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The Chickasha daily express. (Chickasha, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1899-current, January 09, 1907, Image 4

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' - . ...... .. .. . -". ... - ... .
" ' ' " " "' " " - 1 i 1
ft . f - T T
: ... ' , I J f .
. A i
i v.' t . "TV
i A W V, J i i X X
wire I:s. Z:.
. S M
.11'. c
iia ca t ; izllizzn crga:zati. He a gw4
Dvjer acted as rej -i'xas ssi well worthy of tsy
. w.v.r i
-.. ... .. " -,- r - J w . . 1
i ' ... -
rtt-rei to Et:i af-.er a I'tizt j
vi:t with S!r. zzi H:u J. V.-
Tie club w.lit Xo ciie rooa for oar large
i i..
7 b C-5ti s-r--? fs. A fartr tha
3S3: excepts u.'i et r
H.J v
;ii.gbt. rtttw:ce a r:;t:. ca i tcray stock cf sprisg stationary we'wui
Ttac:e "rti::iai has r -i;:er::oc,''s fet siiy-ir: tee Thursday Friday acpSittirday
m'd -xlh rear AtaiarJta.
:r at :zz E"
- .
tctre are co ctbtr tc&rlezs. Ua-t
lie rt cla?.
AiirJ. 77. P. tiucSc.
aay box cf paper io the store,
-- -?- worth iron 35 cents to 65; for 21
Mrs jck H'"a-d ;s h f-c ' :!i bclincU r erta-.aea ceuts urcg sicre.
... ... " sat diaaer Mcniav evesirz. Miss ' "
j C ASiresJ. W. P. tsts ctLce. T .. ... . j Ernce ar.! Messr, A. S Gilkey and . Uet VOUT ChOlCeCOt
.aycs .na.j ,Vtate!LUJr cr gcsCe2a I , t '0Q " j G. H. Eraas. . OT tWO CarS OT delayed
el dowt: the lire ua the tad. in-.agsat (Loal or Trarelirg) for best U., ,t I The ' Epworih Leagae gave 1 furniture. On Sale at
1- v .t kAcddetar.d Health Irsarara iaJ;tE t-i s;aUe J" m ClayCOmb & Ander-
l 1' ' IZ ?l7 l4""gei v c " ! ... parlors last eveobg. Despite the SOn.
i t.mrA rr. ti Vr. Ttter's Ges- Agt. Hce. Savoy. i Mrs. I. S. Blarksaa win enter. , . - . .' .
t i.w.an tint
Krltaa m txrS.sMA Urn tM wtt'tux'td yjuersg td
f the wi&i tct cl Mr. Ltdbetter's
i 11. ifctr.usg the Ufer's ar
grfetsect aguast the
For Sale 20 roots hotel, famish-'
aioptio3 of a
' f- 1-4 V - . m -
i,.-,. . -.-;.w.r.-,-i". waa rooa 14 istsert 6tu.a:cr.
reiOtctioc tavonrg a coast.ta.ja.ai ;
Fcr Sale to head of stock cat
tle, A snap. Roora 14 Israert baild-
ia the Adsg-'o C!ab 05 next Sat
urday sfteraooa.
o3id:neat for aa iacorae tax. It it.
kqaite erideat that Chkk&sha
ha a delegate ia Guthrie. ,
Deacta Jaaes says fceraut ktrt
a fiy year frasciise f?y as elec
trie l.ht asi power siteu; o:ber-
wise, be won't give oj any street
ears. Now, Deacon, the Exj-eess
h already iafocrsed the people
that the Kreet caa syi teas waa as
sto-ed and it doesn't &eera U.r for
yoi to cox iu dow a-:d bl.vck our
placs, - Besides yon are a.k:cg a
pretty big boaas. A fifty year fran
chise for anoil thir.g is a pretty
b:g propSitiwo, especially at this
tiae when people have began re
coa zt the value of franchW.
And voa savvoa won'r Itan4 fnri
tobiaittiug it to the people. Your
position is aa il-ogical oae and it
sounds l;ke you are trying to force
n.esh.-r g on us. We are heartily
ia syinparny wiih your enterprise
and have tit that you would suc
ceed it were posrb'e. We believe
now that you can and will succeed
with your present franchise, but
don't hke to hear yea speak to us
in that tone of voice, and besides
it will do you bo good. The council
ha3 treated you with the utmost
consideration, as you yourself have
aid, but you n;ut not ask too
much Go ahead and build your
street ra.lAay and we' i throty tip
our ball and "boiler" hurrah for
you, but don't act ugly.
En'd fra. the corrpaay that
sheared her s-ett railway frar.
dv'se a preity strong dose. Tut
co'x.j.any is required to deposit a
cen;el check fa: to.ooo that it
For Sale 50 acre dev-kd unu,5
rocs hoav;, 2 a.'.ti f;ra :c. .
Roora 14 Irrjert hi'M'-i.
For sale 1000 ccrda of wooo,
2000 - posts. Iaqiire Chkkasha
Greea House.
D. M. Johnston.
wdl have four railes of the line ia!01
cperatipa within six taoatbs.
For lonz or short time farn
loans see Joha Hankies, Chickasha
Is'.ie N'i black ought to have
known better than to try to male
the convection swallow the kind ot
printkg contract that the Sta;e
Capital has been serving up to
Oklahoma legislatures. We didn't
think of yoii, 'Ni b." '
Grdy county has sail as rich as
tin te found in the world and can
grow as great a variety of crops
as au; rotuty in the state.
For SsIp A snap, bakery, res
taurant, atd confectionery. Cheap
lent. On easy terms. Call room
14 Lciert building. J
Bo acres with 2 roora frame
house good si able, good orchard,
dugout, well of soft water, sheds,
crib, teheed and crossed fenced, 40
acres in cultivation 12 acres bill
land, balance timber all can becul
tivated. Price $2000.00 $600.00
cah balance in ten years if so de
sired. A CMordt
Oklahoma Tittle &Trust Co.
Furnished room for rent. -120
South 4th Street.
Little M.ss ' Cleatus Seeds and
brothers returned Sunday from a drring the evening
two wee is risit in lexis w:rh tnerr
inclement weither caite a rrhwd cf
young people were present and all s St- Luke's Guild meets with
rresnt thror.9h v r!-,vt thr-- Hotaphreys at tee Early Ho-
. J . , . . .
,.t -n 4... -t . .1
selves Refresbraents were sen-ed lcl iaiy .!c:nwa at icrcc
The Thursday evening Whist
Club was deligbt.'ally eatenaiued
last week at the horse of Dr. and
ilia. T. H, Wiliiams. The eatirc
membership, twenty-six ia all were
preer.fc, and a camber of ne-t
were also emertained. After the
whist period a delicious luncheon
wt' served.
Miss Mary Dodsoa returned to
her home in Beloit Kansas Sunday
after a visit wita Miss Mardie Eul
lard. Mrs. Howard Gilkey gave an el
egant twelve o clock dinner yester
day at her home on Sonth Hill.
The favors were fragrant pink car
cations and cevrrs were la;d for
Mesdames JoHn-on, jrbo,Dwyer,
Smith, Stevens, Trr H,Dickeron.
Wootten, Em-r ri. BLshop.M Gie,
and Mrs. Helen t e-v of K.msi.
During the afte -.kkiu a new club
was organized, limited o twelve
member- ,
"South i
Yesterday at cooi a ccraber cf
frierds gathdred at fae home o?
Mr. and Mrs. Tno. Pottenger, the
occas'oa being Mrs. Pottenger
birthday, wbere a splendid dinner'
wasseived. Those who ec joyed
the ho'p tality cf the hostess were'
Mr. and Mrs. Jackson, Mr. aad
Lemon, Mr. and Mrs. Daniels, Mr,
Mrs. A. J. Eoard, the latter being
from f) rncy, II?.
Tonight is the regu'ar meeting
of the local aerie cf Eagles. There
will be some important business to
attend to besides the initiation of
about fifteen candidates. There
are a'so a large number 'f appli
cations to be received. A'l a e,
b rs are requested to come out.
Mr and Mrs H. E Hovis hav
recently moved to Chickasha from
j Purdy f. f. and are located at 802
:o v; "amed the !
- I Minnesota avenue.
: I. a Ciu'.." Tne t
The best advice to give to Ray
Stafford and Mr. Haskell is.
members were rev.vd tmii ih ' P.-iHrw n! (rph v'a
For Rert Famished rooms 416 1 ladies Dreseat and a mub:; of market, mrn-r ThiVtacha nA ak
For Rent A furnished room at t
614 111.
All the sign'SSfx;!! prosperity for
Caickasha in 1907.
"If yottwant to bear the Simon
pure article.'1 go to the opera
house toioght. I)
The railroads probably, took
notice when the resolution
calling for two cent fares
was introduced fn the coavention.
It will probably be discovered
that the graft story, at Guthrie
originated In th feverish braia of
the rv.-r aj.-rt correspondent.
Colot ado's new preacher.gover
tiorc'ofc l bis inangura! addres
with a praser. If be has as much
trouble as bis predecessors, be wil
probadly m -d a koo 1 deal of tip
from on b!,;h.
Famished by Oklahoma Title &
Trust Co.
R. M. Cavett to James F. Brin
son W. D. $150.00 Lot 6 in Blk
254 Chix.
Annie D. McClure to M. L
Miller W..D. 375.00 N. 25 ft. ot
Dt 4&S. 15 ft. ofLt. 3 in B!k
161, Chix. 4
J. T. Cuthride to Scott Guth
idge W. D- 724,00 40. A, in 17-6 8.
John A. Denny to C. T. Erwin
W. D. 1500.00 Lts. 1 2 3 ia Blk.
290 Chix. . ,
Thomas Wall to C H.Holtcamp
W. D 1500.00 Lts 1 & 2 in Blk.
10 Minco.
W. N. Durlee to W. M. Johnson
W. .D. l6;o.oo Lts. 1 & 1 m Rtk
10 Mince,
Pieno Archerd to W. H. fcfr.
Maban W. D. t. 00 etc 60 A. In u-
i -
t. T. Erwin to lobn A. Dennv
1 100.00 160 A: ia 29-6 7. '
Susie Aberto R. M. Johnson W.
D. 175.00 10 A. in 3-10-7.
.Property owners on Kansas ave
nue between Cth and 14th street
" re interested in sidewalksand
crossings are notified to meet at
the Mayors office next Tuesdjy
aueraoga at 2:30. 1 his is impor
W. Nichols,
Mart Lauthan,
R. N. Murpby,
For Rent 4 room house, corner
7ih and Texas to paitv without
children. Must be taken for 1 year.
Jonas Cook, Real Estate. Phone
For Rent 2 Four room houses
just completed.
Wells & Co.
313 Vz Chix Ave.
Republicans are worrying a food
deal jbmt how the democrats arc
going to get the Jim Crow into the
The Baptist Ladies Aid Socieiv
will meet tomorrow at 2 p. m. with
Mrs. D, K, Parker 925 Wash. Ave.
Please be present wirn thimble
prepared to tack carpet rags.
No. 128, Corner of
Chickasha Avenue
and Second Street..
Lost A erav horse, ia hands
high, 9 years old. Reward for in-
S t inw n A' I. . . 1 - 1
u;i.uu twuiu iciura 01 same zi
A. E. McKenzie at Chirltaiha ; vJ
Milling Co. .
: 1 t$
sileverine case. Gold wire twisted 1 11
cnain. uent in case. Hour hand q
larger than minute band. Reward v4
will be raid. D. R Dioert. I J
820 South 2nd street.
Highly Iatertttlof Exhibit Seea hi the
, Cohan Car Now Here.
The Misfit Clothing Parlor have
jiast purchasej a big line of shoes
an I bats which tbey expect to re-C-ive
by the first, of February. .
The exposition car "Cuba on
Wheels" exhibiting now here was
visited by an Express reporter
this morning and in addition to
seeing aad inspecting the many dif
ferent exhibits from the island, was
eutet tained for a little while by
Miss Richardion, in charge of the
car, in ber cosy little library at the
end of the car with a brief history
of the car since it had started on
its long journey and of incidents of
the trip. ' '
The car is fitted up and filled
with the various exhibits by the
board of Immigration and Depart
ment of Agriculture and since
leaving the St. Louts exposition
has traveled in twenty states. Tht
small cost of five and (tn cents
admission is made to help defray
the expenses. Miss ' Richard -.on
was looking for the school children
from one of the buildings .this
morning, but the weather kept
them. from coming.
1 nr'' i"
1 tvJ rs
0 0 th
v ...
We invite every prospective pur
chaser of furniture to call at our
store and inspect designs, quality
and style of our goods, which are
choice selections from the best fac
tories. g tj? 05
i i
t 4
r 1
Overstocks our house- We will make
prices unheard of in Chickasha. We
would rather" carry these goods in
your house than ours and will sell
you on on our easy
'insmument Flan
A chance to furnish the home cheap
on easy payments.- Do it now. Why
delay. Goods bought at this sale
will be held and delivered when re-
t h li
i M H li I Hi j II 1! 'J
v i m mti f W Ml F l W li I! il h
r I ; -I mM v !t H i M H M
t s
Sellers of Good Furniture
-. w t
n n r )
m n iHnirtii; f , 0 f ! , ,! r ;
t.. . ,
const'tutian. Tbey bad consider
bey had consider-f ' n w.iu.
. ' j ! 'A
the same si-bject 1 f try K. H. -Tuggle
U anxiety on
for groceries.
I C Neal rViMt bot nst-af.Jl .

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