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CHICKASHA, CKL.UIOr.IA, Monday, November 7, 1910.
NUMBER 2fc5.
The democrats of Grady 'iu ty have
fought a good Unht Hiiil in the ' i""
tomorrow wiii li'iint.alu her n piiiatiou
m a lem t a! i- stronghold. There
has never at imy time I n any 'iues-
tlons to the election of uuy man on the
county ticket and therefore jiract u ttlly
(Iip entire efforts of tiio campaign man
agers have been devoted simply to Im
pressing on tit . minds of democrats
the iinnortance of voting 10 the end
that Grady county contribute her iiarl any opposition ir i .-,........
to the 8tai Victory. an't do better tlioa to vole for him.
The primary resulted in tin; noioina- County Clerk,
tlou of a ....ndil "t of dctno.-ratlo j If any dmnty ever had a h.-ter otu
candidates for. .ouiity ofli and there ;cr than Joe Umlu. nobody ever
Ih no reason why cvprv democrat. ! h'aVd of it. II in another man l.o
bhotild not vote a straight ticket. Here
ure the men submitted to the voters by
tlie democrat.
County Judge.
N. M. Wllliam.-i f"r n-arly thr.o
vears htm ix-n (he courtly jiulKe of
Grady county. He ban had more ale
tract )roiiisi;iorm of law cominfr hi
fore him involving prohibition enforce
liient than any ' county jude in tiie
iita'e. Mo iia only had two p'verals,
cue luvolviiiK an interstate Sihlpment,
the judge IndiliiiK that it lost its in
terstate p'-otectioti when recetiut d for
by the ooiiMtKneo and piai-ed on the
dray, the court of appeals holding tlia' j
it was protect! d iititil ilclivi red to the!
home or destination in the city. T! j
other was a c,i,e whero she ricfi nne j
was offered that the defi-nd..iit go-v t!,- j
whiskey lu (piestion fiom a boot I-rj-. r
as an aecotiHuoda; ion for ihe jnircha j
er. the judge holding 1m became the i
iigent of tin: Witless -r and wan !
equally guilt. The i mm- lewv.si-u
on the gioiimi ! li t! I' watt a (lie ; ti'Ui
of fact fin- the jut ;o .iyi'Ue 'J .1' ;
fendaru w.m uvit inr laser and j
not of the biiii'.b'gger., he i-hoili'l have
been ai ipiitted..
When the judge had the autlnuity to
in-sess the punirhn;. nt the titles rang
cd from $2eo to $4 and ay average
of J.Vt. For the las: two vjlta be
h?H ass sscd no pni'.i'-liiiK nt as the de
felldatit (an asx the jury to nen ih
imnlshnienl which has alwas been
dou! hince :be liv.t !w terms of
coutt. But. two ilefeiiilatits have asi id
to tie trh-d bv the mo , one uc'i:;ti
nnd one found guil y.
Hut one mipeiil has be( n taken by lb"
county Btiorncy from th" r til i n e of the
court. U appeais to us that this re'-,
old should lie aid Cable to all goed
John Lewis is a man of teilhm
worlli. lie Is a splendid I epi : ntal j ve
of our Ix-st Cilizeuiiii and for many
years he has engaged the higio'st, re
pei t and ( onft.'ii nce of his u ighboi
Mr. l.eis is pli'dged to the etlfoice-
iiicnt of all laws and he is a man
w hose word can be trusied.
County Treasurer,
lilily Cloud Is thoroughly familiar
with the work of the county lieasuiet's
offii-o. He is a man whose ability is
known to the voters. Widely experi
enced in business, rourt'-otis and In
dustrious, ho possesses every qualifi
cation iiccesary for the ofliee mid will
fill the position wi'h credit to himself
and to the satisfaction of the people.
It is our purpose to handle any business
entrusted to us in such a fair and lib
eral manner as to make the cus
tomer's relation with this bank
satisfactory and profitable.
Aside from the excellent facilities afforded,
this hank has the advantage of a Capital
and Surplus of - $2t;0,()0().U0
Tlie First Naiiona
Regiuter of Deeds.
11 isn't n.('tiiiry to till thij voters
anything iiliont George Petty, lie has
1 uiiulf good in evciy '.i.v anil his e.v
1 porienco ipialilies him to please the
people still better in tin-- future, if that
i.S pOnSiblc.
District Clerk.
Ami .1. I!. Callahani is another one
who let niaili' good in the same man
ner, so well in fact thai lie didn't have
:.nd no oi!iohi;iou in i lie primary, ne
ii an indefatigable worker, always on
the job.und always giving the taxpay
ers their moneys worth. His ofliee is
one of the most impotent in the coun
ty and nobody wains a change at this
County Superintendent.
(J. K. Newell Is a thorotmh Heboid
man. xp. rience.l in both city and
county schools. He Is a njlleg" grad
uate and is (.ii;p'-d in every way for
!he office he geeks. The democrats
were fortunate In m lectin)? such a man.
County Weigher.
r. (lo. itinif has been on the job
cour.lv weigher iu the pant, and has
;lii.-.: red the
;i,ll. He b
again make
ofliee It h entire
"on to the job"
County Surveyor,
A Craitwcli. th- i)omii:e
I ot.ul
He It
y siirvevor. is a man who lias de.
.his el.'iie l.fe to lii.S profo-sion,
i eij.tiiij.e, ff,r the o:H-.' as few
y sui vi vo: s ai-1 and his kuowl
at:d will oinlouleeitiy save
v foe ! t.i;; I' . "".
i e er,
1 IT I (
Hiheit to preseti'
rtiiiiaies at the
ill save ih lay if
tin ii
regis! r.if net
eiills tomorrow. I
on re'iieni In r this.
Knlhiwbig are i.e pol
Ward 1 1'ie, In, t 1
ii:g on .So'ilh S. I'oiwl si
In . W(imti:.i( k's stor
Mug places:
Hopkins build
eel ; preh net 2.
'. Soulh Sixth
.-ii i I.
Ward 2 !'iei ine. !. city h.t'l; pm
erne! ", "i iter Mil ami M icitkMit.
Waul :: Cotiniy baiMiug at n ar of
r ourt bolide.
M innes
I - I'1
( a av
Sl 1 ec!
ci !nct 1 . bid:
tine hi t ween
;; precinct 2
,e hall on !
First, and !
,i.-r Sheriff Veaita left cM
ior Mi Alester
.1. r. Tresne
Unwev was
taking Carl 1 loey and
to the state prison, i
,ein up for iiie on a i
charge of murder ami Tr.sner got
two jcais for forgery. Young Boyd
who was sinletice,! to two years, for
horse stealing, will be taken to tho
icfotiuaioiy at Granite.
1 Bank
. i
' Full r- tuns from the -m tity,
i state and nation will Im received
Tuesday by telephone and tele-
! graph at the Daiiy Express of-
I htiil will he thrown on it.
: liir(t raiiviiss on the front of
I the building.
Our readers ami all others arc
; invited to come and Ret the
1 4- lint news of tin- election.
To the ehapier of sensational mat
rimonial history In the family of
Frank Farwell. a farmer living HI
miles southwest of ('hickasha, com
mencing about .six weeks ago, when
his I.'! year old daughter left 101 .Mela
liond College to wed Huiw Smith, was
added another page this morning when
Kit Karwe!l, a son fifteen years old,
walked into the Grady county court
house and applied for a marriage li
cense. Although boyish looking and scarce
ly over live feet, in height, young Far
well would no doubt have secured th
desired papers, for ho offered to show
a not;' of consent from his father, but
a previous telephone message from
his mother to T. 11. Dwyer, retpiesting
him to look out for the lyoy, had been
reported to the county clerk.
The license was r'-fHM:d the would
be groom before he gave the name of
the girl he wished to marry, and dis
appointment as plain on his smooth
'face as he left, the court hou.se with
hU unread and useless letter of con-
' seir.
Special by I'niicd Press.
Oklahoma city', Nv.. "
kill today threatens to
paper for publishing
.--Gov. Gas
sue M'Vera!
ail icle
't harming him with legislating under
I i lie domination of the Standard Oil
! ( 'ouipany.
j The governor would not. affirm or
! deny that he had caused a warrant to
be issui d for Frank Greer, editor of
! the Stale. Capital.
' "The standard Oil story is a lie,
.gotten no by a rotten bunch of rcpub
' Ilea!!." said Gov. Haskell.
Oklahoma City, Nov. 1. Governor
Haskell made the following statement
"The Standard Oil story run Hi a
paid advertisement bv the bunch of I
crooks at. Guthrie will he remembered
i tic tl,i. iw.iotlo :is the s;
ime story that
1 ' .' . .
Wiis published by a prominent, repub
lican editor two tars ago and for
which 1 caused his arrest at that time,
and after lull investigation and find-
ing that ihe whole story was false.
that editor published iu his newspaper
a complete retraction and apology.
The fact, that they dig up an old story,
long ago admitted to be a lie. can only
show that they have no truthful is
sues in this campaign."
I , ,
: W0.ULD
! Special by United Pre ss,
j New York. Nov. 7 Thai pr. Fred
erick A. Cook has dually detailed to
j present his claims as the real discov
erer of the north pole, was learned to
jday when Capt. C. S. Osborn, a close
friend, receive.', a letter from Cook
stilting that he was ready to submit
j his data to scientific authorities. Dr.
i Cook said his case would eventually
1 1 est on its merits, without reference
! to the achievements of his rivals.
Ross in Town.
I Col. Leslie
ion the bank
I t h ed in the
P. Ross, who is io speak
corner this evening, a:--city
this afternoon.
' 'J J
lolm I!. Williams, . hairinHn of Ihn i
democratic campi.inn commiilee, lias
address! d the following aiijieal to d'iii
"The ii piiblican party of Oklahoma
known thai the only chance it, has of
winning this election, is that you and
your democratic. Irieuds will not take
enoiiKh interest in the election to vole.
"1 Know that you would not aid the
republican party by voting its ticket,
aim 1 am sure that you will not aid
thein by remaining away from the
"If the democrats of Oklahoma vote
in the eleeiion, tin in is no (mention
about the result. But the i spomdbil
ity rests with you and the democrats of
the southern part of the state.
"If you do not voto then there 1 a
chance for the republican nominees to
Hon. Leslie P. Ross, of Lawton, will speak
at 8:00 o'clock this evening on the Bank
Corner. '
He will talk for Democracy and will have
a message that you should hear.
Everybody is invited.
Potion 1.. Glover, democratic Candi
da ie for reelection to the letl.-dut.tire,
gave the toliowins interview to an Kx-pu-ss
reuesenialivi! while in town Sat
unlay : '
"1 have1 no fear wltat'.'ver as lo the
result next Tuesday but, of course. Ihe
larger my majorl'y is the better it will
please me. I do not think for a mo
ment, that, any Grady county democrat
will vote to send a republican to the
legislature at a time when tho state
must be redistricied.
".Moreover, I believe my record has
been such as to meet with the approv.
al of the people. Throughout my cam
paign both before and after the pri
mary 1 have asked any one to point to
one official act or u.Sr.c that was
against the interests or the taxpayers
and not one such act has been pointed
out. I am ierf..c!ly willing to be judg
ed by my record.
"To the voters of Chic-hash-. I say:
Who has done things for JOur city?
What party is responsible? V lioso Mil
j Special by United Press,
; Toledo. Ohio, Nov. 'i.
i tlie Home Savings Hank
-The vault of
at Matamora
this morning
I was blown open early
by men who escaped with $000.
j The robbery was committed under
jthe eye of Deputy Sheriff Weyler, who
' was powerless to prevent it.
Special to the Express.
Oklahoma City. Nov. 7. The follow
iing statement was given out today by
John R. V,'illiams, chairman of the
I liemoci.itic campaign committee:
I "On the eve of election, summing up
'carefully the rcpeiis, from all over the
(state, we are of the opinion that, the
j republicans will not elect, their entire
! county ticket in over two counties of
itiie state'. On the other hand, the..?
lare over forty-live counties in Oklaho -
i ma that will elect t ho ent ire democrat
ic ticket and will give large majorities
I to the democratic state ticket.
AflTA Tk
llf-Slil K
15 i
be elerled. if you do vole, Ihero Is
"1 want you to promise ine
not only
to vote, but. to hee that your neighbors
all vote.
"When Hill Gross was caudidaie for
congress against Hird AlcGuIre, there
were enough democrats in the south
half of Washita county who did not
vole to h-ive elected Mr. Crass by a
largo majority.
T want, to make a personal appeal
to you not to let a condition likes that
,-vrise again. It wilt take only one day
of your time. Will you give It, and
see that your neighbors do likewise?
The result, (if the vote in your precinct
will answer the question.
"Bolicvini; , absolutely in your pa
triotism to democracy, I will await
with confidence the returns from your
good precinct,"
gave you the Industrial school and the
appropriation of $100,000 for a build
ing? Whose bill gave you 1l,000 for
the maintenance if your school?
"I have labored loyally and faith
fully for Ciiickasha and the girls'
school and I propose to continue to
do so. I don't believe that I have cast
my pearls before swine and that the
! democracy of Chickasha will return
"It was through the democracy that
Chickasha secured what sb-i tzz it,
will be that way in the future.. You
want an appropriation, for a dormitory
! for your school and I pledge my host
Cfforts to get it. I am as much interest,
ed in the school as any citizen of
: Chickasha. I take pride in it a a Gra
dy county institution. As a democratic
; legislator I believe I can do more for
th.,f ,chiii tiiici, mv rciu.hlii-an nun in
I believe the citizens of Chickasha will
show their appreciation for what I
have been able to do in the past by giv
ing me a handsome vote next Tuesdp;,"
Madill, Okla., Nov. 7. Yesterday
just afier the noon hour .lint Thomp
son killed .1. T. Pratt, the city 'mar
shal with a Winchester rifle. Thomp
son at once appropriated a horse and
buggy tsamliug near and made his
get-away. A posse of officers and
armed cttizeus is scouring tne couuiry
for him and it 1 believed that he will
not bo 1) rough, back alive. Mr. Pratt
leaves a family, lie was an efficient
officer and was well liked. The shoot
ing occurred just as services were be-
! ing closed at the different churches.
'Sympathy Is strong for the family of.
the deceased.
Tonight fair. Warmer, Tues-
day fair.
; - -
"The democrats will have about
eighty-five members of the next legis-
Mature, and there is strong probability
, that the democrats will elect the five.
i congressmen from Oklahoma.
- , "The democratic majority
for the
state ticket will be extremely gratify
ing to the democrats of the state.'
'Look Out for Lust Hour Canards
! Democracy Has the Battle Won
I Fail Not to Vote
Tim campaign In Grady county will
end with the meetings held by both j
democrats and republicans here to-
night. Col. Leslie I'. itoss will apeak
for the democrats on the bank corner j
and Hon. C G. Jones will hold forth,
for the republicans at the court house, i
Chairman Bishop and Secretary j
Miller of the democratic campaign
committee have finished their work
and are confident as to the results.
We shall have a majority of about Interests, I desire to say that the Olc
3 500 In the county," said Mr. Miller. lahonnm does not now and never has,
Special arrangements were made to- believed this charge, that there Is ub
day about the polling: places in the ; solutely no evidence showing tho samo
precincts where the negro population j and that It Is published and peddled
i.i large for applying the reading and , at this time, for no other purpose than
writing test to those who offer to vote, j to confuse and befuddle the voter and
In a telegram to the Express today. ) lead him astray. The advertisement.
Chairman Fred P. Barnso.v of the state was paid for by the republican con
committee, warn against republican jressional committee of the second
lies circulated on the eve 'of election ! district and, is Inserted at this late
and too late to be ahswered. One of j date in order fo prevent by limitation
these canards Is the story of Haskell i of time a complete refutal of the
and the Standard Oil appearing to-1 charge embodied therein. I make this
day. As likely as not you will read a j statement after reading the advertise
story in republican paper tomorrow ment as pi Intel this morning In order
morning that Haskell is the man who j that our readers may understand that
shot President McKinloy. Intelligent j the Oklahoman gives absolutely no
voters will not be deceived by these ; credence to the statements contained
last hour canards. Rest assured that j in the advertisement,
they would have 'been used sooner if i R. E. STAFFORD, Editor..
nifi r rtt vrt
0 (Mi
Rather than face a charge of steal
ing, Mrs. Elizabeth Wells this inO'n-,
ing at the Simmons rooming house
over ihe old Dade hardware store,
swallowed two kinds of deadly poison
and is still in, a precarious condition.
The unhappy woman took tiftesn
grains of bichloride of mercury and
a pint of wood alcohol. '1'rompt dis
covery of her rash deed and medical
aid perhaps saved her life. She took
the poison about 10 o'clock this morn
ing and was still suffering excruciat
ing pain at H o'clock this afternoon. '
Mrs. W?ells spent, last night, at the
Early hotel and after she left this
morning Mrs. Nash notified the police
that, a blanket was missing from the
room she had occupied.
Officer Iivejoy was sent to look
for the woman and he found her iu her
i room at the Simmons
hnuse. When
asked concerning tne niani;et sue o3 -
nied any knowledge of it. Lovejoy
wasn't, satisfied with her story and
-3t ur - ar A
t I
Ymi will crow old: votir
( h it m i 1 kin i i i 1 v.v i ?
' I '.' P( m
j jjT6Rows 7 pm i
f THERE ' j
; J :.; '
. men are so prosperous to-day that they can afford to over-
i M look this- Are yu Retting ready for old age'.' The day you
i j
j ! j
: j
start a savings account you will teel younger anu nappiei.
Try it. IVgin now. .11
We will pav you 4 per cent interest on the money you put I i
in our bank and compound the interest every six months. f J
1 1.
there, had been any truth in them.
The F.xpres received the follow Ins
telegram this afternoon from the edi
tor of the Oklahoma!!:
Oklahoma. City, Nov.1 V. To tho
readers of the Oklahoman: In- order
that tha readers of tho Oklahoman
may not. be misled or deceived by an
advertisement appearing in our col
umns yesterday morning in which it
is charged that governor Haskell has
been dominated by the Standard Oil
raising llsr lid of her trunk he saw ihe
blanket, iu it, When informed that
she was under arrest, the woman said
she wanted to , square it with the of
ficer, but the latter told her that she
would have to go to court. She then
asked for a little time to dress.
Lovejoy stopped outside the door
ami waited some twenty or thirty
minutes for the woman to finish her
dressing and then he went into tho
room. She was standing in front of
the dresser adjusting her hair and as
the ofr.cer spoke she gave a gasp and
fell back on the bed.
. Dr. Ambrister was summoned ami
at once administered emetics. A lit
tle investigation 'showed what she
had taken. She was thought to bo out
of danger within, an hour or so hut an
officer was left to guard her to prc-
! vent, any further attempt at suicide.
1 ur. vanii, ine mj iuj,ici.i,
' called to take care of her case this
N. ri?s :v.
parnincr powers will fail. Few
7 Mi 151 j

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