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How to Behave and What to Do In
Trying ituatlonM--PreCenee or Mnd
the Moat Important ('onsideriatlo
-Remedies and Expedlent4ls with
whibch Everybody nlhouid be Famll
Wlhenlever an accident twetlrs, do not stir
till you know just whlat to do. 'Take
things quietly-keelC silent. Avoid adding
to a panic in those around you. Disasters
are adways worse for fright and perturba
tion. Self-po.session is the first step to
iresence of itild,. and nothing helps one
to imaintain self-posse'ssion antd presence'
of mind more than knowing what to do.
Study these rules. thtlref ire, and get them
durably imnpresst'l on the mind. so that
you may recall thenm on any emergency.
If slight, immerse the part in cold water,
or put on it ice or snow. It done itmme
dialtslv, a continued application long
enough will keep down inflalnuationt. Or
apply powdered chalk or whiitiug ulixed
with lard. If so severe as to destroy the
skin, cover with varni-h, or a strong solu
tion of alum, or a mixture of lime-water
and sweet-oil; or if Inonie of tllhese are at
hand, mix whiting with linsteed or sweet
oil; thin with a little honey, and apply
with a soft bruht or fieather--every touch
will give relieft.
If the clothes catch fire, the first thing is
to extinguish the blaze. Do not let the
sufferer run about--very motion fans the
flamte; but lay hinm quietly on the floor,
and wrap closely in folds of carpet, a
woolen shawl, hearth-rug, or woolen table
cover. Then use water to -'ilt out the re
maining tire. Next, rean ve the clothes
very carefully, c tting thetn gently with
scissors or a very sharp knitf.. Be care
futl not to injure the skin. Then shake on
flour or powdered starch, to exclude air.
Or apply wet cloths to reduce the redness
and heat. I)o not use cold water-let it
be slightly wartu. Lime-water andl lin
seed oil may be applied ot old linen or
calico well soaked. Or the parts may be
covered with castor oil. All these are use
ful, but some may not be at lhand. Ab
sence of pain is a bad sign,ald shows that.
the burn has been severe and the part de
stroyed. Keep away idlers, and let the
patient be quiet. If the person has sufli
cient presence of mintld when the clothes
first take fire, slide the hands down the
dress as closely to the body as possible, to
check the blaze; at tile same time sink on
the knees. If this is not sufficient, lie
down quickly and roll on the fire, and
wrap yourself closely in a woolen shawl,
piece of carpet, or any woolen cloth which
can be seized. Never continue standing a
moment, and especially never run about.
The first thing is to keep all the doors
shut. Currents of flame will then be con
fined, and cannot sweep so rapidly through
the building. Keeping the doors all shut I
will sometimes so retard the flames that
they may be extinguished. If they can
not, it will help nmuch towards removing
the furniture. If the lower story is in
flames, the first thing tor the inmates
above to do Is to loosen a bed-cord ifpossi- I
ble, or to tie the -bed clothes together by
secure knots, and then fisten one end to
the bedstead. This will admit safe descent, I
and often prevent broken limbs from jumnp- I
lug. The quickest way to tie a secure I
knot, is to place two ends parallel together, I
and tie a common single knot near the
Before passing through smoke, take al
full breath and then stoop low. But if the c
fire has burned some time, aud less slnoke
is present, and carbonic acid is therefore
feared, walk erect. t
Out-houses are sometimes set on fire by
burglars, to draw attention from thie
dwelling. Whenever, therefore, you fiund
atl out-house burning, and suspect it was
set on fire, let a strong guard examine the
house. 1
Every room which is lighted with at
kerosene lamp should have a woolen a
blanket, table cover, rug. shawl, or other a
woolen fabric, ready in the same room, so t
that In case of an explosion it tmav Ibe in- ni
stantly applied to smother the flames. a
Many lives would be saved every year if t1
this were everywhere attendedl to. l)o 0
not use water on burning oil, as it often t
forms steam and spreads the oil. d
To save horses from a rapihly burning a
stable, blindfold them, or they cannot be a
led.out. Throwing a harness on a horse v
will often assist.
If the soot in a ctinlney takes fire. and
danger is feared, first shut all tile doors g
and windows ill the room, to blsson the
draught; then stop. up the chlmstey flue
with a piece of wet carpet or blanket. If E
a little water or common salt is then tl
thrown on the fire, it will redtnee the I'
flames. The draught of the chimtney will a
be checked, and the tire will soon I' ex
tinguished for want of air. t,
If horses become frightened and run, in
all eases keep your seat, unless they stop n
so you may jump out safely. Jnmnping
out when moving swiftly ig sure to throw
you severely against obustacehs. The car- c
rlage Itself wllprotect you in mlanyv cases.
If te harness breaks while you are driv
itg up hill where there is a bank on one
sle and aprecipice on the other, turn thec
horse's head toward the batk, if you have
a four-wheeled vehicle. This will eause
the wheels in breaking, to turn agatist tihe t
bank. But if you have a two-wheeled car
riage, turn tho horse toward the precipice,
which will run the wheels from it. Ob
serve the same precautions if :a balky horsen
should commence backing.
If an artery is cut, compress above the
wound, or between the woundl and the ('
hert' If a vein is cut. olnpress below. A
Arteral bleeding is known from the bright hi
scarlet color of the blood, andl fromnt its issut- l
ing in Jerks. To stop it, put your finger of
on the wound aid press upon tte bheedling
aperture-this will stop tilte 'ltieedin" :t:i
long as the pressure, if prolperly applied, tt
is continued. ''Tomaintain the pressure, mt
tie a handkerchief twice around the limnl, cv
above the injury, with a pad on the artery; co
place astick at the knot,and turn it till the th
blood stops. Or fold a piece of soft rag C
several times, put it quicky over the open- pa
ina, and secnre it by a piece of broad tape "
Blood trom thle veins is dark colored, and
Bows in a continuous stream, and not by
jerks. It may be stopped by the pressure
of the finger, or by a bandage. If the per
son shows signs of fainting, it will do no
Sharm, as fainting tends to stop bleeding. Or
When interna bleedling occurs from the w
mouth, throat, lungs or stomach, place the re
patient in bed, with head slightly raised, an
eep he room cool and perfectly quiet, ,
and give a frequent swallow of ice water,
or a small lump of ice, or crushed ice, not va]
mnore than a teaspoonfid.
In general, one of the best things to stop
bleeding from a moderate cut, im to cover On
it copiously with a mixture of ftur andi oth
sidt in equal parts. A handful of dry earth ab
pressed on the wound and held there will cro
stop bleeding, when the accidqt occurs in hal
the field or on a railroad.
If blood flows freely from an artery, it
should be stopped without a moment's de- but
lay, by hard pressure, either of a ligature feel
or ithe ibble use of the thunlIb. Keep the
pIweure, without relaxinlg all instant, till v
the margeon comes, so) that the coagulaitng m
blood ayglue up the wound. "
lcd the nose ofh'n stops itself at p
the right ; ht if fot, let the person b
sit upright, bathe the neck and face with
cold water, and dissolve a little alum in
In water :and squirt it up the nostrils.
ud Bleeding from the stomach, or vomiting
t blood, is not always so dangerous as It ap
u.- Ipars. Two teaslpobnfuls of vinegar, with
one of epsom salts, may be. taken every
stir ledf hour till it stops; and small quantities
ike of cold water or bits of cracked ice are
ng useful.
erg Bloodl from the lungs comes in smaller
ba- quantities, is coughed up, and has a bright
to color. (iive a teaspoofill of vinegar with
ie one of paregoric every half hour; sponge
ice the chest with cold water, keep the should
lo. cry raised, and the patient quiet.
>in If there is much bleeding from pulling a
iat tooth, till the cavity firmly with a plug
made of lint and whitingor powdered cLay.
Change it every fifteen minutes till the
sr, bleeding stops, and then keep it in twenty
ie- four hours.
D)r Do not be in a hurry; wash the wound
ed carefully and remove all dirt, for which it
he sponge may be gently usedl. After bleed
it- ing has stoppe which may be halt an
er hour or less, bring the edges very accur
at ately together, placing over it a piece of
et linen, secured with baudages. When the
ly parts can be sewed together at the edges,
c do so, for which silk thread is best-the
needle, well oiled, thrust through the
is skin, and each stitch secured by a knot. rn
be a day or two the stitches may be removed
he by carefully cutting and drawing out.
,r, oincetimes isinglass plaster answers well
a to draw the tlges together. When any
le part is cut clear away, replace it quickly,
e- and keep it in its exact position by pres
es sure.
thi If a fish-hook or barbed crochet-needlle
e- runs into the hand. do not try to draw it
in out, as that would tear the flesh' but first
ir. be very sure which side the barb is, andi
ss then push down a very smooth ivory knit
it ting needle, or something similar, to crowd
n- the flesh off from the point, and then draw
or both out together.
be When bruises occur, cover the part with
e- a cloth di iped in cold water every few
b. minutes.f bleeding increases, use the
at n handkerchlff and stick. Severe or large
e. iriises, as of broken limnbs, are relieved
ie of the pain by iummersing in blood-warnm
_- water.
Ms If a bone is broken, keep the part per
i° fectly quiet, and if the patient has to be re
to moved, carry him on a board, door or I
in eInch, and let him be conveyed quietly by c
ie four mcen. and never in a carriage. More d
i damagx e is sometimes done by careless
1, mnoving than by the original accident. For
' dislocation, procure a surgeon as soon as
a possible.
Sometimes poison, such as dead animal a
s matter, is introduced into a wound, cauls- h
i- ing formidable injury. Place a ligature b
h above the wound, tight enough to pro
It mote, but not stop bleeding. A quill or
it small tube may be placed over the wound,
-. and by sucking, the poison will ooze out
g into the tube.
.s Cut out promptly the bitten part-or
Ji burn It out with a small red-hot iron, or
y with a stick of lunar caustic. Youatt was
o several times bitten, in the care of these
t, animals, and always cured the bite with n
lunar caustic. 'Ihe more thoroughly
re either of these remedies is applied the a
r, better.
For sprains, apply cloths wet in lauda- al
a num and hot water, and keep the part "
e quiet. If of the wrist or ankle, it must U
e not hang down.
"e If the jaw is put out of joint by opening a
the mouth too wide, place a stick (a small a
v cane for instance) across the month like a
e horse's bit. Push it far back, and then press t,
el downward till the jaw slips into place. N
e If choked, get on all-fours and cough.
If this does not answer, thrust out the
a tongue, or draw It forward with the finsger
n and thumb covered with a handkerchiefl
r and then let another person who has nerve
o boldly thrust the forefinger well down,
landl i raw out the obstruction. The finger
I. and thumb of a resolute bystander are the
f best instruments. Fish bones, pins and
1 other small, adhering substances, or any
t thing too fardown to reach, nmay be carriel
down by quickly chewing and swallowing a
a mass of bread or other pulpy substance.
e and sometimes by copious draughts of P
L water.
1 Place the patient fiat. If he can swallow, A
4 give cold water. an
. A BEATIFUL WoMAN.--The perceptive W
f faculty of women is usually keener than Ba
the ltune pihrenological organ in men. M
WVoman. knows that beauty rathlCr than wi
I genius is worshiped by the sterner sex. t
A man may talk with his lips of the latter
to his lady-love, but the keenness of the
womnlan knows that he is thinkina of the
former in his heart. All women have an o
Innate desire to please their beaux. They
are fond of admiration, hence one of their M
Slongings is to be beautiful. The grand se- co
cret of female beauty is health-the secrevt
of health is the power to eat, digest andl
assimilate a proper quantity of wholesome Wi
food. T''ake INEc.GAR BrITTEnRS. It will
ehlanse the stomach, tone tile vital organs, m
give a pertfect dligestion. purify the bloo~ El
e-liar up the complexion and produce a
state of mental and physical electricity a
which gives symmetry of form, briglht
eyes, white skin, glossy hair and a genuine
type of female loveliness which no cos
umetic can comlnare with.
American lanufacturers at Vienna.
The well-known Mason & Itamlin Organ
('Comrpany have received honors at Vienna.
At the Exposition they were awarded the
highest medal for the best instruments of thins
class in the world, and the Industrial Seietv a
of Austria has awarded them its Grand Medail
and DIiploma of Honor for the extraordinary
excellence of their productions. This dei
tinction has never been conferred on more Y
thann tive Americains. No other American
manufacturer of cabinet or parlor organs has fa
ever succeereded in obtaining any award in
competition with European makers. This is
the second time the Mason & Hamlin Organ
Company have come out ahead ini such conm
parisons, as they took the first medal in Paris
mn 1;7. This company can now produce on Ar
an average one Cabiniet Organ every fifteen -
minutes of working time, or about 10,000 per
annum.--Sw York World. d
Prices Reduced.
The Mason & Hamlin Co., whose Cabinet
Organs are unquestionably the best in the
world, have just reduced their prices to cor
respond with depreciated values of material -
ane labor. They are also introducing this
season, a number of exquisitely beautiful o
styles, containing improvem nta of much coI
value, effected this eaaon. ia
They now offer flveoctave double-reed
organs, for one hundred and ten dollars, and tile
other styles at proportionate prices, being
about half the prices at which peddlers are
crowding upon purchasers organs worth not
Shalf as much!
BAD enough to look and feel bad yourself: a
but no excuse for having your horselook and -
feel ladly, when for a small sum you can buy 8E
Skeridana Carsry CUondutioa Powders, which drem
given in grain two or three times a week, will
make him look and feel well.
slaPL.e FREE.-Th Sa&ured aeeamia
Pod, 9 Walnut atreet, Phladelphia, gives a
besaM CuaOuO to every yuarly aubribw sea
ithi THa attention of our many readers is called
iI to the attractive advertisement of J. N. liar
ris& Co., advertising their great and valuable
ing lung remedy, " Allen's Lung Balsam." This
SBalsam has been before the public for ten
-earsH. Notwithstanding this long period, it
as never lost one whit of its popularity or
ery seown the least sign of becoming unpopnlar,
ties but, on the contrary, the call for it has been
are constantly increasing, and at no previons time
has the demand been so great, or the quanti
Iler ty made been so large, as at this day. We
ht earnestly recommend its trial by any one who
ith may be afflicted with a cough or cold, and
we warrant it to cure if directions are fol
iowed. It is sold by all our city druggists.
WINTER is now ftirly upon us, and the
ta teams are hastening to the lumber woods in
ug sarious parts of the country. Our advice to
as every man who goes to the woods, be he cap
the tain, cook. teannitcr, or any other man, is to
ty- take along a good stock of JohAson's Anodyne
Liniment and Parsons' Pur''P ye. Pills. Many
months of labor (in tile aggregate) may be
ltd saIsl by this precaution.
4. Thirty Years' Experience of an 8M
fau Nurse.
lr- MIa. WINsLw's SooTSrxo SyTrp is the prescrip
of tion of one of the best Female Physicians and Nurses
ie in the United States, and has been used for thirty
years with iever-falling safety and saecess by mill
ions of mothers and children, from the feeble Infant
of one week old to the adult It corrects acidity of
le the stomach, relieves wind colic, regulates the bow
ct els, and gives rest, health, and comfort to mother and
ed child. We believe it to be the Best and Surest Reme
lit. dy in the World in all cases of DYSENTERY and
eli DIARRH(EA IN CHILDREN, whether it arises from
Il Teethinpor from any other cause. Full directions
for using will accompany each bottle. None Genuine
unless the fac-sminle of CURTIS a PERKINS is on
LS the outside wrapper.
Children Often Look Pale and Sick.
nil From no other cause than having worms In the stom
it- ach.
iw will destroy Worms without injury to the child, being
perfectly WUITE. and free from all coloring or other
til injurious ingredients usually used in wosm prepara
le CURTIS & BROWN, Proprietors,
No. 215 Fulton street, New York.
ed Sold by Druggf'et and Chemists, and Dealers in
Ill Medicines, at TWIxTY-rFv CsNTS A Box
The Household Panacea and Fnamily
or Is the best remedy In the world for the following
IV complaints, viz.: Cramps In the Limbs and Stomach,
p Pain in the Stomach, Bowels or Side, Rheumstism in
all its forms, Billous Colic, Neuralgia, Cholera, Dysen
or tery, Colds, Flesh Wounds, Barun, Sore Throat, Spinal
Complaints, Sprains and Bruises, Chills and Fever.
a For Internal and External use.
Its operation is not only to relieve the patient, but
entirely remove the came of the complaint. It pene.
Al trates and pervades the whole system, restoring
G- healthy action to all its parts, and quickening the
re blood.
T Tu l HorsnoLD PAtxAe is Purely Vegetable and
or All-Healing.
i, Prepared by
No. 215 Fulton street. New York.
For sale by all Druggists
r Bown's Bronehehial Troe e Ow Cough
and Colds.
th Requires immediate attention, and should be Check.
ed. If allowed to continue, IaiTrATtxo or Tur
y L.es, A PXrASXN: THRaoAT Arcrlox, on AN
ie lzouxan.Lrv e DraAssa ti often the result.
Having a direct influence on the parts, give immedt
p. ate relief. For Bcoxcncrrs, AstarA. CATAlSa ('oN
srt ixrrTIV ATD THROAT DIzaaua, Taocas are used
st wom ways good success.
Stasom AND Poaro SPBrAwas
Will find Tuoctasuseful in clearing the voice when
Staken before Slnging or Speaking, and rclieving the
throat after an unusual exertion of the vocal organs.
I Obtain only "BIowNt's BCoxcmA. Tiocas, ' and
S lo not take any of the worthless imitations that may
oe offered. Sold everywAere.
WHEN writing to advertisers please mention the
V name of this.paper.
Will those who have been Long Alleted with
Consumption take Courage I
CoLnl.tA HmrY Co., Alabmaa, March 5, 183.
Messrs . J N. HauLs & Co., Cincinnati Ohio.
IuA Sras-I want you to send me six bottles of
Allen's Lung Balsam. Since last May I have bought
and taken about twenty bottles of the Lung Balsam,
for a dsease of the Lung s of Tlarum Y ass' tarn I r
i so. Before that time I have bought and used nearly
every Lung Remedy recommended, and your .lng
i Bal m cotheonl thing that has given me permanent
relief. I bellevethat it saved my life last spring,
wh conI nmmenced its ne. I do not expect anything
Swill cure me entirely, but the Balsam keeps me up so
that I can attend to business. It gives me Immediate
relief, aind I am greatly improved in general health.
r remain gratefully yours
e D. Db. POOL.
SWhat better proof of a good remedy Ibr
I Consumption do you want I
M r -- vsw MARrr,, VA, March 4t1871.
essre. PrsRt DAvIS rl Son8
GuThrs-Ist asecember I was takeo with a severe
cough, andr was confined tomy room But as I sat
mdltating on the nans of different articles Ihad In,
my store for eouhs, thougpht I would tryabottlei of
SAllen's Lungl Bam, of which, atthat tem I had not
solda bottle. I took a bottlead opened it, andcom
meuced using with the most happy results, and was ii
soon entirely cured o my coughsine then I have
recommenaed It to a number of iends, and I have
yet to find a single instance in which it h faialed. I
Sconsider it a complete coucrr
. a o. P. BD Sul ,_le'l . p
IThe Lualalsam never fai to do oo for the ore
It Is harmless to te most dellcate clld. t
It contains no o pium in any horm.
It Lsold by Medcine-dealers generully.
Be not decelved. Call for ALLEN'S LUNG BAL
SAM. and take no other,
d Directions aeccompany each bottle,
A Womas's Book abs Womee. lu
flDl l d Is ELTad trk , o . sv or see o aa sn
l rl: bsL wasry ed is lshaltt asts; sfilmissss' seatMis|
ina. ITI. Ste Attn fi autof theI Slsnltt.. s. Lsr it
-derSt--"...vCo.. _Cis ,,oLt. ,
A g PCanle-ussr.forth Cmt.
tbrl~Tan4dat. 1
MN Aff Mi rrmive Monthly i, f Io
( astrard ruoralt.
-eambelished with beetju cu ngt r d Staa nelelat w
y printed on fine tinted paper. A msent
foranyfamily. Prlice SSb pe annum. lmple.
co8pis c nt. Recommends Itewl to every one
I latofeled. Prtnariss.
dress withw A theissoiuen
1 0tled" osbi o ......i.....ne-s-er on By
dth e in a ,' t w or b e setr to a nTid C Are o r 1 ,for
Smple opes ofbeth papser, with Chcrtnos, for
cndaslag, senit forGOacC c ...
Bead I tamps for sample s, C, Jl.FAYCmd,Y iJ $1.1
ar ap
ie " tt
ho KS
ibe Dr. . alker's a orn a i
egar Bitters are a purely Vegetable
S-reparation, made chielly from the ina
a'ie herbs found on the lower ranges of
:he Sierra Nevada mountains of Califor
s ioa, thie medwhinal properties of whichb
ry are extracted therefrom without the ase
ii- of Alcohol. The question is alnmost
o daily asked. "" What is the cause of the
w. unarallledt s-ccess of VINEGAR eliT.
od 'r:rs t" Our Ianswer is, that they remove
d the cause of disease, land the patient re
,s, covers his health. 'T'hey are the great
Sblood gpurllifer and a life-giving principle,
c a lierfect Itengovator and Invigorator
DO of the system. Never before in the
history of the world Las a medicine been
conmpounded possessing the remarkable
qualities of VINEGAR Bisrrga in healing the
sick of every disease man is heir to. They
n. are a gentle Purgative as well as a Tonic,
relieving Congestion or Inflammation of
the Liver and %isceral Organs, in Bilious
og Diseases.
er The properties of DR WALKER'S
SVIEsoAR BITTERs are Aperient, Diaphoretic,
Carminative, Nutritious, Laxative, Diuretic,
Sedative, Counter-Irritant, Sadorific, Alters
tive. and Anti-Bilious.
t" Grateftal Thousands prpclalm VIN
EGAR BITTERS the most wonderful In
Sig.raut that ever sustained the sinking
No Person can take these Bitters
h, :weordling to directions, and remain long
in iiwell, provided their bones are not de.
st trvyed by mineral poison or other
r. Ieans, and vital organs wasted beyond
Bilious Remittent and Inter
ilittent l overs, which are so preva
e lent in the valleys of our great rivers
throughout the United States, especially
d :hose of the Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri,
Illinois, Tennessee, Cumberland, Arkan
.as. Red, Colorado, Brazos, Rio Grande,
Pearl, Alabama, Mobile, Savannah, Ro
:i,,ke, James, and many.others, with
!:.ir vast tributaries, throughout onl
5 -n:iire country (luring the Summer and
\Itulton, and remarkably so during sea
S1,s of unsual heat and dryness, are
I, variably accompanied by extensive de
. .gments of the stomach and liver.
i, other albdominal viscera. in tkeir
ratment, a purgative, exerting a pow
1~al inlluence upon these various or
d =, is essentially necessary. Ther(.
no cathartic for the purpose equal to
is they will speedily remove the dark
iol'retl viscid nuatter with which the
,owevls are loaded, at the same time
:timulating the secretions of the liver,
nI generally restoring the health}
e nctions of the digestive organs.
Fortify the body against diseas.
)y Ipurifying all its fluidswith VINEGAli
ITlrrEtns. No epidemic can take hold
,fa system thus fore-armed.
SDy pepsia or Indigestion, Head
whle, Pai in the Shoulders, Coughs.
'iLlhtness of the Chest, Dizziness, Sour
riructations of the Stomach, Bad 1'ast;
., the Mouth, Bilious Attacks, Palpita
tat ion of the Heart, Inflammation of th
Inllgs, Pain in the region of the Kid
yvs, and a hundred other painful symp
tirs, are the offsprings of Dyspepsia o
e ne, bottle will prove a betterguarant; e
Sf its merits than a lengthy advertise a
Sc'rofula, or King's Evil, wlhit
Snwe<lings, it.ers, Erysipelas, Swelled Nr-kti
I;aitre, Scrofuloun luilatlumations, lido1,n [
Ililammatinnsa , Merc.urial Affection., (Oii
ores, Eruptions of the Skin, Sore Eye., .or
: these, as in all other constitutional I)im
;-'. WALKEIrt'.s VINEGAR BITTRs halt -
-I ,\n th-ir gre-at curative powers inl thle
04st obstinate and inltractable ces.s.
For llnIanmnu tory and Chrolnh
lhenuaintism, G it, Bilious, Remit
tenlt and Inrterinittein Fevers, Diseases (oI
,( lne (,si. Liver, K. neys and Bladder.
thelse littrs have no clal. Such Diseases
ire ctauseld Iy Vitiatedl Bloodl. c
lIechanieal D)iseases.-Persons en
eageI in P'aints and Minerals, such as
I'lumbers, Type-setters. Gold-beaters, and
Min rs,- as they advance in life, aro aulbject
to paralysis of the Bowels. To guard to
agaiu-t this, take a dose of WALKa's Vi.- N
tGA sR ITrERs occasionally. C
For Skin Diseases, Eruptions, Tet
ter, Salt-RIheum, Blotehes, Spots, Pimples,
I'utules, UBile, Carbuncles, Ring-worms,
Seald he.ul, Sore Eyes. Erysipelas, Itch,
Scurfs, Qilsolorations of the Skin, Humors f
and Diseases of the Skin of whatever name
or nature, are literally dug up and carried
out of the system in a short time by the use
of these Bitters.
Pin, Tape, and other Worms,
lurking in the system of so many thousands,
are efllfctually dcstrovyedl and removed. No
sy'-teiin ,,f medicine, no vermifuges, no an
thclutiniti:s will frt-e the system from worms
like these Bitters.
For Female fComplaints, in young
or ,ld. marrieid o)r ingle. at the dawn of we
manh,oI. (or the turn of life, these Tonic
bittrs dlisplav so decided an influence that
impruovement is ,son perceptible.
Clleallse the Vitiated Blood when
ever you tind its impurities bursting through
the skim in Pimples, Eruptions, or Sores;
cleanse it when you find it obstructed and
sluggish in the veins; cleanse it when it is
foul; 3your feelings will tell you when. Keepl
the llood pure, and the health iif the system
will fillohw.
R. it. Mr)ONALD A Co..
D~lffkrnernts 1 *n. Ats., r;n "anUeteo.CPmalifina
and -c i auhlnqrton and Charlto 8t s. y A
- , , .. . .
y1 Kieln p • ne w art icle. 8 ell s ~t olm b t. Ra Iys mO p 1r
.Dr. Turner's Guideito Health ()
Giving a advice aeuy for evry oal lie Tb
to disease oC.any kind, married or single; old or fa
young; for all ages, sexes, or condltlons in life. fr
Ilehed: send iii cents or s"mnle co go Dr. L. ,
Turner. SW Washington Ave.., t. Lois, M o.
8 ·da m¢mr to A •ents. O. N. SmUula lIs
$1 8 & Co. 8St. an lSt.. Nltmore, Nd.
ntl make a rt ;r _.T BlAK Ina in lfve mtnutes. o.t
_-...m • us. s~ny ll. Gl..O.O(ayZnll eglleO
wdaucseta r olA nn-enaS net e .fr b sto.n ptee le, rto - a .nd hot blt. P,
aST . WoVI,5 MO. C. W. TRox.s,
This Joarnsal, though estsbllaedle than two ago has general asseent of the e
Whl the ranoa lea political journal, it glives espeal atteatiba to
Literature, SGeneral ews, Coamerolal Alhirs, and Local latter;
And In all that goes to make a
First-class Commercial and Family Newspa
rhea.., and to all matterr eO 0dslz 'I1o. T lrlo spi tteo
DA.ILY 0D(..,three times per week...... W d ,,EE.LY, pý year.r. ten .... """"
WE LY, per year, single copy ............... 1.80 I WEELY, pe year. tweny cop .....
Samp pies Free. Money can be sent by Draft, Money Order, Eapress, or Registeredt,
INTER-OCEAN, 109 Lake Street, Che
Are Suited to all Climates
CE A IES 11 0 T = I II
Famos for doiag more and
3onl IT
taleker and heap.r
Thaa eq Stiref the e.s,
PAXmouTs 7aE Vtr
Satsf otisav EirTyim
Especially Adapted
ro TIs
Tl' 8 SOE TY ! iT DA
612 and 614 N. Main Street,
how io get Llv.' MLke onoy, and becomn t eC
Lao.s Il)o'UdIesrstI N. Y.. On-the-HudsIo the Oul
Insttutlon devoted to thi. esperally. The oldost ani
on. practcal Conmerclal cool and only one pro
vi-n, sitnuatito for Oradnate. hefers to patron,
and tiradates n nearly every city and town. Total
expene prescribed o $u 11, and $125. No clam
Sistet No vatiiI  . pplliants enter any day.
Sit t, oO Instltutio  or addres rparticular.l and
Cataloge of Io00 (radnates in bsnema, H. O. EAST
MAN, ,.. .. DPoughkeepsie. . Y.
I pIor iv s s
-HAmry WAND BDrma,'fs aine per s e nw
ev~eryeblber a i os the lDrgest aad Uses{ n
atuO tak -tw°mot att ractive · oa subjec tt
that ke oe A--pa ted by Mrs. Anderson, I
contrasts and com ason r o er I A'W okea" t
and  _e IJlte_e. Agente have ILMENlS I
canvaemrs..' We fur-lah the lighttest and ualdorm.
ut ontlt, and pay very shiL eommllons. ateh
Dubserlher.Irecees, withUt RtA, two beatIfl
trbt. s ae rea ry or . ~ IMaTE D,
'd. The paper stlnd apeerles
among l popula tht, of itt
classWlt DN ttihe Mroest cirryou t4.orld!
seal stor _sj ut boelnnnum: back chapters supplied
to e ore iller. Mre Woe ri braexpeots so
4al to' Wife end I" begi In he new year.
Sn a goodgal or an -i-i-- ma
toJ.r . saDE NOT 8 3
NewYork. ,to,.Ci W. WANTED. ,
cage, oiacianeti. or Nan raAc NTo.
S"11p0 invested In Wall-et. 1
flea leadt to afortale.No
E'ee.,tieikm psaushi. page b y Metgrrtit
,c,- P-, DAY conmtmnloi or. we..
to.Slary and exmeuse. We off, ilt will_
pay it. Appiy *ow. I. Weboer * Co., Maio, O.
DgIth thel reea tea Savor. W"r.
rated to aint . ll tutea. yo r M
marle everywhere. And or ole
wh!rAminl only by the r ea n
Atl AUtie and PaciefcTea Co., 151
Wilton at., and 2 ani 4 (L'brcLh
t., N.t Y, P. O. hoxlho. eard
for Thoe-ge tar CLrcular.
saeveywer.RANGER r s
.T lolm i ea. and 0 a rnud mm. -
e~u tr pa· )rn N. Pt. On.boxa yells .edI
Mt jJ X·u~POWgnMa C&.
forl y Art ubahrCi r~cuar .
Itaken with U I. _ I or
- circila'' adrefee Jones Comll'l (ollee
A •odllluge gthe IMPddresl or ten pe+rons, wnltU
na -i.netretelO how to getreh, pat-pld .
u U g ,r +., ,., 106South 5tJ It.., Fbil.
olr ME ce (S A. itK.Cedr ( 'RtiY d, DoAN.
\/.._ ta well-known BUSINI'5S ŽI4 tn every
State wnwo wll tell ,oii that,, do vI ,eS em;
The &tulcKT ON TIEn ihARTh Ii• t· a large15 a
family story paper. full of choice roitlrbuoliens
from ettnent writers, thrilllngr kketihee. wlt and
humor. etc.. and IS Just what every faullty wanta.
(t+Lr 6i.60 A YEAR, azid a seuautfuif Oi (h(shroo [
Free. or we wlll send on trilM T531 NONTUS for 1
TWNrTY.pIVuCENTIs. We want an Agent tL oot.l
lect our snbserlpttone in every eounty, on owefn, If C
prerred. ulbscrlbe for II)i· plpr and uppl fr
iheral,+ 7y6 Blroadwhay. N. Y. -
• attl aIO e d1e1 ?t.aIte Terme. '
Beantifbi Chrome Premium Ihe
.AAsktlru ihes,. beatl. l nre ii'
colors, L eeai, 1 trllior
HmesehdU Pets. A handsome pie
ors. lZ1x7 inclhes Sellls fror $60 at rctail.
of the above and the WNIKLYL Exq lfI
will be sent to subscribers who reAmit i
Sellsat reLaillfor l$130. This pLetreo ad
LOt'er forrm one year iumt to anl
The Agents wAhom send raten nmes' a
a copy of "De boIo Dlsover.ge the Moe
each almris iberoalie o either of bs
Subscribers reivinli Chromf oe anot
other Pre.lim C bws.1
And oabthy agiinofte
Ue nlc IAnerni to e oges
Will be rlet free to e. at sts freAs
ApOril 187 Adre. A, re , letter to
AEAr d MddreA , JOHN LtW.
Co Arbo' T ,d C"odrsma. Sver
is arr fiel sleut.. om Inat bof two- ellt nown
culesr eet thori IPi r Taors ores rt. desar
burl dsrpi the f te htry, is nodt, trhedotin
rIte ll. T rivere . a Illns urJ pefrl ted b
mnos owefuplt( ISpr Inhwt thew
Mer.due Inlate and c te lode
,:1c (idly Illullstrte aud soid at I."Li. Alral.
w I10r) ubscribl er wh pr tles. Se s 4tnls
l- eltfr VO .rs ddrS a by ars i
Carbolated Cod Liver
I sdentl eombieCo o two well-know
bulldul thea ls tem. tPhyhicnsl fndthe d trie
reef. The rally artlng curesr performed by
I crbofc' il an .Iroo i~ Brom Di'oel . S t ie r
ConsumpUl, .
Puet as In lrte wedse-shaped
Srlan tlle Inv nter'sbºlgaafinei
sokl by lre beat IkrbNIhoIr. aPrcprerd t
J. II.WILLSNb mil3 John rt., New of
iA Montuly Man tine ,o
f IFr Youngst e
Superbly I(llotratgi. Ged stap aor4
ber. Addru V JouHN L.s0
SBlromfield Stret>
nrolres of t odd debate in
semblies., AprospecLs.bte A t .
fomber del pegs.and ts
the tatesl "The faelnhorlt' atr
Amerlcln parli aments law."-(pas,
13 yena. Sent mill on recelpt ofllll
being• hlllnd aulthetlc account of
of the Amerleau llrmerr ant the
ulelllao(' t l ser, w n
a$ ore rem ofr the Order of A tirll
li obujectsr anld propectie. It sell tS
fortleuw pdes ant d tse u to
wh yit sells faster than any other 
WieKrciet l300
reownn £ 50
ri ;Ifrmlt a unti toke l
nitre eter. Wdew t3 , t C. tt
-1!tea S0"-tate asell my at
'srsleST w smeab 5u',to

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