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unv lands will produce thirty
n -it per acre and sixty bushels
- f the past two weeks extend
iic to El Paso and are
11 the country
r potatoes and rose bushes are
i gardens about Clarendon
- nl soon be ripe
inspects in Hunt county are
j little more rain would
e prow quite rapidly
r Invest Texas will be
rolline in at a rairid rate
- ire that Colorado City
lot of it
IV d from Mcsquite Pilot
v lit Wo ship you by
i a box containing an
our promising oat and
unj in this vicinity The
iitundant harvest of grain
i I he corn and cotton is
1 icry promising
i i 1 mis county promises a
Crn and oats are look-
hi crop of the county is
t iji o ilauted
- nth jbout two weeks of
1 1 ins will be m market
o not been so
picsent season
i is becun in Bell county
m uy jroou
j perfect in Guadalupe
ml corn cotton ami
1 1 etalcs could not be
under full headway
I hi acrease in the Cold
lie jrreater by ten to one
fwous years Colorado
I iota Jive thousand to six
s fall
in Ellis county so far
i on of the fruit belt in
- mt been disturbed by the
- n in- and the orchard
i port the finest pros-
l of fruit they have ever
puts wheat heading out
uliniijsworth county
i hi be harvesting their
11 lie far aheul of any-
aii jiast Cleburne En-
i in ScKUin Marshall
rhildiev mid Amanllo
i 1 1 rups
i i i Seymour and Terrell
il crop jirospects
- Cai ian Bowie and
- purt flourishing crops
i i if and adjacent
i uvrer acreage of corn
r is in line
c kinds will be
- nid mulberries are al-
1 the plum trees are
ii the Pauhandlc have
- 11 imi of good aud the
- i ii lit
iiiis in at Ruling
iltural report Karnes
witii but two crop
11 n any other couuties can
- re the corn crops in
i ittiii is bloominp
i ii m the Corpus Christi
i UkIipIs of wheat at
i Vr mills for the lirst
I ilie close of the old
i -bowing for a thinly
e a great variety of
- Lilly when it is re-
hi--e mills are right
1 n roller mills one at
lue at Coleman Santa
Overton and Decatur
iii uid line growing
The corn is about all
i now turned to the
i Home of the last
not utiyet but only a
it it Koine of the
ad your correspondent
i sav yesterday that
u bushels per acre
1 iii
e corn prospect was
ii histary ot this country
1 li it- is a full crop of
ile continued rains in
ii it is about ten dajs
v are in fine condition
Hc wheat crop is fast
leld is reported as
si expectation of the
We are informed by
Randolph Bijant
three of our hard-
i ms that their com-
i s and binders this
1 1 ininnan and Greer
reach isr hinders
- - with several
v 1 be consummated
s 11 give some idea
and the amount
I o handle the grain
it of the machines
nile a large number
Vit is tho wheat
- this seuron The
to enlarge
1 1 1 ulivds of loads of
irus for that pui poo
- Notwithstanding
a tew weeks since
irreit deal of re-
i thing is looking
in good spirits
1 the fact that the
e at home
10 per cent
i nt more oats 2U jier
ul about the usual
1 proscct of an
- w 1 eat is nearly ready
never better
nee on the 10000
ii milling company
ii line irrouinsr crops
iJaihaudle Dimmitt
Wheat is about
ai d promise- a yield
bushels per acre
s m l fruit are all so
make a Panhandle
h both water to sec
- am the gardens of
- aud orchards of
V v 2 2 Mr roster-
n last nijht and
id by Tun Gazettk
-nit companions
f Wichita county will
r nras in the world
1 rado City will build
i adding this summer
need on a fine public
1 inuorsvillc
- Denison has taken
ri li work in the past
i man Citholics are
tor a magnificent new
t be erected at once on
-tars street The St
rureh is putting a largo
ureh house at a cost of
inivtban double tho ca-
cot house The
if frw erecting a handsome
use ai a cost of 5000 on the
vaazii street and Tone avenue
Knox county has begun the erection of a
new courthouse
Tho street car mule has been entirely
emancipated in Waco the companys lines
all having the electric service
The contract for the erection of the Board
of Trade building which when completed
would be a credit to a much larger town
than Amarillo has been let
The new Masonic hall at Bonham is
nearly completed
Frost wants a fire department
Clarendon is discussing the erection of a
SnOOO school house
The people of Panhandle wants a fire
Wichita Falls wants parks The plural
is preferable She wants small ones con
veniently placed about the city
Mineola May 20 This section of coun
try needs and must havo a barrel factory
Akciiei Citt May IS We want a grain
bu er a wool buyer more dry goods men
rock masons brick masons and a good mill
one that we are willing to take SJO000 stock
in This offer stands open for any good
mill man
Acquilla needs a liotel and a good one
would make money for the owner
More houses are wanted in Denisou
A hotel a grist mill a bakery a lawyer
and a doctor might do a paying business in
St lo needs a bank a good hotel and a
better free school building
A bakery is wanted at Iowa Park
Comanche is calling for an ice factory It
also wants more cotton giiib
Mineral Wells is destined ere long to he
come a city The most needed thing at
present to help her along is incorporation
Lancaster wants a female school and a
cotton seed oil mill
Sherman is no hog but it is calling for a
paper mill a knitting mill n canning fac
tory aud a creamery all the taxes paid up
more cement sidewalks the Choctaw rail
road built a new Board of Trade building
a large and desirable immigration a good
sized tin bucket brigade of wage earners
aud a tannery
Ilarrold wants a furniture store
Cleburne wants a new hotcL
We have a fine new woolen mill building
lets put machinery in and make it hum
Laredo Times
The machinery for tho ice factory at
Yoakum has arrived and is being put up
Mr Englekincr has ordered the machinery
for his bottling works at Hallettsville from
New York Chicago and other places aud
expects its arrival in a few days
George II Pfeuffer of Cotulla is in corre
spondence with machine men and will put
up a line steam gin and grist mill in time to
handle this j ears crop
The new iron addition to Mr A Wil
helms plow factory at Brenham will soon
be completed
The compress is all right anil will be
erected sa the Decatur Post
It is expected that the new burlap bag
factory at Galveston will commence opera
tions at an early date with about twenty
lite hands
The Galveston cotton mills have 30000
busy spindles
The ice factory at Bceville will be in
operation in a few days
Work on the flouring mm at Seymour is
going ahead rapidly
The Tyler collar factory will begin steady
operation about the 15th of June
Tho Texarkana car and foundry company
have let the contract and work has beguii
on their new building
The oil mill at Caldwell was put in opera
tion and the first oil produced on Saturday
The ice factory at Honey Grove is run
ning regularly
PiTTsiiuno May 2i A company is being
organized to put up a uan el factory A
subscription is being circulated among the
citizens to raise money to put it on foot
The amount asked for has been subscribed
and there is no doubt that Pittsburg is sure
of the factory
JosciiiiNC May 1 It Is conjectured
that Mr Turner of Greenville will put up a
gin at this place sufficient to turn outthirtv
bales a day We need just such men as
Mr Turner in our town to give it a roll
Lvdonm May 19 Nearly all of the
stock to the oil mill has been taken and it
is intended that the mill will be in opera
tion by October or November
ALVoitn May J2 The Alvord canning
factory commenced running to day canning
peas and beans Arrangements have been
made to run the factory at full capacity the
entire season day and night Corn will
soon be ready for the factory and farmers
who ha e planted the factory corn this
year report a prospect for an immense crop
The fruit crop for this year is the best for
many past and this with the tomatoes
will make the biggest canning season since
the factory has been in operation
TcrnnLi May 22 The canning factory
has been enlarged so as to materially in
crease its capacity and arrangements are
made to run it day and night Unless the
hail hits us we will be able to ship several
carloads ot iruit every weelc
There is a steady immigration pouring
into Swisher county
Plain view May 21 Prospectors still
continue to pour iu and business continues
to improve
IJano not only calls attention to her rich
mineral lands but invites notice to the
fact that no richer or more productive lands
are to be found in the state than the fertile
valleys of Llano county
State Geologist Durable says the iron ore
fields of East Texas will yield 4000000 tons
to the square mile
At New Birmingham alone Texas has
enough iron ore to make pig enough for the
entire consumption of the United States for
twenty five years and have recently dis
covered immense deposits of pearoted
steel ore enough to make steel rails to cir
cle the globe and of the very highest qual
ity no phosphorus aud but little silica
Governor A C Hunt has returned from
a prospecting tour to the coal fields above
the San Tomas coal mines It is reported
that the coal croppings were very satisfac
tory Laredo Times
3rowwooi May 22 The stocltkolders
of the Sunset oil company from New Or
leans La came in last night visited their
well to day and expressed their delight with
tho prospect They say unquestionably
that this Is a fine oil field and they thidj
-Mrs -Nancy Wood Victoria May 19
which will bo ready for occupancy about I that the Lone Star weU will prove to be at
July 1 A Cumberland Presbyterian organ- least a 500 gallon well perday Mr SR R
iMuuuiuawo uecn eueciea nere anainey Blonger tne manager of the Colorado and
soon begin the erection of a church
house This will make the fourteenth
church in the city and each of these eng
joy a large and growing membership
Ferris is tryini to build a 5000 school
house They now have 3500 subscribed
The building of the Methodist church is
about to commence at PearsalL
The Methodist church which is in course
of construction at Aransas harbor will be
finished this coming week
The St Jo school board has recommended
that a new school building be built
The Cumberland Presbyterians of Baird
have their new church nearly completed
Work will begin at once to take subscrip
tion for the erection of the Methodist col
lege at Clarksville
Texas oil and gas company is hero expect
ing dally his derricks tools etc to begin
woriv no torn your reporter yesterday
that he was offered a few days since 4000
per year by a Manhattan company to ex
plore the oil fields of Nevada He declined
the offer as he has an interest in the Colo
rado and Texas oil and gas company which
he thought would pay him better de
Mr H P Lister and Mrs M J McDon
ald Goliad May 13
Mr G W Black and Miss Mary Hays
Bc eville -May 14
Mr Robert Bowen and Miss Bonnie
Wright Paris May 20
Mr B M Pace and Miss Sallia Maddox
Bonham May IS
Mr R S Harwell and Miss Laura Fen
nel Bonham May 17
Mr J K Watson aud Miss M J Farrow
Bonham May 19
Mr Frank N Deremeaux and Miss Mary
Gannon Dallas May 20
Mr George Bell aiid Miss Fox Cleburne
May 12
Mr Thomas Gregory and Miss Ella
Downey Houston May 17
Mr G II Wells aud Miss Belle Roth
well Bonham Mav 12
Dr A W Pope and Miss E M Parmelee
Bonham May 15
Mr G E Shirley and Miss Ruth Burden
Bonham May 14
Mr John E Holt and Miss Mary R Mc
Corinack Paris May 21
Mr Ed Smithers and Miss Julia Martin
Garland May 21
Mr J C Bourland and Miss Elizabeth
Baker Valley Springs May 15
Mr Lawrence Ross aud Miss Mollie Duf
field Austin May 21
Mr J II Key and Miss Pearl Barkley
UUUlll ldt 1
Mr T S Coleman and Miss Clara
Turner Marshall May 21
Mr John Spring aud Miss Kate Dolly
Galveston May 12
Mr Thomas Jackson and Miss Sindy
Mason Galveston May 11
Mr T Taylor and Miss M Smith Gal
veston May 13
Mr Charles Brown and Miss Ida M
Neiderman Galveston May 12
Mr Mack Scott and Miss Moliuda Moore
Galveston May 14
Dr D C Rumfih and Miss Tillie Wolter
near Tecuinseh May 10
Mr T H Thompson and Miss Belle
Dewis Sherman May 14
Mr J P Carter and Miss Pearl Guinn
Luling Mav 14
MrW J Bowden and Miss Eula Mal
low Clio May 11
Mr T J Connelly and Miss Sallie Sweet
Oak Cliff May 13
Mr W C Collins and Miss Tillie Harry
Dallas May 10
Mr E L Panlcey and Miss S Chase
Honey Grove May 0
Mr W L Hale and Miss Mattie Brown
Honey Grove May 5
Mr Charles D Moore and Miss Annie
Harlam Canyon Cit j May 12
-Mr 1 uone and Miss Elizabeth
Grace Galveston May 10
Mr Gerald Laeverenz and Miss Anna H
Raymond Galveston May 11
Mr Oscar Ericsson aud Miss Eva
Hartung Galveston -May 12
Mr lulius Mayers and Miss Jennie
Hcideman Luling May 1 1
Mr J C Griasby and Miss Lizzie
Tate Dallas Mav 14
Mr Frank Pope and Miss Lilian W
BMXm Dallas May 17
Mr W C Collins and Miss Tenie Han is
Dallas llaj y
Mr Richard Pettigrew aud Miss Fannie
Woesner Corpus Christi May 10
Mr Ed Rail and Miss Laura Simon
Corpus Christi May 17
Mr James Campbell and Miss Lotta
Isham Longview May 17
Mr C M Norwood and Miss Mattie
Oronby Detroit May IS
Mr W S Pearson and Miss Henrie Mes
senger Sherman May 17
Mr G II Wells aud Miss Bell Rothwell
Savoy May 17
Mr C R Dogenhartand Miss May Top
pin Sherman May 15
3Irs D A Hawkinsuear Mexia May IS
Mr i L iv near Mills Jlay
Mr E E Ban on Sherman May 19
Mr Nathan Huff Scnulenburg May 10
Mr Charles Shafer Hallvillo May 13
Mrs Dr Trolliuger Gainesville -May 12
Col L D Mercer Alvarado Mav 14
Col A T llainey Elkhart May 13
Mr George A Young Milan May 15
Rev J T Seeley Worthain May 19
Miss Etta Stinson Sherman May IS
Mrs S M Hawkins New Boston May
Col Wm P Gaines Austin May 20
Mrs Henrietta Gillette Houston May
Miss Lou Weatherford Wilmer May 20
Mr Horace Barnhart GainesvilleMay 10
Mrs Ella Blackman Arlington May 13
Mrs Charles J Chabot San Antonio
May 13
Mrs J C Estringel Guajillo rauch
May 17
Mr Max Jaeger White Oak bayou
May IS
Mr B M Mears Houston May IS
Miss Mary Mathews Houston May IS
Miss Etta Stinsoii Sherman May 19
Mrs Hawkins New Boston May 19
Capt J F Brown Valley Springs May
Mrs Lucy Ilandy Llano May 17
Mr Eugene Wright Llano May 16
Mr R II Lowry Mertecs May IS
Mr X C Cooper Fleming May 17
Mrs Ben Carleton Robert Lee May 10
Mr B B Clatksou Marlin May 10
Mrs Lou Fuller Lockett -May 17
Mr- Einily Simpson Columbus May 22
Mrs F C Pearson Terrell May 21
Mrs W F Easterling Denton May 10
Mr Jesse Thurmond Oak Cliff May 10
Mr John Black Waco May 13
Mrs Mary E Chestnut Waco May 17
Mr V P Levy Texarkana Mav lr
Mrs Dr W H Trollinger Gainesville
May 14
Mrs Marie Kleine Brenham May 13
Mr Harne Boken Quihi May 12
CoL L D Morrison San Antonio May
Mrs L D Morrisou San Antonio May
Mr Edmoud Brandon near Robinson
May 17
Mr John Hastings Texarkana May 17
Mr Fred Cramer nearllillsboro May 13
Judge R X Head Mineola May 17
Mrs Mollte Graves Austin May 17
Mrs A II P McCurdv Cuero May 17
He is lteported as on tho Fence In tho
Cleveland Ficlit iu Kentucky and will
Go with the- Popular Tide
Special to the Gazette
New Youk May 20 A Kentucky Demo
crat at present in the city who is upon
terms of intimacy with Col Watterson
said yesterday that the distinguished editor
came here in order to escape the Kentucky
state Democratic convention which was
held the other day Col Watterson for
the last few weeks supposed there would
be a row in the state convention between
the Cleveland and the anti Cleveland men
and he did not want to be mixed up in it
The colonel thinks that as a member of the
Democratic national committee he had best
avoid state politics He is ambitious to be
regarded only as a national character and to
retain his place on the national committee
He desires to lead the Kentucky Democracy
in a national way by continuing his place as
a national committee man and to be elected
a faefegate at large to the next national con
vention as hevfas in 1SSS In order to suc
ceed he wishes to be on -friendly terms with
both factions of the Kentucky Democracy
and if an emergency arise- when the dele
gates to the next national convention are
elected to side with tho most powerful fac
tion Besides CoL Watterson does not
care to champion Clevelands cause nor is
he in a position to oppose him If it is a
question of Cleveland or Hill he is for
Cleveland otherwise he would prefer a
Western candidate like William K Morri
son of Illinois Now that the Kentucky
convention is over ho will soon return home
Itather Itirlictiloiis
Marshall Star
It is rather ridiculous for the papers op
posed to a railroad commission to complain
that the commission does not organize at
oree and go to work If we are to believe
them the country is suffering from the de
lay Sensible people hewever will take a
different view of the matter and favor
careful deliberate action The commission
is fortunately composed of a set of men that
cannot be bullied confused or hurried
Female Convicts on Siberian
Railways Dying
Weak Women Made to Wield the Pick
aud Sliutel Jlerellessty IlogB d if
Unequal to Their Tasks An
Special to the Gazette
London May 23 Wednesday will be a
red letter day in the life of the car if the
official programmes are carried out
Whether the Nihilists have a programme of
their own that may interfere with the cere
monies is a matter of cuess work but the
Russian police think they have and aie
taking precautions accordingly Wednesday
will be the tenth anniversary of the crown
ing of the czar and it is proposed on that
day to lay the foundation stone of a memo
rial to the late emperor now in course of
erectiou on the bank of the Moscow river
within the Kremlin The splendid ceremo
nial will receive additional eclat from the
presence of a number of French officers be
longiug to the naval squadron in the Baltic
Russias strengthening of her fleet and
army goes on irrespective of the financial
stir Viehuegcradski and Rothschilds have
excited Europe Three new war ships the
iron clad Rurik and sloops Olivajny and
Greiniasky have just been launched at St
Petersburg and the army is being equip
ped with the latest improved weapons as
fast as French factories eau turn them out
The czarowitch now fully recovered
from the blow of the Japanese
assassin Is to go through the
course mapped out when he started
from Russia The Urussy railway the
most remote section or the proposed branch
of the Siberian railway has been nearly
completed three miles from Vasdostik and
the ezarovitch will ride over it for that
distance iu a train specially equipped for
his use and will formally inaugurate the
line The railway so iar is chiefly the
product of convict labor and largely that
of women convicts who are pushed to work
by brutal severity on the part of the
guards A letter from Thiozo Japan giving
the story of a prisoner who recently es
caped from Siberia says that tho women
who are made to dig and remove earth on
this line are already perishing by scores
They are selected for work without any re
gard to manual experience political prison
ers some of them women of delicate
training being driven by violence to tho
use of the pick and shovel If they show
weakness they are meicilcssly whipped
Women arriving iu Eastern Siberian con
vict gangs are entirely at the mercy of the
guards and those who refuse to submit to
anything required of them are detailed to
work on the railway This generally means
death in a short time It is lkely these
matters will be carefully covered during
the journey of the ezarovitch although to
make pretense of official liberality a few
specially favored convicts will be permitted
to present addresses and petitions lor
pardon Theczarovitch will also go through
the form of examining the official side of
Siberian convict existence which for sev
eral months past has been undergoing
polish favorable lor his inspection One
reason for this is that he may be able to
make a favorable report to his mother who
is said to bo very much touched by frequent
stories of Siberian cruelties
More Labor 3tuney to 3nte the Crop and
Transportation Facilities of Great
Interest to the Wheat Kelt
A reporter yesterday met Mr J A Dix
of Kansas City who has just returned from
a trip by private conveyance through the
Panhandle In response to an inquiry as
to what he thought of the outlook he said
The wheat crop is safe The weather is
exactly what is desired and could not have
been ordered better I rode for miles and
miles and notwithstanding tho fact that I
hae farmed a good portion of my life and
have been through Nebraska and Dakota I
never saw- so much wheat before The
whole country is a field of waving wheat
and the farmers aro exuberant But there
are there problems in moving that crou
which unless settled speedily may block
trasportation and prevent the farmers from
securing a good price for their grain They
are as follows
1 Tholaborquestion Already the farm
ers are beginning to get their threshers in
working order and the question of labor
will soon be staring these people in the
face Many of them do not understand the
situation and in two or three weeks they
will have a tremendous crop of wheat in
their fields and no labor to harvest it In
fact for the next three weeks the newspa
Iicrs should point to the Panhandle as the
field for unemployed labor and every effort
should bo made to till that section with la
2 Where will the money come from to
move the crop Of course these farmers
will be unable to market their crop and the
local banks must furnish the money It is
absolutely necessary that the business men
of that section take some kind of steps and
uo so immediately to get enouun money
from the East to handle this grain and ft
will take something like 100000000 to do
a Transportation The only railroad in
that section is the Fort Wortli aud Denver
and it must make arrangements to handle
the traffic with dispatch If every man in
the Panhandle would move out of his house
and if every building should be turned into
a granary tnere would not oc adequate
storage for the wheat In order to reap the
benefits of the present high price of wheat
before the Nebraska and Dakota yields is
thrown on the market the Panhandle farm
ers must ship their wheat to tho great
markets as soon as it is threshed In order
to do this and iu order to prevent the wheat
from wasting for lack of storage the Fort
Worth and Denver road must have cars at
every station in order that the farmers can
haul the wheat from tho fields to the train
immediately after threshing If the wheat
should pass through the sweat in tho
fields where it will be forced to remain
until it can be put into cars tho loss will be
tremendous and the farmers will suffer
With these three problems successfully
solved in the interest of the farmers the
Prnhandle of Texas will be the most pros
perous country under the sun A large
amount of money will be in circulatiSn and
the farmers will grow wealthy ana pros
The Weekly t m njjtmSGae
UsementggiliToBe had
Pm Mlixs TEX Feb 9 ISfll
ro the Gazette Fort Worth Tex
Your premium Websters dictionary to hand
nd after a careful examination of material and
aulsh believe It equal In value to aav edition I
H3ve seen To say I am highly pleased rails to
xpress my pleasure Yours truly
J H Knight
Bio Stoivgs Tex Feb 9 1S9L
Editor Gazette Fort Worth Tex
The Websters dictionary sent me I find it to
be very complete as the best book for the money
by long odds yet placed on the market I paid
113 for one several years a jro that with the ex
ception oJ binding is no more complete Yours
truly F O VArcinx
Fort Worth Tex Feb 7 lsSi
Democrat Publishing Company-
I am n ell pleased with ihe dictionary and
think it is strange that you can furnish it at
that price I think it the cheapest book I ever
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To the Democrat Fubliahin Company Fort
Worth Tex
Gents Your premium diationary wa re
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for the money I did not expect such a Treat
book and such binding when I ordered at the
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G M HERrnrc
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Democrat Publishing Company
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band Websters Dictionary It came as a
great surprise to me 1 had no idea that such a
valable work could be sold for the money a
premium worth having and hits a long felt
want in my home library Please accept ray
thaaks Respectfully A Rawlins
To the Gazette
Gentlemen I received some days since your
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more complete and meritorious een than you
claim for it The price is insignificant as com
pared with its worth No library is complete
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Hall Jaiuian
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ery much pleased with the work and think at
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truly Amkiucan Supply Company-
KorPEUL Tex Jan 31 1891
Democrat Publishing Company Fort Worth
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tion to the Daily Gazette is immense and I
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C W RoniNsoN
Meridian Tex Feb 3 1891
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Demi Sins The premium dictionary re
ceived It is a marvel Winding better than I
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lent -a premium as the dictionary Is for the
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in eiery household Yours trulv
J W Kudai ill Cashier
Newport Tex Feb l 1391
Fort Worth Ga7etie
Your dictionary received in good order I
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ium I hiyo seen Am well pleased Respect
fully G W Jopling
Paris Tex Feb 3pygj
To the Gazette S
As to the merits and yaJBwr Websters
dictionary received frajJtWi I cant say too
much It Is alWawfTiAZETrE claims for it
Yours resDgSjnrffr F S Lcucu
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Worth Tex
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the dictionary or The Gazette is well worth
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G B Landotim Attorney
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Worth Tex
Dear Sins I am in receipt of tho Websters
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j early subscription for the Fort Worth daily
Gazette From a business point of view I am
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ary is all that is represented to be Respect
fully etc w I Mnj IKEN
Salabo Tex Jan 3 1891
Democrat Publishing Company Fort Worth
Dear Sins The Websters Unibridged Dic
tionary came duly to hand and I am highly
pleased with It and consider it well worth tv ic
the amount you charge for it viz M for it and
the Weekly Gazette one year It really seems
that every family ought to have it hardiy know
how it can be dispensed with I am ery truly
yours J II Bakber
Throckmorton Tex Feb 2 lSBl
lam well pleased with the dictionary It is
as useful as the later edition Respectfully
James a Wetulubee
Gainesville Tex Jan 30 1S31
Fort Worth Gazette
Dear Sir I received lhe Websters diction
ary It was very nice and I like Tue Gazette
also F J Hall
MrLLSAP TEX Jan 10 1S91
Dear Gazette
After having been almost a constant reader of
Tub Gazette and its predecessors for eleven
years I feel that I cannot keep house without
it and as I received your premium dictionary a
few days since am of the opinion that as an
educator you are keeping up with the times
Accept my thanks for the book and best wishes
for our future success and that of Texas Re
spectfully T A L Scott
Agnes Parker Couxtt Tex Feb 5 1S91
To the Fort Worth Gazette
Genthemen Have received the dictionary
and am well pleased with it Think It a good
investment for anyone wanting a good diction
ary and paper Very respectfully
w r utkbb Postmaster
Clarendon Tex Feb 5 1391
Democrat Publishing Company Fort Worth
Sms The Websters dictionary gives every
satisfaction We have taken the Dally Gazette
or years and think the dictionary and Gazettk
tor a year at J10 a great bargain Truly yours
McClelland Bnos Jicai Kstale Dealers
Kopperl Tex Jan 31 1831
The Democrat Publishing Co Fort Worth
Gents I regard the dictionary as being
worth S3 and would pay that price if I could
not get one for less It is a better book than I
expected to get for the money No one can
afford to be without the Daily Gazette and
dictionary at the price Hoping double success
to your paper am respectfully
J A Cottikgbam
Fort Worth Tex Feb 3 189L
The Democrat Publishing Company Fort
Sirs I refcived the Websters unabridged
dictionary ata premium with The Gazette
As a book of efcrenca and instruction it is in
viljabie And the price W for it and one years
subscription lo the WeeVly Gazette is but
nominal when taking into consideration its siae
id value Yosts etc EF Kcrirr
Ka3RlwBtgg5tiPBH Wars ioi t f Wf4H
1615 PAGES
Leather Binding
AM the Words
It also contains a table of
15000 synonyms S pages of
a pronouncing vocabulary of
Scripture proper name
pages of- a- pronounein
cabulary of Greek and Latin
proper names 3S pages of a
pronouncing vocabulary ot
Modern Geographical names
and Pictorial Illustrations
Only 84 with Weekly Gazette Onlv S450 with Sunday
Gazette Only 810 with Daily Gazette
AMtfSV r
j -T
nnr i mp v pat Tor i m nr iso
Who ever heard of such a magnificent offer A book of
1 61 5 pages 8x10 inches printed on line paper beautifully
bound in full library sheep with 1500 illustrations contain
ing every word in the English language 15000 pynonynis
This book is superior in every respect to any dictionary of
fered by any other newspaper Just think of it You
clever have had a Dictionary in your house Why Because
thev cost S10 or 12 You have alwavs needed one Now
is your opportunity
You want a good clean instructive newspaper Some
thing to keep you pouted to give you all the news to fur
nish recreation for the mind to educate the family THE
WTEEKLY GAZETTE fills these requirements
Websters Unabridged Dictionary
Sent with new or renewal subscriptions to the Weekly for
only 400 with the Sunday for onlv 450 and with the
Daily Gazette for only 10 00
To every subscriber of the Weeklv Gazette we will send
the original Webster Unabridged Dictionary and paper one
year for 4 00
To every subscriber of the Sunday Gazette we will send
the original Webster Unabridged Dictionary and paper one
year for 4 50
To every subscriber of the Daily Gazette we will send the
original Webster Unabridged Dictionary and paper one year
for 1000
The Dictionary mill be sent by Express Prepaid to the Express office near
est the subscriber Address all orders with the money to
Beixevce Tax Jan 3 1S1
Dditor Gazette
The Dictionary is a marvel of cheapness and I am well pleased with it
Mrs O P Hcmmel
Wolfe City Tex Nov 14 1SS0
To the Gazette
Received Dictionary and am well pleased with It It is well worth the money Respectfully
V M Breciieew
San Saba Tex March 15 1S0O
Your Dictionary received and is a marvel of cheapness Your friend Chas H Lo vell
Oak Hill Fla June 3 1S0O
To the Gazette
The Dictionary received Thank you It is much better than I expected ours trulj
Mrs jonv W Colkman
NaSUVTLLS TENN Aug 20 1590
The Democrat Publishing Company Fort Worth Tex
The Gazettes Websters Dictionary is all you claim for It truly a ma velof thebookmaj
crs art and equally as good for all practical purposes as the high priced edition as ncry our
word that can come up in every day life is fullj defined and I would not part with mine for doubli
the price If I could not get another Chas II Lovell
The Democrat Publishing company
Gents I consider your Websters Dictionary very well worth the money
J C Steele
Democrat Publishing Company Fort Worth
Gentlemen I received your Unabridged Dictionary on time and appreciate it very hizhly 1
would not take twjco the money it cost ms for it Very Respectfully Jas M Wells
Starrvlllz Tex March 16 1891
The Democrat Publishing Company Fort Worth
Your Dictionary received by me is all any one could expect for the price and is a very deslra
ble acquisition to the family library Kespectf ully u Dean b
Eddt N M Feb 19 1S21
Democrat Publishing Company Fort Worth Tex
Gentlemen I subscribed for your weekly and sent it North where I thought t wonid do tha
most good and received one of your Dictionaries I am much pleased with the boon jnd consider
it worth just as much to the student as the original SIS book Thinfc I shall subscribe and obtaip
Shakespeare Resp Mrs S F Judv
Hico Trac Feb 13 1891
Gents My paper and Dictionary came to hand in due time and in good order Te Wcnstera
Dictionary certainly is all and even more than is claimed for it If is wortu more than the cost
of both I regard The Gazette as one of the most appreciable presents conservaUme in views
kind toward the world of mankind interesting entertaining newsy and none the less so on aa
count of an occasional pleuantry Success to The Gazette With eearda I m ours truly
J Lx Scott
mmMMi6mAk A-

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