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Rapides gazette. (Alexandria, La.) 1869-187?, March 16, 1872, Image 3

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ýýi~iitawn sbe j1ýCa~mllUwsmtaon
~JlQ64deCmQg-ta~ts, if any spch toad
ý,ý ppes a t rl Aick mbuadM oouaia- R
a 'Wit- Ut & 'ntesrtSan w
,04sdt &endeta wiw Vab St- VI t 4
ts that an old Ite wM %a. : at
' ý )4'f' articleO lastkait
soar p64tiv' confts 7111
o inconstatranIY". we ciafaaud that a
eom i°oli of the pkitfirwr atlopted tl
bý Iaetuoer!uii' pa ty in the North.
am t" with the re++olutiWtha put firth
by the Liberal iepubiiW5ur of &iruP- c,
ri sad Ohio, would show Ma absolute I
iatIp i in the declaratiou of principlesdr of
-.wlt Perba!S, She odds in favor ot S
tL,.;L hd ;< did sMimke the as- o
o&DP "assld 3 No observer of cur
rr ttdid YOSS-4~&l- desal Was the .
" 104i( pumy oo&wIspie44we tato the -t
,Qaezvc aivie Wlpitti aa ground, awl J
*JW mot advolntD a »iaagle new princ:i
pie poi-nliar to itself Is coiitr a-listinca
O jiq to that 'gU e . t n4iiem its
f'eiudices are ski tl 4 iutmiu to it. Itsr o p -I
a ib~ .i~;tbd- Gamer sti (Area isý c·
sled the eliiieints whicho cow- -
tpsu)lt eve reg liled into ntew 1olitice'
coaha tlnioani, rtb bt&tcr flr.tlae eotnu
try. and (-.LwellY foIla emocrauts
We eopyy be-low two sets otf resol
ti.n.lw 1 irst nalopie. d by the Con:
nectie.nt Deaiiocr a& a tSew uses: , I s I
ana the latter tIh 414&ral 4I' 'a -
Bai i t `Clnciwua s idt'iai:Iy t1l\ " c
pre ileU·lY.,TIaeºRanabesrao otie rv"1s
lu$ious only are ebattiepal, mIakia'' the
two-W t 'in thai re-'pec wai; ti'
subjec~t .oT . º:)i'ea.l tºý
wbo8are curious about Pudll ttuti1'S to F
;i re the two clkiael" ald decide a
wbetbr a Dean ciuit who saa r-ts
~Couservaati g Beuabli~rlric w, orr rl:'e
tiq justly charged with in
1,:.hfleee*uizr the late amendm'ents
!t* **- conatitltiou ~A sereavinig the t
t of all good citi~eas.
sea equal suffrage sand
equalu nnesty for all.
3._enmalnd a genIeral reform of
the tatiff, anid fO di~iritiaaatUioI in Ia
vor of mourtIUdIStZ.
4.- jaountieeths abuse of g vr\ n ll
went fo rr the ( oilttU4l ( (coilI
,eactiot ued, atoll iks the
Smaitors xh'bi'E o plottlxi d a dislo- a
e B relota u of the haice
W90 AaU!b at aritlV, prd i ii the1
.--mq Caart to rpi4ev'P, ioiuh Sorpar4
¶to', Mtid tbe ie,4Cn flittetleO r of Cou
gress not elected bby the people. t t
6.-Deanounaes aou rTepsdiation of1
4h. natioual debt.
7. -Ttete should be fan uprising ot
sthbe.peole to keep froan power muen
Y$ rstftut'e thefr offiaal power to
ecMsb literests.
& 8ympakiyseri. ifh the Cutiina
and dsnounces their oppressors.
9g..Favoa' lbera~lisma in tbe fa'ee;
9lCamtt, amid denounces any interter
fcrenes of the government with the
,.= i~ha''esaport of the Constitution
Us dS'"d, anitd the protection ofa the
rights of every citizen unade.r it.
g.-Universal sunegtt, and the re
.torstioa-o fraternal feelirg and rela
no.. a oug the people of the differebn
3.-The ~Ftttiit9&Mte purpose of
a tariff is tf vkle necesaary reve
nue. " k
4..-OpyO l~t~i~Q) 6 the pr' iotit (In Os'1~
ui'te inlu toduk i'~ iai; (nra (aitE
indag a a a tt ittrto
5.-liAa~aH enrpountr' p'rogiec~
the ColstitutiouiL~ (~e4)l~nt1((Pd to, tli;t I
whiob is emwi~'rnid .'omeawti to a hei
whole people, and to-each Nitane shoitlel
?pLsrrg the care atu~l eaiperr\ bouz uS all
P) ikt rlV fl~c' 4 t( it.
6.-~T'fla ~Iivolatte ulaalill1tla liic' of' t he(
Pu~ia1;,flM"tI;b~ltjb8 of the d~cznora;la
gjuE~~ilau~.t~ u by -othwi~oa b
the wi~laenic~&
rb etszuf ;O gold' ijnd
~i ,4h soL uuul llIaa aafe ba.~is
*.-~O1peu'itiOfl to arlcl scret i('rll;al
54ici4teSa san to Vl~lol('Pc~ anil laO 1400
4r",~jlever" 01' ,9y whAliattce\trr
Theyr diffe oai;ly ii tklu twno last; aidr(,
th~Br lr tl~e Liberral l~·e~u1,iic~aa regolit
tiolt, he'e deci~lelf thei better ilng ot,1
the truemetal. '-~
weO hail pnrutevvp4 .t~e.,
ClsY pt icE~~lina~mia~sraIwr~lnclaai tIJ(,,
the expo~nedt4* IbL~u~a ltpl icdI~ainluI
l'iL! P$ e fa~cursti
that th r 113' She
Wme.-..eve ii~ worda~--·~cej't tbt
mab4q~ li n r~ tha h
hibd~s O~d~bEl~~l 4hC phieu
?he Grand lrrytwn~. Lcre to
momib turkteial; -LII U 9
Yesr;.faedishpir Qtather is al
~t~~ rafter. d
,~i . Feim ar--- tblO tne~w',
~~- --- I- ~ I--.
I fb SUlrevpoit itoStt41it of thee
2Jtbz, a.sy: `C Cut tidCelhle excitemeTat
was created off T 5 street on Satur
dwV. ""Pi."E. ooeKgiIQaeld by the waon
to.i ug 4 Mtr m5 4$Cwmi e, j 1't
eq the-Pwr uof $ e9 o L
piate4, but Sin .et,; ing Y eta W
down. .;' , I
We make the f'ºllowimgepiraet from
the Shreveport Tinies of the `sthil: tt
""That laumbermen 'of Attaap;as will yo
soon have a lively time in the dense hia
cypressa swamnjih of the Atclhafalaya, de
ktd tibrosef tbw Ghrua!i Loki 1i04" the he
bayou O-d 8t. Mar1,;.1btir 'sa td, St. tit
Martin heat.. >ee infff getting
oa att nm eroa is e',a rlad np
%O r for ttie re' whbieob 'wAl 'oesi bhe
'tiCRrWtee it '-tt*Ht'nnCt, passing º
throtikh or neot- 4 tetPiN4, PrarkP r?, 'Ii
I .itr i:erette, New Vanria ;ii1:1 Veriit- I Li
Iionvile. - to
The $Wrra1tiaTneu oif, date ( date. in
i,;iic : '' A letter e ibls, Ib 4 4l1:tl ý; t' i
tt ltnl sarin th41t' 'GIr. 1.,t iM~r:t t;
o:"triet -nA.1it4k* Oth .ct~triiPi knodrýltc'# ratet~t~4 miirlea t
-11' lao'It pardtlotiil."+ st,
The Faga kI&' sad, o t INh
'4y1(: Lilali} tI, Tolhomas, tt old,,4titt
1WU"t (A' this ~arki-ih, tied on Moilkalay,
I he 1. l i . oi, t, d isviase of tet' hi art, I
'ir. Thtitijai' leaves a Wife anIti nulilet
1 t1I 'th' ýI n rmoe In telligcntc i.r to f 1
.i liikh i~ e tlip : "'h' he little* ton i ti
I] oft'% ~i~p1~l{ bas siibscrihel~tc BqJooc,~(j(HJ l
thet uipeeo t gi sttiig. nj' an " wl " ' , ii I
I·andc sp~iophtmc faiac.wbidi.M Lie~ aw;
The .TJhib'leux Sentinel. oNlV2.
º a ays.: 't We regi et. to Liu-I t hait Trarsi
inmoiid 0. Gantre:o, tllel a short t iDS',
5IintCO it hi s re!,,Vl4 1 J1±h6e l'liatiUt.
e in Ibieria pt riiT1. 7 1 o& ''.se;1 at I1
native of Afsnlnlation,'iluid until the.
prewnt ycidr bars always estidedt Is'thli e
'I4Aokcbr e jxurishssa" .'. !e -
SThe VPrmlitii~kkvllC ItArertilor - yl
the 2d inst., says : We " '1 ti
wartl Reilly, hwof tejlI"onoraetors It
4 of the Netv 9rleaatrs. Mobile antl iTex;s
RaIltoAtlj`In Itus plat~e Oil1tnt M º'oi List. ti
f Mr. Reilly jnti)ºitiyl uts Shult Ito he i:ol ti
I,- i i0 ll 'Ii ene W~rl .n tile totail' it'iai* \o-l- 1"i
I iilliolt tille 1ii4-t ive'ek, .111l 41 sti t it ott e.
- towards thie Sabin1e as first as pºotseI)it'. t(
Mr., lRsilly. who has Ithe eL'4ttltF t~t O It
e Itatih I' Toý Ra tirad frnm Vui. oi?
nmiilicoiills ttte l~tls the Te-xas eltol (,f ti
t hle roadt, hats 0let1 Iw Iberia for tleu .i'
iftit-ild of his. labo .t'. ff$ Alxt Wss
peollie of-Kew ' Nreiria that· inr4tl4r V
imotuthst they will hbave the c mts r tien mu ' tw
e fastotr aurtkat place. i
The planters' thirs innchll of the seed
;ainle was diestroy a iis that Itarish by
the frcee inr Jai;nary. (
The Planters' Batrer uotes as lost, V!
t or rather a strayed off in a buggy, a ti
n man taking with b'in a lady, not his !
o wife. ,t
New Iberia has had a pleasant little ii
,a SHOW stormif. v
Weslev Ccnner han sold his plants- g
e tion atboutl twenty-Rye miles below 4I
r-. Vklatta; kndwf aIt Rooselan, to L. i;. t
e' Fiela, Esq., for the sum of $6~o,00I1i
Mr. J. D. Kipg.huas c(,rge of the place. a
and proposed to put in 6(00 acres of a)
ie Marsn. Meyer, Permenter & Co. are
putting up a fine betildiug at Vidalia. a
e. to be occupie 'by them as a stut/ anldt
, wahe nse, thUs showing that Vidalia 1
t is "picking ip.' n.
Quite an inteiretisg anti, for thisr
tf sectiotn, nGrHel c;Ce LU44iy of the Cath- 1
olio religion was performed in. tjLis
I town lasrt Sifltlay.' Itaconsiste4 Tn
I- both roiy~tyjl and1 wrlot,.-aboet.: or
ty of rbe. ytteer carry3ing Hlarget cross
sorti(,e tirtyfB fo-et IQab*.o 2Tbr, IrIie~uikltt
wa-H.S lieayl d 4y i~ries~ta alaaiJ fitirol Ir~
41 ojoito' ati imtxefiig ~Rp~,drlance as i
avu t·~\crsedt thet dihicert n stretsc~ ~of tow.l at
We/Vl air U~toatte &katLthlurghalrthia is a4I
cOifrllti~oi et-ruinotay itl FI-anee, :t. ha
Iii itoit ber 1,i-itali~ei~i in iIuis i~opultry be
ti~tz. A~fter rtie: pioeu-s~nooL; tetUritedl to i
tht rhor vluh. I'ro~a wheLre it sltarteil, the?
C.[O54I'~c WaS)? HI dnelcr'l ii lt ;utrlj rli~t
pua1~iou. ii.tiie gr~iy(YaUrd, Wbezte it i'
hI uuiit~cr~el ,t ;-tzwwi for a peidof
Iac aYet ycara.-4tJ~o d~oi.vWsa £kiu/.
ail1 >As soojfl~ 3.yotnl lhuh!s o'info
-r ceive atrtartiot's' thiut htidlcate~S aQ 'art
rleblku'*gaiii ati hot bcrte -they..
rl]ti uh is itaut(~.~c161f) oft t'eei. Iatti-~
0wot lnlW bce citires. tbE~cutfore.
' · rdjtf~~irab~tltS~-7fe \C;~
iS· the euad u&a.rlu~.Mu~b~e.I"i.nMMI
~itt ly thm* ilb~
b·li ~t' pitfrt Icu ldtO W&SM.U
j!taindb ue(er300 Ot )Ofia *ti(~Y#IUuaki
;P bo ltu ive y oaur w ts enuk
ncit ~ ho p~kn elL1s.4 re-g~
sheld eiyt it.. uue o
- ~il.; mband &amgr ital Ibii
Em bmw a- i ·L ·inm En Iua~
cot vCYiijlr meaning. -If -6hie 'person ma
Cei o _sold x z.: rof
for his preterejlC Itqsrtrong terms ; and
Yit our retiitil6171151A, t G
tsmioit of vnn~r not fre~iu g %r ht
jiet'ciihr jrefei'renci uOces5sny t~ tip
alnioln he :,ee~s. This makes a wefI~s to.
Ias little painful es poessible "dtad
.'undtlss the foe iplom79ma,.ehiliited to ofd
wwud The. gentlemean' letter ubouti4 ('b
he returne in l.ait '01(frplV . And yonr
lips shounld bW dosed .np>on the tiid,Ct
tamer. afherwar'M It Is his sseciet, anti tim
Son harw.iaur: right to, tell it to Any oew; Lit
hut it your p~t tentS. aire your coitfi W
tleitiial iriuuls ntn sail usher 4)(5olioii5, nfl
he wiill not blame you for telling Biti
theat w i.,. -. 4!,e .t gn
. .n*iaypmm -tessla fuit'nds ahoow I h '
never be aillombt~t'.~ gssaetcw:4wwtanr P1
tion ine.tt.blttyl .r twid ast~'eL. Pr
I eiipitId to teal. of aiu otih' anda re~fhti rt, ailt
in order to neonlh lit for a cessattion oft Bir
tlu,ot.& attretitins on~ Abe part of t1t* w
getlileitab, tthira haaise tie orei1ºeeti so ?i
ehittl'liit ºtel m~ai kttl as tO we olta'rv td
Il ire.$ ,rtitcblOa A ~ i isit-)!M uii
* ;rxt~'Ntfi 4 eet'tr< <.
Ne 4ltink tile lees of a nian te - St
ean a le ha s L We1 refused, evenm it' it
be a, lay wbom Noc d4 o niot. highly t;(
value. 4t` is isithilig to his deiga'lvt-st Ct
do~ lit eaereixing tve ir- , jnert~ult~'e
to ftiakl -g ¶the fR~t nadvsnuees the `
MA.e~ iill *ttf~.ciauiutu.ºlc quake grrata
uistiiic4ilit. anid th1e.. hteat will tiger, lam
tlriwat ii in isin latLtul 0 of i itt4 4t~
Lt+ii I~,ta titeir better jitigul~rdnt, andbthaeutooall i'luy º,;:t
o itlaonly the paintf eing refusedr. r
kt"t4~". 1 totld Maria so V taut c ,, t
hteptilaartuting, thow'r cakesi, Aund st tea
eutl~i('>+`'lis tr~s 4e ) ar 'itroi the jlt tli - a'
tiloji i('vt hri'taut: ci' .~ttl ecksºt i
[4 5 1~ttVtlfl~tiidt:.cr 'tkl -i. ke aoi S
the( %LEt~t lt' and Wai'. tttd rhoi" th paste. t.
trot ~asrgltC4 bt cn wi.the I nut n
bitl aiu) :4Ii4, r~ bheum~ttldIl nthoo tit
t~ighct. I ligliN4t1 lily )jiC te :cud pondter- o
eI t~-yt'ast-y east. to he sure. I had "
uttgt~+ui the 1 featlt.. - .1went aitl woket! 1
opº the linker and got sx vent s' Korth tit
o01 yeast.. I -,"t th itc'httier Itetitit the!
rstittling 104)111 i4totvt, antd pretparedt ito "it-"'
j,ýattM.triiIhithpi Isar ,1 didni't. "'h:tt
wat'. jtst Stuiofl 4ti~totJZ Ito IaisO Ithe
tdeid; the lhattter wtas runnintg alt ,tserr
,the earp~er. I seral ted it lil anid "It
it into aniother dish. Then 1 gtut a the nth ttie ºn utOtheg idde
riThe 11r$# fet ofpk~tes k to the r'ill
die "I~t" Aeont i tlttoedt, tonls more.
Maim. tsaw. dIown. antl astke'd whist wits
tburning.- She' t~dvitet me to greasej
Ithe g;riddle. I dlid it. Oate end of the t
agrididle got too hint, aind I diejuºped the,
thing on my- tentlerturti coin while try- 19
tug, to tarn ai'otiiit. Finaivt the cakes I
werte ready tw-1 bM'ealkfts. aaati Maria
--got the othv~r thing readly. Wue sat ~
r ultowni. Myv cakes did not hlate ex~actly U
the right flask~. I1{~ to ne n15 emthtitiif
atid it satistied ore. I ltust t,:,- appetilet,
at once. Maria IVoLd nIottt itt til( pitt
O(I ts oil Ter plate. I think thoise cakes t:
may be rec~koiied a dead loss. The cat
ewoudnitoltt eat them. The dot; ran oft
and %tayed three .laiys totter onle was
Ioteredl "trin. The betas won't. go ill ten
afeet (It them!. I thretw. them intt thre
Sebacek ard, anti there, bts not bltwe a
pig onl the premises Afilec. I eat what
s is put h~elore tee now, antd do tint al
t-hade to ray- mother's say teal of cook- I "
14 inks.
malt :Wd11 tit'! " Mu·18t Dbinftw W
oBaep4.Bf4he isaid l W>a -sod a
{ ieebish the said iex'd )Wdod 3
heathi g, t
ofPS he
C'horh Wboia tge 9ti Thom
dLIDI . adiue 1r0 -biii owd t W'a 4
ý e~rtakrf ng Ittstnl'ýý dp re ,
tit ju- otn~th 1
W hilcte thair WqVý} earrlarg garth.
ing for the Porpers.of orgsl aain a
Bal'tit -l aft"! 411 t a aid a
great eonferrrr pat in fri-thtIj.Et eatatll
the Codll I t- the jJHait
Plant$ i th~ C ts 1tevlu. tnbll
PrI/iyR fr Por.ackehinan And th t the
iiui I'llPrt:t. K il this al't wfotoe Isi te
Wirlti ard trretrettltiy E1 iry and 1.
nliLrIurr t'&i 1tt( Ir ll ;tl ' ofd
rirnl~ryN? t rgtry n u , ia$$$ arnd
Brpurt 1l3e ogrtb'e -nrirnt ýirt~t4,glve
;:Itd Cont airdl Alsvo 1?3 det 13 g l4L 1VIE d
ing as law .ezr4pgq play Renrrtirr
riut °12 da1 o 1'el)rnh7r
&B 8:Sflen' :
hit. IIenrabl j i6
ýtateeu te.1 tlhiu
toirefil. iie
Abexrisiiii Ito te $' at nhihSt 'ºl er
on 48b Go rt, trrroiesion of James P.
Si o wrdith4 2tý(1iAr dy ot Aonpril 1
t'.he flfoJ' ing l#.vrj thd p h of Raiadr,
"1"&l,laur onr tiie.l 1 1111' nirfti rsidul' a( A cttlfnnri
trat.r " ' w lert 1,ý i1 ' at . Parlic
A exaitrctrato trout ort narel f hipdsist $ts ncl
i 1 lj.,kffd , the 20tiJ1 dhv of Aptt~il, 1872 I
1he Rayulou in; te'serihAet prrrtt aof- said ne
t -seieod; tto-sit : t;:
SA rertain traett or neeree of isnd, situated on 1;
i the place Wimi iAeh 1ei. e"as.i r'Cdu-i e
it t th timeon f hit fi t1-- tho bopl "I I0v tIi." Iurll
ii 4 r1 its; or (br`tvn
I Iv-tlnl ares, hmlore or lesS, together with all
the h~ Iuildillp and ini tremenu aituattt
therein or thereto prtaiiring. `>j'
" Also thh followiug peratnialproperty of said
Tv. to 1! -ul 11llrn tnofu,. C
CitaeN.,;-- fur Sixty Dollars, now in the
Ii 15415 d. o Rianebi Tanner.
-iil. o i('f~tPnt arriinst Retihte forr Forty-ire
thollare· i
Trams or Qxi.E :-e' ASH.
SMnar 9-C. P. F.$t. A~hninnhtsat.t.
ao. ~Ut4.-!34A st of George W be6CWAy.
SI)' VIwKrt E If an on er of ;the Honorable
I) 1'arldr.Jt'lgt of the I rdbhWrSt.Land'ry,
h euaring date the iLnd day of Jianuay, Id72.
Cwill beaoldon a
- h i trrday , the (ith day of April, 1872.
Sey the nrtileo ged pAild.ir.trrata.or wate cla- a
by authorized autctetmeor. The following ti
1 ? .wribed property, belonging to the Lstate tfi
Uvorge W. (;haeey, dcCuceA.ul, to-wit:
1.4otrs No*. It 1:13 14. inr eqore boundletd by l
! i ".lnolt rih,"".,Main trcet, Lsdeyettu and Rai.- C
t Ia'' )+. 3. .1 1""xI1 pil fiactional lots 11 adl
11 i, lorneded by Mechanic', Division, Rampart
It nral Lafeycette treets.
Lot No, 6. fronting on Lafeyette and Me
a Lots No. 3 and 2, fronting on Lafeyette
ILot No. 1, frontilng oi Crnnrnereial treil..
ti Fcational hots 9* and it) fronting on Division
i I street. between ('omneereial maid Lafeyette
oI No ." 1. fronetir.t 0tiMrhaxnic' sad Chnreh
Fine' hnro', lot No. 5.
FIrI tieni&t lot No. S.
In r~·ian,a1 lo ~t Y'o. 4, aiisitnatial in the lowli/
Iot I 'lcnr ne tll.,' Parishb of jba;,ides. Ijlvni~iana.
TEI ~Rnt s CI( oND).IIrloT :--One 1alt'(aRsh of I
t he jenrehase i~rieo, on Ithe day of sale, and~ trelc I
a ha~lulaneeliayR abl tintwlver nicentheb Pilrehraserse I
I i~inif the·ir no~tes 5enireein by~ nio~rtgagf'. and
;1 ~cl~~,.r) Ue, ll~lIwa;ringa iolta .s`t at e~ight pe'r
f. ';trtunlu a noan rtut ity-.
*1-l &rd~inieatOT.
,. ...~~ hiar7,:'~6t-P. rhL4OQ ..
'''f lnEiIWF'~S LLE.
' Anir E. 4attsatt hcsbs nrusIa.
t-1Jol~u Clti·k, et ii.
A int oioir
v- y VI -raTUE of sai tea fraus·1~rHIa I w I
I Ii ieri fedas~ ise~usedtout of thea bove namred
Le) Court, In the above sartitled and aurahatei
sh uji and to me d iwrCd, lbsb t.IldrK wril
leeItweP'1 nfli hsrnrs ( lVA. M· ttid4 P.31st
tL~ tif l 4 Corit H. rae't hitfu~ the( tOwrli of Alea~m
i tlb~~l 1· e~lla ~g.ny4e pope''t· re. eize~d
asL rthe IrOIK~itl ~It~es t to-wit:
lo The fojar ,n5-ar No. :ctd in the
tt'ati c,f AL.-aalts Pariabsef Iap~isb's, being:
o atof lots o. )4~j rsd.Sc~n ther pint of said
town, with all Ur.~fi u and rmpeovesnatr
it &(" ui A ~b~~~s~~b~ctb~t op
ii prareieatllr. e~·~i flj i!,. -tP
ira tIitlu ot FdfrinhI~ur lto Lb
h nit of MteiA.tt!2
Fbctu. 24th1$72.h L~ acEi~
i13 9a?.Jl au)BaIOmfi
~brla ,OINTDaM ic~~
of .Jeaumlrj rait~ to the0
'a eW '
11wt 1rt~~
PiA13.W( lii ' lre!in
FOr TUB sir 3 QP , 01
1. k .· ioinn . ,i. een
. r 0
j ' option wJii tie:'
- ..t
". ý r . s~, , 1, rý b IS"lrr,
1'. fI SACIMANT -----:'-.hs tna
c rC L A A ,A t C a l h o u n & L e v X i '0 1 4 aM a t : .O - r
l)osite mouth Cante River.
. . ' I, 0
uBA Ueat~aou S '0164 in t
Srift reiwe 'to imr .fuDry t
Gia,041, tyI1f4't1AR, R~oos and Bbfl0ut,
Hater and fapt mt .l- Pthaits~eu Stp
ptl. s;
,..W)Y b we' offer at N~ew Orl, a IA'ri
r thna ct i oui tag with aeii 1"w of
iI s ir I4aein.A AA llra·wt,. ttboug ge
yuariettas, we *reoualMl to "6c 00
I u4.4t the loweat pougbl nu, .. to
" Oar motto being-qulek isles and
.tail protitia. aLL and e our
stock, and b;e cmviucet before pur
chasing elsewhere.
7 lespeetfully,
ASac cesspr to, STEEL -PflKA RD &Co.
glo. o at low Or'
8L rate
I" and lrr onlweir in gas arieties0
of platfins Gjotlto. 8edwi.
SAgeut.for liaId ºb and#9SU
Improved ctton Seed, and the G;est
y. Fertilizer Wbh~nu'a Ra* 16pe "Suiaer
t-phospbiite, wblch boa no suplerior.
*1 To the Tlax Pager.. o
+ foiting ai4 openEIfg'w tbe
taxable property of Rmpiies Parish,
*wild be opaenet at my ofe.$e in Alex
"'t andlria, ,coragi' of Frosat-t."Ib.
streeta, on' the fSl S t dGS
th 1872, anid all persons interested or be
ing liable to tuition*ti notified to
from htdate wabaehlr-i bera
it ( *·*-. Pmat tetinimo~ d frn l
0.11 VVSf s~tiietly CA~i~' at $20t
iperthoms~d A~jmt ~ iia su
at~il Fcb. ptth )G 4
The Eilie gmb~at '~siaBe W8ue Pmu
_2 j. .wro1.Th ,
Masterr.a -r~d' -.---- c Cerisc.
&#R b par at yal~~i t
,r. i aro' dra norcr~l.l~u
t- ~iteo on th -rd du b r~
ah1~, ellalIt~en aene r~
J" a..pr ý p, piielor
Uwae leased the
tbe 'pa smand at
The table wil ha bomihfy m a
oer ba 'ýbl r i T II en
at 4l~o~r.9). Q~h '
him table .farts a ta~rt a fret
Tfh jJewe l
HF. 8th ART ERbas agin
tTtken charge of the loft eVtb
and illendeavor tot'1pcIift up la
formaer· rep utafin nndrw-;is msW4P
ruttt~· . 4aiid +b v,
KeIj r will alwast Lr on and, to IL
I tenitM to the wants of his eustomhu
7' y J1L&OHN 2. BOBAP1
ftVVfienda and the publi
erally that be has opened at
a' fi drat d and W he pbhbi h
Iti ud ugd to be ralwys oa bawd, b
sr/iren hi atoa ere thattheir stock
r- to brsrv~rd 1bs e Pam il LL
that I rate just arrlved'f+r tic Sil
with afresh supply of Dry Gooud
a4ý ý oapbfnei
K- IR5A=
me. Also a las lot of thebbt BrI5d of
to f Llrd TAM1
y Which I have prbebed ro Wy @wn
~: bakegtu~e. I wrii tuhleBread evwyar
.~ day. And I wilmlivetl it ever day
rl eicep
~ ~ar. U~d.bEAID delivered at your
_ doorsevery dary by 12 M, for
Ea~ch lout weighing 2~8 OUNCES, ali
ill fcr
*: 1' - I j girur
.di Givea the o,1d tone Bakber asdobr
trial.~ fon wFO ill be sure Wo reusive
VA3r eaty.
a~) 'informP her fied.~r
~~eiiae I6~ao# 1*4Md to
thai awelfg uCiidl31tfe mae.
! oc . the uegI I alf
~L:J set .zepeLt< :91~~
i U.
D* -#*a -b L

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