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The corn vop of Burleson countv sav3
the Caidwell Chronicle judging from what
the firiinj toil will be JO por cent
tup 1 tl 1 List ear A uioit many of our
ptir io farmers have an oat patch
ti In ii u beginning to loot well
The farmers of Llano count j wcro never
more hopofu for big crops of all lands
Die ram of tne first of the week put the
rround in good shape A pood 0 t and
n neat crop is assured and corn Is commj
New Birmingham Times Although tho
n ither h es been Cold md disagreeable the
prevailing opinion of the lmriioulturali3t is
thit the irop is not injured to an great ex
tent is far as we an able to discover tho
iiOUiitun fiuit blooms inj not hurt at
aM If we tan pass the 27ih and 2ih of
tnis luonlii wiliout inur to the crop it is
a ok in hundred thousand to Cherokee
The recent snows in Potter county havo
put crops in the finest condition since lisj
The fruit ctop say the Corsicma Demo
rrat u ivpoi ted to be damaged bat ery
little bj 1 e ale f eere we have been ii
fi rined b tkoiu ho aro in a position to
I Le Ci iesviilc Hesperian of Wednesday
Eait 1 li r i r jesterdav was worth thou
t in of k Uia to oi fanners It came
t st tli - wen beginmnir to need it
1 uf tL u weii dour suaing oat and
p ui irn aid the wa m gentle lain
to make the seed grow So far ever
i c -ii to oa wcihing in faor of our
pejpie iui spring
Tiu m prospects ate reported to ba as firo
as werj tvc seen in Nairru count Tho
finurb uio up wuh their plowing and
pi ti g and tne crops aru in as pood bhapa
ascoad b as ed for The t jasons haie
b i op 103 id while it h is ben a lit
tl i j i jI - hue Ken hvd back sufli
ci nt to make lht m ton h and mured to
the cud su Jlcic ntly not to oa kiLed
jme veU county oU fields present a
fine appearance sn e the nte rains says
thtl n Koe Herald It has been tno
eipt cute of the past that when tho
p i an i i tboioughly soaked with iutT at
th - tune a good oat crop is harvested tlia
fo low in j kUiumer Indications are veiy
a irable j 1st now for an abundant harCit
next bummer
Bu nry little Drown county fruit was
LUjUii 1 b the lato cold spell aid the pros
put is good for an obedient crop this ear
I he o it oi op which was thougut to be
kjied o ilj very slightl damaed
A line ram ioited this section the lirst of
the iil sijs the Ballircr Bauncr
Lc ider iilici infuses new life into our
fanner fi lends and with an oicisional
shower g Apnl and Ma will place
this section far in the ad in the waj of
sml gran as well as Jo her ti op cereals
lieiiiiclt ili ill pendent Tanners through
out Uieeouulij now breathe atighof relief
1 1 i ww not suffering because of drouth
but Uie ie ent rain wnuh has fillcn on it
is n hi wse a suptiiluous waste Corn
ami oats ae given a bountiful start Tho
pir i -1 and indirect benclit is Incalculable
lUis ioin1 farmcis are ready for cotton
p m it nil ilje acreage of that crop
will bu pLn tod tlu iear
The Aurora Chronicle has tha following
on the crap condition and prospect in Wise
ountj lrass is well advanced for tho
ason tho atroage in wheat is Urge
stand arm condition first class tho acra
ape in oats laigei than last jo r condition
fnoibe abut the iisu ll acicrc m coin
pi iMcd iir and in Letter loudilion than
i ci bcloie larpir crop of pjtato S
an ons etc planted than eer bcfoie fiuit
iam sed but little b i eceut frosts and
i spu is ood for finest crop cverpiown
ai n apt for cotton is not onl larger
but bettei prepared than ever before
The lepirt from the fiuit belt to tho
mi this cood ih AHord Budget sijs
t j to this wilting tho fiuit ciop while
ii uii wht d maged by the teceut told
t 1 1 s pio ui es to he ahcavj one Oulj a
sin 1 iit of the general crop was lar
p ough adt rcrd to suffer any damage and
calf tbj fi uit tliu would put on is bet
el thin a of it would be should all of it
be allow i d To remain eng tho trees Unless
it meets wth some accident in tho futuie
wbuh iS not piob ible now the iruil tlop
of Jib countii immediately tubutar to
Alvc id will bi worth min thousands of
doilu this jear Ihe time is alie ady lieu
wliei our Iiuit crop i of almoat if not
quite as much impoitanco to the pcoplo of
this seetien as thw cotton crop
It is piobablo that lcs3 cane will bo
anted m Panola county this seion than
f jit whilo the cotton aercae will be ln
uaod 1 1 uit u safe
It i encouraging to note says the Laredo
Times that iotw ithstandmg List seal wa
tine of thj drjet aud most uiilaoiaie
fei expel lenetd in tins beetion jet the
ijfi la lis of tha Kio CJrande aiound
1 aiedo prodaeeJ a half bola of cotton to
Hie acre
II ill county ixpeeta to spread herself this
year in thj jicldiug of crops if tho season
oMtinucs as favorable as now sas the
II i ror
TtLfA March 27 We havo had a two
dvs i ortLer and tho weather was quite
cod and ehjie will bo soipo loss in stock
e pi i ulij jin id slock bioucht in by set
tle is lae in the summer and faL There is
no damae to crops or fruit The cold
weaii ei and late start in vegetation in
tLe sp ins caused by oar high aKitudo will
nuke tliu plains country the best fruit
couni j Oai i eople vo geuerallj planting
foiest and fruit trees and in afew j jais we
will hae the most attiaetno and desir blc
pait of lews
Uoi iiTiiwiiTE March 23 Crops aie in
pood conditon and the fruit in many pirts
of the count is not injured in the least
Weather e i and w im although we h uc
hadseeral dajs when tho neither held
fall swaj
CLiKENDos March 27 The weather is
pice and warm again after two or throe
31 s of ver disagreeable we ither H eiy
tling has te ajiperai ie of si imp aid the
crass is beginning todinpe the eoloi of tno
jiraino from a dull brown to a bright
IJELLi Pluv March 2 The wheat crop
is isuiii tlo worl of subjugating the
vu on soil w ill now go forw 11 d p ieo A
cosulcrable ae reago ol oas hs been sow n
and the prospect is oncouragi g
ScViET M iuh 21 Thu secton of coun
tr is belli u be3sed witli a tine ram to d t
which will prove of incalculable Ivnelit o
I oa and siiiil grain crops throughout
t couni 1 h point has shipned about
I 0 L i e- of cotton to d itc this season anl
L L lw oi moro stdl remam ui tne
Avson March 21 A splendid rain fel
all oiu Joi js count last niiht sufrcient
to fill all tha streams maUe an ahand uiea
of stock waer ard insure the heaviest
plain crop on record Whcvt is tho finest
eir seen her nJ the aeieago is unusuady
la pa
Pilot Point March 25 A splendid rain
fcl hero sscrda which will ba of incal
culable benefit to whoa and oits It fell
tnwlj a 1 da and Lm e thj soil in eicel
1 t condition JLu wiul to day is in tho
wost taaipcraturo register J Faitners
cpress fear that tha eooinrs aud cload
weathir will cause corn to rot in tha
preuid I he fruit buds are b arstinp open
und indications favor a good crop lbs sea
eon is Im kwurd
CoioniDO March 23 Hne rains have
fallen in arious portions of tho surround
ing coui during lh last few da and
the fanners are much encouraged On the
head of ths Ccloiado nvor tho rains have
tmounted almost to Hoods
Albam Mrth 21 A nice rain of twelve
bourVduratim lis Just ceased falling here
The weather has cleared np warm and the
spring b s at 1 ist began nils fall ot rain
CWel a baiatiful crop of what and small
rpiiu ana gc pient of stock water and
will bring oat tho spring grass with a rush
In spaakmr of the ram the Greenville
Banrer h the fjilowmg It came Just at
the ripit t m and wis full appreciated
rarn03 aro near all dons plauting corn
in type
and it is a littlo too early to plant cotton
The rain w ill mellow the soil make tha
com como up set the oats to growing in a
hurry and m iko the gardens flourish The
peach trees ire now in full bloom and tho
prospect is excellent for a lino fruit crop
Wise count farmers are much elated
over the List rainfall as it was needed to
bnug out the crops already planted and give
wheat a starter
It is reported that Wharton county farm
crs will hare in cultivation a much larpor
aiea than 1 ist season Cotton is still being
ginned and sold
Gsjhu March 23 After the rain yes
terda morning tho streams were all up and
some of the mails detained Moiethan twj
and a half iithes had fallen up to noon to
da This is all we need for a good wheat
crop Not much of a stand of oats et Tha
weather has been toD told and tho ground
too di bat since the ram it will lequiro
but a fow da L to tell whether the oat and
corn crop wdl havo to be planted rgain
Wild goose plums and early pe ithes are not
yet in f u 1 bloom Tho carl blooming
peaches mostl late varieties cama out
about a month ago and aie badly damaged
QcjNAii March 20 On Monday last one
of tbe heaviest rains of the season com
menced falling and continued at intervals
most of tlu day Tuesday thoroughl soak
ing the ground and putting it in excellent
condr ion for all small grain Tho wheat
trop is now considered assured beyond
question and will be one of tho la get
ields ter had in this section
Wichita Palls March 23 A heavy rain
storm lell List night and to day which
cages the farmers to greatly lejoico us
wheat was badly in need of rain
Kemp March 23 A slow gentle rain
l fell yesterday which was badly needed
I rrmeis au well up with their wor
I MoJtallhae finished planting torn and
1 ai w guttng mco stai ds Some at e read to
plant cotton Oas aro looking fine but
j gardens aio somowh it batkwaid
Tllia Maich 21 Another fine rain fell
i yesteiday evening and lust night which
will be of gieat benefit to farmers
Ihe Mansfield Chronicle sums up briefly
the crop prospects of Tarrant county as
the- aro i sported fiom diQerent ponts
Wheat continues to show to the best
tage while tlife oat crop about which somo
aniiet was felt a few da s ago is uow
known to be entrel uninjured and to bo
the most promising for many ears Quie
a large acreage of o ts has been planted
and a good ciop will bo an especial ble3ing
to farmers by furnishing earl feed to meet
Ls ear s scarcit of provjnder The bulk
of tho com crop is in the ground and exam
ination of it shows that a few d i s sun
shine will cause most of it to barst through
the soil In a few isol ited instances laiin
eis who planted extremol eailj have had
to plant oer but s the ground
was in complete readiness this
extra labor did not amount to much
J he icports concerning the fiuit ci op ag
piegate about tins Blaekbeuios and
prapes are a sure full crop aud w ithout
furfur frosts poaches will be a good over
ieid Tiuo a great man blooms hae
Do n witheiod bv tho frosts but in this
countr tin best poach crops are made
when the trer s are somewhat thinned of
tlicni burdcs before the fruit gets large
Paimeisare lapul getting their cotton
land m ieauiness for plantiup and the acre
age of tms staplu will pel haps bolirger
than ever before Summed up tha crop
outlook 13 blllUL
i Tha wheat crop in Texns i3 one of the
laigcst ever sown says the Titus Times
and w ill fi oni present prospects be one of
tho laigcst ccr hu iestcd in the state
Gainesville Register Tho timely rains
of this week ha e benefited the country to
an untold extent Never in thi3 section
we the prospects so cheering If no
bightmg frosts or destructive storms
i cur this spnng the wheat and fruit crops
w ill Lo immense
j JeffeiisOW March 23 Tha farmers of
this county have been taking full advantage
of the past ten days of line weather aud
aienow well up with their crop3 Corn
planting is finished except in the low lands
aLdsomehae planted their cotton Tho
acreare in both aro being laigely inci eased
especially in corn Tho farmers sav that
the aie going to quit paying 1 a bushel
for corn and raise it themselves Mmy
too aro raising hogs on an extensive scale
for maiketing next winter at tho Fort
Worth packer
Beliuliille March 27 This section
has been isited by a splendid rain which
has made our farmers and merchants jubi
lant 1 he prospects for crops w ere never
letter Ihe acieage of corn and cotton
o er last ear is nearly double
bMiiEit March 27 Grass comes slowly
ow nig to cold nights and cattle are suft ering
llic rain though light in town was heavy
in lvent and northern part of the county
Baihd March 27 Wheat and oats aro
looking fine and the faimeis aio buoant
Greenvilles handsome public school
building kuown as tho Central school
bubbling has been formally received b tliu
cuy Its cost including grounds equip
ments and furniture is about J3000 and
it is one of tho prettiest largest and best
buildings ever erected m Texas for that
amoant of money
Abilene March 20 Tho contract for the
erection of the West Texas Baptist College
ws awarded heie cstei daj b theliustces
to Hussell Winter Miller contractors of
this place This will bo a very fine build
ing and will be located in tho North Park
addition Tho school will be opened next
session and a large patronage i3 already
assined 1 he contracts for more buildings
will rapldl follow Work has been com
menced to day
KEMr March 20 A beautiful lot has
ben donated by Dr A J Still for tho erec
tion of a Methodist church and work will
begin as soon as the lumber arrives
The new Catholic church at Shiner
will be occupied for the first time on Easter
We have made a discovery says the
Western Baptist It is this- levas is Bap
tistic b a largo majorit The whole state
is not as much so as Holland but Baptists
predominate almost cerywhere under tho
beams of the Lone totor
March 23 Sherman Femalo
Institute has purchased a tract of land be
longcg to Capt Torn Brow ns homestead
and w ill build an addition to tho school
ihe girls crowd into Sherman aud Its
magnificent schools in inciea3od num
bers call Ue J II Wiggins of Texar
kaaa has commenced a ronal meeting at
the Picsbtcrian thurth and Hev W T
Lincoln and wife of Binninghim Ala aie
holeang a very successful meeting at the
Luiabeiland Presbyterian church
Ballinger i3 going to have waterworks in
tho near futuro The cost will bo about
BelchervUle Montigue county is jolng
to havo a national bank with a capital at
the start of toO000 h Uf of w hich u local
Tho stock is practically all taken
Work is bomg pushed on the buildings in
course of construction at Brownwood now
and other stone buildings are under con
Lnnis is going to have electric liht works
end an ice plant in tho near futuro Tha
utla will leach So3 000 nearly und a
are now at work plating the stock
The Tyler Democrat and Reporter is Jubi
lant We doubt if ever in the history of
T ler her grow th has been as rapid as at
piesnt Hundreds of houses aro now in
coura of erection and contrkctt are being
let every day Sites which six months ajo
were either forests or open wastes are now
booming additions and are boing adorned
with pietty homes not merely tenant
houses but in most cases men mechanics
tud day laborers are building and beauti
fying homes
The ramie works at Dickinson are pro
gressing vary satisfactorily lay tha Gal
veston Tribune a large gang of carpen
ters having boen at work there since tho
first of tho month In a few years from
now this will develop into ono of tho lead
ing industries of Galveston county Tha
fiber requires but ono planting a single
stalk giving a perpetual growth It has
grown wild in this section for ears and
will bear four annual crops yielding 12003
pounds of fiber per ncre each season Its
market alue being i tents per pound 4S0
nor acre may thus be realizod It is used
for manufacturing bagging and finer goods
suoh as clothing tapestries etc
Besides tho 5100000 courthouse which is
going up at LaOranga Fa otto county a
great many other improvements in a rtsi
denco and business way aro going on
The man with the hoe who come3 to
Mitchell county and uses his hoe says the
Colorado Clipper is soon transformed into
the man with the disc harrow double
shovei and sulky plow This Is the
country where a man can make big money
farmii g
Abilese March 23 The three Masonic
lodges of this city havo decided to build
them a building for Masonic purposes at
once The building is to bo three stono3
high the first or lower story will be used
as business houses tho second story for
cfJcc3 and tho third story for their own
Use Uhj contract will be lot soon and
when finished this will bj ona of the finest
buidings of its kind within the stats
Sweetwatee March 29 The Masons
have beeun tho erection of a fino two story
hail building on tha northwest corner of tha
square to ba of brick and iron with tho
latest and best appointments Ihe bank of
Thomis Truuinill ii Co has purchased tho
vacant lot on the northeast corner of the
squue and will soon erect a brick there
E P Roe of Fort Worth will soon erect a
large lock building on tho site of his
piesent wooden building fronting tho rail
road The county commissioners court is
now considering the question of a now
courthouse to roplaco our fallen down
affair and will without doubt erect a cred
itable ono this spring There is not a va
cant house in town and things generally are
on a solid boom
Clu ekdov March 27 It is generally
understood that Mr Kilfoil who is now
superintending tho construction of the
courthouse for the county has the build
ing of the foundation of tho new 23000
hotel and will begin work in a short time
Clarendon continues to build Now resi
dences going up all over town
Goldthw aite March 23 Tho Ahney
Masonic building is fast approaching coin
p ttion and will be quite an ornament to tha
town The question of water supply for
fins purposes is being agitated here aud
there is every reason to believe it will be
Emory the capitol of Raines couuty and
tow ns in the iiumediato vicinity aro in
quite a littlo blustor of excitement at pres
ent sas the Greeuvilla Herald oter the
discoveiy of a nth vein of toal and a strata
of excellent brick clay within four miles of
Emory and thirt of Greenville Ihe
existence of coal in tha vicinity has been
known for some time but not until re
cently was its quantii and quality made
manifest Tho top strata i3 similar to that
taken fiom tne Alba mines but in the mid
dle and bottom stratas it is found bright
and hard and not so much inclined to slack
Exports pronounce it tho best quality of
coal ever mined in Texas Under
the last strata of cool has been discovered a
vein of excellent buck clay twelve feet
through Experiments have been made
with this clay and it has proved lo be a
complete success The bricks burn smooth
and almost as hard as fiut
Semi Weekly Times No ono with aiy
degieaof accuracy can give anything like
near a correct estimate of the amount of
iron ore and coal in Anderson county It is
of course the fashion to speak of it as in
exhaustiole etc Ihat great deposits aro
upon tho surface of the earth there is no
doubt w hato ver In the very streets of
Palestine iron ore that would be weighed
in the old country Ilka gold is used to fill
up the ram washed gullies In tho brick
used for building flmt and iron is abundant
Iron oro indications aio everywhere ob
servable Mr Ezell an old resident of
Nechesville informs us that ha has used
the Lest of iron manufactured from oro
found near the surface in that section and
from what wo hava seen those ores have
an easily visible descent downwards and
m no sense of the word beds or veins but
general deposits of from twelve to twenty
eight inches thick blanket deposits of rich
metallic iron
Col R E Cook of Talladega county Ala
who is a dealer in iron lands said in the
last Llano Gazette You have somo very
fine varieties of granite and marble and
mora of it than any country I know of
Some of tho iron oro I saw I am satisfied
will run 70 per cent of iron Why I saw iron
enough in one place to supply tho world
with iron for all time to coma Yon hae
lesources enough hero to make Llano a
great city
Bnowcwociri March 24 Heavy iron de
posits aro located in the mountains near
Brownwood and C02l mines are being de
veloped within ran go of the city
rnAZEK March 25 Tha wiiter saw a
statement from Vernon ia The Gazette
concerning the gold regions of Greer
county Your correspondent has been
waiting until something definite was de
veloped but so far nothing definite enough
for one to risk a small fortune on ha3 been
developed However many experienced
minera havo visited the find and pronounce
tho lead good and every indication points
to tho opening of a very rich gold and silver
mine in Greer county Local geologists
pronounce tha ore rich Many hae laid
claims and a company has been formed at
Vei non and its work has begun A man
w ho has been in many Western Mexican
mines said that theie was an old shaft there
which had been worked probably forty
ears ago which w as rich in sil er That
is being worked on a small scale now The
state geologist has been up there but noth
ing could ba learned from him I do not
think any arrangements are being made
more than to get ore for a test and to form
an estimate about the quantity which can
bj obtained No doubt there is mineral in
pav mg quantities somewhere thero and it
will be found sooner or later
Dekisos March 25 James H Ralston
n well known iron mining expert John A
Kruse of Chicago and CoL Cunningham of
Boston all interested in iron were in the
tit to day looking into Denisons possibili
ties as tho tomiug steel metropolis of the
state They spant tome time In investi
gating th deposits of ore in this section
and lert on the afternoon train for the Ter
ritory te further prosecute their observa
tions with reference to coal and iron They
are representatives of a large syndicate
who will shartly invest a largo sum In tho
Texas iron industry
Sax Antosio March 25 Gus Huebner
a fanner living nine miles from San An
tonio has discovered a valuable silver vein
It shows a yiold of Sib to the ton Samples
hae been sut to State Geologist Dumble
for assay Th vein was found while dig
ging a well It ia twenty feet under the
surface and fifty feat in thickness Hueb
Ler went down eighty feet for water could
not find any and save it up in disgust He
did not know tkat his ore bora silver until
told so by mining experts The strata con
sists not of solid rock but of boulders sep
arated by light soil of many colors
Mr W R Page of the Snider church
neighborhood six mEes west from
Carthage has erected a new saw mill and
Is now cutting a splendid grade of lumber
of all kinds H is in tho midst of a
splendid pinery and nis lumber is first class
says tho Carthago Banner Panola county
Democrat and Reporter Messrs J W
ShambUTfecr and Frank and Charles Allen
owners of big fruit farms a short distance
north of this city have formed a copart
nership and propose lo combine tho pro
duets of tha two farms this Tear and work
v e riu 1
r 1 r
tho fruit all up into canned goods Messrs
Allen have bought a half interest In tho
cannery on Mr Shamuurgers farm and
the firm will operate nnder their firm name
of the Smith county canning company
The consolidation will give the company
23000 trees 15000 of which aro peach trees
all bearing Sixty acre3 of tomatoes and
sweet corn nre now being planted and will
be canned In addition to this they havo
about forty acres of strawberries and ten
acre3 of blackberries
Somo of the Texas newspapers are print
ing as a very good joke say3 tho Waco
Day that a manufacturing establishment
for turning out cotton pickin machines
will commence operations in Waco about
April 1 Tho date seems to excite the risi
ble suspicions of the brethren There is no
ioko about it gentlemen Iho factory is
here and nearly ready to commence work
And what is more to tho point it will man
ufacture a machine that w ill pick cotton
pick it clean thoroughly expeditiously and
cheap Coma up this way nest fall when
the cotton fields around Waco aro white
with open cotton and have Our doubts re
A new gin will bo built by Trautwin
Woltcr at Shiner capable of ginning 100
bales of cotton a day A cotton seed oil
mill will also be added thereto
The Rusk Standard Enterprise has tha
following list of enterprises for tho twin
cities Rusk and New Birmingham lha
arrangements are now mada for the build
ing of a rolling mill a cotton mill a stovo
foundrv a s aweratre DiDa factory another
twenty five ton furnace and the street cars
between the two titles are to oe puuoa oy a
dumm engine
Tho Balhnircr milling company is pushing
tha work on tho roller mill The company
ho3 closed tha contract for the machinery
and it w ill be there in a fow weeks
lha Houston Post has the following
items from Beaumont Tho Beaumont
furniture und art wood manufactuimg com
pany capital stock S100L0J is now un as
sured tertamty kawng tho necessary
amount of stock subscribed and all prelim
inary arrangements agreed upon Appli
cation will be mndo at once for a charter
and tonstiuctiou of tho plant pushed to
completion as rapidlv as possibe Tho
company has secured tho patent nrht and
macmnery for embossing wood and doinp
art work on wood by means of engraved
rolleis passing over it under heat and
piessure which fills the poies of the wood
leaving a perfect impression of any design
requned will add greatly to tho variety
and styles of its productions The em
bossed wood and art work on wood w ill bo
a specialty with tho company This work
w ill soon come into general favor for all
kinds of finishing Especially will it ba
useful in the constraction of pissenger
cars and palace toaches lefngerator and
decorative furniture
Mr A H Stiuson of Muskeegan Mich
is now doing Beaumont with an idea of
niovins his large mill plant froai Muskee
gan to Beaumont He has met with a
hearty n oleoma by the mill men and citi
zens of Beaumont and is cordially invited
aud encouraged to como to Beaumont the
future lumbering and manufacturing city
of Te jas and Join his mtei est w ith us
Thei u Is room for him and many more we
have a good thing and wish to divide it
An ico factory will probibl bo put in at
Moxia in readiness for the hot weather
It ii announced that the brick and tile
company of Gonzales has Just finished
burning a 250000 kiln of buck at Gonzales
for shipment to San Antonio and that the
loss m the way of spoilt brick is oni about
15 per cent of tha number moulded
An industry says tha Eastland Chron
icle the importance of which U hardly ap
picciated or understood by our people is
now in full operation 0 allude to tha
charcoal kilns owned and operated by J
W Tilor two miles east of Ranger on tho
Texas and Pacific railroad Mr Taj lor
bums and ship3 charcoal to tha El Paso
smelting w orks at EI Paso Tok The pro
portions of this industry may be orm ed at
closely by taking tha month pay roll a3 1
basis Onto eiery mouth Mr Ta lor p iys
out to laborers in this county a sum be
tween S1300 and 1300
Brownwood Banner A canning factory
is on the tapis for Brownwood Now dont
ask where tho fruits and egetables aro
coming from for canning puivoses Tho
likt question was asked relative to wheat
when the mills weio built but we hava the
wheat aid ou may rest assured we will
have the vegetables too just as soon as we
get the markot for them
Belchekville March 23 A cotton seed
oil mill will be in operation hero as soon as
tho necessary buildings can be put up and
the machinery shipped
Pilot Poixt March 20 Tha Pilot Point
canning company have closed a contract
wi h Mr E O Flood to run the factory
Over a hundred acres of corn and tomatoes
are contracted for with more in prospect
Aeilexe March 28 The erection of an
other grain elevator is being agitated and
it is expected that it will take somj definito
shape in tho near future Our new cigar
factory commenced operations this weak
and tho cigars turned out aro pronounced
by experts to be the bast on the market
Immigrants are coming in and the plow
is ripping up the soil sas tho Clarendon
A large number of Gorman families are
arriving from the Noith and settling in
Cooke county Most of these havo joined
the German colony at Mucnster Arrange
ments are being made to start a now colony
about ono mile west of Gainesville on a
4000 acro tract known as the Judge Lindsoy
pasture Several families arc expected to
locate on this land
Hall County Record Immigrants have
commenced Invading the Panhandle in
earnest Hardly a day passes that does
not bring the co ered wagon Into w hat is
being recognized as tho garden spot of tho
Scxset March 25 Our town Is full of
visitors and prospectors a great many of
whom are locating and becoming citizens to
assist in tha upbuilding of tha town
Claude March 25 Prospectors are com
ing In on every train Several parties
from Illinois aio here with the view of buy
ing land for a colony of Germans They
nre w ell pleased with the Panhandle ana
Claude Our road across the cauvon opens
up a fino tract of state land and the road
will soon be completed
It Creates a Sensation at the Treasury
Washington- March 23 A sensation has
been caused at the tieasury department by
the discovery of a counterfeit 2 silver
certificate so nearly perfect in all its
parts as to be almost impossible of detec
tion Heretofore all counterfeits of our
paper currency have been readily detected
by the failure to imitate the distinctive
character of the paper on which the gov
ernment notes aro printed which is so ar
ranged that each part of it forming a com
plete note contains a small silk thread run
ning through it lengthwise This paper is
for tho first time almost perfectly Imitated
in the counterfeit Just discovered So far
as isnow known It has been used only In
counterfeiting 2 silver certificates series
of ISiG It was practically decided to sus
pend the printing of 2 silver certificates
and institute a new series of the sanfe de
nomination These will contain the vignette
of Secretary Windom and will be issued as
soon ns the necessary plates can bo eng
graved Tho government will exert its
utmost endeavor to secure and destroy the
plates and other paraphernalia used in tho
manufacture of the counterfeit
rope Leo Praise and Blesses the World
Colombia Fair
Chicago III March 27 An afternoon
paper says His holiness Pope Leo Is
out with an apostolical benediction upon the
Worlds fair and the plan to erect a beauti
ful stono monument in honor of Christopher
Columbus at Buenos Ayres Ho says It is
Drontir u well as useXul to rnder haaga
to men who have merited so well of Cris
tlan faith and human society Columbus
in accomplishing by his geniU3 and
verance sucn great aeeos nas oeen a iojy
tain in both hemispheres of so great an K
fiuenco upon mankind that few men can be
compared with him Hoping that the hon
ors rendered him will serve to stimulate tho
Worlds Columbian exposition at Chicago
we give to your project the praise it merits
and at tho same time a3 a token of fraternal
love wo give upostolical benediction
SignedJ Pope Lso
A Prominent Citizen of Kansai City In
tha Tolls
Special to the Gazette
Kansas Citt Mo March 28 At 630
this evonmg H S Meacham was arrested
for embezzlement Meacham is tho senior
member of tho firm of H S Meacham Si
Co Western ngonts for the N i G Talor
minora wool company He is a well
known and prominent business and society
man of this city and it is learned that his
embezzlements havo been extending over a
long period and hava beeaflt stematic
The charge is made that ho hfiFlakcn 2500
of tho linns money but In understood-
thtiliis peculations will go1Cr beyond that
ijF Xjithan TiJPIor is thi citv loolMff
tno ca
Remiimns in the postofflce at Tort Vfi
Monday March 31 1S31 To obtain an
lctlprs the nnnliLant must call for ildvCr
loltiip ti il a fTn illn nf thu ltd Alcfl nil
letters siHerti ed shall be charged wlin 1 cent I
in addition to the reculur postage 10 be 1
counted for as part of the postal m eng ae as per
section 5jJ pgc SU United states postal UiV
Ladle Mt
App Madame W J Johnson Delle
Allen MS Jame John on r ancle
Aauorion Uuaico John on II itiUa
Anne Mis Tones LUeu
Anuuikb Dora King M ica
Dronn Lizzie Louis M
liaults susle Itaton Allen
Harbour David Lethcrman Lilly
Blandii Matue A La rcuco sallio O
Holt Huth Martin bus in
HurKlis Mamie Mathews Mary 2
Hai er Allie Moody anza
15 macl On Murphv J K
Hill Eliza More Miry
Urumlttte Tonie Marshall Lillip A
IJrad Matilda Murry Sadie J
Hird Marj M I tnmi
Brooks Koana Mooro Nora
Cromwell Mrs EC McVuy Tannic
Clark Laura A Mcfu re Annie
Carlisle Alice McVerie Ida i
Church Duaiie II NitLols P W
Cromwell Lmnu Newell Mrs
CemcoLb Sarau Xicl Lilio
Campbell Josie O Ncal Sarah
Curi M Tiio O Ncal Majie
Coaplanil Llla O Connor Mjmle
Cox Mary O Connor Jennie
Clav Mollle Perkins Kemer
Clifford Delia Push Miry E
Chan Annie Purader Mlttie
Crowder Acnle Quibble Minnie
Coleman Lilly Heed Mary
Dunn Llna Kiudolph Amanda S
Durham Josio Ray Joe
Dority Ida Itobcson allla
Da euport Lizzie R an Lllio
Deter Mury Reberion Tricey
lieer Alice Kobon Jessie
Dickcrson Amser Sluitz Louisa
Lans Mamie Stot Lula
Edwards Elizabeth Scott Anni
Tiaher Ida Seott Hannah
Flj nn 1 rank smita Aniie
Tot Ella Smith Carrie P
IOier Dora K Sladon Edie
Freeman Nellie btearne Althea
Cjilliland Lila Thompson V M
Gilliam Delia Tomans Mollie
Gocde Luticha Taylur M A
Grant IM Townsend M E
Green Mittle Thomas Mittle L
oray sadie 2 V eir Hello
GruDb Nettie llson rtta
Henry Murtha V illiains Mrs
Hughes M iry Wood Dr M D 2
Hart Angle Vrrlpht Eliza
Herron Grace Uliams Lizzie
Hcrbey Phtnie Walton Jennie L
Hooper Heine Wagnor Ida
Johnson Louise
Adams Charlie Martin Anderson
Adams L II Moore Villie
Allen Andy Moore llllam 2
Anderson TLD Mitchell J N
Aneerson 1 A MIchiel Simon
Armstrong V T Miller Sam
Alderman Albert Maon Henry
Ero vn Prof B L M lupin V H
Brow n Charles A Maupin Will
Hall lntine J H Morrison W T 2
Bartholomew E D Morrison Robert
Harnum Bill Helton John
Barnes Will Michie Tone
Benton J II Molcnhiiuer William
Burcy J II Mocle L
Bickel R B Muldoon Edward
Ur hon J I Murihy John
Bl mdin W C MeCullneh Kustlce
BovU Thomas McPerrln Rev J
Borren William A McGihrens V
Braly AC McMillin Jaine
Bnttoa Thos JI McLain Eugene
Broomtleld M M Ntw ton Trunk
BrovingsJ C Nicholson Geo O 2
Buekcahaber T N Newman B
Curson siipy OsoorneJoscph
QiambcrsTEL O ToolHenry
ClajueU S5 Oveitda Col
Cnspcr RcaMn Ier C
Coleman Jr fcbert Kjtterton W A
Collard Johns jrern Geo
Conlev Hlrttm Prai VMHe
Conners MD fi r Powers Pat
Cruy Wei WF Powels Albert
Cunningham JF Pfeifcr Louis
Cunningham ac Iratt Whllc v
Campbell UM Ck Phillips Charley
Clark O IF fi Quail J W
Cooper TtfOi at Roberts D J
Cooper JJ k Roberts R L
Cook yaps Roberts DrJ B
Cook smrman gRobcrts Willie
Cleed H qkobcrtson LO
DejoAmes H ibertson ll M
DuunM P inberson S S
DecorS John iminson W S
Daniels Clilsley Rewnson James
Doughlas R J Rdftnson C M
Douhtas L Q Romson A W
Domals Frank RajWr M C
Dulin BiUy Kanufks Ed
Dunlop J Rtedndrevr
Llliott Dr G W Reed Jcksoa
Elliott J V ReenesL
Easterling C A Rj nn Aiiltew J 2
Ealer James Rivers Deft
Emery G L Rjan E P
Lnsiand Q L Routh Dr W W
Egbert N Roison W H
Ewing M W B Ros9 Dan J
Frintz C Roane A S
Fisher H W Rosser Thurman
Tostor Mr Rivers Frank
Freeman H H Shelloc T P
Try UC Syms Gus
Faqua J A Sawjers Bob
Gardner Jim Shell L A
Gibson J A Sharp George
Gills Dallas Si kes John H
Goldstein S Simpson W C
Goodman Momle Singleton P J
Go Uman Jack Simmonds E Q
Goodin Benioman Skafgs John A
Griffith Will Sloan EC
GrauarnIsaac Newton Spence Frank
Grahim S Stambaugh Charles
Greene William StatmpnfG
Howard BS Swenson G H
Haston Ed Sweene John E
Hale L F 2 Sw eeney Trunk
Hegmanult Sullltan GM
Hcnson U M Smith Joseph E
Hodge George Smith C F
Hursey G F Smith Joan
Hall A T Spencer Cade
HardingHon C E Spero Antonio
H11UOX W J Thomas W J J
In in Tomie Thomas N B
Irvy Columbus Thomas W M
Johnson Link Thornton illlaxn
Johnson J F Telmestcr John
Johnson Taylor Vuadawalker D 11
Jones James Winders Joe
James Charles Ward Eugene
Justice Bob Wilson Henry
Kelley T B Wlloa A E
Kirk Cnarles Wells J O
Klnckeles Jimy Welborn W J
ICrahl Edward Williams George
Kuhlman W R Williams William
LoEgbrey R V Wcstlaker E 3
Lotlar H V Woods John
Lsvelady John Wright E C
Lee Gusta Wright W L
Leach A M W ooien Bob
LeSer How ard Woodard II W
Leslie HP Wolf B J
Lew Leon Worsley J A
Lewis Luc Young M J 12
Laport A Young J
Ilidddlebrook John M
Erlckson Louis C Freeman Rev TSK
Fucts Peter Jonnston E V
McLcane K Rothvell S G
Rogers Emanuel Segal Loula
Wendling Jacob
Howard 5ek Hare Bro3
Lyons United States Ins Co
Riles Delia Gaylor James B
Hartsfleld H J Kimball E D
Keyawok Franc Malley Lawon O
LiitlencW Wheelman
jibs Ukux M Brntauxu p 31
to clearly consider tho oSBortun
forded ou to secure aKme of 3
own where thero wi OKie no re
pay no crops to di vidwCommerco
to arrange for the fidVpu ments
will have a good hoapmaiket for evi
thing you can grov
est prices aro pa
ou need at about
prevail elsewherd
iiueresieci 111 in
earnestly invito ou
or whith the hia
nd ou can buy d
3 same prices that
To those who ara
country we would
to come and see it
There may be some of your friends also
who want to know something of it and
wo w ould suggest that you select a com
mittee of one or more and share the cx
of the tiip Buy your tickets to
Sense Anna or Brownwood and como
several davs In advance of the auction
sale June 2 and 3 ISJl so you can get
Lcquamted with the farmers of this sec
tion learn what their experience has
boen see the crops and select the land
you want
Death of a Man Prominent In Church and
Educational Circles
New York March 29 Dr He
Crosbv died at 545 this ovenintr
Ilis end was peaceful As tho belugve
ringing for tho vespers service or
dav he sumed for a pacer and wroi
lines to his loved ones the absentSon
daughter in Egypt and three members of
his family at homo Tho first words of this
his last writing were I know 1 havo to
Howard Crosby was born in Now York
city February 27 1S20 Ho was of a revo
lutionary family his grandfather Ebenezer
Crosby being surgeon of the Gen Wash
ington Guards His father was Will
iam Bcdlovo Crosby a phllanthrophist
He was graduated at tho University
of New York in 1M4 Ho was called to tho
professorship of Greek in Rutger college in
ISCJ a position which he gave up In IsoJ to
take the pastorship of the Fourth
Avenue Presbyterian church with which
he was associated at tho time of his death
In lbTJ he became chancellor of the univer
sity and at the time of his death he wa3 a
member of the council of his alma mater
Crosby was chosen moderator of the gen
eral assembly of the Presbyterian church
In 1S7J and in lsT7 ho was a delegate to tha
first Presbyterian general council at Edin
burgh In ls7s ho took a leading
part in establishing the society for the pre
vention of vice As an author he has
written a numbor of scholarly books on
biblical subjects Dr Crosbys interest in
public affairs was shown years since by tho
active part he took in the interest of the
peoples municipal league movement which
aimed at the purification of local politics
Ho was a high license advocate his son
Ernest Crosby now holding a Federal office
in Cairo Egypt having been the champion
of high license legislation at Albany
Kansas OSIclals Charged with Misappro
priating Fundi
Wiceita Kan March 27 County Clerk
Curry Treasurer G Holderly County
Commissioners Morton and A Cole of
Comanche county have boon arrested upon
information filed by tho county attorney
charging them with malfeasance in office
Several of tho heaviest taxpayers in the
county have retained lawyer to Institute
civil suits against these officials for the re
covery of money alletred to have been ille
gally withhold from tho county
Senator FarweU on Deep Watw
Special to the Gazette
Hocstos Tex March 2fl Senator Far
vrell and CoL Atacr Taylor are Just back
from tho mouth of the Brazos and are much
pleased at tha outlook for deep water In
Interviews to day they said contracts had
been aimed for immediute prosecution of
tijwSL JuJSj
r r aiiiBii7B5yv
fJJjtkJM flfa mm m
mmmWmm adrW BHiU savA JmtSri
r I ALWAYS 13Pj I B i3
3K tVaSro STOM
Cures aWUsordc rs cflfc StosaaWUvr Bowels HMneyn Illoaw r
of AP3n eajKbeBastlpatlB Coeiivcm JfeAangestion Ml
I contract disc ae
IFSl iTI Wk fD vfeiEildkAP K
healthvmfcB telleBiiJRv
Farmers Wanted 10000 Acr
Taxas Cut
kc rem
Xerroas Disc
outness leu
thiaaomplalK TGtJtiSHnc un the Internal si
be SBKQach as enable it to rTform Its function
H3 5T
Again we call your attention to tho excellent farm lands now for silo in the Brownwood
country There are many readers of Tnn GtzcTTE who will in the nejr future select a
new location for homes und it is to Our inteiest to fully inCitigate this country We
want farmers and you want homes henco our interests arc mutual and we cimestly rt
quost ou to come and see for yourseh es Just what these lands are w tint the surrounding
country it what they will produce and In t hort satisfy ourselves that they aro wh it
we claim for them One tract of 17000 acrss Is in the Home Creek valley adjoining tho
town of Santa Anna Coleman county Tess and is known 03 the Mahono Pasture be
longing to Mr G W Mahoney of Santa Anau Ibis land i3 cat up into tract of lbO
acres or more and will be sold at public auction June 2 und 3 ISHl on tho premises Theothei
tract of 20000 acres is 11 miles from Brownwood adjoining the village of Tiickham
These lands former tonstituted two immense pasture but owing to their fortuity and
adaptability for fanning purposes are no v offered to the farmer for the lirst time
The crops that can be grown on these landsaro numerous as the Liarkcti of 15iowiwood
and Santa Anna will show Cotton and wheat are staple 1 rops and elds prolific j
heat averages from IS to 30 bushels to the aero At Brownwood last season II WO
KSdrcottOn and 800000 bushels of wheit were marketed ana ttie bo naitei 10111 iu
fit Santa Annaruu all the ear on home grown wheat In udditicn to theie two crops
corn oats millet barlev rye sorrhum do equall ns wtU Vegetables prow abuudantiy
and fruits especially peaches plums pe its und grapes do well It u not a one crop
country but the farmer can chooso from many Tho soil anos from 3 dark sandy 10 a
rich chocolate loam and Is easily cultivated as a plow scours m this soil
Fanners who aie thrifty und Industrious run soon make thesu Luds pat for themselves
as the cost of farming and of liviis is no pre atcr here than clsov lure 1 leso lands are
ready lor the plow thus savins fiom 4 to 5 an acre for cle irinsr and smibbiasr
Timber suUleient for fencinp and fuel such as liveoak postoak peian auu mesquite
and this with tho coal that 13 also found in such quant tics ai to
Justify the bclef that it eiists in an abundance form an item of no small importance to
tne settler
Water is found at from eighteen to thirty feet of the best quality whilo the whole
country Is traversed by tho beautiful streams or Home 1 reek Cicr creek Mukewter
and other streams of livirsr pure spring wati r abounding In hsh of various kinus
Ihis countn is within tho rain belt of Texas and observations for several cars past
show the rainiall suflicient for ail agricultural purposes
Ihe titles of these lands aio eood aud tais in the country are low
Remember that in no senso is tho Browniood country new 01 untried but offers all the
advantages in the way of churches schools and good society that other section1 boast of
The public schools at Santa Anna Brownwood and Tiickhani being eccleut wliheat
Brownwood two new colleges the Daniel Baker and the Hovul Payne oler un
exceptional advantages to advanced pupils
Thero is no better pace in Tea for
tho location of a colony than on theso
lands Theie aro to day in the older
statc3 and old settled counties of Tccas
many persons who seek nev homes for
themselves and their families Their
old farms are worn out and the compieto
settlement of their country crowds them
too much and offers them no new lands
to selett from Manydeslre to buy
lands for their chiidrensbut prices aie
beyond their means andlley must look
elsewhere for cheaper laKls To such
pei sons we earnestly lnvit3giour atten
tion and investigation Yfa cm buy
farms in the Home CreeKfeValiey at
small cost compared to the pafce of land
in the older states or countie
A payment of one third dov
ble ou to secure theso land
deferred payments will run fri
three years and in that timo
make the land pay for itself
of renters of Teias we
K nx
Si W y
Tllrf ft
wkM mux
IfJM tBz llh O- I
IP wn
7I a
l e r t
Ki ISlfft I 1
Ai V
V s i 4 jf -A
ii - i syr 1
cw iV a7
crr S
Call on Mr Brooko Smith cashier First national bank who will show you his tract
of 20 000 at res You can have pick and choice of this land at S3 an acre one third down
balance in from ono to fivo ears to suit purchaser
Mr G V Mahoney will furnish you free conveyances and show you his pasture of 17000
acres in the Homo Creok valley This will be sold In bodies from 1G0 acres up at auction
June 2 and 3 IS91
It is not to our interest to misrepresent this in any particular Facts are facts and
wo claim nothing for this country that can not be verified It may not be the very best
country in the world but to all who want homes in a section w hero soil is rich and easily
cultlated wheie the climate is uniform and mild where health Is good thero being ab
solutely no malaria chills and fover wheie timber and water abound where home mar
kets are good where you have good churche schools and society we honestly recom
mend the Brownwood country as possessing all theso excellent advantages
For further information maps pamphlets etc address Brooko Smith Brownwood
Tex G W Mahoney Santa Anna Tex or John Howard Fort Worth Tex care Pick
wick hotel
Et j
ellons to
of Cholca L11111U In Itrown and CoIcuihu Counties
iUp In Tracts to Suit Purchasers
WDME ip Worn
JFonr Wortii Tests
km FiMoi aHaclpt
MafituMof ffieXeftSrfKdrS
Worth Well Drilling Machinery
Arclectural Iron Work a Secialf
UI ft niniT The W
m 11 1 B H 01vMR
Will Bill tbctJRti
are prepaid
a li
el oa
er noto
for which
c pay andf
work on tho Jetties and that in aboufc a
month the erection of a handsome hcVl
would bo commenced Work now be
on the docks and the railroads starti
for Areola Junction and later to Houston
The water is now fifteen feet on the bar
and the next rise in tho Brazos will awcep
all obstructions away
Shot Throngh the Heart and Left Across
the Threshold Tho Governor of Kan
sas Odera S20O Reward
Topejca Kxs March 27 Governor
Humphrey has offered a reward of 200 for
the arrest and conviction of each of the
murderers of Thomas Duncan a settler liv
ing in a Cheyenne county dug out The
murder was committed March 1G but the
facts Just came to light For some weeks
past there have been rumors In Topeka of
White Cap punishment in tho sparsely set
tled outlying countie sof the state but the ru
mors have lacked official confirmation and no
further attention was paid them Accord
ing to the present attorneys letter Duncan
was accused of pilfering grain In small
quantities from his neighbors in order to
get a sufficient amount of secsl to plant his
spring crop Two days before the killing
ocSTirred ono of tho neighbors positively
identified Duncan as he was making his
way from tho grain bin Tha neighbors
were informed and about 8 oclock on the
evening of March 16 twenty men with
White Cap masks on rode up to Duncans
house and wore met at the door by his wife
Duncan started to go Into tho yard when
fire was opened on nlm One bullot pierced
his heart and his right side The men rode
off leaving their victim lyine acres the
i threshold of his own house

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