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The Chickasha daily express. (Chickasha, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1899-current, December 12, 1900, Image 1

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he Chickasha ' Daily Express
Vol. 1 . ' " ' ' " Chickasha, Indian Territory, Wednesday, Deceember 12. 1900. No. 303
bVshOT For Chickasha First; The Indian TerritorySecond; The World After. EstabfflAn.goo
A. wi-ii- in mi nlwav
iirii!-'. f'r li.i line
pais a fiii r
IT kno v
i it wlieu h live dollar
Khi.e in ii!T 'I n niliilturnnil h liulf
it is not a ti v' I l :i wti .
II- (I it'iii' "xp-i'' sometliinji for
He- know- i ii ii i r shoes ami our
pricstiro exn"l right, and that
ou t .3..r) the Ihki $3 50
8ll , Mi l( f . ; . .' ,
Siti-;fM'iiin. ; s y 'J " " '-,
Thrra !w Yorker. Dig tor a. Fur
tune la Ohio (1 round fCdorta
So Far faille.
peveral years past nt times on the
territorv nhmit tun tmrttifMi.t rf
Upper .Vfitwiu.-ky, (., on the Diiniap
rm cj( ciallv, there lias been an in
' tense frol! excite nu n t ami much pros
pertliijr lias been done. Now comes
i :h tury that three .New Yorkers lime
l'eeii (.'iirifim? at nfrh t wider the diree
:in.i of Mr. Hall. Tradition kivs pu!d
was 1) ( j on the farm years a;ro and
investigation iow proves that this is
not nil founded. It Is Motet! by one
who is nn the inside that upward of
has already been lakennqj the
prosp: rtors have murli confidence in
r bei titrable to locate the $";l,000 reported
It is r -'.ated that many year ngo,
when this was n wilderness infested
uit.h the red men, five men left New !
York state with $.TO,(HX, expecting1 tg
invest that amount in land. Otieni?ht. j
vt hen I hey were encamped rear a spring j
(irnvh.it is now the Dur.lnp farm, three j
were massacred by the savants, the
another Ix-inir cnnturerl. The rsntive.
immediately wn.te tn their . relatives
' descril)iiu' us nenr ns ()osib!e where
Iht ir iiumey was located. Many rffyrts
have 4ueii made ta ttnd the spot, but
mtil now the efforts proved futile.
Orientals as Soldier.
IS'o European nation lias Miceeeded in
holding or com rolling tropica: (Kisses
ions uithouf the aid of native troop.
Moreover, these can be maintained at a
'tilt h l.'iia!!cr cost tliaii white toldiers.
not to rpeak of the great expense of
transportation. two-thirds of thi
..V; to' lCtXrZZ
lection, had over l.l.OOO natives doiiif
nilitary service in the Philippines; and
n..ii. :.. i i .
Knglnnd't success in converting the
I'gyptian fellahs into (food soldier U
another example .of how apparently
jioor material can he utilized.
Old Derda .Nut Taxable.
A The treasury department at Wash-
lojfton has ruled that deeds of convey
ance, mo it ;, is and ussipnments of
iiiort(,'npes executed and delivered
prior to duly 1, istw. and not presented
for record until subsequent to that
lime are not taxable. Persons who
record such papers now will not be
oldiced to affix Mumps unless the pa
. (hts were executed mucc June 80, 1S98.
There was n war tax from September
1, 1S62, until October 1, 1S72, and pa
pers executed within that period must
jit stamped when recorded.
Only Tn o Mrlliodlat I'sprr. I'rofltable.
It cumc out in t he report? of the re-
i rt Mi thotii.-t conference that otilv
afAi'w' S ""'ial Journals o
1 Vdiurcb. published, in (!itT'rrr.t n c
Vlf of the ii. mi , rv umier 1 lie common i
of IS otiicia! lournals of the
n n tiwi
-f the ( hiistinn Acivin-ate, had been
contvueted at a profit. The ret loss, on
tin.' othersh $10S,000 in fouryear had
.Si.en linrne lit. nf in ortifitji nf th
pubiij hlnr buwincse know n us the Hook
t oncern.
A riiotnarniiblc ( heeklnir Clock.
An nppnrultiM that hna at least tlio
merit .f novelty is oni rxliibition in
London. It is dcKic-netr ns a checkinir
iock lo rcconi' the hour of the nrrivnl
of, citipluves nt their place of work.
The novelty, consists in a sensitized
lihot'oKrnpliie ribbon at tnelicMo clock
ork. Kadi employe, ns he or she nr
tins, ressH the button of thei tim-
Line uud iunu'Hliulely his or her
phntnprnph, together with a plioto
ejraiilv of the clock showirv tho mo
uei of nrrivnl, is impressed on the
"vrtT,!e riblwm. H is f.ni.1 tliut the.
photnfrrnpliu can l- nint'c nt. the. rnte
of I'Va tuituite. Youth's Companion.
Justice Harlan HandsDown
The Decisolon in That
Holds That the Choctaws
Ceded Their Title to the
'Government in 1861"
The Iic'servation is a Tart of the
Old Leased District Lying Be
'tween Red River awl. tbe ,
Cauadiun River
Washington, Doc. 10. The
Uuiu-il States . supreme - court
today rendm-d au opinion in tbe
e'aiui of the. . Wichita, Choctaw
uud Chickasaw Indians in connec
tion with tho old Wichita reserva-
llou J usncc llurlan handing down
iho oj-'iniou. la 1801 the luiliabir
made a trca'y with' the Cuitcd
states overnmeut ceding the
Wichita reservation and agreeing
lo lake 1G0 acres of land in
severalty. They then claimed
that they were entitled to the
procoeds of the "Borplns land.
The court of claims sustained the
contention of the Iudiaus Lot
todaj 'a opinion reverses that po
sition, tho supreme court holding
that in the treaty of 18GI the
Choctaws had uiade an absolate
' 6Sslon of the landa included
the. i reservation, The court alfto
remanded the case to the court of
ciaiuis with directions to liMniss
tin claims of the Choctaws and
the Chickasaws and to fix such
loiupeusation to the Wichitas as
is consistent with law.- The res
ervation is a part of the old leas-
f dislrict of 7,500.000 acres lying
".'T I . "" "
between the Bed river and the
'anadian river and the 9Sth and
100th degree of. west longitude.
Want Peimanent Commiitco.
Guthrie, O. T, Dec. 10. A
special to the Capitol from South
McAlester eays: Tho Binglo State
hood convention met here in the
opera houBe at 2 o'clock this after
noon. D. C. Lewis of Oklahoma
City read tbe call. 13.13. J3ral
foid of Ardmore was made tem
porary chairman and C F. John
son of Pawnee secretary. C. E.
Castlo of Wagoner was electe'l
permanent chairman ; Vl II. Greer
of Guthrie secretary, t and i). V.
Craig of South Ale Alios ter asais
tant secretiiry. ....
Twelve delegatos from each ter
ritory were appointed a committee
on resolutions, as follows: '
Indian Territory S 13. I3rad
fold, ArcUiiore; J.'S'Mlardy, So.j
McAlester; J. W. Uocker, Pur
CiU: At Mi' Dawson, Chickasha;1
C. E. McPherson, Caddo; C. 13.J
Dood. .Wiilmrton; 8. E. Al ei s,V
Okmulgee; J II Swotfer.1,. Al
len; Dr. Ilk hartlf, Lnnioy; LW-4
Howe, Lebanon; William Jackson
Wagoiici,-. Henry Ansley, - ilcAl
ester. :".
Oklalionin-.lL 13. Forrest, El
Ilcao; K. ' W, , JJrtwer, Norman;
Lincoln Mckinley, New kirk; 11.
13. Gilstm , chandler; P. S. Na
gle, KiiigGsbor; F. II. Greer.
Guthrie; Lewis Davis, Perry; 1).
C. Lewis Oklahoma City; D. W.
IkllarJ, I'awlreeTr''f,'nian
Miller, Stillwater; J. A. Baker,
McLoud; 11. A. L'illups, Moun
tain View.
It "was voted to constitute a
permanent single, statehood com
mittee composed of " nine from
each territory, and the . ch4ri;iu
and secretary of this convention.
1 here are present 350 delegates
abouf half from'eaob tcrritorv-A
lleduced rates to XJklahomn City
for tho annual confcrenccyvf Seventh
Di.y Adventists, December 19tb to
24th, 1900. Tickets will be on sa.le
at rate of $2.C; for the round trip
on Dec. lOtli to' 21th, good, to re
turn up to rnd including Dec. 27.
, . J. F. KlMMKlil.V,
Loral Bgent.,
a - r -Srs-: rs ir r 4
NO l CE!
Purchase a home in your young days
t That your old age may he passed in comfort.
. , 4 , Will open his Land Office 4 blocks west of
j Court house till he finds a location to suit.
Land BoJght.. Sold ana Exchange.
"j Sniall hou-es built ph short notice; rents collected; property
" looked niter and necessary repairs kept up. j. Should you wish
' ' to purchase a home and and haven't" money," come and. see me.
' " Jlortg'ac'tn raiswl and loans extendetU-Purchase a homeland',, s
'. i your dear little wie will beautify it. Should you wish to buy,
. " sell, rent or excLange property of any kind, gi7e me a call.; .
, List your property if you wish to Sell. Exchange or Rent. ,
. i .t ... Money d vaoeed on property placed in my charge. Monei to
" '"" """ ,r " Loan. If ymirare thinking of purchasing lots or a home, call on
-VouJliisWlisftftlieConrtEoE :' ROBT.
. 5 v- rnmSS' MC e j
a i 11 -y 7-
Teacher's Me-ting as Gu hn
Dttceuibcr 2Cth tu.29lh the 11. .
IsJand will self iickots to Guthrie,
O.'T.j'ttnd re'ttirnt rato -of oi.e4
and onelhird iaes for tho round
trip, commencing Dec. 2f.th and
up to aud Jmcljiling Dec. "Din,
IdygcVi liturn'Jariobry 1st,
luoi; --" ;" 'r' : '-':"' -
Call at the Depot Ticket Office
for particulars. V -
' l'- ' r ' Agent; '
A physician, who certainly knew
What was best for an invalid blue,
, ' Struck a life-saving caper
By prescribing wall paper
Of a tkeeifui and fiiusliiny hue,
And he went to Town end's and
was filled out wiih the proper lint,
and the invalid is doing business as
usual, rf - -- "' v :' '
( - ""NOTICE. f
'.The regular, annual meeting of
the shareholders of the First Na
tional Bank will be held at its hank
ing rooms atChtckasha or. Tuesday,
tbe 8th day of January, 1'JOl, be
tween the hours of 10 and t o'clock,
if II B, Jouxso-s.jCasuier.
mmi "
,.r'! r.rc proud to call or.7 cuctoiacrs' n! rr
Uou to such a coruct. vVe knuw no Ir'.lor.
AVccin lit yen h.uideomcly at G ! -CO. o.-, 1.'
I ou wi Ji, a Uncr quality- All aro l.ust proof
"at $1.25, $1.50, $1.75.
Ask to soo Warr.e.-'s RUST-PRCOS'
o o o o o o o o oin
C. B. Campbeuu Pres.,
K. K. Wootten. Jb., Vice Pres.,
H. B. Johnson,
No. 5431.
First National Bank,
Capital . . . $25,000.00.
R. .V. Bonrland, C IT. Bessent. R. Bond, E. B. Johnson, A. L. Xail,
R. K. Woolen, jr.. Webb Uendrix, C. B Campbell, . B. Johnson.
CORRESPONDENTS Importers aiid Traders National Bunk, New York; Am
erican National Bi.nk. Kansas City, Mo; Boatman's Bank, St Louis, Mo; Farmers
and Mechanics Bank. Fort Worth, Texas.
Our patrons, irrespective of the size of their accounts, will receive careful and
considerate attention, and liberal accommodation wiil be extended them upon accept
able collateral.
J c Boh art. President. J. A. Bohart, Cashier. J. B Cr.ABK. Ass't Cash
J. H. Ci-AHK, Vlcel'resident. , W. A. Uohakt, Ass't Cush
. ... ' ESTXBLIBHEO 189.
Bank of Chickasha; ;
Capital, : : : $20,000.00
Offers to Depositors every Facility which their Balances, Busi
ness and Responsibility Warrant.
I am very much overstocked with
clothing and overcoats. Anyone
in need of clothing will find it to
their interest to call and examine
our stock before buying.
I am willing to -make an even ex
change for the cash, so come and
get my prices.
J. G. MAYS Piw.
- " -
J. T. Aust, Ass't. Cashier,
B. F. Johnson, Ass't. Cashier.

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