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- m our fngat or c
- i them abovo the heads
T - u rtvht above the head and
Uiout this lifting of the
ad oba not do otherwise than
e the surface We often won-
a vve ran c 1 1 -instinct of young
h ifads them to swirui
WfcjlfLj -rue rsAniloVs DA7nUAP ft
r fsrA liit J fi
fan ur r ir a- s -- A s - s icv O IT
oiucrn nv muro i rTinMQ cno noDncc
Nerve and Brain Treatment
JlNsterit Dzziness ConNulsions Fifsjzervois Neu
ralgia Headache Nervous lmstratiouTcJusefi oy the
use of alcohoi Oi tobacco Wakefulness M iuil D
Softening of tte Hroan rculyos in iDsanity
indSeaclng to misery decay amUowth ln m Iure
Jj yvj w ytldn ljrreonessLoss oi Po
r i Ni JBntaryJOssesaua Mic mator
y ejsciuon of the bran iuse
OTr yi liner -ex
irrnusi causeu oj over
ebfoNcr lnduuttice
Larii lax lontainvjonn nmnth strcitrac nt UVkfrox
fr fos iigi t b niai iurepaid on receipt of
v y i o wire any ciif n tu rocn raer rcccivcu vj us iot
1 i nccompaiuvHhiCOve will seniltfrd
Xl ttui cJmsor our wntirTruaranUlo rtumd the inoqiy
c su d on Lj y
KICKS CO Erupts Sole Agto 511 Main St FL f ortli Ri
mfrrCT WVl Rl HI iK fn -B St m s fi irfiiBTTTl
fy J Si V XltVVH v3k L wyKrK r
f jGtr t irJ k K3 fcsBK ffjy BMEJA vhwt JHVTbv Jff
mi g sa fas uvnaa wrfFHiPa
H y ss sris raw HrrFtraMR ra Ka wl
h a KgaKa vf ks recz53ii siaaKfed
FiaLi JSa tta Ef fcfir iSii4S6 VH5KfSffi iJ
SS5sar Sfil Ml J SW St2tr
KW UAd Kb J - - k i 1 i - G
TEE OilEAT SrrOIAc5H E3paViE3r V
k rflT unnprhfXHer fv irtiey JtiaMer Cerroi Discio Loss
rr ic iijj ri ok Com lent ft v 1 Ltc
m1 jw tii VJ ujuricvJu bt a 17
V - urd ivnro n iitscompaii Thev one 10 lie uternaf
n uj1 Hu li and enaul it perloiia umi on
oe eu wnli a copy of the Household Cook Book cloth bound 315
f idjg u Jl 50 net
CHD C50 7C Nt set of the fine Silver Tea Spoons will betiV4ith the
run 0O WUKKLY GAZE1TE 12 pases for one iejr fi yPpSl
H ffit CQ 7C N t a set the ffno premium KuiaKir Forks will be sent vri
II run 5 O D u lEKLY GAZlilTK jyj7 forone year
Net a ibJjjSrthe line Knives and
th tho
d Forks in ill bo sent with the
cno mo --
run DUU WijRYCAZKrii l ipagesi for one rear
CAraj Mnn tT aiiv f onsfinal Websters Unabridged will be sent ex
llPriJTUU yi is prepaid to the exptess oflice nearest the subscriber
v Hie KKKLY t AEtTE 1J pages for one year
ClP to Cfl Net a copv of Shakespeares Works will be with the WEEICXY
run CJjZOU cAZEriE for one year
FHP CO1 nr Net the Garettes Improved Sewing Machine will be sent with
jn JUU uo WUEICIA GAElTE Pi pages for one year
u 1 oj Sl erware and Sewing Machine bear the Gaees name
aiiuu ubscnbers can secure either of THE GAZETTE PREMIUMS
t o thu office
-- lot lass period tllan one year can secure them by renewing subscrip
J - aLo ren ittinf to caver price of subscription and premium desired
1 il Such ihaivoal is
- 1 1 woiking and for
1 - and now we are to
l 1 material that has
t v waste
k telK us that we do
as -it rises in the
tiio fact that it takes
in nutes to pas- from
Tlu is pure and un-
- The earth is con-
fie suns rays and
1 moment when the
v no are stationed has
srtt we sec the sun
interfere with as
u te time required for
ri from the sun to the
of figure in the case
k s a ray of li rht eisht
lrom the sun dont
a t eh enables us to see
1 oninsj left itjusteiht
retlutionof the earth
- 11 isrht It left the sun
it yot eieht minutes
i erily the science
1 1 school
- i vonuerfully made
r ays a man with botl
hp shoulder would nev
fa 1 into water It is tl
when thrown into water It is no instinct
at all but having no members to lift above
tho body they do not sink themselves
They lloat and moving their feet in a
natural oflort to walk they swim out
It is said that there are now running on
tho pikes in Germany three wheeled ve
locipedes driven by electricity supplied
from small storage batteries One storing
of the battery drives the machino ten
miles Say a lady desires to visit friends
four miles out into the country She takes
her scat in the vehicle tucks tho rugs
nicely about her takes tho guiding tiller in
her gloved band touches a button to
turn on the lightning and away she goes
At tho end of her journey she runs the ma
chine tiD into a fence corner cuts off the
charge and at once launches into the pleas
ures of her visit At the proper time the
machine is brought out headed for home
the button touched and in due time the lady
is among her friends regaling them with an
account of the pleasures and adventures of
the day
A Meet Wire that Can tand the strain
WoiiE Tnn Mns May 9 It is stated
that after many experiments at the Wash
ium and Moen works Worcester a pro
s lias been discovered wnereoy steel
vine can be made that will stand a strain
ail tension equal to copper wire It can
b 4 manuf aetured cheaper than copper wire
i f wirrrn larzrw
f For catarrh iAtl R5feo jftl forms colds
TLuirusAntUfm 4L Knd its effects
jlWu na ffc InjslHlcst remedy I
Ikucrtkn B JakJ MJKaLstores A lB
RMb any aire Hi Wumt Mrrne I
rl Company of Cc ai Oi i
p ry tsr V TrsSc 8M ttyr
San Angelo Furnishes a Court
of Appeals Commissioner
Col T J Brown of Sherman Gives His Opin
ion on the Governors Appointments
Somp ol the Adverse Criticism of the Go-
ernortf Action and the Causes
Which lirlng Them Oat A
Pointer to Duncan
3Iore Tanil Salc Than Usual
Special to the Gazette
cstijc Tex May S Land
auchcy reports that sales oflaml
nave been quite neavy of late and thai more
pre emptions hare teen patented than usual
He says also that he lias information that
some slick work is being done in the vrest
by attorneys who procure lists of land put
oi the market for sale and represent them
as their own This he thinks can only bo
done throush collusion witn oflieials He
says he will send aa apent into that section
before long to make an investigation
K W Cave agent lor certain railroads
paid the comptroller to day 51001 semi
annual interest due on a school loan to a
railroad and he also paid one per cent tax
oa passenger earnings 3332
H C Fisher of San Angelo was to day
npixiiutod judpe on the commission of
ap ieals in the place of I H Urown who
declined the appointment tendered him for
business reasons
J W Crayton the new chinMlcrk in the
aucultural oillce co work neit
LommissiorjprTaPlnesworth took up the
jjumoie mviltisarou at a lae hour tins
QBSPJfcvJi18 1 iI to morrow if
llrtup hciuiun Talks
pecial to the Tlfzette
t Tnx May S Col T J Brown
of hennan was hero this week 011 business
m the supieine court During a convcisa
ton on curiientpolitn al events he expressed
entire satisfaction w uh the three gentle
men chosen by tho governor to execute the
railwaj cnmmission law The colonel who
took a leading part in framing the law
lcels a kind of paternal interest and per
haps pndejn St and could no of course
lielpwjSng mora or less concern in
tiie executors of it would 1 TTr
rpoke in terms of
1 vouAurinn itaic
of all of them and said that tho execution
of the law was in hands as safe as any that
could be found He was especially gener
ous 111 his praise of Judge McLean whom
he has known intimately for many jears
and who ho said was distinguished no more
by his legal attainments which were high
than b his highmindedness as a man lie
was a singularly clear headed man and an
able law jcr with all of which he combined
a broad sense of justice and equity His
was unquestioned and not encoded by any
other man in that region Although trans
ferred to a new sphere of duty he thought
the judge would distinguish himself as a
commissioner no less than as a lawver
The conversation drifting to thesubject of
the election of a United States senator two
j cars hence he said that the result was
ery much mixed Chilton would have one
session as senator to show what soit of
legi lative timber he was made of but as a
new man he could not do much and would
therefore De handicapped to that exte it in
the race His abilities were unquestioned
audbeinga young man he would to a
large extent command the supjtort of the
j ouug men who make tho
Asked about Mills chances tho colonel
replied- Mills is a specialist His mind
and thought are all concentrated on the tar
iff Eliminate that issue and where would he
be as nstnU sman The advocacy of that one
idea has given him a commanding position
in the house n sort of political primacy to
which he is justly entitled and for which
he deserves great credi He is a good
lighter and an uble debater in the house
for which body he is better fitted than the
senate In ray section
is far more popular than Mills and would
beat him bad in a race lor the senate
From the tone of his remarks on this sub
ject it was gatheied that the colonel
thought Culberson carried the loudest pole
and would eventually knock the senatorial
persimmon lie did not say so but a
legitimate inferenco lrom his talk led to
that conclusion
Speaking about the newly appointed
judges 011 the commission of appeals he
said they were all good men much better
in fact than he thought could be found for
the salary paid thein
Tt is generally conceded here that the
goN emors appointments have all been such
as to disann criticism except of that cap
tious and fault finding sort that caiiiot be
forestalled There are a few who complain
aootif this apiwintment and about that
Kcigan is too old and Chilton is too
yoimr and colliers aro obje tiouablo 011
grounds equally frivolous This class of
critics seem to be able to And no honest no
pure or unselfish motho behind any ap
pointment or act of the governor All is
dictated and iuspiied by a mean and sordid
ambition und
Reagan was put on tho commission not be
cause of his siiecial and unquestioned fit
ness but because he must be gotten out of
the governors way Chilton was plven his
place in the senate not because he possesses
brains and ability and gies promise of a
blight and distinguished career but because
he will do to hold down the seat for the
governor until he gets leady
to step rr motiEr
Some of these critics are esecially scan
dalized by the coventors refusal to recog
nize the demand of the Alliance in the mat
ter of apoinling its man Duncan on the
commission The farmer has been snubbed
his claims scouted and his wishes trampled
upon The man with the loe is not in it
and so on
As shown in n previous dispatch this
soi t of talk is all buncombe since the men
w ho demanded
are the very men who wanted it least and
who lobbied before hand with friends of
rhe governor against it Brother Duncan
will perhaps thank the writer for letting
him into this little secret and showing how
lie was knifed long ago by some of hLs
good Alliance brethren who are now mak
ing such a row over tho governors refusal
to give him the appointment If he has
anj doubts about tbe accuracy of the infor
mation given him and cares to visit Aus
tin the proof thereof will be furnished him
The Pocket the But Sab Treasury
Editor Gazette
Will you pardon me for requesting the
privilege of asking our farmers a question
It is this
Gestlemek Since you are taxed for
the necessary expenses of government
would it not be well to inquire what are
those expenses and for what purpose is my
money so used Consider Go over
these items as yon would those of
the superintendent of your farm or
ranch cut down tho unnecessary expenses
and you will be rid of tne heavy load of un
just taxation now Moor like demanding
your money or your life You are tho
state You have the right and power to
refuse unjust demands for money for the
support of great armies of office holders
that aro engaged in eating out tho sub
stance of our people
Thidjr years after the war you are sup-
poruilg a vast army o tederal oiace
liojjprs an unnecessary appendix to our
hineryof government United States
rshals deputies assistant deputies
clerks adlibitum assessors inspectors col
lectors imagers weighersipies informers
are paid by you la tame 01 peace to
charge duties that you the state made it
incumbent on sheriffs constables assessors
collectors eta to perform
It is not pretended that any of the states
refuse to perform the duty required bylaw
thou why pay hundred of millions of money
annually for the support of a set of officers
to do work your state oHcers can do equally
as wclL
Consider and you will see the reason for
all this taxation To return this new power
in office and force you to the payment of
mouev into the Federal treasury for the
benefit of a privileged class of manufact
urers Let me ask of you Why not re
fuse longer to bear the burden of these
salaries and lop oil this fungus growth on
our machinery of government Why not
thus return in your own sub treasury pock
ets the money jou now want these fellows
to extract from you and loan out to you
your own money again when it is not
needed for the acknowledged necessary
expeusesof government DcMocnvT
V CasoTof Leprosy
New York May S Dr Cyrus Edson
still declines to divulge the name of the
Mexican who it is said is suffering from
leprosy at a house in Oliver street Phy
sicians are ti eating the man for another
disease but will not say positively that the
case is not one oC pronounced leprosy Dr
Edson does not however deny the fact that
arrangements are being mado to send the
man back to Mexico as soon as possible
An Untlre Block lluructl
BriricnvM Ala May S At Irordale
six miles from Birmingham tnis morning
lire destroyed an entire block ol buildings
Among the heaviest losers are T W
Wires E M Gardner Ned Johnson and
others Six stores and several dwellings
are now known to have been destroyed
The loss will probanly reach i0o0 or
J0000 The origin of the flro is unknown
Irondale is a town of about 2U00 inhabitants
Secretary of State Smith Makes
a Discovery
State taeoIosit Humble in Troublo State
Cheuiii1 llurndnu kkr4 Charge
Austin Ladic Coniinfr to
fori Worth
Special to the Gazette
AtsTix Te May C The discovery
this morning by Secretary of State Smith
that the enacting clau e did not appear in
the enrolled copy of the uniformed text
book bill caused a good deal of talk around
theeapitol and tho news of it will be re
ceived in the country with considerable
chagrin and disappointment At a late
hour on Monda the governor sent the bill
with several others to the secretary of
state he not having noticed tho hiatus in
the bill To day when the clerk in the
last named oince took up the bill
to make a copy of it for tho
printer ho saw the enacting clause was
wanting As the constitution requires the
presence of this clause in every enrolled
bill in oi der that it may become a law it
seems that the text book bill is a dead
cock in the pit Superintendent Pritchett
was very much worried about the matter
and sought ttie attorney general to ascer
tain if the omission was necessarily fatal to
tho bill The attorney general will examine
the law and deliver an opinion on the sub-
jett pei haps to morrow
The general opinion is that the bill is
The bill passed by the Twenty first legis
lature empowering Jewish rabbis to solem
nize tho marriage ceremony Jailed to pass
it is said for tho same icason
and another bill for that purpose was
passed at the last session
While such errors do occasionally occur
thej ought not to for after eiery bill is
finally enrolled it must undergo the
the examination and scrutiniij of enrolling
committee whose O K it must bear be
fore going to the governor This was one
of tho most important bills of the
session and one wnich a great
amount of thought and labor was
spent in both house and senate It was in
troduced in the latter body hi Mr Page on
the first day of the session and did
not finally pass until tho last da As
passed the bill bore liltlo resemblance to
the original introduced but it was Ins
bill the one of all others he felt the keen
est solicitude Jealously did he wait as it
made its way through the mill and now
after all his anxiety and waiting
ami hard work and after he
had steered it around innumerable
breakers and brought it safely to port to
seo it killed by carelessness of the clerk is
pretty hard But let us wait for tho opin
ion of the attorney general
Volume ST of the supreme court reports is
now in print and ready for distribution
The public does not appear to know
says the secretary of slate that the general
incorporation law does not go into effect
uutil after the lapse of ninety days from
the close of the legislature
L T Foster loft to day on bussiness in
Georgia and Alabama
All is not pleasant in the office of State
GeoIoeLst Dumble charges airainst Mr
Durable having been filed with his su
perior the commissioner of agriculture by
State Chemist Herndon a joung man
The charges relate chiefly to Geologist
Dumblos competency and qualifications
and may lead to an investigation Mr
Hcrndons resignation was asked for
to day by his chief out re
fused on tho ground that the demand
was made informally and besides should
have coine from the commissioner and not
from Mr Dumble who was onlj a fellow
employe of that ofticial There appears to
lie matter for a icry pretty ruv Mr
Herndon is a graduate of the university and
has been state chemist in that department
for nearly three years
Chartered The I adonia artesian water
woks company capital jTVK
It is rumored here to day that a
controlling interest in the gas works has
been sold to Philadelphia parties who will
take charge next week those selling being
Messrs Eugene Bremond a judge and S
Watts tho last named being a St Louisau
A meeting of tho ladies was held here this
afternoon and a number appointed to attend
the Worlds fair convention at Fort Worth
May 11 Tho ladies apiear to be much
more enthusiastic than the men A num
ber of ladies will go to Fort Worth Sunday
Victoria Excited Over a rolling Orb iomo
Tlilnkau Karthquake tau ed
the Disturbance
Special to the Gazette
Victoria Tex May 7 At twenty min
utes of 4 this afternoon a meteor was seen
in tho eastern sky which passed over the
city and appeared to burst west of this city
From a distance it looked like a smoky
cloud Its appearance was followed shortly
by a shaking of the earth which many at
tributed to an earthquake From advices
received by railroad authorities here it is
learned that it was seen and the shock felt
from Hungerf ord to Goliad At Fannin t he
crew of the freight train aver that
the concussion was so great that
the train was momentarily stopped as if
tho air brakes had been applied Ono of tho
crew also claimed to have seen a piece of
the meteor when it fell about 100 yards from
the track It cannot bo learned exactly
where the meteor struck but tho opinion
here U that it was very near tho city Tho
earthquake theory is not entertained by
many as the shock which was experienced
followed so closely on the appearance of the
meteor is that the most natural theory is to
attribute the latter to tho explosion of tho
former Its size must have been enormous
to occasion such a shock No damage was
done to persons or property but the expe
rience was a very unpleasant ono
Hy the Governor of the Mate ot Texas
Whereas the Twenty Second Legislature at its
late regular biennial ession which adjourned
on the 13th day of April A I 191 p u ed tne
following tAe Joint Itcsolutions la the manner
prescribed by the Constitution of this taepro
pomg certain amendments to the Constitution
of this State to wit
ri J n No 1 J Joint Resolution amending
s ecuon 4 Article 6 of the Constitution of th
State of Texas
section 1 Be it reolved by the Iiiattire
of the state of Texas That section 1 of article
i of the Constitutfon of the iate of Texas be
so amended as to hereafter read afolis
section 4 In all elections by the jK ople the
vote shall be by ballo ar11 the Ivi lature
suad provide for the numbe ing of tickets and
make such other regulations as may be neces
sary to detect and punish fraud and pre erve
the purity of the ballot box and the Legisla
ture may provide by law for the registration of
aU voter in all cities containing a population of
ten thousand inhabitants or more
see i That tli Governor of this State shall
i ue his proclamation an ection to
be held on the Tuesday n August A V
1 sl on this amendment m ntco tiance Nvith
article IT section 1 of the OouNtuuiLm and
tlioo voting tor the adoption of this amend
ment shall hae written or printed or their
ballots the words -For the amendment to sec
tion 1 article 6 of the Constitution relatics to
voting and tlio e voting against the adoption
of said amendment have written or
p intedon tleir oaliots the wercs Acinstth
amendment to section 1 article 6 of the Coast i
tition relating to Noting
Joint ff solution No 19 to amend Section f
Article of tbe Con titution of the state 01
Section 1 re it resolved by the Legislature
of the Mate of Texas That section 1 article T
of the Constitution of tle Stae of Texas be so
amended as to hen aft Tread as follows
The prlrclpil of all bonds ami ottii r mnds
and the principal arising from the sale of the
lauds hereinbefore set aprt to ud school
fund shall 00 the permanent sthool fund and
all the interest derivable therefrom aid tho
taes herein authorizi d and leN nd hall be the
aNailable school lund to NNhich the IugiMiture
may add not exceeding oao per cent annually of
the total Nalnc of the permanent school fund
such Nalue to be ascertained by tn Hoard of
Vducation until otherwise uiONided bv law and
theaNaP ible school fund shall b applied annu
ally 10 the support OE tne publu frc mvoo
And no law shall eNer be enacted annropr atm
any pirt of the permanent or aNailab1 school
fund to any other purpose whatever nor shall
tne same or anj part thereof tNer 00 appropri
ated to or used for the support of any sec u an
school and L aNailable school fund lutein
provided shall lc distributed to th srrtl
counties according to their scholastic popula
tion and applied in such manner as muy be
provided by
Sec Tho foregoing constitutional aateud
ment lul be submitted to a Note of the qual
tieil electors for members of the lav stma of
tho State of Texas on the second Tut cav 111
August ltJl at which election all voters
said proposed anendment shal wruu or ha o
punted on their ballots the Nortis Tor ttif
amendment to stjiiuis article 7 of the
tutionof the State ifcyexa and al Notirs
onnosert to said ameedffifent shall write or lia e
printed on tin ir ballots tlMUNords Against the
amendment to section 5 ajJticU 7 01 The Con- j
stitution 01 tne Matei t vts
lLJlt Xo 1 Jointp sitton anicpil
Section 11 Article 1P1 the Constitution of
the State of Texas I
Section 1 He it enietedey tlieiLccisIatureof
the Mate of Texas That section Itjjrticlaie of
the Constitution of the stateSof TdiwTiai ie
amended so as to hereaer reaivsS JoPtpvs v
Sec 11 All contracts for u CraPjrato of
inieiesi man icn percenmn pc rsuim snail
he deemed Usui lous and the first Mgfcjlature
after this amendment is adopted shaffiioN ide
appropriate pains and penalties to pnyijt the
same but when 110 rate of interest ijifigrccd
upon 1110 ale suau 110c ecc eu sic iicrteamm
per annum jj I
Sec 2 The Governor of thisSateshajl iMJc
his proclamation entering an elr uoion thei
second Tuesday in Aiiu i 1N1 at wluci
tion tne amendment snni ue suonvi
ted for adoption by the nualUed electors of the
sue a Those voting for the adoption of sec
tion 1 shall have written or prinfeaurthtir bal
lots the words ilie am ndment to section
11 artde H of tho Sate Cou utntlm to re
duce rate of interc f and those votimVsigainst
said am ndmeat shad haNi iiWcnorKiiueu
on their ballots Anst tho amendment to
section 11 article lfi oTtthe State Constiration
to reduce rate of interesw y
II J IL No li I loiulfcresolution to amend
Section JO Article 16 offee Constitution of
the State of Texas i
Section 1 lie it resolted njriWc Lccslatnre
of the State of Texas That ftctfoji ti aittcp
of the Con- titutiun n ne Stfce oMtataS be
ami tded so that it shall here anfcr lead as
ye SO Thciegislaturo shall it its first
session enact aAA whereby the qitpjitted Not
ers ol any count JijLtici - pmrittren city
or subdiNiwiRvf a county asimay he
designated by the c
lonntvlinaN un a m
time to time w hetlier
liquors shall beproldb
Si c 1 The foregoing
ssiouers court of said
N vote dete nifr e from
lSi Mle of intoxicating
ithin the prefc nbed
ulmcnt slffill be
submitted to ihequahued i 01 iheJState
011 the Tuesday in flkest A s91
Tliosf fiNoring its adoption shravNo sfritten
or printed 01 their ballots t wtftfi For
local control tho e opposed l Us adoption
shall lme written or printed om tneir ballots
Nrords Against Jocai control V
nate J IL No IB Joint solution to
imien 1 Sections 1 2 a J f 0 7 S ft 12 18 25
and 3 Article 5 ot the Contitutkn of the
State of Texas
He it resolvrd by the Legislature of Sie State
ot Texas That sections 1 2 1 4 i Ul7 S 11
12 16 2T and2Sof ariicle5of the Coiisfjtution
of the State or Texas be so amended as t here
after read as follows
Secfon 1 Thojucliciil power of this stats
shall be n ested in one Supreme Court 111 Courts
of CiNil Appeals in a Court of Criminal Ap
peals in liistnct Courts 111 County Courts in
Commissioners Courts in Courts of Justices nf
the peace and in such otner courts as may be
proNidedbylatN The Criminal District Court
of CalNeston and Harris counties shall continue
with the district jurisdiction and organisation
now existing by law until othcrvise jjrovidcd
by law The Legislature may cstahli h such
other courts as it may dtera necessary and
prescribe jurisdiction anil organisation
tbereof and may eouform the jurisdiction of
the district and other inferior Courts thereto
Sec 2 The Supreme Court shail consist of
a chief justice and two associate justices any
two of whom shall constitute a quorum and
the concurrenc of two judges shall be nc
sary to the decision of a eng No jK rson shall
be eligible to the office of chief justice or asso
ciate justice of the Supreme Court unless he be
at the time of his election a citizen of the
United Statesand of this State and unless he
thall haNe attaiutd the age of thirty years and
shall have been a practicing laivyer or a adge
ot u court or such lawyer and judge together at
least seven Neais Said chief justice and asso
ciate justices shall he elected by the qualilled
voters of the state at a general election shall
hold their offices six years or until tin ir succes
sors are elected and qualified and shall each
receive an annual salary of four thousand dol
lars until otherwise proN ided by lav In case
of a vacancy in the ofticeof Chief Justico of tlie
Supreme Court the GoNernor shall till the
Nacancy until the next gcueral election for
State offti ers and at such ireneral election the
vacancy for tho unexpired term shall
be idled by election by the qualified
voters of the State The judges of the
Supreme Court who may he iu office at
the time this amendment takes effect hal con
tinue in office uttil the expiration of their term
01 ofrtce under the present Constitution and un
til their successors are elected and qualified
Sec a Tho Supremo Court shah have ap
pellate jurisdiction only except as herein speci
fied which shall be coextensive wlh the limits
of the State Its appellate jurisdiction shall
extend to questions of law arising in cases of
which the Courts of Civil Appeals have appel
late juri diction under such restrictions and
regulations as tho Legislature may prescribe
Until otherwise provided by law the appellate
jurisdiction of the Supreme Court shall extend
to questions of law arising in the cases in tho
Courts of Civil Appeals in which th judges of
any Court of Civil Appeals mav dis ictee or
where the several Courts of Civil Appeals may
hold differently on the same question of law or
where a statute of the State isheldNoid Tho
Supreme Court and the justices thereof shall
have power to issue writs of habeas corpus as
may be prescribed by law and under such regu
lations as may be prescribed by laur the said
courts and th justices thereof may issuo the
writs of mandamus procedendo certiorari and
such other writs as may be necessary to enforce
its jurisdiction The Legislature may confer
original jurisdiction on the Supreme Court to
issue writs of quo Nrarranto and mandamus in
such cases as may be specified except as
against the Governor of the State The Su
preme Qourt shall also have power upon affida
vit or otherNvlse as by tho court may be deter
mined to ascrtain such matters of fact as may
be necessary to the proper exercise of its juris
diction The Supreme Court shall sit for the
transaction of business from the first Monday
in October of each year be til the last Saturday
of June in the next year inclusive at the capi
tal of the State The Supremo Court shall ap
point a clerk who shall giv bond in such man
ner as is now or may hereafter be required by
law and ho may hold his office for four years
and shall be subject to removal by said court
for good cause entered of record on the minutes
of said court who shall receive such compensa
tion as the Legislature may provide
Sec 4 The Court of Criminal Appeals
shall consist of three judges any two of whom
shall constitute a quorum and the concurrence
of two judges shall be necessary to a decision
of said court said judges shall have the same
qualifications Bnd recene the same salaries as
the judjes of the Supreme Court They shall
be elected by the qualified voters of the state
at a general election and shall hold then offices
lor tenaof Lx years In case 0 a vacancy
in the office of a judge of the Court of Criminal
Appeals the Governor shall flu such vacancy by
appointment for the unexpired term The
judges of the Court of Appeals vruo mav be in
ofllce t the time when th s amendment takes
effect shall continue m office until the expira
tion of their term of under the present
Constitution and laws as mtt es of Court of
Criminal Appeals
Sec 5 The Court of Criminal Appeals
shall havo appefinto ju iJictui3 coextcnsiie
with the limits of the State in all criminal cases
of w hate rer crade with s ch exceptions and
under such regulations as m y bo prescribed by
law Pie Court of Crimin Appeals and the
jidies thereof shall have the powerto issue the
writ of habeas corpus and uuuer such regula
tions as may be prescribed bv law issue such
writs as may be necessary to nforce its own
jurisdiction The court o rim ual Appeals
shall hat e power upon affidavit orothervi e to
ascertain such mailers 01 fct as ia v be neces
sary to the exercise of its juiiMlietcrn The
Court of Crimira Appeals shall sit for the
transaction of business from the nrst llondav
in October to the last Saturday of Ju e 11 each
year at the State Capital and two other places
or the capital ctv it the Legislature shall
hereafter so proNiae The Court of Criminal
Appeals shall appoint a clerk for rch pice at
which it may sit and each clerl shall cue bond
11 such manner as is now or may a -realtor be
required by law and who sha I hold his office
for four years unle s sooner removed bv the
court torgood entertacf record 011 tne
minutes of -aid court
sec t Ihe Lecislaturo shall as soon as
practicable alter the auoption of tais amend
ment dlNicle the State into not less than
or more than tbreo supreme judicial dM icts
and thereafter into such additional d sti cts as
tle increase of populaon aid mav
require and suail establish 3 Court of Civil
Apreals in each o said districts which shail
consist of a cuef justice and two aseociteus
tfces who shall haNe the quahtications as
heiein prescnied for justices of tne supreme
lour said Court of t lvil Appeals shall haNe
appellate jurisdiction coextensiNe with the
limits of their respective districts which shall
extend to aTI iilia is of which the Disirct
Courts or Countv cvurts have original cr ap
pellate jurisdiction under such restrictions
and regulations is mav be prescr oel by law
1 rovtdt d that the dccisi n o said courts shall
be conclusiNe oa ail iiu stioris of fact brought
liOfore them on apoc i of fr E ih of said
Courts of Cf Nil Appeals shad old ts sessions
at a place n Us distnct to be designated oy
tiie Legislature and at sinh time as mav bo
prescribed by law said justices sliail he
elected by the qualuied Noters ot their
me districts at a 1 Wlun foni term
of six years and shad rcceiiH tor tl eir
tiie sum 01 three thousaud aial 1no hun
dred dollars p r aan ai uiul otherwise pro
Ntded by law sod courts shall bne such
qther jur sdictio oreiial and appellate as
reiy be bv law ni liCourt of Cinl
Appeals shall appoint r cleric in the same man
nuits the clerl of tLe Suprtiae tourt which
si eh eoirqv sion as liny
be tlXCul bv Lutl the ore miation of tho
courtcWt N 1 Appasauu Crin pal ApjMjais as
herein pro iu d for tt e v--on n povcrand
and lot at on oft he me Court
iiie cjourrsA i ais aui u c
Appeals Vai eont -e is y n re l ore
adoption otsis amendment VI c nii casr
n Inch may basiend c - of Apr
snail assonntia prui u arcr fe op
tion of the t GurHLof Cnil Anpe ils ne cerLed
taartdthe then of ansiritted ttlie
proper Con1 ofVfo 1 Appt 1 io ho illd d
said Ccur s at thrs LTsi st ssion of jpe su
preme Court he CourtsSuf CnuiiuUpppels
and such of tie Courts oftttii jMr Nppeas
wlucn may t e hereafter crwwirundi r tlus
atjicieaiter te i rst eteition of iiie jutges nf
such courts under tins amendment The terms
ef otice of the judges of each court shall be
divjded into three- classes and the justices
thereof shall dnw for the uiIenut classes
Those Nvho shall draw class No 1 shall hold
their offices two years tlio e diaw ng class No
2 snail hold their s for four ears and
those who may draw class No 3 shall hold their
ollces for six jears fiom tue date o aer elec
tion and untiitheir suctessors are elected and
qtialitieii and thereafter each of the said judges
Mial fold his oilice or sx jears as proNided
in thst onsMtution
Sec- 7 The State shall be diNided into as
jaanN judicial districts as may now or hereafter
lrtj pro teed by which mav be inreased or
Cim nished In law For each district there
shal be elected oy the qualilicd Noters thertof
at a general election a judge wro shall boa
citizen of the United States and of this state
who shall haNe bicu a practicing law jrr of this
Stte or a judge cf a court n this state for four
y ars next preceding his diction v ho shall
Iuno resided 111 tV district in which he was
elecied for two y ars next preceding his elec
tion who shall reside in 1 is district uurng his
ti rm of office who shall hold his ofrtce for the
period of four years and shall recriNe for his
sen U3S an annual salary of two thousand Hno
hundred dollars until othcrwiso changed by
law IIo shall hold the regular terns of his
court t the county seat of each countv in ins
district at least tvue in each Near in such man
ner as may be prescribed bv law The legisla
ture shall haNopover by ireneral or spciai laws
to authorise the holding of special terms of the
court or the holding cf more tliati two terms in
any county for the di patch 01 business The
Legislature shall also proe ide for the holding of
district court when the thereof is absent
or is from any cause disabled or disqualified
from presiding ine district junges who may
be in office when this amendment takes effect
shall hold their otllces until their respectivo
terms shall expire uuder their present election
or appointment
Sec Si The Distnct Court shall haNe origi
nal jurisdiction in all criminal cases 0i the grade
or felony in all suits in bt half of tho State to
lecoNer penalties lorfeituies and escheats of
allcasesof drorce 01 allmisdemfanorsmNolv
iug official misconduct of all suits to recover
damages for defamation of character
of all suits for irialottnletolandandforttcen
foreementof liens thereon of all suits for tho
trial of the right of property leNicd upon by
virtue of anv writ of execution sequestration
or attachment when the propcrtyleNiedonshall
be equal to or exceed in Nalue lue hundred
dollars ot all salt complauts or pleas
whatetcr without regard to any distinction be
tween law nud equity when tho matter in con
troversy shall he Nalued at or amuuut to tne
hundred dollar cxclu iNe of interest of con
tested elections and said court and tho judges
thereof shall have power to issue writs of h ibeas
corpus mandamus injunction nnd certiorari
amlall writs nece scrv to enforce their
dicnop The District Court shall haveappeliate
Jurisdiction and ecicral control Pi probata mat
ters oNcr the Coi aty Court established in each
county for appointin r guardians granting let
ters testamentary and of administration pro
bating wills for settling the accounts of execu
tors administrators and guardians and for
the transaction of all business appertaining to
estates and original jurisdiction and general
contiol over executors administrators guar
dians and minors under such regulations as
may be prescribed by law The District Court
shall baNC appellate jurisdiction and gcreral
supert isory control ONcr the County Commis
sioners Court with such exceptions nnd under
such regulations as mav be prescribed by law
and shall have general original jurisdiction over
all causes of action NThateNe r for whicha remedy
or jurisdiction is not provided by law or this
Constitution and such other jurisdiction origi
nal and upiellate as mav Lt provided by
Sec II No judge shall sit in any case
wherein he may be interested or when cither
ol the parties may be connected with him either
by affimity or consanguinity w thin such a de
gree as mav bo prescribed by law or when he
shall have been counsel in tho case When the
Supreme Court thtCourt of Criminal
the Court ol CiNil Appeals orany member cf
either shall oe thus disqualified to hear and
determine any case or eases in aid court the
same shall bn certified to the GoNernor of the
State who shall immediattly commission the
requisite number of per ons learned in the law
for the trial and determination of such causo
or causes V lien a judge of the District Court
Isdisqualifled byany of the causes above stated
tho parties may by consent appoint a proper
person to try said case or upon tticir failing to
do so a competent person may be appointed to
try the same in tho count- where it is pending
in such manner as may be prescribed by law
And the district judges may exchange districts
or hold court for each other w hen they may
deem it expedient and shall eo so when re
quired by law This di qualiUcation of judges
of inferior tribunals shall be remedied and va
cancies in their oltlces filled as may he pre
scribed by law
Sec 12 All judges of courts of this State
by y irtue of their office be conservators of the
peace throughout the state The style of all
writs and processes jii te The State of
Texas All preseaitious shall be carried on
in the name and by authority of the State of
Texas and shall conclude Against the peace
and dignitvof the State
Sec Id The countv Court shall have orig
inal jurisdiction of all misdemeanors of which
exclusive original jurisdiction is not given to
the Justices Court as the same is now or may
hereafter be prescribed by law and Nvhen the
line to be imposed shall exceed 210 and thev
shall have exclusive jurisdiction in all civil
cases w hen the matter in controversy shall ex
ceed in value and not exceed S7XJ exclusit e
of interest and concurrent jurisdiction with
the District Court when the matter In contro
versy shall exceed itj and not exceed SIcijO ex
clusive of interest but shall not have Jurisdic
tion of suits for the recovery of land They
shall have appellate jurisdiction in cases civil
and criminal ot Nvhich Justices Courts have
original jurisdiction but of such civil cases
only w hen the judgment of the court appealed
from shall exceed soo exclusii e of costs under
such regulations as may be prescribed by law
In all appeals from Justices Court there shall
be a trial de novo in the County Court and
appeals may be prosecuted from the final judg
ment rendered in such cases by the County
Court as well as all cases civil and criminal of
which the County Court has exclusive or con
current or original jurisdiction of civil appeals
iu civil cases to the Court of Civil Appeals and
in such criminal cases to the Court of
Criminal Appeals with such exceptions and
under such regulattcns as may be pre
icrihcd by law TkefowUS Court shall havo
4 J
a -- - m
cniifiMw gcvTorJfucn
the general jurisdic ion of a Prrtate Court
the sti 11 appoint e iarit ans of
minors uits lun itics jx rsous ion ompc
inentis inl common drunkards gran let r
tt starcentarv and of administration - te
counts e 1 s
ti iiveaseu persons m inr a -Hi
s p tons nnn comics ii -
common drunkard- including me
partition pnd eistnbution of estates of deci a eu
persons ana to appn nttce minors as prm uta
bv law and the County Court or judge there
shall hav iower to vrrits of mui t
mandaiuiis ami al ris necessary lu tne in
fonement of t ie urisdntion of d 1 n
to issuo writs of n nwjs corpus m
offense c lianr a th juri i -
the Coauty couit or anv other court 01 c jj -
inferior to said 101 r The CountN C t
not have crmmil junsucToii 11 1 i 10
where there is a crniual Dstret evui
less expressly contcrred bv la a a d 1 -counties
appealsfnmi Justices Com and- i
infer or courts ard in cr n 1 a - -shall
be f o the Cnmiiil District elurf un1
such regalattonsa uiavbe a
and mail siieh casts an appeal sha r
si eh I strict Couit - the Court 01 a
Appeals When the judge of the C 1 o
Is disqualified u any ca pen l -
County Court the parties lrteresicil 11 v
consent appoint a proper person o s
case orupon their laumg to do so -a - fip
person may be appointed to trv tl e
county win re t is peidn r in -nil ui
may be prescribed by aw
Sec 2T 1 The Supi nie Coir sii
powerto raaceand establish rales of iks f 1
not 1rconsist1nt with the laivso ih
the gONi rnment of said court nrd Vie
court - of this state to cxpeduue in- u ul
of Bu nt sS then 11
Sil 2s Vacanies in the office of 1- s
of the Supreme Court the Court of e r u a
Appeals the Court of CiNil Appeals ai a 11
rct Cot rts shall he tiled bv the i uii r or
the next suctcedng general elect v -
Nacaiices m the oatce of countv pa e 1
ticcs eif the pe ice shill b filled be th 1 1 -tier
sioners Court until tne uextgent an m u
sec 2l The forecoing const
amendment shall be submitted to a vote- 1
ip lined electors 01 the stateatam inn
be Uriel throughout the Slate on tsr s
Tuesday in August A D isji at wti i 1 e
tion all Noters laNoring said pritu 1
amendment shall wine er haNe u x
on their lxilots the words f
amendment to artce 6 of the 1 or 1
tion relatirg to the judicial aid
those ojipostd hall write or hav - priM 1 u
their balots the woreis -Against 11 1
ment to Article of the Coustitut on n r 5
sec The Governor of the s
hereby it reeled to issue the neci ar i
niafon far election and laeii -1 -published
a- require by the Cov il
existing laws of the State
And whereas the state Constitution r i
the publication of any proposed ami In - -
s aid instrument once a week for fm r wi 1 1
commencing at least three months tn 0 -
elei t o l
And whereas ach of s jci Joint llesoi nr
nquires the Governor to issue his prni lauiat
ordering an t lecton for the suoiuissni i of a
Jo nt Itesoltitions to the qualitli d - t tors e-
this State tor tli ir adoption or un tin
second Tiie siia In August A D un
will he the eleienth day of said monii
Now tin n fore 1 J S Hogg c oMrn r
Ti xas 111 u 1 ordance with tin- proNs
said Joint Kesolutions and bv the amir
Nisicd in me bN the Constitution md ia 0
this state do h re bN issue this nN p n n
tion ordering that an election a- re i a
said Joint Kesolutions bo held e i cav
dt situated then 111 to wit
On Tne sday the Illh lav or August I
in the seNeral counties of this Sttte Tr
adoption or rej of said seNtral r opi - -amendments
to the Constitution of tin M
ol Texas
Saul election shall be held at tie sin
polling places of the election pre 1 s t
counties of this state and will be
dueled bN the ottU eis holding the same in
formitvwith the Inn of this -stale and 11
cordauce with the proNisions of this p a
m it 1011
In testimony whereof I hereto mv
and cause the seal of state 1 -e
L S atttxed at the city of AUstn ia a Jvu
day 01 April A D ls91
J S HtlCi
GoNeiuur o I- s
Rv the Governor
sccretaiy of state
Suffer from Incarceration iu Northern
Prisons ixtract from a Sol
tilers Letter
Lditor of the Gazette
Dear Sir What have we left as our u
heritance Our honor integnU ami h s
tory when the old Confederate soldier laid
down his arms on tiie tield of honor and te
tired slowly but sadly to tho place once
his happy home only to find nothing but
ashes and chaos he set about to rebuild his
fortuno so rutlilcssly destroyed by tho in
vader witli ait abiding faith that tho
affair of honor was settled and while ho
and his comrades wore toiling for bread
anil raiment and while the old Federal
soldiers of tho tented fields war NVOrn battle-scarred
was testing from his labors
vultures and were busv at
work plundering the last testigo lett u i
without merey or remorse of conscience
We have our testimony left us and our ba
hate been forged into pen points and
this is our weapon of defense against those
unmitigated camvfollONver 4 who wouid
dare to tamper with unteinpored mortar
TjCt auof those of the MirviNors place
themselves on record ere we pass over thw
river and give the trutli as we suv it It
is all we have left of our inheritance and it
cannot be called treason or rebel to
pen tho facts ami repel tiieir false msinui
tions If it is so 1 msidered then let them
make the most of it
It is not the purpose- of the artu les on
Kating IJas to stir up strife- or op n t 10
old sores or get up sectional feeling or o
show a want of a proper appreciation of o it
common country or its laws but to susta a
the sacred prim ipio of truth that the 1111
partial historian may have the facts to
gather his points to compile a fair truthf 1
and impartial history or that cruel struggle
Tpstimon5 is constantly coming in ten
rying my statements mvVnore starting
tho public generally know I can
state that the letters from eye witnesses ui
my possession would t iake Cncle Sam s
brazen face blush ami tho Goddess of Lib
orfy Nvcep and thev aro from good men ana
good citizens who are indorsed b a
amount of on idence as to n eraeit j
I desire to state that anv of our old so
who will write me fully tlunr op
riencc in Northern prisons 1 will carefu
keep them preserved and as often as I n
tinda paper of rcnerous attitude enough t
publish extracts to have them do it ami
keep the same for future record Thanking
The GsZtTTE for its generosit a a
courtesy very sincerely ours
I T M Smitit
Hxtract of letter from C N Capenter
Coperas Cove Tex I saw men fretve to
death in the Nvintor of isS Of M feet areje
f rost bittrn I Nvas captured at lettysburg
in OIL weighed in Baltimore on my wav to
prison 212 pounds Nvas let loose the 14th of
June Ib0 1 weighed in Philadelphia eght
seven pounds not sick but starNaicu
I nctcr eat rat or dog bi 5
it was because I could not get the article i
saw men die of starvation and cold freeze
to death besging for something to eat as
long as they had breath to talk Can give
address of others who Nviil corroborate an
this Mr G belonged to Company 1
Fifteenth Alabama Volunteers SitoneNvall s
corps and states further that -the half
has not been told C N l
jTrs K 77 Saunders or Decatur Want
Legal Separation from 1 O Saunders
Special to the Gazette
Decatcr Tt x May C Mrs U U
Saunders has instituted suit against he
husband P O Saunders for a divorce and
has sued out a writ of injunction restraining
him from taking charge of or controluuir
their children anil esjiecialiy their son
Elsworth yvho resides with Ids father ui
Dallas during the pendency of said sui
Mrs Lucinda Thornhill was adjudged a
lunatioby Judge Johnson yesterday and
will be taken to the Nortli Texas insana
asylum at Terrell this evening by Sheriff
l -
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r A -
ers caswrja

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