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J J fT'IT All 1 nlllli,'l'S 1,10 n,nlll, R'
inspector 01 Building Alleges that tho,rohih,tibeFnleofl"orfor
" " ( years in that part of Oklahc
Charges Were Inspired by the
Republican Campaign
.McAh;ster, Okla., Oct. til. -Charging
that W. L. Bishop, who made charges
of fraud in tin.. construction of the
hiaif jicuiiciitlui y building, alleging
thai the state has lust $100,000 through
defective work, substituting plans and
diverting of material belonging to the
stale, was paid to ma Ke his allidavit In
the republican blare central commit
iff, Engine 0111, state inspector of
lmlldings, gave out a signed statement
refuting the charges, Mr. Gill was t'ut
ploved by tlie .state board of affair and
JiuH had cbaige of the work of the con
struction of the new penitentiary here
lMt' H began. The ctaM'iiient is as fol
lows: ""Were It not the length and pub
licity ghen to tlie charges made
atiair.st th; penitentiary authorities, by
W. L. Bishop, the inuttir would nor be
worthy of notice. .Many or hU chars, s
on the face ot i1k.mii are a pieposterou-:
tissue of falsehood?. For instance, 1
li!s statement (hat tiie original plans'
and specifications for ii.e admitiisti a-I
tiou building were burned after the eon- I
tract was let to the Texas Building.:
company, and new plans substituted
and u uory left off Hie bonding is too
.ridiculous to be aerioti.-iy lonsldertd by
anybody. Such a fraud would implicate
tie architect and every t-nite olfuiah
eonnected in any & with it and ;
would be too rank for anyone of onli-:
nary nattily to atti n.pt.
. "Uiahop wa- i1Im? .ed for meouipe-'
ncv utter v.ui i.in,, tin-re t-oaie el:;!it '
or 'en wtckc us u arpt liter foreman
' The charge thai f.il.-e gilderti ero '
u-td i.i ab.-cilusel.v without fuunda' ion. ',
Tiie iilrJem '-.- wit in abi-oluti I . lie-
cordimt to :h- plans ami detail fun.h-1
td by Architect Weather.
"Iil-hot's ntu'enunt Cue le
A pair of 50c
7-inch Shears
With llic purchase of a can
of Rexall I'earl Tooth Pow
der, 25 cents, and two bars
Harmony Hoe Glycerine
Soap, 25 cents, we will on
Friday and Saturday
October 28 and 29
Give a pair of 50 cents
hears Free. Only one to
each customer".
See these Goods in
our east window
The Leading Inscription
The VnJK Store
It is our purpose to handle any business
entrusted to us in such a fair and lib
eral manner as to make the cus
tomer's relation with this bank
satisfactory and profitable.
Aside from the excellent futilities afforded,
this hank has the advantage of a Capital
and Surplus of - - $200,000.00
The First National Bank
la check for f "')') fioin the wall job
j while hits work was confined exclusive
j iy to the buildiiys hud nothing to do j
Hitli tlie state. If the Texas lluildin;; j
company gave him a check marked
'Job" o. they have never collceted
the money from the state to cover that
check becausi.; .Mr. llisllop was never I 1 .
credited on the time books of the state j
with having worked a single day on the I Special by Culled Press.'
walls. J -New York. Oct. 31. With the sup-
"If Mr. l.'.ishop is in possession of ! port or tlie national Federation of La
the fact 8 covering the theft, as he ! uor. tlie eiress heljiers in every large
claims, of 3.200 sacks of cement from j city are ready to quit work If neces
the Texas Building company, a a good j nary to win their demands and the
citizen he should have reported it, not ; strike may become national,
only to the Texas Building' company j The com' Mjes attempted today to
and the state, but. to the authorities,
ami caused the arrest and conviction
of the thieves. The 3.2o0 sacks he
speuk tif were not charged . to the
slate by the Texas Building company.
' "The charge that the state was swiii- j
;dl.d out or $loO.OUO by the juggling of j l"'t'SB -Oi'iiany ollicials iu an effort, to
j uiiiteriuUnd labor charged to the wall.'rcttU! the strike,
j which was a commission job, from the j "
. regular contract job. on the adiiiiuiatra-
ti m boiling, and cell vviugs. is most
; ridiculous In view of the fact that the
total amount drawn by the Texas Build
j ing company tor completing the wall
I joti after the date of their beginning
the work on the building approximates
"Mr Bisiiop's cutiu statement is
baseless and ridiculous to any one fa-
miliar w;h construction or possessing
any knowledge of the method by which ;
the smie dealt with the Texas Buildiun '
"The book
ill. I ht state arc tipeti tu
"".''y'- i'"M'f''"'' " auy luvestiga-,
'tlon will not only be welcoiucd but. it
will afford the state ollicials a pleasure
to give an exhaustive account of all
1 transactions connected with the build-
i iug of the penitentiary, feeling that tho 1
showing will be a credit to them- ,
'selves, I
"Mr. Bishop was paid to uiaku thisj
allidavit by the republican central coin-!
; mince, according to a statement made j
: bv W. II. Chappcl of tluthrie, and it j
; was prcpaad solely fur campaign pur-
poses and sprung by the republicans in '
; the hope of making some capital for
their issueless effort to carry tiiis elec
tion, mid siiuiily -hos not only the
desperation and character of those
, charge of the republican campaign, but
the despicable depths to which an ituli
, v lit it :t I wil' sink to perjure himself for
a few dollars because of some personal
'sphtn against the penitentiary at
taches fur having been discredited flior
ally as a man and discharged for in
competency as a mechanic.
(Signed "EUGENE GILL."
GET $1,800 PER YEAR,
Through an error Saturday the Ex
press stated that the new charter pro-1
vided a salary of tfl.Ot'O per year for'
coiiimisisoners. The amount should .
have been $1,R'U. It was a typograpbl- -cal
error and was detected before the;
I entire issue cf the paper was printed.;
jT'es' h(? has been miRauo'ea' -itini-(tes
his position at follows: " j
'I am opposed to any amendraoni to j
i eoristltmlon which enais in minute
taM. a does ihe proposed act, a H-
nue law, and placet? such law In the
He c.onotitution. 1 believe that, all
IsUIon r.hould be by statute, not hy
nstltntlonal amendment.
'I am unalterably opposed to anyj
pstli.tlonal amendment, or Klatuiei
lich nullifies tho snlemn agreement :
p years In that part of Okhinorna foi-;
jrly known at the Indian Territory. ,
jl am In favor of a much more strin-',
(it lieeiine law if1 any than 1 hat j
(posed by tho present act. in many :
ileal provision. The act is not, in !
,n y respects, gatietfact.ory to me, be-'
cs, being in the form of a constitu-
pal amendment I believe in many
'or sii'lneent retnilatioits and rentrie-l
' stop the Btriiie. All wagons were sent
i early this morning in charge of
i guards. The formal demand of the
drivers is lor a. salary of 1m per
John ,M. Mitchel couferrcd with ex-
Special by United Prestf,
San Francisco. Oct, 31. Fifteen per- j
sons were injured today Hi a fire which j
destroyed the Clyde iiolvi, caused by an ;
explosion ot a big oil tans, as tue lire- j
entered the building, the explosion i
blew six of them into the street,
Victim of an
Auto Accident
Special by United Picas.
Leland. Miss., Oct. 31. A. -1. Love,
head of one ot the largest lumber com
panies in the country and one of the
wealthiest, men iu the south, was in
stantly killed today in' an auto acci
dent. Deitz Will Be
Released on Bond
Special by United Press.
j .Milwaukee, Wis.. Oct. 31. John
'Deitz, the defender of Cameron dam,
will be released tomorrow on bail fur
nished by Milwaukeeans, according to
a statement made today by Geo.
, Shulte. chairman of the local Ueitz
1 defense committee.
Deiu will come to .Milwaukee at
1 once.
j t
Supl. Raniey makes the following
'htateinent which should be of great iu
' terest to voters:
To the Voters of the Chickasha
School District: We wish to call your
; attention to the fact that senate joint
i resolution No. 1 of the legislative ses-
sion of 1910 provides taht. there shall
;be submitted to the voters of Oklahoma
jan amendment to the constitution
j which shall be knowu as section 12A of
; article 1.0.
j' The proposed amendment provides
. that public school taxes collected for
jtho maintenance of the common schools
'and levied upon railroads, pipe lines.
telegraphs, telephones and other public
i service corporations operating in more
jlhau one county, shall be paid into
I the stale treasury, and dlstrlbtcd to all 'every voter find taxpayer in the Chlcku-
dist riots of the state according to ibeisha. school district should vote and
; number of school children in each dis
trict. j Under the present s.vsttiu. corpora
j lion taxes are paid directly Into tin!
'COUhly U'va-tli') atid are distributed i
Special by t'nlted Press.
New York, Oct, .31. Ail efforts
Y to force Koosevelt u) declare ifhat
P he is opijoseu to his owu pretiidea-
tial nomination In lttl2 have fail-
The colonel today refused the
! managers of the Stimson cam- i
1 paigu permission 10 iteke aj
j public Ktatemeiit tliat Roosevelt i
J will not be a pres!denilul caudi- t
dale in 1iM2. !
Special by tailed Prsss.
Chicago, Oct. 3J. James Conrad, a
strike breaking garment worker, was
picked u. in a dying eondiiion today,
liis back being badly cut.
Three tiien were captured as they
w't-re i-uor.iug away. The men said the
cutting w'as caused by an argument
over the strike and they denied that
they were guilty of the- cutting us
Wichita Man is
Held Prisoner
By Denver Thugs!
j Special by United Press.
Denver. Col., Oct. M-
A dispatch
'received .from Wichita toua aj'a tilat
j Judd G. Williams of that, city is held a
j prisoner here by a band of thugs,
! among whom are several women who
i threaten death to him.
Williams' wife" at Wichita received
a letter today from, him saying that he
was unconscious most of the time and
was hid in some big building. He said
he would escape iu some w ay if he was
not killed. The letter was dated Oeto
erb 2S.
The police here are investigating the
Free Picture Show
at the New Star
" '
A free show consisting of moving pic-
tures. Illustrated songs and other inter-
eating features iwll be given by the
Boot and Shoe Makers' International
union of Boston, Mass., at the New Star ;
theater Tuesday night, November 1. 1
This show is educational and moral i
as well as -highly entertaining. Women
and children especially invited. Abso
lutely free; no admission, no collec
back to the districts iu which property
belonging to the corporations is lo
cated. That is if In your district there
are three miles of railraod your district
will get all the school taxes paid on
that three miles of railroad. Under the
'proposed amendment every district in
I the state w ill get its proportionate
shae of taxes from railroads whelchr I
there is any railroad in the district or :
not. It follows that your district under ,
the proposed amendment, would not re
ceive to exceed one-fourth or one-fifth
as much tax from railroads as you now
The proposed amendment will bet
known as State Question No. I ou the
ballot ut the election November 8th.
We believe you w ill agree with us that
w ork against this measure, to tho end
that vour school fund niav be ninserv -
ed. K spectfully.
Superintendent City Schools.
Revolt Starts
In Philippines
) Special by United l'i'ets.
j Mauila, P. I.. Oct. 31. As a l fU.1
( of the utterances of Dean V. Worcester,
I .-ittretary of interior for the Philippine
i I'Overniuiji.f, the most serious r 'i-tj
since the pacilicatlon of the island!
sicrtcd in Jliinluiao today.
Tho ilonobos tribesmeu are devest
ing the coast villages in the sjuUtn'u
part of tie island.
One ihj.rsand regular tre-ops a 'e a
route iu attack the tribesmen. I'utu
Supreme Court
l Special by I'liited Press.
j Washington. U. C Oct. 31.
J The United States supreme court
today denied a petition for a writ
( of certioari in the Oklahoma 2-
j cent rate cases.
j The United States district court
had granted an injunction against
I the enforceuiem of the 2-ceut law,
which was sustained by the- Unit-
cd States circuit, court of appeal. 4
fr Today's action of tho supremo
court sustains the action of tho
circuit court.
Rush Springs, Okla., Oct. 31. tjuile
a number witnessed the -basket .bail
game between the Y. M. C. A. team of
Otic-kasha and the High school boys at
this place last Saturday night. Al
though the Y. M. C. A. team was com
posed of the best, players of Chit-kasha
and Xinnekah and also had the home j
boys bested iu weight, they showed as j
the game proceeded that they were no j
match for the Rush Springs boys when j
it came to handling the ball. At the j
end of tht first twenty -minutes tho i
score stood 8 to 2 in favor of the
home team. The visiting team, hoping j
to gain back in the last twenty minutes I
what they had lost in the first twenty, !
' did better playing but had to go down
j in defeat by a score of 15 to 7. Both
teams did good work and the home
team deserves still more credit from
tlle fact tIiat they were just organized
last wiuier while the visiting team was
composed of league players who have
had training at the universities,
Tlle Y- M- ' A- na(1 three of
tht'ir regular men in the line-up. Con-
j sideriiig this and the unusually small ;
court furnished by the Rush boys the I
Chickasha team does not feel iu the j
least discouraged and hopes to meet j
the victors on a court of regulation size !
! in the near future. Each of the teams
j have won one game, thus making a
' third meet necessary,
i Rush Springs has a strong five aud
should lind no trouble taking the pen
nant over the other high schools of
the state, if they go after the proper
teams who are recognized as the state
A meeting will he held iu the asso
ciation hall Tuesday evening, at which
time a bunch of at least twenty basket
bail-players are wanted. Several teams
will be formed aud general plans dis
cussed for future work.
Miss Fontron Buys
Interest o! Partner
A deal w as closed Saturday w hereby
Miss Mabel Fontron purchased the tol
j terest of Prank DcVore in the DeVorc
& Fontron grocery.
Miss Fontron has been actively ideu-
te fled w-itli the business and is a thor
oughly capable and experienced young
business w omau. She will continue to
conduct the store in the most up-tc-date
manner. Mr. DeVore has not de
j tided as to his future course.
1 i
; Judge Frank M. Bailey w ent to It) an
last night, returning this afternoon in
time to open court at " o'clock.
thiistians, one au Americau, ars di ad,
it is leported
The trouble centers ou the Gulf of I
Uavao wheie uiucU damage Las !cuj
delio to i',"operty and crops. Tho en-1
ti;'e .Uoro pojiu'.at'cjii in thai, section j
are in , en revolt.
Thy .M'Jios have alniais defied suiiju -
gaiiun. The Filipinos aro liololus
muss nice' lugs and demanding Worcea-
ter'a, resvation.
ter'a polt.y.
gcutrallv uphold
L. n. yers, arrested at Amber Sat
urdity c-i a charge ot fcrijery, w;-s
taken to Fnid yesterday by deputy
from Gai field county. The St me Bank-,
ers' association was after a;-ick. it hid
ing alleged thai he had touched vaii
ous banks iu the state for sum ranging
Lorn 25 to $35 till tho total amounted
to over $1,200, Under Sheriff Yearta
was informed that therm weo J2
counts against him.
Ayres walked into the bunk, at Am
ber to draw a sight draft. Cashier Ilol
lingKwortb had just received a cttr-!
from Secretary Harrison of the State
Bankers association, giving his name,
description, etc. Deputy Paul Edgar !
happened to be in the bank at tue
time and as Hollingsworth had just i
turned the card over to him he recti,'?- j
nized Ayers and immediately arres'id j
htm tr in tnii tr lunl'haiu jii rht .v-.,tiin.. t
Special by United Press.
Guthrie, Okla., 0:t 31. The Ameri
can, Wells-Fa'go a.i 'United States Ex
press companies uuitt,; otiay in an at
tack on the gross revenue law. filing
three suits simultaneously 1u the
United States circuit court.
Tin ,.,,.!., ,..-..,,. .1,... .1..... !
x ut7 LUintiuiui;!, aooci I. LUUI, IUCJ call
not apportion their business exactly to
Oklahoma. They also allege that the
law interferes with interstate eom
mwtrce. The three companies do business at
the stations on 13,000 miles of railroad
In the state.
xi. JYomwic'
jrjf-s -r..
Add dignity, independence, safety, 10 yourself.' and to inoae
who depend on you. Get out of that rut of living beyond !
your income. Saving money acts on the rr-hid like exercise
acts on tne muscles. It sends new ideas through the brain, i
Start that savings account now.
We will pay you 4 per cent interest on the money you put
in our bank and compound the interest every six months. J
! County Candidates Beg
in their S'ving Around
the Circle
j The last week of the eaiupaigu liuda
j the democratic forces in Grady county
jon a war footing and carrying tho -war
j Into every precinct iu t'e county,
j According to plans' mapped out. hy
i Chairman Bishop and Secretary .Miller
the county candidates began a speaking
! tour of the county Saturday at Tuttle.
Judge Williams, John II. Veiiable, C .
I Geo. W. Barefoot, Col. Bob Glover, Cieo.
W. Petty and John M. Penn met a
large crowd of voters at Tuttlo and
preached to them the gospel which
saves. They received a cordial recep
tion and predict that Tuttle democrats
will contribute their whare to tho glori
I ous victory- on Nov, St.
Today the candidates; visited Pocas.
sett and Jlinco.
j Hon. Claud Mol.'rory of Ah a arrived
in the city last night and will devote
five days w speaking iu this county.
Hon. Jack Love, chairnniu of the
state corporation commission, will
speak in the city hall Thursday even
ing. Saturday will be the biggest nay of
all. Hon, Lee Cruce will ttpealj at tu
New- Star theater at 1 o'clock: aud he
will be given a rousing reception, TIio
band "w ill furnish music.
lAiok out for ghosts tohight-
-it's Hal-
lowe'eu, . .r
Chief Doss also advises the ghosts
to look out for if they get too risky
i they are likely -to be Viinchcd,
"Hallowe'en," which is an abbrevia
tion of "Hallow-even." or hallowed eveu
; ing, is the evening preceding All
S Sainis Day, one of the holy days of the
Roman Catholic church, According to
church custom, the hallowed evening
is kept as a vigil with 'prayers, and de
vout meditations, especially upon- the
lives of the saints. The festival or All.
Saints Day originated in the seventh
century. How the celebration, of Hullowe'eu
degenerated into the levity aud frivol
ity which general characterizes it, it Is
difficult to say. Certainly there was
nothing in the origin and proper Igj
i niiicance of the occasion to warrant it.
For Oklahoma Tonight and
Tuesday fair; warmer in south
- duccwm wit
ir' "w-
I ft
, ; aU
ZTV -.i ; w I " s

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