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A DETROIn robber gave back a wallet
on learning that the owner had a large fam
ily on his h:uad+.
'1Taz rolls of the Jacksonville (I11.) pub
lic schools 'how an equal divide betwwelen
the boys and girls, there being just 699 of
PIILADtELPHIA has reduced the price of
doctors' diplomas, so that fifteen dollars
will now entitle any wood-chopper to a
EASTERN farmers I:ay be astonished to
learn that stacked between Greeley and
Green ('ity. Col., are three million tons of
bay, almost worthless on account of no
means of getting it to market.
A CALItroLIA showman is wandering
about the country illustrating the execu
tion of the Mp4xoc (-lptives by mleains of
puppets. The agony of the hanging is
worked up inl a most skillful manner.
TIHE {egi'nts of the Mt. Vernon Asso
ciation proplosie the abatement of the en
tranle fee to the home of George Wash
ington, having just come to the conclu
sion that itas a public domain it should be
THE annual report of the Commissioner
of Internal Revenue (liscloses the interest
ing fact that the receipts fiomn tie distilla
tion and sale of spirituous liquors alount
to more than one-half of the whole sumn
realized from in ltal reveinue.
A Russian naturalist claiilni to have
found living nlaninoths in Siberia. lie
has seen live small ones, twelve fee't high,
eighteen feet long, and having tusks eight
to ten feet in length. The brute haunts
great caves, and feeds on graLss, etc.
T'I'n English courts have just decided
that railway ticket marked "' good for this
day only cannuot be luseI by the purcha
ser on any other date. Thie decision is ex
actly the reverse of that give, by our
courts on the same questioin.
A MAINE woUlan ate foulr qularts of oys
ters at one sitting, the other day. and won
$1100 by so doing, which, after deducting
her burial expenses, eighty-tive dollars.
left her tifteen dollars to commence the
next world with.
PETTY slutigglilg froml Canada is brisk.
A letter front Ugdeusburg says that seve
ral Watertown ladies were searched at the
Custom House recently on coming from
Prescott, and had their goods taken away
from them. 'hirty-three women were
searched, and all but four were trying to
smuggle something over.
MEN who have charge of roads must be
careful to till upl holes. Mrs. Sally Gilson,
of Stoneham, 3hl-s., who fell into one of
those objectionable places and hurt herself
grievously, sued the town for danmages.
and a few days ago beat that town of Stone
ham, and won a verdict of $4,500 which
amount she has received in grand cash.
LONDON temperauce societies intend to
petition Parliauteut to compel all licensed
homes to supply their customers with tea
and coffee when desired. It is said that it
is so difficult to obtain tea and coffee at
these houses that nany a aman takes liquor
when he would preftir a les harnmful bev
erage. What is sold as tea and coffee is
often such ta mnierable comupound that
there is little inducetnent to drink it. The
genuine articles, well prepared, would find
customers everywhere, and of course have
a tendency to dlininish the use of intexi
cating beverages.
Tau Norristown (Pa.) Herald says that
a man in Lower Merion wrote to the edi
tor of a horticultural journal, and asked :
"What are the most advantageous addi
tions to dried Frasses for wlnter orna
ment?" 'Theedmtorreplitl: ."Acrolinium
roseum. A. alba, Gomiphrena globosa, and
G. globosa cauwna." When the Lower
Merion man read this, lihe fairly boiled with
rage, and immediately sent ai note to the
editor ordering his paper to be discontin
ned. ie said that no editor who swore
that way, just because lie was asked a sim- I
ple question, should have his support.
" We judge," says the Rochester Demo
crat, "that the writer of the verses begin
'We must not hopelto be mowers,
And to gather the rip'-, gold cars.
Until we have been soevers,
-nd w.:tcred the furruws a ith tears, '-
is not a granger. (orn. let us inform t
hitn. is not mown, but is tirnt pluowed up
and then threshed ; and it is not sown, but
grows wild in the umlrit:.ageoults forrest.
And, furtahrmore. the faruer who should I
setout to water the furrows with tears, 1
would find in due seaaou thait couldn't t
be successfully done withoatt'Tore irriga- c
tion than the Ilunan lbrs ~is capable of." 1
Y.) Press says that the site of the State
Street M. E. Church In that city was select
ed through the instrumentality of a dream.
DI)r. John Louden, a prominetlf physician,
who dkied upward of fifty year ago, vwas 1
leading member and worker of tile Metho
dis denomination, and about the time it
was proposed to erect an edifice in the
vicihitv of State street, the good doctor
drealedl that h cisw a Ilpck of white doves
altbt on the lits at the corner of State I
ald Fifth streets. 'I'he mlnprcsion of the I
vision was so vivid that the doctor could t
not shake it of'. lie insisted that it was a
good omen, and that the church should be
erected on the lots above named. So I
strenuous was he in this that he carried his
point,and the old State st r:eet salictuary was
erected, to give way in due time to the
beautiful editfie now located on the site of
the old brick srgteture.
AnsEn McLRITIL, the Euclid (Ohio)
giant and fox-hunter, the father of a race t
of tall boys and girls, had a reunion of
his family at the old homestead in East
Cleveland ( ormerly Euclid) on T'hanks- 1
giving. From thl, ('leveland Vocte we
learn that there were a'.niLblhd father and
mother, se~en Sonos and foll"' dlaughtlers;
yhirteea in all. The height of the oldl genl
" tleman, who is nowv sixty-on, yearsof age.
Is six feet six and a half inches. The
height of the wife is live feet nine inches.
Of the seven sons, f mr are each six feet
five and a half inches, and three six
feet two inches in height, while the four
daughters :ire each tfive feet eleven inches
in height, and the height ,f all ('colnbinltld
is eighty feet three and a half inches. The
oldest son is chief of police of St. Paul,
and another son is a member of tile Clhve
ladl poliee. The ,lttber in his day IutL
lifted 1,700 pounds of fonn.
Asour one o'clock on the morning of I
Nov. 10. a large mernhant vessel uniler full I
sail and on ftire was seen running ft;r Kings
town harbor ili Ireland. She iprovd to tw te
the Wanglpore, aln iron ship, frmni ('aleutta
for Liverpool., ith a cargo of cotton, jute
and saltpetre. Shte hail taken fire four
days ber re, and the crew had become so 1
worn out in their efforts to keep down the
Sthat when she .teredtl the harbor I
t wetq e unable to take in sail. Bothan- t
ehore were let go, but thelv did not ratch,
and she drifted among the vessels with t
whlich the harbor was crowded. lhe struck
a heavily ladieuo schooner causling her to
sink, while the crew saved thems'lves by
clinbing into the rigging of the Nangpore.
Anothei schooner anld a sloop were :dso
wthedby the burning vesseil. the cap
bOhl¢ stoop being Lthrown overboard
t alra . The Nangpore finally came t
to oppolte the Royal Irish Yacht club
be)seu d she was sunk by the gtns ot a
rwreae eotaters alter it had been I
ast she aould not be saved.
MANY farmers are seriously annoyed in
the winter with chilblains. The following
has been found to be an effective remedy :
Bathe the parts affected in strong alum
water, or hi a saturated solution of salt
peter. Continue the application a week or
two, and it will cure.
To CooK TrIPE.-Boil it in a good deal
of water, with a handful of salt thrown in,
till it is easily penetrated with a atrv ;
drain off the water and place the tripe In
an earthen dish and cover with vIn r.
When cold wipe dry with a clean to_,
lay in flour andfry in butter. It willke*
several days in the vinegar, and the lair
will be the best.
CR;LLERs.-Two cups of sugar, one of
sweet milk, two eggs, one tablespoonful of
butter, a teaspoontful and a halfof baking
powder or a teaspoonful of cream tartar,
and half that quantity of soda; flour till it
is stiff as pie-crust, roll thin, cut in forms
and fry. We always get all the cakes
ready to fry and then sit down and fry
them, otherwise the process is tedious and
fatiguing. If they soak fat, mold them a
little harder or work in another egg.
(;ruHAz Btlscurr.-Into three cups of
Graham flour and one of white rub well
two teaspoonfuls of cream of tartar and one
of soda; when thoroughly mixed, add a
teaspoodful of salt, and one tablespoonful
of white sugar. Stir in two cupfuls of new
milk, working all with a knife, and using
the hands as little as possible. Roll out
about half an inch in thickness, cut into
cakes, and bake in a quick oven. Equally
good cold as hot.
very thick and light the yolks of sixteen
fresh eggs. Stir in gradually, beating all
the tilme, threequarters of a pound of
sugar. Then mix in three-quarters of a
pound of nmelted butter, from which all the
salt has been previously washed. Now
line two deep pie-plates with puff paste.
(Cuit into thin slices some preserved citroh,
and lay closely over the pastry, leaving a
margin, of course, around the edges. Fill
with the batter, and bake in an oven whose
iteat is regular, but not too great. When
drawn from the oven, sift over them finely
pulverized white sugar. They are good
whether eaten hot or cold, and are consid
ered the mnost dainty and delicate of all
MiLcE PIEs.-Take one pound of the
leaxiot nice tender beef; boil it until thor
oughly done. When cold-and there is
no objection to letting it stand over a few
days-grate it up, when it should furnish
about one pint of mince. Add one pint of
raisins seeded and chopped, one pint of
sugar, brown or white, one pint of im
ported dried currants washed clean, one
pint of finely chopped pippin apples, and
the same quantity of fresh beef suet; half
a pint of preserved citron cut up very
small, a teaspoonful of salt, a saltspoonfil
of black pepper, a dessert-spoonful of
mixed cinnamon, mace, cloves, and nut
meg, measured after they have been beaten
up together in a mortar' a pint of wine, a
pint of sweet cider, and a gill of brandy.
Stir the ingredients together until well
combined, and use immediately if you
choose. If kept in a clean stone jar with
a closely fitting cover, good mince-meat
will keep until spring, only taking care, if it
becomes too dry by the evaporation of the
liquors to add more wine or brandy until
it is sulliciently moist. Mince pies should
always be brought to table piping hot, and,
of course, depend greatly for their excel
lence upon the pastry in which they are
served. Use deep plates for baking, and I
allow a pint of the mince-meat to each pie. i
Tax BAaaEs.--There is little danger of
dressing infants too warm. The Germans
have a proverb that all winds are cold to a
child. If the skin is very sensitive, a gar- n
ment of delicate cambric may be worn
next the body; but flannel, thick, soft.
anid all wool, should come next. All com
pression of the body and limbs should be'
avoided, the skirts and dresses hang from
the shoulders, and never from the waist.
If the baby sits upon the floor it should
have spread under it on the carpet a thick
woolen shawl or blanket; if it creeps or
walks, its lower extremities should be
warmly encased in woolen stockings and
shoes. After its daily bath lay it on the
floor or on a lounge, and let the direct rays
of t he sun fall on all its body, shielding the
eyes '"om the excessive light. Thbese sun
bath. are excellent for invaiids and for well
people also. The sunniest room in the
house should be the family room. Open
the blinds, raise the shades, put back the
curtains, and let the glory and health flood
all the apartment-never mind if the car
pet fades; better a faded carpet than pallid
taces and peevish dispositions. No sensi
ble mother dresses a baby in low neck and
short sleeves, unless she is desirous to lay
it under the snow before spring; neither
does she give it, that enemy of babyhood,
"soothing sirup."
Improved Breeds.
It is remarkable, in view of the immense
prices which improvements bring, that
people do not oftener give attention to
this branch of money-making than they
often do. Take cattle for instance. Many, ,
Iby aiming persistently at.some great im- I
provement, realize almost fabulous prices
when they succeed. Fifteen thousand dol
lars in gold was recently offered for the
Short Horn bull 11th Duke of Geneva by
an English gentleman; and it is a matter
o public notoriety that as much as $30,000
was paid fora Short Horn cow recently.
Of course no single cow would be worth
this in herself, nor is it likely that any of
her progeny will bring this sum; but still
the prices will be high, and it is more than
likely that the money paid will be realized
out of her again Indirectly, if not in a di
ect manner.
What Ihas been done in improved "duch
es es and dukes" in horned cattle, can be
done in many other departments of the
farm. An improved fruit, vegetable, or
urain, if really an imp-ovement, will al
ways bring a good price, and often takes
uit very little to make the experiment. I
We knew a man who saved a few ranspber
ry .seeds, and of a few score of plants so
raised one of them was so good that a
nurseryman offered him $1,000 for a part
of the stock. He did not take the offer,
thinking he could make more in another
way: but it shows that this could have
bwcn had, and was very good pay for the
little eare. skill, time. or ground occupied
hy theiexperiment. Only afew weeks ago
we saw an advertisement in a newspaper
that some one had raised a new seedlling
grape. which he and his friends regardltd
as an Improvement on existing kinds. He
dlid not care to prdpaate and distribute it
himself, but he would take six thousand
dollars for the stock, and let the man who
bought push it. Now it is not likely, the
time anid incidental expenses all told in
raising a new fruit of this kind, cost more
thtan a hundred or two, and not perhaps
over four or five years have been spent in
waiting for the full development of this
frnuit. He may not get ix thousand dol
lars for it, but the probability is that he
will, and if he gets only near this it will
Te trouble is many people that
they do not know when they have got a
good thing. Any little variation. however
slilht. should he noted. It makes no dif
ferenee whether the variation is better or
worne-the fact that it has varied from the
original shows that the spirit of clange is
there. Then from this save seed, and in
the progeny mark any change, which there
will doubtless be, In.any desired dilect,
and from these save again. In thij
ing sort of a way we an. goon h --
improvement, which will abqndadtl
for all the time and cone gvu to tbs -tx
periment.-Forn'a r eas.. -
Tus attentIon,ft o0g1r z readers is called
to the attractive ade ent of J. N. Har
ris &Co., idvertlsig their great and valuable
4wug remedy, "AJi's Lung Balsam." This
Balam bas been before the public for ten
years. Notwithstanding this long period, it
Las never lost one whit of its popularity, or
shown the Idast sign of becoming unpopular,
but, on the contrary, the call for it has been
constantly increasing and at no previous time
has the demand been so great, or the quanti
ty made been so large, as at this day. We
earnestly recommend lti trial by any one who
may be afflicted with a cough or cold, and
we warrant it to cure if directions are fol
lowed. It is sold by all our city druggists.
TIIHRT Diszase.-Many persons suffer
with heart disease without knowing it-
suddenly they drop off, and their friends
are astonished, on a post mortem examin
ation, to learn that they died of heart dis
ease. The heart, like the brain. is the seat
of life--its diseases are of several charac
ters. The most common are valvular dis
ease, fatty degeneration, and functional do
rangement. If the liver becomes deranged,
and digestion is impaired, the heart,
through sympathy and juxtaposition, be
comes abnormal. The following symp
toms indicate approaching disease: palpi
tation, giddiness, faintness, nervous pros
tration, deranged digestion, vertigo, cold
extremities, etc., etc., for which the old
school will administer iron, opium, anti
mony, mercury, and many other mineral
poisons. Heart disease is a blood disease
-purify the blood; remove obstructions
to a limupid circulation by taking that Veg
etable Alterative, VLYNKAR BITrras, and
you will be a sound person in two or three
A TERRE IIATEx man, who has a vicious
scold for a wife, a few days ago, by way
of a gentle correction for her conduct,
ducked her in the river. But the woman
made a "bee" of her oppressed sisters, and
the next day the party bound the "tyrant"
hanul and foot, and gave him such a duck
ing that it took two hours ofhard labor to
'rnng him to again.
Symptoms of Catarrh.
Obstruction of nasal passages, discharge
falling into throat, sometimes profuse, watery,
acrid, or thick and tenacious, mucous, puru
lent, bloody, putrid, offensive, etc. In others
a dryness, weak or inflamed eyes, ringing in
ears, deafness, ulcerations, scabs from ulcers,
voice altered, nasal twang, offensive breath,
impaired smell and taste, etc. Few only of
above symptoms likely to be present in any
ease at one time.
To cure-take Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
Discovery earnestly, to correct the blood and
system, which are always at fault, also to act
secifically, as it does, upon the diseased
gands ana lining membrane of the nose and
its communicating chambers. The more I see
of this odious disease, the more positive is my
belief that if we would make treatment per
fectly successful in curing it, we must use con
stitutional treatment to act through the blood,
as well as a soothing and healing local appli
cation. Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy, when
used warm and applied with Dr. Pierce's Na
sal Douche, effects cures upon "common
sense," rational and scientise principles by its
mild, soothing and healing properties to
which the disease gradually yields when the
system has been put in perfect order by the
use of the Golden Medical Discovery. This
is the only perfectly safe. scientific and suc
cessful mode of acting upon and healing it.
So successful has the above mode of treat
ment proven that the proprietor offers $400
reward for a case he cannot cure. All the
means sold by Druggists. K. V. Pierce, M.
D., Proprietor' Buffalo, N. Y.
THEs proprietors of Joloson's AIodyrus Lni
ment, Parsons' Purgatiee Pill., and YAerida 's
Cavalry Condition Pewders, have published a
readable and instructive pamphlet, which
may be had free by mail.
Rurvs CHAPMAC of Liberty, Maine, had a
stiff leg bent at the knee, limbered and
strengthened by the use of Jolhson's Anodyne
FOR SALE OR LEASE- 00 acres of Excel
lent Fruit Land in Trimble Co., Kentucky.
Address Ben Morris. Milton. Trimble Co.,Ky.
SAMPLES FUEL-.The Saturday Jfreing
Post, 319 Walnut street, Philadelphia, gives a
beautiful Ciontoo to every yearly subscriber.
ford'e Liver lAre .d,,oe--e prely Vegetable CIktsre'
and ssi--for dylpepsis Coastipation. Debility,
Sick Headache. Blllou Attacks. and all derange
ments of Liver, Stomach and Bewels. Ask your
Ilrealast for it. a*w. ie* e sdWei
Thirty Years' Experience ef an Old
-ias. wwxsLaow's Soort-rxn 8itP is the prerscrlp
tion of one of the best Female Physicians and N)ures
In the United States. and huas been used for thirty
years with sever-failing safety and success by mill
ions of mothers and children, from the feeble nlfutI
of one week old to the adult. It corrects acidity of
the stomach, relieves wind colic, regalates the bow
els, aun gives rest, health, and comfort to mother andci
child. We believe It to be the Best and Baurest RIeme.
dy in the World in all cases of DYSLNTERY and
I)IAIU:H(EA IN CHILDREN, whether it aritses fro'
Tuethtng or from any other canae. Full dilrectlons
for uslng will accompany each bottle. None Oenuine
unlees the fac-shulle of CURTIS a PEBRKINS is on
the outside wrapper.
Children Often Look Pale and Sick
From no other cause than havirg worms in the stom
will destroy Worms without njqtry to the chid, beinj
perfectly waTs. and free faom all coloring or othct
Injurious ingredients usually used in worm prepr
CURTIS a DBROW, Proprcietors,
No. 215 Fulton street, New York.
,PoL hy Irsggtets ned Cemn., and Diealers Sn
feaminec,ai Twaxrr-rtrs Czars a BOX.
The Homsehold Panacea and Pamily
- Lintament
Is the best remedy in the world fori the following
complaints, vlz.: Cramps in the IAmbs and Stomach.
P'an in the Stomach, Bowels or Side, Rheamatism In
all its forms, :.lhoua Colic. Necralgia, Cholera. y'sen
tery, Colds, Flesh Wounds, Baurns, Sore Throat, Spinal
c'(plsintus Sprains and Briselas, Chills and Fever.
Sor Internal and Exterenal muse.
Its operation Is not only to relieve the patient, but
entirely remove the cause of thie complaint. It pene
rintes and pervadces the whole system, restoriug
healthy actlon to all its parts, and quickening the
Tn l, HlorsoLs PAXAcaA is Purely Vegetable sad
Prepared by
No. St5 Fulton street, Msew York.
For sale by all DruggIta.
Brawn's reneassa Troeee Lar Conghs
aad Calet.
Requires immediate satleatios, eand should be Cheek
ed. If allowed to eontlnae, IuaTATIow OW TaS
Lewos. A PIawamr Tasoa ArmorIox, oS as
lxcurssa. Luwo Dsars is ef5n the asi.
Having a direct !nlueace oa the arts, give taldi.
ate relief. For BaoxcmITs, AwrmmA, CA.ma=, 0ow..
sewnrrnw am TwaoaT Diassasu, Tnos are u
xiothmless good senusrea.
Srososs An Pmila SPmwasi
Will hd I .nzas efl Ia eleriag the yvoes whbe
taken bea(t Slhaig cir peslu, sud renlevla the
throat after as unusuasl eertion of the vocal organs.
Obtain osly "laow's llaowcrAL Tuocs," snad
o not taseat e the worthilees IMaluss tb may
bae mm. bd oruldse
sns.-t- e esm~r for De ember closes another
volume of this akdlelnt monthly. During 18;.
this magasne has far exeoeedd In Interest and at
tratlveness any of the preceding volumes, and
h usame or greater excellence is promised for the
1sng year. The January number will be one
efrare interest, and, in addition to other superi
or attractions, will contala the opening chapters
of " Window Curtains," a new story by Mr.
Arthur, and the initial article of a series entitled
" My Girls and I," which, we are assured, is
going to be very fresh, lively and good. The
publishers say : " Never since the dateof its pub
liloation, popular as it always has been, has the
Home Mewspeie found so warm and hearty a re
ception from the people as since we took our ' new
departure' In January last." T. S. ArUtTa
A Sox, Philadelphia, are the publishers. The
price is S2 0o per year for one copy, with reduc
tions for clubs.
TAI CmLDtnx's Hoti.--Every sub
scriber for this handsome little monthly for 1874,
whether siangle or in clubs, will receive free a
copy of a new and besutifal steel engraving, en
titled " Ducklings." The many attractions
which have made the Children's Hour so popular
with the litile folks heretofore will be oontinued
during the ensuing year, the publishers assuring
us that the magasine will maintain, in all things,
its purity, attractiveness and interest. The
choicest reading will be given, and all the num
bers will continue to be elegantly illustrated.
The number for December of this year is well
Ailed with choice reading matter, and contains
several pleasing illustrations. Valuable premi
ums are ifered to agents secringar subscribers for
the Children's How. Single subscription, I1. S
a year; ive copies, .5; ten, and ose extra, $a,.
Address T. S. AtrnLs A Sow, Pablishers, Phil
adelphia, Pa. "
WHtN writing to advertisers please mention
the name of this paper.
Will those who have been Loug Aiste with
Comsamptia. take Couaras I
.retrn I . s Co., Abam. e March S, ir
M-rs. m. aN- as a Co., ChI. Ohio:
Ds.sa~ ts-I want youto sea m w m bottles of
ll~en's nslam. Since o ts have bout
dakn .aboutwen bottles the Lun pale
for a dis.ses of the Loam of vaisru S
... tDs_ Un
Gte. efore that tIIhae am dl nrl
tha I can ateadto bl inems lt lesmeme. ate
rerie, and am dIrest prordp en Ieral haalth.
S remu s el rj . POOL.
What better peto ae goel i
_nu e do rou woaut I
S Nw Msmrr. V.., Marchtf, IsL
Messrs. Pain. Di.vTs A Sox :
Gsw-L;sstDbeember I was take with a er
ot. and was conened tou rroom. hut us I st
edta tin on the names of d et articles I bad is
y to for ou I would try a bottle f
s _llna o ra oo wla ftiseha I, dnot
sold a bottlme. I took a bottle ud opened It udolom
enced using with the meet he reults, ad was
soon entirely red of my cough'ines then I have
recmmenaed It to aumber of friends and I have
yet to fLdasinglelastacein which It asfals . 1
Consider It a complete coab-cerer.
L L m never to oo
alcted with a cough.
It s harmless to hi most ebsmil dhd
it eta nou opium in any form
It Is sold by Mediciedeslers generay.
es mot deceived. Call for ALL N'S LUNG ll !.
SAM and take ao ocher.
tlrecttons ac pay each bottle
L x. . I I V CK -Eiuiim A Oni,
Are Suite to all Climate
ANl'D FAMrOUS Fli o sl
OI u t TO 3RT1II
nt Vatmaem Sosieg0 e. I an
rr W -Sthe .
612 ad 614 N. KMar Str ,
$d1 for a full eourse of Telsgraabtng when
t-- • I aken with E S UITMU. For
end for descrptive Circulnr with T.fme .
" rPeored f romLall ,pets of ouezt el
W] MEN, lieu. Web rad Soya watd tomlreae
-et. Mo capital needed. 'tao1gue. Terms, etc.,
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kind,; but thcone retans nothing that canlready offgiend the mot delicte thae
which will, we hope, give it y thonuande more, are brielysa
It is rst-rate newspaper. Allithenewseof the daywill be o ad be it,~
densed when unimportant, at full length when of moment and always pueFaa h
a clear, intelligible, and interesting naer.
kind, but containing nothing that can offend the moat delicate and auupelegshme.
It is a frst-rate story paper. The best tales and romances of euarreat lle
re carefully selected and legibly printed in itea.
It is frst-rate agricultural paper. The m e had rmtraulve a lemies
agricultural topics regularly appear in this d eabie 1 ..
It is an independent political paper, belonging to no y, and weastig ia
lar. It fghts for principle, and for the election oi the' to . It
pecially evotes its energies to the exposure of the great orl that Ma
weaken and disgrace our country, and threaten to undermine epslsmiastit.utgs
altogether. It has no fear of knaves, and asks no f a tS frea ir
It reports the fashions for the ladies, and the magfUrar mth . h ly t h
cattle markets, to which it pays particular attention.'
Finally, it is the cheapest paper published. One dollar a year wU. ea t fo
any subscriber. It is not necessary to get ups elb in order to rev TB . W
SIN at this rate. Any one who sends a single dollar will ge: the pap rS r.
THE WEEELYT SN.-Ught pages, fty]dx Colman. Oly $1.00 a , m 4mAsts
from thisle rate.
THE tEM-I.wWE-KLY 5UN.-ames lse as the DeNy fan, $1.00 a yar. A tlesst
1O per cent. to Clubs of 10 or over.
TB DAILY l UN.-A Alarge fourn pe lewepae. e tw.aty.dlht Olm"a. Dl
over 120,000. Atll the newsfor scents. 8bsertpoptlonpa esOseateami, nlethaS
To Clubs of 10 or over, a discount of 1 per eant.
Address 4"TRl SUN," New 'Terk M .'.
yhe Standard Laumat of the Umted 8atle.
Brwn eud Salide R.MiamlUm ,
CMtheuai,. Rearrkoidd or PAe,
pr and drees, Fore f pu,
taed 'mdI, Caked
ZEserai Pufaoas, =as esr
Largipisa $1.00. Mrdium 50. mallU 5e.
Small Sixe for Family Use, 7 cents.
The Gargling Oil has been in use as a
liniment since 1893. All we ask is a far
fMi, but be sure antI follow directionl
Askv.trnea est )nrugglstordealerlnPat.
ent Mmtirines for one of our Almanacs, and
read what the pepyle say about the Oil.
The Gargling Oil is for ale by all re.
sectable dalers throughoult the Unitd
Stator aed rAer retres.
Our festi .wiallate from 1t83 to the pres
eat, an l are uns.i Wed. We also manufacture
Merehant'e Worms Talets.
We deal fair and liberal with all, anad
defy contradetion. Manufactured at
Lockport, N. Y., U. 8. A., by
Sechant's Gargling Oil Co.,
J0.9 oDDO, eacretay.
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"CnrdolJ411a of lTrl1 Winkh
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of III Machine and llilk l'
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O SJINdO, StoImraad.
wIth the green tea "S or. War
ranted to anlt all tastes. Por
ale etrywhere. And rr saleh
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At ltesa ln Wade I
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afrees. o se e wll d e oi ee s fi4y -
Dr. J. Walker's Calif
-gar Bitters aro a purely V
preparation, mado chiefly from.
rive herbs found on the lower
bhe Sierra Ncvada mountains of
aia, the medicinal properties
.re extracted therefrom without lhb
"f Alcohol. The question is
aitly asked. " What is the eamus
inparalleled success of VI~xIse
rEai" Our answer is, that they
the cause of disease, and the psd*t
covers his health. They are thf
blood purifier and a life-giving
s perfect Renovator and I
:f the system. Never blfoe 16
'istory of the world has a mnedWids
ompnded poweing the
- of VrsloAk Bi'rrsis in
evey disease muan is heir t.
are a gentle Purgatie as well
relieving Con geaon or Inla
the Liver ant Visceral Organs, in
The properties of DL W -
VtsoAlnBIlrTas are Apedeut,
Carminative, NutritioouS, LAat
Sedative, COunter-Irritant,
tivre, and Anti-BJillion. *
w . R. E. lelDONALDa
..s MI t eS. A tV. Soe Frunelso
,A z.d. "ti
Carbolated Cod
I a adentes combtastloe of twe
cla Itote oryt a ret to
bellSn ,te eiteSl. Pitythle
reeTbe really useaUl ace
son' Oarre prooft
mnost moerful erutt sr
Ateo thle L.Yaeis se
Wof leAssee
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ebr tIdass
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