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Tf S et Undercurrent That
5 rred its Deliberations
blahRSMTE charlatanism
Profusion at the Alliance
at Waco
i reilinc tlic Tanners
That They Can
ic Wheel anil tiet on
r V ion Statesman
J izeue
i Id spite of all that
mi about the recent
at Waco please
J conference as
pu ticuliar about it
at the whole truth
e inwardness of
a brought to
i ier be One of
iiiiLs about such
at it Waco is the hold-
sous where the i
p nce is cut out and
11101s siui muii - it -
ale denunciation of
resolutions condemning the
here frequently
itt made that would
iiiclf with new in-
on in these secret
Lever eet tj the
the Masonic spirit
- a tne pledges of
ibolute silence and
the- displeasure of
l UttCLE
ti The awo inspired
average member
acute or
ii public affairs has
religious spirit
mpt drawing tho se-
IucU like trying to
si me church in which
ii leaders find the
they carry on their
cd devise the en-
hupe to turn things
thetnselres on top
i n u of the rank
I a rule are
t of reflecting
me sagacity of the
i pi ie and w ho folio w
idrrs which they
it is notatall won--e
leaders abuse that
their own
i i ie disastrous com-
Iich so many of the
j enable it to allay its forces with tho rail
i roads in order to fight the administration
j That was the two fold purjose of the con-
Jeronce ana mat was practically wnat
it did that and nothing more The steer
inir committee was resoluted into respecta
bility and the governor was denounced as
an autocrat and dictator and there the
business ended All else was wind and
Tho conference had a narrow escae from
being at least a partial failure While
there was present a poodly number of those
who favored a third party the plan of
Tracy Sledgeand that trail generally was
to keep down third partyism Such a con
summation would defeat their plan of fight
ing the administration hand in hand
with tho railroads If compelled
to flock by themselves in a third
party they would be absolutely impotent
and unable to conceal
But a portion of the
seeing how it would embarrass the leaders
voted for a third party and it is said
by one who was present carried it
beyond a doubt biit were counted
out or mis countod so as tc show a
small majority of three or four against
third partyism Thus will it be seen how
narrow the escape of the conspirators froin
being precipitated into a most embarrassing-
situation A little more nerve or alert
ness on the part of tho conservative mem
bers present would have done the business
for the Sledges Tracys et al by sepa
rating the sheep from the goats and com
pelling the latter to flock by themselves a
consummation earnestly hoped for by tho
bluest men in tho Alliance
Another thing that displayed the hollow
mockery and delusive huinbuggery of tho
ii which tne
governor and
tne appointive railway commission were
adopted As told by one w ho knew what j
took place in executive session it was in
that Duncan manager of the Dallas com-
mereial exchange would lecture at night
on the condition of the exchange Those
who were not in sympathy with the ruling
faction and who knew already enough
about the exchange and its history absented j
themselves lrom the lecture feeling no
interest in it When the hour arrived it
was moved that the lecture be postponed
and Tracy mounted the stand and told in
blistering language how ho as a member of
the steering committee had been humbled
and persecuted at the capital and how he
had found Jordan a hard road to travel
Never lieforo had any man been mistreated
as he was by the friends of the go- crnor
After playing the part of injured innocence
to perfection and peeling the hides from
the governor and divers other lesser lights
he had no ditllculty in getting adopted the
The Duncan speech which served as a
pretext for the meeting was never more
heard of
Another naked humbug and farce was tho
resolution demanding of tho gov
ernor the appointment or Duncan
condemned m ts th
e i
drawn This was a j embodiment of autocratic and dictatorial
lionize the entire
iii neapeu the price of
a to buy Although
1 defiance of every
i uelas expediency
Lhtest trouble m
j ijiiuhiHM ting farmer
humbug but the
it and sent
thousands and
tieeiy as East-
- on tho altars of
i -suits of the blind
1 tlvuco and credulity
ceremonials and tho
iivi so inspire
their heads aro
pc often are by
bv the tierce and
if local San terrs and
iv iv violent outburst
onler by consecrating
i v and the ovcr
avarice and spolia
ii s home proxsed
it will if successful
irn less
l t it be as it was
ii ins of greenbacks
li p money aud sub-
a to be the same
f regeneration by legal
1 aid covetuousness in-
i i at urc Never is it
IMil quacks do this
Follow theso
t iiore virtuous and
i i vice and you will be
i the cry always
l will have more
- i in mc and I will
mi -Listen to my
m if you would huvo
i pie who really are
iiould swallow the
Viei them and have
- in their efficacy
u accepted such
j ii remedies will as
et - connected with
ue it as dillicult as
to throw
the reader need j and took from ihem through tho exchange
ti to brings us back
Wuan to wit the
the true inwardness
la conference be-
it- because it was
il for a certain
committee and its
oust in the Alliance
meeting of the
lallis in August
Vo could not wait
lie remarked that
verv good friend
- Waco could not
1 t committee had a
r or n u
iiiii boh wero eager to
to work A mutual
eii bed in this city
- an eftort to defeat
-- hi bill and were
i They got it
ami were of course
Nothing remained
ensre themselves in
1 e committee
- cw a that its partner
It had boon
ii graded by its own
ve who turned up
- petitioned President
so odious and hateful
ititti that one
reed to turn pugilist
f on the
-A i i o Brethren heartily
- it was out of order
issued signed by
crs of the house de-
v s ed lauguace the
and its disreputable
necessary for it to
o get itself whitewashed
i d mido presentable to
oiice of eivit good
- extremely desirable in
imagination of the
ij the stench stirred up
iurmg its vain efforts to
i ommittce had it in for
btvause he declined to
f u demanded by it and
i ed to ignore it com
i n brethren in tho
v i jj not tolerate it why
- -- iKvtod to extend it
i vrcu grace
tho Waco
- ueiicc con-
A h should supply a patent
icrlur ttstormg eominitwe and
thousands of dollars that will never be re
Very little is now left but the remains of
the old irreconcileablo
the gang who pinned its faith to fiat money
and which is still harping on m daughter
under the altered name of -cheap money
and plenty of it Tho official re
port of the secretary treasurer of the
Stato Alliance dated December 31 IsS
about six months ago shows that the total
male membership ill the state was only 17
Ml female ttob or a total of males and
females of Ui7 and that there wero in
the state 971 sub AUliances whose average
male membership was only sixteen From
these must lie taken the number
large but necessarily indefinite who
do not believe in the sub treasury madness
and what a more remnant of the otal popu
lation of JJSSOOO people in tho state is left
T he real truth of tho matter is that the
frequent meetings the haranguing the
blathering and resoluting of the
peripatetic philosophers of tho order
deceive the public and create mistaken no
tions about the importance and proportions
of it
can bo named the rounders afflicted with
the mouth disease who are responsible for
all tho clatter heard the post haste
and rummase in the land If these
gentlemen should cork up their mouths
dam up their flow of gush aud gammon and
turn their hands to some legitimate em
ployment you would not have heard
in this state at least tho
last chapter on the doctrine of
pumpkins and shucks The farmer
would get a rest and peanut olitics would
be no more The Alliance would fall into
the hands of those able and willing to make
it serviceable to the farmer and it would
cease to be a rookery for unclean birds of
lete Griffith a farmer Killed While Ent
ln Dinner
Special to the Gazette
Oranoe Tex May C The tug Minnie
from Johnson bayou arrived last night
afer Messrs John Dan and Will Griffith
their brother having been killed by lightn
ing Jack and Pete Griffith are farming
on the bayou for their mother and yester
day at noon were eating dinner when a Hash
of lightning killed Pete and stunned Jack
Further particulars are unobtainable before
tha b cat returns
England Sits Uncomfortably in
Anticipation of It
English Society Just How Rife With Scandals
and Wretched Ones They Are
Tho Kaler Would Perhaps be Ies San
guine for a Conlllrt With France
Had He Viewed the Troop
Maneuvers at Iarls
Copyrighted by the United Press
Special to the Gazette
London May 9 A very uncomfortable
feeling exists n England over the prospect
of another Boor war which may involve the
disappearance or Goschcns surplus besides
being very uncertain as to results Small
wars devour surpluses in a way that British
tax payers are beginning to appreciate and
they do not view the likelihood or certainty
of a Boer struggle with the same patience
that they look upon the Manipur campaign
Tho expense of Indian wars is bornoby
India but England must carry the burden
i in Africa The struggle seems iuevitable
1 however at whatever cost and the war
office is outraged in preparing for it Tho
I friends of peace are already discussing some
way ot getting out ot the rtimculty and but
one way is apparent and that is to permit
the Boers to establish their new republic
under the queen This will probably be the
outcome of the affair after a skirmish or
two between the troops and the Dutch
Cant Verney is said to be enjoying him-
self in jail so far as physical comforts are
concerned although nobody who has scon
the man doubts that he is under terrible
j mental strain It is talked of as a most re-
markable instance of Hyde and Jeykel
in a generation Verney had an excellent
side to his character He was foremost in
genuine work of philanthrophy and charity
His friends say he is insane on certain sub
jects Common people look upon him as au
accomplished scoundrel who has not re-
c ived the tithe of his deserts
It is said that his wife stands by him
U ider English law she cculd not procure a
di oree if she wished to a s he has not
mi cruel to her personally She has an
independent estate in her own right
I Unlike Valentine Baker Verney is too
I old to build up a reputation that would
I wiie out tho past
A German officer under tho circum
stances would have committed suicide
I English society is just now rifo with
wretched scandals in some instances in
the railway commission and this I utr Iic as - UIU -
too immediately after the conference had f K 11 rE
power I he very men who lustnrated and
voud for that demand did not want
Duncan on the commission and would
have been thoroughly disgusteJ if he
had received tho apjioiutment asked
for Sledge was himself ouo of the com
mittee chosen to call on the governor and
formally present the demand but went
through Austin the next day and neither i
he nor anyone elso has ever ap
proached tho governor on the subject
While the legislature was in session
and Duncan was going about trying to pro
cure signatures to a jietition askirg his a- j
ointment on the commission Tracy and
the irovenior to interfere and prevent the ii
STiniiit miwt
I ttiVlilLUlLtV 1
Thoy declared openly their opposition to
him then but when the subject came up in i
the conference they had not a fault to liud i
i with him because they knew very well no
attention would be paid to their iusolent
I demand and they would therefore bo in
a iwiitiou to say the governor ignored the
I Allianco when officially warned that it
j wanted somethimr
Yet it is by such trickiness as that such
i mi an contrivances that these fellows want
to help the poor farmer God help tho
I man that puts his trust in such leaders
and God help the poor devil of a farmer
I that thinks he has found a savior when
i swallowing with open mouthed wonder
j the raw humbuggery of the sub treasury
philosophers He had better part with his
little all and
i make rou THE roonnousE
But after all what is there in this sub
treasury cry that is at present making such
a noise in the commonwealth and
what has anybody to fear from it
i or the handful of soreheads and
j political quacks that are working it
so industriously Very little it seems
when the real status and condition of tho
Alliance is known Tho Alliance is no
longer what it was a few ears atro
i Then its membership ran up into the huu
1 dreds of thousands and its strength
was truly formidable But it
has since fallen from its high
estate pulled down as it was by the ma-
chinatious the trickery and deception of
I self seeking demagogues and cormorants
I who abused the confidence of the farmers
A iiiujfj uiu iiuuvi vuutu iiktiu iuni i
look at the garrison of Paris when reviewed
tho other day by Gen Saussier he might
be less anxious to court a conflict with
France Tho object of the review was to
enable the general commanding to satisfy
himself of the degree of proiiciency and
soldiery bearing of tho troops under tho
three years service system now in opera
tion The men insuected may bo roughly
set down as having had eighteen months
service the troops making up a total of
about TJOOO men 9000 being infantry
They took up their position in admirable
order and what the French describe as
their ltenuo tnilitaire was perfect They
were formed in a square of parallel lines
infantry first artillery next and cavalry
Gen Saussiers arrival tho whole
force advanced at a quick step to about 200
yards of the general drums and bugles
beating tho charge and then presented
arms The general galloped along the front
of the large square each lino facing about
as he passed it tho bunds playing the
Marseillaise march as he passed
The troops showed excellent discipline
and the service of the artillery especially
attracted comment
The nuns used smokeless powder which
quite deserves its name
Of Itaptlsts nt Ittrinlncliam Ala
oui Able Speeches ltcports Tho
Woman MWiionary Union
Birmingham Ala May 9 Tho second
days session of the Southern Baptist con
vention began this morning with a much
fuller attendance than yesterday First
Vice President William I Northern gov
ernor of Georgia was in the chair to day
The report on pagan missions rendered
by Chairman C S Gardner of Tennessee
showed but slow progress of missionary
work in pagan fields
Numerous able speeches wero made on
tho reort
Committees were appointed on resolu
tions time and place for next meeting on
vice president s and on Sunday schools
The report of the Southern theological
I seminary at Louisville ICy was rendered
and received with satisfaction It showed
the institution in a prosperous condition
Baptist ministers will occupy all the pul
pits in the city to morrow
The Womens missionary union of tho
Baptist church was also in session to day
and was largely attended by prominent
ladies from all over the South among them
being Mrs Governor Northern of Georgia
aud Mrs Governor Eagle of Arkansas
The Jury Ketnrneil n Verdict GIvinsr Him
rittecn Years iu the leo Notice of
Appeal Given
Special to the Gazette
S in Antonio Tex May 9 The trial of
H II Childers for the murder of Joseph
Draper a hackman ended to day It was
shown that on tho night of the killing Chil
ders had been riding and was driven by
Jesso Kuder another hackman He got
out at his hotel and asked the amount of
his bill A dispute arose and Childers
cursed the driver Draper who was stand
ing near threw off his coat and advanced
menacingly when Childers shot him
through the heart Tho dead man was a
notorious scrapper The jury this alter
noon brought in a verdict of fifteen ypars
in the penitentiary Or a former trial
Childers was given twenty five years He
is from Northern Louisiana where his
family is very prominent is a lawyer by
profession is weli known in the upper
social circles of Texas and is very popular
Notice of apieal was given
A Prominent Citizen of Jnnnnh Ron Over
by u Train and Terribly itangled
Special to the Gazette
QrANAH Tex May 9 Our little city
was thrown into a fever of excitement this
evening upon the arrival of tho north bound
train with the sad intelligence that N L
Jones one of our prominent citizens had
been badly mangled while attempting to
board the train while in motion at
Vernon Only little information could
be obtained as to the occurrence
which was to the effect that he
had been attending to some business at
Vernon and the train coming along sooner
than he expected he ran to catch it and
in endeavoring to pet aboard his hold
slipped and he was thrown under the train
tho wheels pas3ing over his right leg below
the knee completely severing it and
badly mangling the left lej It is
now thought that the amputation of both
will be necessary to save his life
Mr Jones is one of our most prominent
citizens He is a member of our city coun
cil and also one of the managers of the
Quaaah roller mills and has a wife and six
children together with a host of admiring
friends His brother here was telegraphed
and is at his bedside Mr Jones is a man
of good constitution and iron nerve and
strong hopes arc entertained of his re
Iell from a Wagon and Killed
Correspondence of the Gazette
Holland Tex May 7 A little son of
John Smith a farmer living several miles
east of here while returning home yester
day fell from the wagon and was run over
by a wheel and died a few hours after
Thrown from a Wagon
Special to the Gazette
Alba Tix May S Mr Doc McChrist
ian was thrown from his wagon some time
ago and his arm broken His mules- be
came scared and ran away causing the ac
cident He was otherwise bruised up but
is recovering
The Coldest Weather of
Month Still to Come
Next Winter to bo a Hard One la Karly
Winter Very Severe All Ovcr the
Country Uulr Hurricane
Cause of tho Disasters
Special to the Gazette t
St JosErti Mo May P A storm wave
of only ordinary force will be duo to leave
the Pacific coast about May IS cross the
llocky AUozheny valley from 10th to lSh
and reach the Atlantic coast about the lflth
The low barometer of this storm wave will
pass across tho continent south of the 40th
degree of north latitude and the cool wave
and frosts following it will reach further
south than is usual for the timo of year
The storm will become quite severe on the
Atlantic coast about the lUth and following
it will occur the coldest weather of tho
mouth My last letter gave particulars of
the storm wave due to cross tho continent
from the Pacific to the Atlantic coasts from
the 9th to lath
These forecasts give the key to the
weather that will occur at any place on
this continent within the dates mentioned
but to appreciate the accuracy and benefits
of the forecasts the reader must bear in
mind tho naturo of storm waves and how
they offect tho weather within and all
around them The storm wave consists of
two parts a high and a low barometer that
always movo together across the continent
and in this latitude around the earth
Tho low barometer is called the storm cen
ter and is from 500 to 15000 miles in diam
eter and within theso storm centers tho
wind blows in a circle contrary to tho
movements of the hands of a watch when
placed with face up while outside of tho
low barometer the wind blows toward tho
center of its right hand quarter as you face
it About one third tho outer edge of
this low barometer consists of very clear
weather and the bluist of skies and this
must always be received as a part of the
storm wave as it is a suro indication that
tho storm is not far away Another third
inside of this clear belt is occupied by a
cloud belt in which tho rain and
snow occurs and the clouds movo
with the wind around tho center of the low
barometer The center of tho low barom
eter has but little cloud uot much wind
and the weather warm and sultry If the
reader will keep this whirling storm center
hard winter These winter storms will be
gin in tho northern tier of states with great
severity in October and an early winter
very severe all over the continent will fol
low The force of the storms will increase
very gradually and the May storms will
not be so marked as those later on We
will probably havo au occasional tornado
but destructive storms will not attract gen
eral attention till after June S when the
great battlo of the elements will begin in
earnest and every mouth will bring its
noted storms June is not always a month
of great storms but it will be this year
and should my predictions be verified as to
that month the public will give more at
tention to what I have said as to tho
eleven months that follow it October and
November are tne months that usually
bring the tropical hurricanes that are some
times very disastrous ou the Gulf of Mex
ico and occasionally do damage as far north
as Tennessee and Arkansas The great
hurricanes that visited the lower Missis
sippi and the coast of tho Gulf of Mexico
in 1S33 3 will pe repeated next October and
November Wherever you find an old man
who followed fiatboating on the Ohio and
Mississippi rivers in 1S32 3 you will find an
oracle who can reveal much history about
the hurricanes of the lower Mississippi
river at that time Portions of Florida
were greatly damaged by tho hurricanes
sixty years ago
I do not desire to create any u nnecessary
sensation about this very great storm
period but no harm can come by being pre
pared for this very severe winter and the
great storms it will bring Hundreds of
thousands ot people who read my weather
forecasts every week will have great faith
in the predictions made in this letter for
they know that I am very careful and sel
dom mislead them The forecasts aro not
based on any superstition or secret but on
what I know to be and what any person
may know to be real physical causes
The causes of this period of great dis
turbances will be the equinox of Saturn in
October and the equinox of Jupiter next
January Jupiters equinox occurred in
August and Saturns in October 1S32 and
hence the great storms of that and the fol
lowing year The equinoxes of these planets
cause great electric disturanees in our solar
system just as do the equinoxes of our earth
m March and September but on a larger
scale Electricity is the force that causes
all storms and the sun and all the planets
throw an electric force far inlo space over
their equators as do the electro dynamos
and consequently when any planet passes
its oqulnoctial the electric tensionsof the
sun and of that planet aro disturbed and
simultaneously the electric force of every
pianet in the solar system is unbalanced
which affects tne electric currents of the
In my regular weekly letters I will give
details of each storm wave that crosses the
continent from a week to ten days in ad
vance and indicate when the most severe of
these disturbances will occur I have no
secrets as to my meteorological theories
but give full explanations of what I regard
as the cause of every storm wave The
weather bureau publishes a daily weather
map which is a great aid in studying the
past of the weather W T Fostxb
Cannot Sustain Its
mands for Indemnity
He Reiterates That There is no Mafia and That
the Italians Were Innocent
An Italian Says That the Matter Should be
Dropped rre Com men t Minister
lorter Kxpeetlng a Itecall ami
Has a Leave of Absonee
Comment at Washington
Special to the Gazette
Washington May 7 No surprise was
expressed at the state department to day
over the report of the New Orleans grand
jury Secretary Blaine being absent in
New York no official opinion was expressed
iu the department The assistant secre
taries declined to talk for publication but
the general tone of the conversation
throughout tho offices indicated that while
the attempt to palliate the resort to lynch
law by otfsetting an alleged attempt at jury
fixing is deprecated the outcome of the
case will have a good effecjupon tho turbu
lent foreign element in tls country One
feature of the report has been remarked
upon It is that portion which relates to
the citizenship of the victims According
to District Attorney Grants report to Attorney-General
Miller one of the victims
was of Italian nationality and another was
be naturalized American citizens and ono I
any lacts to sustain his theory
Iu his report to the mayor the superin
tendent of polico states that from August 1
1S0 to April 1 lfeOl there has been ninety
assassinations committed by Italians in this
The JIatter Should be Dropped
New Yoiik May 7 IJegarding the grand
jury in the New Orleans matter M Cen
tencui president of the Italian Chamber of
Commerce in this city says I think wo
had better drop the matter That is the
best thing that can come out of the everlast
ingly bad businossOne crime does not justify
another and respect of law is never vindi
cated by an exhibition of lawlessness
Accepted on laitll
Memphis Tens May 7 The Appeal
Avalanche says The reiort of the New
Orleans grand jury was not written by any
member of the jury but by some attorney
having a forcible literary style Tne public
is compelled to accept the declarations of
the jury on faith as no attempt is made to
set forth the testimony upon which the con
clusions are reached
Thirty Sixth Annual
tinguished Delegates 1reseut
Yesterdays 1roceedings
Birmingiiau Ala May 5 At 10 oclock
this morning President Jonathan Haralson
of Selma Ala called to order the thirty
sixth annual meeting of the Southern Bap
tist convention at OBriens opera house
Secretaries Burrows and Gregory were on
hand The building was packed from the
dome to the pit with 1500 delegates and vis
itors from all parts of Missouri to Florida
and Maryland to Texas The great body
will hardly get down to business good be
fore this afternoon Roll call showed
every Southern state also Indian Territory
well represented Among the prominent
men present are Dr J B Hawthorn of
Atlanta Governor W J Northern of Geor
gia Dr Diaz of Havana Cuba Dr Allen
Tupper of Louisville Ky Governor Eagle
of Arkansas and Senator Brown of Geor
gia is extiected to night
The foreign mission report a very elab
orate document is now being discussed
Dr Carter IL Jones of Knoxville
preaches the convention sermon
Will the Gentleman Who Said a Woman
Couldnt Throw Itocks Step Forward
Special to the Gazette
WEATHEnroHD Tes May 9 A gentle
man of this city has just returned from
Boonvill Wise county and reports quito a
sensation in the neighborhood of that little
village Mr Alexander is a tenant on the
farm of Mrs Norman and it appears that
the landlady and the tenant have not been
getting along the best in the world Yes
terday the disajremsnt between thesi
i ruinated in a real hard light between Mrs
I Norman and the wife of Alexander They
fought with rocks standing off i short
distance from each other and uelted each
other severely They were quite badly
bruised and bloody whet stooped The
women were both arrested and will have
an examining trial at Boouviie Monday
Cotton rei Oil Sill-
BiLTiMOHE Mi May S The Manu
fajturers Record this week publishes a
list of every cotton seed oil niili in tho
South giving name location and capacity
of each The report shows lM mills with
capital of over M0MWUU0 against forty
i mills with capitiu of S 000eXl in 1 CK
j Forty of these mills have established fer
tilizer factories in connection with their oil
business using cot on seed meal as a basis
j for manufacturing fertilizers
Abetted an Kscnne the Cluirjre
I Special to the Gazette
j WinsEoro Tex May 9 Deputy Mar
shal Ingram of Sulphur Springs arrested
Will Alilivdge and Charlie Callieutte
charged with assisting Kutledge and Alex
ander the parties charged with passing
counterfeit money in making their escape
They were carried to Jefferson to answer
to the charge before Commissioner Single
The Sheriffs Office Talk About
Cortes Recall
of such doubtful natioutrhtyi that it would
not be safe to hazard an opinion The
grand jurys report found eight of them to i They Denounce America as a Country
had declared his intention of becoming j
naturalized This leaves a controversy j
over but two ot the victims witu the
burden of proof in favor of their American
citizenship Ono of these according to tho
report of the district attorney is
Although the United
states government I jury has decided to take immediate action
has no naturalization treaty with Italy the
latter has invariably recognized our nat
uralized citizens as free from amenability
to their native government and that govern
ment as free of any resixinsibility for or
claim to persons of the adopted citizens of
America This phase of the case has been
pretty thoroughly considered both by the
state department and the department of
justice The truth is this question is now
resting in statu ijuo until President Har
rison returns which will bo in the course
of a week or so
There are various rumors as to what the
president will do when he comes home but
one thing is tissurcd and that is the Italion
imbroglio will receive attention at the
earliest cabinot meeting and President I
rison will let his policy be Known within j
the next few daj s The report of the grand I
Jury will then figure in tho corresjoiuleueo j
between tho United States aud Italy Jt is
believed that this finding or investigation
will about
desired by the United States government in
order to make a final answer to Italys re
quest for investigation
Tho main question that presents itself to
this government as has been frequently
stated is -have treaty stipulations with
Italy been broken This depends
1 On tho nationality of the two victims
- On the construction that is placed up
on the treaty
Unless it appears clearly that tho treaty
has been violated the Italian case falls to
the ground
Speculation on tho return of Minister
Porter still continues He may leave Home
any day Long before tho New Orleans
trouble arose Mr Porter asked the state
department for a leave of absence This
was granted and -Mr Porter was given tne
in mind and note my forecasts the future privilege ef taking a vacation whenever It
of the weather may bo known nine best suited him
times out of ten The high
barometer follows tho storm center and
brings clearing cooler weather and these
high aud low barometers follow each other
around the earth from west to east and
cause all changes in the weather South
of M deg north latitude tho movements of
these barometers are different and consti
tute the tropical hurricanes
Beginning with the first week in May of
this year and ending with the last week in
June lS9i will constitute the greatest
storm period since lisVJ 3 and it will be at
its greatest force during the coming win
ter The winter will set in early and with
its unusual cold and great snow storm3 and
blizzards will be what ii
OIalley Statement
Special to the Gazette
New York May 7 A New Orleans
special says D C OMalley detective
indicted for jury fixing in the Italian cases
gives to the public a long statement It is
a somewhat remarkable document in which
he claims he has been ersecuted for years
by tho jiolice and arrested on false charges
lie claims there is no Mafia and that the
arrest of the Italians charged with the
killing of Hennessey was due to the fact
that they wero witnesses in the Matranga
case that they wero innocent men and the
jury was right in acquitting them He
termed a verv j lloes not however offer any proof or give
With Which It is Iinpu siule to
Maintain a Treaty that Defemin
the Life of foreigners
Will investigate at tho MierifT Ofllce
New Orleans La May S Tho grand
on the communication from Sheriff illera I
and his deputy asking for an investigation
of his otlice The charges made by tho
grand jury in the lynching case ot
ence and sympathy with defense made
against them they claim arc too general
and they request the grand jury to give
names and specific charges so that all will
not rest under the same imputation The
grand jury adjourned until Monday for that j
purpose i
Will Not Itecall Carte i
Washington May 9 The department of
state is ignorant of any intention on the
part of this government to demand tho re
call of Pascal Corte Italian consul at
New Orleans eng account of his public
utterances relative to Mafia affairs as re-
ported in some newspapers t
It is not considered that he has said or i
done anything in derogation to the majesty
of the United States government and if in
Will Demand Cortes Iteealt
Chicago III May 9 A special dis
patch from Washington intimates that the
state department is likely to demand that
Italy recall Pascal Corte the Italian consul
at New Orleans for violating diplomatic
courtesy and generally making himself a
person non grato by his utterances in con-
ncctioa with Mafia atlairs
Impossible to Make a Treaty
Rome May 9 Tho Popolo Komano says
it will be impossible hereafter for any civi
lized country to make treaties nith the
United States based upon reciprocal pro
tection of the lives of tho citizens of either
Salvadorans Say the Insurgents Made a
lloltl Stand After leiii Driven
Barrlttas Hand Visible
Citt or Mexico May 9 The British
war ship Melpomene reached Acapulco yes
The press demands by what right tho
United States authorities violated the pos
tal correspondence at El Paso in searching
letters from Mexico for lottery advertise
English minister St John is ill
i Seuor Noguiras minister of Portugal to
J the United States also accredited to
Mexico called on the president to day and
I leaves in a few days for Washington
A correspondent in Houduras telegraphs
I everything quiet there The ridiculous at
I tempt at revolution ended iu a grand fiasco
A Guatemalan correspondent says the
j ridiculous theory was advanced by Salva
I dorans that the Guatemalan government in
i cited the Honduras rebellion out of jeal
j ousy because Honduras arranged a treaty
l with Salvador which in no wise mars the
rciations between Guatemala and Hon
duras President Meneses before his mur
derer broached the subject of such treaties
stated Salvador needed an outlet toward
the Atlantic to break the monoiioly of the
Pacific -Mail steamers which charge an out
rageous rate whilst if aii Central
can powers could ship goods to tho Atlantic j
they could find markets at New Orleans
aud other American cities on the Atlantic
Salvauoran advices say the insurgents
after being driven from Amapola stopped
at Racate Grande thus besieging Amapola
where thoy still were last night The Sal
vadoran government sent regulars from
Port Miguel to Puerto De I a Union and
Sauce and sent the warship Cuzacatlan to
the line of action to watch the gulf Foncaa
thus complying with the stipulation of the
late treaty Salvadorans insist the hand of
Barrillaspresident of Guatemala is in both
the Honduras and Costa Kican revolutions
airs D A Hawkins Knds Her Life ou Ac
count of Domestic Troubles Iter
Advice to Her Husband-
Special to the Gazette
Mexia Tex May 9 News reached us
to day of the suicide of Mrs D A Haw
kins the wife of a younj farmer of Prairie
Grove She suicided by taking morphine
and was caused by domestic troubles
She left a note written in the flyleaf of the
Bible telling her husband good by and tell
ing him if he ever married again to love his
wife better than anyone Esquire- Roberts
of this place held the inquest to day ren
dering a verdict that Mrs Hawkins caused
her own death by taking morphine
Reappointed Judge
Jackon Mis May S Governor Stone
has reappointed Hon Thomas H Woods
judge of the supreme court Judge Woods
was appointed by Governor Lowry some
eighteen months ago to fill out the unex
pired term of Judge Arnold resigned The
appointment proved so satisfactory that the
bar very generally recommended Judge
Woods as his own successor The appoint
ment is for nine years
The Striking Spirit in Belgium
Spreading Like an Epidemic
Chilian Advices Say Balmaceda is Preparing
for the Recverv of
Those Provinces Now Hold tir tho Itelieli
by Land ami -a It is
Itell Wfther ISlMnarck All
Kyes Upon Him
I Copyghtcd by the United Press
London May J This mornings news
from Ilelgium is alarming The strikiig
spirit is spreading like an epidemic and
multitudes are leaving their work in every
center of industry
The army could not be depended upon iu
event of revolution for in no other country
of Kurope is there such close fraternization
1 between the people aim ti oops
j The Belgian parliament has lost its op-
portunity to gain the topular good wi 1
through the satisfactory measure of ex
tended suffrage iuil working clasess aro
I thoroughly aroused to an assertion of then
I rights Belgium is a cluster of mines and
factories aud the protracted idleness ot
large bodies of workingmen is bound to re-
sub in disordur if not insurrection
j It is said that King LeojioM on his
cent visit to England laigely increased his
had it would not be necessary to demand I not t0 be Prussian aloiie but German
his recall The state department would
simply withdraw his exequatur which
would leave him without oltleial status in
the United States
uei osits in rnglisn ban Us
Latest advices from Chili by way of
Buenos Ayres state that Balmaeoda is re
cruiting anew for igonms conduct of war
and is preparing expeilitious by lanu una
sea for the recovery of the provinces now
held by the rebels
It is also asserted that the situation n
Chili has been misrepresented and tu
Balmaceda has the common people v h
him tlo wealthier families siding as a
rule with the insurgents
Don Augustin Edwards who was scUvt t
for president by the insurrection part is
in hiding somen here and has not yot sui
ceeded in making his way to the lnsuiveii
forces even if such is his intention His
bank in Valparaiso has Ihvii closed b order
of the government a horse shoo naile1 ov r
the door and all ho clerks and otlieials im
prisoned His cattle chielly inuivrteu from
England at high prices for breeding pur
poses have been killed and eaten bj Bai
macedas troops
No date has yet been set for the ap
pearance of Bismarck in the reiehstag
Out his hold on the people of Germany is
shown by tho fact that the subject ot his
election and future course is iho absorb
ing topic in Berlin The prince himself
has given it to be understood that he doe-
not mean to act entirely with any polit cai
party He hopes to see a coalition of ths
Conservatives and National Lioerals irre
spective of strict party lines and he means
It is significant that he siieaks of 1S0 as
a civil war in Germany rather than u war
between Prussia and Austria
One of the princes most devoted friends
in Berlin remarked recently that if tho
young kaiser had lett Bismarck at the helm
he would havo given him au united tier
many in fact as well as in name including
all German territory from the Baltic to tha
This is tnlcpc as meaning that Bis
marcks ultimate act was the absorption in
Germany of the German provinces of Aus
tria cutting looso tho link with Hungary
and allowing that country and Russia to
fight out their diftcrenccs
The prince claims to bo a true Conserva
tive as against the conservatism that clingt
to the principle of separation between th
German states and to be abovo all
a nationalist
Socially ho is opposed to innovations in
timating substantially that changes iu tho
social conditions of the people will coma
rapidly enough without being urged by tha
will aud power of the government
From all that is expressed bv Bismarcks
friends it is b lieved that he will not lj
violent or vindictive in his course towards
the policy and ministry of the new kaiser
but that he will present a steady opposition
to the changes w hieh he disapproves
It is aLso believed that he will concen
trate around him a party adhering not
so much to his personality as to his princi
ples that may compel the kaiser either to
assert the supremacy exercised hj Ins
grandfather itt 10 whii Kir g William
advised by Bismarck ignored the chamber
and issued royal decrees placing needed
funds at tho disposal of his ministers or to
throw himself into the arms ot the working
No doubt is expressed that the kaiser
would choose the former course
Bismarck will then fore bis a critic and
a destructionist in the bouy which he oucu
As for the kaiser it is believed that Bis
marcks election will hurry him on into tha
war of which he is incessantly talking
aud in which he would hope to achuia
military success whicli would silence tho
criticism and opposition at home
7 lenhuw and Son Thrown from
AVugon -lit IJojihHiii ami Trrihiy
Maiuicd John Taylor Arrested
Special to the Gazette
Boniiam Tex May 7 J J Renshaw
and his son who live about nine miles soutn
of this city came to town after some goods
After they had loaded their vracon thy
proceeded to the saloons and there partoon
of a liberal supply of whisky und started
home pretty drunk When they got near
the deiot the team took fright wheeled
around and came dashing back into tha
city Iu their endeavor to stop the run
awav team both men were thrown out of
the wagon on the doubletree Old man
1 Renshaw clung to the lines and was dragged
I about one hundred aud fifty yards befbro
he wxs rescued Both ears were torn
from his head and hung only by a small
j strip of skin and he was otherwise ternbi v
mutilated His son wasdraggedttbout fifty
j yards when he fell off and the wagon ran
l over him fracturing his skull aud otherwisa
i severely mutilating him Dr Saunders is
trying to save the old mans ears by sewing
them back to his head Whilst both are
seriously hurt it is not thought that it will
prove fataL
Deputr Sheriff Georire Alderson arrested
John Taylor in Clarksviile Ark on a
charge of bigamy committed near Honey
Grove in this county He brought his pris
oner here this evening and in default of
bond he was placed in jail to await tha
action of the grand jury
A Colored Conple Kefuse to lJecom
Scarce A White Woman In It
Special to the Gazette
New Yoek May 9 A colored man and
woman occupied conspicuous seats in tha
Park theater in Brooklyn on Thursday
night although Col Sinn does not permit
the sale of tickets to colored persons Tho
colonel tried to induce the colored visitors
to go to the gallery but they refused and
his offer of double the price they had paid
for their reserved seats was also rejected
The colored couple were accompanied by a
white woman who sat between them during
the performance

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