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Publishers and Prosrietors
Give the people a just and sound
financial system and they -will not be
misled by those who advocate mischiev
ous schemes
A PexnSYLVAXIv woman married
six cripulcd ex soldiers drawing pen
sions or course in succession Between
the generosity of Uncle Sara and the
helpfulness of sympathetic women it is
better to be a pensioner than a Roman
THE Peoples party is in thp field
What does or can it ask of state gov
ernment that Texas Democracy has
not given the people Texas Democ
racy has been honest economical
faithful The Peoples carty could be
no more in Texas would it be as
much A bird in the hand is worth
two in the bush
Senatoh PirrER wants enough
money in the country to give a per
capita circulation of 100 That would
mean about SG500000000 or about
000000000 more than we have now
When the time comes that we have
such an i7illation the loan companies
that exact the payment of their
in gold will smile and smile as
Mn j slice out the pounds of flesh
Delegate Davis the Texas ex
Confderate who raised such a hulla
oelloo at the Cincinnati convention by
jcifTously clamping hands with an
ex ludcral and the organizer of the
olored Alliance was a pretty pre
Iucioua sort of a soldier lie was born
in 1S51 and at the breaking out of the
war was seven years old and twelve at
itsflo c The Yankee gore shed by
i tonfedcratc Delegate Davis would
not have reddened the hands that he
The St Louis Globe Democrats
Washington correspondent has can
vassed the Democratic and Alliance
oongross men and obtained from 14J of
1 hem rxpressiona indicating their choice
ur speaker Hatch leads being the
choice of 43 members Springer has
0 Crisp and McMillan 21 each Mills
IS Bvnuin 10 Mount 2 The large
v ote for Hatch is due probably to his
good standing among tho Alliance con
gressmen a1 ho has always cultivated
the farmer clement in and out of con
A Philadelphia hotel keeper has
been sued by negroes because he re
fused to let them eat in the general dining-room
of the hotel lie avers that ho
offered to let them have seals at the
private table occupied by himself and
his wife but they wanted seats among
iho white guests The fact that he
was willing to let them cat with his
family is evidence that his objection
was not personal and that he would
not let them eat among the other
guests is evidence that the objection
proceeded from business considera
tions His white patrons would have
resented the introduction of negroes in
their society Tho City of Brotherly
Love Willi its iO000 or -10000 Kepubli
can majority can plainly see the differ
ence between a Caucasian and an Afri
can when they are brought together
the change iuir
The announcement of the Third an
nual grange fair to be held at the stato
fair grounds McGregor Tex has
been i sucd and the premiums offered
show that the directors bolievo in a
liberal policy of encouragement to
Texas industry The statement is
made that this enterprise was inau
gurated to advance the entire agricult
ural mechanical art commercial
stockraising and every other interest
of the people of Texas
The McGregor fair has made a
record in the two years of its
dstem e and with proper encourage
ment from the people of the state it
can do great good in bringing together
and displaying the evidences of Texas
progress in the various industries
While the association is a representa
tive of tho Grange organization of the
state it is conducted for the welfare of
all orders and all classes and deserves
the encouragement of everybody who
is at all interested in the advancement
of the state G L Stone secretary at
McGregor will answer all inquiries
and supply catalogues
The members of the Alliance who
submit to the dictation of the Ocala
platform must deny themselves the
right to support any man lor any office
w ho does not plant himself squarely
upon that platform They must forego
this right of individual selection or
Ueny the authority of the Alliance lead
ers lo bind them against their will In
the latter case they assert their indc
uependence of any action of the Alli
ance in devoting the members to any
definite policy In the former they
abdicate their citizenship and turn
over their conscience to the keeping of
men as to whom there is no well set
tled certification that they are ac
quainted with the matter of a con
Any way they may take it any way
they may act the farmers of the Alli
ance are put in a position that will em
barrass them when they come to think
it over and try to reconcile it with
their free will or their expectations
They may accept without dissent the
supposed l eforms suggested by the Al
liance delegates at Ocala but why
should they not have the right to use
their judgement in jexceptional cases
when they feel that some candidate
vr o docs not swallow the whole dose is
r -vi
a better man than his opponent whose
sole merit lies in the fact that he does
swallow everything that is put in his
mouth And what have these demands
of the Alliance to do with a state elec
tion It is through congress that the
concessions miibt come The state can
do nothing Members of congress and
members of tho state legislature who
are to elect a United States senator are
the only officials who will have any
thing to do with the granting or with
holding of the Alliance demands and it
looks like a wanton use of power to
compel an elector to oppose a good
man who is a candidate for a
stale or county office on the
ground that he cant agree with the
Ocala platform that certain things are
best for the countrv
The following letter will be of inter
est to Xorthwest Texas The man with
the hoe is knocking the bottom out of
pastoral lands so classified and more
of the western half of the state is to be
opened up to the actual settler
Austin TEX May 19 1891
Editor Port Worth Gazette Fort Worth Tex
Dear Sin On June 1 1S91 a state classi
fier and appraiser will commence work at
Archer City and will proceed from thence
alon tho line of the Fort Worth and Den
ver railway takinjr the counties on each
side of the road and thojc through which
it passes We have this day notified county
clerks in tho territory named of this pro
posed trip and have asked them to notify
the public to the end that those desiring
sections rccliissiticd or classified originally
where they have never been classified may
leave a list of such lauds with the county
clerk in order that the agent of the state
may receive such list upon his arrival in
the county and proceed to examine and
make his report to this office The large
circulation of The Gazette in the territory
named and its desire to extend every aid to
those seeking homes in that section of the
country induces the belief that you will
give this matter as much publicity as pos
sible I am very respectfully
V L McUAcriiET
The farmers who joined the Alliance
were assured that it was a non political
organization Now that it has violated
that condition of the agreement be
tween the order and the members by
throwing itself into the third party
movement there is no longer any bind
ing obligation upon those who were de
ceived to remain in it The well-acknowledged
principle that fraud viti
ates a contract applies here The
pledge of non partisanism which led
many good farmers into the Alliance
has not been kept and the breaking of
that pledge was in the natureof a fraud
practiced upon the good faith of tho
men who joined the order with the
understanding that their political con
nections were not to be affected thereby
Now it is plain that no man can stay
in the Alliance and act openly as a
Democrat or Republican without draw
ing upon himself the suspicion that he
is playing the part of a spy The Alli
ance is now if the Cincinnati meeting
spoke for it and if such is not the case
it should hasten to avow that fact a
compact consolidated distinct political
organization arrayed to do battle
against both the Democratic and Re
publican parlies and preparing to con
test with them the political direction
of the country It will declare its
principles formulate its platform nom
inate candidates pledged to carry out
those principles and in all things take
the part of a regular political organiza
tion demanding all of the privileges
under the law that are given to the
Democratic and the Republican parties
It will make war upon Republican and
Democratic policies and candidates
and they will war upon its policies and
candidates How then can a man
pretend to be a Democrat or a Republi
can and retain his allegiance to this
new political organization that has
taken the field against those parties
He might as well be a member of a Re
publican club take part in Republican
caucuses and conventions all the while
claiming to be a Democrat and an
nouncing his intention to vote the
Democratic ticket It would be as con
sistent to do one as the other of these
things and in either ease ho would lie
looked upon with distrust by his Alli
ance or his Republican associates as
the ease might be and it is not likely
that he would be allowed to participate
in the more important deliberations of
his brotherhood
There is nothing left for self-respecting
Democrats in Texas to do but to
sever their connection with the Farm
ers Alliance or cease to be Democrats
The opportunity is offered to withdraw
for as we have pointed out the condi
tion upon which they entered the Alli
ance has been violated and they are
free to consider themselves no longer
bound by an obligation which has been
broken by the other party to it
Tho Beat in Teias
Our Church Helper
The Fort Worth Gazette is one of the
best secular papers published in Texas Jf
any of readers want to take a good news
paper we would recommend Tue Gazette
A Mafrniliceut Fund
Austin Statesman
The magnificent permanent school fund
which Texas owns is the bulwark of heir
fortunes and it is the admiration and the
envy of every other state in the Union A
hundred million of dollars is quite a neat
little sum
A Sight Not ortcn Seen
Cleburne Enterprise
The trades display at Fort Worth was a
sight not often seen The procession was
two miles long and the people all enjoyed
it A description of the wagons floats
carriages and jurada generally would take
up too much room It should have been
seen to be fully appreciated
What Is Left to Jlacuue Et AI
Cisco Kound Up
The Fort Worth Gazette estimates the
Democratic vote of Texas at 275000 of
which the Alliance is credited with 17000
It is likely that in this the Alliances
strength is under estimated but judging
from current opinion as expressed at the
meetings held since the Waco convention
the 17000 fully represent tho number of
Alliance men in favor of the sub treasury
enterprise This leaves 253000 Democrats
that Macune Tracy Co propose to make
swallow their noxious medicine The Dem
ocrats of Texas wont take it
The Teople Wilt He There
Henderson Times
It is said that the railroad lobby includ
ing Harry Trarey and a man named Sledge
have organized to defeat Governor Hogg
two years from now This crowd will com
mence the fight by advocating an elective
commission and apiiealing to the dear peo
ple to turn out and demand their rights
The people will be on hand
A Compliment to tho Gazette
Greenville Headlight
Because of the fact that the Fort Worth
Gazette gives the earliest and most accu
rate state capitol news the Willis Index
asks if Governor Hogg himself isnt that
papers Austin correspondent to which
The Gazette replies Nol That ques
tion was indeed complimentary to Tue Ga
They Are All In It
Waco Day
General Claiborne was at the Fort Worth
Worlds fair convention and seems to have
got stuck on the town He almost rilled
the editorial page of last weeks New Bir
mingham Times with Fort Worth and con
vention matter of which this is a sample
T J Hurley is immense John R Hoxie
is immense Tue Gazette is immense
and they are all in of and for Fort Worth
and defy all competition
Cheap John Methods
Waco Day
Complaint comes from Austin that in the
list of notaries public many of the initials
are wronsr thus causing much trouble The
day the legislature adjourned the senate
by resolution designated two committee
clerks who should make lists of the nota
ries confirmed by the senate and allowing
them five days at 45 a day to do the work
The two clerks handed in the lists next day
drew their five days pay and lit out for
home They had left off all postoftice ad
dresses and now it seems they didnt even
get the names down correctly Careless
legislation and cheap help has cost Texas
many a dollar in her day
A Word to Farmers
Marshall Star
This paper is not tho champion of any big
daily newspaper in or out of Texas and gets
liberal offers for clubbing with a largo num
ber of the leading dailies of the country
but it is our honest opinion that the best
paper outside of his homo paper which
every man should subscribe for that a
Texas farmer can take is tho Fort Worth
Weekly Gazette It contains a very largo
amount of reading matter embracing news
from Texas and the balance of the world
and its agricultural department edited by
Professor J P Stelle we consider alone
worth to any intelligent farmer mauy times
the cost of the paper The Gazette is also
a paper that battles for rights of the people
Without any remuneration for this notice
we advise the farmers who may read it to
subscribe for tho Fort Worth Weekly Ga
st Iiirttructlons Issued to Indian As
Bennett fooktt us if Uncle Sam
Meant Business
The Date Filed
Special to the Gazette
Akumore I T May 23 T J Morgan
commissioner of Indian affairs writing
under date of May IB in a letter to Agent
Bennett in regard to the intruder question
says Proceed to execute the order for
removal not later than the 1st day of July
He also instructs Bennett to notify
the proper military officers of tho
time fixed upon and the place
whprc the troops are to be sent to assist in
making removals and that all appeals that
may be received by him for stay of action
on the ground of distress and hardship and
individual cases that would result from such
removals be reported to him He further
warns him to use such discretion and pre
caution against unnecessary violence as the
facts in the case will warrant
On tho strength of this communication
Airent Bennett issues the following
To whom it may concern In
the matter of the removal from
the Chickasaw Nation of such persons
as are there contrary to law or without au
thority of law 1 am directed by the Hon
T J Morgan commissioner of Indian
affaire under date of May 15 to exe
cute the order of removal not later than
the first day of July next Accordingly
notice is hereby given to all persons con
cerned that the removals contemplated will
be commenced Wednesday June 17 1S91
Signed Ico E Bennett
The number of intruders to be ejected
from the Chickasaw Nation is now esti
mated at about seven thousand What
the outcome of the recent action
of Commissioner Morgan in the matter will
be cannot now bc forctold but it certainly
looks now as if the intruders will have to
go Some scoff at the idea of their being
put out while many who have heretofore
held back are coming rapidly forward and
securing permits
At Albany Numbering Among tho
ticlpuuts Some- of Xortli Texas
Most Prominent Citizens
Correspondence of the Gazette
Albany Tex May 21 The Reynolds
and Matthews families among the earliest
settlers on the frontier of Texas had a fam
ily reunion at tho residence of Mr N L
Bartholomew in South Albany Wednesday
Grandma lteynolds aged seventy and her
children George T William D Susan
Benjamin F P W Finn and Sally were
present Mr J B Matthews and his wife
Caroline and their children J A Bcttie
Susie and Ellie also Messrs F E Conrad
and N L Bartholomew Mcsdames Kosa
Gurtie and Florence Reynolds sons-in-law
and daughters-in-law of the two families
The grandchildren of these two families
present numbered thirty five Somo of the
members of this family are among the most
prominent citizens of Northwest Texas
Mr G T Reynolds is president of
the First national bank of Albany
and First national bank of Okla
homa City I T and president of
the Monroe land and cattle company Mr
W D Reynolds is vice president ot the
First national bank of Albany and director
of tho Red River and Southwestern rail
way Mr N L Bartholomew is cashier of
the Albany national bank and Mr F E
Conrad is the largest dealer in merchandise
in Albany
Another Atrocious Crime Traced to John
Griflls of Gainesville
Special to tho Gazette
Gainesville Tex May 21 John Grif
fis the farmer who was placed in jail hero
yesterday charged with a nameless crime
upon one of his daughters was again in
dicted to day by the grand jury on a simi
lar charge alleged to have been committed
on a younger daughter than the one causing
first indictment The last daughter is but
fifteen years of age She was before the
grand jury to day and upon her testimony
the second indictment was found She
claims to have given birth to a child last
March by her father and that he took the
infant at the time of birth and she- had
never seen it since but had understood he
buried it in the garden The sheriff county
attorney and a physician went out to Grif
fis place to day to take up the dead infant
to ascertain if Its death was caused by vio
lence If the body is found it is the
of the officers to bring it to this city
ana nave an inquest new Xfiev
turn somo tune to night
will xq
- w aM
Subscribe torJhaJjjpffTUzzTra
-- rwftv
Proposes a Substitute for
the Sub Treasury Bill
A Measure Submitted for Discussion Any
Locality Can Itemed the Evil of
Tight Money Independent of
Any Financial Center
Special to the Gazette
Lancaster Tex May 21 Hon Bar
nctt Gibbs delivered the following address
to a large audience here to night The
speech was well received by all classes
Fellow Citizens of Lancaster
I am here to night to encourage the or
ganization of a Democratic club and by
special request discuss the financial ques
tion The Democratic party has got to be
aggressive even in Texas where it has
such a large majority I believe the Demo
cratic party can expand and grow with the
country and do more good than any third
party for the people I will submit you a
bill or a skeleton of one for your con
sideration I dont claim it is ierfect but
know that it is Democratic aud seeks
needed results
ax act to establish basks of circula
Section 1 There shall be established and
chartered banks ot circulation under the
provisions of the National bank act so far
as applicable and subject to tho provisions
herein provided for as well as those in
said act contained not in conflict herewith
Sec 2 The incorporators making
application to the comptroller of the cur
rency for legal tenders shall execute a joint
aud several bond payable to the secretary
of tho treasury and his successors in office
for tho amount of legal tenders to be
received This bond shall bear 2 per cent
interest per annum and be secured by a
mortgage on agricultural lands on a basis
of one half their market value
Sec 3 Persons in any locality apply
ing for a charter and money for banking
shall publish this fact for thirty days before
application in some local paper together
with the amount of capital to be asked for
and a description and value of the agricult
ural laud upon which the mortgage is to bo
See 4 After application is received and
before charter is granted tho comptroller
of the currency if there is no other valid
objection shall cause the said land to be
valued under oath by the postmaster at
county site and two other postmasters
nearest tho lands He shall cause an ab
stract to bo made and title certified to by
the United States district attorney or some
lawyer designated by the comptroller all
expenses to be paid by applicants for char
Sec 5 Where tho bond and security is
satisfactory and as provided by law it
shall be his duty to issue legal tender notes
to the amount of the bond and mortgage
and grant charter for the opcrationof said
See C Said bank notes issued by tho
comptroller shall bo legal tenders lor all
debts and dues imblie and nrivate and all
I taxes except import duties and shall be
redeemable in coin or 2 icr cent twenty-
year United States bonds at tho option of
the government
Sec 7 When the law is fully complied
with and the security satisfactory the
amount of monoy shall be issued provided
however that all kinds of money including
gold aud silver coin put in circulation by
the government shall at no time exceed 50
per capita of the entire population based
on the last preceding United States census
Sea S When any ono stato shall have re
ceived its pro rata of this per capita in
crease in the circulating medium from
present basis it shall receive no mora until
two years thereafter when it may receive
its pro rata of the remainder not absorbed
hv applications from other states entitled
to it
Sec 9 Any land mortgaged to secure the
circulation may be alienated subject to the
mortgage under proper regulations as to
release and retirement of circulation
Sec 10 These banks of circulation may
loan money on farm products or such other
security as they may deem proper
In presenting this bill I am not vain
enough to think I have solved the financial
question but submit it for discussion as
being more reasonable and democratic than
cither the national banking system as now
prevailing and perpetuated or the sub
treasury scheme as proposed The national
banking system presupposes the ownership
of United States bonds which is a scarce
commodity and therefore makes the bank
ing system too restrictive Tho sub-treasury
bill comtemplates the government deal
ing with too mauy different individuals eng
a basis of too many different commodities
of fluctuating values and at too great ex
pense and without a proper limitation on
the per capita circulation This bill facili
tates banking so that there can bo no very
great squeeze of tho market by a few men
in control of ono or more money centers
If there is enough money in circulation to
do the legitimate business of the country
there will be no applications made if there
is not enough then under this bill any lo
cality can remedy the evil independent of
any financial center
Every night tho comptroller knows how
much money of all kinds is in circulation
and he cant exceed the limit of 50 per
capita which according to the experienco
of prosperous nations is little enough and
safe enough
The government cannot be made more se
cure than it is with agricultural land which
rarely depreciates and never except tem
porarily English and other shrewd for
eign financiers are to day loaning our mort
gage companies money at 5 per cent on
your 10 per cent notes secured by a mort
gage on agricultural lands showing their
confidence in this class of security at a
The limit per capita will hardly be
reached aud if there should be more money
in circulation than there is a demand for
tho circulation and charter will bo surren
dered for 2 per cent bonds It will adapt
itself to the business demands or the coun
try which can never be the case where we
have so exclusive ana complicated a system
as the present system of national banks
Whene ver notes issued by this government
redeemable in its bonds or coin at the gov
ernments option and receivable for all
debts and dues and limited in amount
cease to be good among ourselves it will be
when we have no confidence in the stability
of the government itself The men who
get this money are the governments agents
for whatever profit there is over 2 per cent
and the government is secured by the prop
erty of most certain value that exists the
property is owned by so many that the
rate of interest cannot be made oppressive
by these banks of circulation or legitimate
business interests throttled by a scarcity of
circulating medium
I havent gone into detail3because I
merely present this bill as a basis of discus
sion and havent prepared it to introduco
In or run for congress on Any common
Democrat is respectfully invited to give it
hell in his own way if he thinks it needs it
If any member of congress eating the peo
ples bread dont like it I want him to
present ono of his own or -let it alone as he
is paid a salary to get up bills to relieve the
people of the evils caused by neglect of duty
by the government The people all over
this country have gotten to that stage where
they laugh at those leaders who cuss out
the national bank system and the sub
treasury and check neither and propose
nothing In their stead Those politicians
who confine themselves to the easy job of
cussing out everything else are going to
join Ingalls for the Democratic party is not
going to be sacrificed
If the Democratic leaders who aspire to
oiv enioy tno emoluments ana Honors oi
ublic office dont do something besides
throwhjg a few silver dollars In circulation
to relieve the people from the money trust
S W ti
they will be left after the next congress ad
The Democratic party will have to shoot
or give up the gun
A party has got to take the position that
there is enough money in circulation to do
the legitimate business of the country or
it must provide a safe simple and inex
pensive system to get it there speedily
This issue has got to ba met squarely
and no breastworks can be made out of war
speeches the color line or anything else
The party can carry other good issues along
with it but Mr Cleveland and all tho
Democratic leaders put together cant get
the party into another winning fight with
this issue left behind unsettled in the
minds of the industrial classes The na
tional banking system is based on a com
modity that the averace citizen even of
wealth does not- possess then no matter
how willing a national banker may ue to uo
so he is not allowed to loan a farmer a dol
lar on either his products or his land The
sub treasury scheme will loan everybody
money on everything and take care of and
market it for him We want a simpler
more impartial and more elastic system
with barriers against repudiation or de
preciation without any losses or expenses
to be paid out of the general fund raised by
Wliile I believe this bill avoids the errors
and evils of the old United States bank sys
tem and would be an improvement on the
present system yet I dont pretend that it
is a solution and only submit it for discus
sion and a comparison with the sub-treasury
scheme and the national bank system
These banks of circulation are wholly in
dependent and yet dont do business on
their own issue or with fiat money Thoy
can continue to use the security held by the
government and a high rate of interest on
their part will start auother bank jcxt
door Under this bill no more money will
go in circulation unless there is a local de
mand for it When there is a stringency
now the secretary of the treasury whether
a Democrat or Republican rushes off to
New York and loans favored banks a few
millions that finds its way slowly and ex
pensively if at all to tho locality most in
Centralized finance is a3 undemocratic as
centralized government Under this bill
each county will have its own financial
center in its owu limits This is in accord
with the Democratic idea of localized self
government Anything is democratic for
the purposes or discussion Dut tms or a
similar financial bill would be democratic
from many standpoints Our financial leg
islation has never looked beyond two or
three Eastern financial centers and left
the most of this grand country to bend the
knee of suppliants to those and get along
tho best they could Undersuch a measure
as this a volume of money within a safe
and conservative limit will bo
When there is a demand for it to
move crops or for other purposes it will
be called for and when the necessity or
demand for it no longer exists it will be
surrendered and reissued in other localities
having a use for it It rids the country of
Wall street squeezers Southern and
Western congressmen of both parties are
always yielding to Eastern influences for
fear of endangering party success and
Eastern congressmen are always scared or
pretend to be of European threats Aus
tralia has shown more financial and political
independence of England than we
have Why should we South and
West go East and on Eastern
terms for all our money or pres
idential nominations or take a man from
tho West with an Eastern string tied to
him If those fellows could control it they
would make tho sun set as well as rise in
the East and hae always believed that it
was one of the mistakes of the Lord that he
did not do it that irray
In discussing this question in Democratic
clubs we must remember four points that
no man will dispute First this govern
ment reserved in the constitution a monop
oly of issuing all money second thereby it
assumed a solemn constitutional obligation
to put enough in circulation to do tho legiti
mate business of the country as it grew
third it also assumed an obligation not to
issue so much as to depreciate its value as
a circulating medium fourth every man
Democart and Republican who voted for
tho silver bill admitted that there was need
of more money to do the legitimate business
of the country and if he is ready to stop
there must have thought that it needed but
devilish little more
This narrows the issue down to the ques
tion how much more money is needed and
what is the safest and least expensivo plan
for the government to put it in circulation
We dont want business to stagnate nor do
we want to go back to coonskins for a me
dium of exchange We want the govern
ment to comply with its constitutional obli
gations and enable us to do business among
ourselves without having to pay such a
high rate of interest for tho facilities
If we are going to let foreign nations dic
tate our financial policy wo had just as well
have held onto good King George
We are not as great a nation as the poli
cians tell us we arc You are to be tho tail
to the European financial kite When tho
balance of trade is against us wo will pay
Europe in gold and when it is in our favor
we will exact gold The Republican party
says put the tariff so high as to make us in
dependent of foreign nations In tho next
breath it says adjust your finances on a
European basis They cant even get this
down the Kansas farmcranymorealthough
sopped in bloody shirt gravy The farmer
has left these questions to tho politicians
until hi3 farm has gone under a 10 per cent
foreign mortgage and he has nothing left
except muscle and poverty He has con
cluded to turn politician and the country
will be none the worse off for it but I think
his relief will como quickest from a combi
nation between the Southern and Western
Democracy No politician ought to stay in
office if he draws his salary
and grows fat dreaming over dead
issues that aint what tho people pay him
for There are members of this club who
after a few weeks study and a few dis
cussions will know as much about a politi
cal question asanymemberofcongressThis
country ought to have political students
not only at the forks of the creeks but
all up and down tho creek on both sides A
man can follow a plow all the week and
study these questions on Sunday and then
do more of it and know more about it than a
great many members of congress I do not
believe there is a precinct in Texas with
100 voters in it that cant furnish good ma
terial for a Democratic congressman if he
will rub up and show himself and this club
business will show them up It will be bet
ter for him to wear socks as it is extremely
fashionable to do so but he might not wear
socks or know all tho law either and yet
go into congress with horse senso and a
knowledge of the constitution and be an
improvement on some brilliant members
The national Democratic committee origi
nated this club idea and I am stuck on it
When you get to discucsing these questions
the ready made politician will soon show up
or you can make them to order to fit tho oc
casion Representatives in congress should
be taught to worry less over what somo
Eastern leader thinks and more over what
the people think and need and this club
business will bring it about Those Eastern
fellows have manipulated the government
for twenty five years and got the per capita
circulation down low and hvo off their cou
pons They would like to shut off gold
silver and currency so as td get the rate of
interest even higher High tariff and scarce
money means high prices and high rates of
interest and no sweating of the brow for
them Under the present system of taxation
and circulation they have the fun and the
South and West do the sweating Have
your monthly discussions and send for lit
erature and it will result in good to all
The party must hcedcthoso demands of the
people that nre reasonable and in accord
with sound principles of government and
expose those issues that are not Such
party action will by appealing to the judg
ment discretion and consideration of the
people secure a majority support The
Democratic party must check this govern
ment in its high taxes extravagance and
subserviency to the money trust and force
it to perform its constitutional obligations
Party tradition and veneration for leaders
wont go any more The people are after
facts figures and arguments and are get
ting too smart for anything les3 substan
tial We must have more clubs to answer
this demand and the community that dont
have one will bo behind1 the procession
This summer acd tail and when congress
meets in the winter tho fight will bo made
that will seal the fate of political parties
An earnest effort must be mado to accede
to the reasonable demands of the pcoplo
and the unreasonable ones condemned and
exposed The Democratic party cant ba
to day what it wis twenty five years ago
for tho country and conditions are not the
same The people can change leaders and
representatives just like they swap horses
These goldbugs always point to Confed
erate money and say beware Well until
the Yankees licked us in a fight or two
Confederate money was as good as wheat
or gold either Nobody is going to destroy
the confidence of theso people in our govern
ment for we aint going to get licked in
one fight France surrounded by other
nations and threatened continually sus
tains an independent financial system and
if wo cant do it I would like to see every
man in the United States dead broke and
the whole country in the hands
of a royal receiver We are going to
have a good healthy political fight
from Canada to the gulf and I am glad of
it but want to see tho Democratic party
pet in line first and select the battle cry
There is no danger from a third party if
wo do our duty but there wont bo enough
left of the Democratic party to make a
grease sot if wo set down andswearevery
thing is lovely We have run in the same
groove until the cogs hitch and dont work
No one man or clique of men can say
what is Democratic it is for a majority to
say in the party platform what policies the
party aprrns Until then individual
opinions are open for discussion There are
61 10 1KI1 I
rarctte Fort Worth Tex
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much more than the price paid for
ahoat counting a years readinj of the best
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money I would not be without The Gazette
one year for twice what tho book and paper
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cotnD not do wrrnouT it
CUDA P O TEX Feb 15 1S31
Fort Worth Cazcttc Fort Worth Tex
Deau Silts Your ccok book came safe to
hand several days ago and am well pleased
with it as It is a great help to any person keep
ing house We could not well afford to do with
out it now Yours as ever
W K EOATvnucnr
SiinnriELD Ttx Teb SO 1S31
Editor Gazette
We haTe two or three cook books but not be
Ing a stockholder in any national bank nor in
terested in the LouUiana state lottery I havo
not been able financially to utilize them to
any great extent But I find in tho Household
or Gazette cook book scores of recipes well
adapted to the household of limited means
plenty of cheap simple and healthful recipes
while if one wishes to indulge in something
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the djhpepiia My wife is well pleased with it
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good things in the other departments If you
will renew your request in about two years I
will tell you better what I think of it for it will
take fully that long to tet the hundreds of re
cipes contained in the very valuable book
W B Nicuols
ItouxD Timbers Feb 12 1S91
The Democrat Publishing Co
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end I think it is a book all ladies should have
thlhave cooking to do Those that do not
could learn bow and I think the price is very
low Mv wife ia very much pleased with ours
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am yours repcctfully T K Hamby
Belton Tex Feb 28 1S9I
Publishing Company
Gexts The cook book came through in due
time have had high living ever since Bcok
cannot be excelled m the money invested My
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Con Worth Gazette Fort Worth Tex
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icies the cost I would advise all young mar
ted couples to buy it and the encyclopaedia
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Cditor Gazette
Dear Sir I received the household cook
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fully C G GAItDNER
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ceived in good order I have tried it and am
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Must say tbat I was agreeably surprised
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formation as well Best wishes to The Ga
zette Thos Chapman
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To the Editor of the Gazette
We are in receipt of your Household cook
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Fort Worth Gaaette
The cook book I received as a premium for
one yearssubscriptioa to The Gazette I con
sider worth fully tho amount of the cost of the
paper and book J1MX Outside of Instructions
for cooking there are many valuable recipes I
found one recipe I Faid 81 -for Success to Tub
Gazette An old subscriber
WORTH double the price
Gordon Pslo Pinto cocsty Tex
Feb 11 ISM i
Dear Sir When I received your cook cook t
was icrprissd to think how you could bring out
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Sites many lives miserable ani 6t
self destruction Distress after ti
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stomach creates an appetite rrcco I
dilation relicTcs sicl headachj cW1
mtnd and cures the most obstinate
cuu c
cepsia Read tho followiaj
I hive beta troubled Kith dj e
jst little appeaad what I dd
feeling s thou
Hoods Sarsaparillx d
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tire era
rcusned and satlsEed
irniip ititd Twr r
w i Q uvuiii
recommend it G S Vaqt Wenir
X B Be sore to get only
test tpr Tnn rr
Lakeview Hall uv
l e
I have received the IIou5ek
havo used the same and w s
book for the price eer offer d
mend it to every iamy
book Yt ishing yoa succt JS
main yoars truly W 1
y rJr
aau la
Hoods Sarsaparilla
Soldbyalldrnpgists 1 siifor
bx C I HOOD CO lvotleci1uej v -
qQO Doses Pro Do3r
important state policies
cussed such as the n
school fund regulation of
I hope the clubs wi t Uev
stick to a discussion of p
Gazettes Cook
Tort AVortli Gazette
Your premium cook book received Tle arc
wrll pleased with it All the recipes tried have
given perfect satisfaction I regard it as the
best cook book eng tne rnurkct as we have live
different cook books mt2 I can cheerfully tay
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the best snn nAS sens
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Jilts F R HlLU
DEAit Sm The book is ertirelv satisfactory
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thanks to you for the book as well ttHjjVsryaur I
worthy paper ujrnRNKi
a lLMErCl
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Dear Sin My wife s ivci j
cook book so far as sho ha tr a d a -
she would not be witaou t or tteCi
if sho could cot get another VwiKftr
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IJjjgM 1U1 II l 131 i
1 HlUft ii w
ear Sir The cook bcol j i -
with The GAZETrK is fara o s a
pcctuil It U more tnaa r c t
be not oniy a cook too f
pes for diseases which ohii c t
1 believe it would eoi t at ji
5150 at a bookstore ii Aureus
JCST Tnr nnPk
Breckiniuoe r u wi
Weekly Gazette Tori Uor i
Gentlemen Your touk boo ns aprs
mium came safely to iad zi v vei r
ceived Mrs Trammel c pre- ti e ntu
pleased with its conlccs ic - tt i
book as rho has lonjr rei ded I- u eiy bt
and is a handsome present
D U fiLivartj
jrrrE a ijep
Editor Gazette
Received your cook bo cd 1V c tjs
help to young housekeeper tit e- t i
ipes for cooking there h u a -
Mrs J j iuuitt
ran best sne ns covscted
ALDtNY Tex tea 11151
Tho Democrat Publishing iourar For
Worth Tex
My wife claims she never hail nv r zeti tor
a cook book her mother huv trtr ti
a necessary qualilication to tnsre
pleasant bijlse was 10 k ctv 3iv r trr to
properly prepare a meai hers f ur ha e Lose
and I take pleasure in testify t at he
mother was correct However tus coo- boo
received Irom you is the best one s e In cos
suited and e think you deserve thact to
distributing so useful a proses iert
etc P A GE4EAU
Davis Poor Fihx
Throckmorton Iounty tea u isil
To the Gazette Fort Worth Ti
Sir Your cook book came to lunl oil nt
and it gives entire satisfaction s rctatyj
represented it to be Could not do without ft
Yours truly h I 1KV13
Palst Kocx Tex i - 15 W
Editor Fort Worth Gazette
I received the Household Cook Boot ttt
my husband got as a premium w th The Ga
zette I am delighted witn the ooox I tat
tried a number of the recipci ia it an
them to be good and can safely say it Is fir J
perior to any book of the kind I ever 31
is worth many times what it cost
Mrs Jennie M Reavh
To the Gazette
Dear Sin I am in receipt of your com dcm
forwarded me as premium to the veeiy
ZETTE lam well pleased with the t j
think that every family ought to hive it
a better book than I expected for tee mow
No ono need be without it lor it is etc ttu
price Yours respectfully
WAXAnAcnir Tex Teb It lSt
Democrat Publishing Compaa rf
I received the cook book and am well p
with it and think it would be a good iniei t 1
lor every household Yours tf
Mrs G H CcssesuBOL
Democrat Publishing Company Fort wer
Gentlemes I must sav that I UunU thc
book alone worth the J150 HerJ7
per Is the best weekly paper pubhsfcrf
in my estimation and 1 think it ought u
of the home comforts In every house ls j
My wife has tried a good many rt
the cook book and was more thaa Pe c
them Yours to command pc
well worth th e mosey
Carlton FVj
DEAR SIR Your cook book come i to ft p
Is a book that I think well worth the c er
My wife la well pleased withu 5
Editor Gazette Fort Worth- ji
Gents lain wen pieaseu --
bcok and I think it north doube wnf V a
My wife says she would not do ltro i
she has tried it Yours W D M J
rncriLY pleased wrrn rr
Editor Gazette Mubiiri1
Your ccok book Is all you claio I Tja
worth the money paid for It 1M 1
pleased with it Yours truly syj
WsrrzsaORO Tex forti
nrmornit Publishlnc Company it
i er rn
wife is aelrjniea witn it iTti51
several times its cost Please acceptp jBiit
for same Yours truly
Democrat Publishing Company
Dear SIR The Household t oo j rJ
me as a premium with iris-
promptly received As to its cf ort i
r fl 1 r itnV it wen v - at
cauuuLa 1uu111u111 a - --
prico ot the PFJr n CoO
your valuable paper
worrrn more than tnEt co- n
The Fort Worth Gazette Fort W
Dear Sirs As to the merits
tne cook dook ana tne wceiij pn
worth more than the money tn Jjjr
them Yours truly J

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