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a ant Asi iA,
fcfen sinners are not satisfied w!t
lie wages they receive.
Around the world in nine and one
talf minutes it not so slow.
Somel linos a Greek cabinet doesn't
ven wait for the first pay-day.
By this time Admiral Cotton must
ear "the (smile, that won't" etc.
Glass 1b goinff to he higher. Look
)tit for the windows, ye players of
Mie old rati
On second thought King I'eter Is
Srnily opposed to regicide as a polit
ical expedient.
What a pity nature did not furnish
lornetlilng as good as tobacco that
would tot be harmful.
I-aitreate Austin has Just written a
Srania which is every bit as good as
tvytuin; be ever wrote.
Sir Thomas I.lpton may not have
brought over a winning yacht, but be
)ti!I lias that winning smile.
No one would object to a judicious
merger of the 8oJc in the West with
the forest fires In the Kasl.
New York society women am wear
ing men's boBe. and, strange to say,
the men are raining no objections.
Lieut. I'eary announce attain that
he is filling to lead another polar ex
pedition. Li it nobody seems to notice.
It now looks as If Sir Thomas would
once more have to rerrosa the herring
ponu iu a i-ueenui urn. cup. ess couai-
The Worcester Evening Gazette
eonvle-t Itself of lee majesto by
speaking of "the kid potentate of
Spain. "
The man with his ear to the ground
may hear more than other people, but
the trouble is be hear too mm h that
is cot so.
No, It wasn't a papyr away out in
Kansas or Arizona, but the Boston
Herald that said, "Mr. Sankey is now
out of sight."
toiomuia porsmiy tears mat it it i
bad that tio.ooo.oou in it safe a(
doen revolutions would be af'er It '
before morning. !
William Zimmerman attempted to
loop the loop ou roller sk.iten at In
dianapolis last Monday. The fool
killer as present.
China now bas the pleasant alterna
tive of dcldlng whether It prefers to
be drubbed by the Anglo-Japauere
Ilance or by Hnssla.
Yoj msy have noticed that It Is
always a boy or a man who dies of
lockjaw. The female sex Is too strong
tor the tetanus germ .
The I-ondon I.aucet advises par-1
enta not to have a fat baby. What
would the lancet have them do with
the child? Give It away?
A Denver woman bas written a book
which 1 intended as a reply to Mary
Marline's warm work. Why poke up
the dead, especially In this hot weath
r? Th fool and his money are eoon
parted. But the fool usually has money
to be parted from, and It' mighty sel
dom you'll find the wise man o well
Jim Corbet t. uses a punching bag
tilled with 2i!5 pound of sand, and
Bob FtUsiruroon say that all the
aand Corbett ha la In this bag.
Gon. Casslu M. Ciay 1 thought to
Im craiy because he love his wife
who ha twice deserted him. We
can't uMrstand why the lady doesn't
file an Indignant protest.
The sooner a man understand
after he gets married that hi rela- J
ttonship to his house is the same a
cashier to bi business firm, the
greater a success he w ill be as a good I
kiisband, I
In deciding that the quick-lunch j
res'aurant patron may eat with hisi
hat on the New York court wa tak !
Ing reasonable ground. What time)
baa the American business man toi
take off his hat before eating?
Scientists say death is In Iced tea.
nd advise that water at a tempera
ture of about 65 degree Is the only
thing to drink in hot weather. How
about thore Ice-cold springs we used'
to dip it from when we were boys?
Is a girl as modest as she looks? It
la the question which has driven many
an old bachelor to strong drink, and
then remained as much as an Insoluble
mystery as it was when Atiatn first
came face to fa e with it and passed
it tip to posterity.
The automobile if no longer to be
c-lnsed as "so Kngtish. you know,"
.lohn Bull having decided to for bid ex
Jiiliirions of speed on the public high
ways, ai he prefers to have his sub
lect.i maimed in foreign' wars instead
tt mangled for fun at home. j
M. Sa:itos Dnniont lias been taking!
tip children for a ride In his airship.!
Jt is pleasant to be told that a plucky j
Amciiean bo". 10 years old. was tht!
first to ta:e a trip above the trees.
When the Mml Mullah recovers he I
wiil probably ?wear off as far as'
Abyssinian nie concerned and in
future Bi'.M only usaicst the Uriiish
Instead of advertising that it is the
coo!et place In the country some
si, 'inner re: ort will make a bit by nd
iTtii:ti; 1'iat it is Uie vxtruuiL
The above statue, representing
"Virginia Mourning Her Dead," was
recently unveiled at the Virginia Mil-
! itllrv inxrltute Lexincton. Va. It is
erected on the campus of the grounds
, , , .,. f,
in the battle of Newmarket, Va., May
15, lSfit. It was executed and pre
sented by Sir Moses Ezeklel, an
Assassination or Abdication th Lot
Of the Majority.
Assassination tempered by abdica
tion such has been the fate of most
llaikan rulers. Since the Balkan peo
ples were emancipated King Otho of
i Greece, Prim e C'u?a of Roumanla,
I Prince Alexander of Bulgaria, Prince
Alexander Karageorgevilch and King
' Milan of Servla- have been forced to
abdicate, while Prince Danilo of Mon
tenegro, Prince Michael, King Alex
ander and Queen Draga of Servla, as
well as Kara George, the Servian lib
erator, have been murdered. In addi
tion attempts were made on the lives
of the late Queen Alitalia and King
George of Greece, as well as on the
late King Milan of Servla. Out of the
sixteen Balkan rulers who have held
sway during the last century four
alone two Montenegrins and Milosh
Obrenovitrh I and the short lived Mi
lan Obrenovitch II of Servla died
peacefully on their thrones, while four
are nllll alive. The remaining eight
were all murdered or expelled and
even Mflosh Obrenovitch was once
compelled to abdicate temporarily.
United 6tate Squadron Cets Cordial
Reception at Portsmouth.
Tho American squadron under Rear
Admiral Cotton arrived at Ports
mouth, Kngland. July 7, and wa given
a hearty and no!y reception by a
formidable British fleet or warships.
The American warships entered
Portsmouth harbor, pausing through
the line of the British warships,
which fired Balutes. This compliment
was returned by the Kearsarge. and
It consorts, which were escorted to
their berth In the Inner harbor.
Official calls were then exchanged
by Lord Charles Ueresford, Admiral
Milne and Rear Almiral Cotton. The
entertainment was robbed of the spec
tacular character of the ceremonies
at Kiri. slice King Edward, unlike
v , ,'.
if A.
the German emperor, was unable to
be present.
Rei- Admiral Cotton returned some
of tiie courtesies extended to the
American squadron by giving
a recep
J illy
I I.
dinner on the Kearsatae
Miles May Live in Texas.
It is said that after hlr retirement
I fn.ni the army Lieut. Gen. Miles will
h make his permanent home in either
J Louisiana or Texas. He has recently
! been looking oer these nates with
the view of purchasing sn estate upon
j which he may spend the declining
j years of his life in ease and comfort,
j Should the general decide to locate
I in the south it will tve largely because
i ot ex -Gov. Hogtt's efforts. The big
ican anu me n,ti sumier t.ave been
i lesc friends for mnnv vcais.
Compliment to the President.
The Now Jersey Historical society
has elected President Roosevelt a life-
member. He is the first president of
the I'nit d Sta.es to be thus honored,
althmi'-h Vice I'lesldent Hob.irt was
a bfe member, mid Mrs. Hobart, his
viiiovv. is one of the honorary vice
Gratitude of a Veteran.
Thomas Trahoy. a civil war veteran
of Sr. l.i!iis, has placed a monument
over the crave of the- sister of clarify
who nursed h'.:n throne!) an IHne-ss
uuiiii the war.
I! f. , v KJ
' I
r -r r r f n A I D t 1 1 CBG I GflCWTICTC A I I a T rill) "T"
American sculptor, who was a cadet
himself and present at the battle.
Young Thomas Jefferson, the great
grandson of the author of the declar
ation of independence, a roommate of
the sculptor, was stricken down and
died In his arms. Many of his other
classmates fell around him, but. be
and othera came out of the battle un
scathed. Unable to Account for Movement of
New Star.
Two years ago a new star blazed
out In constellation Perseus. Such
new stars are by no means rare, but
this was so great and varied in bril
liancy so rapidly that It was specially
noteworthy. Soon after the outburst
that made the star so bright u was
found to be surrounded by a nebula,
and this nebula spreai outward
around the nucleus, gradually as seen
by the raked eye. because of the
ttar's distance, but really with Im
mense speed.
In fact, it has been calculated that
this speed watt so great that It seem
impossible that the spread of the ne
bula could have been due to the mo
tion of ordinary matter at all. It has
been suggested that the apparent mo
tion was really only a progressive Il
lumination of the nebulous matter by
light from the exploded star. But
Prof. Simon Nowcomb calculates that
even this will not account for the mo
tion, for it was at least ten times that
of light.
We huve thus actually observed a
motion In the heavens that vastly ex
ceeds any other that we have ever
heard of, whether It bo of projected
matter or of ether-waves. What It la',
wa cannot at present even conjecture.
Woe of a Theatrical Manager
A British theatrical manager recent
ly returned to London aftpr an eight-een-montha'
tour through the coloaies
with a comic opera company.. He left
London with thiny-flve Jadles, chorul
and principals. At Gibraltar hi trou
bles began two of hi girls got mar
ried and left. At Cairo he lost an
other in the same way. At Bombay
he missed one of his chorus; In the
first scene and on going to demand
where she wa bad her pointed out,
mm sluing m a oox me damsel
nau oeen married mat morning and
had come around to see her frlevd
play. He tost another at Calcutta, an
other In Cape Colony and two at Val
paraiso, until at last, not being able
to replace the deserters, bis company I
was reduced to nearly halt its orlg-
inal strength.
Hatched in. Peculiar Way,
A suburban Philadelphia banker
tells this story to illustrate his .hens'
prowess In egg-laying: "Some time
ago." he says, -"an- eag wai left for a
nest egg in the place where iny hen
lay This in-st egg, -the other day,
hatched, and I have now one lonelv
little chlcft,. which nett-rat down
mothers care for. Here Is tb ex
planation, of the miracle: ' -My ten
are sueh steady layers that one would
no sooner git off. the Bijst egg, having
deposited a fresh egg beside It, than
another would slip on, and in her turn
lay. Thus by dozers of oifferent
mothers the solitary egg was batched.
Though no one hen 'sat' on it, never
theless it was kept always warm, and
in due time there stopped forth from
it a lonely but vigorous little chick."
Career of President Loubet.
President Loubet. who recently vis
ited L'ngland, was prime minister of
Prance and president of the senate,
but it was not until he bcame presi
dent of France thin ,Hs name at
tracted much attention". Frenchmen
sometimes take singularly little- In
terest in political representatives, and
It was not until M-. Ixuitbct attained
the dignity of chief of the state In
IS'1! that his features became -known
even to Parisians.
New York's "Beer Queen."
New Yoik is to have a "beer
qitee'ii." A brewery worth $.",Oe..).(ii,e.
producing JOO.immi barrels of beer an
nnaUy and yielding $r.mi,ftno ja profit
is to be owned and managed by a1
woman. After years of litigation Mr.
Josephine Schmidt ha been awarded!
full possession of the Immense prop-)
erty left by her husband and she? wiil
personally icnducl the business. J
Gc". Bates Now a LL. D. I
That stam h Methodist institution
Wes'cysn university has ron'en-d
tipon Gv. r.&tes, of Massachusetts.'
th degree of LU r. j
I V.
Once aguin the season is upon us
shen the tired and rttlrcd city toiler
ultii a grip full of flannel shirts and
jacon rind bait uiniHca to some
d'-a! spot in the pastoral wildwood,
where he can listen In rapt enthu
llasrn to Munchausen tales of bow the
j.-fh bit just before be arrived and
iiow they will surely bite before he
joes away! The farmer sits on the
ferauda and between whiffs of an old
Judeen tells how pure the air is and
iow It knocks the city bacilli out of
I man. His good wife, in her alpai
runabout, ladles out great gobs of Joy
is she dwells upon the comfort you
nill take sans coat, sans vest, sans
iollar, sanB everything except a few
ninor underclothes, a negligee shirt
and a pair of pajamas. Having
jraved the menu, consisting of soda
trackers, dry chipped beef, atore cook
es with white frosting, and a few
jther delicacies of a like character,
;ou take on appreciation of the purity
of the air. From $2 to ? per day
'or pure air naturally calls for a high
y clarified atmosphere, and you be
tn to leel light-headed. When you
jre so full of air and soda crackers
you can remain anchored no longer,
you suddenly got a telegram (?) to
come home and bury your office l'-y.
With highly inflated lungs you return
to the city, having a sunburn that
Jikvj the smile, won't come off.
In your sadder and more comrnun
static moments you recall that your
I dream of bacon and eggs, fresh vege
tables, wooded nooks, big fish catches
land a quart or two of Just reit was a
' ughtmare. You firmly resolve to In
trodure a bill in the legislature com
pelling all country .resort keepers.
iRinnTs especially, to furnish photo--rephs
of fturroundlngs, map of lake,
certificate of fih catches, together
with sample menu by mail, to all pros
pective boarders who, upon arrival
will demand as a further protection
a good and sufficient bond binding the
vesort liar to tell the truth, th
whole truth and nothing but the
truth," during the entire season.
But you get busy bulling the market
or keeping the market from hulling
you and forget your resHves. Next
year you go out and work olr your
enthusiasm in the same way. Pure
air comes high, but we must have It.
Curious how some men make bits
in this world, l.n't It? Sad, too, how
many times the placard. "He was a
good boy, but ." has been attached
to the tall of a young mans coat.
When at school this second miniature
genua homo was a favorite with the
teacher because he always knew his
lessons, was neat and tractable, never
devilish and always reliable. Along
side of little Johnny Creen, whope face
was ever suggestive of a night In the
slough, whose hair was tangled anci
had a cow lick In it, who never missed
an opportunity to "can" a dog's tall
or stick pins where they would do the
most good for the greatest number,
the "good boy, but " was a para
gon of promise. In later life, he de
veloped into an honest milkman with
occasional dabbles in "working round
A good boy but he became a
"good man but " He belonged o
that great aggregation known is The
Nou Combustible League, the fellows
that "never set the world on fire
Little Johnny Green, to the contrary
notwithstanding, took a firm hold on
the seat of his trousers and lifted
himself past the "canned" dogs into
the realm of success, where he la now
busily engaged counting his money
and wondering where he will build bis
next summer
'box" by the lapp'ng
"box" usually turn
lakeside. The
out to be a J'0.000 "cottage" at Rub
bernecltg' Roost, or some other fash
ionable neck on the coast. The woods
are full of Just such examples. It
never pays a teacher to scoff at her
dullest scholar, lie may some day
clean -up her preserves with a mort
gage, or come to lecture in her town
and be met by a committee of ten, of
which she will not be one because she
-was not sum lently urged. When a
hoy w e often failed to get our algebra
lesson because of the interior work
ings of genius. IiOok at us now! A
living example of our argument. You
can't tell by the looks of a frog how
far he can jump for a fly. The teacher
who looked disdainfully at us is noth
ing but an ol.l maid to this very day.
while we are married and haven't
learned an algebra lesson in thirteen
years. Moral Be good and you will
be happy.
"It is better to be low and humble,
to eat pie wkh a knife and say "them
people,' than to be ruler of a revolu
t'u' kingdom rnd have a cold, glitter
ing steel claiules-tiri ly introduced
into yer anatomy. Be thankful fer
small things." I'ncle Py.
A New Jeiscy preacher has orcan
i eil a choir of thir'y whistlers. It is
time for the old hard shell ilea; oils to
to n ever in their graves auain.
A modest Boston girl made a quilt
c;f her old stockings, but she ns. d
only that pait of them ordinarily vis
ible to a man's naked eye.
Tliouizii the mill's of tiie gods grind
slowly they will sooner or later grind
exceeding stria!! the chauffeur who
Mils and runs away.
Tlcie is only ore thli's that makes
n o.an niadd-r than being niisqitotej
l y the m wsnan-rs, ar.d that is not to
I e qi-oif 1 al '!.
l"jrati.MS a 1 v :.e?
v ? ...
. itsfaMsri ' -iliirnisT.i mirlTiti" sti'sr'n-
111 SKETQiEy
News Notj A new criticism Is
passed upon tho universities of this
country by a member of the German
delegation which has been studying
American agricultural methods. He
says of our great schools: "There is
one thing that they miss, and that Is
beer. The students here can't have
the enthusiasm we have in our Ger
man schools by drinking water. It !
beer that Inspires them."
Oli! Jt's hi-e-r. beer, beer!
Drtnk It down, dunk It down
Without fear!
The- foaminK otil lunger
Thar rouses itu- tiger
In youth!
Uti! It'a titer, beer, beer!
Pour it down, pour il down
With a Iter!
Inspiration of amber
That erttusea to clamber
Our boyi!
Oh! It's ber, beer, beer!
Swig" it down, swig II down
I. ike a seer!
Yes, It heipu to tile ton,
Does the Juice of the hop.
Our girls:
Oil' It's beer. beer, beer!
Swill it down, swill tt down
"Don't ye keer!"
It tickle the palate
And help with the ball ;t
Ci! It's beer, beer, beer!
Choke it down, choke It down
f-'.e bi:-eere!
It re-ulat prudence
And itmk.-M sterling pludentd
or all!
Then It's beer, beer, beer!
Till you halte.r and rope
Your career!
KfferveseeiK'e of glory
't hat crowns toe sweet story
Of life!
Once upon a time when we wero
trapsing through the perfumed pas
tureland, looking for inspiration on
which to erect aircastles, we were
chased by a man cow with a voice on
him like a fog horn in a Kansas James
cane. As we swept onward across
the succulent bottoms, through the
be-ferned woodland, on! on! In a mad
spasm of flight, with the bull's horns
tickling our coattal's and his Chi
nook breath withering our back hair,
his blaring roars of rage entered the
memory of our very being, and
though we live to be antique and
moss-covered, we can never forget
that dash for life,- liberty and the
privilege of worrying a large constitu
ency with our mewlings.
Hut, "as time runs on In sun and
shade," we bad ceased to start, panic
stricken, at the sound of a blatant
voice with horse-fiddle attachment,
until last week. Fateful week!
It was night. The stars studded
the azure canopy just as they always
do when the typewriter (machine) is
being agitated by a sentimentalist.
The farmer out at the lapping lake
was smoking one of our cigars, and.
wa were smoking one given by a
friend we can trust. The scene waa
a classic one. Mounted on a rude
bench on the veranda we looked away
over the cowshed, past the henhouBe
and other little houses, over and be
yond the windmill and the fertilizer
pile into the lowering night. In the
distance we could hear the hired man
remonstrating with the docile cows
for slopping their tails In the milk
pa!! and slapping him alongside his
celluloid collar with the hair poultice
thus improvised.
As we sat there in a perfect heaven
of peace and fresh air at slightly ad
vanced prices, of a sudden there was
a hollow, trumpeting, guttural growl
that stirred us fore and aft. We could
feel our heart jumping like a cock
roach on the lid of a hot apple pie
and all was still. In a moment tt
was repeated in its fiendish and ap
palling horror!
"Farmer," we cried excitedly,
"your bull's loose again!"
"It do beat all." crawled that indi
vidual, "how many city fellers takes
thm bullfrogs fer keows!"
We are now mathematically engag
ed on a problem something like this:
"It a little thing like a bullfrog can
growl like a gentleman cow, how
loudly could an elephant growl were
he by nature thus constructed?''
ft ft
A Chicago man asked his divorced
wife for cce farewell kiss and when
she turned her face toward his and
pursed her lips to stand the recoil,
the villainous osculator bit her nose!
The Judge sent the carnivorous in
dividual to the penitentiary. Let this
be a warning to young men who are
in the habit of biting their sweet
hearts. See where married life lead
A rival humorist is joking over I
Haltimore girl who gives her sweet
heart the parings of her fingernail
as souvenirs, the aforesaid mat evi
dently does not know that the young
man is president of a pure food coin-1
pany. j
:::i man who livjU in V ynns,:1?.
k.iiS went t-!ir jn I hi nkiainMi ; ;
iVt fiiitM'wi )!t! "i'i-T
h ' H up lb' "it'B'T"'
Iowa paper solemnly assures
hat our Mitidoro brothers, Mia-1
P. I., have tails. The mulct law;
not done as much for Iowa aa
no-ally accredited. j
is t
is V
So-; J-c eiv t:.-.t the er.i.'K.-rg on i
VN lii-l of e.,1 ,1.,g Hr.ev.-: j
Pit-r in. he. I t . 1. 1. re u:, !
A rut tl"b'ej .--! i r tin jcrave!
Wiiiiam T. Curtis i now a doctor:
of lib riiture. With so much writing:
nowadays that lu-eds doctoring "Doc"
Curtis Kiitibld be a very tni-y r.iau.
Tne ::n plu.; (jf a man has the
P'l'.-i'j:: ::i '.'..it no 5-Ct-i;t ( ivir V UJ
Li cskv! a'.t-r hiva, a:tj hv.v, i
Vhfi thon:ti;1rt nf ppoj.lfl
who art fvcrjr day hfiJiif
trm! wHI by Dttuu
Iiiilnoy rill unci tin free
triul h;mw ilh oil rt U
makes further ilelay,
lMiluey ut-jU'ct.
They cornet urin-j with
brick dust iimt"it, high
solored, pain in pacing,
dribbling, frequency, bed
wetting. Doao Js.t.itify 1'iJiu
rptnov ealeult and KratrL
Eci kr heart pa I pi uit inn,
i ?; j; i p&mh sii , he Stiui'bA,
cervouantusK, diezi&ws.
Nuvbkrm, Kr. B. C. Jon
Whips: "1 waa unable to
rt anything to atop iJie tno
much flow of water, for
For tr trial
P"of.-r-yutnjrn 1:0 .
4ia.w t$ maifhiieiti,
To Riatir Professor.
Yale professors will hereafter be re
tired from service, except In peclal
(mn, at 63 year of age.
Forty-Eight Thousand iK.llara I'ulil for a
Fancy S.ot of Tobucco
The biirgcst purcliase of liiirlt Knule
tobacco ever made iu the West by a
ciar manufacturer was made last
Wednesday by Frank J. Iycvvis,
Peoria, 111., for his ctelelirate-il Single
Hinder cirar. A written fiuarantee
waj given that tiio entire amount
was tu he fancy .selected tobacco.
This, no doubt, makes the Lewi fac
tory the largest holder in the I'nited
Statfs of tobacco oT so hih a ftrad
inff. Ileml 1-Trunseriiit, Dec. 21,
RuMia Buy Welsh Coal.
The Russian government contract!
yearly for 50,000 ton of Welsh coal
to be delivered at Port Arthur niefort
July 1.
STrinitea, Wtr 3ottlM, Special Rubber
ftutidriea, Bath C:atiiue(H, etc. Kep heallllT
ami avoid uitpleattnt comiiUratious. I.aihea'
Kubber (tlove hous-hol(l use. etc. e'orre-onn-drm-fieoUiateft.
BEB CO , Oklahoma City, Okla.
Upgardson '"A Panama hat in ex
pensive, of cour.se, but It will last for
ever. The longer you wear them the
tougher they get. This one of mine
Is In Its third year."
Atom "Yes, I've been noticing It. I
think It's the toughest hat I ever saw."
Chicago Tribune.
I do not believe Piso Cure for Cr r,nipt:oo
bis un equal for cotiKbs and cold.- JoH.y f
Boveh, Trinity Springs, IoU.. Feb. :5, lauu,
Company Own Many Steamer.
The Irrawaddy Flotilla company
own the record number of steamer
for any one company 118 In all.
Sotne grycer say they don't keep De
fiance Starch because they have a
stock In hand of 12 oz. brands, which
they know cannot be sold to a customer
who hus once used the 16 oz. pkg. De
fiance Starch for same money.
New York' Population In 1900.
The population of New York In 1S00
was 3,437,202, of whom more than
three-fourths were foreign born or of
foreign parentage.
Plenty of Room for All.
If '.he Mississippi valley were at
densely populated as Massachusett, il
would have 350,000,000 Inhabitants.
But It Caused a Negro to Surrender
to the Officer
Mt'SKOfiEE; It was the effect of a
dream that caused Jerry Mcintosh, the
negro freedman who saturated his
wife's clothing with kerosene and then
set fire to them, to come to this city
and surrender to Bass Reeves, deputy
I'nited States marshal. Mcintosh says
he dreamed that the deputy marshal
came upon him In the brush and when
he jumped up to run the deputy shot
and killed him.
When he woke up and realized that
it was only a dream he decided to
come to town and give himself un. He
was arraigned befor.e the United
States commissioner on the charge of
assaulting his wife with Intent to kill.
After pleading guilty he was bound
over to the grand Jury and was sent
to jail in default of HO.iviO bond.
The negro went home one night re
cently and dragged his wife from her
bed and after pouring coal oil on her,
set a match to her. The woman was
terribly burned and her attending
physician says that she is In a critical
condition, with little hope of recovery.
Mcintosh says that he was drunk
when he committed the act and hardly
knew how ft was done.
Ha Other Advantages,
Many people have tried the food
Grape-Nuts simply with the Idea of
avoiding the trouble of cooking food
in the hot months.
All of these have found something
besides the ready cioked food Idea, for
Grape-Nuts Is a scientific: food that
tones up and restore a sick stomach
as well as repairs the waste tissue ia
brain and nerve center.
"'for two years I had been a sufferer
from catarrh of the stomach due to
Improper food and to relieve this con
dition I had tried nearly every pre
pared food on the maiket without any
success until six mcntlis aao my w!f
purchased a box of Grape-Nuts, think
ing it would be a desirable cereal for
the summer mom us.
"We soon made a discover, we wore
enchanted with the delightful flavor of
the food and to my surprise I began to
pet well. My breakfast now consists
cf a little fruit, four ioaspoenfuls of
Grape-Nuts, a cup of Postimi. wbbb. I
pre fer to coffee, graham bread or toast
and two boiled eiit;s. I never suff r
the least distress after eating this and
my stomach is perfect ami jenral
health fine. Giape-Nuts is a wonder
ful preparation. It was only a little
time after star; it a: on it that wi:'o ami
I both felt youBa.er, more vicorotis,
and in all ways suer.-er. This Ins
been our c",iei ieree.
"P. S. The ad-'.iticn cf a little salt
In place cT sura'- shis to nn to im
piove tie trod." Name clvcn by lVa
Ui:n Co.. F,u: Cr-ek. Mi' h.
S-t.'I fer parti ill. irs i.r re til cf ex
tension c-f Vu..: en the $T,r ) ) Cuvl.f'
vosl'.V. fer iij Bivaey pr.;vi -
Inlty i-J-.I8 I hud !i.v-t
r..J iiiit.'it -c-'Uiii i4
p wutl--wm very wtm,
unit aSiut jpv;tir cp ail U -1
SC't t'oiui'a t'jiu and ti'f
cured m. 'Hint wiut f .4
nionOu fta, and i can fctf,
toy, my wnwr i regulaj
and t liav nl ha.i h'Mwljw-M
far five montiis, Koc Ud
wtt!un, bikltn urine, ac4
b-ft.liwlt, lliaus KldneJ
FUia bavw no equal. I ha?4
rcoaimpiiiil thtun to flf'.y
diTt-reut jitX-ivmmi with
rftsijita. 1 flrl r(Mtd of limva'a
I'llto iu Sntthlrinti fian.tr,
cut Uj you for aami ftud
afterward! pon-haatsl WM
pilla fnun JollfV Hru.,Qrai
I:ive.r." if. C JoNaa.
(Doans i ,
bo, mail thi tyjupon to
llntfiu. S Y It (.
wrkM adili-M wft
Oklahoma State Military Institute,
Oklahoma City, 0. T.
A horll (rrndf Military Ktiior.t. T!ir-e t;irrs
Firm difc.-nilin'. Ki'Vant new tmiiuuig. .Stm
lieaiwi. Eit-etrie lighted. Moderate -ap-a-.
Pm-Mlty of Ualo rtpcnallMK, V. 8. Army
Olti'-t-ri. PliTnii-al training a -p-(-jrtt ffatura.
Aiblr-is Lieut. --(ot. Jaawra I. Dunn, C f. 4pt
Cjklaliuma t Hy, ej. T.
jctnwujct4Jt?a worm.
1a r fTREtr - laAturj err am -
CLTetKii , OKLA.
the lnrc-et t)uyinoa8(.'t'it
li -:e in th rentral wn'h
wcit. t'otiri'w: t'ommr
eial. hlliirlliatid St Type
writing. P--nuiii!ili and
T-l irnti'hv- tll Utltt
BIGINS itlf. T. N03.
tolieiled. Addi-eaa R. A.
lilcdical Department,
Iti I'lvanta' for practl.-iil loitirin-Mon. both t
rii ip lalhiralorien and almndutlC lux-paai uian-riaia
are iiii-q 1 1 at ld. r rea ai-i-ftm la ifivcn lu llje Ktzttl
C lianty tliplTtl wlih ni lifln and .sii.imi pailful
annutCiy. sv-i-IhI liirttrurlt..i tl Hum dully at tlia
liil.litc uf tltp it. it. 'I'tir next m-aflon b-iilu Ortol.r
lld, :Hi:l. for 4'ii!a!!ti anil III formal Ion, aililrtiaa
Prof. S. E. CHAILLE, M. D., Dean.
P. O. Drawer 261. Haw Orleana, La.
Some people who jump at conclu
sions lose sight of the hurdles.
won t shake out or blow out; by using
Defiance Starch you obtain better re
sults than possible with any other
brand and one-third more for same
, t
Chicago Saving Depotit.
Savings deposits in Chicago banki
have passed the $100,000,000 mark. In
the past year they have increased
more than $22,000,000.
Oh! how I love you,
This is what I mean
The world renowned
Jind famous
f rC'-, CUTf IT.
i jsI '-.".T Wit Fh
. ' v- ' taai mi earaiMar
THE MURPAY mmt CAUAS. TFlta.t -j
ti . I 1,1 Il !
M.i!hlnM ara nortahla. bcikA
At i.i a nv ai n bo.t -r a!W a
C -' i and boraa pewar. i'v-w-
i. I ft-aat ai miA fwr ':. i
Ai liiuaravaU oatauuaua. Adi
KOJLT tt TA.IETHilX. Waterloo. Mr,
bj tti itet Improved uatrltlZMiry.
Did you
On third of your Uf is opnt
Wh t buy chn b1dinff whn
Ilium, pillow .na.i hf u, w-t your
FurfiitnrDt dalr to hnw you our fiKjd.
. H. Nl'OD. MtnuUetvir.r,
No. lno I rt Kt CM. Avf.
Long DL. Fhoti Ok)aMr City. 9ki
Annings. Tents. All Kin is.
Cnnva" nwl Rultwr irKKis. Ma.l ordin iromot
H'ltnttcii. t'tirr'j.n 1wh-p fc:t.itl. O taihoflNI
Dut:k 4 RuWw C.. ORifthoma i.'iy, Okiit.
free to vor.'.Erji
rwwir I pnv l h' fin.?
p J I '! t ct Aiv. iti, rw. r f
A ' 'IV -ID I ', ' . m.l B Jti'a.'
t'-kAt"1. flU'lith U C"i
' i . h ..- ! - in t'wal trrt-
fc..v.-...-.i- '..-'.- imif of Ihhi;I .!. VM'irf
,' in,1-!r.mfit;'n niii '-ct. rx-.'. f.ftin'ui iv
.'iiii-iiK.' v.tt.''""! ;V';r!.a, ft r 'rt lif-ii. n:v-
f:.'Hri,, ... n i!M'ii,,i ' f ninvi' t-;,rk.r
whit'-n tau 'v ia, !-uu i4.;iy, a ixjH.ai cni
! I tlfV
'it 1t droffc! or lent pnt pu'd hr n. ?tJ
"eut4, .irgr fcw. f i f n' t itu (tturjinlrtit,
1 li h. JK- t' V 1 on o H,wt,.n,
31 I tulumbuj A.e.
Ruiiter Collars :. Ssver VttlM
1ft. 4 M. 4i :j. CO., Ui bun; a r .r . :i6-; . J, It
W. N. t'.-D!(LAFC:'A CITY-NO. 03 i::3
NX - rJ' J
tVJ-" ... 1 X ' .S V-r
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