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Try E- H. Tugie for groceries.
J. C. Nl sells the best nicats.
Supt. MtCall went to Enid this
morning ou official business.
Ben Hampton went to Lawton
this morning to attend the fair.
Agent Stephens, has returned
Mrs, F. L. Slusher will enter.:
tain the Ktiis:nzlon cluli tomorrow I
Rev. L 11. Grogan will leave in
the moroiug for Tucunicari, New
Mexico, where he will be for a few
weeks lookine after his land be
has filed on.
Members of the Maccabees will
plea-e make all settlements with
from a busine-ss trip to Nebraska, i Mrs. C. E. Ross who will have
! charge of my book during my
, absence. Mrs. A. E Pressley.Rec.
1 Keeper, C. O. T. M.
Go to Neal's meat market cor i
Chickasha and 6th for meats.
For Sale: $4 will buy a 19
room hotel Inquire 212 Penn
Avenue. it
Buy a scolarship in the Chick
esha Business College.
For Rent: Nice front rooai,
furnished, sutlablc for two persons
1 if Kansas avenue.
For Sale; $400 buys 19 room
hotel Inquire 212 Pennsylvania
J. N. Friedlander.kft this morn
ing on a business trip to Hobart,
Manguni, and other points.
poultry and fresh meats of Neal's
market cor, Chickasha and (ih
II. M. Hallock, general superin
tendent of the Rock Island, was in
the city today on official business.
C. D. Hicks, a prominent at.
torney of Shreveport, La, U in the
dty and is much pleased with
For Sale Just a few left.New
City Directories of Chickasha, price
f3,oo. Daily Express office.
Chas. A. Stevens and Bros.Chic
ago, women's Outfitters, Suits aad
skirts made to order.
Miss Blanch Johnston Agt., cor.
5 and Idaho.
Miss Margaret Windham, Read
ing and Physical Cultur!, 827
South Fifth. Phone 302. tf
., There will be an ice cream sup
per and box social at Friend's
school houce four miles east . of
Chickasha Thursday.
The band boys have not yet de
cided definitely on a date for the
opening their Convention Hall. It
was expected to have it open the
first of this week but owing to the
delay in getting the floor smooth
ing machine the opening will be
some time the lattc. part of this
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night at teu 0 clock by shooting
and threatening them,
Mrs. Thompson, who lives oa
Crew street, shot at two negroes
who attempted to enter her house
at 9 o'clock and dropped dead from
fright after firing the shots.
Has Broken tie Record, Making Good
Claim to the Championship
Washington. Sept 24 Not a
single door knob counted, the
world's champion hen has just laid
201 eggs since October 5. She is
finishing strong and steady and
probably will end the year with a
round 300 eggs to her credit.
This hen belongs to E. W. Star,
nell, Alexandria, Va., and has
been officially recognized on ac
count of her record by the Depart
ment of Agriculture as entitled to
the egg laying belt. The former
record, held by a Salt Lake City
hen, was 207 eggs in a year. The
Mormon heff is thus put iuto the
selling plater class by the Virginia
model of poultry industry. Mr.
Starnell figures that except for the
moulting season his hen has pro
duced an egg every twenty five
hours throughout the year. She
is not much for looks. She couldn't
be told at a glance from any com
mon ninety egg to the year hen,
but for industry she probably is
the world's model hen to date.
Deputy Burk arrested F. C.
Guthrie, at Erin Springs yesterday
on charge of forgery. He is want
at Ryan.
We Come
Quick !
Ambulance for Emergency
Calls. Conveyance for sick
or Wounded. :: . :-:
Phone 267 or 59
Calls Answered Day or Night
At Atlanta Ga., the Frisco Sys
tem will sell rouDd-trip tickets tor
the above occasion at the low rate
of one fare plus $2.oo.
Tickets on sale October 8th and
9th, final return limit thirty days
from date sold.Rate open to every
Here is your chance to visit the
Southeast. For full information
see the Frisco Agent, or address.
D. C.Farrington, Traveling Pas
senger Agent Oklahoma City Okla.
F. E. Clark, Division Passenger
Agent, Wichita, Kansas.
The South Western Assembly
and Bible Conference composed of
Christian workers and Bible
students and teachers will meet at
El Reno, Ok., October 3 to 8 in
connection with the Synod of the
Presbyterian church. It is to be a
notable meeting.
Some of the speakers of national
fame who will address the assemb
ly are: Rev. J. C. Calhoum, D. D ,
of Chicago; Rev. Henry C. Mintor,
D. D., ex-moderator of General
Assembly; Rev. Dr. John Dixon,
of New York City, Secretary of
the Board of Home Missions. It
will surely pay any Christian
worker to be present at this great
conference. For further particlars
or program write O Rev. F. R.
Farand. El Reno, Ok., or to the
Rev. John H. Fazeu Sec,
Txeas. Guthrie, Ok.
FOR SALE 60 acres of
land, 30 acres in cultivation,
one mile of Chickasha. Price
$1600. Intermarried surplus.
A bargain in City Property.
Schluter Building
Officers Catch a Big Bunch of Vgs,
Put to work oa the
Judge Grigsby had seven gentle
men of leisure among his callers
this morning. They called Ky
request of the police officers who
found them about the Rock Island
and Frisco railroads. After inter
rogating them in his usual judicial
manner the Judge told them he
would tax them five dollar apiece,
and as they were short on coin, he
gave them jobs on the streets.
Lena Johnson and Annie Brown,
both colored were fiaed $5-each for
immoral conduct.
Pin Fiom Burn Promptly Relieved
by Chimberlaina'i Pin Balm.
A little chlid of Michlael Strauss,
Vernon Conn., 'was recently in
great pain from a burn on his hand,
and as cold applications only in
creased the infmmation, Mr. J
Strauss came to James N. Nichols,
a local merchant, for something to
stop the pain. Mr. Nichols says: ".I
advl.-ci him tc use Chamberlains'
Pain Balm, and the first application
drew out the inflammation, and
gave immediate relief. I have used
this liniment myself ,and recom
mend it oftenfor cuts,burns, strains
and lame back, and have never
known it to dissapoint..' For sale
dy all Druggists,
Something dainty and pretty
.dttm Handkerchiefs.
Good values in Gloves.
Neckwear that will please
Extra sizes in belts.
The newest things in Combs
j5and bags.
Charlie Kimbro returned this
morning .from a visit with home
folks and relatives in low.
ChtmberUio'i Cough Remedy Acts on
Nature' Plan,
The most successtull met'Uues
are those thataid nature. Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy acts on this
plan. Take it when you have a cold
and it will allay the cough, relieve
the lungs, aid expectoration, open
the secretions and aid nature in re
storing the system to a healthy
condition, Thousands have testified
to its supperior exellence. It ccn
leracts any tendency of a cold to
result in pneumonia. Price' 25 ceuts
Large size, 50 cents: For sale by
all druggists.
A report was current on the
streets yesterday afternoon that
fourteen bodies had been taken out
of the cars that went down in the
Rock Island catastrophe on the
Cimmaron. Inquiries at the Rock
Island office's this morning reveal
ed no foundation for such a report.
It was stated that the cars aud
engine were still beneath the sand,
entirely out of sight, and no efforts
had been made to raise them.
(Associated Press.)
Colorado Springs Sept 25. This
is Pioneer day at the Pike's Peak
Centennial celebration. A throng
of outsiders are in the City, the
principal event being the big meet
ing in the Auditorium, address
by Vice President Fairbanks.
Senator Teller and others, Fair
banks was given a great ovation.
The electric floor smoothing
machine for polishing the floor in
the new Convention Hall was put
in operation th's morning.
"Human Hearts" which comes
to the Opera house tonight is one
of the best plays that Manager
Morris has booked. Prices will be
25. 35. 5 and 75 cents.
"Iseejou are advertising that
I have $100 to loan," said Jas
Williamson of 827 South Seventh
street, to the Express man. "I'm
much obliged to you for the infor
mation," he continued "that's the
first time I knew I had that much
money. The first thing you know
I'll be put down in the millionaire
class and then I'll have a damage
suit against you." Mr. William,
son '.was proceeding to get warm
under the collar, when the Ex
press man interrupted him by re
marking that there was another
Jim Williamson in the town who
did have $100 in loose chauge and
wanted to loan it. And then Jim
coled off.
(Associated Presi.)
Buffalo, Sept. 25. District at
torney Jerome's candidacy for gov
ernor is practically withdrawn to
day at a meeting of the so-called
Albany conference of anti-Hearst
democrats. At a meeting which was
attended by representatives from
about twenty five counties, It was
decided that delegates opposed to
the nomination of Hearst should
concentrate on either Judge Gay.
nor or Mayor Adams as expediency
may require.
Befora John H. Venable. Mayor of the City of
Chickasha, Southern District of tho Indian Terri
H. L. Nyo. Plaintiff.
va Warning Order.
Mrs. T. E. Lilly and '
Mr. Myrtle Price.
The Defendant. Hra. T. E. Lilly and lira
Myrtle Price, arc warned to appear in thia court
within thirty daya, and answer the complaint of
the Plant. (T, H. U Nye.
Thia the 12th day of Bepaember 190.
John H. V enable. Mayor.
F. E. Riddle, Atty. for PlaintifTa.
E. F. Short, appointed attorney for Non-Rani-dent
Defendant. Sept. 12, 1996.
Mrs. L. C Collier, of Caldwell,
is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
SEPT. 22, 1906.
The Chickasha Mutual Burial Allo
cation haying (attained the low of
two member we now call the 47th
and 48th assessments. All members
will please take notice.
Claycomb and Anderson,
The Free Employment Bureau is
Bringing Them to Perry.
Perry, O. K , Sept. 24-E. J.
Coyle of this city who appealed to
the free employment bureau at To
peka, Kas.. for aid in securing cot
ton pickers to harvest the crop in
Noble county is securing good re
sults. He has recieved letters from
several hundred heads of families
who are anxious to come to Okla.
homa and pick cotton. A number
of these letters are from Kansas
City. Many of the men who write
are entirely unacquainted with cot
ton picking but are willing to try
their hand. One man in Kansas
City writes: 'I have nine children
and I think they would be the pro
per thing on a cotton farm. Could I
getjsome one there to furnish money
to move down there and work
it out after I get there. Will there
be any work there at cotton pick
ing during the winter. I am as
poor as a church mouse but ran
work as well as uny one."
(Associated Press.)
New York.Sept 25 The discom
fort of a night spent in a narrow,
bedless cell, experinced by Stens
land, former Chicago banker was
followed today by the addiiicnalun
pleasant detail of police examina
tion S ensland liued up in police
headquarters with a score of alleged
pickpockets and other arrested dur
ing the night and was later meas
ure in accordance with the Ber
tillion system and photographed.
He spent a sleepless night and was
in a condition of semiprostration
this morning. Finally the district
attorney formally turnel the priso
ner over to Chicago detectives.
lie Uvwfly-U-Wwr BDepantmeinit Now CompDete
At Eagle Mercantile Company. We say without the fear of contradiction that we have
by far the largest and most complete line of ladies ready-to-wear garments ever brought to
Chickasha. Call and see them. - - -
Black and Gray skirts at
the low price $250
Blue Black and Gray
skirts only $3.00 and
Blue Cray and Black
plaids skirts $4.00 and
Gray Plaids and Black
all wool only $5.00
Fancy Plaids and Plain
clothes in all colors and
Styles in Skirts as prices
$6.50 to $ J 5.00
Ladies Tailor made suits
in stock $10.00 to $25.
00 Ladies cloaks $3.50
to $7.50 Ladies cloaks
$8.50 to $20.00.
We have found the Gold
Girls scientific stocking
Rip-Proof Rub-Proof
knee, heels and toes re
inforced with "Cadet"
Linon the strongest fab
ric in the world, every
pair guaranteed. The
pair only
Cadet Scientific
Stocking will stay
with your boys. Ev
ery pair is guaran
teed. The price only
25 Cents

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