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jne Worlds Fair Convention Now
u Thing of the Past
rv a Dravn Up and the
D Qualify
KatlSarbccued Meat
Tl ari People
riP mention asucriss niiai lue
UpiS lil l Proceedings
i i ill- rouventlouallties
Mr convention is ended Its
i it- life expired with the
Cvlspavclat 1120 yes
Tim convention was a
hi iiy respects It was com-
i ti men from all
- Local prejudices were
delegates pulled together
In- the success of the
I ill- conventions child the
1 r exhibit association his
a very lusty healthy
i is a credit to its parents
i isiiifiecnt commonwealth
ii lo subserve
ith a rush in that con
i nan Kxall wielded the gavel
manor born and handled
mi a easily as though it
mus The convention
u tiii it cho e Henry Exall
lie was business from
i jl resolutions were de-
eoiiMdeii d that the work
and that tlio
i i up Texas exhibit at the
i oe one of the grandest to
iinnl i redeemed her
iu - lerthing possible
r - heir visit to the city a
in rii n is safe to say each and
mI 1injt remember the
tiii convention
ij of line of the Most
ii ml Vet Held
liurman Exall called the
iii i and announced that it
twiitv convene but owing
ii in- iniuniittee on
i m to report the opening
- in a ti n or fifteen minutes
v jj iiwii read invitations to
i in msh the public schools
i i f products at the Union
iini resolutions then sub-
was as follows
I Oiaiiman
i iiiHtee on resolutions bog
i loltowing
of the state of
ii i i failed to make an
ii i in- the state represented
Cm iTuliian exposition to be
of uicago in the year lSU
-ml Columbian exposition
- not only with a
i i raitional character in
ii I b an act of congress
iiiii il America and
exposition will un-
i mi- of the most important
i tt of the United States
i the world the nations
cnintrys immeasurable re
in i peoples advance in every
v n iice and industry and
- imrativcthat every stato
- tin- Union should be credit-
ii at tlie -aid exposition in
tin pcnt successful beyond
- ate- of Texas will derive
- iiom participation in this
raw mi attention to her vast
i iMHidcrful diversity of soil
it the limitless
i t i n re at Lone Star state
more to healthy
Uiat in view of the failure
iv iii make an appropriation
-el forth the people of
i urn assembled in the city
i nby determine to or
i r Mm for the purpose of
iv funds to see that the
iiitably represented at
i ii lUm exposition and to
thus raised shall bo
i iictioii and maintainancc
- iv building on the Worlds
ilio city of Chicago in
m plaved the products and
if of Texas as may bo
i it ion in said building by
- in the state aud to this
nl the adoption
ii r
iiimend that tliose
uiu state in writing tho
I iv will subscribe for in
i in that the president of
i mil ho is hereby directed
i iiuitce of live who shall
convention at once the
u ns of Texas to serve as
- association for the first
- i iF A MCIAT10N
- of organizing
general laws of the state
I encouragement of
i m filturc for tho
f i and exhibitions of stock
ii for exhibition at the
i an exposition aud to eng
j on and promote cduea
iirsigned subscribers for
association herein after
i o the following articles
tite of this association
Worlds fair exhibit
- s fur which this
el be ihe encouragemert
a horticulture the main-
n fairs and exhibitions of
products and the
raticn and the promotion of
nd that the state of Texas
ibi represented at the
an exposition and secure
place for the transaction
-ness shall be Fort Worth
ues in the stato of Texas
i the board of directors may
f T which this association is
e live years from the filing
r of its directors shall bo
directors for the first year
rued capital stock of this
- J be 100000 divided into
- of 1 each provided this as-
u be authorized to commence
ien so much as 25000 of said
js -hall havo been subscribed
t ooo to be expended in the erection
u i atice of a Texas state exhibit
r tie Worlds fair grounds in the
in ago I1L in which shall be dc-
e kept the exhibits from the
t ies oi me state oi exas dui no
I Q t SIH fll i l nil 1a iinil v ouillXA
fJ Maibiis but the counties of the stato
- tro ide the same at their own ex
ec - nJ ln order to entitle the several
5 of be slate of Texas to the priv
1 r eihibitiug their products in said
aS each county shall be required to
subscribe and pay for shares to the amount
of 10 cents per capita of the population of
such county as shown by the census of 1S00
7 There shall bo a board of stato commis
sioners consisting of thirty eight stock
holders of this association of whom the
board of directors shall be seven and the
remaining thirty one shall be elected by the
board of directors one from each senatorial
district in the state of Texas The said
board of stato commissioners shall consti
tute an advisor board to the board of di
rectors in promoting the objects of this as
sociation in the state of Texas
s There shall be a board of lady man
agers of the Texas Worlds fair exhibit as
sociates to be composed of such numbers
and to iierform such duties as may be pre
scribed by the board of directors
Kesolvcd that the railroad companies of
the state be invited and urgently requested
to co oierate with this association and to
assist financially in assuring its success
Waitei GiiESiiASi Chairman
Pursuant to the instructions contained in
the rejiort of the committee Chairman
Exall appointed K ii Wynne of Fort
Worth John M Claiborne of New Birming
ham Mr Slayden of Waco H E Peyton
of Corpus Christi and Sir Gill of Dallas as
a committee to select the directors of the
Texas Worlds fair exhibit association
The committee on directors submitted the
names of the following gentlemen as direc
W C Conuor Dallas R B Parrott
Waco John P Dickinson secretary of tho
Worlds fair Austin H B Andrews San
Antonio T J Hurley Fort Worth J K
nice Hyatt J X Browning Clarendon
And the DIrcctors KIect Qualify anil Are
Xinv llcady for Husiness
At 4 oclock p m the gentlemen who
were present at the fair convention Messrs
T J Hurley J X Browning It B Par
rott and John T Dickinson who were ap
pointed directors by the convention com
mittee also Secretary II H Holmes met
met in the oflice of Attorneys Wynne it
McCart aud held an informal meeting
The articles of organization as set forth
by the report of tho committee on resolu
tions were re read the gentlemen ac
knowledged their signatures and the ar
ticles were given to Hon J K Browning
who leaves for Austin to night at 810
Upon arriving in Austin Mr Browning will
take out a charter for the association under
the name of the Texas Worlds fair and ex
hibit association
The directors also decided to meet in
Waco at a oclock Friday evening and tele
grams of the meeting have been sent to
absent members notifying them of the
The directors discussed the adoption of
a seal finally settling among themselves
that one described as follows should ho
used Around seal with a star in tho
center and flourishes around the edges
On the outer edge of the seal the words
-Texas Worlds Fair Exhibit Association
May lsJl will appear ln tho center of
the star tho word -Texas will be inserted
and under this word the motto Great in
Heart as in Territory will appear
Tni isvKisKCUii
It Proves a Glittering All Around
Just before the adjournment of the con
vention tho announcement was made that
the Santa Fe would have a special train at
tho brewery for the free transportation of
the delegates and others to the stockyards
where an old fashioned barbecue was in
progress The Santa Fe however had
authorized Tub G izlttth to announce I
oclock as the time and accordingly tho
start was not made until that hour
Four coaches were soon crowded over
400 people lieing on board and the aisles
and platforms being crowded yet the run
was made in good time and not an accident
or mishap occurred to mar the pleasure of
the visit When it is remembered that ex
cursions of this kind arc out of the ordi
nary and that coaches had to bo sent here
from other points and the business
handled by the yard men instead of regular
train crews the remarkable care exer
cised becomes apparent Then again tho
Santa Fe suspended its business in hand
by this crew in order that Fort Worths
guests might bo conveyed to and
from the barbecue without delay
or hindrance The thanks of
the people are due to Mr P T Downes
division superintendent who gave the
running of tho train the furnFhing of tho
equipment his personal attention and to
whom is duo the fact of the train being
provided free of any expense to tho people
Upon arriving at the grounds the visitors
were shown through the packing house
tho ladies evidently not being deeply inter
ested in the hog killing process hurrying
from the killing into the cooling rooms
Great interest was manifested in the huge
stacks of meat in various processes of
curing Emerging from the packing house
tho throng passed on to tho stockyards
hotel a few feet east of which were the
tables and where the cooks were busy in
cooking tho meat The majority of the
crowd had not had time for dinner and the
manner in which the barbecued meats dis
appeared was a caution They stood sis
deep around the tables for over two hours
After tho hungry throng had been thor
oughly satisfied speeches were made by
Col Hoxie Gen Cameron and others in
which due attention was paid to the
occasion During tho speech-making
an enterprising photographer
climbed upon the huge tank
north of the crowd and -caught tho
shadow of the immense throng the ma
jority of whom were unaware of what was
taking place Resolutions were drafted
and read extending the thanks of tha visit
ors to the packing house people and the
Santa Fe company for the manner in which
the guests had been treated This com
pleted the afternoon programme and the
train left the stockyards for the city at 430
p m
The Opinions of Some of the Delegates
Kiirardliis the Convention
Hon Walter Gresham I think these
conventions are a good thing It serves to
break down the barriers of local predjudice
and by bringing people together from differ
ent portions of tho state promotes sociability
and a feeling of friendship It gives them
broader views of the interests of their stato
and its resources This exhibit at the Co
lumbian exposition will bo worth millions
of dollars to Texas It will show them as
nothing else can the magnificent resources
of our empire state It will not only show
the world but our own people who attend
of what Texas has to depend on It will
also foster a feeling of state prido and causa
Texans to say This is from tho promised
land where health and wealth awaits a
man if hes willing to toil if ho only will
gather the fruits of the soil
Hon J N Browning Your convention
was a magnificent success and your enter
prising people deserve great credit I feel
that a good work has been started and
that it will result in bringing thousands of
substantial and solid immigrants to tho
Mr H H Holmes I consider the con
vention was a colossal and successful one
Tho hospitality of your people guaran
teed it as a success in advance and the
delegates came prepared to witness a suc
cess Fort Worth deserves great credit
for its enterprise and I assure you that
we Western people admire your pluck and
Secretary John T Dickinson I came
down to Texas in order to arouse a proper
sentiment of pride in the hearts of my
people and I think this convention has
aided mo in a wonderful manner Yes I
think it was a success a grand success
such a success that only Fort Worth can
assure ad I sincerely thank the people of
Fort Worth for their co operation and eng
terprise in starting the ball Much of the
ereat iucosis of this convention is due to
Mr T J Hurley of whom your people
should feel truly proud-
It B Parrott I think that the conven
tion did good work aud the board of di
rectors will lend every effort toward per
fecting a strong and healthy organization
Wo will meet in Waco next Friday for this
purpose and while our plans have not been
mapped out we will work in harmony and
endeavor to enthuse the public Of course
the public readily understands that it will
never do for Texas to go unrepresented at
this fair aud we expect earnest and candid
co operation without any feeling of section
alism or partisanism
T J Hurley I consider the convention
a grand success but I regret deeply that
the inclement weather of Tuesday pre
vented the delegates from driving around
the city as had been previously arranged
However wo have strong earnest workers
on the board of directors and there is not a
shadow of doubt but that the 00000 will
be raised This board is going to work in
earnest Wo propose to visit tho various
towns in tho state after tho organization is
perfected and arouse an enthusiasm
Gen Cameron This convention has
proved a success To Tub Gazette belongs
tho credit of first agitating the question
and it as wellas the people of tho Chicago
of Texas should be proud of tho grand re
sults achieved Fort Worth is certainly in
it clear up to the chin and she has been
ably seconded by the people of Texas This
is one good point you will notice about
Texans When anything looking to the au
vancement of tho interests of the state is on
the tapis local prejudices arc forgotten
Henry Exall I am glad to see this con
vention has passed off so smoothly and
harmoniously I was afraid there would
be a fight over the resolutions but it could
not be afforded I discountenanced any
thing that looked like an outcropping of
local feeling and I am glad to see Fort
Worth and Dallas pulling hand in hand
This means great things for Texas but in
order to be a success tho co operation of
every portion of the state is necessary I
stated when taking the chair what I thought
of the work and that I know of 100 men in
Texas who would voluntarily subscribe
1000 to the fund of which I would be one
I believe this enterprise will be a success
I can seo no reason why it should not be
Forest Fires Eating Up Every
thing in Their Paths
People In Many Communities and Towns
Barely Escape With Their Lives After
A Determined and Ceaseless Fight for Two
Days and Xlslits A Deluge the
Only Possible Means of
Stopping tho Fires
Not Yet Under Control
Baldwin Mien May 13 Forest fires
still are not under control Thompsonville
is not entirolv out of danger but citizens
are fighting lire around town aud doing all
possible to prevent it getting into the vil
Warrens log railway eight miles north
of here is in imminent danger should the
wind shift to the north
To day several hundred came in from the
country with the same story that of losing
all buildings and their contents and escap
ing with what they had on their backs
It is a fearful sight to seo the condition
in which some arrive
Towns along the Frankfort and South
eastern railway are in danger as fires are
reported along tho entire road
Fires west of Manistee Junction are out
and no inore danger is feared in that direc
Sterns camp six miles west suffered a
large loss after a fight for three days
In some cases assistance has been asked
of railway companies for fire sufferers to bo
transported to places where they have
friends they not being able to save more
than the clothes they wore
3Iicliigan Towns Surrounded
Detroit Mien May 18 Clinton Clare
county and Walkerville Oceana countv
towns of 1000 inhabitants each are added to
the list of those surrounded by forest fires
In each case the destruction of homes of in
habitants was accompanied by heavy loss to
lumber firms having saw mills at tha places
named The loss to these firms on tho
building aud machinery amounts to over
100000 In addition to this the amount is
not easily to bo reckoned that has been lost
in the destructive forest fires At
present there is little hope that tho lire can
soon be stayed and the entire lumber
district of four or five counties lies at its
mercy Thero has been little rain this
season and the country is in the same con
dition it was when it was devastated in
A Repetition or 1871
Bio Rapids Mich May 13 Fires in the
woods this year have been fully as disas
trous as those in 1S71 At Beyer station
three miles from here a tract six miles
long and three miles wide has been burned
over destroying everything Four farm
houses and barns were burned
At Paris the entire town has frequently
been called out to fight fire in order to save
the town
Poor settlers hereabouts have been
driven from their homes saving absolutely
Fineries of New Jersey
Asbcrt Pake X J May 13 A big fire
started to day in the pine woods
back of Asbury Park It is spreading rap
idly toward Elberson and Long Branch
The Postmaster at EI Paso Confiscates the
Mall Issue of the Times for
in a Court Decision
El Paso Tex May 14 The entire mail
edition of the El Paso Times was confis
cated and refused transmission through the
mails yesterday by Postmaster Smith be
cause it contained a synopsis of the Louis
iana supreme court decision to compel the
Louisiana secretary of state to submit to
the people at the next election the amend
ment passed by the last assembly extending
tho charter of the Louisiana lottery com
pany twenty five years longer The same
decision was published in the Republican
paper here and no protest was made against
it by the postmaster The business man
ager of the Times swore out a warrant for
the postmasters arrest on a charge of un
lawfully detaining mail matter and refus
ing its transmission through the mails The
commissioner bound the postmaster over
to appear for hearing to day It is under
stood the Times will sue on Smiths bond
to recover actual and exemplary damages
Special to the Gazette
El Paso Tex May 14 The case of
Thomas OKeefe of the Times against
Postmaster J A Smith in the United
States Commissioner McKies court was
postponed this afternoon until Thursday
Ma 21 so as to allow Mr Smith ample
time so inform his superiors at Washing
ton by mail and receive the necessary in
structions by which to proceed The case
was brought about as has been stated
heretofore throughfthe postmaster retaining
part of an edition of the Times which con
tained a news item in regard to the decision
of the supreme court of the state of Louisi
ana to submitting the extension of the time
of the lottery company to do business
Hedgepath Who Was Poisoned
Wednesday Out of Danger
If an Extra Session of the Legislature is Called
Something of More
Importance Than is now ln Tiew Mut be
Pointed Out That Shaddowy Text
Book Question llerndon
Duniblo Affair
Special to the Gazette
Austin- Tex May 14 Mr Hedgepath
mention of whose poisoning yesterday at
the hands of his insane wife was made in
last nights dispatches is still a very sick
man but the physicians now think him out
of danger He is about fifty fivo years of
age and his wife about fifty She was re
moved to the county jail where she is now
in comfortable quarters
Mrs Elbridge Perry who died yesterday
from eating the poisoned soup was an aunt
of Mrs Hedgepath Her burial took place
this afternoon
Tlie camp ground committee consisting
of Gens Mabry and Stoddard Col A
Faulkner Lieut Gurley Capt Georgo
R Hines aud Col R Cooke returned last
night from the gulf coast and left to night
for Georgetown to inspect tho site offered
there for a iicrmauent camp ground From
there they go to Lampasas McGregor
Waco Palestine and Brenbaui in tho order
The grand jury is still pooking after the
text book bill matter A nunibe of wit
nesses called have not yet arrived such as
members of the senate committee clerks
and others
Preparations for the commencement ex
ercises at the university which continue
from June 2 to the 14th have already begun
J C Huteheson of Houston delivers the
annual address to the literary societies
and Congressman W C P Breckenridge
of Kentucky the university address
Chartered The Empire investment com
pany of Dallas capital 100000
Mr J F Collier collector of Erath
county made his final settlement with the
comptroller His total collections for tho
year amounted to 1931014 occupation
Bastrop county redeemed J400O bridge
State Capital Gossip
Special Correspondence of tho Gazette
Austin Tex May 13 Socially Austin
was quite gay last week First came tho
drummers with their convention and then
the bankers with the regulation banquet
at the close of each This week promises
to be rather quiet as is always the case
after a season of rushing and bustling aud
social dissipation
The banquets were elegant affairs both
gotten up and managed in an elaborate and
very satisfactory manner as is the custom
at the capital That is one thing that the
people of Austin know how to conduct well
and if the drummers dont have many good
words for the people of the capital it will
not bo the latters fault
not only socially but politically Since the
various political and judicial appointments
have been made interest in such things
has subsided almost entirely and people
who can afford it have turned their atten
tion to the North and the various watering
places at which they expect to spend the
Thero is some little curiosity to know
when if at all a special session of the leg
islature is likely to be held and occa
sionally one is asked about it Nothing
definite can be told now The governor
was asked to day for some information on
tho subject and would only say that
when an
for a special session he would call the
members togother He declined to say
what he would consider such an emergency
or whether the need for apportioning the
state would constitute one He thought
his message to the legislature while in
session recommending that it apportion
the state before adjourning was a sufficient
answer to the inquiry AVhile he preferred
to be
on the subject it did not appear that ho was
enthusiastically in favor of increasing tho
expense of an extra session unless some
thing more pressing and important than
redisricting and reapportioning tho state
should arise to demand it He would per
haps prefer to hear from the people before
coming to a definite conclusion about it
If there shall be no special session and two
codgressmen at large will have to be voted
for there will in all probability be
for the places There is any amount of
congressional timber luxuriating in seques
tered loneliness in various parts of the
state When tho tocsin is sounded the
field is likely to bo crowded with eager and
ambitious Richmonds each anxious to play
a winning hand with the farmers In tho
event mentioned tho political race next fall
promises to bo an interesting one
commissioners are here now Reagan and
McLean are at home and Foster is some
where cast of the Mississippi When he
returns in a couple of weeks ttiey will meet
and begin the work of organizing by select
ing a secretary and clerkspreparing blanks
tables rules of procedure etc After that
tho railroad people will bo invited to meet
the commission and lend their aid in the
task of classifying and preparing freight
schedules Such is likely to be the pro
gramme pursued by the commission
The opinion seems to be on the increase
here that there was crookedness in the eng
rollment of the text book bill At what
stage of the game it took place if at all no
one can figure out
Strittmatter the chief enrolling clerk
appears to have cleared his skirts of any
blame in the premises since he had no hand
in tho enrollment of the bill
Senator Page makes a statement of his
cconnection with the whole process of eng
rollment which
while it was being done by the assistant eng
rolling clerk Feagle to whom he had the
bill referred because of his intimate ac
quaintance with its provisions and his
efficiency as a clerk The senator declares
that he took the bill atfer Feagle had eng
rolled it to Senator Seale acting chairman
of the enrolling committee and the two went
over the bill carefully together comparing
it with the various amendments that had
been adopted by the conference committee
and finding it
He believes the enacting clause was in it at
that time but can not be absolute about it
The corrections which he says were made
by Feagle at his Pages suggestion while
enrolling the bill are plainly observable in
the bill where erasures were made and
the corrections inserted These corrections
appear in many places but not on the first
page which should begin with the enact
ing clause
That page is unlike eTery other in the
bill and in the opinion of experts was not
written at the same time with the rest of
the bill and clearly not in the same style of
penmanship although evidently by the
same hand The chirography is in a
rounder hand abounding more in flourishes
but not sufflbiently disguised to suggest a
second hand At least that is the unani
mous opinion of those who have exam
ined it
Am it will be investigated at to next sit
ting of tho grand jury there may be some
developments that will throw more light on
the subject The governor is bent on hav
ing it probed to the bottom and if there
be any crookedness there to show it up
Through the agency of the Commercial
club there is considerable interest leing
aroused in the East among manufacturers
who are turning their eyes towards the
city with the big dam Many letters of in
quiry are coming in and last week three or
four Xew England manufacturer- were
here looking the ground over What will
come of it can only le guessed but tho
progressive business men here are very
much encouraged by tho outlook
A Iv Swan of Henrietta is here and says
that the prospect for a great wheat crop in
tlie Panhandle was never equaled in any
previous year It is simply immense the
acreage being fully double that of last
year Tlie wheat is now in bloom and
nothing but an invasion of bus or insects
which is not at all anticipated or feared
can says he prevent the harvesting of the
biggest wheat crop ever raised in Texas
of the lato legislature are still in the hands
of the printer and will be published ho
says in form for distribution about June I
Mr Herndon the state chemist who pre
ferred charges against Geologi t Durable
hij superior which charges Commissioner
Hollingsworth dismissed Saturday last as
worthless thinks the investigation was not
conducted fairly to himself aud that matters
considered by him as important were
either ignored or treated slightingly Ho
talks of publishing a batch of letters from
those who withdrew from the department
letters that he claims hit Durable mighty
hard Perhaps it would 1k better if the
matter were dropped altogether Tlie pub
lie does not generally speaking relish very
much or feel auy very great interest in tho
quarrels between stato officials and their
subordinates A little of that sort of thing
goes a long way
Forecasts by the Gazettes
Weather Prophet
The Weather IZxtreraes Show the Influ
ence or tlupiter and Saturn Tropi
cal Hurricanes Should be In
Testijjated by tlie llurean
Special to tlie Gazette
St JosEi n Mo May 1G My last letter
gave the forecasts of a storm wave due to
cross the continent from the 13th to the
10th and the next will be due to leave the
Pacific coast about the 21st cross the
Rocky Alleghany valley from the 22nd to
the 24th and reach the Atlantic coast about
tho 25th This storm wave particularly
affects the Southern states causing very
warm weather along the gulf coast to the
southeast of the low barometer or storm
center while northwest of tho storm center
and following it the weather will bo un
usually cool with frosts in the states that
adjoin the British po sessions Tho center
of this storm wave will probably move by
way of Salt Lake Southern Colorado In
dian Territory Tennessee aud thenco east
ward The reader should remember that
the center of the storm wave is tho least
severe part of it while the principal forces
are developed in its southwest and north
west quadrants The close observer will
have noticed that since the 1st of April the
weather has run to great extremes The
first of the month was warm fine weather
on the 4th and 5th heavy rains fell through
out the northwestern part of the United
States the snow beinfr from two to four
feet on the level in Connecticut and the
Upper Hudson river country very warm
again about the middle of the month with
great electrical storms then a period of dry
weather followed by numerous earth
quakes snows and frosts during the first
week in May These extremes show that
tho coming equinoxes of Saturn and Jupiter
began to influence the storms during the
month of April I expect these extremes in
the weather to gradually increase with each
succeeding month Following the storm of
the 21st to the 25th the rain period will be
duo and wo may expect an increase of rain
fall The rains however will not be evenly
distributed but will be excessive in spots
and deficient in other places as is always
the case in years of great meteorological
In portions of tho United States my fore
casts of the storm wave of May 4 to 7 ap
peared not to be verified The storm cen
ter was well on time on the 3d and 4th at
which timo a high barometer and cold wave
of great force appeared in Montana mov
ing rapidly southeast which run through
tho storm center that was then in the Da
kotas and disorganized it causing consid
erable snows however in the northern tier
of states and very severe frosts That
cold wave was of the same nature and came
of the same cause that do the cold waves
and blizzards of tlie winters
All cold waves that are of unusual se
verity and extend further south than
usual are caused by tropical storms on the
Gulf of Mexico on the Atlantic
off tho coast of Florida But -no
havo no reliable record of those
storms Our weather bureau has not recog
nized that tropical storms cause all our
blizzards all our severe cold weather and
all the late destructive frosts and have
made no special effort to give us a reliable
record of those tropical storms With such
a record their periods could be determined
and then we could know when to expect
the sudden changes they cause on the con
Tlie government weather maps show that
a tropical storm was off the coast of Florida
on the 5th and Cth but do not indicate its
These tropical storms move in a circle in
the Atlantic north of the equator They
move westward in about 10 to 20 degrees of
north latitude and when approaching the
Gulf of Mexico gradually turn their course
toward the north and then northeast fol
lowing tho current of the gulf stream and
when in the Gulf of Mexico or on tho south
east coast of the United States they never
fail to organize a cold wave in the western
Canadian possessions which moves south
east across the continent being guided by
the location of the tropical storm
In October and November these tropical
storms are of greater force often penetrate
our coast along tho Gulf of Mexico and are
called tropical hurricanes It would be of
great value to know the periods of these
tropical storms and if we had telegraphic
connection with Porto Rico Dominica and
Jamaica the approach of these tropical
storms from the east could be known several
days in advance for they move very slowly
their destructive force being in their whirl
ing motion
1 have noticed that these cold waves
caused by the tropical stormsusually strike
our regular storm waves while the latter
are in the Dakotas often cutting them in
two and this causes the most of the fail
ures in my weather forecasts
If I had control of the weather bureau I
would direct special attention to these
tropical storms as being the most important
matter to be investigated If I had a rec
ord of those storms it would go a long way
toward perfecting my system of meteor
The readers of my weather letters must
not expect infallibility they may hopeho w
over that as soon as we can get the author
ities too looking in the right direction we
can soon give to the country the value of
the SSOOOOO the people are paying out an
nually for the support of the Washington
weather bureau W T Fostbb
The Action of the Chinese Gov
ernment Will Make Him
The Latin Americans Indignant on Account of
Social Slights by Europeans
Tho Plan of Arbitrating the Italian Im
broglio Denied at the state
Advance in the Price- ot
Agricultural Products
Ulair Popular in Labor tirelrs
Special to the Gazette
Washington- May 14 The rejection of
ex Senator Blair by the Chinese govern
ment has made him a great favorite in la
bor eirclcs The Daily Mail is said to be
heavy with letters congratulating him on
his good fortune or enclosing copies of res
olutions adopted by labor assemblies in his
honor From the Pacific coast comes eng
thusiastic praise of the man who spoke out
in his public place so boldly about the
Chinese Labor organizations declare that
Blairs frankness and courage shall not
cost him anything in the end They assert
that tlie president cannot afford to leave
him unprovided for and some of them take
the novel ground that Blair should bo con
tinued in the post to which he has been ap
pointed and confirmed aud be iermitted to
reside in this country lea ving thu secretary
of legation at Pekin to transact the routino
business there There is al o a proposition
that Blair be apiiointed commissioner of
immigration It is argued that his presence
in that office would be assurance that un
desired immigants would bo kept out of the
The only other name mentioned in con
nection with this oflice is that of ex-Congressman
Owen of Indiana a personal
friend of the president Politicians here
believe that Blair will in some way be taken
care of
in the diplomatic corps Europeans have
boycotted Central and South America and
no end ol ill feeling ha- resulted Tlie
Europeans affect to regard the representa
tives of tho Latin American republics as
uncultured and socially inferior to them
Latin Americans on tho other hand insist
that the Europeans are jealous of favors
shown them by the people of the United
States and that this and this alone is tho
real cause of the difficulty
They will tell you also numerous in
stances which illustrates the truth of this
statement Quite recently for example
the German minister gave a banquet to cel
ebrate his birthday All the members of
the diplomatic corps were invited with the
exception of the representatives from
Latin American states On another occa
sion the secretary of a great
continental ower met tho sec
retary of a certain South American lega
tion With some embarrassment he in
formed the latter of his personal regard
for him but begged as a favor that their
future intercourse bo limited to a strict ob
servance of polite conventionalities and
nothing more He frankly added that tho
prejudices of his European conferrcs against
Latin Americans were so great that he
dared not run counter to it notwithstand
ing he did not share in these prejudices him
And so matters have gone on growing
worse with each succeeding day until per
sonal encounters between hot blooded
young men of tho respective factions are
quite probable In fact some of the South
Americans feel so keenly the slight that
has been put upon them that several of the
number are talking of forcing a duel upon
the Europeans as the only means of vin
dicating their honor Whether they will
do so or not is on open question They aits
certainly angry enough to proceed to auy
of the present heavy export movement of
gold to Europe is that foreign banks and
bankers doing business in this city are now
making timo loans but exacting in their
contracts that the borrower must repay the
loan in gold Heretofore the loans havo
been payable in currency and the funds cur
rent at the clearing house havo been ued
In some cases tho banks are said to have
refused to lend moncv at all except on gold
terms and in other cases they make a dif
ference of - to 1 per cent in the rate of in
terest in favor of gold Tho bankers are
forced to admit that gold is at a premium
again Tho cause for tho premium is read
ily understood when the steady drain of
gold from the United States is considered
and it was thought to indicate that the de
mand may continue for sometime to come
Foreigners are taking precautions against
possible future demands
There has been no cessation of gold ship
ments this week The steamer Columbia
to day carried 2250000 ot gold coin taken
from the sub treasury yesterday During
the three days of this wk 3S400O0 have
been taken and upwards of S50G0000 have
gone out since January 1 Not only is our gold
coin goingoutin quantities but our receipts
of gold through the custom house aro fall
ing off rapidly Silver and treasury notes
have been received for duties to a great ex
tent instead of gold us formerly Last year
receipts for custom fees amounted to 553
per cent in gold This year to but 207 per
VanHoffman Co to day took 500000
gold coin at the sub treasury for shipment
to Europe on Saturdays steamers and it is
stated that two other firms have arranged
to ship 1000000 more Tlie Bank of
England yesterday advanced its price for
American gold com tl per ounce maicing
export of specie still profitable even at re
duced rates of exchange
Talk About Arbitration
Washington May 14 It is said at the
state department that there lias been no
suggestion of arbitration of difficulties
between Italy and the United States grow
ing out of the New Orleans tragedy as
reported in a special dispatch from Rome
Arbitration is the last resort after diplo
macy has failed and as Secretary Blaine
has promised to consider claims for in
demnity it cannot be held that the diplo
matic stage has been passed
Tlie rather indiscreet utterances of the
Italian consul at New Orleans relative to a
conspiracy to kill the mayor and other
prominent persons caused some amusement
at the department but as Italy has taken
official action no notice will be taken by
our government
Adrancein Prices
Washington- May 14 The report of the
statistician of the department of agricul
ture now in press shows an increase since
April of last year of more than a hundred
per cent in the price of corn and oats 30 per
cent and more in wheat in primitive mar
kets 32 per cent in Chicago for choice
beeves and 34 for Texans and advanced
values on all cereals and meats
A Lady Thrown From a Wagon
Special to the Gazette
Aledo Tex May 13 Mrs M J Otto
was thrown from a wagon yesterday and
her leg was broken just above the ankle
She is very fleshy and the horses started
just as she started to get out The doctor
says soo is doing well
Propose t Raise Oranges
Special to the Gazette
Chicago III May 13 Charles S Bark
representative of an English syndicate
who has been the guest here for several
days of -Mrs Potter Palmer and others
left for New York this morning eng ronto
for London with options on over one hun
dred orango farms in California He says
that a number of the sons of wealthy men
in England have formed a series of syn
dicatcs and propose to go into the orange
growing making California their residence
Four other representatives of English
syndicates are quartered at different
hotels investigating the proposed extensive
real estate deals
A Kespeoteil Citizen of Freestone County
Takes Hi- Own Life
Mills Tex May 11 Mr B L H Lind
sey an old and much respected citizen of
our county committed Miicide last Frida
For socio time it was known that Mr Limi
scy had boon losing his mind supjiosed to
be caused by the news of the killing of his
son by a mnb in another portion of tha
stato Last Friday he decided to put an
end to his troubles and consequenty pro
cured two ounce bottles of laudanum He
had drink one of them and a eood jiortiou
of the other one before detected Medical
skill was immediately procured but to no
avail He had taken the fatal drug and
death soon released him from the troubles
of this life lie was a faithful consistent
member of the Primitive Baptist church
and a leading man in the community in
which he lived
Serious Defects Discovered in
Military Affairs
On the Other Hand He Makes a Serious
Political lllunder and tek to
Cover it Iw The Iterlin
Art iliibit
Special to the Gazette
London Miy Id A Berlin dispatch
says that kaiser in his tour of tho lihine
provinces discovered serious defects ol
military administration which caused hiin
grave anxiety and which ho has directed
the war office to remedy Coiiiiiianilin
officers were surprised at the thoroughne i
which kaiser showed in tho investiga
tion of tho most minuto details ol
the condition of the men their
treatment and tho armament ln several
instances it was found that contractors had
failed to provide supplies as agreed upon
ln all such cases the kaiser directed prompt
investigation and if found justified tho
prosecution of resjionsible parties
The kaiser ha- caused to be printed and
distributed among the sovereign provinces
of Germany official copies of his speech at
Dusscl Dorf in which the works -I alone
am master in Germany are omitted and
an almost meaningless sentence substi
Members of tho diplomatic corps havo
also been favored with copies of the
amended address
This is taken as showing that the first
time iince mounting tho throne the kaiser
appreciates and virtually- admits that ha
has made a political blunder in his rash as
sertion of autocratic authority
It is significant in this connection that
Prince Bismarck has been jiersonally con
gratulated on his election for the Geste
munde by prime ministers of Lippe and ot
Mecklenburg Schwerin
The kaiser has also given it to bo under
stood through one of his semi official
mouth pieces that his recent speeches mu t
be taken with qualification that while ho
desires peace ho means to be prepared for
war and that he is -watching tlie attitude
of both Uussia and France
Still more significant is tho utterance at
tributed to De Boettischcr and perhaps re
flecting tho views of lis master that
the Rothschild quarrel may be
only a pretext on tho part ot
Uussia for accumulation of funds for
Itussia preparatory to a warlike movement
in the direction of the Dobrudscha Certain
it is that Russia now hns a total of nearly
four hundred thousand men within easy
reach of that Roumanian province across
which is the road to Stambul and Bulgaria
Americans luivc reason to bo proud of
German criticisms on their share in tho
Berlin international art exhibition Amer
ican artists in Paris did not feel themselves
bound by the French resolution to abstain
from taking part and tho display which
they made excites admiration and also sur
prise among those who had crude notions
about tho development of Western art
The British section takes tho lead the
leading artists of London having made it a
matter of iiei sonal iuterest to gratify Em
press Frederick and console her for tho
rebuff received in Paris
The Austro Hungurian department is well
icd by Munckasry and the Spanish and
Italian sections aro very attractive
Germans are smiling grimly at the promi
nent French artists who having refused to
honor the Berlin exhibition have sent their
pictures to Moscow just in time for the
most barbarous exhibition of Russian in
tolerance witnessed in this century
It is said that tho scenes of suffering
and misery among tho Jews at Moscow
have so disgusted foreign visitors to tho
exhibition that they havo nearly all gone
home again without waiting to look at
the ptctures The statement from
visitors to Moscow every day
tell stories of cruelty in some
instances young children were taken from
their parents because their names were not
written in the parents passport The
wretched Jews were pictures of despair as
they were led like criminals in chain
through tlie streets women and
children however being spared tha
indignity of fetters Tho prisons
are crowded with Jews waiting deportation
and the prisoners would starve but for thn
kindness of Christians and other Jews who
bring them bread
It is significant that this persecution
said by Chief Rabbi Adler to be the great
est since the days of Esther began on tha
first day of tho Passover
The Crop or 90 Still Piling Up No TelN
Ins Where the 1inres Will Knd
The New Orlvans Report
New Orleans La May 15 Secretary
Hesters weekly New Orleans cotton ex
change report shows an increase in the
amount of cotton brought into sight of 622
per cent over the corresponding days ol
last year This percentage of increasa
does not include a plus correction made by
the Norfolk cotton exchange of 9442 bales
to receipts since September 1 and which
amount has been added to the total brought
in sight to date The aggregate of the cot
ron crop now marketed exceeds S175000
bales Northern spinners have done better
during the past week their takings amount
ing to 3S00O bales against 10000 last year
This brings the excess in their takings
for tho season to date to 17000 Foreign
exports havo been liberaL Tha
weeks shipments have reached 53
34S nearly 59000 The amount of
tho cotton crop brought into sight
during tho week ending to night including
the Norfolk correction of 9442 is 5S92U
against 685S for the corresponding seven
days last year and a total for the first
fifteen days of Mayls2571 against 290X2
last season These make the aggregate for
the season to date 8262429 against 7104
846 an excess or 11575S3 up to this data
last year Ninety seven andone eighth per
cent of the cotton croo has been marketed

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