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That the Choctaws and
Chickasaws were
r e A B Durant on the Subject
r Into History Somewhat
that a Detachment oT Cav
t t irturriJ the Daltoit
an Wifes Suicide Per
t tpita Payment
oi tl c Indian leased Dictrlct
v 2 Several days back
it contained an editorial
i k iw Chiekasuw Steal
- h etl remarkable for what
know and tor the ease
into the scheme of the
nt interviewed
liui iut a prominent Choc-
rcian and one of the
u alters affecting the re-
u i and the general
i nth is there in the charge
and Chickasaws have
i tin leased district and
i i nation is u fraud
vrurd of fact in it The
u it property of the two
iixt set apart by any
i now sjieak of the
u kasaw country which
n district but were
ml absolutely deeded
lrmoval negotiated in
railed the Dancing
initiated the Choc-
ms surrendered their
v -- i ijjii
m were concerned and
lands individual
t erred staying in the
wire allotted their 040
i and tho land pat-
iin are now owned by
i - and these titles have
I iwauFC some greedy
1 live farm or a heavy
i w ires for a speculative
This has been rc
niiii our holdings as a
win identically the same
i i s issippi lands
hird at so much per
i us between the
rivers and extending
me to the 100th
valued a patent
th Nation of the
- ands under the great
niip signed by Andrew
i nd attested by his
i ireral land office By
i I iiii i Stales sold these
injcJ them using all
ii il honored legal phrase-
nd conveyance only in-
ii forever as denoting
and which the
juiliiiid the words so
or water runs were
vveen the Western
i imds being in favor
invested in Fnited
i lie United States
i a kisiws an undivided
i iu lands and issued to
rest bearing bonds for
In lb55 the United
ii Choctaws and Chick
r lietween the Vs and
nadian rivers to be
tf the Wichita lunie
ami other small bands
r i leave Teas For
Slates paid in money
i hi rebellion n recou
ps mailf in lbijf The
it b the commissioners
i intaincd two articles
vi lien submitted to the
ii One was tho
ii held iu the Choctaw
v niy were admitted as
ii- i article 3 was a
ix of the leased
1iin named being 3000-
- i i t The negroes are
tiens The lands are
1or barring out the
iii North have borne
iM vears The recent
v is simply a renewal of
tamed in the rejected
- i a id our councils
ii in accepted there only
ile money especially
liis gone ahead and al-
et is homes out of it
e he rest open to white
refuse us payment of
luolery which should
i or Mansur blush
lure of the Daltoits
O T May 23 Mar-
ei this afternoon from
here he landed one
- Chestnut supposed
niplexioned member of
I officer captured him
1iiith of Antelope creek
1 ii inaron river Ho was
i s d and had two six-
Iiiiiw at the time
he sc y0K country
uis place to day that a
1 c fifth cavalry under
iiptured the Daiton
umMiing G troop one
v is in that country and
r the robbers but not
- t nen to the Indians
IVruiit or Not
Miv 23 Airent Bennett
i ceiaw Nation on a few
ii recruiting for the
oiv him and returned
st night Monday ho
- the per capita to the
- i the Cherokee Nation
herjkee freedmens per
i liise two payments he
M u now and the middle
es the removal of the
is is which he will begin
from the depart-
i nved before then
i ush for permits in the
he says there are over
i tied there who will be
cy have secured permits
Wifes Act
i May 23 News reached
f suicide of Mrs J B
iable young wife of the
at Caretta the section
it Gibson Tho woman
i u her room dead having
s It is not known what
iiitnit the act but it is
ie domestic relations She
r of a wealthy planter
on home and married
- ii being opposed by her
rame llullrtlnci Uurnrd to the
5i uund LUt or Losses
i vuzette
a - Tei May 23 This morning
re was discovered in the boot
s se atJ iore of Redden on the north
square Wlien discovered tha
flames had made such headway as to be
wholly uncontrolable and rapidly spread
to the buildings west of it all of which
were frame buildings The losses as far
as can be ascertained are as follows
J S Redden stock of boots and shoes
estimated at iMOO an entire loss in
surance 35C0
J M Childers general merchandise es
timated at 3000 insurance 7o0
Enoch Anderson barber shop total loss
no insurance
E X WeLsendanger barber shop every
thing saved
I owry McLane saved all their goods in
a somewhat damaged condition
Xo insurance on any of the buildings
Mr U G Armstrong while assisting in
tearing down an awning was struck on the
head by a falling piece of timber sustain
ing a severe concussion of the brain and is
in a critical condition to day
Au Old Veteran Dead
Special to the Gazette
SmmMAX Tel May 23 Mathew Ham
ilton an old ex Confederate veteran died
last night near this city He was wounded
at Cold Harbor and the musket ball and
his discharge were exhibited here to day
The ball weighs au ounce and it was cut
from his leg only a- few years ago
Reeds Congress Eminently Suc
cessful in Wasting Money
What Ilccame il the ltilliou Dollars Hurled
at a ISird During tile Last Session
Comment Upon Commissioner
Itaums Successor
Nrvr OlUee
Special to the Gazette
WsuivrTON May 23 One of the
methods employed by the last congress in
reaching the billion dollar line in its ex
penditures was the creation of new places
at the public crib and an increase of sala
ries of some of those persons already
provided for The otlicial statement of the
work of the last session which lasted three
months gives some interesting figures It
shows that during the sessionthe economical
Republican congress created 507 new spe
clic ofilces for which salaries aggregating
WssJ7 yearly were provided Besides
this there was appropriated 41 4yiS51r0 for
other new ofiices the number of offices or
amount of each salary not being specified
To offset this appropriation of 2 U471S50
for new ofilces 125 specific places were
dropped taking with them 135J41S0 and
-5-0 was cut off by dropping off a very
small number of ofiices not specifically
named This leaves a not increase of
S22ii323410 in the salary rolh caused by
the creation of new ofiices
At the first session of the same congress
the net increase of offices was 1233 carrying
a net increase of J2fcti22SU2 Tho Fifty
tirst congress therefore added over 1700
places to the Federal patronago list at an
annual expense to the public of 4119
4uS2 It is this sort of record that made
the Republican billion congress the most
reckless and extravagant one in the history
of the country and it is not surprising that
its leaders are wondering what the people
will think of their party next year
As stated Hon John W Foster will act
as diplomatic adviser at the state depart
ment during Blaines absence Foster is
virtually acting secretary of state where
questions of policy are concerned Blaine
has eoniided his aims and desires in nearly
all of the important foreign problems now
pending before the state department to
Gen Fred Kuefler of Indiana will be
urged for the position of commissioner if
Gen Raum resignsas now seems probable
Gen Kueller is an old jieisonal friend of
President Harrison Gen Hastings or
Pennsylvania is also mentioned with sig
nificant emphasis
Fifteen ISrilish Snldects Incarcerated in a
VortitKt4a Prison Iinluuil will Make
a Demand for Their Itelcase
I oxnox May 23 A dispatch received
here from Lorenzo Marpuez a Portuguese
town in Africa on the north side of Delagoa
Bay says that the British turn screw tor
pedo cruiser Beck six guns Commander
Alfred Winslow has arrived there and re
ports that a serious conflict has taken place
between the British and Portuguese colony
Commander Winslow says that the troops
stationed at the Portuguese military post
on the river Pungwee have attacked tho
British South Africa companys expedition
commanded by Commissioner Johnston
Seven Portuguese were killed The British
loss is unknown
The British turn screw cruiser Ma
gienne six guns Capt Ripon and the
British composite gunboat Pigeon six
guns Commander Floyd have arrived at
Beira Mashonaland a Portuguese settle
ment in South Africa It was at Beira that
in April tho Portuguese authorities seized
the British mail sacks aud refused to allow
them to go to their destination The mails
were intended for British colonies in
Mashonaland Tho British colonists were
indignant at this high handed proceeding on
the part of the Portuguese and complained
to the British government about it
When Col Willoughby s expedition
reached Beira the colonel applied for per
mission to proceed to the Pungwee river in
order to pay the prescribed duties but re
ceiving no answer after forty eight hours
he started without iermission and the
Portuguese opened fire on his expedition
and seized two steamers which composed
it The Portuguese also seized the mails
and provisions and imprisoned fifteen mem
bers of the expedition Col Willoughby
endeavored to secure the release of his ves
sels by the payment of the usual custom
duties but tho Portuguese officials refused
to accept these payments and ordering the
British flag hauled down hoisted the Portu
guese in its place The Portuguese declare
that the British are excluded from Pung
wee river which Col Willoughbys boats
were navigating when seized
Aln Girl Criminally Assaulted
at Eagle Past
Special to the Gazette
Evgle Pass Tex May 0 The grand
jury empanelled here this morning has
been engaged all day in investigating a
horrible and unprecedented case of crimi
nal assault upon an infant less than two
years old Tho creature accused of the
hideous crime was said to have been found
with the wounded and screaming child
near an outhouse at 3 oclock this morning
There is no doubt that the crime was com
mitted but the circumstances of the case
and the unreliable character of the testi
mony leaves serious doubts if the guilty
party ha been apprehended
Held Across the Railroad Track
SnpxvEroivT Lia May 22 A colored
girl about eighteen was murdered near
Vaudeville Bossier parish by being held
across tho railroad track by two negroes
until the body had beeti run over by the
train The negroes escaped after witness
ing their deed and are being followed by a
large body of armed men If they are
caught they will be lynohed
A Story Full of All the Elements
of Romance and Adventure-
A Missouri County Cass Which is in Open
Defiance of the Orders of the
United States Circuit Court Tlio Judges
Imprisoned for Contempt Fraud
Robbery Snicide and Mob
Violence Abounds
Special to the Gazette
ILurisoxville Mo May 20 The ar
rest a few days ago of the judges of this
county is but one more chapter in the ro
mantic history of the bond question which
has been vexing the people of Cass coUnty
fcr the past seventeen years For that
length of time the judges of the county have
hem in contempt or the court of the United
States For seventeen years the bond
question has been fought over and over
again by shrewd lawyers through all the
legal processes known and still the holders
of the bonds have nothing to show for their
acton except the countys promises to pay
and the judgments of tho court
The history of the bond troubles of Cass
county is a remarkable one in many re
spects The story of the bonds themselves
is dry and prosaic but tho adventures aud
incidents attending their issuance aud the
subsequent persistent refusal to pay de
spite the decree of the national court is a
story which bears all the elements of
romance adventure and crime The history
covers fraud robbery suicide mob vio
lence aud murder Judges elected for the
purpose of resisting United States officers
have been
aud have been fugitives from justice hiding
like criminals in the brush and hidden by
the citizens of the county while they were
fleeing the deputy marshals they have
languished in jails aud the penitentiary
rather than betray the people ho placed
them on the bench for the express purpose
of defying the writ of the courts of the
national government they have paid heavy
lines to the courts for contempt which
fines the citizens have promptly repaid
While tho bonds have been handed down
from successor to successor in the corpora
tions and the judgments have been kept
alive by the heirs in trust so have the
successive judges handed down the tradi
tions and the people of the county have
been persistent in their obstinacy While
the bonds arc acknowledged to be legal in
every respect and while their issuance was
directly in pursuance of the completion of a
contract by both parties thereto yet the
people have determined for seventeen years
to repudiate the obligation and in this effort
have spent more than double the value of
the bonds
To fully understand the situation of the
case it is necessary to go back to the days
when tho people were pioneers to tho days
when tho traffic west of the Mississippi
river was carried on in prairie schooners
drawn by ox teams aud when Western Mis
souri was the seat of border ruffianism
The farmers were prosperous crops were
large and prices high the farm land of the
prairies along the frontier tier of counties
responded abundantly to the efforts of the
husbandman and the country was rich
But with all tho prosperity thero was ouo
disadvantage Markets were far away
and difficult of access Railroads were
feeling their way carefully into the new
territory and the cost of transportation was
so great that the immense crops availed
nothing to tho farmers
This condition obtained for many years
aud then came agents of railroad builders
who talked of the advantages of direct
communication with St Louis and Chi
cago The people however were slow to
grasp the opportunity aud the progress of
these agents was marked with a gradually
increasing sentiment Tho insidious work
ing had its effect after many months and
at last where there had beeu apathy there
came such intense desire that one road was
not deemed sufficient and the people fairly
went wild with the craze
On paper the county was gridironed with
tracks and had all the roads boon built
which were proposed there would not have
been enough land left on which to farm
Every township in the county took up the
excitement and every fanner was sure
that his farm was to bo tho site of a depot
Then followed the bond propositions
Dozens of offers were made to the citizens
until it became a serious question as to
which wero the best and which should be
voted upon The representatives of the
schemers who were fostering the idea of
bonds did their work well and the people
were anxious to be fleeced for the benefit of
the corporations
the Clinton and Kansas branch of tho Tebo
and Neosho road was projected and a propo
sition was made to Cass county to issue
200000 in bonds in aid of the road This
was granted by the county court which at
that time had the power to issue bonds
without the formality of an election Fol
lowing this bonds were issued to the Lex
ington Lawrence and Gulf the Pleasant
Hill and Lawrence and the St Louis and
Santa Fe roads in succession aud the county
took on a veritable railroad boom Then
came the war and its attendant horrors
which were particularly severe in this
county aud the building of railroads was
Two hundred thousand dollars in bonds
had been issued to the Missouri Pacific
road but before the contract could be com
plied with the war prevented the work and
the bonds were held at Harrisonville Dur
ing the war many raids were made through
the western part of the state by bands of
bushwhackers and predatory Unionists
These bands would fight each other and
were driven backwards and forwards by
tho varying fortunes of battle During one
of these raids the courthouse was looted by
the Unionists and the signed bonds were
carried off They wero recovered from the
vandals by a regular Union army officer at
Leavenworth and held in trust These
bonds afterwards found themselves into the
hands of the Missouri Pacific railroad aud
their history formed a bloody chapter in
the annals of the county
The other bonds which had been issued
to the various railroad companies before
the war now began to crop out After the
rebellion was over and peace again came to
the border the bond trouble arose The
people had recovered from their excitement
over the railroads and as they had borne
the brunt of devastation they vero on the
verge of starvation and bankrupty and de
termined to resist payment on the bonds
which had been of no benefit to their county
The holders of the bonds took tho matter
into the state courts but those tribunals
from the lowest to the highest decided that
the county was right and refused to give
judgment in favor of the bondholders So
the matter went until the last court of re
sort in the state had made its decison and
then the holders made overtures for a com
promise Two elections wero held in the
ceunty on the matter but in both cases the
people gave an overwhelming majority in
the negative This carried the matter down
to 1SS2 when the bonds were sold to parties
who lived outside of the state and then
suit was brought before Judge Krekel of
the United State court which resulted in a
decision against the county and the judges
wore ordered to make the levy to pay tho
bonds which by this time had accumulated
interest until the total amounted to
160281 lhK
The county Judfes were C S Hockaday
presiding juiticej William F Baraos and
The Weekly G
itArf55 p75fe1Airi
Finis E Johnston The order of the United
States judge was received and a Tote taken
on the matter Hockaday Toted in favor of
making the levy but Barnes and Johnston
were emphatic against it The result was
that no levy was made and an order issued
from Judge Krekel in chambers at Sedalia
for the
for contempt of court The arrest was
made September 5 1SS2 and both judges
were taken to Jefferson City and imprisoned
in the penitentiary The judges were
obstinate and remained in prison for about
a month when a proosition was made to
compromise the bonds The judges refused
to in3ke the call for an election as long as
they were confined and at the solicitation of
the bondholders they were granted a fur
lough to go home and issue a call for an
election The people again emphatically
refused to compromise and as the judges
declined to make the levy they were re
turned to prison and remained there until
the expiration of their term
From then until the present the judges
have been elected to the penitentiary with
great regularity and the elections have been
followed by orders from the United States
court to make the levy but these orders
have been invariablv ignored and the
judges have suflered arrest and imprison
ment rather than be unfaithful to the trust
imposed upon them by tiie people of the
county The arrest of the judges of the
county on the bth of this month and their
being held in bond until the sitting of the
United States court iu Kansas City in
June is the last chapter of the bond ques
tion oi me county
But there is another chapter to the bond
question of Cass county A chapter which
relates to the bonds captured by the raid
ing soldiers aud it tells how the people
arose against men who attempted a great
crime and executed the penalty for their
transgression swiftly and terribly
In a common wooden frame hanging
against the wall of Bishop Sterlings
drug store in Gunn City iu the eastern
part of the county is a handsomely exe
cuted bond It is finished with a green bor
der the coupons thirty eight in number
being also embellished with green These
coupons are of the denomination of 40
each being tho interest on 1000 for six
months Below is a verbatim copy of the
United States of America State of Mis
souri Cass county funding bond Interest
payable semi annually in New York No
22J 1000
Know all men by these presents That in
pursuance of an act of the general assembly
of the state of Missouri entitled an act to
enable counties cities and incorporated
towns to fund their respective debts Ap
proved March 21 A D IfcCI and also an
order of the county court of Cass county in
the state of Missouriproviding for the fund
ing of certain outstanding bonds of said
county the county of Cass in the state of
Missouri acknowledges itself indebted and
for value received promises to pay to the
bearer at the banking house of Northrup
Chick iu the city and state of Now York
the sum of 1000 nineteen years after date
hereof with interest at the rate of S per
cent per annum payable semi annually on
the 22nd day of February and August of
each year upon the presentation of the
proper coupons of interest hereto attached
at the said banking house of Northrup
Chick in said city and state
In testimony whereof the county of Cass
has executed this bond the presiding jus
tice thereof under the order thereof sign
ing his name thereto and by tho clerk of
said county under the order thereof at
testing tho same aud affixing the seal of the
said court This done in tho city of Harri
sonville the county of Cass aforesaid this
the 22d day of February A D 1S72
Attested jEniEi C Stejiiiensos
Presiding Justice of the County Court
C II Dore cierk by P H Yelton
a nonr of fiftt masked mes
This is one of the bloody bonds so
called because they gave rise to the Gunn
City tragedy in which J C Stephenson
presiding justice of tho county court J P
Cline attorney for the railroad and T E
Dutroe were killed by a body of fifty
masked men who stopped the train on the
Missouri Kansas and Texas road at Gunn
City on the evening of April 24 1372 When
the train stopped Cline drew a revolver and
fired into tho crowd wounding two men
and lumped from the train and attempted
to make his escape but fell pierced by
several bullets one of which passed
through his head killing him instantly
Stephenson was killed in the baggage car
where ho sought safety by hiding He was
shot through the throat tho ball passing
through both jugular veins and was given
a blow with some sharp instrument which
split his skull to his eyebrow killing him
at once
Dutroe was shot in the back of tho head
the ball lodging over the left eye He died
iu about four hours This tragedy was the
culmination of a piece of robbery which
brought disaster to everyone connected
with it and which was accomplished under
the following circumstances
The bonds which were stolen from Harri
sonville by the freebooting Federal officer
and which were afterwards recovered by
a regular officer at Fort Leavenworth
became the subject of a bitterly contested
lawsuit The county took steps to recover
tho bonds and after several years of litiga
tion a compromise was effected by which
the bonds were to be recalled and reissued
to the St Louis and Santa Fe road with an
additional amount in consideration for
which the road was to be built through the
county But this did not suit all the citi
zens and an injunction was served on the
judges restraining them from refunding the
bonds This left the matter in such a
shape that 229 unsigned bonds lay in the
office of the county clerk awaiting the ter
mination of the injunction proceedings
It was at this time that a conspiracy was
entered irto by which these bonds were to
be signed and stolen by the county
judges with certain others who were
Legal proceedings had heen pending
since 1S71 On tho evening of March 1
1S72 there met in the back office of Hincs
Cline lawyers Judges Stephenson and
Forsythe of tho county court J R Cline
lawyer O P Yelton deputy county clerk
mid R B Higgins The bonds were signed
by Stephenson as presiding justice and
Yelton was told that if he did not sign
them he would be killed The signature
was affixed and a hasty flight with the bonds
followed The bonds were sold and the
proceeds divided among the conspirators
It was several days before tho people
learned of the transaction and then the in
dignation ran high A hot search was made
for the perpetrators and hanging was freely
threatened Judge Forsythe returned and
plead remorse giving the full particulars
of the plot and its execution R B Hig
gins blew out his brains iu the courtroom at
Harrisonville but the others were away
The thievish Judges were ousted and others
put in their places Suit was brought for
the recovery of tho bonds and eventually
they were all returned Cline and Stephen
son then came back to the city and brazenly
defied the people They walked the streets
with Dutroe as a body guard and all three
were heavily armed and openly said they
would shoot down any man who attempted
to arrest them At last the indignation of
the people became too great and a meeting
was called at which a committee of seventy
was appointed to protect the welfare of
the people
This action frightened the conspirators
and they made hasty preparation to leave
They slipped out of Harrisonville on the
train but word was wired to the members
of the committee and the train was met at
Gunn City with the result above men
All the bloody bonds were destroyed
except the first and last which were given
to iiarrisonvule and Uunn City
respect- Lyj
i njtftiifieocil
jmJEBrtZ k mA I
I Jlw
The Delegates Wanted a New
Party and Voted For It
The Nationalists Indorse the Platform of the
Peoples Party as Nationalism
Seiv Knglaml ami the South Scarcely Rep
resented The south will Vote for
tho Uuuiorratic Nominee in lSltJ
ami will Not Join file 31 oremeut
The Tarty Indorsed
May21 The National
ists have adopted a resolution indorsing tho
formation of the Peoples nartv and
I pledged themselves to render their best
foits to advance its upbuilding and hoe
ior a spirit oi enthusiasm oetween the ad
herents of so noble an inspiration In the
convention all New England and the East
ern states combined including New York
and Pennsylvania had but twenty eight
delegates In tho South Louisiana had
two North Carolina one Texas twenty
six South Carolina one and Tennessee six
a total of thirty six for the whole South
Tho small representation from the South
was not a surprise because of the fact that
though the Alliance is very strong in those
states the open policy has been to obtain
local results without antagonizing in na
tional matters the dominant party the gen
eral understanding being that the Southern
Allianco men were bound to support the
Democratic nominee of 1SU2
The national executive committee elected
Robert Schilling Milwaukee secretary
and M C Rankin Terre Haute treasurer
Only One Idea
Cincinnati Onio May 21 The Na
tional Union conference transacted so much
of its vitally important business and was so
late in closing the day of its session and
did it under the stress and impulse of such
wildly jubilant excitement that there was
very little opportunity given for the ex
pression of opinion upon the principles
adopted It seemed that the great body of
delegates had one cherished desire tho
forming of a new party and when that was
assured by the reading of the first para
graph of the platform they resolved to nail
and clinch that object without allowing any
obstacle to intervene But this morning
and last night after adjournment of the
mass meeting there were numerous con
sultations the most conspicuous perhaps
being that of the nationalists They hold a
meeting aud talked the matter over after
scanning the platform at their leisure By
way of an abnormal expression of their
views they adopted the following
Resolved that the nationalist del
egates attending the national con
ference believe that the spirit
animating and entertained by the
delegates in general was the chrystaliza
tion of the reform elements of the country
and therefore should be successful and as
nationalists recognizing tho organiza
tion of effort as the fundamental principle
of nationalism we heartily rejoice in the
formation of the Peoples party of tho
United States of America aud pledge our
selves to render our best efforts to advance
its upbuildinc and hope for a spirit of eng
thusiasm befitting the adherents of so no
ble an inspiratiou
The analysis of tho report of the commit
tee on credentials shows that Kansas fur
nished nearly one third of the whole number
of delegates while she with her neighbors
in West Missouri and Nebraska led the list
of states except of Ohio and Indiana
whose locality made it easy to secure an at
tendance of many delegates The five
states named furnished 104J of tiie 1417 dele
gates in the conference
The credentials committee reported that
Now England and the South had very light
representation in point of numbers how
over weisrhty it might have been in other
respects Vermont and New Hampshire in
New England and New Jersey in the East
and Mississippi and Georgia in the South
do not appear at all on the list All of the
New England and Eastern states combined
including New York and Pennsylvania
had but twenty eight delegates
to day the bt uid ne w executive committee
got together for its first meeting The
gathering took place in a narrow little hotel
parlor into which the members wero
packed like so many sardines in a box
They did not seem to mind the stuffy quar
ters but went to work with a vim Every
body but the members of the committee
were excluded Then it was announced
that the first thing in order was the elec
tion of a secretary and treasurer of the
After considerable discussion the choice
fell upon Robert Schilling of Milwaukee as
secretary and M C Rankin of Torre Haute
Ind treasurer Both were elected unani
mously The members then busied them
selves in filling out the vacancies that had
been loft in the national committee as a re
sult of tho rush that preceded the adjourn
ment of tho convention Tho meeting of
the national committee was presided over
with unexpected effectiveness by Chairman
Taubeneck tho big unsophisticated looking
farmer whose recent exiierience of sharp
parliamentary practice in the Illinois legis
lature during the memorable senatorship
contest served him iu good stead at this
lohu Griffith Indicted by the Cooke
County Grand Jury for an
Inliumau Act
Special to the Gazette
Gainesville Tex May 20 John
Griffith was arrested at an early hour this
morning at his home twenty miles west of
here upon an indictment presented by the
grand jury now iu session charging him
with incest Since the condition of his
daughter was discovered there had been
suspicions of an infamous crime The child
died shortly after its birth ami thero being
suspicions as to the manner of its death
a post mortem examination has been or
dered by the authorities The arrival of
the officers had been expected by Griffith
but at the time of the arrest he was
taken by surprise Sheriff Ware and
deputies reached Griffiths house at 2
oclock this morning and surrounded it
Just at daylight the accused came out and
was confronted with a Winchester His
capture was effected without resistance and
he was brought here and lodged in jail
His arrest caused a sensation as he had
lived in the county a long time and was re
garded as and resiected farmer
Ho has a family of grown children and a
wife living
A Farmers Xeljhbors Cultivate Ills Crops
Hillaboros Council A Fire
Special to the Gazette
Hillsbobo Tex May 23 Mr A G
Hoffman living two miles north of HUls
boro had the misfortune to lose one of his
eyes which caused him to get behind with
his crops Ten of his nearest neighbors
met last week vrith their teams and plowed
out his crop both of cotton and corn
ohn hiteworth living three miles from
n nau nis team yesterday to run awav
with anew cultivator tearing it all to
tilffces Neither h th team wpw
rTously hurt
The city council of Hiii3boro at their
ular meeting last night passed an ordinanco
making it a penalty and a J2o0 fine for any
person to sell either the Police Gaette
Foxs Weekly Now York Illustrated News
Kansas City Sunday Sun or any other sen
sational paper of the kind
Cordon Tex May 23 The dwelling
house aud outbuildings on the premises of
Mr John Weigiukie a prosperous farmer
near Gordon were entirely destroyed by
fire yesterday Nothing was saved except
tho clothing the family were wearinr at the
time Tlic origin of the tiro was from a
defective Hue The fire was not discovered
until it was beyond control The loss sus
tained they estimate at S0O The generous
people of the community have responded
promptly to the relief of the unfortunate
family and ero long they will be under a
new roof
Judge Z T Fulmiire Appointed How
County Maps Can be Secured Prot
estant Episcopal Church Council
Special to the Gae tte
AisnN Tea May 20 There are no
new developments in the text book bill
Hon Wells Thompson one of the re
cently appointed coditiers was here to day
King Sims charged with tho murder of
Edward Uraudon near Waco on May IT
was brought to this city last night and
lodged in jail for safe keeping
On being officially notified of his appoint
ment as one of the commissioners to codify
tiie laws the Hon A W Terrell declined
to accept on the ground of pressing private
affairs which would not spare him the time
to do the laborious work required of
coditiers Judge T Fillmore of Austin
an able and highly respected attorney has
been appointed in his stead
The forty second annual council of the
the Protestant Episcopal church of the
diocese of Texas met at St Davids church
in this city to day The council sermon
was preached by Kev Sebright Leigh of
Brenham The council will remain in ses
sion to morrow aud Friday
County Map of Texns
Special to the Gazette
Austin Tex May 20 The following
circular prepared by Land Commissioner
McGaughey shows a list of the 247 comities
iu the state A map of any county can bo
had by remitting the cost of same to tho
land commissioner One hundred and seventy-one
hae been lithographed and are
indicated by to the left and arc 00 cents
each The price of a hand made copy is
shown to the right the amount lieing dol
Anderson 25 Angelina 20 An
drews Aransas 10 Areher
1S Armstrong S Atascosa i2T
Austin 1 Bailey iti Bandera
30 Bastrop 20 Baylor M5
Bee ls Bell 2
Blanco 1S Borden fcj Bosque j2o
Bowie 20 Brazoria j 20 Brazos S10
Brewster S2 Brisco 10 Brown 23
Buchel 15 Burleson 12 Burnet 30
Caldwell Sl -Calhoun 15 Callahan
SIS Camp 10 Cameron 20 Parson JS
Cass 25 Castro SS Chambers 15
Cherokee f 20 S10 Clay 20
Cochran S5 Coke 15 Cooke 30
Coleman 18 Collin Collingsworth
S Colorado 15ComalS15Conianche
25 Concho 20 Coryell 25 Cottle
10 Crane ft Crockett Crosby 12
Dallam SS -Dallas 35 Dawson s
Deaf Smith S Dslta 10 Denton 35
Do Witt 18 Dickens S10 Diinmit 20
Donley 10 Duval 30 Eastland 13
Ector 5 Edwards SS5 Ellis J30 El
Paso 45 Encinal 20 Erath 20
Falls 20 Fannin 25 Fayette 20
Fisher S Flovd 10 Foard 20 Folev
20 Fort Bend 15 Frankln 10 Free
stone 0 Frio 20 Gaines i Galves
ton 13 Garza 412 Gillespie i 0 Glass
cock 7 Goliad 15 Gonzales 20
Gray i Grayson 30 Greer 25 Gregg
5 Grimes 20 Guadalupe 15 Hale
12 Hall 12 Hamilton 25 Hansford
ti Hardeman 15 Hardin 15 Harris
30 Harrison 20 Hartley 12 Haskell
SIS Hays 1 Hemphill S Henderson
25 Hidalgo 20 Hill Hockley 5
Hood 15 Hopkins 30 Houston 25
Howard 12 Hunt 25 Hutchinson
12 Irion 10 Jack 25 M Uson 15
Jasper 20 Jefferson 15 leF Davis
15 Johnson 30 Jones Jib Karnes
15 Kaufman 20 Kendall 15 Kent
12 Kerr 15 Kimble 20 Kinney 25
King 15 Knox 10 Lamar 25 Lamb
5 Lampasas 20 Lasallc 20 Lavaca
20 Lee 15 Leon 25 Liberty
Limestone 25 Lipcomb Live
Oak 1S Llano ls Loving 5 Lub
bock 12 Lynn fit Madison 10 Mar
ion 10 Martin Mason 30 Mata
gorda 20 Maverick 15
25 -McLennan 23 MoMullen 15
Medina 20 Menard 15 Midland 0
Milam 20 Mills 20 Mitchell 15
Monta omery 20 Montague 30 Moore
10 Morris S Motlcy15 Nacogdoches
SIS Navarro 25 Newton 20 Nolan
15 Nueces 25 Ochiltree S Oldham
10 Orange G Palo Pinto 20 Pan
ola 15 Parker 35 Parmer i Pecos
50 Polk 25 Potter 12 Presidio 25
Kaius fi Randall S10 Hcd Kiver 25
Keeves 25 Kefugio 25 Roberts S
Robertson 20 Rockwall 10 Runnels
25 Rusk 20 Sabine 10 San Augus
tine 15 San Jacinto 15 San Patricio
15 San Saba 20 Schleicher ls
Seurrv 10 Shackelford 13 Shelby
20 Sherman fs Smith 23 Somervell
10 Starr 30 Stephens 18 Sterling
10 Stonewall 10 Sutton 1S Swisher
10 Tarrant 35 Taylor 1S Terry S
Thockmorton 15 Titus S10 Tom
25 Victoria 20 Walker 20 Waller
12 Ward 5 Washington 1S Webb
15 Wharton 20 Wheeler 10 Wich
ita 15 Wilbarger 25 Williamson 20
Wilson 15 Winkler 3 Wise 25
Wood 15 Yoakum t Young 20
Zapata 415 Za valla 20
A Joy of Thirteen Veals Deliberately
ilans His Death and Successfully
Carrier Out Hh Scheme
Special to the Gazette
Libektt Hill Tex May 20 News
reached this city to day of the suicide of a
small boy only thirteen years of age His
parents live abont fifteen miles from here
and own a sheep ranch Their name3 are
Yent The boys father sent him out to
round up sheep yesterday evening He
took his little brother still younger with
him on horseback As they were riding
along he told his little brother he was going
to kill himself and that he would give him
his horse and saddle so he got down taking
off the saddle got the blanket spread it out
on the ground tied a string to the trigger
of his gun fastened the string to a bush
told his little brother good bye lay down
onthe blanket placed the muzzle of the
gun to his breast and gave it a pull shoot
ing himself through the heart His little
brother was too young it seems to realize
what his brother was doing but begged
him not to kill himself
No cause is known so far for his rash act
Foster Predfcts a Storm on
31st or dune I
He Loe Hi KeMiloucr aud Its Kntire Al QQ QM
Contents I
Special to the Gazette
They Will be rollopil br an Inuual
Weather rbenompnou Suppuns
That Changes oi the Moon Mute
Weather Change U an Urror
Special to the Gazette
St Jo r mi Mo May 23 My last letter
gave forecasts of the storm wave due to
cross the continent from 2lst to 23th anil
the one following it will bo due to leave the
Pacific coast about Mai 27th cross the
Rocky Allegheny valley from 2Sth to 3Uth
and reach the Atlantic coast alKiut the 31st
The most iiniortaut feature of this storm
will be the heavy rains that will accompany
I it Those rains however will
not oo general out cxcessivn
only iu spots leavinir other places with a
detieieuey as is always the case iu years of
great meteorological disturbances and tho
electric forces of lupeter and Saturns
equinoxes will begin to have very consid
erable inlluenee This storm will be at its
greatest force uear the mouth of the St
Lawrence river about the 31st and June 1
and severe gales along that coast
will be dangerous to shipping
Weather preceding this storm will be
very warm and following it will le cooler
than usual for the time of year Great ex
tremes of weather may be expected to ac
company this storm wave especially about
the time it leaves the continent to cross the
Atlantic and about the first day of Juno
important weather events will occur all
around tho earth which will be regarded by
tho newsgatherers as of special interest in
the way of news
Another storm wave willbe due to leava
the Pacific coast about June 1 cross the
Rocky Allegheny valley from 2d to 4th and
reach the Atlantic coast about the 5th It
will be quite severe on the Western part of
the continent aud will have a very con
siderable force throughout its course becom
ing of less force on the Atlantic coast about
the 5th Very hot weather throughout the
Southern states and in the Missouri valley
will precede this storm but the cool wavu
will neither be severe nor reach lar south
ward Both these storms will cause rains
and gales in the Gulf states The great
and destructive storms of June will attract
general attention and I will further discuss
their details in my next two letters
This satellite has more intluence on tha
weather than any other body except thu
sun but the masses have been led into an
error by supinising that the changes of tha
moon cause changes in the weather When
the moon and sun are on the same side o
the earth tho electrical influences an
increased in that direction but this doet
not increase the force of the storms bu
merely affects their location There u
also a belief among the hunters frontiers
mon and sailors that when the moon haugi
on its oiut much rain or snow will occur
during that moon Hie North Americas
Indians also follow this sign und believe it
to be a propitious sign for hunting
Damp weather and snow aro favorabK
to tho hunter for in dry weathet
the leaves make too much noise for success
and snow is favorable for tracking game
When the moon hangs on its point th
hunter says he cannot hang his powder
horn on its point and then is the time t
hunt and when the moon at new lies ou iU
back it indicates that the huntor can han
his shot pouch on its point an
he would better not waste his
time at hunting I have no use for any
thing that has superstition for its base but
these signs that have so mnchintluetc
with certain classes of people throughout
the world should not bo cast aside without
investigation Many of those enmmou be
liefs have some real foundation aud thou
sands of years of experience on the part of
thosu who are compelled to be much out of
doors has taught them that with certain
positions of the planets come certain change
of the weather Why this is so they know
not all they know is the coincidence f
have investigated these crude signs and
have fouud real causes at the bottom of
somcofthein The moon lies ou its back
when it runs north and hangs on its point
when it runs south As the moon causes
tides in the ocean it must also cause tides
in the atmosphere and as it moves from
about 24 degrees north of the earths
atmosphere to the same distance
south and tho reverse passing over
about 3300 miles of the earths
surface in about fourteen days or about
nine miles north or south and 1000 mile
east in twenty four hours the change neces
sarily affects the atmosphere and tha
weather by pulling the storms north or
The changes of the moon occur a little
more than six days apart and the regulac
storm waves pass over this latitude in
little less than six days apart so that if u
storm wave is due about the change of the
moon the next storm wave will be due very
near the next change of the moon and
these coincidences will occur
for several weeks This ha
led to the belief that it is the changes of the
moon that causes the storm waves But
the coincidences will not continue long and
I see no reason why changes of the mooi
should cause a change in the weather If
the moon crosses tho earths equator a little
before a storm wave is due it will
cross the earths equator in two weeks near
when a storm wave is due and if tho
changes of the moon should occur at thn
same time it would lead to the belief that
it is the changes of the moon that causes
these storms of greatest force The elec
trical theory of weather changes requires
that we follow the laws of electricity and
whatever is not in accord with these laws
must be rejected aud if these electrical
laws will not explain U1 meteorological
phenomena then the theory must tie re
jected as a failure
The moon is 225719 miles from the earth
at perigee and 251147 miles at aiogee mak
ing a change of 2022S miles about every
fourteen days This change makes a great
difference in the tides and must
necessarily make a difference in its
effect -on the atmosphere Professor
Proctor admitted that it had ben fairly
proven that more eartnquakes occur when
tho moon is close to the earth because of its
greater inlluenee on the tides aud if this be
true it must also have greater influence on
the atmosphere at the same time
W T Foster
The Country Surrounding San Antonio
Abounds with Them Five Victims
Ueported within a Week
Special to the Gazette
San Antonio Tex May 20 At this
timo of year the rattlesnakes in which
the surrounding country abounds are much
more vicious Within a week five persons
have been bitten One of them a boy
named Remple is dead and three are on tha
road to recovery The last victim will die
Ho is G W Brecker a chicken peddler
He went to the residence of Col P B
Andrews to purchase some poultry- After
completing his purchase ho went into tha
pasture to drive his horses up when a hugs
rattlesnake imbeded its fangs into his
thigh Every spring many Mexican sheep
herders lose their lives because of their be
lief that the only remedy for the bite is ta
kill the snake cut it open and apply tha
warm body as a poultice to the wound j
inhTvitin fnr mWSVFnPrFrTt

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