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riblishrrs and Proprietors
The wisdom of the men who built
the Fort Worth packery is bejfinnlnsr
to be visible to the naked eyo ol alL
The packery is a great thing for Texas
and Fort Worth
Is viliv of the revival of tlie cattle
Vis ji sb Fort Worth buildcd wisely in
pro- lainj the 6tockyartib and packery
at j Almost before va
h it there will be a littlocity o the
of the river with its necleus
aoout the stockyards
Tiil people voted for an appointive
euwinusion and trie representatives of
t nc rpie have passed the bill pro-
v mi- an appointive commission
i - it should be and the Twenty-
iiu legislature haa again demon
s io Uu it fdelity and capacity
rosTrrs guesses at the weather
a- iMi acting some attention by their
Thus writes the Lancaster
c j judont of Tin Gazette and
i alone in bearing testimony to
iJjo of the weather prophecies
to the public through The
Could asserts that if rates
l advanced but 1 mill a ton it
worth millions to the rail-
ha e advanced a cent What
v lu lo tho suite of Texas
X t i L proposition is an if- the
U tY should any paper say the
of the railroad commission bill
ir for Hogg Say rather
a v lory for th j people of Texas
-d last November to establish
nl regulation through a com-
-ii to be appointed by the man
- l governor every two years
l i ois Hogg should for the en-
s hi- has made bless the good
u i vt y day They seek to destroy
ii v i u tho people and only 1
i i v i n him with the people The
1 of Texas are fair minded and
a a cheap liars are
uouiuination with them
liAi was a sensible and just propo
ti of Senator Potter fixing tho pay
u iijM of the legislature at id
ui r o i m for cot more than 100 days
- a i In urged before Texas is a
i statu and its varied interests de-
J an older of statesmanship that
siiuu u nut be held at a cheap rate
i t corner in Chicago is pre-
j o put up spring wheat to SI 2o
The Farmers Alliance want
i to prohibit such corners But if
a i omluualion forces up the price
a I lo that figure every member
ic Alianeo that has grain in his
w 1 1 ohare in the profits for his
in ttli be worth as much as that
uig to the speculators
i Wuircil Tex March 21 1S31
ii kindly decide a bet by publish
ue i ut daloof Chicagos biR lirol
c f broke out about 9 oclock
lht Octobers 1S71
a hot about it Tho date of
i ould just as well have been
i -d without betting and a bet
r i i iangc it Besides it is a
SviVh practice in which
i ut lose
1 1 the corn crop in tho Western
- wjs wry Hmall tho St Louis
Mor0 markets advancing to 5o
iiid remaining at that price
ut crop Corn fed cattlo
scarce in the feeding states j
rattle iu those states wero
v iti red and three and four-
ioxas and Colorado steers
ty sought after at Civ to
i y The present condition
same but similar and shu
ts will follow
ws earlv in Texas
w i MiitnroiU Tex March 3 1S91
I r i lie
1 - plain in your nct issue what
ii aras to the ncu means I
i r iLo wurd varas in Websters
i i but cant find any such word
vara is a Spanish measure of
ciual to33J inches Itischiclly
u v o ii aeuring laud by metes and
n that has been granted by the
s -1 ur Mexican government
x e 4H00 varus to the inrh means
t i 1 1 inch of measured distance on
it o a s equal to 4000 varas or a lit-
t cm r two miles on the surface of
iie oiiiid plotted
Tin WAY IT WOlllvS
Mr Xeidringhaus of St Lculs
i inoerof congress from Mis
voted for the McKinloy bill
a iiug other things raised the
- i tin plate to such a height
a- t prohibitory Now Mr
liaus is putting up a large tin
ury near St Louis to get the
t of the protection that he voted
c new industry will give employ-
rir to a good number of workmen
v Mr Neidringhaus will hire at as
w i u wage as ho can get them to
work for and he will turn out a quan
ta u of tin plate for which the public
Wui have to pay all he asks since for
eign competition is shut out
A few hundred men get work at
barely living wages The public paj
t ec as much for their tin plate as
tticy would have to pay if they were
allowed the liberty to buy it in the
cheapest markets And one man stuffs i
his pocket book with the profits of tho
monopoly that he helped to provide for
Thats the way the protective tariff
Representative Doggetts plan for
tho investment of tho school fund as
outlined in The Gazette is worthy of
fuller consideration both for its orig
inality and for its intrinsio merits It
is possiblo that hero is the germ of a
plan that may bo systcmized by expe
rienced financiers and brought to use
ful service to the state
The public school fund must be in
vested in some kind of securities that
wiilput tho money in circulation and
draw interest Upou that point all are
agreed Objections have beon made to
all -other plans proposed for lending
the money to railroads or to counties
or to individuals Tho Doggelt plan
too is open to objections but they
may be met and got around Tho first
thought in security tho next is inter
est paying A chain of banks making
a complete system such as Mr Dog
getts plan comprehends each and
every one of them guaranteeing the
solvency of each other and themselves
protected by having a Fort of super
vision of tho business through the me
dium of a bank examiner selected by
themselves ought to furnish satisfac
tory security An advantage of this
plan that will commend it is that it
will keep the school money in tho
If Mr Doggett will elaborate acd re
fine hie scheme it will receive thought
ful and respectful consideration
Justice Not Charity the Ncctl of the Hour
Aluru Lquulity Without
Correspondence cf theGri2t
Wamiingtos Marh 21 Mr Johc Bris
bui Vilr editor of th3 Osaiopohwn
Magazine Das delivered at the Catholic
university at WaUiiuon vhich is attract
aiK piiivli attcitiou Hie tJdrcss was in
araii it for CUi l iunuizfr Uij sucialia
nioremoTiT most prominently typiiied at tho
moment by th3 rVaiuer Alliance Tii
si njt as V701 aj its exiKtncst wis c hCHdi
b Lsli Il ane the rcjtor of t vi-
I s ll dianra consisted of tiij fucdity
ot h uimc jltyLid of tha nifis
11 parts of tao Uinou n
tijibii the adiarccd coursos m
vir Walker censured tho church ia plain
bold languai for its too exclusive ttoatioi
to the rich and culturev classes its evasion
of the clear duty to syeak out acriust tha
unjust and dishonest modes of accumula
tion that rear up the glgvintie fortunes of
the day and ito tolerance of a corruption in
politics that expels Christianity from thu
oiyanic life of society
A proper organization of society he said
would result in materially reducing the
harden of toil to the multitude and by al
tering tho present unjust distribution of
wi alth would lift tho masses to comfort
whil lizhtcuing their laboi 3 Justice not
charity was the need of tho hour
to tho company of priests before him
he said
Hhould it not bo an important study for
you to determine how far the laws and ex
isting social conditions bear upon thb pov
erty on tho one hand and surplusajra of
wealth ujvjn the other and if convinced
that this system is iniquitous and tho laws
unjust aid ia bringing the strength of the
united congregation to bear upon the enact
ment of legislation which whilo not in
equitable to those in possession will clear
the highways of all legal tollgates exacting
unfair tributes from labor
Combination not competition ho held to
bo the true economic policy Competition
was at war with Christianity the policy o
unrestrained plced and selfishness Tho
great corporations by consolidation and
absorption were teaching the people how
best to conduct their industrial operations
but the end must be tho good of all and not
of one or a fow He proposed as a national
motto From every man according to hi3
ability to oery one according to his
needs That lived up to as a nation and a
community meant u Christian people
The lecturer took a hopeful view of the
prospects of Christian socialism Tho
masses were being educated to tho situa
tion and oducated fast
Out in Kansas there came about a
change of 1000m votes lrom the old parties
after a campaign of discussion scarcoly
covering six months
1 he postoflice he alleged was a great
and convincing socialistic qxatnplo
If the government can handle the mails
so safely and ofiicieiilly nnd at such a
minimum expense why not express pack
ages And if it can ship the mails and ex
press parkages over f railway why should
it not t jlce caro of tho passenger and his
telegram and his telephone message
Mr Walker was emphatic In advocacy
of tho state operation of railways Ho
thought that even tho owners of that now
imperilled kind of property might welcome
tho change Said ho
The president of one of the great lines
of railway v li was in my office recently
in tho course of conversation about railway
matters said that ho was then engaged hi
watching the legislatures of thirteen states
and territories through which his lino
passed Legislation in any one of them
might cost his road millions of dollars Ho
did not say so but from yeh a task tf
ceaseless anxiety ho might turn with
thoughts of relief to a conversion of his
fortune into government bonds an annual
interest which would be paid regularly
wituout any worry upon the part of the
holder of tho bonds a jiei ceutao contrib
uted cheerfully by the fanners and owners
of moving crops because they -would no
longer feel that what they paid was merely
going to enrich men already overloaded with
Ono passage in the address commanded
special attention by its touch of novelty and
from a suspected personal allusion It is as
It is not tho unfortunate alone who are
taking an interest in social problems to day
All classes of men realize that no matter
how comfortable themselves their grand
children or grcat grandchiIdMBndcr ox-
lsting laws are liable to ba nai0Mtes for
charitable institutions
Mr Walker is the possessore a Jfortuno
not inconsiderablo oven in thcseJcays of
multiplied liguro3 nnd the paage was
assumed to express his owrulBarii that in
the not distant hereafteaiHS accummula
tions might go to swaJMHCse of some o
billionaires g
Stato socialism as an instrument of
Christianity is generally said to have
taken a great hold upon tho imagination of
mauy of the Catholic clergy Its exploita
tion at the Catholic University of America
under the auspices of tho rector of that na
tional institution has not only excited the
liveliest interest but tho first reports of
the address were widely received with in
credulity All doubts howover were set
at rest by a statement of Bishop Keane
that the published summary of the ad
dress wis accurate and the address itself
had his approval
rantshed by TweWo Veari In the Peniten
tiary Tho VenlicU
Special to the Gazette
WAXAHAcair Tex March 2S To day In
tho district court the Jury In the Varnell
murder case after being out about thirty
minutes returned a verdict of guilty and
assessed bis punishment at twelve years in
the Denitentiarv
V - -
Tariff Reformer Enough to Suit
Any Democrat
Of tho TVhlto and Nejrro Population of
EljUtcen States No Official
ic atlon at Washington of the
blonx Tails AlTair
Crip Simiul on tha Tariff
Social to the Gazette
Washington March 2j The speaker
ship canvass is going merrily along al
though it is moro than eight months before
congress will meet Notwithstanding
great confidence is displayed by all candi
dates it is evident to any close observer
that the contest lies between Crisp and
Mills as things now stand nnd tuat the
only ground the other candidates can have
for hope is in tho danger that each of the
two great rivals may havo strength enough
to destroy the other leaving tho way clear
for men of lesser magnitude If tho speak
ership were to be bestowed as
without regard to the question of personal
qualification no candidate would have any
show for a moment against Mills and if
there were an issue in tho fight involving
the principles for which Mills stands the
champion he would doubless win but in tha
absence of that issue tho Georgian seems to
have a decided advantage at the start To
overcome this advantage an effort is being
made very insidiously to give out the im
pression that Crisp is not an earnest tariff
reformer The fact that ho has not been a
member of tho ways and means committee
has kept him from beinj conspiciously asso
ciated with any of tha tariff measures
which the Democrats havo proposed and
taking avantage of this some of thoso op
posed to his election have boen whispering
about that he is another Kandall that ho
is not u tariff reformer etc He certainly
possesses some of the qualities of Kandall
those which made the great Pennsylvania
in spite of his disagreement with a major
ity on revenue questions but he was rot
a followor of Kandall on the tariff On tho
contrary ho disagreed with him radically
on that question When this charge was
fir3t started in whisper before it pot
into print I had a long talk with Mr
Crisp on the subject a confidential talk
oud tho declaration of principles he thai
mada if such declaration was nccesssry
proved him to bu as sound on the tariff
question hi any honest tariff leformcr
could want him to be
ooicwavs POSITION
The fact that MrCormanis supposed to bo
working for Crisp is Vein used as an argu
ment that there is some mysterious com
pact or conspiracy for inoculating the Dem
ocratic paity with tho virus of protection
Mr Gonnan told me not long ago that lie
was not working for any candidate for the
sfw ihishlp as that m s a matter for tho
members of the houe If he does preur
Mr Crisp to tha other candidates as h3
probably does there is a veiy good reasoi
foi it owing to the fact that it vjs
Ciip or by his assistance chi that Mr
Gormui put into execution in tho hocio
those plans which defeated the force bill
There was honorable work done by both
Goimau and Crisp forthedefeit of that
measure which the other leaders knew
nothing of or saw without understanding
If Gorman now wants Crisp to bo speaker
a mere personal piefereuce it is because he
discovered during the last congress that tho
young Georgian possessed tneii
sagacity whicn is necessary in a
Tho Sioux Tails Affair
WAsniXGTOK March 25 Tho wa
partment has not yet been lurmuy aqv
of tho illegal conflict of authority at
Falls S D between army ofticerr
stato Judical oflicors growing out oi the
demand of the marshal for the surrender of
the two Indians who are held by the army
oUlcers as slayers of Lieut Casey The
view of the matter taken at tho department
is that no trouble will enauo as the crime
was committed outside of the reservation
limits Tho department officers say there
can be no question that tno state Judiciary
has Jurisdiction The Indians could not be
held as prisoners of war and if the army
ofllcers have declined to surrender them to
the marshal It is only because they ish to
make sure that the culprits are turned over
to tho proper authorities
Itaco Stuttics
Washington March 25 Superintendent
Portor of tho census bureau has in prepa
ration an Important bulletin giving the
population of the South Atlantic and South
Central state Missouri and Kansas by
race The total population embraced in
this country is given as 25S75209 of which
lCb205 wore white OJOCIGO colored and
10SsS Chinese Japanese and Indians In
the states included wore found In 1S0O
fourteen sliteenths of the entire colored
population of tho United States so that
for tho purpose of immediately ascertain
ing the percentage of the increase
of the colored population the re
turns of these races are adequate and
not likely to bo materially aftected by
tho returns of other states and territories
where the colored population is small
The abnormal incrcaso of the colored popu
lation in what is known as the Black Belt
during tho decade ending In lbS9 led to tha
popular belief that the negroes were In
creasing at a much larger rate than tho
white population This error was a natural
one and arose from the difficulty of ascer
taining how much of the increase shown by
the tenth census was real and how much
was due to omission of
tiiu cnxscs or 1S70
The facts as contained sustain the theory
that the high rato of increase In tho growth
of tho colored population as shown in liO
was apparent not real and that it was due
to imperfect enumeration in the Southern
states in lb0 In but threo decades from
IsOO to liiX during part of which time the
slave trade was in progress ha3 tho col
ored race increased moro rapidly than the
white Sinco 1KX the whites havo steadily
increased at a more rapid rato than col
ored peoVe This increrse has not been
effected by the aid of immigration for
with the exception of
these states havo received comparativcly
few emigrants either from foreign
countries or from Northern states simi
larly Tha proportion of colored inhabi
tants to white increased some what betwc3n
IsOOand 1S30 but since that time it has
steadily diminished In ls30 when tho pro
portion was at its maximum there were
nearly six colored Inhabitants to ten white
but this proportion has been reduced to a
trifle moro than four at the present date
or by nearly one third of its amount De
ficiencies of the ninth census says Porter
are so apparent in this table that any ex
tended reference to them Is wholly unnec
essary The following table gives the
wnue ntt coierea population 01 the
everal states under consideratiou
District ef
sttcs gs
Louis tuna
North Carolina
South Carolina-
West Virginia
White 1 Colored
of these states 25SI Chinese 10 J Japanese
and 8209 Indians should be added to the
sum of whito and colored population Sev
eral tables are given which show the move
ments of the colored clement of population
durlnjr tha last half century An inspec
tion of tho table makes it evident says the
bulletin that thoro has boon no extended
movement of the dements since the time of
jr -
tha civil war indeed with the excaption of
the District of Columbia the border states
appear to havo lost rather than gained and
during the last decade thero becomes a per
ceptible south ward movement of tha col
ored element from the border states into
those bordering tha gulf particularly into
Mississippi and Arkansas where they have
increased proportionately to white
Let the states under consideration bo di
vided into two groups Tho first compris
ing Delaware Maryland District of Colum
bia Virginia West Virginia North Caro
lina Kentucky Tennessee Missouri and
Kansas and the second South Carolina
Georgia Florida Alabama Mississippi
Louisiana Texas and Arkansas The in
crease of whites in tho first of these groups
from 1SS0 to 1SP0 was at tho rate of 22 per
cent while that of the colored element was
but 55 per cent
In the second of these groupa the rate of
increase of whites was 318 per cent whilo
that of the colored was but 191 per cent
In the first group tho number of colored
go 1000C0 The whites diminished between
1S0 and 1S90 from 2ii70l to 23153 or 135
per cent while in the second group it di
minished fsom SlSt to T3CU or only 90
per cent There is therefore a percepti
ble tendency in the southward of colored
peoplo which by no means powerful has
resulted in drawing a notable proportion of
that clement from border states and in pro
ducing in two of the far southern states
moro rapid increase of the colored element
than of the white
JIu Received It
Washington March 25 Tha attorney
general has received a letter from Judge
Bugboc judgo of the district court of
Alaska acknowledging service of the rule
made by the United btates supreme court
to show- cause why a writ of prohibition
should not be issued in caso of the British
Sealer Sayward and saying that he ex
pected to make the return by next steamer
Any Communications Intcmlnl for Thin
Department Should He Aililresioil to
V It Chudbunrn LcnUtun Jlo
421 Valedictory
V7 JL a 3
d M n
423 Till Wonderful Sandwich
Wo thought wo would make us a sandwich 1
at least
tn I slipped in my cake that was baked with
S anib that was cut from the loin of tho
nrpsto Xarw it increase intrnv
fast thajjine gourd of Jonah grow w
andwcliflJindeed Twos a glono
jj m KtnvwCS
u l S
than a feast twas a barb
glorious time for tho gourmand
Jack J
Who was fond of a feed as was Falstaff of
And tho murder was out when the old folk
got back
For mixing the items up made me a
W Wilson
423 Reversal
I can not tell how I had first
Against that urchin tattered
But coming near me as he durst
Like angry ape he chattered
And when in vain I tried to seize
And shake him as he passed
He shouted with a chuckling wheeze
Atial your name is last M C S
424 An Important OinmUsIon
An American who was traveling in Eu
rope attempted to one iuto a city at whoso
two he had just landed when an official de
manded his whole To his dismay he dis
covered that he had left it with his trunk
which was to be forwarded later With a
disinterested person it might one for a Joke
but to him it was a tcrriblo reality and his
feelings can better ba imagined than de
cribedl EthiXu
Wo read of many places
Upon this lovely earth
But each one tells the graces
Of the laud that gave him birth
We -hear romantic stories
Of England Spain and France
But none surpass the glories
Of the land I would enhance
420 Charade
Lnst total are the memories
Of days when we were young
Than thoso of late years I wis
As poets oft have sung
Scenes which we cherish in the page
Of recollection dear
Didst not but shine een to old age
With luster bright and clear
How more than well It Is to see
That it is written oer
With deeds and words which eer will be
A well beloved store
Bitter Sweet
427 Diamond
1 A letter 2 To render complete
3 A punisher i Communion vessels
5 Formed like a cup C Arranged like
panicles 7 Embezzled 8 Pertained
U Cloyed 10 Kuddy 11 A numeral
428 Decapitations
1 To cleanse or clear by percolation
2 May be observed in every station
3 A very moist precipitation
4 Ones own In Scottish conversation
5 Applies to an inclosed location
0 Is always foremost in tho nation
429 Syncopation
The last of salvation is hard to make whole
To some minds 1 ihe various theories rife
On tho origin deitiny aim of the soul
Make the mystery hard to unveil in this
a isiioi
7 911 117 AtiwoM
m JMK 413 Telegr
VwTjFi WR Hi PIovcjFI
P734SC t7W ilKgtTjm
13TJJ 5iarl 4IS lpCcr
15S55S3 ZTMal f ilJPWfnS
2stiS imi JTvS2J
1019131 L76 DzJai a t n2F
133291 iii zzj MBe34JPo 3
1741IW J2S3 DETOTi
laiuae wsot
over over vor er r
heads are better than one
410 Pawn able
420 Stalworth
CctThlt Out
Bermuda and JouWon sjd alfalfaamber
cane red and whltoojsPsoods
U11JH Patterson
SUth HIoU3ton streets
r TV7S riST3 7iSr
It Will Cause Dangerous Gales
in the Northeast
How all the Force or Motive Tower to b
round in the Univrrsa 1 Originated
Constant Changing of Turin
Produced Motion
Special to the Gazette
St Joseph Mo March 2S My last let
ter gave dates and detailed forecasts of the
storm wave to cross the continent from
March 30 to April 3 The next will also bo
an important disturbance both as to its
force and the large amount of rainfall that
will accompany It It will be due to leave
the Pacific coast about April 4 cross tho
Rocky Allegheny valley from 5th to Tth and
reach the Atlantic coast about the Sth This
sorm will be at its greatest force about the
time it reaches the Mississippi river and
will cause dangerous gales on the lakes in
Michigan Pennsylvania and Xew York
about the Tth Heavy rains may be ex
pected iu the Southern states and in the
country southeast of the great lakes be
tween them and tho Atlantic coast Tho
center of the low barometerof this disturb
ance is expected te keep well to the north
and the cool wave and frosts following it
will not damage vegetation south of the
fortieth degree of north latitude
Cause of motion is the great quory
Whence comes the power that moves mat
ter Before progress Is possible this point
must be dotenaincd Scientists say that
sunlight and heat cause tho earth to revolve
on its axis but it is not conceivable how
this can be for sunlight would have as
much force m turning the earth one way as
another Why docs the earth move around
the sun These same scientists say that it
is because of its momentum Imparled to it
in the beginning which has cot yet spent
its force I cannot accept any such a theory
We make steam whii 1 is pushed out by
the force iu the boiler through pipes as con
ductors That giscous transparent steam
is as clear as the atmosphere and has no
appearance of water from which It came
I It is as Invisible as electricity and we only
I know of it by is force and after It has
I changed both itself and the atmosphere Into
a fog bj coming in contact with tho latter
1 Steim and the atmosphere have similar
1 quaities and we know that condensations
j of the atmosphere constitute water
Changing water to steam or to atmosphere
1 or changing atmosphere or steam to water
originates tone The one i u pull th
othi r a push Water changed to steam re
quires mote space and pushes out into
spKC atmospherj changed to water ze
quires lest space causes a vacuum aud at
mosphere pu hd into the vacuum by the
outiido pressure A chango of volume
ori jictes force
In tli3 4iic battery we have a similar
i caus3 of force The zinc is changed to eleo
tricity requires more space theiefore
I U pushed out on tlu copper who
toi 3 whereas if the zinc was being formed
j out of condensations of electricity it would
require less space and the outside matter
I would close in to fill up tho space vacated
ana this would
in t a 1 1 oy electricity originate
b force So we have force both by changing
solid mattor to electricity and by changing
electricity to solid matter We know that
every form of matter may be changed into
electricity and why not electricity change
into ovory form of matterf Every atom of
matter is attended by aniectric atmos
phere and when matter lu a current of
electricity circulating throjTgh it the matter
id a magnet but btfhg a magnet Uoos
mil i c Anal juoMBCTji us umuiL eicutnt
atmaeTjibeiir WhliRsCalniSffirrve
mmcfmarraswtitiBr which
every body of AaUowr attracted Jever
other body Whiar two atoms pr otb
bodies of matter jftno togetherjwy havi
1 surplus of eIcctsTity which lasmrowiiii
1 originating fojRe and as nature iajfiiver
idle but constantly
matter thecljtoctrrrent is
constantly moving cither to or from matter
accumulating or disintegrating it
According to this theory our sun was
formed in space beginning with an atom
whose electric current condensed Into mat-
tcr and whoso electric atmosphere or at
I traction drew to It other atoms forming a
j moleculo which continued to grow both by
condensing electricity and by drawing other
1 bodies of matter to it tho cunent of elsaf
j tricity which circulated through the wk
j constituting of It a magnet caused itjud
still causes It to revolve on its axis Bffein
wo have the cause of all motion ThS f
tricity condenses into matter that godSsg
build tho sun and tne other or spaca
denses to renew that electricity thus origi
nating all tho force or motive power that is
to be found in the universe and this very
principlo is the origin of all
vegetable and animal life In this
I am not controverting any religious Idea
Tho preacher still has an abundance of
ground on which to stand The constant
law which thus organizes matter is beyond
the power of science to explain
W T Fostbr
Th Educator of Tarrant County to Meet
on April i
The Tarrant CouDty Teachers associa
tion will convene at school building Xo 2
on Belknap street Saturday April 4 at 10
oclock a in
Call to Order President H L Graham
Invocation George F Ilussey
Rcxdln and Adopting Minutes
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Tho Mayor of Tyler Tnnei Avray After a
Brief Illness
Special to the Gazette
Ttleu Tei March 20 Died this morn
ing at 9 a in Hon N C Harris mayor of
this place surrounded by his family and
friends after an illness of ten days Mrr
Harris Is a nativo of Tennessee but came
to Texas in hi3 early days and settled iu
Tyler In Hfo and has lived hero over since
He was olected mayor In 1S5 has been
elected twice sinco and was a candidate for
re election and would doubtless have been
elected had not death claimed him for her
own During tho war ho served as a Con
federate soldier In company Cpittys reji
meat He enlisted in lbl aadaserved un
til the close
I EWtmi JrvT trtxjclrm
1 m
nai faJStfS LrTTLS
DO U WANT A rniTho Croat
Pfontafe BosinessPgOH0
DaTmiwfln t a sneaasA vnera UH Aa1I nIIf
- Ici Htldly Oil Isfllll
Iecuiiar to ISelf w a torr ilbhes 1
able cure where other medicine j faa
fodstu B
leal can
T okLL
itJBy rt
Bartnpnrilla li the best medicine to Uks
In the spring rossesUrjJustthosa rowtrs
to purify the blood crcats an ajpetito and
build up the systera t hlch nearly everybody
needs Iloodi Sirprin If the tdil Sprln
Medicine B sure to 9t Hoods do not he
Induce t buy laytkinj lo
Barapnrilta Is ontltd to your favorable
consideration for tha crest oci it hu done
many paople ia j our own town eTn among
yourperonalf ntis Tho lust Inquiry will
hrini to your t jtict well Vqot u peoplawho
think the is orld of Uuodi Sariiuarllli
Snnap iritla his by la positive merit
gained such a hoJ upon t10 confidence of
the people tharthcy refu even Ue rioj
earnest requejts of clerks to try our own
or some other substitute medicine and firmly
Insist upon having Ilooda SarsjpariHa
SnntnparlUn h3 naor bcore een S3
loudly uriisid as now llavu - rapidly won
IU way to the froit it li tie loading blool
purifier aiJ tenia iiedi i le all over the
country the sales of Hoods Sursaparf 11 fir
exceeding those of all otlur sarsaparillai
and blood pudHurs
fcrf j
SnrnpariUi is oaa of t 0 greatest medi
cines i 1 te voild nit o y cc ell nt as a
blood lurHer but for all oticr female com
rlalntj even if of long tandiig I say this
for tl3 biueCt of all other tired out hard
working uoncn Mils M A Scarlett
North -ills llich
liwv virjipiiin
Sarsapnrilla gives such excellent
thtIrujiti say whenever they scl
a bottle to a new customer thoy are reasona
bly suro t J sea him back soon after more a
certia huliration that tho medlci ao has
proi eng bcnefcial To realize It merit trj a
bottle yourself Ea sure to gut
Hoods Sarsaparilia
Sold by drnjjists JlsUforSJ Prepared only
by C I IIOOD i COApothecarles Lowell Miii
IOO Doses
Ono Dollar
J i ttHMr3 n i
iTJSriri IjHp
ivqWLUAetiin rsra acii
nno fruuru Mfnninlign jr
iSuCtffsr a treHH9 sWL
tf infiliiMfl rsnedj
Dr Listigs WsriuSrfu
povrcr trul bottlo eent
Citw rjxpresJpi
C lili lie
ijjpti 1
Vtfivvn iivriti
SnrMparilln Is carefully prepared from
SanaparllU Dandelion llandreto Docfc
Juniper Berries and other well known vege
table CTery ingredient bulaj care
fully selected and every top of prpsratioa
being carefully watched with a vUv to ob
tainlag tho best possible result
1 P
will cure when In the power
of nedl mr M oala Sat rhrum
Seres lkil rurpes all Kumars
UjspepiU Eihau iis S i Headache Ic
digestion Genera PeMlty Catarrh Malaria
IUiemnatl5m Kidney and Liwr ComplotuU
ovep mres that tired
feclinc whuthsrcaucd by change of season
cnato cr If and cives crcat bodIy nerve
rajalal tid dcu e suenth It may truly
bo said oi Hood s thatit mokes
the w eak sirens Trj it tiJ season
iv ra
Bai Mparilla will do you an enormous Snreapai illa lias Deen recognizee oy 1110
lv people a an lioiieei mam me a uucs
amount of good Just now purtfyiig jour 1
blood and bulMiu up your system so that
you will tide ovar the depreiris ellecU
cf milder weather and cseipe Viat tired
feeling so common vhea the
change Try it
Gnrnnnaiilla ti prepared by a CombM
Con lloporlion and Process to
self and by which the full nr cin U strenjj
of all the ingredient vised l piaind
Sarsaparllla thus possesses curative
nri e honestly reatafjreaded Ii r trouaies
n huh it honestlijSSarui Tali I the secret
of Hi nurvelMffiF succcst ami thii li v I17
Ele fur Hoods Soraparilu
every hand
tninriil dcnionstra33 Its peculiar
rtt 1 1 t e si ro aioiii ai 1 Impin j blood
maderi haiulpr i iiior ef it j ve hoa
i Itch- r 1 1 mng f s rw m in the
rffr in -1 al s itii tion at nieali
1 oy 1 B lunmr SLuirei uuia uj
and iadiucsaon
Baran jhrills also show Its curative power
in the P3Jais of t osj eurel of malaria
aad catarmlu fie buoyancy o iuis and
g Od apii trfenjoj e J by thosa tired
and run uovv t It li by Midi result ai tlusu
thit I loo Is S ir apirila maliei Its hou oi
friends and adnurers
Frar A t
in mory tostop tbeni
I mexn i
ojw raceiTuc
a Vn e B ittloot
d Pcit OEao
rl N Y
P 9
la b
Hararpnrilla has 3 rcord of cures un
eiIualIedbyanyotlierniedKJ It has cured
te moit severe eases of serolula when other
medicines failed to do any cood vvliatever
Tell details of cares w 11 be sent any who
desire It and who will send address to
C L Hood i Co Lowell 3Ioss
KnnnpiriKn li the only nediclna of which
IlO Uoics 0iaDjllurcaa truly be hold
A bottle of Hcods Sarsaparila contahib 100
Coses ar 1 will last a month vUlo other
preparationi list from one to two weeks
therefor Hoods EarsporilIa tomblaeJ
economy and btrcngtli
Hoods Sarsaparisla
Sold by JUpiat3 pi sir for Prepired only
by C I HOOD CO Aot hccoriej Low ell Hmu
ICO Dosos Ono Dollar
Th rcaron tboandi cannot crt enrad of Bpciiil Private Chrome Diaoaaci
orexceisea vhich ntniAfiMMfirnJJvUfuyjMfr iSLV to m
etc Db Lifflb CodhPjffjgi Ufor ipU
ITIflfFiniT TI3
ar s iiH vqPua
jr Wtrfm51 rf l
Sf onea on Kie tMv ttVmnch
are prepaid
i amiiijmvrfi age
gyiyiBtt jfr yt
iabel on
ncr nota
1110 for which
rs are
Will bo sent one year with a copy of tha Household Coolc Boolt cloth bound 31
pages to everyone sending us 150 net
FOR S275
FOR S375
FOR 600
FOR 400
Net a set of ths fine Silver Tea Spoons vrill ba sent with th
WEEKLY GAZETTE 12 pages for one year
Net a sot the ffne premium Knives or Forks will be sent with tha
WEEKLY GAZETTE 12 pages for one year
Net set of the fine Knives and Forks will ba sent with thi
WEEKLY GAZETTE 12 pages for one year
Net a copy of the original Websters Unabridged will be sent ex
press charges prepaid to tha express onlec nearest tho subscriber
with tha WEEKLY GAZETTE 12 pages for one year
Cf o toed Net a copy cf Shakespeares Works
rKjn DU GAZETTE 12 pages for one year
will be sent with tha WEEKLY
Net the Gazettes i Improved Sewing Machine will bo seat witll
cto tfoyi rn
r n v3ZH UU the WEEKLY GAZETTE 12 pages for one year
All present annual subscribers can secure either of THE GAZETTE- PREMIUMS
Ltting difference to this office
AIMbtienihsaspr less period than one year can secure them by renewing subscrlp
tiqb for one year and remitting to cover price of subscription and premium desired -
i Addresa - S
wtmtm 1 Hi UilrV 1
ninihlnPT TbaJSSVr fljB I nflHie i sassssssssl
fat dropping MSwSKiJaJqWC MTmilMrT Sj3nnTM
The Cook Boot SilTCrsvara and Sewing Machine bear the Gazettes name
frjMr Wl
dsMktlmms -- ii
cw jtirf -
mm0mmm qjj gp -
h Crffottch

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