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The Chickasha daily express. (Chickasha, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1899-current, December 13, 1900, Image 1

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The ChlkaSha Daily Express
Established 1892.
For Chick asr st; The h
Thursday, Deceember 13. 1900.
No. 304
i rrft
Second; The World After.
Established Janu&ry I, 1900
i i ri i
Only eighteen members answer
ed to rull tail at Mrs. Morgan
Hamilton' yesterday afternoon.
knowing everything worL
ing, yet lacked knowledge iV
gard to the 6hip of state and itd
technology. Mrs. Biggers pre-
'ted wit
ti x a a a a a"a x -----tt -r -,
t-n-Ji x -"-""woogoQgoooooooooa80000890 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 0 4553533flB8S8605aBBOfl3
r anil
r. c t i-s i iai w , c
-sb i mi in i w i
Those New, .'
Patet Leather,
3 Bar Strap,
French Heel,
Evening Slippers,
i II i l
Are the Swellest
That's Happened,
London. Dec. -Considerable ir
ritation ru aroused daring to
day's debate in the bouse of com
mons, ou supply, sir Robert T.
Keid, ,. C, liberal member for
Dumfries Bargbs, paioted a
gloomy picture of the condition
in South Africa. He said tbat
after 14 mouths of war costing
i'.'00,HW per raontb. anarchy
was prevalent and famine threat
encd, an. this may In- followed
ly a native raising. An attempt
to place the colonics under the
military tule, ht said would im
peril the i erj tttlttfM c of toe
i uipire. He thought the time had
arrived for offering the Boers
t rms not consistent witb British
oiiiiuion. All ideas of nocon
ditiousl surrender should he dis-
'antes tirjc. iit.h -- .
In similar liues. He suggested
granting general amnesty (o the
Boers uow in arms as legitimate
omhatauts. The
Mr. Urjce aUo sai
Be entrusted to 8ir
who was the obj
universal distrust,
least half the qiieei
i.utb Africa.
Of tue twelve absentees, three 'seated the lesson admirably, and
d:!!t from town, and nine , by suggestion and tjti?etioD, helped
etx-iecy out ol several sloughs
of 'of despond. The telephone was
kept busy until it gave out asking
questions of editors, lawyers and
other great men.
It is an acknowledged fact each
member learned more yesterday
afternoon about I'nited State gov
ernment than tliey had ever known
The paper prepared and read
by Mrs. Clay Donovan on "Art
ists of America' was admirable
and interesting, and received many
compliments. Owing to the late
ness of the hour at this point in
the program, current topic and
critic's report wan omitted .
Adjourned to meet on next
Wednesday afternoon, Mrs. H. B.
Johnson, hostess, when a paper
on "Noted Churches and Homes,"
will lie read by Mrs. B. P. Smith.
A review of the "Life of Our
Master," will bf given by Mrs.
J. W. Light.
ifere kept at home by indisposi
tion of themselves or members
the family.
Mr-. Riddle was to hve enter
tain' i the society yesterday at her
home, bat recent news of her
mother's alarming condition made
a change of plan advisable. Mrs.
Riddle's alienee and her moth 'a
Illness were much regretted.
Pre-i t, Mr.-. Riggers, called
the house together at the usual
Boll call. Quotations. Bead
ing minutes of previous meeting
by secretary, Mrs. Mather'. Mrs.
Mnther? read by request of the
president the 'flub notes" from
the Oklahoma Times-Journal, the
department edited by Mrs.
Douglas. Cusine-s, new and
old. Committees. Past com
mittee pot yet able to gire
:t report. Mrs. liamel, chairman
on register for constitution, bylaw-,
snd siamatures of members,
reported that the liook would be
ready at next meeting.
Mrs. M. B. I.outhan recited a
tbort etu, "Mother and Child."
Mr-. L. sesses natural recita
tive jumer to an unusual degree,
and cultivation has developed a
manner at once charming am! en
tirely di lb rent from the common
acceptation of elocution.
Some men arc regular in their
babils. bnt their habits sre irre
regular. Kvery girl is as pretty as a pic
tare, bat seldom as pretty as her
own picture.
Purchase a home in your young days
That your old age may be passed in comfort.
Will open his Land Office 4 blocks west of
Court house till he finds a location to suit.
Land Bought. Sold and Exchange.
Small houses built on short notice; rents collected; property
looked after and necessary repairs kept up. Should you wish
to purchase a home aud and haven't money, come and see me.
Mortgages raised and loans extended. Purchase a home and
your dear little wife will beuutify it. Should you wish to buy,
6ell, rent or exchange property of any kind, give me a call.
List your property if you wish to Soil, Exchange or Rent.
Money advanced on property placed in my charge. Mone; to
Loan. If your are thinking of purchasing lots or a home, call on
w Mr Blocb West of tie Court House
btn.a.8 8a.iaa9.gaaaaa imJuuuiajLgJULiLO tjujuia. tLgJLOJUgJULajuuuua a ijj
It is the tnuu
of sour grapes i
who baa
Slate (toy ernment
I, -shon.d not
Ufred Miluer,
ct of slmoal
including at
a subjects in
h cball
'nts reg
staled, -he ws
rial, ate, .
V . - 1 ' -
to reasons already
l unaMe to pNgiafl
: turned iata, mate
to our president,
The lesson was full
Alfred Mdner. bir uoueri
Beid's sjteecb. Mr. Broderick
Merieu was impracticable, un
wise and tnischievioos. The gov
ernment was perfectly williog to
otter terms of snrrender, so long
:a it could not be interpreted as
I ri of of weakness and thereby
imir a Drolotiirntttiou of the
Luerilln warfare. ,
Hyde park Lsa a tamilv of
i 1 iscopalians. Of coarse tkere
are other faailies of the same
f iu tbat r.art of the city, but
B . . .
family is the interested is
Ibis rate. T! o family consists of
father, mother and .1 small bnt
and i-otnplete; many questions
had U-cn prepaml by Mrs. Bidtile
to lie answered b memlier of the
chili, ami it wa really surprising
the amount of 'Slon't know" de
veloped about matter wuicn we
imagine! we could tell off-hand.
It was also discovered by several
ladies that their husbands, who
The yonaii man who keep his
needs an eye opener.
"some men." aaye the Maua
yunk l'hilosopher, 'are euongb
to make a monkey blush for
ahame at Darwin's theory of
011 want a laugh. Then save
your money aud go to see the
ministiels Nitnrday night.
Ten thousand more spindles
will soon be added to the capac
ity of the Denison cotton mill.
This wilt make 25,000 spindles in
all. A small town peopled by
null operatives surrounds the
cau-n , plant and more houses are in
ourse of construction. I he peo
le of Denison have fouud that it
a s to kave a cotton mid and
liey find the larger the mill the
tt loo
t it ( AursaiL Pre... H B Jonoti. J, T. Act. Ass't. Cashier,
B-IC Woorant. t -.-p.- ci-uier. H. F. Josnsq Aasl.CaskUr, S
No. 5431.
First National Bank,
Capital .' .' . $25,000.oo. ;
ter ;
land, C. H. Pcttnt. K, Bond, K.
,,fv ir . ic4 E'ndriz. C Cc
A 1. Xail,
A physician, who-.- .
What w as best for an invalid Bttre.
Struck a Bfc saving caper
By prescribing wall pair
Of a cheerful and sunshiny bue.
And be went to Townend's and
was tilted out with the proper tint.
and the invalid is doing business as
Tbe regular innual meeting of1
the shareholders of the First Kg-J
1 C B. HH
er. i Z.ClJUt. Ass'tCawb
Reeliiced rales to Oklaboiou C
for the annual i-onference.ot Bevel
Day AUentitu, December I'-tth to x-l0n Bank will be held at its bank
Mtb. 0H). Tickets will be on sale, ing rooms atChickasba on Tuesday.
I A . . m t 1 liAl ha
ni.nri4i;.-, for the round trio tbe M!i iay 01 .isnuarj .
on Dec. Iftk to 2Uk. good tore-i
turn to rod including Dec. 2.
J. P. Kimweklt, , Don't forget the
Local Bgent. urday night.
tween the honrsof 10 ar.d 4 o'clock.
II B. Joukson, Cashier.
ministrels Sat-
Bank of Chickasha,
Capital. : $20,000.00
Offers to Depositors every Facility which their Balances, Busi
ness and responsibility Warrant.
sunda) morning the fath
sdown town to be shaved
the danghter supposes, to
church. A few Minda
I - anily the little tot was on bis1
knee asking for a kiss. As her
It i nest was granted she said
"IHwldy. this is communion Snn
tl.i.i . isn t it?"
No, my child," was the pater
Lai answer, "commanion Sunday
doesn't come for two weeks yet.
Whj did yon thiuk so, dear?"
-Cause.' answered Miss Wis
dom. "your breff smells jeslike it
1 t once before when yon said it
wai commnuion Sunday."
Dh. vet. or darline, T think
i mine. Brother
great ah vex-
He not only
RU3s 1
$1.25, $1.50. 51.75.
Ask t see Warner's RUST-PRXJF
I am very much overstocked with
clothing and overcoats Anyone
in need oi clothing will find it to
their interest to call and examine
our stock before buying
I am willing to make an even ex
change for the cash, so come and
get my prices.
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