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T. e. COMPTON, ............. EdAr.
C. B. ISTEWART, .......b er.
State and Parish.
Nathrday, September 14, 1872.
Ta GAZZTT rris published Weekly at
Four Dollars per annum; 2 50 for
six months.
ADTVRTISExxNTS inserted at the rate
of $1 50 per square for the first in
sertion and 76 cents for each subse
quent one.
S. ea lines or less, constitute a
square. The following are our rates
to yearly Advertisers :
one Column........... ... 300 00
Malf Column................. 175 00
Third of Column............ 130 00
Fouarth f Column............ 100 00
Oards, (oecupying space of
oight lines or less.) ........ 20 00
M. F. BoNzAro, of Orleaso.
CHAU. E. LIALWrEAD, of lberia.
1.-L. C. ROUDANsr , of Orleans.
2.--A. K. JoHNsoN, of Orleans.
3.-MILTON MoanIS. of Aseeaeion.
4--JosEPR TAYLOR, of Caddo.
.--R. L. BBooxs, of Catahoula.
Tresed Alpes es stage Ticete,
Agreed upon by the two ttate Ctetral
Executive Commwittea, representing
the Republican party of Louisiana.
of Orleans.
of Caddo.
of Iberville.
of Orleans. 1
of Orleans.
of Orleans.
P. B. 8. 4I JIIHACK,
of Orleans.
of Plaqaimines. t
of Orleans.
of lberville.
af RBpides-Long Term. tl
.of Grant-Short Term. C
of Concordia.
• - -
f' We are autborized to announce tl
the name of is
as a camdida$te for ase.election as Judge
of the Ninth JOdicial District, compos- ,
ingthe parisbes of apides, Natchi- .
toches, Grant and Vernon. E
We are authorized to soaeonce a8
the ame of i
asao Iatp.sdemt Candidate for the o0
Judgshsip d.b PaI* .r"'Bupides
With a fair registration the Demo
crat says that there is no doubt of the
result in this parish, test is that the
Democratic party wjl carry the ay
in the B, thus i ti
matizig a ipub pl r te ali fair
r. registratler wibe In ia iother
r. place bhowrer it says t ther# Wno
L doubt at all about the z tbmt mean
ing perhaps and indeed almost ex
pressly stating that all democratic or
liberal voters will havean opportunity
1I of registering and if they do not do so,
it will be their own fault. For oar
-' own part taking the congratulatory
paragraphs .of the Democrat on the
S. appointment of the Registrar for this
parish, and the declaration of Gover
nor Warmoth himself in his speech at
" the Ratification meeting in New Or
5 leans, that he would take every means
in his power to secure such a registra
,r tion, as would effect the desired end,
we can't see any grounds for fear on
the part of the Democrat and its par.
ty but rather think from present ap
- plwarances that it is the Republican
e- party if any, who have any cause for
uneasiness. We intended examining
a fully the official returns of the last
election in this parish and comparing
O the votes given at each precinct, so as
to show what time outght to have been
devoted to allow each neighborhood a
fair registration, want of time howev
er has prevented it for the present but
we shall endeavor to discuss the .sub
ject more fully next week. We ob
serve meanwhile in the list of Regis
tration appointments that several im
portant precincts hove been Jeft out.
Lecomte, Bayou Rapides and perhaps
others. Cheneyville and Leecomte
which together gave 900 votes at the
last election-have only three days to
register in, whilst the port of the par
ish north of Red River (leaving out
Pineville) which did not cast a hundred
votes nearly all white, has been ac
corded six. This may be all fair on
the principle that every thing is fair
in politics, as in love or war, which
seems to be Governor Wurtmoths sen
timents, but it looks sorter strange.
We hope however notwithstanding
the lost time, which has distressed our
neighbor so much, that when the reg
istration returns to Alexandria .the lee
way will be brought up.
---~- -
, ExcaNGuE BtooN.-We alluded
l sometame ago to the changes sad im
J provemoene, which are guing.ou in the
Exchange-otol, under the supervision
of its energetic owner, Dr. Ji. 8. Fish.
One of the most important of these is
just BAished, the conversion of the
lower part of the ld ice depot into a
large, lofty and elegant room, to which
has bees added, by taking down the
partition wall, the bar-room in front of
it, the whole making one of the most
elegant Saloons that has ever been in
the place since the closing of the Ex
Mr. A. A. Baillior, the proprietor,
has julst received a large and choice
stock of liquors, which with the assis
tance of his popular and asoeomanda
ing aid, Alto, he will dispense to his
customuers in the very best style. He
has also put up one of poor Flanmery's
splendid billiard tables, merely at
present for the amusement of his
gtii'ts, anil has also aI quiet and re
tired room, for-those wishing to amuse
themselves witioat observation,
on the whole, his establishment might
now well take the name om one whose
glories have dep·rted
NELS TAYLoE.-We copy to-lday, as
per instructions from headquarters,
the advertisement of that old well
known and reliable authority in all
homrse and stable matters, Nelson
Taylor Esq., annouedlng his "never
msay die" motto regarding his business
sad also his laudable sad deserving of
eneouragement reeolmtion, to cone
with the demand and necessities
the times, by putting' his prices fo
horse feed, horse keeping, horse hire
hacking and livery of every kindi
the lowest living rates. What Gras
knows about statesmanship, or wha
Greeley knows about farming ms3y
questions of doubt, but as to wha
Nels Taylor knows about horses, am
all their requirements there esan
and is but one opinion, and that i
that he knows all and will do all tha
is necessary or durable provided he re
ceives his very reasonable quidpro que.
write this paragraph with a pen dip
ped in Ink trom a nottle made by Mr.
E. Vallery of this town, and labeled as
above. It flows freely and has every
indication of being a good arti
which we hope it may prove, and turn
out profitable to its inventom.
If a man has a great many deb
a~r t'.y very" maeh to his crcdit 1"
Lzi..waU. and Demcracy.
" A Rem by any ether name would amell
It is rather amusing, to see d read
from the diferent journals of tate
interested in the question, tm esawt
aersy that i w gsi g  , pgdag
the naD he givelt' o the nmw par
ty or rt the eld arty% which with
the belp of promises and eajolement.
easy of eveasion and still easier as it
has turned out of eect, has swallowed
up one which, a short time since seem.
ed in fair way of attaining respectable
py9pp4tipns, just as easily as a big fish
awallow4d Ittle onebefore he has bad
time to grow. Acuarding to the sen
timent of the paIrticlar locality in
which it is lpulished, each paper op
posed to Repulibeaniam, clkaiu to be
I)emocoratically Liberal, (the IDroucra
tic elemont targely in the asemidancy)
or merely Liberal, the "Ouachita Tele
graph," 'Shreveport Southwestern,"
and other .being types of the first
class, whilst the "Times" published in
Shreveport also, and the "Natchitoches
Times," and a few more represent the
latter, to say nothing of the city press;
the party, in truth being somewhat
like the boy in the Pastry Cook's
'" Twit pie amd jelly he was loath,
Either to chose so took thui both "
And the end may possibly be, that
like the boy, they will be heartily sick
of the bargain.
However divided lmblic sentiment
outside of Republicanismn may be in
this State, and other Southern ones on
this issue at present it cannot be de
nied, that politics are working back in
the purely democratic grove, proving
unoontmvertibly the tact, that there is
new as betore the war, only two par
ties, and that in the event of the elec
tion of Mr. Greeley, the democrats ex
pect and intend to control his admin.
Georgia is a straight out democra
tic State, bigoted, sad uncompromis
ing to the biter end, refusing even
the assistance of the Liberal party,
and only-granting them rmaission to
act with them, instead oa they the
Democrats aeitbg with the Liberals.
As the Georgia democrate act, so will
the democrats of every State act,
whenever they think they have the
power, and here is tlh opinion of one
the leading papers of the State, as to
the course in behooves them to take,
and which they intend to take should
they have an opportunrity of doing so.
"Mr. Sumner makes a very broad
mistake when he insinuates that al
though Greeley mayr be elected, and
owe his election to the Demec:ratic
party, still the members ;e that party
will in no manner control his Admin
istration. amaner admits Greeley may
take ifemocrata into his Administra
tion, but they will be taken as Repub
licans at heart. it is idle to suppose
that Greeley can or will reject the
counsels of those by whose votes he
was elected, or that D)m.ecrts will
ease to he Democrats in say sense of
the word because .they kave voted for
Greeley. Far from it. The Democratic
party will after the election reaem
bie its cohorts, claim s veoes ni shap
ing the characterof Omesyles Admiu
istration, and by virtue of their former
support and strength of numbers com
pel a recognition of this important
'trght. Greeley, i the event of his
election, will be toreed to rely upon
the Democcatic party to support the
measures of h's Administratien, and
snuch sqpport will not be extended unu
less these measm s ame in acoord with
Dewnrtcat pi ncpl.
tm e Kof Uin wevermr.
BT oF LoUIxA, )
Yew krs t 31st ý872.
t iiim le the
Ad otll  r of the State to
i he his proeation at least six
weeks beore any general eldction for
oecers of the State, members of Con
gress, Presidential Electors, Senators
and Representativee in the Legisla
ture, perish oleers, ete:
Therefore 1, H. C. Warmoth, Gover
nor of the State of Louisiana, do issuer
this my proclamation, ordering elec.
tionsto take place on the FItST
MONDAY in November uett for per
usons to till the offices of Governor,
Lieutenant Governor, Auditor of Pui,
lic Accounts, Attorney General, &-cre
tary of State, Sºperintetiperil of Pub
lic Education.
For one Conglrtesailal fir0,4l the
First Congressional District, consti
tuted by the perishes of Livingston,
Plaquemines, St. Bernard, St. Ileiena,
St. Tammany, T'ungipaibos, Washing
ton, and of the fourth, fitth. nixth,
seventh, eighth, ninth, and tifteenth
wards of the city of New Orleans.
One Congressman from the Second
Congressional District, constituted b
the parishes of Jelfrson, Ltfourche,
St. Charles, St. James, St. John the
Baptist, Terrebone, and of the first,
second, third, teath, eleventh, twelfth,
thirteenth and fourteenth wards of
the city of New Orleans.
One Congreassan' from tihe Third
Congreestonal District, constituted by
the parishes of Ascension, Assumlp
tion, East Batonu ouge, West Baaton
Rtouge., Calcasieu, Cameron, Est
Feliciauua, Iberia, lberville, latfayette,
Lt. Landry, St. Martin, St. Mary and
One Congressman from the Fourth
Cougressional District, constituted by
the parishes of Avoyellea, Bossier.
Caddo, )esoto, WestFelicihna, Grant,
Natchitoches, Pointe Couper,, ltaplides,
Sabine, Webster anti Wiin.
One Congressman from the Fifth
Congressional District, constituted b,
the parishes of Bienville, Cadwell,
Carroll, Catahoula, C!alborne, Concor
din, Franklin, Jackson, Madison, More
bonse, Omuachita Bichland, Tenuses and u
Union; and
For one Congressman to fill the vs.
ca.cy in the tourth cougressional dis
trict oceasioned by the death of-the
Hou. James Moleery ; and,
For all District Judges ;
For all District Attorneys' ;
For all Parish officers.
For one Senator from the district
composed of the parish oft. Bernard
and theseveuth, eight .udhl uuinth wards
of the city of New Orleans.
One Senator from the district com
posed of the first, second and third
wards of the city of New Or-lha,,s, to I
till the vacancy otcotioned by the
death of the Hion. S. S. Fish.
Onure Seator from the district comn
posed of the fourth, filth and sixth
wards of the city of New Orleans.
One Senator Irou the Test.h iepre-p
seutative District, composed of the
tenth and elev-enth wards of the c Ity
ot New Orleans, to till the vacancy oc-·
casioned by the death of the Hon. E.
W. Pierce.
One Senator from the Iists ict coin
poed of the parishes ot Jefferson, tSt.
Charles, St John the Ba'ptist, and the
twelfth, thrirteenth and hortteenth
swards of the city of New Orleans.
One 'Senator from the district corn
posed of the parishes tof Terreboune,
-featurohe and, Assumption.
One Senator from the ldi.trict comL
lposed of the arishes ot St. Mary and
One Senateor fom tile District com.
pised of the parishes of'Calcasieu, La.
faysette 8t landry anud Olameren.
One eatar from the district coun
posed of the parishes of Livingston,
St. Helena, Waubisgtou, St Lannuany'
and Tangipuhos.
One Senator from the district coin
posed of the parishes of Poi,,t CoUpe,
aS't Feliciana and West Fdtiiana.
One Senator from the distiat et en
pesed of the parish of East Ba.ou
unge, to fill ie vcany oocasioned
bythe death pfth Botall. George W.
One Senator from the district cem
posed of the parishes of West Baton
tRouge, Iberia, lberville and St. Mar
One Senator from the district com
psed of the pariskes of Teusas andi
One Senator from the dlistfict com
posed tof the parishes of tarroti, MaMi
son, Riehlsmad ad Morehouse.
One semator from the district com
posed of the peribshes of Onaschita and
One Senator from the district com
posed ot the parishes of Union and
te Senator from the district com
psf tbe puishes of Claiborue,
One Seuator Om the district coa.
posed of the purin of OCdo.
One Senator from the district com-n
Sof the prishes of DeSoto,
INtcitochea, Sabine and Red River.
One Senator from tIhe district eomn
posed of the parishes of Rapides and
One mator fom t~e district com
tof the pieisht..f GrnUt, Cata
isl a nd Winu.
4d al.e for Bei-nsen tatives
4Lbogeot the 8tae to serve in the
Lggt~ore for two years; am d
Whereas, It is provided byla. tbhat
er the same day a Parish Jadge shall
e ~dealted r eek Iprish, essapt the
perish a 9ofre ; and
sWhre It Is lass provided that a
Corener shall be elected
fCorsaebpash, eeepti the pant
of Oreans, where-two Sheiffs and two
Coroners are to be elected; and
whereas, it is also provided by law
that Justices of the Peace and Coasta
bles are to be elected in the several
parishes in this State, I have seen
Ait to issue this my piodanmation, noti
fyin the qualie4 vters through
out t Silte of tbe arlen lbrl
and eiandiaa a Sgperiiom
Htegintr on, (O ilisioners of hise.
tion, other ofcers conernedl
therein, to hold said election for
Presidential Electors, for Governor,
Lhutenant Governor, Auditor of Pub
lie Aes ents, Secretary of State, At
torny General, Superintendent of
Public lEducation, Represeutatives to
Congress, Seltatrs, Replresentatives
to General Assembly, and all district
and parish offcers. ou MONDAY, the
fourth day of Novemlber next.
Said election to be conducted, anlld
the returns thereof made, .in all re
sle'rts. according to the provisjios of
the constitution and of the law,
Given under my hand and the seal
of the State this thirty-first day of
.\ngut. A. D. 1872, and of the inde.
Illudenlce ot the United States the
By the Governor:
Assistant Secretary of State.
lt Our neighbor and cotelnporary
the "Louisiana Democrat," hav'iug
been invested with, or assumed the role
of organ, to the D)emocratic or Liberal
party, which ever designation pleases
or suit sit beat, of this vicinity, and 'w
ing ourselves diaunatrically opposed to
it as far as State politics at anL rate
are concerned, it is possible a rather
probable, tlmt we may have to differ
widely from its views, express our de
sent and try to demonstrate the falla
cy of its arguments, and the danger to
the country at large, in the saeess of
the political party and policy which it
supilortM and advocates. In doing
this, however, we hope to avoid and
intend to eschew unless forced, upon
us any bitterness, personality or acri
monyr believing as we have lefore
statated, that every lone has a right to
entertain his owna opinion, in political
and civil matters, and to proclaim and
defend theta in a wmoderate and unir
ritating way.
Tun Feusio TICKET.-We said
last week that we did not consider it
necessary to give the names of the
Candidates on the Democratic and
Lilwlrl fusioan ticket but on rllection
We consider it best to do so, and it will
Is. seen that however desirous a large
lportion of the Liberal party were to
have a truly liberal ticket nominated
and placed in the field they were out
generaled in the State Convention as
they were in our parish mass meeting
here, and only one known libezd re
putbeai an nd one colored ma placed
on the list the leauder being an ultra
old line )eaaunrat of the purest type.
For Governor, John MCKuery, Dkan
For Lieutenant Governor, D. B.
'Penn, Liberal Democrat.
For Attrm'ney General, H. N. Og
den. l)emo nat.
Fer Sz-cretary of State, Samuel
Aranstead, Liberal.
For Auditor of Public Accounts,
James Graham, Liberal.
For Sluperinmuenelkt of Puhblic Ed.
C" tion, Rit. M. Lusher, lkmocrat.
)DR. ANoZL.-bAs we annoumnced in
our last issue, this gentleman has ar
rivedl and opened an ofee in the Ex
change Hlotel, and is daly giving our
citizens proof ot his great skill, in his
protlesion. Bad teeth or none at all,
need zhow no longer be an irreparable
Imistortute, for you can have them re
jmired or repilae d, to be as good or
better thath new, or rather rthe old
ones, as is the latter instanoe agt
certnainly they will never ate qain.
Dr. Atagt4rs complete sets upper and
tower, are marvels of beauty and efi
ciency, as ourselves and othera here
are ready to demonstrate from aotual
experience of work done.
A FAST T'n.,-We observe the
last few days that that old and 4e
complhhed dispenser otf liquid refresh
ments, Levi. Stewart has shown his
tamailiar and smihng face behind the
bar counter ot Goodman's well stock
ed saloon. Goodman's liquors are so
gead Iand he is popular that sometimes
a thirsty mortal has had to wait his
ta. longer than wasm pleasant, but
thib will so longer be the case as with
the efeicient assistanee he laa now se
cured all customers will be esgsed in
double quicktime.
MAI--Nrew Orleans papers of
last Tuesday contein the intelligence
of a Relpublica victory In Maie.
which was confdentJ! claimed by the
liberal party. The.Goernor and ai
the Omgrpssmae (Ove) are eleted b
from 15 to a2M00 majority.
A Detroit Journal saves an old man
of tbat ctty ha6s plabyiei ninety thous
and garse of che.kea What a
che~ d CarTer that old man ust
A Father Shoots ill
ter's Betrayer.
About 8) o'clock on the morning of
June 20th, as Wi. L. Davis, real e.
tate agent, dokt buitness on Pend,.
vania saens, l h street, Wss.
ingtou, ý. C., the stor at
Carter and radly, corner of Brldg
and Qoti,, es Georgetown, he
was sroaached by , stranger, bhe
asked if his name was Davis, and, a.
being answered in the aflrmative, t
(the stranger) drew a large revo'ver
and fired, the ball entering the arle of
Da-vis, near the spinalioqe,
only a flesh wound. Tm. e it
entirely throuogh andd
clothing. Davis fed as rap
possible to the store etT I
Knowles, on High street, near Bridgo
when Dr. Kleinsohmidt went in asa
attended to him lasI Dr. Peter, at
the request of Mr. mb was sat for.
The wound is not danger.
ous. The name of t!
is Hardy. When a4
Davis, he said:--" Ha
daughter." He was ei.t~e -'
rested and placedw l th station ho
Besides the revolve, b hadI ca
his possaeeioq .wheq prt r.
Hardy formerly did "'bdlseas .Th
folk, Va., where he bUcame paatj.
ed with and married Miss PlckrIs, '
Georgetown, daughte 'oe rs. Ann
Pickrell. Their daughter, Miss Ab
Hardy, has beaen is the iabit of ma.
ing frequent visits to weo tq'
see her relations, and ryjyo gtvi ru ne h r
young Davis ruined ler,
Finding the dilemma he wO*tp.Al i
further report i that he Iudncs .a
young man to marry her. Theli
happily until they were Avo toeits;
married, when the wife gave Vat ItO
a fine boy. This samewbat. snrpflset
the confiding husband, . ~bc
as she was able to leae,aset hqib.gm
to her parents, who now re"de ia
New York. It is reported tlhat n
the young woman went to hat.
her father has compelled her to, q$
who was the father of the cbl ui4
the consequence is that he west I.w'
ning for Davis. The full na ~ df
Hardy is Edward Trmeb&aiou i
at present a merchant in New Tork,
and is about forty-five yers of age.
The name of the person who mniried
his daughter is Henry Bradley. Da.
via was removed to his boote in tje
country, some six miles above George.
town, about ten o'clock this Nlenaip
Some one in the store o1f"
Bradley threw a two-pound trev*t
Hardy after he had Brerd pt 1 :
About 12 o'clock, Mr. Bardy was ta.
ken to police court y OfScer Sebae
tian, and Mr. Jos. BIL Bradley.Ji. en
tered bail in the sum of$3,000 tor his
appearance when w4 The oir,
caused great excitement ii hat
Georgetown and Washington, Isvis :
being well knewn thre as a ared4
tate agent. It is alleged that whi ,
Miss hardy was on a visit there, stop.,
ping a Mrs. Pickrel's, on Fiet sti*@
Davis became qulusiated with b 'r
.aa4 jmid oer grea attitoti*azad4 hs,
Le introduced Mr. Ber r,
her, and was acite lr bdobial s . "
their marriage, which t o Pq .
the evening of November 2d ~
Christ churchb, Kev. Dr,, WIiias
every other Btr dhLeU h Nats a he.
elcmuent of epIoa
getiet and nowp*kt p
to the enemy. 9Wf'4 h
the De)ocaeio PaNiy
ing that it ISems a IlwlgetlD
of the voters, presents asti;G t cithqr
own antd demands that ll blatll'1 '
tiesm. must come to hfe rdia
of that party mumt iiusg
that her inerests are
rior to those of the pol
No one Laks them t.'blw @
o-rganiations--if they atwishmm Ibm
ly s auiou to continMe as t 1~
ol rotton haulk e" awgg u
will interfere with helr leas ,
ence for their venerable
why do they not e&,jo tWe ';o
cy their Mends bare eSp sa
ot the Unioes I Ml e p
antd Virginia .tbeir party tbSk Ii
existence fbr thre or TlterMI t4 -
Indiana the. have erbre4
with the IAireal apIininiaba n hes l
.awUnng a United Blto a~t -i d a 4
in Illinois the same tta 1 it . 4
all the other tates oa uu
-arid here a dosmen sme. iu*
lears pmepm. a iState .t aba*d o
wondrful Deaoesmq demm
The claim tLhat they, beuilg io
troeger thema ay pr-tyb ~1
entitles them to tsngmisetindI·
and so eonpietely MltRIape
tacts . to pproseb very ~ .~t
They estlimte
the vetre give or
fact thats atl ·soYIssq d
has been wE

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