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Rapides gazette. (Alexandria, La.) 1869-187?, December 27, 1873, Image 3

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its 20th year. ew.joye the wideh.t e;rcn
lation of any wee.kly newspalwr of the kind
in the world. A new volume commences
January 3, 1"74.
Its contents embrace tlhe Inttest and rnoot
interesitingll informantiotn lwrtainin,, to ,h:
Industrial, M. '!na,i·":il ailad iliettific Pro
gfuts of the World; De.ncri',tiuon,, with
utiful engravilgs of nl.ew inventionls,.
Oew flnplrmentst , new prl-ee-/ii and im
proved indutrie.s of sall kitn:d; I'na."ful
notes, recipes, euggestions a:u,1 vie', Iby
practical weitenr, for volklllell anld e.lee
ployers, in all thei- various arts.
The SC'IFISTIl'I" .1.I1IRt IV i+ the
cheapest and ibet ill:ttated wee.kly pa
per published. Eve-r.v IuinhIler ceintainsi
from 10 to 15 .rig.iual er, at iu.gs of new
macbineiy clted novel inventions.
ENCGI:A 'lX.S, illnetr:at ing improve
ments, dimcovieries. and inmportanlt works.
prteniit e itl to LC It an)d Mecthntieal Ei.zi
meetIng, Milling. Mining and Ml. tallhrgy :
RItrird.: of the latest prIgresr in the alppll
cationls olf teamI. steails e g'llne'l inl, rail
ways. ship-huilli,,g. navigation, tole
gtapihy. tlhegri'laph eil.3nie.ring, el e :ricitv.
lnalig eti-Il, light anlld heat:
F . 'l l M E lR .. m , c h :ni: i , ', ,n ,r-n r *er +, i n v e .n
tort, umanIfactinur, cheennt -, lov,'ri of wi
el e `, teach ers, ah r -y. .,t , la w yer tr an c, i.e,;
pie of all ,ir .,.ji.,.1r , will tfid till.
SCCIENTI)',I'.IIJA;I:IIC.4 . n-,.f'! to thu:n
It shotlds have :a lel:e iii evily fl iceivy.
lilbr:iry. ltnd ., otlise acel lco ntieg roog :
inll elvery lading roomll, college, aci'adet:liy, or
A year's nituliere contnitn ?OW pages anal
r'rcruwl luHndred E.mirariur.. Tholu,- /er ofl
cOlimt,'Ie tire- lireiser e\ for hihlin ai'
referetce+i. lThe ipr Iatical reel ipt1 s tie- well
worlh rl t 'll.,w " ' ,lt. ' , m.,I' ,ti," lri,.,.
T ,e' ns ..lt I y. h11 l a i lea l. i t ae ,,it ti
clu s. S1""". "',n,'I, ,ht free. Ma;y Is, h:,+1
of all ie..e (! .alers.
Iii lnnnectionl with the . i 'itH ll~ At,,,.ri
cnn, M..sare. M.1tn & t',.., r.- soulicitors ,,.
Anuwrictain and F,"reign Pnteitas, nl hal,
the l.,r'~iet e-stalilishlme't in the worle.
More than lfty inthosal n ,ilici.t l i.ur. hatve
been umale for patents tlhrolgh their agen
Patents Ire obtained on the l-est tenrm.
sandela o-if new iilVelltioths latdl aketchls ex
alnltel anld ilvicii ftr... All Ilac.' ie lle
published in til. ,f'IEVTIIl le'.011Fi:de" IA.
tl., week thalv issue. en.,i for ,a-:u:,hlet.
110 p:ages, cottlai,.,"i L:,.e and full direc
tions for o11lllllaung ':tte,,ntr.
Address for tihe Impalr, or cncerning
.lIU'.Y.V. & CO..
S37 Park Row, N. Y. It. ainh t)flier, corner
F aul :th srt.., Waýtintgteio, i). C.
Alxa:iiiria, La, Dece. 1: PC7:1.
1) " Y %I TI'E ofthe pl ,:.',r ve-:!el ii, no
) hy Lj..is:ti~e Acts It and 47, a-, Mt.ite
';,x , Ilet.'tr, I ihave seizdl ai::d will otierl
for ,iale at the ICourt lHouse doo(,t in the
\11NI)lN'.I)AY, )ecemte),r the ",lt 113,
hetw-l n :he hunls of 'It . oI . a i : r. .I.,
f-chelk the tle iil1, i h":ctritel ltrope..ty,
+ ,-wit :
A cr i . t - . ct el , I i , ,l::it 3 :'
o'es, kuol',a a.: p.u: t il lithe Clithouti Ea
f:tle , f- - :,.."t ele l ev i.t S. C:alhoune :s
A'elt, W . -. I 1t.1n : . * dl inistr..tur talid
biy lle tl ,e.,i lee t. Call htl::.
i ' ,u t h e r d et - , , i: , o , s f t l l oh w :
flat I. C.mt' g .0 :c:.; -c nmore' or Itm
" 3. " ;2 "
S 4It. " 3' '"
S"' 5. " 14
,, , 29
" . " 29 :"
"' 10. 15
" . " 34 "
" 1. '. 3 "
1" 3. " 27
S 74. " :10 "
" 15. " 32
" 1. '" l3 "
17. " 50 '
. " 40 "
19. " 31 "
20. " 50 "
21. " '29 "
22. " 31 "
"' " 3 "
24. " 40 "
2" . " 3l "
Lot 1 Plta:. " 19 "'
" 2 " ",6. " 31 "
" 1 " 27. "* 13 "
" I " 28. " 12 "
" 2 " 28. "' 12 "
A plat lof the operty will be elxposed
on the day of ale.
Amn't of State toax penalties & coat. *6893 1' -
" Parisah tax................ 2438i
Printers Fee.................... 14 (100
Total ........................ 19345 44
Trn.s or SaL :--CASII.
Tax Collector's Offce. Grant Parish La.,
Dec. 16th 1873. T. M. WELLS, i
State Tax Collector. 3
Dec. 90th 1473. I
TArT oW IA'IrIlIANA. At'DrToin's OrrcE, .
New Orleanl. N .)ovenlir, I P:1.
OWIXG to the fOEt tlht the time awsign
, hy thle rcvlene la s for the r'tn- ao,
of deliuqie*,t re,lla filla tleis iear ot a dlvy '
ano tie. en, .'r thl..n ila 1I. Vz: lMlloldy,
D reln I . a to 4 e c an~y i junecr es
e.ilsurrHuIc.m-nit, tOt:, -lB'yer, ,.isinag from
the finanre:al diiuilltli-. uf the uolnt.ry,e
many pwrsoue will. If the, rll, are closel i
at tlhat time, be retteruil dolaiql.nut who
o ,lilroue of pating their taxs befrltie
i nalties L'OueaI, and will Ibe able to di, ei
a F'w npoFe days are glrntled. The hard
sip of gil Each s beini apparent. ane be
lier' lg that thee best intirlests of the ftnte
e wall pa of tax-payemrs, will Ie cnaulted
by thb cotrne, you are hiruby anthorizeel
to reiev, tax.e on th. entrea,-t roll. and al
5 on the r',i t of previele year, i. withent
Pua!ie f ii the tiet iiittirie and without
additienl lwnaltiie ill the Iae'eulll intanllce,
Up to a late- a day on SATUIRDAY, Drl O
-amber 20. After that date the roll, mit in
b cloeeed au d further exten..lin can eot
- tiadie. All who have not the,1 paid
Sltb- returned elulinquent, rtdl the pen.
ltim thlreafter collcted araeldilg to lh, -
tS 5snt rule will bw applied in regai ato
th Sletmart of the tax nills now in the
 o s the 'hriff of the parih of Or
O ial journal, throughout the ltate it
gtkrs neime and send bills to this
Da. 13tb ie
SY VIRTI'E of the power vested in me
1by legismlative Acts No. 461 and 47 as
State Tax C'ollector. I have seized and w ill
offelr for sale at the Court House inl the
town of Colfax, on
n SATI'IDAY, D.cemnlrr the `0th A. I,. 1.73,
I bwtween the hlr.s of' 1o A. M. and 3 P. sr..
o'chwk, the following daecribed property
to wit:
A certain tract of land lying and being
sitl,:t.ild in the Parish of Grant La., in
toe i.lmhi p 5 andl f,, N. R. :3 W. fronting upon
the lheft bank of Redl River, Wionoded and
hl. clrilwd . a, fillows:
'Cmnmm.mlncing uponl tile hank ofRml River
andll rlnnltinl E. 21 1:. N, ti-r 40 50 chllitl,
1 :i0,ng the soutli line of Mrs. M. A. Hlick
mIan's lanlds, thence E. 7 20 N. for 103chains
along the smoth liine of lanlds of Min. M. A.
Hickman. th, nce N, 20 W for 40 thlimn
i' along the line of lanids of Mrs. M. A. Hick
i- lllin and Alfredl LewiR, thenc'e W 't 20 9
ie mot; th.e niorth line iof lands of Alfred
v l.ewi, for 401 chains, tllhence N 4 2(1 W\ ailing
the line of lamndl of the C'itizens Hank for
40 chains , themr. E A "20 N for 130 chlaiins
to the' eas.t h.mink of Hayon l)arrow. thenlice
Smi 20 P: 11)0 chainm lwn Hwn Baoll Darrow to,
tl, 9 point on east iback ofit lia.iou Durrow,
themnce W H 2)0 8 for )m 50 chainl ahli,n,
i. th* litne of Hiclkhnanl', plim' t;ttioni. k 'mWv:
aai I uppe r I-'la,gland ila nti inn. ti. ql'. W
1 S. i. wt : ti a .chain.- along th1 liie iI
A.miii mmi.- r FLglaland plantiitim, ti. It: mlmak
Sli" d lim e mr, ti ytll er mt lll the l ,tn I. j k lof
I\'l 1 liver t~ ii:,... i, f sitam ing m.montra. inmg
i .11 'i'mle llmiilred toei.ty :.id om i.
halt :crm ' more or Ic~e , tm, etlher with ili
thel,. I t linmig :mmd limplrovemt .nts thereon.
Th. I :i.d hi.ving Iten mmrv, yel biy mny
o, ir into litlste aeo' ing to law will be
Iold to the highi , t bidder.
A p'i t of the plr-ip.rty with descripltion
mit iuiiprovlmments will be elmecmd oiln daly of
Ain't of Staite T.m' i n-nalt iei & comets $d77 1I
Ami.min.t of 'Parilsh Tax ........ ... 1- 1(I1
tinonlt for ailverisin mtale...... 1:' It:1
Total .......... ..............
Trumnm ofr :l.: r-( 'A. t *S.
Tax ('mllt,'tmrm's Offlhe, iirat Parimrh Com
fa> La. Dec. 7th 1'7:1.
T1. IM. WELLS, Tax (l'tr.
ST iTKe of Lti'ti iNA.e Exem'I'Tv D'r'. e
Nemw tiOrleans. l)Ttim i lcmr "2. i,7.I. 1
7 "tIRFAS, litrnatiotiin hai rami,.ai'.,
Inlm. that 41 tihe fmim:,mitili d:. Mit
)itilll i-,l, 1X71, 'Ir. F. WI . li )illN\tN, N,
wAorthil citii7eni of TeTi pi.hu whtile in
tih' e I. lh:arge om" his dliis m-a... dilniry mimr
.11 .v'mi niiuclde.riii onte D)r. . I. I.lJ-ohn
ioll. eindl J.ie .!,hinisn, lhi ii - ,i'. wh iliom he
wiaxe momilmV i ug to the lrri im jil ;l rind
''lmereas, Thne atiti W. mII. a.l n dm iud
Jnlie .1 h'sOi., it is Ielievml.t. h:lver tiakems
relfuge iln the State lof Mimdin-im in; ial a.l
ti ,ts of the shberiff o Ten ".+. to wrtcue
!heir arre.t hlave been inelhmt.cltual
N~\w. tl.refmre. I, Williamtn P. K,,llotcr.
:, T.im r. , in.. i.. ... ,, I . i,,i mil i ma i is
S'sue this. my plrolaumiatin. Iofeiring a r
mipplemIntary to any reward outie.rel by
ithe pari-Ii ithoritim oi f Te(iamn . for the ar
r mit tild delivery of the amii W. H. John
on atnd Jne Jmohne n, iias wife, to th:'
a sherit of Tennus Parih., afiresaid.
Given iunider my handi ialid it m mseail of the
,'m-ate hereunti o attached. i:i thei city iof
Nomw ()le'auis, this second day of Dt.emiinler,
SA 1). l-';I, and of the iudilpendtenee of the
- United States of Amieriea the ninety
.s iighhC . WII.LIAM '. KELLOGiG.
lvy th lWi Ciovmernor :
P. G. Itit.zoNiE, Secretary of State.
Dtc. 13th 1,73.
MIi. Mary L. Grogan,
v s. No. 903.
R. , Jackson.
Pmlish Cotrt-P:arishl of Rapides--State of
Y VIRTUE of and to satim'fv a writ of
Iltri facial i -uedt in the alovem eimti
tlhd and inumlred muit, I have seized and
will offer t publlic sale on,
SATURDAY, the 3d day of January 1,74,
lri wed.n the hoiur of 11 A..M. and 4 P. M.,
at the Court Hoise door in said Parish, the
foillowing dencribel lproperty seized by spe
cial order of said writ to-wit:
The unndivided sixth of a certain tract of
land and improvementa thereon on the
.eft bank of Biayou Butff descending,
bounded above by the Estate of J. and A.
B. Compton, below by lands owned by the
late Winder Crotch individually and hy
lands of R. L. Tanner, containing twenty
two hundred Iand twelve (22 12 acrm
more or les, and being known as the tract
of land upon which Winder Crouch resided
and owned in community with his deceas
ed wife Eliza Sntton.
Tiate or 8.uz :-CASH, aubject to ap
priataemen t.
JOHN DlAgiCY, Rherifl.
Nov. 29th 4 aq'rs 6-t. p. p's. G4m 00.
tlccession of Zedekish Giimon. NN. 20"2.
lairill Court-Rapime iP.aish.
IN OBEDIZeNCE to an order from the
Ho'irabmle Parish Jmndg of Raymidt.
Parish. in the above nmnuimered and entitled
Succeminon and to me directedl, command
ing me to sell the real and personal prtoper
ty belonging to said uccssleion, for ians,
to pay dehts, I shall otter for smile at Public
Auction, at the plantatioauthe deceased
in this Pariah, between hours of 11
o'clo'k A M., ad i P. M., , '
SATURDAY, the 24th day of January 1874,
the fllwilng dme'scried property, to-wit:
(120) Onm Hmunmdred and Twmntv Five
arr u f lamid mlnd imnlrmmvementtirmnatea ondm
Cherr'wimmhie Crmm.k in this Parism. and
twh'im. the lmlar4 wh0.re the maul Oibson re.
siml, atS the time of his death.
Alm, tLh followin deseribed iersonal
prolerty :
('J) "rT. Hmras.
(7) eveim Head of Cattle.
(I) lame Wagon.
!) Cmte litm HAqaehold Fprntumme.
(I) One (;loek,
(1) O'i lot Farnting Utkppilh,
(1) Omit Glrittd Stone. F
tl) tOiit ddmimii.emi Brihlem
t .m) Fifteen l'ead mf Hoklo
(.1) Three Premniisuery notes-qol apprals. 9
ed, drawit re.pemtively hv Amlmis Jthemmmn,
O:medialt D. Joliuiste iad Amlrs. (t, Spanuld.
LAVINIA GOiIl.ON, Adn'trx.
Dec. s0th, 3, 6.. $4l tM,
A l ee wishlahh to eichanse Conutry a
Sfor Valuable own P Ym, will fAnd
It to their advantege by
Benjamin Cooper
vs. No. 911.
Julius Levin, Mires Rosenthal
andl lHenrv A. Bio(maet.
Parish Court- Plarish of Rapidea-State of
Y VIRTUE of and to satisfy a writ of
) fieri faucins, isnued out of the anlove
namlned Court, il the above entitledl and
nrulwered suit. I have seized and wi11 offer
for sale, at public auction. on
SATURD)AY, the 3d day of Jan
uary 1874,
Ibetwee:- the hours of 11 o'lchwk A. M., and
r 4 o'clck P. M. at the Court Hlouse .lsr, in
the own of Alexandria, the fdllowing de
Scrilb,ed propertp. seized by Special Order of
said writ, to-writ:
A cermin pii.e or lot of ground with the
iinprovelumnte ther'n, situlated lcying and
lwsing in the town of Alexandria, iParish of
I Rlpidea, La., and being in lSquare No. 4,
fronting on the upper street, opposite the
('olrt l-House qlluare, Ileannring thirty
three (:3.1) feet front inlid stree.t, and e'x
tendlling back bettweeu parallel like one
hunllldlred (100) feet Freunch measnre more or
less, anli Iilng a part of the somth-eaust cour
inr of efaaidl s i ire No. 4. toyl ther %s it]h all
the lbuhldiin tsld it rloo, inu eta telent*.
T 11cc lt (cl,'!ingae Mc'l I1cIc.' , tll·t~ c' vl4 ,.
Tir i un o, S'.. ,:-Tli. "l. ve motht Ii, credit
I'lppr.d'. el.e'tcrcty ..ii i tuortgage returned
oni I h." pcoi 'lrty 1 ,, 1I
r JOHN lt,,ACY, Sheriff,
Nov. 1 r "lrs'it. 1'. F"'s 4. Ot.
.Jeffersou Wells, Curator. )
V1.. No. 736.
J. M. Wells Executor.
l'ai;sh Court-Parish of Rapids-State of
DY VIRTUE of and to satisfy a writ of
I) tierl facias, ins',ll out of the, above
Ilnamedn l I' clrt, in the above entitled* and
Illllunelred tilit. I have seized mnd will offer
for sale. at A lpuehlic uctiou, on
SAITU'IrI).Y,h tahe :" day of J;an.
mary 1874.
1h. twee . 11he· hours of II ,'clock A. M.. and
4 i'-. Ien k 1'. I., :,t the (Co.lrt 1I.,,t - door
i, the town of Al,ex:in.cria, thel f.llowing
II w. riIa,,l TI;nno rty,, to-'. t:
1"he nill.ridedli ni' hl:tll of e,,'toihl tract
or p.re t I of l ia ,tec 'e.l in tit Pfoi 1 t.
l:p.llidh. Iounlde1 ith ,ve by rind' form, lT
, It 1 1' 1 '. W" iells. d41e4e' .I . h' l.yv by
l.ullsd tornlerls\ owned by 'aili L."vi 1'1.ll..
it, ee ..,l, andl frno tiier n 1'i- , lPn r'if. :ceu
h, in hi thatri prtin ,I '?li' 11'.;lsw ,,rt Plan
tati..:i k iowin as thri" ),it 'rT It, ,'olctsiir
ig the - l i:ett ty of 4)0I i-lot,4 Il eiorn- or
l',, . with the mll '.vieled o,.-h.elldt'fill Ithe
buililiu.n. ia nld it c'. ne:tni "1 iitn ited tihre
onl inchding the 'sugar I Iceuse and Machi
T ntI:'i' ct SAL' :--TwI'Iv, ~.ionth crdi: p
or Inl. th4e purt'hli."r to f'lrcis a., e1 awnt
,c,,ived 'el '.e1:ity 11114 itoi"re;;a;ge r1 trtniicd
,on tl. propewrty o,ll.
JOHN Th:LA('Y. Sheriff.
N.:,. 1 5 qrt lo0t. P. F's ',0 00.
Succession oflBeljaminu K. ItrInter, deceas
eel, No. -t.
PIt'ISirANT to an order of sale, iaaned
[Iv the II.,n,oralleh the' Parish Court of
I piell.. 'aritsli, Stlte of Louiiiamna, in tl'e
Sel,1,ve' nulitlredl anld entitll Suiccenion
and to ne lirctedl conmllanading ale to sell
for thle lpaynlent of debts the property br
hlonging te the said Estate tfr cash. I will
oc;,r for salc at pucblic aeurction. on
WEDNESDAY. the 31st dlay of Dec. 1Q3.
colnn ienllin', at 1' o'clock M.. at thel C u-lrt
1l tose tier in Alexahndria, the tihllowing
describetd pIlerty belonging to said suic
c'.~cioll to-wit :
A certain tract or ;,artl of land sitnated
lying and being on the left de.escelitg
htanik of Bayou Rl apides, in said Paris!h t1:,
State, ablout eighteen Inilesaalave the town
,f Alexandria, Ihonded ablove by lands of
Lewis E. Texadla, below by launds of Danll
i,,l Roberts' sullccesion and in the rear by
Ianlds of Henlry Boyce-, econtainling Seven
HItlllrd acres blore or less, with all the
lnildings anld inmplrovlements the'reon.
Anotllhelr tract ,f' laend ill the Pilnewwcd..
on lIemphill's Cree'k, containih:g Eighty
Anothlr tract of Piic.vnwoo.s landc onl I) -
er's Ct'leek, c,ontainizii ' , -rty acres.
TEsiis OF SALE --('A.l.
Adihn'tr of II. K. I nllctitl E t. t
Nov. 9tth :o s '1", ..-t. I'. F'". 3.. 19L
A. B. Heushan,
Mary. A .ni llickman.
SarmnI Mitchel.
vs. No ..
Mary Ain Hickman.
District Court--Parich of Grant-State of
I Y VIRTUE of and t,c set:lfv two writs
of seisure and sale, issuancl out of the
alove named Cclut in the nlove e,,titled j
anRi nnmlwrerc! :it .:e. 's-i,,.rcd alcl wrill
offer for :ile at Iluii,,. dltclci,n. icL
gATURDAY, the 3d day of Jaciar' 174,
betweei the honrs o; 11 A 1. :,ld I P. M.,
at the C'onrt IlToisc' dcoor. i' the towU of
Colfax. the following deci lilwel prolwrty,
n·eized ly spe'ial order of 'mid writ to-wit:
A certain plantation lyilcg acld being in
the parish, known as the Fairnloannt Plan
taticl, bounded on the front hv Red Rivecr,
alove by lands formerly owned by M. Ry'
an, belo* by land of Henry Boyce, and in
the rear by lands formerly owned by M.
Ryan and by lands of A. C. Lawi ad
Henry v Boye, contaiining the quantity of
one thoumlsand acree, with all the buildings
imlro'vements, rights, privileges anid ap
p'rtinance·n tlhretic belonging, and being
thie same property upon Shich the defen
dant is now reiiding. t
Trnss or 8tALe :--C.\ H, with the bene
lit of alcpraisem'n it. I
C. W. 1 .LLETT, Act'g Sleerifl. [
Nccv. '9th, 5 sq'mIc 5-i. . v' $,25 00.
lllcesliotc of THOMAS NEA.L-No. 56.
PI'RPLUANT to all order of msale made in -
Stlii anit., and Lulced fron thel Parish
Court of R:c,,!des Parish looili;cla, anld
conirclnadlccg ,f mle to sell fr tho purpose
effettltg a ipartition tihe fllowinul clcrib.
ec lacd of the late Thom.s Neal, I shall
preatwoed to offtr thei sanie h-foet thle Churt
Ilcoluse deor in A.leialulrla, hetween the 1
boursc 11 A. M. and 4 P. I., on a
RATL')RDAY, the 3d11 day of Jular.v 1874,
viz: the upper part of the llantatien of
decea-eIl., f~ttilrc tle Red fiver, hbonnited
alvie 1ey land of Tili'n and 'arnlil, irl q
Ielow oy luand ef AAnniai helt alnd tithers
contailIng tour hundre4d and sltil-three
and 20-14) saers, whih will Ile divided
and offered in lhts of from ten to ifty acres
each, A plat will hIe ahibitad at day of
Snch portion of the lad as shall not be
sold will ha offered for rent asme time and
Tlaus or SAL:-CASH.
8heriff and iE-adco Anottenmeu
N-ov. Uth 4 sq'u, . r's. *t4l.
Sucaion of Roger Roberta, No. 198,
Parish Court--Rapides Parish.
IP frUANT to an order of sale. isened
from the Pariah Court of Rapide lPar
ish in the above entitled and unmlwred
anit, and directed to me commanding the
sale of movable property of deecased, to
pay delta, I shall offer for sale. by public
auction at the late resideuce of Roger Ro
berts near Cheueyville, on
SATURDAY, December 27th the 1873,
between 11 A. M. and 4 P. M., the following
avezn mnults.
Three Cane Wagons.
Two Cart..
Plow gear and Plows,
Corn Sheller and Grind Stone.
Household and kitchen furniture.
Tluax or SA.t :--CASH.
M. V. ROBERTS, Adm'trix.
Dec. 13th 1873. 3 s :Lt. 1 00.
R8nceeion of Clara L. Brown-No. 195.
IN PURSUANCE to an order and decree
of the Ilon. Probate Court, for the Par
ish of Rnpide , I will expose at public sale
at the Conrt liouse door, in the town of
th.xandrea. on
W\'EDNED)AY, the 14th day of .Jan. 1d74.
for the pnrpose of paving the debts of said
succession, the following described real
and personal property to-wit:
A certain tinet or puree.l ot land situated
lying and b'einl on Bayoa Ra pider, the ree
idelneo of the late Mrs. Clara L. Brown,. and
known as the I land Plantation. leonndle
above by Inlads of Tho.. H1 Maddox, below
by the old Race tr:act. and in the renr by
lands of Mesr. ('lapp & IH4 ,tthe.. . ceutain
ing the quanltity oft (II) Iteer lnh ireel
Sacres' morle cI 1l., te'th er %%it1, ill the
leeilelin-e. ,1+t1 ilte+ +,: . '.e, t-c 1 teh'.enl or
the''eleliuto e t i,"lle.t l e e in , ll-. ' n en ,. and
(ees. lwedl +arriTi ' l ,ld "e +", 1n . :l*' ttion liedl.
TEalms c, ['eLi :---C Al, with the bene
fit of eppruaismenlet.
JOHN I ,",ALY Sheriff, sad
E x -O f hfic i , t, " h .,~, * * r
Lesitr'ase faslfttr,t'. for t"er
Deaf seand laseb.
lu.trnn R" Wc;e. July 1973.
To the Po?;le .luriat. fle If,,'icirwld Istheoritire
and I'ricds ofj thle Dqf and Iamb is Louisi
Tiee, Trnsteas of th L.a. Institutiion fr
the E leateon of the . Deaf andl lhcb, c all
•yoier alttt.tio tit t0ise nfl.Frttnale lassq.
antel tle' provisioen eam'le f t heref biy t he
teite- ien this I, str:it ioni. All thie Dl)e't I'..
tweer,, the aurs of.ightt +.1t twentl-lic. of
sent'el physienl andl t'enttl c,,,''atitetio sa,
a ill lew aleit.ted andl preve l.d i.': ite
etr,"ctin,. 1eo'el. lo eling, meli'ieine aeed
Iceelic:ll uttellehet!,eeA at the exlslcwe of 'the
lil-titnticne: ateel nll thee.- in suehe imllre't t
cirenumtances as shall ieaI'r by a certili
crat of any me'elwr of the police jury of
tihe parish, or mlayor of th Ie ity, where they
r'wiede, to render such aids necesesary, will
also be furnished with clot hing and travel
ing expenses to the Institution. The In
stitution also affords a nwechanical depart
meat in which mnstruction is given in such
trades as may Ie heat suited to render the
pupils self-sustaining citizens. The educa
tion of the deaf is of peculiar inmportaneee to
them and to the State; but fromn want ot
information, indigence or othe'r reaso:s on
the part of parents, less than half in the
State avail thenmselv.e of the privihges
atlorded. This is all wrong; he.nce' the
Treustees earnestly call the attention of all
iproper authorities to the duty of seeing
that all the deaf il tbheir respective parishes
or cities, are informed of the privileges pro
vided, aneIl that in carers of indigent cirecnm.
st:anlcc. means le providedl for couveeling
snuch to I his Institution. Proper provision
will lw made for both white and colored.
In case of any deaf known at this Insti- 1
tutin to be in your city or parish, the t
Iaelmles are appended to this letter. Slhould
you know or learn of others, their address I
is earnestly desired.
Gov. W,-P. KELLOGG, er-oj cio,
Hox. .. H. BURCH, f
H. NEWELL. Esq.,
J. McVAY, Esq., Superintendent,
J. A. McWHORTER er-ofrio.
'lc.ru.trs of lea. Institution for Deaf and
e'et t c ct t ira c t o n ! !i
O.bEc IIOI'eTIe rare :, .... t_ e;.
frtie c thi e riv.. with a liv  .o
stock o geods, aulnd is satisllerl that ,l I
those whoe favor himn with the-ic ctar.*.'l'..
will le suited Ieoth in price ac l lqu dlity C.
Hi- stock to *siets of
And other articles too umereaOs to men I
tion ,which he is offerinlg a
Sept. 6th 1573-tf
Car'irages and Harness wUaedohst
.TIesep. a
Doring the srlleiwcelen cof the lhanlks and
the great presuree ie the eoey Imarket,
we will sell (Carriages, Jaesey Walgons.
Baggies aend liares, of ev, ry pattern anld
price, to planter. sad dealse's, payable Ja
eary let, by draft on their Commisston -
Merchants here, witbhot luterest.
Soe. t, R. Marshb teman & Co.,
4 & 56 eBarone hit., 'New Orlean.
A Ko. 7 VeteranCooking8torve,bought
frnm Mr. I. C, liller, priee 6 00.
It with all fimrniture al aeoking Itmqsilai
a-e in perfect order, and nearly as goed as
new, will he sold atS a arpin. Apply it
this oF'FlIC
O.t . .-t ,f
AthsO Obee.
ftirgus ln & lUlath;
I (Formerly Levin & Ferguson.'
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Specta
And Fancy Goods.
Pn.or Anvwsr FPao
American and English Watches
lof the best makers, constantly on.
- Ihand.
May 4th ld73.
II E N Y II ll A N.
Dealer in DrIU Goods, Gro
reries and Plantation o
I LEE 1AT. (near the Baptist Church.l
S.S just returned trroa Nee
S Orlani,, with every rolt
'tiaible article to m;ake up a It.
,rnd tl con 'lte Sotwk, an4d snuppi)l
I every denlal. ,11a of which he nfler
to cAI·tl stotIheis at utiparalleled
ow irices.
Hie alsn hnys at the' highest mark
.et pries. nil kiniels or
I1 v YD i,
OLiD IlON, (wrought or cast.)1
any othler saleabll article, and in
hlort lromi4es to 'Tr.d i. t f nil
kiss as Good or Bietter 1I r
getinl ;iat cin I~. e O(lllilnl('l e s
:t !re else in the huits ci fthe twn
Aiexaandria, .... y 1 t .3-t l ja,
Th~ - m. O--ne
The Leadid g Jweurael of the
Published Dally and Weekly.
TERMA Or TI OAULY.......14 per annum.
li4L YiauI;Lt, $. QUIrran.Y, 3 50.
Is devoted to the discumnion of topics of vi
tal importance to the interests of the Gulf
Statete; c.ntains a carefully preparedconm
pendinmn of the news of each week, origin
al and mtlected literary and miscellaneous
matter, tsalb, poetry, etc, correspondence
from all parts of the country antd abroad,
letters from the peoile, a reese of the
New Orleans Markets, etc., etc.
TKRMs or nil WIxK.LY.... 15 per annum.
Pun li , . . . :p 0 s t tr,.
Io eui.argd the
LI..lve 'r e'ltalble
formerly kept by GOFPPE, and more~ ecat.
ly by N. L. McGINNIG, awn are lred to
seememodate the public in the 1Anrr
lMs We have em Stable .well to.l
ffO335, BN4CNS !ed aVG.
and will hire them, and sed herms at very
reasonable rates.
We pledgt onrelves to give antire atis
A. M. 0GOOD,
Aag Od, 1f3im.
Alexaniidria, Chleneyv.le, lRed
Alexanlsis on TESDA)IYS, TtIVRS.
DAY d ATDAY AYS, at t10 I't, <- A.
M.. making clse e nnctdios at 4k-* River
Llnding witlh the magaIIL mt a Pack-.t
for New Orbus. Restammla-will leave
Red River landing en 8UNDAYS, WED
NESDAY8 and FRIDAYS, o the mrrival of
the above Packets fro. New OrMleans, are
rinvig at Al~esracd 7 o'elock the next
A On.. at the EXCHANGE
Orleans, with a full steek of
Dry Goods of all Kinds,
Prwetle.se of a/I DBeedpiptMb,
Mtaple anI Fancy Groceries,
Bairlt I, TlesandTwine,
rad in short every article needeld for the
"'all trlad, :Intl the wants of any ('nctoners,
,il of w hilk w.Iclc selected perIms Telly. andl
aErcehaw'.d on tcrms whwb wUil enable lcte
a cce,,Ulete with any other mere.tnIut as to
Sept. lth 14c1.tt
alalbhccd :
J UI'T 'ulrli-!..cd, a new ,lition of Dr.
* (.'Jrlfrer 'I s Ct c ehrate', Ee:.,cy ,on
*hn r.dtr.I cccew (with,,out ,dh ~), ' ,c ) of
'41'KIM3ATt I'cum'X a.. or NEE t .i::; l \\.'".k::+c ,
Ilvo'nll ttll rv rluiual I.ce .w', ...; ,:.:~\c ,
\e.atal mu Ii l'hivyic.l I l tc Ii it v. I'tledsI
'tei s to  arri:..vt. a te.: aci.t' u.'tI-u''' v',
IE.PuI.F:IlY wiI i C., inElEt,, I 41 by ai.-iedel
p, e. ntl' tt c'\ inni exItr eveag.llre.
1 i Prkeil a .atled eavellope oily lix
The ce. lrate, enith or. in, tIa1' aT.,rnchh,
esmay, cleariy delnoenslrtetee t;,'n A thirry
years' auc'.e'edafl pra 'tiree. that the' tallr.c
e1g l cº:cep' ct 11e9- ot' ill-tellnE* llln Iw radl
ially .tredl withouet Ithe dtuellrc.'ell s I mu . of
internsl nelliitcht or thei ap,. li icttion of 1;h
knife ; wlinltllng loult " nIleic* tof el(le at ct'ncs
:O e t!ii, e.ertainc , caned thedl lttel, lv ictia '. of"
',thi' I evVer ntl ret. Io mLtt|er w!cAt he*U
,ocicil ien em;ly h.. rurety clore Ihi:salf hthe.cp
It, lt it, .telIv :e',l radir.c!y.
ýri' 'Tl. Th!c'ct.re cla.ce,,l 1w in the heanes
'f" t,.vy y.uItI ; tit rt . I" III oil t o the land.
Sc at ec.,r -cal, i:1 f pii', rE'vleloi,. to
any to.I.1¢,, ý, l- Im .. , stet rrato pt of isi
4't'll+, or I %..5 !.,*04 Satse ".*.
Ahirli. th. llPubi'h-,
Co'sa. .- ". Kr.l.l"cL*. Co..
1.:7 *,t' 'ry, .. Y Pci't-O cle SIx, 4o ;].
Noveiuber _l 7. . i :1.
Of every pattern and pries !
I' W rk rnde to orader asd
II rransed.
8ecoeesor to R. Mrsh, Dnruman & Co.,
84 and 8i Bar. i treet.,
Nov. 1-6m.
FiP Any person writing for further in.
formation respecting this advertlisement,
will please state that they saw it in the
Rcepldes Gaslse.
A [email protected] [email protected] MItL*1
e I~ t.... we . l i**
- --::: .!' ****
offTr hista M eitts in hs lne to those
in need o theWe on re 1Mnable ters
and refers as tcr hiRs i albility to all
tot whom he has worked.
Mat'r. 8, '3.t
saW. e Wrr. ,a
O~crOzfi e zoer ,
A terab dtam LCotta.
At sll Hour.,
Alex La.
xees.,n ass Astases ** ac lE -
dlctactrdl ie.
6tsnFhom 1PFrSty.

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