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The New District AttorneyCoie
is Strictly Business
The Accused a Mild Mannered Little Man The
Kentucky Delegation
ALnir Kcllr Hunter KequrtU a Lock of
Ccn Juirpli I JoUnitonN Itilr She
Wnutud to MaUn Her Collection
Mure Complete
He at on Prosecuting
Spatial t the Gazette
Wiknixciov March 25 It lias becomo
rrideit duing the trial of Kin
caiil for ho murder of ex Representative
Taulbet thai the rational valuta has at last
pot a ditiu t attorney wno will prosecute
This u no first case the ncv district uttor
tey whoe name i Colt has had charge of
gii re hit appointment It has been almost
iti the nature uf a seandalin the mouths of
lawjeri in eiory other city of the land that I
f ovurnuient us an1 wla I
iitaokt tuiposible to convict an inlluential I
pci icri of teriotts crime in the courts of the
n f f Hiig hla lipcn in lini
ouly of late years but during times Ion
Mr Cole the new district nttorney was
a linn the head of which
Col V iliain A Cook became famous as
or of thj atnrueys fur the defense in the
s ur ruur cases Ik fore being appointed
c -net attorney Cole was Cooks partner
sart out as if his exiericiice had been
of use to him This makes St rather
utifortuuate lor the accused in this particu
lar c e under trial No one probably has
ever witness 1 a trial In Wasbiiicton for
mirder in vhich tlie judge and prosecuting
uflieers have been so determined to mako
ad used travel a terribly rough road to
a vnlict whatever it may be
I be defendant is a little mild mannered
m in of very amiable disiwsitiun pol
ished in tis andress and conduct-in-
himself with gentleness to
ri u d thmo lie comes iu contact
mo He has all the polish of a well bred
Southern man niihnia the
for which Southerners are famed He will
weigh M arcely more than 100 pounds Kit-tine-
in the court room beside his sister
who ia t v no means large his head comes
haiMl ajovu her chin To those present
lo knew Reprcserativc Taulbee the
giant of the house the prisoner sitting at
tin- bar of Justice aroused of his murder
looks like a pigmy
lx Senator Spooncr of Wisconsin is an
almost cotiitaut atttiilent upon the trial
No one knows what his interest in it is if
any more than curiosity but he is always
auiOi the spectators coming early and re
miiig until adjournment
he brother and sou of the deceased al
wajs occupy Feats amonrlhespectatorsand
a number of distinguished men in public life
watch the c ouise of the triU with interest
Nearly the entire Kentucky delegation
satiable in tho courtroom each morning
before the arrival of the Judue
a nriir nfNTKS
A most impudent illustration of the relic
hunters indelicacy camo to light wuilo
cu Joseph K Johnston was lying dead in
the house on Connecticut avenue His
death had Just been announced m the mom
i g papers the undertaker had hardly
ihishcd laying out the remains when a
lixly drove up to the door in a stylish
She akcd to see a member of tho
fiiiiy 1 he nearest malerelative saw her
-1 have come she said to Sisk for o
lock if Ccn Joseph Johnstons hair
Are you a relative asked the gentle
man with surprise ready to take the lady
In mrotg the mourners
lb ii replied the lady
Ah uu old tiiend I suppose suggested
the relative somewhat more stifPy
Nc replied the lady I did not know
the peroral at all 1 never had the pleasure
of him but I have a lock of hair
fi or the head of Con Lee one from Cen
rants heud one from Ccn Shermans
ere from Jen Sheridans a lock of Lin
m ns aud u lei k of Knoths hair and I just
waetcd to make my collection morecom
HitnU ot Kunan City Will Kcupcn Tor
Tueiuy or AVi ttnesday
WiniNoioN March 2s The comptrol
ler ef The cntrency received a telegram to
day from the examiner in chargo of tho
Ameriiau national bunk of Kansas Cit
Mo sajimr that tno entire amount of capi
ta of the bank JUIHO had been paid in
itid hat the bank will open for business
Tuesday or Wednesday next The exami
oer says he bark has 17Cl00Oin its vault
lic luding W 100 which had been taken
from the bank by the examiner and which
aas Just been restored by order of the
comptroller of the currency
Order Kevokeil
WismxcTov March 2 The acting sec
re1 ary ot war has revoked tho previous
oiuer turning over to the interior
the tract of ground in the city of
lieustoi Tex a it appeared that the order
was made under a misapprehension
Some rnnnloi riny an Important Itolc
A Sfcimtc Itnml of Koblirrt Who
llumlrr ttith Impunity
Eieelal to the Curette
Oitt Mo Matvh 2S Kansas s
noted Tor is oddties in all phases of life
ond an- no exception to the rula
Whii hand of hoise thieves
U i youair girl for secretary was
was thought the limit had
a hi he romantic but the trial
niu vh i has just been finishel
V- s li ai element which is
of being lmmurMlieu in story
an two e r ne people aionst
f Missouri in he counties just
W ito have been greatly
by llTes anj they were
rralle wluie the
emeJ in woik wrh fuipumiy All i
chetres uere v oi ked to catch the i
utitseemc i a - impossible o
icm out t oo house-
US and faa m implements i
d ao trace fco e be found
that stranger- haJ been in the
Tjood bencver a family would
W e- for a short visit they rould be i
v Jretun to find that they bail been
SCi XAl as mc nuurr ut cuic so
ffvjthat the farmers organized m a
Z JJF Sl c5 4ca detcnniued lr ie re
jSiiin ijffl to run the Uievcs 10
fP rrsn of tlidiima imnrryt
V n i Tli TliT ntwl
tCeg They were uctie La seaixhii j
wVfrobri inu in orsjrizim thv
vvmtY In fact so uarnest were
5a T ot g w tis made
l j s emavic plan was agieed uiicn 2nd
were hired to help find the
but all to no avail Tho robberies
weiit on with monotonous regularity The
detoctiv confbsod themselves nouplussed
and ware sant back to the city
lheri w a on bright farmor boy who
thought that ho would do a little detective
work on his own account and the result
was that ho found some peculiar things
about his neighbors The first suspicious
thing was that the wives of Duff and Long
were great hands to visit all over the coun
try and then he found that wherever there
had been a robbery there had been a pre
vious visit from one of those two women
The two families were noted the country
around fortheir sociability but no suspicion
had ever pointed toward them for they
were both strict members of the church
and were foremost in all deeds of charity
James Love th3 farmer boy was some
thing of a cynic and he did not let the pre
vious record of the families interfere with
his work in looking up their actions Ha
continued his detective work and at last
was rewarded by seeing Duff coming out of
a housa with some clothing Love told hU
father what he had seen and what his sus
picions were and the result was that one or
two neighbors were taken into the secret
Duff was caught and was tried and sen
tenced to serve four years in tho peniten
tiary Long was afterwards seen coming
out of a neighbors barn with grain and he
too wi3 sent to tho prison for a similar
term of imprisonment It was at his trial
that the full details of the work of the two
families came to light
Tho wives of tho two men would find out
when and where their neighbors would
visit dui ing the week and then the men
would plan their campaign Mary Long
was an unwilling accomplice and was only
kept in line for fear of the consequences if
her husband should be caught She ap
peared a the trial with two young babies
in her arms and her appearance excited
compassion and the prosecuting attorney
cntei ed a nolle proscquie in her case fcho
was turned out on the world with two chil
dren with no home and no friends while
her husband was serving the state digging
coal at I ansing
The peculiarity of the caso lies in tho
fact that the business was a regular part
nership concern aud everything was done
with a system that would have made a suc
cess of any business The books were kept
by Mary Ixng and the settlements were
made monthly Tho stolen goods were
disposed of in various ways and the work
was so divided that each member of the
linn received according to what was done
A Long Hitter War Against Federal Op
pression Then Success and Now
Comes Death--A Good 31an
Special to the Gazette
Kcw Okieans La March 2
Jolm MeKnery the first victim of tho
returning board died here to day of pneu
monia after a short illness He was a na
tive of Virginia where he was born in 1S33
He was practicing law at the beginning of
the civil war and organized a company for
the Confederate army rose to be lieutenant-colonel
of the fourth Louisiana and
was twice wounded the second wound inca
pacitating him from further service Ho
was elected district Judgs aud a member of
the first legislature after the war act
ing as
Tnc nrMocitATic leadeh
In 1S72 Judge McEnery was the Domo
cratic candidate for governor Ho was
elected by a popular majority of 11000 but
the returning board recently organized
counted him out and Kellog in and was
backed up by tho United States court
For the next four years Louisiana had two
governors McEnery and Kellogg and
great confusion was the consequence
In lTy the McEnery force made an at
tack ou the supreme court building but
were defeated In 1S74 the Kellogg govern
ment was overturned and McEnery in
stalled as governor but only fora few days
the United States troops returning Kellogg
to power Hie conflict did not end until
ls7 when President Grant withdrew his
force and McEnery was the successor
Nichols afterward became governor Sinco
then Governor McEnery has filled several
important posit iors and practiced law hero
and in Washington
Said n Some Southern Stan TTIH Ire-
blilo Over the Next National House
Thinks HU Chance Ciood
Special to the Gazette
New YoitK March 2C Congressuian
Benton H McMillan of Tennessee who is
stopping at the Hoffman house is in the
city to sec how many of New Yorks con
gressmen ho can got to vote for him for
sjioaker of the house He realizes that the
New York delegation will bo the biggest
card outsido of the Southern support he
v ill have in the game and is determined to
leave no stone unturned to secure pledges
here if possible
Congressman McMillan said to a friend
that ho was certain that a Southern man
will preside over the house There are
several candidates for the place from tho
South besides myself continued ho
Theres Mills of Texas Hatch of Missouri
and Blount and Crisp of Georgia I think
I have as many supporters from the South
as any of them Judging from voluntary ex
pressions of my fellow members
Will we change Heeds rules Indeed
we will Mind you I am not carping at
Heed but his election to the chair was a
very good thing for the Democrats He
went into tho speakers chair as an ex
ponent of extreme ideas and he carried
them out to the letter They were re
jected by the people at tho polls and tho
Democrats got the benefit of it 1 be
lieve it is always best to put strong men
to the front to emphasize ideas which are
at issue and ive the public a chance to
see those ideas in practice so that they may
be passed upon by the voters
Held tbnt n Iatlier is Not llonnil In a Lego
Sense to Support UN Child
St Lnris Mo March 24 The court of
apivls unlay handed down an interesting
decisicr Frieda Hukv who has taken to
ti statre chorus as a means of support
since er fa her William Huko thrust her
out of doors sued her father in the circuit
court to compel him to maintain her
The parents demurrer to her petition
was sustained and she appealed to the
court of appeals Judtre Thompson writes
an opinion and holds that the child has no
i ctlnn agaijst her father for maiutainance
He says that by the common law of England
tho father is not bouud to support his child
in the sense that the obligation has any
igal sanction
A Vicious Animal Causes tho Death of a
Young riiyslclnn
CorresjurOrre of tte Gazette
B111 K Jack GrovE Tes March 23 Dr
Frauk Wearer living near Cole Hill an ex
cellent young gentleman and an eminent
physician was hooked by his milk cow un
der the Jaw while milking last Sunday
morning from the effects of which he died
last night His many friends and relatives
horn havtha sympathy of this popl
The House Becomes an Enthu
siastic and Selling Bedlam
A Strong Commission Possessing Vigor Vi
tality and Force Now a Certainty
Speculation as to the Personnel of the
Couiinirislon Watch for a Sur
prise The Corporation 1SU1
Ably Discussed
ADorxiox or the REroirr
Special to the Gazette
Austin Tes March 2S The adoption
by both houses so prompt and almost at
the same moment of the conference report
on the commission bill was a matter of
genuine satisfacton all around It had
been noized around that there mi rht be a
struggle iu the senate that would dolay
matters but it became known to a few yes
terday morning that if tho conference re
port would strike out the injunction clause
and make an unanimous report the senato
would gracefully recede and let the bill go
galloping through An understanding had
been reached so it was said to that effect
among those senators thought to be favor
able to a contest Tho fact that the threo
elective senators wereon the committee to
the report thus destroying the majority
against the bill rendered
and may have had some share in determin
ing the action of the minority Just at the
moment the vote on the report wa3 taken
in tho house Secretary Kennedy of the
senate appeared with a document in his
hand which he read announcing the adop
tion of the report in the senato by a unani
mous vote Instantly the house burst into
cheers aud for some moments members in
dulged in a gleeful and boisterous spirit of
satisfaction All acted as if they folt that
they had been relieved of a great burden
The strain was over all doubts and fears
had vanished and the pleasing thought
sprung up that Texas was at last destined
to have a railway commission not a weak
nerveless and pulseless thing not a shadow
and but an agency well
and the power to do something if anything
good can be done While it is not every
thing that could bo desired nnd while it
may not bring to the people that measure
of relief or satisfaction looked for it is
capable of much good if properly exe
The law empowers tho commission to
mako rates and classifications for the rail
roads and such other rules for their oper
ation and management as may be deemed
necessary These rates rules etc are to
pass unquestiq ied to bo the law of th
land and be held conclusive of their reason
ableness in all suits between individuals
and railroads until they shall be finally set
aside by judicial proceedings instituted for
that purpose by the railroads The main
of the law may be said to reside herein It
is the backbono of the law A board of
able practical and sensible commissioners
such as it is believed tho governor will
choose have in the commission law an
agency wherewith to do much in the lino of
correcting whatever irregularities may ex
ist equalizing burdens and preventing ex
Speculation will bo rife from now on as
to the personnel of the commission A
good deal of guessing will be done and per
liaps already cf rtain gentlemen have been
hit on as the first commissioners In the
cud it is not at all unlikely that when the
appointments shall have beon made somo
of them will surprise the prophets and the
public too
it is thought be hasty in making his selec
tions Upon tho wisdom of his choice de
pends largely the success of the law and of
hia administration as well It behooves
him therefore to exerciso great caution and
care and for that reason ha will look well
about him before he finally decides upon
the men to bo entrusted with so much re
The discussion of the various features of
the corporation bill yesterday made things
quite intorcsing in the house at times
Tho effort of some of tho ablest members of
the house notably Brown and Terrell to
clothe the municipal authorities with the
power to remove alter or change street
railway tracks wires poles and tho like
was ably and successfully combatted by
the latter leadinc off and Owsley coming to
his support They contended and very
properly too that such things were purely
matters of homo rule that should be regu
lated in accordance with city charters and
the ordinances mado in pursuance thereof
What may bo a good thing for one mu
nicipality may bo a very bad thing for an
other Circumstances altered cases and
they favored giving circumstances a fair
show They mado a stubborn fight and
won They were equally successful in op
posing tho amendment striking out the
section that authorized merchants to in
corporate for the purpose of conducting a
wholesale business In that contest they
had tho aid of Grosham which mado them
practically invincible Owsley has devel
oped strong parts as a dobator during the
session and when in earnest is a rather
formiable antagonist
of sheriffs championed by King of Bur
leson had a tight squeeze also Tho oppo
sition was powerful and but for the pains
taking and industrious manner Inwhieh ho
had previously mustered friends for tho
bill it would have certainly gone by the
board Tho bill if it becomes a law is one
that will put every sheriff in the state under
obligations to Hepresentativo King who
worked like a trojan to get it adopted by tho
house It allows sheriffs 250 a day and
actual expenses when attaching
witnesses for tho grand jury At
present they get nothing and to that ex
tent aro victimized by the state
by tho readers of The Gazette that when
the commission bill was first under consid
eration in the house Baker of Tom Green
took strong ground ugainst certain parts of
sections 5 and 6 of the bill and made somo
suggestions in reference to other portions
of tho bilk It must now be quite gratify
ing to that gentleman to know that tho
conference committee agreed to all of the
suggestions made by him in his initial
speech on the bill and that It will be just
as he insisted it should be
The Beet Sugar Industry
Abilene Kan March 25 Tho beet
sugar industry is being worked up in Cen
tral Kansas by Dr Sweltweiler of Ger
many who is now arranging for 500 experi
mental tests in different counties with
foreign seed He says that a German syn
dicate with a capital of 1000000 will put
in a factory if tho test is satisfactory
A Congressman Expects to Reap Benefits
from the HigU Tariff on Tin Plates
Will Employ 3000 ile
St Locis Mo March 26 Tho St Louis
stamping company of which ex-Congressman
Xiedringhaus of this city is presi
dent has inaugurated the actual work of
erecting tin plate works near the present
rolling mills of the stamping company at
North and Auglerodt strests The main
building Is to bo lOOxlGO feat in diatnsioiis
and there will also bo a number of outbuild
ings Tho stamping company is turning
out tin plate now in a small way but it is
expected that when the new works are
completed it will put on the market between
four and five hundred boxes per day and
the capacity will bo increased as tho de
mand requires The iron now used by this
company in manufacturing Into tin plate
comes from Chattanooga Tenn but it is
pro iosed to establish a mammoth steel mill
and iron foundry just north of the new
town of Madison 111 founded by the Mer
chants bridge company The mill will run
out the iron sheets used in the manufacture
of tin plate Employment will be given to
2000 men The reason for establishing the
iron mill on this side is the accessibility
and cheapness of fuel there being liUO
acre3 of tho best coal in the country within
eleven miles of Madison
What Sllnnesotag Contract Convict Labor
Sjtem Has Done Tor the State
St Paul Minn March 25 The house
committee investigating tho state prison
management made a very voluminous re
port to day It is in three parts one giving
the history of tho contract convict labor
system the second detailing the pur
chase of binding twine machinery for
nrison use and the third discussing the
alleged compulsory resignation of Warden
J J Handall who died this morning
The history of tho contract system goes
back ton years describes the various con
tracts explains the workings of the system
and gives some idea of working of tho
companies securingtho contracts It states
that by letting out convict labor at a low
figure and then paying out big prices for
work to tho companies employing said con
victs tho state has caused a big expenso
where little or none should have been in
curred The committee finds that in this
way tho state paid JJO0OO0 more than it re
ceived from the contractors who had se
cured the contract labor
Omccrs Made It Too ITot for Iter In the
Territory and She Wandered Into Texas
Masquerading hi Halo Attire
Special to the Gazette
QCANAn Tel March 23 On Monday
evening last Deputy Sheriff Bert Johnson
of Hardeman county Sheriff Tittlo of Greer
county and J M Britton and George
Adamson of tho state ranger force while
in search of J T Morris the prisoner who
broke guard and mado his escape on tno
night of tho 21st insant ran upon a couple
of parties in tho Pease river breaks and
from their actions the officers were led to
believe they were fugitives from justice
so they arrested them brought them to
town and lauded them in jail Upon a search
being made upon their person for weapons
it was discovered that one of them was a
woman in mans attire They answered the
description of parties wanted in Montague
county for horse stealing and other misdo
moanors and for which there was a big re
ward offered This evening in response to
a telegram Deputy Sheriff G W Howard
iu company with J E Fillpot and W J
Wisdom sen of tha party from whom the
horses were stolen arrived
identified the stolen animals
also the female prisoner to bo Pearl Starr
daughter of tho notorious Belle Starr and
reputed daughter of tho noted desperado
Cole Younger who in company with a
young man stole the horses and stortedfor
the Territory with efflcers in hot pursuit
but in some manner evaded them and wan
dered down in this section where thoy were
captured Pearl Starr if such she proves
to bo is apparently about eighteen years
of age with largo bluo eyes and rather
good looking She is dressed in male at
tire looks every inch a typical cowboy
with her sombrero and high heeled boots
When captured the parties had no weapons
about them but parties who know Pearl
by reputation say she always goes
heavily armed and can handle a
Winchester and six shooter with
tho rapidity and precision of Buffalo Bill
aud that she is bold and reckless and bids
fair of becoming as great a desperado as
hor mother They will be given a prelimi
nary hearing hore
District court here is still in session
Judge G A Brown has recalled the special
venire of 100 mon for tho Morris Jury and
the case is set for Monday next The caso
promises to bo very interesting
It Will Soon be a Thins of tha Fast
Squaw tleu In the Chickasaw
Satlon Uneasy
Sreclal to the Gazette
Ahduoke I T March 27 The Chicka
saw legislature is now in extra session at
Tishomingo It is supposed they have mot
to act jointly with the Choctaws to confirm
tho recent act of congress in appropriating
about 3000000 for tho purchaso of that
part of the leased district occupied by the
Cheyonnes and Arapahoes It is likely that
some action will be taken by the body in tho
intruder matter Tho squaw men are
apprehensive lest the full blood legislators
pass an act debarring them from sharing in
the recent appropriation and many of them
are taking out United States citizenship at
this term of the Federal court in order that
they may sue for their rights in this court
So far a dozen or more have taken the oath
of allegiance and it is safe to predict that
many will follow at once Sinco the Sam
Paul campaign in August the feeling against
the intermarriage citizens has been very
bitter among the Chickasaws and tho pol
icy of the Byrd administration is very op
pressive toward that element Since tho
opening of Oklahoma and the establishment
of a Federal court within the bounds of the
Indian Territory tho conflict of authority
between the tribal and Federal go veruments
has demonstrated the futility of longer
continuing tribal relations and the Indians
are quickly realizing that thoy must em
brace tho new order of things As a con
sequence a great many blood Indians will
accept American citizenship and the dis
ruption of tribal autonomy is certain
Fifty Horses Stolen In the Neighborhood
of San Antonio Within Two
Special to the Gazette
San Antonio Tex March 24 An epi
demic of horse thieving is prevailing in the
counties adjoining Bexar Within the
past ten days tha deputies of
the sheriff have capturc d eight horse
thieves and recovered thirteen stolen ani
mals that had been brought to San Antonio
for sale There are several warrants still
out the parties named in which havo not
yet been jailed Daris Bolemqua was ar
rested in this city to day charged with the
theft of four horses They had been stolen
the day before from a farmer who had fol
lowed the thief to town and had him arrested
before he could dispose of the animals
Hon R SL Ilodrigues county Judge of
Webb county came to San Antonio yester
day from Laredo In search of stolen horses
He found that some of his animals had been
brought to San Antonio and sold by Jose
Mata Mata is now in jaiL The number of
animals taken in the past two weeks
amounts to fifty mest of them valuable
stock They have all bea for sal here
ix y
It Passes the Senate With Few
Amendments by Carter
Appropriations Recommended for 1892 3
Grand Total Amounts to 393675817
The Gorrrnor Returns With 111 Disap
proval tho Austin Charter BUI Ter
rell Speaks On the Land Alien
utlun Bill
Carter Causes Several Amendments to the
Proposed Kill
Special to the Gazette
Austin Tex March 23 In tho senato
to day Carter had a number of amendments
made to the Fort Worth charter bilL One
was a new section piking the city tho right
to regulate the building of railway depots
Another struck out the portion of the bill
authorizing the city to regulate the observ
ance of the Sunday law As the charter
now stands tho city is under tho operation
of the general law Another amendment
strikes out the word regulate where ap
pliod to brothels and leaves the council
with only power to punish
The Governor Returns the Austin Charter
With Ills Disapproral aud Why
Special to the Gazette
Austin Tex March 29 The much
dreaded veto of the Austin charter ap
peared in tho house this afternoon Tho
governor bases his objections to tha act of
incorporation chiefly on the ground of tho
undue power granted the city council with
reference to taxation and the extraordi
nary powers giTui tho board of water and
light commissioners Other objections aro
suggested with reference to the irregular
extension of tho city limits especially that
up the river for twenty five or thirty miles
and the hardships likely to ensue to dwell
ers that far up the river because of tho rules
of the board of commissioners Another
objection is mado to the provision validating
tho bonds issued for tho construction of the
dam If the bonds aro valid why validate
them ho asks If they are not the legisla
ture has no power to validate thein if they
were issued in controvention of the organic
It has not been decided yet whether a
new bill will be framed or an effort mada
to pass tho bill over the veto
Subject of Compelling- Private Corporation--
to Alienata Treated by Terrell
Special to the Gazette
Austin Tex March 27 In his speech
to day on the subject of compelling privato
corporations to alienate their land Terrell
said that formerly the plan of special char
ters for private corporations was intended
as a check against monopolies New tho
general incorporation law encouraged
them He urged that his amendment was
only carrying out the recommendation of
the last state platform relative to corporate
ownership of land Asked if he had not
voted in a former legislature to giro 3000
000 acres to build the capitol he replied
that his bill introduced in 1S75 in the senate
provided that the land for the building of
the capitol should be sold to individuals in
lots of C30 acres each That bill was de
feated by the land corporations and others
and he was finally compelled to ac
cept the plan adopted which did
not contemplate the sale of the land
to a corporation but to individuals Ho
hold that it was good public policy us well
us conformable to the demands of tho Dom
ocratic party of the state that corporato
ownership of land should bo terminated
and forever cease He would prefer to
have such ownership end in two years but
would be satisfied to make it five Tho
adoption of Connclleos atnondment fixing
the limit at tan years disgusted him so
much as to cause him to vote against the
whole thing If the bill as it now is bo
comos a law all corporate ownership of
land in the state with certain exceptions
shall ceaso and be terminated by the sale
of such land in severalty to individuals
within ten years provided tho courts sus
tain the law This latter is by no mcana
certain as the corporation bill is designed
to incorporate and not to limit or terminate
the life of corporations
Whether or not it be good aw there can
bo no doubt about its being good politics
As Becouimendod by the Committee on
Finance In Their Report
Special to the Gazette
Austin Tex March 2S Tho committee
on finance in its report recommends tho fol
lowing appropriations for the year ending
March 1 1S92 and March 1893
Executive office 33880 00 1 25880 00
State department 95C0 00 8SC0 00
Treasury 41150 00 SJ61M 00
Comptroller Sil4l0ft 5940 00
Landofflee 107G K 55CiO 00
Attorney G eneral 14895 00 14605 00
Adjutant General 60710 00 STiU 00
Insurance statistics
and history 57370 00 51470 00
Printing board 0000 00 Sn000 00
Supreme court SttiOO 00 1350 00
Commission of Appeals 12735 00 12735 00
Court of Appeals 0210 U 21900 00
Judiciary department 620915 00 620PX no
Railway commission 63100 00 000 00
Capitol buildings and
grounds 21520 00 M430 00
Pensions 70659 00 70i0 CO
Quarantine 50OD 00 45000 00
Insane asylum Austin 105330 00 112730 00
North Texas insane
asylum 153045 00 13SS20 00
Southwestern Insane
asylum 72565 00 44000 00
Blind asylum 643S0 00 423 00
Deaf and dumb asylum 75816 00 47816 00
Orphan asylum 0595 00 16245 00
Deaf and dumb and
blind asylum colored 80103 17 16200 00
Dept of education 11200 00 11200 00
Hnntsvlllo normal
school 22000 00 22000 00
Prairie View school
colored 87500 00 72500 00
State university 60000 CO 10000 00
Penitentiaries 7000 00 7000 00
Reformatory 22740 00 20390 00
A and SL college 61100 00 80000 10
Miscellaneous v699 00
Total S2142007 17 tl794751 00
Grand total both years 393675317pub
lic debt not included in grand total
Old Honored and Loved
Richmond Tex Buried
alasonJo Honors
Citizen or
Special to the Gazette
Richmond Tex March ST A Wesssn
dorf who was accidentally shot on the Sth
inst the particulars of which appe tred In
The Gazette died at his residence about 9
oclock last night from the effects of his
wound It has been known for several days
that he could not live and the end has been
hourly expected His sad death has cast a
gloom over the entire city All the busi
ness houses closed this evening Ha was
one of the most honored and highly es
teemed citizens oi tnis county ils
came here in aa early day rithoutj
dollar and amassed a fortune Ho
was a gallant soldier in the Confeder
ate army went out with tho Twenty fourth
Texac regiment under the command of
Capt Mitchell and served during the eng
tire four years He was a Mason in high
standing and was buried with Masonic hon
ors Ho was also an Odd Fellow
He was fifty flvo years of age The
people lose a noble citizen and
his family a kind and loving father
Ho leaves nine children and seven grand
children to mourn his sad loss His re
mains were interred in the city cemetery at
4 oclock this evening by the side of his
loved companion who died about two years
ago The corpse was followed to the grave
by one of the largest processions ever seen
in this place Little old and young all
seemed eager to pay their respects to aa
esteemed citizen and exclamations could bo
heard on every side A good man is gone
Tho entire community deeply sympathize
with the heart broken family who are
completely crushed with grief Two of his
daughters fainted at tho grave and had to
be carried homo by a physician The cry
ing and weeping of the youngest sou ased
eight years was indeed heart rending Thd
beautiful residence and happy home of a
few days ago is now shrouded in the
gloom and left without father or
mother He was wealthy and carried heavy
The Terrible Condition of Kansaa
Kansas Citt Mo March 27 A com
mittee has reached here from Wallace
county Kan in search of help for tho
starving and freezing farmers of that re
gion It reports that 2400 people of Wal
lace county are hovering about tires mado
of cow chips and their daily fare is not
enough to feed a child for one meal Last
year was tho fourth successive crop failure
in Western Kansas
Coming Old Time Cattle Bus
iness Considered a Certainty
Fort Worth as a Market The Exceptional
AdruntUKCK Oltcred Small Stock
1armera Sale of Texaus In
Other Market
Short Talks Personal
Mr J D Stevens of Sturgis S D is
stopping in tho cattlo center for a few days
His visit to Texas is for the purpose of
1UVIUUQ uwmuu uu j
some Texas feeders Mr Stevens expresses
himself as very much encouraged with tho
present outlook for a revival of the old
time cattle business Iu speaking of cat
tle in his country he says they aro gener
ally in good condition having passed
through the winter in good trim with few
exceptions Where tho ranges were over
crowded they did not fare so well Ho is
pleased with Fort Worth and says ho likes
to be here
Mr T T D Andrews manager of tho
Home land and cattle company in this city
bought of Mr E D Swearingen manager
of the Forsythe cattle company 2000 head
of one-year-old steers for July delivery
paying JS10 per head This herd of cattle
has been ranched in tho Panhandle for
years running in Childress and adjoining
counties and is considered the best herd in
that sootion s -
Mr Burke Burnett arrived in Fort Worth
yesterday from his ranches Ho says tho
recent rain was Just tho thing will bring
out grass and worth much to cattlemen
everywhere as it was pretty general
Since tho establishment of tho Fort
Worth packer it is becoming apparent to
farmers of Tarrant an other counties in
Texas that they have here at home a mar
ket not only for all tho hogs they may
raise but that there is also being opened
up a market for all tho good fat booves and
hogs thiy can raise on their farms Every
one knows that the largo cattleman with
his thousands of head of cuttle is gradually
bein5 driven furthar West and North by
the steady encroachment of the man with
tho hoe and his ranches cut up into small
farms Each one of these farms is or
can be made a small ranch in itself or
rather a small stock farm not exclusively
for cattle but for hogs sheep and horses
Every fanner owns or ought to own a
few head of cattle and hogs for his own
use and raising a few head in addition for
the home market is a safe and profitable
way of disposing of his surplus grass hay
and fodder This is done in tho North and
East and there is no good reason to doubt
that it will become general in this part of
tho country Some practical farmers main
tain and with good reason they cannot
afford to sell tho surplus hay off their
farms and some even claim thoy cannot
afford to sell any kind of provender from
tho fact that it is exhausting tho soil
without any compensation in return and
on tho other hand that if thoy feed all
thoir surplus hay grain eta to stock on
tho farm they not only obtain fair returns
for their stuff but thereby retain all tho
manurial elements which go back to eng
rich the soil from whence it came
Now one reason why tho farmers of this
section have not paid more attention to
stockraising on a small scale heretofore is
the fact they have had no reliablo market
to look to especially for their cattle
They not having a carload for shipment
havo had to depend wholly upon the local
butchors and speculators for a market
which was to say tho least not altogether
encouraging But now all this is changed
by the building up of a home market here
in Fort Worth by the packer which is
slaughtering daily a limitod number of fat
beeves and tho demand is increasing and
soon refrigerated beef will be shipped over
the vast territory and with tho rapid de
velopment of the country and the efforts
being made to cut up the big pastures and
turn into small stock farms tho farmer
will become more interested in this branch
of the livestock business and this may be
made a feature in the beef supply of this
part of this country at least and if proper
attention is paid to grading the beef sup
plied ought and will be far superior to that
usually dealt out over the block by the local
Tuesdays Sales of Texas Cattle at National
Stockyards Tho Prices
Special to the Gazette
National Stocktards III March 24
W T George of Wolf City Tex sold 145
Eteer3 1100 pounds at 455 J H Nail sold
124 steers 1159 pounds at 463 J B Wil
son sold sixty four steers 1090 pounds at
475 and ten cars 1300 pounds at 540 all
Shipments from Colorado City Keep the
Stockyard Forces Busy
Special to the Gazette
Colorado Tex March 25 There Is a
tremendousjrushjof stockshipping from hero
to the Territory now and the stockyards
force is kept busy day and night Winfleld
Scott shipped out seventy five carloads yes
terday and thirty carloads more went out
to day More than 100 cars are ordered for
the next threa days Tlieloras and Pacific
has so far supplied alljb f cars necessary
promptly ana hopes to jriep tno ball rotting
right along during tkejryih f
S - jintJj
St MWXUZt 5e
Belief That Mahone is to
Relegated to the Rear
To be Placed at the Partys
Deal With Lanston Scoffed At
The Two Indian Accuted of Murder Iu
South Dakota Ordered to be Given
Trial hi the Civil Courts
Taut Not In
The Old Domlulou Politically
Special to tho Gazette
Wasiunoton March 2C Ex-Congressman
George E Bowden Republican i of
Virginia speaking of political affairs m tho
Old Dominion to day expressed tho belief
that Gen Mahone would be relegated to he
rear by tho Virginia Itopublicau aud Co
William Lamb of Norfolk would be placed
at the head of the party
2lahone does not fancy the idea o bcinij
deposed and will make u lively fight but
Bowden says tho majority of Republicans
aro tired ot him and ho must go
Tho report about a deal whereby Pro
fessor Langston colored Republican repre
sentative from Virginia is to come around
to Mahones support next year and bring
with him Mr Bowden added is sniffed at
by every man hero who knows Mahonos
very foundation stone of his luluy for
making Virginia a Republican state is a re
ouircmeut that negroes shall remember
their place That is they shall keep in
the background Mahone does not need
Langston and doesnt want him He had
enough of him at tho Chicago convention
where tho colored professor in his anxiety
to bo conspicuous induced the general tj
let him make a speech which exposed the
whole Virginia machine to
Langston moreover is not making a
present of his support to anybody about
these days Whatever he gives he oxinxits
pay for andas Mahone is not making any
bids for him and would not have anything
to offer if he were the whole story is re
garded as doubtful on its face On tho
other hand Col Lambs chances for
deposing Mahone aro looked upon as pretty
good Lamb is ubout the only one of tho
prominent Virginia Republicans with whom
the general has not quarrelled He is albo
a man of wealth and social position and one
whoso advice on questions of party manage
ment is respected He would unquestionably
make a dangerous rival for the ux reudjuster
To ISe Tried by the Civil Court
Special to the Gazette
Washington March 2t3 Solicitor-General
Taft said this morning that tho depart
ment of justice had requested tho war de
partment to order the surrender of the two
Indians accused of the murder of Lieut
Casey to the United States marshal in
South Dakota for trial by tha civil court
He had not yet learned that the request
had been refused and hence there was no
ground for saying that a conflict of author
ity had arisen between the two depart
ments The fact that there was war in
progress at the time of the murder might
have some ultimate bearing oa tho relative
jurisdiction of the military and civil powers
but that would have to bo considered
were fullyset forth Ho knew of no reason
now why tho men should not be delivered
up and triedby the Federal court In refer
ence to tho report that tho lieutenant who
has the mon in his custody hud refused to
surrender them because Gen Miles had
issued an order that they should not bo
given up until ho caso ot somo other In
dians indicted for murder in South Dakota
w as disposed of the solicitor general said
1 do not see that two cases are parallel or
related to each other in case last men
tioned I believe murder was committed out
side of tho reservation and in that event of
courso the question of jurisdiction would bo
between tho Federal ana state authorities
and not as in tho Casey case between tho
military and civil branches of the Federal
At tho war department Assistant Secre
tary Grant said that the request of tho de
partment of justice had not yet reached him
Mexican Commerce Statistic
WASIHN3T0N March 20 The recently
organized bureau of statistics of the Moxi
can republic has just published a table
showing the commerce of Mexico during
the fiscal year 1S9 The total value of im
ports for 1S59 were t 10O24S04 and duties
collected thereon were 22477902 or 5tS
per cent The hulk of machinery imported
paid no duties and is included under freo
The United States heads the list of coun
tries whence goods were imported with
226S9420 in value of imports and 49169787
duties paid
England ranks next values f3379S0
duties 5033S70
France values 1953563 duties 3S46
Germany values 2S42932 duties 2310
Spainvalues 1920942 duties 51177177
Italy Belgium Switzerland Austria and
other countries follow with a great falling
off in volume of trade
Cltmatio Influence on Disease
Washington March 2t The census of
fice to day issued a bulletin upon the sub
ject of distribution of population in accord
ance with the mean relative humidity of
the atmosphere Tho reason for publishing
these statistics is because of the climatic
influences on diseases It shows that nearly
all tho population of the United States
breathe an atmosphere containing ti5
to 75 per cent of its full ca
pacity of moisture that is the atmosphere
is from two thirds to three fourths
united In ls90 57000000 out of 02022250
were found in this region in 1SSU 40559000
out Of 50153783- and in 1S70 S0273000 out
of 3355371 The number of inhabitant
living in drier atmosphere was at each
census comparatively triflinr ntombering
in 1S70 less than a half million and in
1SS0 less than 2000000 In moister atmos
phere were found larger numbers scattered
along the gulf coast and shores of Wash
ington and Oregon Tho most rapid in
crease says tho bulletin has been found at
the top and bottom of the scale and par
ticularly in the more arid region whore
the population has nearly doubled during
each of the last two periods
A Tonne Society Belle Shoot Henall
While Vlsltlnff Her Sister Fatally
Wounded Her Sister Present
Ciiattaxooga Tenn March 23 MIsi
Jennie Staley well known as a society
belle of Nashville who was rlsiting thi
family of Judge Hugh Whiteside of Chat
tanooga shot herself with a 42 caliber pis
tol which she found lying on the bureau ix
the bedroom of hor sister Mrs Hugfc
Whiteside The ball entered her breasl
just above the left nipple and was ex
tracted beneath the flesh at tie point of thf
shoulderblade The doctors who dressed
her wounds said that it would prove fatal
No cause Is assigned for the act Tht
young lady is under the influence of mor
phine injection and complains of much pain
when not under opiate influence At tha
time of the shooting Judge Whiteside his
wifehi3 wifes mother and his little boy
were in the room with Miss Staler

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