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ie Chickasha Daily Express.
1IAWM (i R ANLEK, Publishers.
Salvation Minii, Hi., v,,, .,, Prayers
I Sermons rhsrarter of the Aodlent
Work Dour by the Lutlti What I lie
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nd a heart. welei uno , and among the ' during the time of service. But even
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el, delivered without the least I practical principle plainly in view they
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irks of charity
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a hungry mm
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;y or practical step
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fore, mi - it. .on-... in i i
the I first and then preaching to him. They
ee is employment 1- not likely to hearken I
rule, readily to good advi unaccompanied j
ring by substantial aid. They understand
leca. I that the ragged t'-amp lacks nc-lf-re- '
the a- thi - til. ami it tmiu tliat the toninT '
It must be in c nnfort. temporarily at !
A Magnificent Monument t be Ewitl
10 William I.
Under Instructions Iron the Em- i
peror of Germany Prof. Reinhold !
I:. oae of the leading sculptors
of Europe, to executing a national
mi i .in ii. to n 1.1 v i. or ueny t.xr.
memorial to the first Emperor of the
confederated fatherland, William L
The monument will 1 e one of the
finest, if not the Quest public monu
ment in Europe and will be erected
opposite the old Hohciizollern I'alaee
in Berlin. The monument will be
nearly 70 feet in height, the pedestal
resting on a broad foundation on
which will be placed at the four cor
ners allegorical figures of lions in
bronze. The corners of the pedestal
are to be supported by four figures of
victory. The tablet will contain a
suitable Inscription, above which will
be the Imperial insignia of the Order
of the Black Eagle upon the pedestal.
The venerable Emperor, William I,
will be represented riding in full
military dies, his horse's bridle be
ing held by an heroic figure.
Thus will be arranged the central
portion of the monument. But the
general view will be very different,
for almost surrounding the statue
will be a colonnade, constructed so as
to form Ave sides of an octagon, with
the sides behind the statue longer
than the others. The entrance to
each end of the colonnade Is through
an archway surmounted by a warrior
driving a chariot with four horses,
while emblematic figures at intervals
relieve the monotony of the top part
of the colonnade. The statues in the
niches, both on the inside and the
outside of the rows of pillars, will
represent various rules of Prussia and
the German States and the great
commanders of the German Imperial
Army, as well as the leading public
men of the time of the first William.
The Woman Who Has Tact.
There is nothing that carries a
woman so far toward tl. goal of so
I cial success as tact She may not
! possess those qualities necessary for
j leadership, but she will have no dif
ficulty in securing so firm a foothold
that she need hare no dread of a
greater power dawning upon the so
cial horizon. The reason for this is
that In teality tact is but another
word for goodness of heart, and In
nate kindness to all must be the key
stone that the woman of the world
builds the castles of her ambition
The tactful woman always says and
does the right thing at the right
time. She never wounds by these
gauchcries which all unintentionally,
yet nevertheless painfully, remind us
of things we had rather have forgot
ten, or tells us unpleasant truths
that are no less bitter because we
know that there is no denying them.
Tact pat-sea over every faux pas
and somehow manages
them into something pica
the embarassed perpetr;
to convert
hing peasant before
perpetrator has a
a blush at his own
All graces of mind
chance to rais-;
and body seem embodied in that one
word, for a woman may be painfully
plain, yet With this virtue she be
comes radiantly lovely In the eyes of
those whom her consummate art has
re-t unl from -;ne dire strait. She
may be poor, but to those about her
the richness of her nature atones for
the lack of worldly wealth. Her
gowns may be dowdy, but as she
dwells among us she appears to be
clothed in garments of radiant light,
and it would be a h ave spirit Indeed
that dared to cavil at the makeup of
' a woman whose gracious presence and
tactful spirit had spared them many
a period of embarassmcnt Above
all virtues cultivate tict. for in it lies
the secret of all others.
Considerate Father.
Doctor Story, the father of
the I
man o
kindliness One illustration of his
method nf family government indi
cates that lie must have been greatly
beloved for his sympathy with boyish
One evening after the family bad
gone to bed the elder hoys rose,
I fireplace
mtrv. an
in .: dismay, a knock
about the
. The fa
r. and in a
:ig a lamp, j
e leg of a hoy protruding from
ider a table. Without a word he
the Are
their fun. He advised hi wife t
discourage such raids in1 the future,
though he h d not the heart to put
an end to siich hearty enjoyment
when It was actually in progress. j
Youth's Companion.
Why Fish Have White Bellies.
There is no phenomenon of nature
that escapes the investigating eye of
science. In England .hey have late
ly Leen exper. mention with lloi'nders
in order to determine whether the
whiteness of the under sides of those
Ash is due to the exclusion of light,
and the presence of color on their
upper sides to exposure to light.
They have kept the tlsh experi
mented upon living in a glass tank
having a mirror placed beneath, su
as to reflect light upon the under
sides of the tlsh.
One of these prisoners has sur
vived for three years under condi
tions so strangely different from its
ordinary habits of life, and all of
them have exhibited the development
of spirts of pigment on their lower
The experimenters have concluded
that it Is exposure to light that
cause the coloration of the upper
parts of the bodies not only of
flounders but of other tlsh, aud con
versely, that it Is to the comparative
absence of light that the whiteness
of the under sides of tlsh is due.
They extend the same principle to
explain the colniless c ndition of the
skins of many animals that pass all
their lives in caves.
It- tilorles Departed.
Donnybrook Is on the outskirts of
the city of Dublin, but Iionnybrook
fair ground is no longer the friendly
fighting ground of former days.
Once the teuts made of wattles, with
patchwork quilts or blankets or old
petticoats spread over t,hem, held
rows of tables made of doors placed
on mounds of clay. The benches,
too, rested on the same uncertain
foundation and when the young Irish
men grew unsteady the bench sent
them all down to the floor. Out on
the green there was fighting and
sports and at night the Addles played
Jigs to; the jolly young people. It
appears from the accounts given by
the strangers who visited Donnybrook
almost a hundred years ago that
there was good reason for the world
wide meaning given to the mere ex
pression " Donnybrook Fair." But
Its glories have departed and it to
many a long day since the cheerful
shillaly was wielded around Donny- j
brook castle.
Career v'a Famous Detective.
Vldocq, the great French detective,
was born in Arras in 1775. He bsgan
life as a baker and early became the
terror of his companions by his
athletic frame and violent disposi
tion. At the same time he was a
notorious thief, and after many dis
graceful adventures he enlisted In the
army. In 179i he returned to Paris
with some money, which, however,
he soon squandered. Next he was
sentenced at Lille to eight years' hard
labor for forgery, but reieatedly es
caped, and in 1P08 he became con
nected, with the Paris Police as a
detective. His previous career en
abled him to render Important
services, and he was appointed chief
of the safety brigade, chiefly com
posed of reprieved convicts, which
purged Iirls of the many dangerous
classes. In 1 HJ 8 he received a full
pardon, and his connection with this
service lasted until about 1828, when
be settled at St. Mande as a paper
manufacturer. Soon after the revo
lution of 1 Ifl he became a political
detective, but with little su cess. In
1848 he was again employed under
the republican government, but he
died peiinlless In 1857. Commercial
t'tlllty r the tiourd.
One begins to encounter the gourd
as a domestic utensil about one hun
dred miles south of Mason and Dixon's
line, where the local pronunciation
is something like goord. The dipper
and snap dish made from the gourd
go along witn the old well-sweep and
the plantation dwelling with separate
"quarters." K skillful negro can
fashion marvelously graceful and
convenient utensils from the gourd.
The dipper is the simplest of all.
For it th manufacturer chooses a
gourd with a round body and a
natural han ile. A disk is cut from
the br.dy, the meat Is taken from the
gourd, the shell is carefully dried,
and you have a dipper that will last
for months, perhaps for years. Spoons
of excellent shape ami durability may
be made from the gourd, as also
cream skimmers and the like.
Pennsylvania Forests Disappearing.
Dr. Joseph T. Rothrock. the bot
anist of the State Forestry Commis
sion, has been working for two weeks
in the licking Cieek region in Mifflin
and Center Counties, and finds that
there are only abont twenty-two
cubic feet of merchantable timber to
the acre In all that district of 180
square miles, which was once a great
forest. Dr. Rothrock believes that
his surveys and estimates will result
tngements for taking care of the
midland. One of L's favorite ideas
. the plan of establishing forest sani
mums, s .eh as the Adirondack
sgion In New York, where the pub
c ma go for the health-giving rest.
-Philadelphia Press.
The Arabs have a superstition that
ie stork has a human heart. When
Be of these birds hulids its nest on
housetop they believe the happi
est or that household Is insured for
iiat year.
Many Odd, i irlous. and LavachsbLc Phases
of Honiaa Nature Graphically Portrayed
by 1 hi i lie ut Word Artists of Our Own Dsy
A Btadfet of Fan.
Sprinkles of Hpk-fs
Whisky that Is in bond cannot be
bailed out. Galveston News.
Sobkows are, of course, preserved
in the family jar. Plain Dealer.
Fi.yim, machines would prove more
profitable if they came higher.
Pittsburg Post.
The valley-dlctorian generally
strives for the heights of eloquence.
Yonkers Gazette.
Some men never cut much of a Ag
ure until they have been made an
example of. Troy Press.
Ttie balance of trade In the skirt
dancing business has again turned in
our favor. Washington Post.
Appropriately enough in many
cas -s the husbands of grass widows
are straw men. Philadelphia Times.
Romeo was so madly in love that it
was no wonder he gave the core of
his heart to the apple of his eye.
Ruffalo Courier.
The Chicago papers are trying to
give Thouias lcs-ons in music, but he
appears t;i take no note of them.
Indianapolis News.
"I'm not in it," murmured the
crinoline girl as she gazed at the
hoopskirt In a prominent store.
Philadelphia Record.
It is a long lane that has no turn
ing, but the broker who is on the
outside often finds it hard to get
around the corner. Ruffalo Courier.
Suitor 1 have come, sir, to ask
you to give me your daughter's hand.
Paterfamilias Why, sir, when I last
saw it, it was in your possession.
The West will blow. It now tries
to offset the big horsefly of the East
by referring to the housefly comm n
there In the cyclone season. Phila
delphia Times.
Beatrice I h?ar that Mr. Sapley
is suffering from brain-fever. Jones
1 guess not. He hasn't the raw
material necessary for brain-fever.
Brooklyn Life.
While a division fence isn't the
most sensational or exciting thing in
the world it frequently furnishes the
neighbors something to talk over.
Buffalo Courier. ,
Mother Children, have you said
your prayers? Tilly Yea, mamma!
"You were very quick about It" "I
prayed one half and Daisy the other."
Texas Si f tings.
Tine Debutante (aside) How many
verses shall I sing? The Professor
Do you want an encore? The Debu
tant Of course. The Professor
One. Boston budget
Dideleigh "You don't know
what you are talking about when you
call me a donkey." Miss Kitty
Fresh "Yes, I do. I used to own a
donkey." Brooklyn L'fe.
Biuoos What did you tell your
wife when you got home 60 late Tues
day night? Brags I told her she
was the sweetest woman in the
world. Indianapolis Journal.
HorsEKLOT "This scare is non
sense. The country Is all right."
Putencall "Don't doubt It; but
what's troubling me is how to get
money enuiigh to enjoy It" Vtgue.
Mrs. Timmins (to her caller) Yes,
I was connected with the Board of
Lady Managers. Mr. Timmins (who
has entered unperceived) Hsh.
Maria! Let the dead past be for
Congressman Boatner Is the fast
est talker in the House, so much so
that the stenographers And many a a
impediment in his speech after they
have taken it down. Philadelphia
Jeuseyuan --"Monmouth county
has several voters over a hundred
years old." Stranger "Wei:! Well!
Not many railroad crossings at grade
there 1 presume." New York
An eminent physician says it is
often dangeious to lie on the right
side, it is air unnecessary. Auy
political speaker or writer knows the
wrong side needs the lying, If any.
Buffalo Courier.
"This check is wrong. My beef b
down for fltty cents, when the bill of
fare sajsfortv." "You ordered it
rare, sir." -Well, what If I did?"
"You've got to pay for raieties, sir."
Harper's Bazar.
Carltok Gates "Are you so hard
up?" Tiamp "Hard up? Why,
boss, If suits of clothes wuz selliti' at
1 cent a piece I wouldn't have
enough to buy the armhole of a vest"
Smith. Gray & Co Monthly.
Tommy's Mother P-haw. Tommy.
You oughtn't to have been frightened
because the yacht rocked a little.
Look at Little Cousin Nellie; she
wasn't scared a bit Tommy No
wonder: she had me there to look
after her.
Lawyer What change did you
first notice in the patient as a result
of his acquiring the cigarette and
and then
shirt?. C
her grandmother as
thought of it "
In t you
very i
man did all the
other man cam'
the money. " H
achieved where
this name has
l with a nlaini
an assemblage
less cm,'
and got all

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