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Blaine Hunting Up an Old
Claim Against Italy
P esldent Harrison Jealous of Mr Blaines
Prominence in the Italian Matter
a - pposd Attitude or ConcreM on Forelffn
immigration The Vigilante
ulug OMalleyo Opportunity or
13tooming Into an Anel
fnprrparfi Tor War
rw Yois April 1 Rear Admiral
ii u of the Xow York naval station sajs
ii Italian fleet might easily blockade
- Yii k and stop that great tide of
v aii h now daily ebbs and flows
th ths narrows
are our naval resources was
ikf a of him
HV he exception of the Miantonokah
i is not a ship we have afloat that could
i a fair fight one of the great battle
c Italy I hope the present crisis
- i rises will force upon the people
vty of building fighting ships I
i the matter is not so serious as it
i irirni the earlier dispatches from
ti and that war will not como till
better prepared for it
Gazette Interviews
V to the Gazette
A nisuTON April 2 There is one
cl tiie Italian situation which no-
re seems to take into account in the
- iuiof the possibilities of war re-
a prominent treasury officer this
V to i our correspondent I mean
i phase A country may be
ujied with big ships and heavy
ail they may answer every
il defensive warfare or for hostilities
i wit bin easy reach of the base of
s i t distant war is a very
iiil lur that the supply of ready
- a prime necessity It is un-
u Italjs lack of monoy which has
i Jnnt way toward preserving the
lumpe for some years Italys
to I Vance has been steadily on
i - but a powerful restraint has
H i ujion her by the fact that
- her most powerful associate in
i n union Italys coinage contains
sOW of silver 5 franc pieces of
imoOUO or more than two thirds
ij ii Franco It is in the power of
r 0 U
In- silver in gold and that would bank-
i Ja Her entire metallic reserves
i j all that is in tho national treasury
i ii the banks amount to something
i than 103500000 of which about
-- Tmww is gold Against this she hits
i i rrencv outstanding to the amount
ii than iiMWOOO In that condition
a Liiion to go into an offensive war
- a i ouutry separated from her by HU00
4M mile of sea and having immense
ii resources with which we aic able
bu k upon would bo madness and
i Premier di Kudini has allowed his
i i t tho better of him or has been goaded
howof fight by excited press and
at home you may rest assured it
in ip there-
s miiir uews were expressed to your cor
M lit by Senator Ransom of North
ii ii i who instanced the McLeod case
ic or two others to show that in mod
r h lanes diplomacy has abundant means
an actual clash of arms between
lutiuBs which have no schemes Qf
nal acquisition to force them into light
At the stato department it was asserted
lit v clock to day that there was no new
ni wlopinrnt in the Fava affair but some
f i prise wus expressed at tho attitude of
v h as the leading organ of the English
ral opinion is a good deal respected
uud is supposed to know something
i ho relations of the Federal state
iGcA institutions under our system
- - rotary Blaines letter published this
US is generally favorably received in
1 agton Tho only serious criticism is
that he should not have had
fwight to say practically tho samo
- a his first communication on the sub-
the New Orleans affair and thus
aiinoying misunderstandings
u Lave followed
The fcLxislinij Treaty
i imiton April 2 Tho Post says
y with Italy to which Baron Fava
- in his letter to Secretary Biaiuo
initiated at Florence in lbTl It is
a lengthy document and contains tho
i ag interesting paragraph
ij any fatality which cannot be ex-
o uid which may God avert tho two
tug parlies should bo engaged in
rh eat h other they have agreed and
- now for them that t hero shall
vii the term of six months to the
s of tho coast and in the ports of
hi and a term of one year to those
i well in the interior to arrange their
i and transport their effects where
fey please with the safe conduct
wry to protect their property until
m lve at tho ports designated for
embarkation and all women and
I and scholars of every faculty
ors of earth artisans mechanics
iturers and fishermen unarmed
abning fortified towns villages and
- in general and all others whose
is are for common subsistence and
t of mankind shall be allowed to
iu their respective employments and
be molested in their persons nor
their houses or goods bo burned
otherwise destroyed nor their
wasted by the armed forco
ie lHiigerent in whose power by
of war they may happen to fall but
ne necessary that anything should bo
from them for the use of such
lie same shall be paid for at
ri e and it is declared that neither
iense that war dissolves treaties
j other pretext whatever shdl be
lrred as annulling or suspending this
p hut on the contrary that the stato
ir i precisely that for which it is pro-
iiK during which its provisions are
s i rediy observed as tho most ac
dired obligation in tho law of
i e wstenco of this articlo is not
Lnown by diplomats and others to
it was shown last night butsomo
opinion that it would not stand
on in case of war notwithstanding
- solemn and sacred protestations
uox April i In an interview to day
f BoBaciua president of the Italian
ihor of Commerce in this city
d Baron Favas action as -somewhat
e piated It was a mero flash in tho
an w uich would end in nothing
Iluiiiiili IScpIy
oiie April 2 Marquis di Rudini
uuii prwrnior to day sent another eabla
4- to the United States on the subject
N w Orleans trouble This message
ti ed to Marquis Imperson de Fan-
secretary of the Italian legation at
ugton Marquis di Rudini instructed
u 1 ij aipcriuli by Fi anciavill to hand
ue messairo referred to to Blaino The
p iaase is in reply to Blaines last note
d u it tho Marquis di Rudini says that
Uuy has asked nothing but promptness and
-v ton of the regular Judicial proceedings
aeainst the guilty parties at New Orleans
Ha adds that It would have been absurd to
claim punishment for tho offenders with
out the guarantee afforded by regular trial
The diplomatic Incident Marquis di Ru
dinis communication says can only be
considered closed when tho Federal gov
ernment has declared in precise terms that
the prosecution will be commenced In the
meantime the Italian government takes
lecognizance of the Federal governments
declaration acknowledging the fact that
compensation is due to the families of the
victims by virtue of the treaty existing
between tho two countries
Spirit of IVar A broad
Washington April 2 Tho spirit of war
has invaded tho far West and the first
offer of volunteers for services in case of
trouble with Italy came to hand at the war
department to day in the shac of the fol
lowing telegram received by Acting Secre
tary Grant
Boulder Mont April 2 13L
To the Secretary of War
We hereby tender you 500 mountaineers
from Jefferson county Mont in case of
war with the Italian government
Signed James T Sweetus
IVant to Serve Uncle Sam
Naitville Tenn April 2 Yesterday
morning the news of Baron Favas recall
appeared in the American In tho after
noon a meeting of the Frank Cheatham
bivouac of Confederate veterans was
called and the following letter addressed to
the secretary of war
Nasbville Tenn April 1 1S91
To Hon J K Proctor Secretary of War
Dear Sir In case of any serious compli
cations with Italy Frank Cheatham bivouac
of Confederate soldiers Tennessee division
3o0 strong hereby tenders its services to
the United States By order of the biv
ouac Signed J
J W McMurrat President
John P Hickman Secretary
The letter was written on a bivouac let
ter head with the flag of the Confederacy
displayed across the top It was sealed
with tho bivouac seal and done up in a blue
A Diabolical Plot
New Castle Pa April 3 To day Se
bastian Gabarco leader of the Italians em
ployed near Wampum told a strange story
which should be communicated to tho
authorities at once Gabarco is a property
owner in Wampum and seemed
to place considerable weight upon
tho information imparted He said
that yesterday a strange Italian who re
sided in Pittsburg called him asido and
asked him if he would go into a plot to
avenge his countrymen The stranger who
refused to give his name said that at least
20000 Italians could be brought into Pitts
burg in live hours to meet and with the aid
of guns and by surprising tho citizens
they would be ablo to take tho city without
much trouble He strongly urged Gabarco
to get tho Italians at Wampum to consent
to meet others in Pittsburg at a given
signal Ho then went on to tell him that
every Italian settlement in Allegheny and
other counties wero receiving same infor
mation and now each settlement was ex
pected to send large delegations He stated
also that a movement of this kind was to bo
all over Tnn country
In the afternoon the Pittsburg envoy left
for Carbon this county to stir up tho Ital
ians thf re and said that a secret meeting
was to be held in the near f uturo to talk
the matter over among thcmsolves There
are four or live hundred Italians at Carbon
and it is known that at least a dozen are
members of the Mafia Gabarco is a nat
uralized citizen of tho United States and
will prevent such a plot in this section
A dispatch from Wheeling states that
2000 Italians near Mountville now em
ployed on railroads and who have been
drinking intend to go to New Orleans
though for what purpose they refuse to
ltlalnti Is Pleased Over tho Answer
Special to the Gazette
Washington Aril 3 Secretary Blaine
received this morning a dispatch froni Pre
mier Kudini in reply to his letter It was
hastily translated and the copy was taken
by Blaine to a cabinet meeting It is sup
jiosed that a text of the dispatch will be
given out by the state department after tho
cabinet meeting but at this time the secre
tary refuses to say anything about it
Enough is known about it through ad
vances from Rome to
and Blaine seems to be pleased by its con
tents It is not a complete baek down by
tho Italian government but indicates very
clearly that they are not anxious to main
tain a vigorous and aggressive attitude if
the United States can not bo bluffed If
advices from Rome are correct as to the
reference by Rudini to Blaines acknowl
edgement concerning tho indemnity there
is still an opening for a misunderstanding
on that point Blaino has not acknowl
edged that the United States must pay in
demnity to the families of the dead Italians
but he has acknowledged the principle of
indemnity in the cases of the
in this country He has not yet acknowl
edged that these men who wero killed at
New Orleans wero Italian subjects and ho
cannot givo tho assurance that congress
will appropriate money for indemnity any
more than he can give the assurance of the
punishment of tho lynchers He cannot do
more than recommend to congress Blaine
is waitng now with interest to see what
notice Marquis Imperial will take of tho
fact that ho was addressed as charo
daffairs If as is expected he disclaims
tho right to this designation that will
finally settle that wo no
with Italy to the satisfaction of the stato
department which is very often essential
It will bo very awkward for tho Italian
premier to stop in his ascension on tho
wings of injured dignity and remain sus
pended in mid air but if he should find it
expedient to do so and matters should end
at nearly a rupture of diplomatic relations
there will bo cause for serious regrets The
fact of two countries being on unfriendly
terms and that the Italians could not feel
that they had tho protection of their home
government while upon our soil would
probably discourage Italian immigration for
a while and possibly cause some of those
who are now hero to depart Men who
have been making a study of the immigra
tion question think that almost anything
that would shake the influx of Italian
paupers and criminals into this country
and we could well afford to dispense with the
Italian legation here if it would check im
migration but the chances are that Rudini
seeing that the United States cannot be in
timidated will not run the risk of further
rupture but will pretend to have been un
der misapprehension as to what Blaines
position was and will take advantago of tho
opportunity which Blaine gives to disavow
any intention to actually sever diplomatic
relations and will decide to wait more pa
tiently for the settlement of the difficulty
There seems to be but little prospect how
ever that Italy will ever get the satisfac
tion she demands Blaine could not prom
ise them the conviction of the men who did
the lynching at New Orleans Ho would
have assured them with greater chance of
having his promise fulfilled that no such
conviction could be had for no one con
nected with the administration is familiar
with tho stato of
in New Orleans and they do not ever ex
pect an indictment of any of those taking
part in the lynching Blaino recognizes
the principle of indemnity that is satis
factory to the Italian government but it
will be very difficult to get any appropria
tion from the next congress to pay such an
Italys Mistake
New Yore April 3 Last night the Sun
received from high official authority a truo
explanation of tho vacillating course which
Italy has pursued in first recalling Min
uter Ft tad threatening Trar and
iFwjti i - -
then meekly admitting by dispatch from
Rudini to Imperali that Secretary Blaine
had all alonj been ready to make repara
tion for the killing of the Italians and that
Italy had been too hasty The explanation
is that from the time Baron Fava first re
ceived instructions to present his letters of
recall until tho day he did so he was
earnestly urging his government to delay
tailing such an important step and holding
out promises of an amicable settlement of
the controversy This of course followed
for nine or ten days On Tuesday he was
peremptorily ordered to delay no longer
He thereupon presented his instructions to
Secretary Rlaine He returned to his
lodging and was astounded to find there a
cablegram instructing him to withhold his
letter until the report of further orders
It was soo late however as news of his
recall had been officially promulgated and
spread world wide Tho date of this in
operative telegram shows that it was
decided upon after tho return of Premier
Rudini to Homo and after his interview
with Minister Porter It will be remem
bered that Rudini was absent from Rome
for two or three days during the pendency
of negotiations between Fava and Blaine
and while Minister Porter was attempting
to have Favas appeal for delay listened
to It is therefore perfectly plain in the
light of tho explanation and dispatch from
Rudini to Imperiali last night that on Tues
day last the Italian government became
convinced that it had mado a inistnke and
that after two days reflection they de
termined that the course of wisdom was to
officially admit the mistake
Harrison Is Jealous
Special to the Gazette
AVAsniNGTON April 4 The excitement
over the recall of Baron Fava and the sud
den public realization of tho fact
that the United States is not on
a very firm war basis as re
gards guns ships and fortifications gives
rise to the hope that congress will appro
priate money to place the United States in
a position to defend ourselves against for
eign invasion It may be that this incident
will change the sentiment of the next house
on the subject of expenditure for defence
but up to this time the sentiment among
the new element which will have a
after tho first Monday in Debcmber has
been against expenditures for this purpose
and the general disposition among Demo
cratic leaders is in favor of cutting down
anm ODriations for whatever nurnoso to the
I lowest iossible point Patriotism may get
1 the better of this if tho sensation of tho
shadow of tho Mafia still hangs over tho
United States when congress meets but
there will be an element in the house op
posed to every penny proposed for the navy
The Farmers Alliance and George men and
all Grangers ever sineo the election last
November have been talking about tho
timo when custom houses and the navy
should bo abolished They say
every appropriation for naval establish
ment These men will not possess a con
trolling influence but it is claimed by those
who do the talking for them that there will
bo at least fifty new members of this frame
of mind There can bo very little doubt
that restrictions will be placed on foreign
immigration The house will be much
more ready to deal with that branch of tho
question than it will be to consider tho
question of defense
Is has become evident that Harrison is
somewhat Jealous of the praise that is be
stowed upon Blaine on account of his man
ner of dealing with the Italian matter since
ho has had timo to repent of
to the governor of Louisiana Thi friends
of President Harrison are now enraged in
trying to start tho impression that ever
since that first letter was written Harrison
himself has supervised the matter and that
the letter in reply to the recall of Baron
Fava was revised and made perfect by tho
hands of the president Between reciproc
ity and international complications Blaino
holds the attention of the public quite to
the exclusion of the rest of the executive
family Even Baby McKce has dropped
out of sight and
the crown of grand fatchrs hat
One thing in this matter which gives
Blaino considerable satisfaction is that by
the dacific manner inwhicbJittiiaafrfiatrii
with the irritable Italian premier
had ah opportunity to repudiate the title of
Jingo His friends say that whatever
criticism may be passed upon his manage
ment of this affair it cannot be called sen
sational or tinted with jingoism
The Vigilance Committee
Special to the Gazette
New Orleans La April 4 Detective
OMalley insists that tho Italians murdered
by the mob at parish prison were innocent
of Chief Hennesseys death He said to
day These men were innocent and the
people made a big mistake for which I hope
they will properly apologize to the widows
and orphans hereafter Each one of the
nineteen men made a statement to me
which I investigated and reported upon
I found all of them told the truth with one
Politz said some one and OMalley
touve guessed it
I had such confidence in their innocence
that I offered small bets that all of tho ac
cused would be acquitted All this talk
about my suborning witnesses and bribing
jurors is untrue You heard tho witnesses
and so help me God I never approached
any of them with reference to what testi
mony they were to give Tho closest tho
grand jury has got to me is to indict me
upon matters that happened eight years
ago I havo sworn I was not convicted of
felony in Cleveland and my name does not
appear upon the records of the court which
tries felonies in ClevelandNPetty larceny
is not felony in Ohio What connection I
may have had with that misdeed you must
remember that I was only seventeen years
old then and if men were constantly held
responsible for mistakes they made when
they wero boys there would be very few
last evening held a meeting and considered
what disposition should bo made of
OMalley Thero was a strong sentiment
in favor of hanging from the Clay statute
at once but it was finally agreed that he
should be permitted to stand trial and if
not convicted to be summarily dealt with
As the indictments so far are formed on
such flimsy evidence that acquittal is pretty
sure if an impartial jury is found interest
ing subsequent evidence may -follow as
OMalley will fight and has friends behind
An Offset to Indemnity
New York April 4 A Tribune special
from Harrisburg Pa says In the unex
pected turn that affairs have taken in the
Italian American controversy It may be
that two more of tho Italian murderers of
Flannagan and McClure tho mine boss and
mine paymaster who were murdered and
robbed near Wilkes Barre two years ago
may be brought to justice It vrUl be re
membered that Red Nose Mike and
another Italian suffered the death penalty
at Wilkes Barre for this murder and that
the detectives located two more of the mur
derers in Italy where they had fled to enjoy
the money they had secured Through
some hitch the Italian government has
never surrendered these murderers to tho
United States authorities although an offi
cer properly authorized was sent over to
bring them here for trial The statement is
made that these two Italians are neither in
jail or under surveillance This is known
to Secretary Blaine and it is said that he is
preparing a paper in the matter to be used
in connection with the United States gov
ernments report to Italy on the New Or
leans affair and in answer to the demand
for indemnity he will demand money stolen
from Flannagan and McClure -which
amounts to 20000 Secretary Blaine has
been securing the particulars of the mur
der and the amount stolen and -within ten
hours has asked for certain information
from tfca peopl of Harrisburg
- -
5iy -1
Workmen Attack Works and
Repulsed With Great Loss
Breathing Out Threats and Curses Against the
Deputies A List of the Wounded
Ordered Three Times to Halt and Til
Treated to a Deadly Fusilade Died
With Their races to Their Foe
The Killed All lorcignen
Seven Strikers Killed
Pittsburg Pa April 2 Alesperate
battle is reported between the strikers and
armed guards at Morewood this morning at
3 oclock Three or four hundred strikers
approached the works of the H C Friek
coke company and began to hatter down tho
pates When ordered to desistrthey fired on
the deputy sheriffs woundingseveraL Tho
latter replied with their gniis and killed
seven rioters instantly while many were
wounded Tho guards firedtwo volleys be
fore the rioters retired Previous to the
disturbance the rioters had cut tho tele
graph and telephone wires
Surrounded by 2000 Cruel Men
Pittsburg Pa April 2 A private dis
patch just received from Greensburg says
Eleven men were killed and twenty seven
wounded in the Morewood riot this morn
ing The dead miners are all foreigners
The governor has just ordered the Tenth
regiment to aid the sheriff of Westmore
land county in quelling the trouble in tho
coke region The Eighteenthregiment of
this city has been ordered to hold itself in
A dispatch from Scottdalej Pa says that
the dead men were carried into the com
panys store at Morewood The strikers
demanded tho bodies of tlie victims but
were refused and the pkp is now sur
rounded by an armed mobotSOOO men who
say they will burn everything on the prem
ises unless the dead bodies isro given up
Things hero are very among the
workmen who denounce thoaction of the
deputies in no uncertain terms
Tho Deadly Work
Pittsburg Pa April 2- The deputies
who took part in the riotwero all full
grown experienced men and they are all
armed to the teeth More deliberate ar
rangement for contemplated trouble was
never made Last night Superintendent
Pickard summoned his deputies and told
them that a raid was contemplated on the
works Ho formed them into line and ex
amined the firearms of each one Ho then
presented each man with a Winchester
rifle drilled them in the use of tho weapon
and ordered them on duty Each man was
supplied with twenty six cartridges and
under command of the superintendent wero
marched to a convenient point There
were threo parties of tho strikers One
came from Stonerville and another party left
Morewood early in the night
THE killed
were Paul Dogannis Star Standard works
unmarried Valentino Zeidel Slav Don
nelly unmarried James Crochley Pole
Tarrs unmarried Jacob Shucoskey a Pole
Tarrs wife in Poland John Fudor Pole
Standard unmarried Antonio Rist Pole
Standard unmarried Cresezo Rinero Ital
ian Tarrs
but their names have liot yet been ob
tained They are foreigrersl jNone of the
dead were naturalized
Mr H S FrickV owner dxtbq Morewood
plant was seen at his office iih Pittsburg
this morning and in an -interview said
We placed our men and property in tho
hands of tho law for pijjtjjction The
sheriff in MerowoodShas donsJiis dutv and
the governor is doinghis Tns is no quar
rel about wagesftoitonlya7vhether our
rvroTklng men argferpe shot down at mid
y tn
no naS t1tnn niinwnnitni1nDlwMAillwltaia
IllUh aUU UUl pilinifcj UUWUkUUJlUkUJ
The authorities must settle this and we
will know whether mobs or law willrulo
At noon a train left Greensburg filled
with deputies all armed and prepared for a
long siege Peter Wise master workman
of the district James McBride secretary
and W P Penna vice president of tho
United mine workers of America came
hero this morning and visited the scene of
tho shooting and held a conference with
several men It is said that
of the deputies and that warrants for the
arrest of all of them including Captain
Loar who was in command will be sworn
out Loar claims that ho
to halt three times and that ho was an
swered with threo shots After another
command to halt the guards wero ordered
to fire and a deadly volley was poured into
tho crowd Tho tiro was returned hotly
but the aim was poor Friends of
the mob down on the road could
do nothing They could not shoot not
i knowing the position ot the combatants
and were compelled therefore to await the
result of tho fusilade They could not have
reached tho ground in timo to reinforce
i them to any purpose for the circuit of
works and buildings on either side of tho
road Tho witnesses of tho terrible
scenes in tho valley below say that the
firing did not continue more than three min
utes When the strikers saw
of the deputies bullets when they knew
that many of their own number had been
visited with terrible punishment they re
treated with haste It was not five min
utes after tho firing that the deputies held
the field The wounded were carried away
but the dead wero left and from tho damp
road seven men wero carried back to the
barracks at the store That tho dead men
were not afraid is evidenced by tho fact
that not one was shot in the back When
the bullets struck them they were all facing
tho deputies who say they had turned to
fight and fight they did Volley after vol
ley was fired at them but not a guard was
wounded The mob had the courage of
lions they were poor marksmen The
stable where tho bodies are lying has been
surrounded all day with strikers and
friends Persons who understand their
language say their throats are fearful
They swear to be avenged
Peter WTise district master workman
applied to Justice Mo Williams to arrest the
deputies for murder but the justice refused
to do so Wise denounced the shooting
and said that there was no protection for
working men
Physicians say that forty strikers are
wounded many of them mortally
The excitement is increasing and tho
prospects for another outbreak arc growing
every hour
The report that a second attack took place
in which four more were killed was pro
nounced untrue but another raid is ex
pected at any time
Squire McCobb consented to issue the
warrants prayed for charging tho deputies
with murder and the warrants were served
this afternoon General Manager Lynch of
the Frick company and Superintendent
Ramsay of the Morewood company were
made accessories Tho deputies were ar
rested and gave bail at once
Among those most seriously wounded are
Albert Brozek Caspar Seman Joseph
Shultz Albert Cidvic Josef Napan and
Steve Kobechen
The Dead All Foreigners
Pittsburg Pa April 2 It is thought
that at least forty were wounded some
unto death but the exact number and
names arc not obtainable as their compan
ions carried them to their homes
It will b noticed that all the men killed
a VVStK v -
J -a Ha JL Jji
bore foreign names and it is a fact that not
one of them was a naturalized citizen of
this country It is also supposed that many
wounded were also loreigners and
this explains the deep resentment
expressed in every foreign face
In the region to night Thousands of
strikers and their friends poured into this
place from all over tho region to view the
dead and perhaps hear what the living havo
to say As darkness fell to night around tho
miserable scene the foreigners began to draw
away in knots and night after the riot
lowered amidst great fcurof what might
happen before another dawn
Late to night word was received here that
two more men concerned in the riot had
died in the strikers houses near the More
wood works where they had been dragged
by their fellow rioters Their names
could not bo learned but It is
known that one was an English speaking
foreigner and probably tho only one injured
who was a citizen These two deaths make
nine in all that are known as a result of tho
firing of the guards but there is no
doubt others are either dead or in a
critical condition as the guards had orders
to fire to kill and evidently did so Reports
late to night from all over tho region indi
cate a fearfully dangerous and excited con
dition of affairs and word that the military
will soon join tho guards was received by
the law abiding labor officials and coke
operators alike with tho liveliest evidence
of satisfaction
At Leisenring Constable Campbell at
tempted to arrest John Lushka a Russian
for complicity in the bomb throwing
that occurred there Monday Lushka
fiercely resisted and called out in his native
language for aid A fellow countryman
who was on tho outside of the office
where Lushka had been trapped gave
tho alarm and in a few moments thero was
a howling mob of foreigners surrounding
tho place Lushka leaped through tho
office window carrying with him a pair of
handcuffs Several shots were fired after him
but ho escaped To night a warrant was
placed in the hands of Sheriff McCorinack
and with a large posse of men he has
started for Leisenring to make the arrest
Lushka and his companions are armed and
a fight will certainly follow unless the men
are surprised
A Cabinet Meeting
Hahrisiiur Pa April 2 There was a
sudden summoning of Governor Pattisous
cabinet to day to consider the situation in
the Western coke region Sheriff Clausen
of the Westmoreland company telegraphed
tho particulars of this mornings
attack on tho works of Frick
Co and said he must havo tho
militia at once Crowds of angry strikers
are assembling throughout the region and
threaten retaliation I have exhausted my
power in an endeavor to preserve peace
without effect
Governor Pattison asked Sheriff Clau
sen for further particulars and also tele
graphed Alexander Hawkins of the Tenth
regiment National Guards of Pennsylania
Put your regimentunderarmsandmove at
once with ammunition to the support
of tho sheriff of Westmoreland
county at Mount Pleasant Maintain
peace protect all persons in their rights
under the constitution and laws of tho
state and communicate with me
Col Noman M Smith of the Eighteenth
regiment at Pittsburg was also ordered to
put his command under arms at oue ard
await further orders He was also directed
to communicate with Col Hawkins
Governor Pattison also sent a telegram to
Brig Gen Wiley of the Second brigade at
Franklin informing him of his action in ref
erence to the Tenth and Eighteenth regi
ments and ordering him to assumo com
mand and report particulars
Possibility of International Complications
Pittsburg Pa April 2 The news of
the riot at Morewood and the subsequent
order from the governor calling out tho
Tenth and Eighteenth regiments created
intense excitement in this city Tho order
from Governor Pattison was received at
noon and by 2 oclock tha Eighteenth regi
ment was prepared for marching orders
Tho latter were received about o oclock
this evening and an hour later the full
regiment under command of Col Norman
Smith started for the scene of to days riot
accompanied Col Smith
As the men killed are unnatural
ized foreigners the possibilities of in
ternational complications arising are freely
discussed The Austrian consul Max
Shamborg of this city received a telegram
this afternoon informing him that several
of the miners killed were subjects of the
Austrian government Ho replied that ho
would investigate the matter but refused
to say anything further
Suppressed Kicitemcnt
Mt Pleasant Pa April 3 The uncer
tainty and fear last night has proven an
awful strain on both strikers and citizens
No sleeping was done in the entire region
but crowds paraded the streets or gathered
in knots at comers or disappeared in
bunches over tho dark hills leaving a
doubt as to their destination and intentions
Tho foreigners were quiet but always in
crowds and the momentary flits of out
break from thousands which the entire
regiment could not quell was only dissi
pated by tho first streaks of early dawn
So far ten deaths have occurred and sov
eralothcrs are iu a critical condition The
funerals of the victims will take placo on
Saturday Peter Wise master workman
of Kofl Saxs says that the entire coke
country will turn and that about that time
the peoplo must take care He says that
the burial of tho dead will furnish
a renewed incentive
for the activity of the living A prominent
leader of the Slav element stated this morn
ing that the majority of the crowd out yes
terday morning was there under protest
and that American English and Irish lead
ers went to the Standard works and forced
tho Slav workmen to join them under
threats of punishment
The inquest on the bodies of tho men
killed at Morewood which was postponed
last night was resumed this morning
Neither the sheriff nor the coko companies
were represented whilo the labor leaders
were present in full force
Albert Halley swore that the only shoot
ing he heard came from tho guards on the
Morewood property He was 125 yards
from where the shooting occurred
George Taylor watchman testified to
hearing two or three pistol shots before the
regular firing of the guards This witness
was the first to reach the spot after the
shooting and tell3 a graphic story of the
finding of
the bodies of the dead
cither on the bridge or in the ditches
whilo tho wounded hobbled away Cross
questions brought out the fact that the wit
ness was a deputy and carried a revolver
though he did not know whether all the
guards carried revolvers or not This
doubt created as to whether the pistol shots
were fired first by guards or strikers was
received with cheers by the crowd
The most of the testimony taken this
morning was favorable to the strikers
with the exception of Dr Plotner who
testified that tie companys gate had been
broken down So far none of the deputies
or any of the Frick companys employes
have been on the stand At noon the
inquest adjourned until this afternoon
After that hearing will bo continued at
Greensburg on Monday
Notwithstanding the prevailing quiet
wise ones say that the trouble is not
ended It is the calm before tho storm
The leaders are fighting for position and
power Men are fighting to maintain them
in their positions and for what they claim
is principle The leaders of the district
are all busy at the inquest to day They
and their attorney James S Beacon are
watching the proceedings with increasing
vigor They believe they see in tho tac
tics of the prosecuting deputies and man
agers great coup detat and will pursue this
policy to the end
I am afraid there Trill be bell
ijMiSlda xMJmmfL -
row said Peter Wise You dont know
how terribly tuese men feel this tmng
They are now beyond control We repudiate
any responsibility for tho future action of
the strikers If a man goes down a
street with a uniform on all sorts of epi
thets are thrown out to him and he is chal
lenged to fight on almost every street cor
ner The feeling against the militia is very
strong The strikers imagine they are to
blame for yesterda shooting and they
are only waiting an opportunity to shoot
them down
Iuneral of the Victims
Scottdalk Pa April 4 The special
funeral train bearing the bodies of seven of
tho victims of the Morewood shooting left
Mount Pleasant at 2SJ and arrived
here at 320 The train was composed of
six coaches and was packed full Standing
room -was at a premium on the platform
The bodies will be taken off the train at
the depot and placed in large road wagons
Tho funeral cortege did not move until the
regular train arrived at 337 Tho
large public square was not spacious
enough to hold tho great crowds of
people and the delegations that arrived on
the regular train had to form on Pittsburg
street and Broadway The foreign cle
ment did not take kindly to the road
warrons used as hearses to bear the re
mains of their countrymen to their last
resting place and the coffins
wero taken out and six of them
wero carried to the cemetery a distance
of one mile Tho seventh was
placed in a hearse The procession moved
at 4 oclock headed by the Standard
Miners cornet and the Scottdale bands
both of which played the dead march tho
entire distance There were fully i 000
people at the depot but scarcely half this
number went to the cemetery and a largo
majority of those who followed tho remains
were Poles Slavs and Hungarians
were conspicuous and a number of delega
tions carried banners The workmen nearly
all wore badges and crepe and when the
coffins were lowered into the largo trench
which was twelve feet long and seven feet
wide a number of workmen threw their
badges and crepe on the coffins Father
Laniberg and Father Schineigle conducted
the funeral services according to the rites
of the Catholic church which were simple
but impressive After the services Rev
Schineigle delivered an address in the
Polish language in which he coun
seled his countrymen to return peace
fully to their homes to commit
no breach of tha law and to abstain from
intoxicants and shun tho saloons Kev
Lamberg made a brief address in Eng
lish to tho same effect Though the
town was overcrowded with all classes
and conditions of people there was not
the least disturbance and everything passed
off in a manner creditable to the workmen
After the funeral a groat mass meeting
was held at Everson across in Fayette
county The speeches were conservative iu
tone but the men were encouraged to re
main steadfiLst
rlcsned With Toins Cattle Choice Ueevcs
Shipped from Victoria Advance Ship
ment of a SOOOOOO Purchase
Spacinl to the Gazette
Albvnt Tex April 4 Another big
cattle trade goes on record here and
nothing speaks better for the cattlo of any
section of the country than that such prom
inent men as Messrs H S Boyce of tho
Berry Boyce cattlo company and Mr
James Converse both of Moutana buy
cattle here
Recently Mr Boyse bought WKX head of
twos and threes from Messrs Webb
Hill and Converse was with him at tho
yjnc but did not buy Mr Converse was
out at Colorado City LT Paso Deming N
iL the Panhandle of Texas and other
points and in addition met a large number
jai cattlemen in Kansas City from all parts
of tho country who had cattle to sell but
saw nothing that suited him like the cattle
here On last night ho boucht from Messrs
Webb Hill 2500 two and three-year-old
steers to bo delivered at Quauah in May
Prices private
Mr Converse also bought thirty head of
broke saddle horses from Messrs Webb
and Hill and he says that tho cattle and
horses here look better than anywhere ho
has been
Tho Boyce Converso trade aggregates
over seventy thousand dollars
Tho Berry Boycc cattle company and tho
Converse cattle sold higher in tho Chicago
market than any range cattle shipiied thero
last year
Mr Converse has no ver bought any Texas
cattle before always buying in northern
ranges and his judgment of cattle is con
sidered second to none
Messrs Young Kuhen of Fort Worth
bought from Messrs Webb ic Hill twenty
seven head of broke saddle horses
Other trades are on foot
Albany is leading the stato in cattle and
stock sales this year the largest and best
trades of the year having been mado here
Stock of all kinds have wintered linely
and are enjoying a splendid crop of spring
grass at present
Sheep have passed the winter almost
without loss and are doing well
victorias shipments
Special to tho Gazette
Victoria Txx April 4 Mr Ed C
Lasater shins to day from Inez twelve
cars of cattle to the New Orleans market
Messrs Pryor and Evans are now ship
ping their purclioses in this section to tho
Indian Territory and to morrow Col A
H Pierce begins his shipments to tho Ter
The spring movement of cattle may bo
said to have fairly begun and from this
time forward it will tax tho transportation
department of the railroad to the utmost to
supply tho demand for stock cars
These are advance shipments of the big
SJOOOOOO purchase by the Armours anil
CanadasXew Commander-in-Chief ZtraklaGT
an Uniual Drill Lurge Guns Ucins
Sent to Halifax
Ottawa Oxt April 4 Two important
announcements confirm as truo the rumor
that General Herbert the new commander-in-chief
of tho Canada militia brought in
structions from the English war otlico to
speedily strengthen the defenses of Canada
and prepare for tho necessity of putting a
large forco in the field
First is his request to the government to
deuble the usual average this year for drill
so that the entire force of 45000 men can be
thoroughly drilled in June Never before
has the number of men drilled exceeded
20000 men
Second Gen Herbert left to day for
Halifax to confer with Gen Sir John
Ross commander of tho imperial troops
in Canada respect to the de
fenses of the Atlantic coast and particu
larly at Halifax whore the new fort has
been constructed One thirty two ton gun
has recently arrived at Halifax from
England and others are almost ready to bo
shipped These are tho largest guns on
this side of the Atlantic
Arkansas Appropriation Defeated
LittleUock Aek April 2 Tho senate
to day refused to pass to a third reading
the house bill appropriating 30000 for a
state exhibit at the Worlds fair As the
legislature adjourns Saturday this action
finally defeats the measure
isJCss - agjfeifi
For What is the Alliance Meet
ing at Waco April 20 Called
The Connection Established Betvseen the Sut
Treasurv Leaders and Railroads
Tcias Fanner Imlorst tho Administra
tion a Well KniMTii Fact Sub-Treasury
LenIors and KailrouiN Do Nut
Another AVell Knowu Fart
I Special to the Gazette
j A rsT ik Tex April There is cor Id
1 enible speculation at the capital alKiu he
1 real object and purpose of the Ai anca
meting called at Waco April -0 What
I appears to be a mistaken notion has cimed
I currency here that the objeit i tji or
j ganiiation of a third party bve ionlie
sub treasury idea Tho notion is di rived
chiefly from the statements mdeeist ituro
by prominent Alliance men who tK glbj
about a third party and the elect on bv it of
a president in Is Doubtless turre are n
Texas a number of noisy and rjnmc fel
lows who would bo glad enough to organize
the state Alliance on such oaiS mil for
such a purpose But is it practicioii or if
it is would it subservo the evident pur
poses of those
of the State Alliance at tns tme Men
who have looked narrowlv into tie
ments for the past three months m certain
Alliance leaders and observed c oseti t
conduct think not They nvom the
fact that not only a big maiort o io
Alliance members of the Iesrislature are uu
alterably opposed to that species of pui1 u ji
heresy but that a similar proportion o ho
rank and file of the organization tho hoLct
farmers are opposed t it In al probabil
ity an attempt to onranize such a party
would result only to a very considerables
extent -in an aggregation of pna u ji -ore-heads
and nondescripts devout of rospi a
biiity cither as to character or numbers
What could such a
do or what alliances could it make that
would minister to its mercenary purposes
Its character unless it should include a con
siderable number of honorable men whu h
is not regarded probable would damn it in
the estimation of all good meu and di fuit
what the shrewd conceive to be tho
purposes of the Alliance leader or a least
of the sub treasury fellows who appear to
control the state organization now
Events at the capital durinc tho present
session of the legislature have to the minds
of many demonstrated the tact that
an unnatural and adulterous con
nection has been established be
tween these sub treasury leaders and tho
railroads This connection was clearly
shown in the tight made on tho commission
bill during the successive stages of its pas
sage through the legislature These
were no less disappointed and disgusted
than the rest of the railroad lobby when
the bill was finally passed It therefore be
came an easy matter for those who had
fought tho bill to transfer their opposition
to the administration which had defeated
their plans and honor it with tho hatred
and enmity of defeated knavery
Alliance members of the legismture de
clare openly and above board that there
was an evident purpose on tho pait of
somebody to use them in the interest of tho
railroads to defeat tho bill The uttempt
was made but failed miserably Tho goodi
could not be delivered and the contractor
are still in arrears with tho railroads
These samo Alliance members believe that
the adulterous association before mentioned
still exists and that it is to bo continued for
tho purpose of waging warfare upon the
administration from this fortlL It is of
character and of course in direct viola
tion of the canons and rules of the rder
as well as in defiance of every principle
boasted by the Alliance
Said an Alliance member of the house to
day Why is this meeting to be held at
Waco Daiias is the well known head
quarters of the State Alliance where its
meetings are usually held Why Ls not the
forthcoming meeting held there Would it
be called for Waco if a certain well known
politician and railroad attorney did not
have his home there J
This gentleman said further that in his
judgment there would be no third party or
ganization made or even attempted That
was not the object of the meeting Such a
step would ipso facto sever the relations at
present subsisting or suspected between tho
aforesaid attorney and the sub treasury
leaders since he as a Democrat could not
any longer
with them They can work together very
agreeably within tho party lines however
for the accomplishment of their sinister
purposes and dont be surprised said
he if you find in a year from now that
they will have a farmer candidate in tho
field for governor some sockless agri
culturist whom they can use as a pliant
and serviceable tool and with whom they
hope to catch the farmer vote
It must be admitted that present indica
tions appear to warrant the gentlemans
prediction as to the bastard issue of the un
hallowed alliance between the railroads and
the sub treasury sages
The farmers of Texas are with tho ad
ministration That is a well known fact
The railroads and the sub treasury leaders
are not That is also a wcil known fact
The evident purpose of tho latter is to
between themselves and the farmers for
unless that can be done unless the leaders
can by some means or other induce tho
farmers to follow them into the railroad
camp their occupation Ls gone and they are
hopelessly in the soup Under the guise of
reorganizing the state Alliance and putting
its house in order this Waco meeting it is
believed will take steps for strengthening
the hold of the sub treasury faction on the
Alliance and laying tho wires for tho po
litical campaign of 1S92 when through a
hidden connection with the railroads an
effort will lie made to overthrow the pres
ent administration change its policy with
reference to tho regulation of corporations
and defeat the execution of the
If such a plan of campaign be inaugurated
as is now predicted it will be only a repeti
tion of what tho sub treasury leaders in
Georgia did or attempted to do kkt fall
Some of their Texas brethren are familiar
with tho tactics employed there and know
precisely how they worked the railroads in
the name of an oppressed people One at
least of them was there at the time and if
a Georgia Alliance newspaper may be cred
ited had a profitable share in the deal
The G A It Condemns tho Century Ha
port of the Treatment of Confed
erate Prisoners
Indianapolis Ixd April 4 A good deal
of feeling is exhibited hero among the cx
soldiersover the article in the Century
magazine for April charging that the
Confederate prisoners of war almost
starved and that they ato rats and dogs
and were furnished with insufficient cloth
ing cruelly treated etc during the war
VV R Holtaway private secretary to Gov
ernor Martin during the war says that tho
statement is untrue
I Subscribe for the Jg000
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