
There is nothing exclusive about him.
Like the rain, he patronizes both the
just and the unjust, and he is a ter
ror to evil spirits of all sorts and
varieties, (n the far east he la worn
in all sizes and materials, and the !
more white elephants one ran Intro
duce into household decorations the
urer one is of domestic felicity. The !
-idea miolit 1 n lw A(lnntf bv WMtrrn '
decorators If a frieze of white ele
phant could foil the divorce courts
it would be worth havirur.
The pig, loo. is a fair success as
understudy to one's guardian angel,
and serpents bring blessings; but a
liiard is a boodmj of the most fatal
orl, and the amount of harm being
lone by jeweled lizards is beyond
calculation. Hoot and aho orna
ments, which have become so popu
lar, are also inimical to happiness, and
& for liny be 11a -well, only a brave
and dauntless soul can wear them
und come out with life and morals in
tact. Their tinkling, aa is well nn.
derstood by every student of the
occult, calls up all evil apirita within
hearing, and the wearer of a bell
tmngle lives In a Walpurg-ia Nacht I
crowd. I
The short life and violent death of '
l be arrrage love affair ia intelligible I
when one realizes that hy all the
laws of felichism the exchanging be- ,
tween lovers of hair or any orna
ment in shape of a heart is a sure
token of disnster. Some philsnthro- j
pill should have made a crusade j
in Ixlialf of Ignorant lovers, and have j
-vplained the evil occult influence of
bnir and hearts, in emotional mat- I
era; but men and maids have been '
allowed to rush on their fate un- :
warned. I
The four-lenvcd clover I oar a all its
ttleacy a it good omen w hen it leaven
'lie timid that gathered it; and in- !
Iced no charm green In color ahould
worn, as it is more than likely
ii bring a misfortune in ita wake.
The left hind foot of a graveyard -j
ra!blt that wis caught in the light
ft the moon has its virtues, but no
vllier rabbit's foot is worth pocket
rooni, and even tho powerful piece
'it a rope by which a man haa hanged
liimwlf will bring nothing but ill
luck to the possessor if tha auicide
happened to ba born under the In
snence of Saturn. i
Altogether, the intricacies of the.
nuisrot question are many and devi
ous, and no one ebontd go In foe
charms reckleaaty. Tho twentieth
entnry is, so say the prophets, to lie
speciiilly noted for its fatal ncei-
li-nts; and that being the caae, ms
fits should be in great demaruj, but '
inles-s one has time to study trWhid- !
leu liijsterirs of occult lore it would
i h;i s be safer to slick to tho be- i
l iii and ever amiable white cle
; !-:mt, .'
Knights of Honor Election.
Illinois Lodge, No. 2G3, Knights
of Honor, of Fast St. Louis, has
elected the following officers:
Dictator, L. 8. Crossett; vice di
ctator, George Barton; assistant
dicta or, E C. Cloud, reporter, A,
IS. Warren; financial reporter, W,
A. Dill; treasurer, M. F. Geary;
1-hnplain, II. L. Jackson; guide,
William Petzold, guardian,
t harles Helbrlch; trustees, L. F.
Mooney, C. M. Brown and II.
Haw tha Valac of Cisl U So (!-
Jarae4 ky Adroit Jw
There are tricks in all trades, and the
tricks of the jeweleraare somatinieaao
adroit aa to deceive the most expert
who are unfamiliar with them. Large
rubies can now be made out of small
that would, when cut, take in even an
expert lnpidary if he truated to his eye
only. He must examine with a micro
scope to detect the vamped-up stone.
Some bubble in it are then visible,
that U all. The double refraction, that
irpth of color which is a carecs to the
e ye, and the hardnet are there. The
vamped-up ruby is produced by melt
ing the musU rubies into one. A clever
iVvice of jewelers who go in forcheap-tcm-or
cheating is to set a rose dia
mond on a foundation of paste. The
gold setting bides the joint.
The first application on a lsu-ge scale
r.f this trick took place, not long ago
at llru.ye'.ai A man entered a jeweler's
shop, and, saying he had loot at rou
lette and needed money, at once of
fered for sale his wife' necklace. Tha
price he asked was ouly half the 'ap
parent value. The jeweler examined
it, found the wide refraction of the dia
mond which ia tha cause of those bril
liant fireworks, but at il I was mistrust
ful. "A a you are so hard up," he said, "I
can't do anything. My condition for a
tram-action is this that you leave thi
necklace with me for two days." This
waa agreed to. lie took the first ex
preaa to Paria and whowed th necklace
to some expert. They took part of it
to piecem and discovered the fraud.
The seat of war in the Philip
pines ia so old that it needs patch-log.
W K Kavanaugh Will Act for
Business Mens's League.
W, K. Kavanangb departed last
night from Washington where be
will appear before the River and
Harbor Committee of" the house
as a representative of the Basi
net Men's League. Mr. Kavan
angb will ask that $ 1,000,000 each
yoar for five years be appropriat
ed for the purpose of deepening
the channel of the Mississippi be
tween St. Louis end Cairo. The
committee has set Monday and
Tuesday of next week for a meet
ing. Young Writer (to editor of
newly established journal) If
yon find this little story available
for your columns, 1 don't ask any
pay for it beyond a life subscrip
tion to your paper.
Editor Bat, great goodness,
young man, you may live for 50
Young Writer Oh, I don't
mean daring my life; during the
life of your paper, yon know!
Whiskey never hurt any man in
the world that let it alone.
Probably when more criminals
are committed, less crimes will
be committed.
The modern knight never
deserts a friend in need, never
violates a faith or leaves a woman
iu a bad humor.
One disadvantage of having ua
far flung naval battle line" is that
passing typhoons are liable to tie
knots in it.
"The poorer a man is," says tha
Manayunk Philosopher, "the more
be realizes tha money ia (he root
of all evil."
W orld's Champion.
"I tried many remedies to cure
piles," writes W.S.Smith,ot Lathan,
111., "but found no relief till I used
Bueklen's Arnicr Salve. I have not
been tioubled with piles since.'' It's
the only champion pile oure on earth
and the best salve in the world. 23c
per box,guaranteed by Brown ACo.
,a -
The most effective little liver
pills made are DeWitt's Little
Early Risers they never gripe.
Palace Drug Store.
Purchase a home in your young days
That your old age may be passed in comfort.
Will open his Land Office 4 blocks west of
Court house till he finds a location to suit.
Land Bought. Sold and ExGhange.
Small houses built on short notice; rents collected; property
looked after and necessary repairs kept up. Should you wieh
to purchase a home and and haven't money, come and see me.
Mortgages raised and loans extended. Purchase a home and
your dear little wife will beautify it. Should you wish to buy,
sell, rent or exchange property of any kind, give me a call.
List your property if you wish to Sell, Exchange or Rent.
Money advanced on property placed in my charge. Monej to
Loan. If your are thinking of purchasing lots or a home, call on
our Blocis West or the Court House.
fjooBBOoooomaag ft JJLJJLtJLILtJJUtJJLs JL9-.B. 9 B B B 8 i 8 8 HSLSLSJJUL AAJL8jmJ JlJU
There, has been a great slaugh
ter of deer. in Michigan- 5,000,
of them in twenty two days. If
the season had been longer the
story would have been stronger.
A Clear Complexion,
Is a sign of good health, which is
quickly obtained by use of Hex Tea.
Il purifies the blood, regulates the
kidneys and liver, and enres con
stipation. All druggibts are author
isted. to refund the money in any
case where Rex Tea fails to do
what is ctaimed for it. Price 25c
per package. Nov9 ly
Of course, Marjorie, only sen
sibly men will agree with yoa iq
politics; but it is deplorable how
few really sensible men there are
in the world.
Tfou take no chances when
suffering with a cold, Lagnppe, or
Neuralgia by taking Bromoline. as
it will euro any case in one day.
All druggists are authorized to re
fund your money in any case it
tails to cure. Price 25 cents per
pick age. Remember the name,
Bromoline. Nov9 ly
Ask and receive.
Our Geosge.
C. B. Campbell. Pres., H. B. Johnson, J. T. AC8T, Ass't. Csshier, j
R. K. Woottbs. Jb., Vice Pres., Cashier. U. F. Johnson, Ass't. Cashier. jJJ
S No. 5431.
First National Bank,
Capital ? : . $25,000.00.
if. M. Eourland, C. H. Bessent, S. Bond, E. B. Johnson, A. L. Xail,
R. K. H'ooten,jr., Webb Hendrix, C. H Campbell, H. B. Johnson.
CORRESPONDENTS .Importers and Traders National Bank, New Yorkf Am
erican Nstlonsl Bt.nk, Kansas City, Mo; Boatman's Bank, St Louis, Mo; Farmers
and Mechanics Buck. Fort Worth, Texas.
Our patrons, irrespective ot the size of their accounts, will receive careful and
considerate attention, and liberal accommodation wiil be extended them upon accept,
able collateral.
C. Bohart, President. J. A. BoHART, Cashier.
J. H. Clahk, VlcePresident. ,
J. B. Clark. Ass't Cash
Bank of Chickasha.
Capital. : : : $20,000.00
Offers to Depositors every Facility which their Balances, Busi
ness and Responsibility Warrant.
We are proud to call onr customers' atten
tion to such a corset. VTp know do better.
We can fit yon handsomely at 01. 00, or, if
you wish, a finer quality All are Rust-proof
$1.25, $1.50, $1.75.
Ask to see Warner's RUST-PROOF.
I am very much overstocked with
clothing and overcoats. Anyone
in need of clothing will find it to
their interest to call and examine
our stock before buying.
I am willing to -make an even ex
change for the cash, so come and
get my prices.
J. G. MAYS Propr.

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