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l 94
lit pull sweet main anil let will who be clever
1 ii lle things nut iheum tlicm 4lidui lunjr
Ana nuU life di ath and that vast foreer
ue grand s evt ong
On Tuesday delegates from other states
iiml different sections of Texas will meet in
loi t Worth to devise plans for a worthy
exhibit in all departments of the wonderful
ii iiirces of tliis state Among the mem
lu i - assembled there will be a number of
lad its and it devolves upon the women of
tin- city to eo to it that their reception is
ln irtv and worthy The committees have
Hppcaled to the ladies to assist iu the floral
8 -ration of the opera house and also to
u ho can entertain delegates to scud in
u ir names the numlier of their residence
tmu how many guests they will receive
This convention is an important one and
IV mora effect of a cordial reception of
i - delegates will lie wide spread
flic woman managers of the womans
of the Columbian exposition arc
Moving on methodically aud showing line
business tact It is true Miss Cousins as
created a little ripple that has
afforded some fun for parapraphcrs but as
men in their official capacities are not al
v i s cither dipnilied or right in their
efforts to establish their authority the
i ii U just conclusion in thL as it Is in many
ithcr instances is that to err is human
leminine Mrs Palmer in this affair
1 i shown her usual dignity aud the work
- not retarded by the eccentricity of Miss
i ins t is to be hoped that the ladies
v Texas will thoroughly appreciate the op
p i i unity presented aud by their Irilueuec
iiml fforts so supplement the efforts of the
that not only in the womans ex
hibit but in each depjrtment Texas may
bear off the honors at Chicaero
The last few years have been marked by
cfloits to modify the hard condition of
x orkiug women Too often well meant
ors have been thwarted by the workers
themselves who from incompetency or a
x ant of harmonious concerted action have
frustrated well designed plans for their
emancipation A comparatively new in
dustry and one that has grown most rap
lii is typewriting It is calculated that
there are now in New York and Brooklyn
no less than 0000 typewriters So great a
number naturally begets sharp cometition
and low prices for this kind of labor This
ha led to an organization that has not so
much for its object the increase of wages as
the design to raise the standard of work
raid to provide employment in good places
fir those who are competent The ques
tion of competency will bo decided by a
ionl of directors and the name of the
ssf ul applicant registered In this xvay
I l sous wishing to secure good service can
obtain skilled typewriters and tho rate of
v ages will be justly fixed It is a matter to
be deplored that neither the common school
nor the business college turn out girls who
can spell correctly puntcuato accurately
crhavemore than a vague idea of the proper
uses of a capital letter while the operator
herself knows little of English save as
she is spoke Women typewrit
ers like women typo setters should
be paid the same as men and
an organization that fixes a common stand
ard of excellence in work is tho agent to
fix a common standard in the amount of pay
for that work If women are striving for
equality in one part of the labor field they
must indicate their claim by showing an
equality in other parts This is not hard
ship but simple justice xvomen can
and ought to bo as efficient stenographers
edited r 3in m it waltos
XiTirc Ail communication1
to Mr M K W AlToN Tort Worth Tel
davohtei or tiii king
A crown of royalty rests on thy brow
A to thoughts hijrh beautiful ond pure
1k h with purposes of kindly ded
id love lhat shall beyond all time endure
An rmplr at it is thy lot to rule
A that throuph eternity shall lest
1 jiv present ta l to learn in times brief school
Mow let to live when all it hour- are passed
Kuir ihv Tathr j doth each taslaTgn
- nest to at thee for a prince s place
V n He at last fchall bid thee toil r isn
And cloth- the- in thy roval robe- ui nTice
V hat matter if the worl wem mean and luw 1
Then s halt thoa lnow in m e lie t illed it m
Max MAitTfK
in miir
Those are days to dream of babbling
brooks and mossy banks Some one has
id one must be in lovo to enjoy a picnic
Ii lie of course it was a crusty bachelor
u ho spoke meant that only lovers could eng
jo - a day in the woods then heuttered rank
liervsv What so delights ths children as
tno promise of a days outintr under the
cen trees and what Imow they of sih
ib like a furnace The truth is the
it id of nature whatever its years loves to
to nature to read sermons in
rooks and listen to the tale of infinite love
tj h flutterinp leaf unfolds Poets have
e nir of the solemn silences of the deep
wo and philosophers have in shaded
sought to unravel natures mys
i re and many are those who in child
1 kI found rarest pleasure in idly watch
I it t he squirrel to his haunts and the birds
tli love making or in their nest build
luir thus finding thcirhappme s in lying on
Kme grassy slope thinking onaethinglike
onv miffhty men
Not as the cynic intended but true is it
that one must be in love to enjoy a picnic
t is a love that belongs to all and is
to jKculiarto the love making stage but
i hat love which is a bright thread in
lifes tangled web
oodness and cleverness are an excellent
combination and it is a pity that two such
rM ellert are oftencr
l rced than married This is particularly
the rao with woman if the pood Kirl is not
iimby pamby The clever pirl is apt to
1 iv a sjioi iness or the uuorthordox
liaMir If tlie world must choose between
Hi two it is better that the pood prevail
ii if a depraved appetite fail at excess of
t m t The only clever woman is prone to
nutr cutting sarcasms she is apt to disre
e nl anothers feelings and will sacrifice
h r friendship rather than lose an oppor
luuity for a sharp utterance In many
uivstho good woman could nevor adopt
-an be mean unkinil and uniromanly
hence a surfeit of sweet is the lesser evil
A happy mixture is where goodness pre
dominates and cleverness is the salt that
pi vi savor even if it possess a
lmle of the attic quality A bright woman
e u though she Ixj big hearted cannot
and a touch cynicism for she knows this
i d world is a spcroid humbug but she
in 1 am and practice Kingslcys lesson
interdpd for this department should be addressed
and typewriters as are men and they
ought never to be content with a lower
grade of attainment A womans work is
worth mans xvages when she does as effi
cient work
As the years go on there is shown an in
creasing love of display and luxury It is a
part of the price a eople pay for progress
made in civilization and refinement As it
would be most natural to exjieet this ten
dency is more marked in the feminine por
tion of each community Much of tho so
called simplicity of to day is art in its
higher form costing asj does the small pict
ure by Messcnier infinitely more than the
work of the village artist who measures his
canvas by feet and his art attainment by
the gaudiness of his coloring Simplicity
as it appears in a fashionable ladys cos
tuming costs a pretty penny but as fash
ionable women usually have the pretty
pennies it is well that their fancy turns to
sweet smplic ity The many accessories of
the toiiet that are essential to a good ap
pearance are in the main artistic and show
an advance in that daintiness which be
longs with tho true lady There are some
traces of the barbaric in the lavish use of
tinsel and mock jewels and a gleam of sav
agery in the flashing reds and yellows that
are xvorn Still as the summer advances
filmy lace and delicate tinted soft silks
lawns and organdies will supersede these
A paragraph has lately been
going the rounds in which it is alleged that
the Princess of Wales has not changed the
fashion of her bonnet in ten years Now as
the princess has shown some extremely
woman like qualities no one will readily
believe that she clings to one fashion in
hats She may have adopted a style that
she deems becoming but there have been
modifications that a man might fail to dis
cern Women have fads and fancies but
cl in ring to an old bonnet is not ono of them
The bonnet known as Princess is becom
ing to all oval faces but what shall bo said
of this season hat fiat and unmanageable it
stays no where has all manner of indenta
tions and rears its flower or ribbon bedeck
ing at alarming height both rear and front
in order to give tho desired height which
the plateau lacks A very tasteful model
of this shape is of open fancy straw lined
xvith pinl crepe a wreath of green violet
leaves trim the sides there is a full upright
bow of black velvet in front and a duster
of long stemmed Parma violets at the back
The shop windows of some of the princi
pal merchants have shown during the past
week some very exquisite white goods and
other wash material and the verdict of all
the ladies xvho linger about the exhibits is
that they are perfectly lovely Tlio
question of how to make these whito
dresses ginghams and lawns is answered
by a popular modiste xvho says to make
them just as you do your summer silks In
truth there is no reason xvhy tho one should
not be as pretty as the other Aot many
evenings ago there were txvo ladies at the
same entertainment both in pink One in
a pink silk made xvith three narrow rullles
at the foot xvith a bodice made xvith coat
effect xvith a cascade of soft lace forming
the vest and encircling the throat The
other dress xvas of fine pink gingham and
was made almost exactly the same as the
silk Nine out of every ten persons xvould
have pronounced it the prettier of the two
for a dainty corsage bouquet of ferns and
La France roses was xvorn with graceful
A simple fashion for an India silk and
consequently pretty for a lipured lawn is
to have a bodice xvith a short pointed front
and a basque back The front has a yoke
of white embroidery to which the silk is
shirred in a heading the fullness brought
in pleats to a point at the xvaist The
sleeves are full aud drooping xvith deep
close cuffs of embroidery and a ruffle of em
broidery around the armhole a bow of rib
bon on the shoulder bows at the elbow aud
the yoke and at the belted point of the
xvaist The skirt three and one third yards
wide hangs in festoon folds in the front
the remaining fullness being well brought
to the back The back of the basque has
pleal s laid from the neck to the point of the
xvaist line and then the fullness left loose
to ruffle over the skirt tho yoke of embroid
ery extending only across the front or the
The extreme convenience of the jacket is
sutlicicnt excuse for frequent allusion to
pretty fashions in makinp In one of the
most tasteful models the material is polka
dotted India silk the fullness in front is
brought into a space of six inches just
above the bust the point ft a V neck meet
ing it there is a simulated bosom of xvhite
China silk xvith a standing collnr of black
velvet aud a turned back square ended col
lar that broadens from the neck to the line
of fullness and covers the space into which
the silk is pleated The bishop sleeves
stand high on the shoulders and have small
pointed cuffs of velvet The fullness at the
xvaist is confined by a Cleopatra belt
brought to a point in front the skirt ex
tending about eight inches over the hips
The exodus of many ladies xvill soon be
gin as lune is the month of tourists and
those xxho make long journeys and are
necessarily aboard a sleeper for txvo or
three consecutive nights will find a gown of
black xvash silk for night xx ear a comfort
and a blessing They look well do not
xvrinkle and the uninitiated cannot readily
tell xvhether the garment is meant for a
robe do nuit or a tea goxvn so numerous
are its ruffles and frills of lace and xvith all
so dainty
Glancing up from the dull page the writer
sees txvo bonny school girls iu pretty sun
bonnets Is it 3 renaissance If so bless
the resurrectionists The old time sunbon
net xvhat memories it wakens buttercups
and daisies rondel aud sonnet sxveet
Phcebe and gentle Phyllis Such tantaliz
ing glimpses of bright faces and laughing
eyes The wonder is that all school girls
do not xvear them
Fram the schoolgirl to the little one is
easy transitioa and the chat on fashion
xvill close in favor with mamma if there is
given a description of a pretty little slip
for the baby girl The little garment is of
xvhite China silk tho bottom cut in van
dykes prettily feather stitched and falling
overi ruffle of lace five inches wide Above
this there are two rows of inserting joined
to the skirt and each xvith other by narroxv
ribbon ornamented through the center by 4
row of the same stitching The sleeves
are a foil ruffle of the lace and tie yoke is
of inserting in this instance joined by bead
ing the fullness of the skirt is held at the
yoke by tiny pleats each one fastened by
dainty feather stitching The dress is sim
ple and costs tho pretty pehhJ et is
beauty is due in a large measure to the cx
qusite taste and nicety of needlework that
make it tie daintiest of baby garments
Two big frills of chiffon are worn with
China silk gowns
Sleeveless jackets of veh etare xvorn over
blouse xvaists of China silk
Very narrow baby blue ribbons are run
through the lace meshes of guimpes
Black lace capes which reach to the knees
are among the novelties of the season
Small pearl buttons are still used to orna
ment the first short gingham dresses
White cloth sailor caps for boys have
large anchors in gold or broxvn braid on
Cornflower blue is becoming- a popular
color -or house dresses but it requires a
pretty xvoman to xvear it
Traveling ulsters of mohair pongee and
brilllantiue have quite put out of counte
nance the old fashioned linen duster
A new idea for a brides trousseau is to
have the underlinen ornamented with a
monogram in a fac simile of her own haud
A baby girl fashion is the dainty little
frock ol light blue silk smocked and em
broidered in gold with a folded band about
the waist and a little reticule hangingby the
The medici collar has become a part of
every outside garment It does not seem
quite appropriate for summer but fashion
dictates xvithout regard to comfort some
Flounces placed at the foot of a skirt
should be narrow in front ind xvide at tho
backin order not to detract from the height
of the wearer Uufiled pipings are a new
form of decoration effectixe in silk
Little girls are kept in Kato Grecnaway
gowns as long as possible The tine ging
hams or rather zephyrs used for this pur
pose are shorter now iu new shades of por
celain blue and rose pink xvith alternating
stripes of xvhite
Gray combined xvith cream xvhite is still
much favored A stylish costume in this
fashion is made xvith half vest girdle and
broad baud arotnid tho gray skirt of cream
xxhite cloth xvith xery elegant borderinp iu
applique of gold aud silver galloon dotted
with steel nailheads
White lawns are delightful to look upon
with the full waist shirred on cords to
represent a x oke and large rolling collar
aud culls of embroidery Such waists
should be strengthened xvith a facing of the
same material around the arm size and are
cut sufficiently long to tuck under the skirt
Black mulls and fiuo organdies have in
sertions and trimmings of lace xvith col
ored x elvet ribbon Tho figured black
goods are trimmed with black velvet and
colored plastrons of crepe or silk These
gowns are lined xvith taffeta surah or
sateen and the skirts and bodices are made
x ery full
Among other indispensable articles to be
selected for summer are guimpes to be xvorn
xvith the low neck dresses Some of these
are so dainty aud tine they cost quite as
much as the dress itself The prettiest
guimpes this season hax o round yokes
composed of narrow insertion of Valenci
ennes held together xvith narrow headings
Plaid ginghams are still cut bias but are
Imo wn not to wash xvell The ireneral plan
for a girl s tringham dress is to have- a full
round surplice or yoke xvaist A pointed
yoke of embroidery is seen on many of the
store gowns cuffs and collars are also of
tho same Some of these skirts are made
four yards xvide xvith a six inch hem and
sexeral rows of gathers at waist In sec
tion baud aud belts also bows of xclvet rib
bon are found as trimmings
Housekeeping deserves to be called an
art and Jeannie Deanes sounded the key
note in her answer to Capt Duncan Knock
The reader of Heart o Midlothian xvill
remember her response to his remark that
the fairies must help her for the house xvas
always clean iu xvhich she modestly said
Much might be done by timing ones
turn The secret certainly lies in perfect
system the tuning ones turn arranging
the routine xvorl so that days and times in
each xveek are devoted to the certain
things thus escaping that confusion best
expressed by tho old time word higgeldy
piggeldy The perfect housekeeper be
gins with herself she learns to conceal
effort and to shun spasmodic action she is
never uncomfortably nice but to enter her
house is to feel the rest fulness that comes
only by dwelling in a well ordered home
Tho xvoman xvho is mistress of herself man
ages her servants with ease even an indif
ferent servant can be made more useful
xvhen she knows the routine of the xvork
and that she is not to be called off for unim
portant jobs or for trivial errands It is
also true that xvhen a servant in the begin
ning thoroughly understands her duties
and is made to comprehend that
system is the rule she x ill all the more
readily accept duties that may bo disagree
able xvhen these come in the regular order
than if they were thrust upon her unex
pectedly or at inconvenient times Work
laid doxvn is not easily picked up if no
other harm is done the interest is destroyed
aud the ambition to accomplish it checked
A systematic housekeeper xvill provide for
the comfort of those in her employ this
xvill be a part of her system and she will
regulate as far as is jiossible their times of
reereatiou By doing this she will show to
her servants that she is a gentle woman
and there xvill be no occasion for those airs
of arrogance xvhich mark the parvenu aud
not the well bred xvoman
Again in a household that moves
methodically there xvill seldom if ever
arise those uufortunato contretemps xvhich
annoy a husband and often the unexpected
guest Thy rhythm of the xvell organized
home presided ever by the sxveet dignity of
the adept in housekeeping art will flow
on undisturbed as if indeed the good fairies
were in league xvith the charming mistress
and no discordant measure could mar its
loving harmony
To stings of insects apply sod3 moistened
or tobacco
Rub sauces smooth with the back cf the
spoon not with the tip
Mix pepper in with flour used for thick
ening sauces instead of adding afterxvard
To restore strong ham to its original
freshness slice and soak over night in milk
sxveet or sour
It is a fact worth remembering that per
sons afflicted xvith acidity of the stomach
should not indulge in cold drinks
In purchasing canned poods it is a safii
rule to observe xvhether the head of the can
is concave a bulging appearance being indi
cative of decomposition
French cooks powder parseley by chop
ping it and then twisting it in a towel
xvhich leaves it dry it is then used for
sprinkling over dishes a3 a garnish
When meat is to bo boiled be sure and
put it into boiling water to start with as
that closes the pores instantly and keeps
the goodness in the meat WTien boiling it
for soup or bouillon put it into cold xvater
and bring it to a boiling heat as slowly as
possible for in this case the object is to ex
tract th strength and soodneis Iron tho
neat instead of keopiag it in
Tho following will be found z welcome
change from moat soups Three pints of
milk twelvo large potatoes a tablespoonful
of butter txvo onions salt and pepper to
taste Let all simmer not boil for two
hours then rub through a fine hair sieve
Serve with nicely browned toast cut in bitst
the size of dice a
Matting should never be soaped Take it
up sweep aad dust it well on both sidesc
then wipe it xvith a clean cloth wrung out
in salt and xvater rubbing it dry xx ith tho
other hand as you go on or at any rate as
quickly as you can so that it may retain
none of the moisture The samo remark
applies to the cleaning of xvickerxvork
Lemon sauce Six tablespoonfuls of pow
dered sugar two tablespoonfuls of butter
and one tablespoonful of lemon juice beaten
until smooth
Gravy on meat pies When making pics
of chicken veal oysters or clams take
some of tho liquor in which they were
boiled thicken xvith flour season with salt
and pepper turn out tho pie xvhen baked
on a large platter and pour the gravy over
Pastry for one pie One heaping eup
pastry flour two teaspoons lard one tea
spoon baking powder ono teasDoou salt
Sift flour salt and baking poxvder together
Rub and chop in shortening make quite
stiff xvith cold water one quarter cup or
Hermit cakes One half cup butter one
and one half cups sugar one cup currants
three eggs one teaspoon of all kinds of
spices one half teaspoon soda dissolxcd in
a tablespoon of xxater flour enough to roll
Roll thin and cut xvith a cooky cutter
Keep in a xvell covered ar
To bake eggs butter a dish and cover it
with tine bread crumbs On these break
the eggs carefully until the dish is covered
Dust tho eggs xvith pepper and salt put a
bit of butter on the top of each and bake in
a hot oven until the white is firm Ten
minutes is an axerage time
Tomato soup One quart of tomatoes or a
two pound can of tomatoes to xvhich add
one quart of xvater one half of a small
onion sliced a piece of butter tho size of a
hens eg in xvhich rub a large tablespoon
ful of flour and boil slowly one hour Just
before serving strain the soup and add ono
pint of scalded milk
Creamed lobster Boil a good heavy lob
ster open and cut it into pieces about one
inch square Make a cream sauce same as
for tho spaghetti add the lobster season
xvith a half teaspoonful of salt dash of
cayenne and ten drops of onion juice When
ready to serve fill the cups place them in a
pretty little dish or saucer and serve
Steam corned bread Put two cups of
corumea into a bowl add a teaspoonful of
xvarm water add to it half cup of molasses
Add this to the cornmeal and then ada suf
ficient sour milk not quite a pint to make
the batter so that it xvill drop from the
spoon Put this into a well greased mold
Put on the lid and steam it for four hours
then remoTO tho lid and bake it for thirty
Macatoni Break macaroni into inch
lengths Boil it fast in salted boiling xvater
for fifteen minutes Butter a baking dish
and arrange the macaroni in it in layers
dotting each layer xvith bits of butter and
sprinkling it with pepper and a trifle of
ground mustard Over each layer sprinkle a
tablespoonful of grated cheese preferably
English Use txvo tablespoonfuls for the
upper layer Pour a cun of milk over the
xvhole and bake txveuty minutes in a hot
Plain omelette Break six eggs into a
bowl beat them very light and add six ta
blespoonfuls of hot xvater Have an iron
saucepan about eight inches in diameter
hot and melt iu one tablesoonful of but
ter Pour in the eggs and shake the sauce
pan vigorously untif the mixture thickens
Let it stand a minute or txvo to brown run
a knife around the sides of the saucepan
and double it over Slip it into a hot dish
and serve immediately Just beforo fold
ing it sprinkle half a teaspoonful of salt
over the top of the omelette
The Dutchess of Connaught is a colonel in
the German army All of the xvomen of the
Hoheuzollern family in faet have titular
rank in tho army
The Rex- Lydia Sexton of Rockport N
J is now niuety txxo years old and has
been preaching as a minister of the Unity
Brethren for forty nine years
Mrs Martha J Lamb editor of the Amer
ican Magazine of History is a member of
txvcnty ttve historical and learned societies
in Europe and the United States
Miss Kingsley daughter of Charles Kings
ley has been awarded the decoration of the
French academic palms xvith the grade of
Officer of tho Academy for her valua
ble xvritiugs upon French art
The somewhat startling intelligence comes
to us from London that Mrs Arthur Abbot
of the Lady guide association is about to
organize a society for the employment of
gentlewomen in the making of cigarettes
One of tho finest artists of the day in
Spain is a xvoman Mine Anselma Lacroix
She has a studio in Paris and the xvork of
her brush Ls said to bo so admirable as to
placo her at tho head of the xvomen artists
of the present decade
Mrs B A Lincoln was invited to read a
paper before the Farmers institute re
cently held at Putnam Conn by the state
board of agriculture It xvas the first time
that a xvoman had spoken at such an insti
tute iu Connecticut
Seven young xvomen recently entered the
civil service examination for positions in
the Xexv York postoffice They distanced
all the male competitors received the high
est marks and wero appointed to the vacan
cies in the money order department
The most distinguished literary woman
in Roma is the Countess Lovatclli who
lives in a palace at St Angelo Situ is a
handsome xvoman tall slender pale and al
ways richly dressed Sho is about forty
five years old and no one doubts her erudi
tion She is the only xvoman member of
the German archaeological society
Among unique doings of xvomen in Amer
ica xvhich find their way to the press one
reads of Miss Lizzie Reagan of Binning
lam Conn the first xvoman member of a
fire department of two deaf mute sisters
in Texas xvho edit a nexvspaper Miss Kate
Chute tho first traveling saleswoman for a
shoe house Miss Cora V Diehl recorder
of deeds for Logau county Oklahoma and
Miss H S Gould of Georgia ose of the
EJaiinstanieEts in tea creation of the
Covington and Macon railroad
Missfclare Do Grafenreid who won tho
first pjjze in the American economic as
sociations contest for essays on the subject
of woen xvage earners occupies a unique
place in tho Washington department of
labor It has been her work for the past
wo omhree years to gather up statistics
raong working xvomen relative to their
ours of work kind of labor and amounts
arned and saved which it xvould have
been imjiossible for anyone but a xvoman
of infinite tact to obtain
In addition to the proposed statue of
Queen Isabella to lie sent to the Worlds
fair for xvhich Harriet Hostner has been
engaged as sculptress there xvill also be a
statue of tho typical xvoman philanthropist
and a bust of the typical xvoman reformer
The typical woman philanthropist has been
chosen ia the person of the founder of the
school of desipn in the United States Mis
Mary M Hamilton Schuyler better known
in the art world by her maiden name Mary
Hamilton The typical xvoman reformer
xvill be represented by a bust of Miss Susan
B Anthony a plaster modol of xvhich was
made some time ago by Mr Hartley
Throwing Kiee
Throwing rice after a departing bridal
pair is a custom as old as popular A pleas
ant fashion has been for a little time in
vogue of inclosing small portions of rice in
bags made of Japanese erepo paper and
pxssing these to the guests When the
couple are leaving the house these are
lightly throxvn tho paper breaks and a
small shoxver of rice is scattered in a much
more agreeablo fashion than by the old
method7 The bags can be made quite
ornamental If it is to be a pink xx edding
delicate pink crepe paper tied with tiny
pink or white ribbon can be used or the
bags may be tied xvith two colors and
passed around iu wide shallow baskets
which should be tied with a handsome bow
of satin ribbon Xew York Ledger
A Titled Amateur
The Princess of Wales xvho is an exo
rienced photographer has sent a large
selection of her best productions to the
great international exhibition to be opened
next mouth in Vienna under the patronage
of a fashionable club of amateur photog
raphers presided over by the Archduchess
Maria Theresa New York Press
Truo riillanthropr
A New York philanthropist has sub
scrilicd G00O to bo used in establishing a
kitchen xvhere women may learn the art of
economy in cooking In order to insuro
that the kitchen shall accomplish xvhat it is
intended it will be stocked xvith Atkinson
ovens by xvhich half the cost of food may
be sax ed while at tho same time palata
bility is insured
The Woman Who rieasc
She knows just how to talk to all kinds
and conditions of men was the recom
mendation given for a bright xvoman xvho
makes her living as much by her ability to
please as by her actual labors
Seeing that woman afterxvard and ob
serving her closely one could not but be
impressed xvith tho truth of xvhat had been
said She xas gay xvith the gay siient
when any one elso xvanted to talk talkatixC
with the shy always good tempered never
too animated and nexer never visibly in
pain nor in tears She xvas always charm
ing bright sympathetic and sweet Sho
xxas witty too but not terribly so She
kept her xvit to illumine conversation and
to lighten dull spirits not to burn hearts
nor scorch sensitive feeling Everybody
xvert from her presence feeling comfortable
in spirit and xvith reasonably satisfied
She xvas a peacemaker and a courage
strengthener There are txvo or three
doen of such xvomen in the xvorld and
xvhen you find one she xvill tell you that it
is almost impossible for her to get an even
ing to herself because so many dear kind
friends are apt to drop in of an evening
And she xvill add Im glad its so fori
should not be able to get through the day
without tho prospect of these pleasant
evenings I wish the days might be all
evenings xvith a timetable that never crept
beyond the limits of 8 to 11 p m Now
York World
Physical Culture
A gymnasium is not iudispensablo to suc
cess in physical culture Nor is it neces
sary to belong to a class to make the exer
cise profitable One set of trunk move
ments very desirable and can bo done
alone is to place the feet a short distance
apart and without moving the legs to bend
the body to the left right forward and
baekxvard keeping the head entirely erect
Core should bo taken iu bending forward
to have the eyes dhected toward the ceil
ing so that the best results may bo gained
from the exercise also in bending baek
xvard the chest should be lifted and the
head should lie thrown back to form an
arch to obviate the making of the bend in
the small of tho back xvhich is both pain
ful and dangerous Head flexions increase
the plumpness about the neck Shoulder
blade flexions increase the muscles of the
arm kneo flexions are especially good ex
ercises for acquiring grace in sitting or
rising One cf these consists of rising on
the toes and bending the knees allowing
the body to fall perpendicular while the
hands aro placed on the hips are out
stretched or extended aloft Brooklyn
Striking at the Root
A New York working girl writes If the
rich church and society ladies of this and
other large cities really desire to better tho
condition of the xvorking girl they can do so
without going to the expense of organizing
and maintaining clubs societies and
leagues Let thera talk to the girls at
church introduce them to people help them
to get situations xvhen they are idle extend
small loans to them give them refer
ences and letters of introduction Let them
invite the xvorking girl to their
church sociables church teas and
literary societies Let them open their
dining rooms occasionally and give the xv
p a supper and xvhen she calls on her di
rect the servant to admit her into the par
lor She xvont run off xvith the furniture
or portieres Besides its such bad form to
leave a friend standing in the vestibule
These are a few of the direct benefits that
might accrue from real interest in the xv g
If the real truth were knoxvn it is to these
would be reformers politically industri
ally socially aud morally that some of tho
most heartfelt and unjust cruellies suffered
by the w g are due This is my experi
ence others may havo a different one
Vernon Tex March 21 1S9I
The Democrat Pub Co Fort Worth Tex -0
UENT1EJ11S N mt maciiine came an u is it is a goou one somujBiKgwnr
than xvas looked for at so small a price It is just as good asnigMJi58neaiil
looks better to day and does just as good work as any matfSTBanks for the
bargain in it Good luck to Tin Gazette RespeSydurs
Ttox 63 Vernon Tex March 23 1891
Democrat Publishing CacgwSrlfvvorth Tex
Gentlemen 4 High Arm premium sewing machine was received
in good ordegjjtffcrifiy wife finds it to be all you claim for it and isquite satisfied
that itjBJfoLl to any other machino of twice the price you ask for this one
Thejtwfee too is esceedinglv handsome and very well finished I am vours
Moody Tex March 28 1891
Democrat Pub Co Fort Worth
Gents The machine I ordered from you arrived safe and after a thorough
test my wife says she likes it fully as well as any of the high priced machines on
the market now Respectfully R L LAPP
Tuija Tex April 6 1891
To the Gazette
Gentlemen I received The Gazette maciiine in good order It is bevond
my expectations in finish and is simple in construction and convenience I have
shown it to several and they say it cant be -beat J F SCOTT
ill i
1 f J 1
rriTTTrLr a rjir
r 9 ff
v jff i g t u v
Why Squander Your Money Why Throw
Away 30 to 35 Why Not Read
and Save Money
A Sewing Machine is a Household Necessity and the Wse i
Not Pay 50 to 60 for an article that can be Bougnt o Zt
Especially f the Article at 323 is in Every Rcsd t
the Equal of that Which Costs from 50 to S60
1 h s
Has bten offorinj as a pre mium to its subscribers a Sewing
edition ono year for 32123 hat for tho ordinary sewing of avrras
respects the qual of machines that cost double the money But the v tj
to supply a demand exceeding the ordinary neaJs of the average iioii uu
problem to the Gazette was how to set a machine equal in all respei t o i
machines and yet put It to the jioople at a
Tho Gazette solved tho problem lv havine a Hish Arm Nn 4 M
Equal to any C0 machine on the market and which can be so 1 o
too 1 HAN fiAlr IJrniit
Of the high priced machines because icjUi the Gaietto in pre
me people are not asireu lo jnaBSBffents commissions aau ixp
3g mscumes
jfrtfrnniUDii Mifiiin
Mil lllUHiliiM ffifllMilli j
Is manufactured either Black Walnut or Antique at the option of the pun a- sttj
same price and with each of these machines we furnish one KufTer o i l e1
Hemmers ono Foot Hemmer one Screw Driver one Wrench out O
nn f imp fiitrn Thumb Srrmv mil Rirtra Tiirnat Plntp nnfF Ytril h - L -
Paper Xcedlesi Ki Bobbins and one Instruction Book and
G MS m 1 MM 111118 Pries M
We offer to the public our New High Arm Machine with the itrac
it will meet with popular favor and a general demand as it really is u k -
a machine now so generally desired by the people
Hear in mind that the factory is fully equipped with the very best i r jj 1
machinery and that its machines aro thoroughly made and of first-
It is for your interest to buy where you can do the best and the re
least price is what wc propose to give you Remember that tho
Is of the finest workmanship nicely adjusted and first class in every rtp
will receive prompt and careful attention The Gazette invites cxan n o
iaingcr Machine and has no apprehension of the result
t will do the work of any iC3 machine and cost no agents commissions ana
mm inno cwMmn ionm
mv n 1 inr v I nn
4 -1--- i 41- -14 r v -
machine by sending 23 to the Gazette To persons who are not subscr
machine will be sent with the
nT n -felt I w a mw Ian kn4 4- mv wl A - L I1U Al ffffff
tho order is received it is at once forwarded to the factory with instructions to szv
i i j -- 3ti 3 - v h rrir
the freight All that is necessary is that the Derson orderinc tha machine shsJ s i
criber to tho Weekly or Daily Gazette Send subscriptions and money to
- THE GAZETTE Fort Worth TesaS
Sample Mfnhine at Gazette Business Ofaca
rjbty rUJL

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