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the Last
Wfien Made
Calumet pastry is good to
look at, pood to eat. Always
light, fluffy, tender and whole
some. Calumet is the one baking
ponder that is high in quality and
moderate in price.
VtM Para Food Eipoiitioo. CbicMW. 10.
f By United Press.
Des Moines. Iowa. Oct. 5. The State
Agricultural society is aiding the Iowa-
Panama Exposition committee com
mission to gather the exhibits that won
prizes at the' Mate and district and
county fairs, preparatory to sending
them to San Francisco next year to
compete for the world's prizes in ag
ricultural exhibits. The prize winning
exhibits of corn and grain at the Iowa
State college will also he secured.
The best live stock in Iowa is being
rounded up preparatory to running it
in two special stock trains across the
country to San Francisco, making
stops enroute both ways for brief dis
plays in many cities and towns.
J. N. Gimore, Socialist speaker, is
here from DuraTit today and expected
to speak on the street this afternoon
For Oklahoma.
(Coprricbti by HcCtur. Syndicate.)
Tonight fair and cooler; Tuesday
Local Temperature.
Juaiimum . ?(,
, jtfinlmum . C2
I Toi mt tmey wfcea yon haj cfcctp or biff -cm
I taking powder. Don't be milled. Boy Calami. It'i
I Bora coaonkal Bora wboieea r boat roti&lU.
- I Calimct u jar aupcriar to soar milk and aoda.
Biff Preparations Being Made
1914 State Fair of Texas.'
Management Declare That no Farm
nduatry in the Southweit War
rant! Mora Encouragement.
Dallas. One of the big featurea ot
the 1914 State Fair of Texas, Satur
day, October 17, to Sunday, Novem
ber 1, is to be the livestock dis
play. Never has there been such
promise of unusual success. Firm In
the belief that there Is no other farm
Industry in the Southwest than the
rants more encouragement than the
breeding and raising of livestock, the
management of the State Fair has ar
ranged for a distribution of more than
2v,b0( In prizes In this division. Splen
did showings of beef and dairy cuttle.
awlno .sheep, goats, horses saddle and
combination animals, roadsterB, coach
and draft jacks, Jennets and mules
are auspiciously promising.
Specials are offered this year by the
Texas Saddle Horse Breeders assocl
ution, the American Saddle Horse
Breeders' association and the Percheron
Society of America in the horse dl
vision. The American Herefore Iireed
ers 'association contributes more than
$1000 in cash specials in the beef class
es. The American Jersey Cattle club
contributes more than H00 tor Jer
seys. In the swine division specials
are contributed by the American Kerk
shire association, the American Hamp
shire Swine Record association, the
American Tamworth Swine Record as
sociation, the National Duroc Jersey
Swine breeders association, the Stan
dard Poland-China Record association.
the Chester White Record association
and the Armstrong Packing company
or Dallas.
All Buddie horses and roadsters will
be Judged in front of the race track
grand stand instead of In the livestock
pavilion, as in previous years.
Young men of Texas, under twenty
five years of age, will Judge cattle,
swine and horses at the 1914 State Fair
of Texas. Ijallas. for a purse nf $100.
The money is equally divided in each
Crusade Inaugurated by Fair Manage
ment Producing Good
Dallas No state In the Union is
as rich in Jerseys as Texas, and
since the State l'liir of Texas bo
gun the annual competitive dairy
test In 1311, the Jersey hns dem
onstratea to tne men and wom
en of this state how important she is In
converting the products of the farm
into health-giving human foods.
That this crusade on the part of the
Fair management has resulted in more
efficient dairying is now .recognized by
alt. 1-Htfh hi m 'dutt y demonstration
building, a splendid permanent exhibit
of modern completeness, the Jerseys
entered in tne contest red a certain
amount of food each day have dem
onstrated their ability to produce but
ter rat. As exhibitors have been per
muted to select their own feedstuff, the
aemonstratlon has also resulted tn
proving the kind of feed that produces
me oest sort or results.
At the 1914 Fair, which begins Sat
urday, October 17, twenty-eight ani
mals will take part. Complete records
of the test will bo posted dnilv for the
inspection of visitors In attendance ut
me f air.
The American Jersey Cattle Club
gives for prizes In this contest,
which IS added to the regular State
air premiums.
Every Great 8tabla in America Repre
anted in the Entries.
Dallas This city Is to have the most
brilliant turf program In history this
luu at tne uue air or Texas
which begins Saturday, October 17, and
continues sixteen days, rne ten har
ness stake events, closing July 1, fur
purses and stakes valued at $24,500, at
tracted 350 entries and every rac filled
It Is the greatest record in the annals
of the local track, and nearly 100 more
entries than recorded for similar events
in 1913.
Every great turf center in the United
States and Canada is represented. The
greatest horses in America will par
ticipate in the trotting and harness
events. Among the famous stables
represented are those of Ed Geera of
Memphis, Tenn.; T. W. Murphy of
Poughkeepsie, N. T., the biggest money
winner of last year; W. O. Foote of
Bonham, Texas. In fact there will be
more grand circuit horses In Dallas
this fall than ever before In the annals
of the local track.
The State Fair management offers
this year $50,000 In purses and stakes.
Each day there will be some big stake
event in th harness classes, as well
as interesting contests for runners.
Racing begins Tuesday, October 20.
and closes Friday, October 30. ten day
tn all.
Symmetry in Arrangement of Exhibiti
Will Favorably Impress
Dallas Declaring an artistic display
of grains and grasses the mirror which
reflects the prosperity of a community,
Secretary W. H. Stratton of the Stat
Fair of Texas has inaugurated a move
ment for feature displays of farm, or
chard and garden products at the com
tng meeting which opens Saturday, Oc
tober 17, and continues sixteen days.
In his letters to agricultural ex
hibitors Secretary Stratton declare!
agricultural products should be mass
ed together in a perfect, uniform
graceful display of symmetry and ar
tisticness, in order to impress viaitnn
with the fertility and agricultural pos
sibilities of the section represented.
Prospects are for a big increased ex.
hibiUon of the agricultural nroducti
from every section of the state. Secre
tary Stratton reporting the demand foi
county exhibit booths this early assur
ing an increase in number. "Our smuX
grain displays promise to be the great
est In quality and In magnitude ir
the history of the Fair," Bald Secretar
Stratton. "South Texas counties wits
exhibits of rice, ribbon cane, sugar.
rltrus fruits, etc., will be more lancet
represented than ever before."
SxWDtlonnllv low rntiml fHn
from all points to the State Fair ni
Texas this year. A visit within tut
reach of all.
Express Want Ads bring results.
Girls Prefer Jobs
to Getting Married
By United Press.
Chicago, Oct. 5. A few years ago
when a girl left school she immediate
ly began to hunt a husband. It's dif
ferent " now. When a Chicago girl
leaves school these days she lmmedl
alely hunts a job. Then, when she
has demonstrated her ability to sup
port herself and, perhaps contribute
largely toward the upkeep of divers'
brothers and sisters she leisurely I
looks over the male of (he species and
selects one to suit her fancy.
All of this Is Indicated by the new
school census, according to W. L. Bo-
dine, superintendent of compulsory ed
ucation. His figures show there are
7.19,778 males engaged In occupations
in the city, compared with 5ij5,.r.l5 In
1009, while 236,811 females hold post
tions, against 149,807 In 1909. The
men gained .10 per cent, while the wo
men gained 58 per cent.
"These statistics show the women
of today are fast breaking away from
economic dependence of men," said
Bodine. "Girls are not now marrying
just to get a home. Statistics show
that marriages are not increasing with
the same percentage of gains aa the
Some of the occupations In which
women and girls of Chicago are engag
ed, and the num'ber employed, are as
follows: Stenographers, 21,609; dress
makers, 15,099; domestics, 34,073; phy
sicians, 529; janitresses, 725; book
keepers, 9977; merchants, 3375; tele
phone operators 4777; millinersy,54fil ;
teachers, 8573.
and enjf life whether In the home or
business world if they can keep at bay
those ailments peculiar to their sex.
If every woman realized how Lydia E.
I'inkham's Vegetable Compound, that
simple remedy made from roots and
herbs, goes to the root of the trouble
and overcomes such symptoms as
backashe, headaches, nervousness and
Irritability, they would be healthier,
happier and stronger. If you suffer
from any form of female Ills why don't
you try It? It will pay you to do so.
By United Press.
Sacramento, Oct. G. The Farmers'
Protective league of California, repre
senting 30 counties, met recently in
California and adopted plans to oppose
the proposed universal eight hour law,
the home rule in taxation proposal,
the water commission act, and several
other measures that were declared
to be detrimental to the interest of
agriculture in California.
By United h-ess.
Viennna, Oct. 5. The Servian-Mon
tenegrin armies were completely rout
ed and tare fleeing In panic toward the
border, according to an official an
nouncement made here today.
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Flour -
Succesgful Baking is
a Certainty when
Expansion is used
By United Press.
Naco, Oct. 5. Villistas are prepar
ing to make another attack on the po
sition of the Carranzistas. ,
There was desultory fighting today
with little damage to either side.
Many .bullets fell on the American
side of the line. One slightly wounded
an American cavalryman.
By United Prese,
Chicago, Oct. 5. The thirty thou
sand dollar bond' of Jack Johnson, the
pugilist, was declared for'eited by
Federal Judge Carpenter today when
Johnson failed to appear or to send a
representative for his retrial on a
white slavery charge.
The district attorney was instructed
to sue J.he defendant's professional
bondsmen and his mother.
By United Press.
Boston, Oct. 5. A curtain raiser In
the form of a race meet at Combina
tion park will be a feature of the first
annual light car and cycle car show
which will open In Horticultural Hall
October 12 and continue five days.
The meet Is scheduled for Saturday
afternoon, October 10. The card of
events includes a two mile, class A
race for cars up to 71 cubic inches
cylinder displacement, and a 25-mile
race free-for-all for cars up to 125 cubic
inches and 1150 pounds chassis weight.
There will be exhibitions by several
well knokn foreign cars. Many prom
inent entries are already In.
By United Press.
Cleveland, Oct. 5. Repetitions of
panic horrors of the past will be avert
ed forever, according to Fire Chief
Wallace of Cleveland today, If owners
of public buildings and theaters will
adopt a Bafety lock device patented by
George H. Stan bridge, a Cleveland
Stanbridge's invention can be plac
ed on either double or single doors
with surety of keeping them locked
from the outside. The slightest pres
sure from the Inside, however, allows
the doors to immediately swing wide
By United Press.
Chicago, Oct. 5. Simon Czechowicz,
former secretary of the Polish Na
tional alliance, was found dead today
in his gas-filled bed room. He was
indicted recently for shortage in his
Made -from - the -Very -Best-Par t-of-the-
has - Brain - and - Body - Building - Qualities
iiii ; 1
Men's and
New Bird of Prey.
A. Wlrrat gamekeeper a little while
ago was feeding his hand-reared
young wild ducks when an aviator,
bound for Parkgate, passed over at
no great height. Away went the flap
pers In all directions, quacking in
terror, the younger and feebler ones
scuttling to the hedges and those
which could fly making for the river.
When the aeroplane had passed and
the field was quiet again some forty
birds straggled back, but three days
later there were still as many miss
ing. The downy duckling, just out of
the egg, dives or seeks shelter In
stinctively when the shadow of a large
bird, a hawk or a heron, passes Its
pool, and no doubt these ducks
thought that some gigantic and noisy
bird of prey was swooping upon them.
That gamekeeper does not like aero
planes. Manchester Guardian.
Jar Opener.
A hint to housewives: Old scissors
make a very serviceable fruit jar
opener. Anyone who has struggled
with the obstinate top of a fruit jar
will appreciate any little aid to the
opening process, and here Is one: Take
an old pair of scissors and grind the
broken ends concave, so as to fit the
side of the Jar top when the scissors
are open. Then bore holes near the
end of each ground prong. A stout
pleije of wire should then be Inserted
In the holes and fastened securely eo
that It will just reach around the Jar
top when the scissors are held open.
Now, by pressing the shears together,
the wire will take a death grip on the
frult-Jsr cover, so that It Is easily
removed. The device also comes In
handily In the canning season, when
the housewife wants to screw her tops
down firmly.
Young Men's
A display .that will make this store famous.
Please consider that at this store you get the
newest, the choicest, of everything; styles, fabL
rics and tailoring combined make them' f "the
clothes' well dressed men will wear this season,
Suits $15.00, $18.00, $22.50 and up to $30.
Boys' Suits ;. . . . $3.50 to $10.00
New Fall Hats, Shirts and Fur
nishings, c
We are now the Home of Edwin Clapp Shoes.
"If It's New, It's Here"
States That Lead In Minerals.
Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Illinois
and Ohio produce more than 40 pet
cent in value of the minerals found
In the United States, , ' .
Englishwomen Urge Goat Keeping.
With the object of obtaining for the
Children of farm laborers a constant
supply of pure milk, which is almost
impossible in the calf 'rearing dis
tricts, Devonshire cottagers are being
encouraged by Lady Acland of Kll
lerton, Mrs. Charles Carew of Warni
combe and other' ' women tp ? keep
Some of the best goats have been
Introduced into the country districts
of Devon, and at Tiverton AgrlcuV
tural Show recently valuable prize
were offered. It Is claimed that 'its
cost little to keep and that their milk
Is in some respects superior to that
given by cows. London Times.
Apply Sloan's Freely for Lumbago.
Your attacks of . lumbago are not
nearly so hopeless as they seem. You
can relieve them almost instantly by
a simple application of Sloan's Lini
ment on the back' and loins. Lumbago
is a form of rheumatism, and yields
perfectly to Sloan's, which penetrates
quickly all in through the sore, tender
muscles, limbers -tip , tyio back and
makes It feel fine. Get a footfle of
Sloan's liniment for 25 cents of any
druggist and have it in the house
against colds, sore and swollen joints,
rheumatism, neuralgia, sciatica and
like ailments. Your money back if
not satisfied, but It does give almost
instant relief. Adv. d&w
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Your Grocer has
it insist that he
s e n d Expansion
Never Can Be Wasted.
The work an unknown good man
has done is like a vein of water flow
ing hidden underground, secretly mi
king the ground green.Carlyle.
First In Diamond Industry.
s Tears ago Amsterdam was at the
head of the diamond industry In Eu
rope ; of late Antwerp has forged
ahead and taken first place. Amster
dam very largely specializes In small
stones and its superiority over Ant
werp In cutting these diamonds is un
Wichita, Kan., Oct. 5. On account
of the dpleted agricultural conditions
In Europe, It Is predicted that America
must now prepare to demonstrate the
truth of her claim that ihe "feeds tlie
world.". Consequently the need of cor
rect solutions of farming problems is
more than ever emphasized. Irriga
tion and intensive farming are to be
encouraged as never before.
The programme of the International
Dry Farming Congress and Soil Pro
ducts Exposition and International
Congress of Farm Women held In con
junction with the Wichita exposition,
Wichita, October 7-17, includes many
valuable and interesting discussions of
an International character, subjects
having a bearing on soil conservation
and Intensive farming problems rela
tive to the agricultural development ot
the entire world. Extensive agricul
tural and horticultural exhibits have
been arranged as well as ac omprchen
sive display of industrial and develop
ment in all lines of manufacturing.

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