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The Chickasha daily express. (Chickasha, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1899-current, July 20, 1912, Image 6

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7 V
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t'f i i a
r .- i ., ; i-
, , i - i - i -
4' ' j ' ' -. -
4. 1 ; ' a .'- - d 5 r " ' -
- . a f - a S " 1
c i " c "i c " h a Lcer a
I 6 1 - 'r, .'
ci - --i
t "." v f i - ' " ' T
t 0 . f ' . r '-
, s i i . , ' - --" s-;
J. .1 7-.T ' 1 l" J c -T
r- r i : - ''?'!
t- a ' ' , - j F '
, - f ' a -
. . y. -t f ' i.r r r.
- - - ' i-.e
? - - c
f - '
t r . I c a
g-v. " f J v -' k . .. 't-1
. 3 iu !' i c-te r - ' i-i i
r &-i tv- -- - i - is a
)-... i ci tf ir '
i. a a- r " 3 U vf
,:---t ; -p
t - i-. . - -i ' y '.
c i c - - r. iti c 2 -s -
- 1 (! r ri I"
tf f . 'T l.'l'v i ?
i i "t- r ' ' - r-.--:;-
- ' - 1 .
s b r " i.- - L :l F -
, . . . v v . . . - ,!
t. : ' " ' .. m ar'. .-
T. '1 - - . - - -
rri. if '.!' -f T
ve, - '. , 2 : - a :
l1-" P3 , 3 1 ' 'T q a
i;- -t v ' 'i. ' ,r "i.; ? i.- tt
tt c-: j i f f ' ti" '
(.: r 5 i a- i
, t - i , k .!;!(' 'a' It
t T n t ,. r t I f t " J 'o. 3
I - 3 , a 1 T' i- ' h
i'j t. i -i 'V r- 5 .i a ai
Tt" C--' lt r-i y
U f-, . t-. t - -t i- - i ' ?
l . r '8 Li I 'a i C 1
I.V. VI'.., Vf. p
J " - - 3
T, - r,3 " - r- ci v V t t
f j 1- i ' " - r1 t d " '
tri i nai i . iiili to l ' iifil
,i 1 j - ' ' n n : 4,
t .J. t , ?(J"t ..
k; a ' ( L t.. fi-.i .' 1 J.
? ; . t - -i! 8' i
V ' 1
f i . r. w c -
f - . U 4 t '- ! '
t - !i f - t .
: t r - - ' ' r ' ,lt
c ft t i '. - 1 : : ". v
- h " t . 'f'( ' r" -
j. a v u t a-i l , '-ie
I frf ' I ' i i t " ' e
f ,H ra ' I t. I' - I.
; l r . . ' r ' w kl
, - (I'M , 1 ' I
. . , . , 1 . , . .. , , . .. J . . ... . ..... ,1 .
t -. .'.i.-l .t'.-'.i. i . -
... . 1 . -..- .. .rt .
v - fc T '( ' is i . v T
i !
r i
t. r
, ; ; . : - - ' '
. A. t fc 1 " ' " Cl
- r " - 1 - -'
i..- . t : ' - '- "r
: - 4
... - . ' t - i i .
. (.1 'I - :
T f (i
v L i - - ;ei
, ' r J c T t 1 -' ' ' 81
y-i i , ; : -r.v i l
f r,t f - o h 'r Is-cp t-d
-,ar , 11 ? t i t to f g1-
f i l f- -' - r " fi '.ve".r
r - ' ' r c! ; a - ai es
- s.-'.-ri I " ' --''
fc 3 t.,- 'ie j' t" ' -er-
v . " J cn
f , ,. -1 vf P '.-
' c - L i - r . 5 - J-
, e h vt .- s .'. e
,.,2. n :v Lw It . Jor-
ii r for tie cf-':c of i;ff. rat.-ct
:1 tctuoa of tie democra'oc $ri-r..irr.
ioba C. Lwit aaoances Uiat ae it
e&niidat lor Sheriff, iabjw:t to tise
J?r-Ttie fr'siary.
csr'.daie for Couuiy Commiioer,
District No. 3 (Southern) 'Mi to
tt Demoorttlc primary.
CtiaHWiO h!iOoliiicil lliat b '
a candilafe for County CommiMioer,
Dii-Uitt No. 2 (Chkkatba), iutjct !
uje Ir.-inotraUc primary.
6-born annouucet that be !
a cand'.date for County Comm'.Miwer,
District No. 1 (Northern), tutjfct to
tUe I):Boeratie primary.
j Lkssa aaEounteg slat be is a
(in.iidate for sheriff, iuSJw to tbe
Dea:ocradc prixary.
A. B. Aiexaiidw announces liat at
is a candidate for Sheriff, tabject to
tba Democratic primary.
i -. R E P. T P A1'1 -ier sua
f- ie F- s, -re
Of - y I 1. V. T S- rrr.aa.
K 1 F-i-. r 'C - 1- a I ict.
;-.r"..r: ' ' to t 'i F.'.:a
I - ' J r e c.T ir.3
r- , ' y -h 6"i f f tfeit
:cp izi rxi? tssks of P.i F.at.
r t' vi (- c rht
s f" i r i c! the
t o ai j a (t i ri d.ii' 2 la
1 - - I - l. Ti -e ' gtt
-S e i a t' r r- " '".n the
, f' t i" T';rir.'y. mi of
- h i - f- r a r 3T
!- ( i i' f z r I fc A turn
"'' . n-- 7r' t"" '5
t ! ,t!ia i'-r ii ire old
t - t ' n'vh L-fi fj a
j,. -'t ir are j L-ilet--
J " , n d -.'b d!
tt.m (v t,' 3' r" ; afi- hooter
f ! -t i--.rft' rg of all.
r , -i , j j-. i n sk Ui r-
t ,-i i. 1 'Til T 1""- of
f-pn i r.fTj ,j i Bee
r"- i to IU rrfi to regfct
.i- I'' " c -fe"1, i'! -l t Jirkson
fi c" i f-t F' L' f- re s'ands
i Ja kr Jjkc a stone wa!L"
The ipr-i of P !! P. an,
tl - t if fa ir. th? U r 'art of
2 t 1- J k ay t -':.r y fol
, :. !... ra -r. ,-r.? trae course of
r , Ti i ri i la t) ir si c ji.rns
t f -t a t ' iiy f-1 1 -th'cn r rrked
c' . x cf c , i t if the
i r ' ' to '.!"- 1 " " s of
o fi-i g cr r r .1 f' 1 ''no the
c - I ' ''nufsH-nr r. j r Will
'i. i " ' fa a i of car.y
h a-f i ' - ir 1 Sr.. i- il-i's to Cen--
. . , h a- a i :-:- cntest--;'"
u'l 11 n- 25" -e Gap,
; . , . v , : I , i t." tains
i , . , - i L - VCCt'E
, , .-. - j i- H ' ir 5 the
; i J fin ,iJ, ! r tte
r. .- . e ns , fiMi, t.r'iirg 3-.-
....... tVfl r-v rq op-
1 -("-. J T i w's then
t r : ' V - 1 r.y of
-I i ' i'1' -L"J do
, 1 r i' t.' tc hi laid
I " ! ' f' f-at of
Bri3.-Csn, Irvin McDowell. i
i? twn ce tS;r.K bis 'fririvls are'C '
J iff it ext.re:r.?iy fiiSc5-t
t to see how asy cc-rps corsEander
woaid Tester to tafi.ee in t4.ti t
! a.!, tskst he. CfJJ &.fce-ruic is !
f tac ar.d keen' tii.;:self tcIrA' i
i dirlt the day f.!t the irspressioa of
kit corpt ccri:tnar.d?rs about ti fro
pr!tf of going Into tie battle. . . .
V,'tea the battie ead oa tite 2S"S
c-f Ausjft. wer j3 pesscsiion c?
b cn cur ripbt and occ-ritJ cb
eur left the position teiJ eiriy In
the day, ami hai erp-y rif!tt to cisin
fcideii tBctt. Wt&t that sserest
nigbt have be. if a wrp of 12.00
men who ha 4 no'. kfa in tattle that
ay had l-t-n .throws ngsiast
frt'i rlgbi 2ii es gaped ia tt
iere. fight that RfterBCtin, 1 ced
not !ndtcat. To tar that Oer.er:
Port.-r"s Ecnactlon d'irfrf this h':
! u -whcBr tnexreted and d.tao-
pcJttitf, wtd that it proTchfd ec-ve.-a
".::: Dicr.t cn aU tasis, .is to state- "-he
f&cts e.u:"
Generia Longtre-;t wrote ccrera-
is? this:
Had Porter attacked me tf'.Ttea
noes i.cd eight oa th ith, I ehcj'.d
have. reetiTed his 6.&00 with ahcut
iml'.e that cutsher. . . . Ti r-
suit wen-Jrt have t'en Pcrtert retraat
14 eonlviilcs, and 1 m'sht postihiy
mve reached Pope s k-ft asd rear la
ia to cut h'm cfl "
Ail day ion e on the 30th the two
irsies fought fiercely, and cn the
jfcxt EiOiJiifsg Gurat j-cpe cJ -S
orcea so worn out that he ordered a
General Lee commanded the Con
'edrate forces la person at the
u-.r;A tattle of BuiI'Kurs, and
.on,i of the t.-1 known . generals
n the Uniaa army wpre liketse
atgsgd, A r.un.lc-r of jr-roroiar,t
jrTieers on both sides were kiil'-d
luring the Bull Run campaign, and it
N. M. Williaxs announces that fc
is a candidal for county Judge tun
Ject to the action of the democratic
R. E. Davenport announces his can
didacy for County Judge, suojeci
to the action of the democratic primary
T.s Herry House and the First Monument
William Stacey announces bis caa-
iidacy for county Judge, sabjt to
the democratic primary.
1 1.
Arm? Oft.cers Encamped to Siidy the Field.
V '
:.e i:'
f w
1 J 1 :
B. W. Kiigiisb announces that he
is a'canJidMe for County CommiHion
er. District No. 3 (Southern), subject
to the Democratic primary.
J. R. Cil..t':.aa announces that he
is a catididate for district clerk, sub
ject to the democratic primary.
John O. Burgett announces that be
is & candidate for district clerk, tub
Jet to the democratic primary.
Thos. J. O'Neill announces thit be
is a candidate for county Judge, tub-
lect to the democratic primary.
S. U Ntwman announces that he is
a candidate for district clerk, subject
to the democratic primary.
Isaac Cloud aat.oui.u-s th.lt he 1
candidate for C!-rk of the Die rict
Court, tuhject to the Democratic primary.
Thomas L. Taylor announces that
fee Is candidate for Cierk of the Di
tract Court, subject to the Democratic
J. S. Joties aunuuntes that he is
' . , .. Ml .......
J . 1 . it ,ur tu- - - . i ,s ;, u . . a . : iui .-. "i " ' -
dacy for the office of county clerk ot-. Court 8Ubj.-ct to the Denwcratie pri-
C.rady county, euojeci w u ""w-J mary.
oratlc primary. i
1L A. Bloss announces that h is a
candidate for county clerk, nuhject
to the democratic primary.
Joe D. Lindsay anDOunces that he
a candidate tor County Ork, sub
ject to the Democratic primary.
Oscar Simpson announces that he
is a candidate for county attorney.
subject to the democratic primary.
H. Biair announces his candidacy for
county attorney, tuhject to the' Dem
ocratic primary.
John if. Y-:-.?hle announces that
he is a candidate for County Attor
ney, subject to the Democratic primary.
Kd E. Aibin announces that he is
t-ard.ii'e for register of deJs, sub;
j-ct to the action of the democratic
T. P. Moore announces that be Is A
candidate for Justice of the Peace of
Chkkasbt township subject to ta
Democratic primary.
J. D. Vance anaDimces tuat he is a
candidate for Justice of the Peace of
Chickasha Township, eihject to the
Democratic primary.
V. V. Clark announces that he is
a candidate for Justice of the Peace
of Chlckasha township subject to the
Democratic primary.
R. T. Young announces that he is a
candidate for Count Weigher, sub
ject to the D mocratie primary.
Lyon K. Bingham announces that
he is a candidate for register of
iced?, subject to tthe democratic primary.
K i-
Brig.-Gen, G. T. Eeauregard.
-' -r. ri ?f; r scera!
. , j l 3 ' v 1 r r -.a the
I j i ; - II j 1 P 't. r do' c hit
. c . r? to 1 ,-r, to would
. ;t i '3 Lo - k t from
- -2 --, 'iii-ms r.t ut til he
; i J pr-er. h would
, ' d 1 !,T t !i r? to have
i "f ai-'.." .l h ta sab
t .. r w r i - h i'ederal
't ( lad S
I v s, ! I ( r a f- e in-(-
- i 'cnuU Ul him,
t i i r- . ..rjd l'.f G '"-al Poi
, n-n- 1 1. . La tv at the en-
. - .... - .- . o'.
. - - ' i f - , r rt J l ht
lt' !s a t " j.t r a1- j for a
, t - . !..:... r t k.p of
. . .vij, ,-rp especial-
is proposed to erect monuments at the
spou where these warriors f.'-U.
A dramaiic result i this L.tt-e was
he ccurt-raniai of General Porter
m charces made by G-.-n..-r;ii Pope-. On
he. loth cf January. IS'iS, Porter wit
'ound r-t'lty of having disobeyed three
it pope's orders and the sentence was
'hat he te cashiered and be forever
iisnaalified from holding any office
indi-r the goveratuent During the
.iCst 15 years Potter ccallanaliy P
niei for a re-lwringr, in the llfcbt of
Wldn-e wwly d!scov-red or cot
ivailaWe at the time of his trial. la
ii-s h!,'.-.t.! TlriTr--; Etcolr.ted a
.wmrd to ex&u-it,e the new evidecce,
,r.d the conc".uiua of Its u.r-gs ;
.ed: "Whit Genera! Porter actual:? j
did i- . . . ac iwroi to nave j
been only the simple necessary action
which an intel!iper.t toiclier had ao
choice but to lake. It U not pcsttitU ;
Uiat tay ccurt-n.artiai conU have
tondeiiit.;d such coad-ct If It had
bpn correctly ur.d.-r.-.tood. Oa tte
'.r-tra'j O " -. ' .. t r1 rt,
. !.,.t-- f it:.:..'. ar.J jtd'.i- ts H
a.-- t V' ' 't r : ?" tn c' i-'tr
or. tho C.-th Ao.,j.t"
A . : 1 t'-y, P.- :'.-rt Ar'1 r in
4.i jp-ipv, ii c.i-ric; ! Porter fivm tbi
."',:.:. .::-,- ;1 ,f-
I. ". : ,! i1 .if ("-'
' rl : r' '. J in -'t of ( : : hy
ahi. h lv.tr y t e r.rr f -
v.u:,(-d as (.'.l-.iitl cf Ir.'-n.ry. In !'-e
f ::.! s V. he w- i . t-d oa
the retired i;t.
if a r" .nl park is t 't alt d at i' .1
i; ,:; It 1.1 1 r-' - 1 " h- ; . i'. d t.t r
t-p ... v. el the i :::::.!-' ' :s
cf thp J-ri.-V '. .1: fit.i a 1. .-ft
i- ; . . . j At i . .tv.:.t I: .1 1- - 1 -I
f.ahire i f tit" pr , ; is xr,p ii. n lor
Pi : . !".' 3 i t io
t.-- r H-I al (ut '''. i ."-"''y al. r8
t'... iir.i- Lf t . it h1,;'- y s'i &
t .. . s. i f tl i. . U-.i '!
r.pr, half a crttnr apo. Tin- p!s;-e4
kic3?-ay, tcpr'.hT wh Tw"Mir
on the" battlefield rach as has be'-a
done at Gettysburg, wcuid render it
cofsible ! t fjt.tte g-:r...-rs'i-n to irt-
gjjct sDd ttudy this th'lo.-ic i -li s-t-Isfactoriiy,
something that is diftctilt,
not to say impossible, with the pres
ent wretched condition of many cf the
roads. P.oad building wo-tld le facili
tated by stirvys cf-tbis wtols f.eid
made within the pet fr-w yars by
Ken.bcrs of the I'tSted Staws army
engineer corps.
fesidlers Monument at Aiea-dr;a.
Auto Sensitiveness.
Although Et:?."'!:u-bi!es are w!t!;f--t
flesh and bh-cd, they tare Individual
ity. They fret la the bitJis cf a
pj-rroua t rtckicsa driver r.r.d rs
aiuEE t"od caturedly when a tho-ight- j
fai, ki;.dly Uid is at the wfcwl. j
"Tie ii. an that is forevc- ci:t''k!rf ;
to Li horae. Jerkia n.-! vt,;..sly on the j
rtls? and rhiklg the wb!p in :m
sorAct cr fnarrirg it oa t:.e aoimaFs :
Ranks is the san kind of man that j
Sistrtfses an autoi;!f:l;lle," said an t- j
.pertccced driver. "'iUciilne are j
tltive. like Lor?es. A care!.. f 8 or j
cerwus driver will work a hcrse into !
a sweat in ta:r an noi.r. ia i
man w-.il g-t a ctr 'all bet up." j
Tine Feit'tsrs FfSTt Bs'-ysH.
In ntfJtr ttatea there is a law to-
pcfrtjr a fire of $2' or more for the
wetrir.? of -certain festJrers Thfc
c,-r. 4 d rje't If-'-on the beau'f '
ntX!.!rt-vo!i. f;,r there is
c -irr'r r-rr rl-iruse In the world o?
(Ws ubi'-b ;hi ftver French and
Anrlan artlf'.s eana.rt dttplkate with
their n,arvlo is coi'ir boxes, their p.'t
of pl.te and the b,mb!o feather? of
f.-himk-U-f-r ar-d t!s hns. In fact.
r,r.rr a beautiful fantaisle of colored
breast and wing h's bad its birth ia
w;,r.'i-r cf one of thefe dex-u-rnns
experts, instead cf cn the
t-fiileai isle which surely seems to
huve tcta its l&tno.
J. T. Hill announces that he la a
candidate for register of deeds, sub
ject to the democratic primary.
Seoit Gutbridge announces mat he
is a candidate for County Weigh,
tulje-rt to the Democratic primary.
C. C. lloeittiig announefS that he s
a candidate for County Weigher, sub
ject to the Democratic primary.
Vic Hulea announces that he I a
candidate fur County Assessor, sub
ject to the Democratic primary.
J. F. Bishop announces that he is a
candidate for register of need!, tab-
lee t to the democratic primary.
Geo. W. Puy announces that he is
a candidate for register of deeds, tub
Kt to the Democratic primary.
KUs Marta Vaugba annouacet that
she is a csadlda for Register of
Dejs. cuhject to tae Densocra.Ic prP
S. M. Sherard announces that be It
candidate for County Superintendent
of Gidy county, subject to the 1m
ocsatic primary.
G. F. Newell announces that he is a
candidate for County Superinti-adut,
subject to the Democratic primary.
Jameg Pate Janes Btooures that
e, i9 a csr.didate for Register of
Deeds, iubjtct to the Democratic
W. T. iB.liy) Cloud announces that
he is a caud'tUte for County Treas
urer, Subject to the Democratic primary.
11. F. Phillips, the "his poUcemaa,
anno-inves bat he is a candidate foi
Constable of Ciiickiha towosfelp, tub-..-t
to tlx- Detitoeriiile pHtnary.
Create. .
Cor,?'d?r th ths of Rciwfort;
iipttr fcr.rd it is in i Ut'le ios. Con-
e---; fjf '-.-i.--Kpri lvb!-h
, nr. (,. fn hoi.
b::t r-.rt not 1 i..-n until it U toft
t-r.d yelb.tv. C-.maavr the tUm of
?ti;;er. whfcli is cot mndc there, and
cf Cheddar, wbka is. Then there in
yr I'i.nn-f-nn, wbk-h M!os buy ma
tid .ia !.""'!. s, Lni wfcbb th wi
t,-ie dally for their b-; you think it
Si h:.rd from I's birth? Yea es mit
tr.ket!. P Is the wr.-rld that hardens
Geo. A. Browa announces that tie
is a candidate for coostab'.a of Cbiti
spha to'-ship, subject to the Demo
cratic primary.
II. D. Ganneils anaouartf thai be is
t candidate for Constable of t'bkka
ba Township, tubjft ta tbt lra
-rati: primary.
guiita of AbAdaiko auuuua.e
that he is a at -i-.da'e for reoomina
lion for S-nator, Fifteenth Senatarial
District, cemjsed of Caddo and
Grady couutk-t, subject to the Diuo-
ratic primary.
Jcl.n V. Push of Auadarko a
s that he la a candidate for
Senator, Fifteen Dlairiet, composed of
Caddo and Grady counties, subject to
the Democratic primary.
i i,
tie '
.- a h p-
tn rr .".
l e p.r
;-! '-
E. Z. r-i.;.a mzzca that is Is
a ca&didait f-r Cvuatr tiui'J siotter,
District No. 1. (northern) subject to -
the democratic primary. I '
M. ii Lou-ban aimounct's ttist he W
a candidate for Representative in the
Mist Ig!Ut.ir, subj.H't to the Iwia
ocratic primary.
ii L ' v -r si nous. res tiiat lie H
:.. J 1-. f.r L , : j.u'illvj !.s :ht
i i tl.t. ,.r..i.d.r .
G. H. fiwibart aauooncet that be 1 u 1
a candid' for tuuuty aaiUltr,
District No, 3, (Southern) tabjac to
he demwratic primary.
J A P. - n sr.'o,u--d trt he Is
I (
. e ..'.....i i.ial In) i.l I
x : ' i pri irnry.
T- D
t-e C"s'
I "
V f
at A.t-U'e E
- ' '- c
1 " . u . v i
e , r m r- 'r
i. r t re ! t' "
" p r 1 r- - .
f -
Ha i '.ifrr '?r-i "r'-
l - n ' .No 2. ' 4-l.), t-i,;-U to
I j ri - ; r t J-y.
i Dr ii n I'.it
a ra .ie,' ri- C
. D r N I lij.fr), i.!,1-.'. Ii
t,. I ri c p.,. -ry.
' "V 1 i t :
a i '.!rr. ";f ' ,r-r.
' - t i : c ftf- ), i-'t
to '.- ;ejioc-a c jr mary
.t 1 '
"i At",
t o
L. N i-j-no
'.i il i
f '1..'' ' t
.' , t ! ) t
'i J 1
i lUha
t ,f in t'e
'j i iS I' ..
- i), Luil .-prttttrs au-
.' e ,t a i ;.4i r.-r
i t r it ! v'-sre,
s, r j r, m.!' .
en of T mile annmitii-es
1 r i fi r Kepresf nta
' 1 isl.ii.irP, Biihjet't
r s'.e ; r, ir
J " 'J ,J Pe. ; .
t-i . . f i r ('
D - -J " - i, ( 1 . r". i.
, la L- A.ra .t pr
il A (r . 'I am.o. that he St
nt I f ir r'-n..'ii i i ,iio for the
.' .. (,f ('niv( Furvvnr, iubjtt to
I " J t'e I J'P- .f 1 U,d StlB.'.ii,.'.
j' ' e i . ( , I e f,,- l I,. ! r-'. :1
i . j! . a.'jt !j '.'.a I . j..-,' i
j . it T.

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