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This affair though treated by individuals, is
a government tiansacliun.
Another Englishman is gone to Napoli de
Romania, to make another offer to the Se
nate of five millions of dollars.—JV. Y.Spec.
The following is given in abetter to:
the Editor of the Advocate, as the relative,
force ot the Patriot and Spanish fleets, in ;
the late naval engagement. The Spanish
force consisted of
Diamanta, 44 guns 400 men
Ca.-sirda, 54 630
Hyeua, 18 197
Ceres. 40 387
Constitution, 14 90
Jacinth, 16 100
186 1606
Colombian force captured—Com. Daniels’
Bolivar, 24 guns 150 men
a Mo-quito, 18 120
* Sapplare, 18 110
Maria Francisco, 22 93
82 478
The Colombians are stated to have had
161 killed, and 21 wounded, and the Span
iards 83 killed, and 49 wntinded. Com
Daniels, who, we regret to stale, was among
the killed, appears to have fought with his i
colours nailed to the ina*t head, and his ves-!
•el did not surrender till -he w .s on the eve ,
of sinking. The Spaniards approached under
British colors, by which the Patriot*, were,
deceived, and had no alternative hut to fight:
or surrender, l'bey determined on the form-*
er, and we que*lion much if the naval an-;
Dal* of any country can afford an example
where so much undaunted bravery against
so superior a force, was displayed as m .his ■
instance. It the Colombians tulit as well on:
I. „ I „„ ■ .... .1--l__
doubt o ilieir ultimate success.— Porto Ca
hello, it would seem, was reduced to great
extremities previous to the arrival of lliei
Spanish fleet. The supplies which it brings
Hi ns1 prolong the surrunder of the fort foi at
least -i* months, as the season, by which mil
it i r\ operations are interrupted, was about
to commence
Accounts had been received from Rio
Harha ol the I3ih March, of the arrival of
the Liberator Bolivar, at Popayan. on his
Way to the capital, and that Congress would
lit on the 17th of April. Bolivar’- return j
with his army, is said to be in consequence!
of the affairs of Peru having taken a turn fa- j
lorable to the cause of Liberty.—T wo bulle-:
tins of the patriot army, being the second
and third, coutain the particulars of several
advantages obtained over General Morales'
by Montilla; the lastofwhich dated, March
24th, concludes in the following manner:—
“Thus has closed a campaign, intended by
Gen. Morals, and entrusted to his favourite
Marc iso Lopez, who in ins flight towards La i
Sieira, did not carry a single loaf of bread,'
nor a grain of salt w ith him, and only about
40 or 50 cattle, a great part of his troops be
ing in a sickly state.” Five hundred men,;
part of the army of Morales, is stated io have '
arrived at Coro, but whether as prisoners or,
not, the papers are silent. We should suppose
that Morales himself was at Maracaibo, as
tie find it stated that the patriots were link
■ n*T nPAiiapotinrtw to ^ll^rlf tliat rilnrp -ik
O I I I '
BY virtue of tin law in such case made
and provided, and the authority within
me vested, i have levied upon the North;
V half of Lot Number twenty-six, hounded as
follows, to wit: on the East forty-eight and
balffeet by Jefferson Street, on the South
one hundred and ninety-nine feet by the'
South half of Lot number twenty-six, on the
West by Irwin Street forty-eight and a
half feel, on the North one hundred and nin- '
ty nine feet by Lot number eight, as the
property of Daniel M’Uahey, which I shill
expose to public sale with all the apperten
ances belonging thereon, at the court house
door of Lawrence co'Vnty on the first Mon
day in October next.'to satisfy a claim of
Taxes, imposed in the year 1822, amount
ing to the sum of ten dollars.
Tux Collector fur Lawrence county.
* Monlicello. May 31. (*823-9-610
"TIEREAS the most iniquitous schemes
have been put in practice to ruin me.
by fraudulently attempting a sale of my pro
perty, and secreting mv title papers, and
others of value. I do hereby forewarn all
persons from trading with, or crediting any
member of my family without a written or
der from me, as I am determined to pay no
debts of their contracting.
Mav 10. 1823. 7tf
at this office.
Month eli.o, Satciidat, Jcstf.’l, lligj.
The Editor ot the Port-Uihson Corres
pondent, seems to think we have acted raih
er unfairly in animadverting on the situation
of the present site fur the seat of govern
ment. It may he possible we are Mi an error,
hut his remarks oil ihe subject due- not tend
to prove us so or set us right, 11 ive find we
have thus erred, we shall he extremely mor
tified, and will willingly and quickly ac
knowledge our trior; bul in this case, we
have now stronger reasons to believe, that
we are right, and fear very much that we
have "‘hit ihe nail on the head."
The Edi'Or of the Correspondent, seems
lo think we have modeled our remarks from
the voice of Ihe people here, and merely to
suit iheir wishes; bul in this he is widely
mistaken; ive assure him, we got our mfor
ma.ion from different persons from as many
different parts ot the -tale, even Jackson! —
transient persons and travellers ot various
discription, as they happened lo be travelling
to and fro. We never intimated, that we ex
pected the seat ol government lo be removed
front Jackson to this place; there are otiiei
place- in the stale besides this, that, in our
humble opinion, would more be suitable.
We shall not say any thing at piesent a
bout either place; we wish to he further in
formed on the subject, get more tune, and
we will then speak plainly. In the mean time
wo hope the Editor of the Correspondent
will not consider u- fit subjects for public
reprehension. We will conclude this remaik
by asking that editor the following questions,
viz; Were ailthreeof those commis-ioners
attending to fix on a suitable site for the seat
ol government? If either ot them was n.ii ....
that duly, which one wa- not?
Information arrived in town a few days
ago, that war had been declared between
the Choctaw and (.'reek Indians—it was not
ascertained which nation had declared it, or
when hostilities would take place.
A person residing in this county, related
to us, in substance, the following dream,
which lie said he had a few nights ago:
He said, “1 appeared to have been lra> el
ling by the City of Jackson, the metropolis ol
this state, on a Sunday evening — it appeared
to me that the evening was unusually fine:
A veiy large number of the inhabitants w ere
on the public grounds, mostly on Capital
Green; which was siiuated next to the river,
and appeared to me to Le a delightful spot,
containing man} groves of trees, elegantly
and systematically arranged, among the rest
a very laige Banian tree, which was laige
enough foi fifteen or twenty thousand per
sons to bo conveniently seated in the shade
of it; under which wrere a great number who
appeared to he all the first order of society,
the heads of department. Lord Mayor of the
City.L.c. all appeared to he richly clad, the
Lord Mayor in particular, and whos attire I
to ik particular notice—he had on a large
crimson silk velvet cloak, lined with scarlet
silk, embroidered and (rimed with gold lace,
a blue cloth coat with the same kind of trim
ing, a crimson satin vest, scarlet silk breeches
and pale pink colored stockings, silver knee
buckles, vermillion Morocco pumps, a very
considerable ruffled shirt and double bowed
cravat, with a very large cocked hat, and in
tact he made a great show and grand appear
aneo ...ns «I. ~ *l_ l' . L
company:—they appeared to be in high glee,
conversing on various subjects, among the
rest they made great sport of the Monticello
Gazette, editor, kc.—After passing their
time away for some time under this majestic
tree, some of the company proposed walk
ing, among the rest a young belle, who ap
pearen uncommonly beautiful, and who
seemed “sortie figgeted"—she started off in
the van of the company, with a half a dozen
beaus at her heels, saying “come, less go to
Colege Green, to the weeping willow groves,
and we’ill pass through the lomborda poplar
groves in Court Green;” and away they all
stalled. In the mean time I took a survey ol
the grounds and groves as 1 sauntered along
the long lawns, viewing the beautiful groves
on either side:—As far as I vras able tc
judge, there appeared to be about sixty ot
seventy acres ot land attached to each lot
or Green. The capital was to all appearance
at a distance, I «1 id not examine it, a very
elegant building. I seen a large party ir
pleasure boats in the lake, on the side ol
Colege Green, sailing to and fro delightfulli
sporting.—The Colege is a very eleganl
building, delightfully situated on an emi
nence arising from the lake; at a distance was
to be seen on either side extensive fauns ir
a high state of cultivation, with beautifu
houses attached thereto.— When, those whr
had ascended to the top of the hill in Colege
Green, their attention was taken up by i
view they had ot a steamboat coming up the
canal from the Mississippi, with a great mim
her of passengers on board—she glided beau
• ifullv up to the wart, where a number oi
others were lying This eminence commands
a view of the whole City, which appeared
lo be about six miles square. The streets
are wide and tbe buildings generally four
story high, built of brick and elegantly tin
i-hed. I was about to go down to the lake,
when I suddeuly awoke! and lo! it was all
a dream."
0O”T'he Editor of the Port-Gibson Cor
respondent, would confer a particular favor
‘on us, by forwarding his paper to us via the
City of Jackson the Metropolis of this state,
instead of via New-Orleans, by which means
j "’e would get them three or four weeks soon
er; besides their coming thiough that City,
would considerably inhance their value.
I An Ontion will be delivered in the court
house on the 4th of July, in commemoration
of our Independence
We will pay our respects to ’Squire
Crutcher in our next.
The liberty of the press, consists in the
right to publish, with impunity, truth, with
good motives, and for justifiable ends, wheth
er i' respects govertm nt, magistracy or in
I Married—On 1 hursday evening last by i
W W. Whitehead. Esq. A M. Keuan. E*q.
to Miss Martha A. Crutchfield, all of
, Ibis i lace.
! -
' Departed this life on Sunday last, Mrs.
Nancy Neyland < onsort of Mr. Wm. Sey
land of iIns county. In the death of this am-1
iable woman, a fnnd*husband and nine chil
dren are left to experience the bitter pang
produced by the remembrance of her many
excellent qualities both as a wile and mo her.
It seldom tails to our lot to record a more dis
Itie-sing eveni; bin amidst those melancholy
ITellect ions, her fajnily and extensive acquain
tances have the pleasing hope that she died
in the Le rd, and rest from the turmoils and
vicissitudes of TIME.
| JNew Goods.
THE SUBSCRIBER is now receiving
from New-Orleans, a supply of MER
CHANDISE, which in addition to his for
mer stock, comprises a handsome assortment,
among which areihe lollowing articles, viz:
Mens and Boys Hats,
do. fine siloes.
Ladies Morocco do.
Crockery assorted,
Stone jugs and jars,
Liquors assorted, sugar and coffee,
Spermaciti candles.
Spanish Segar.s and Tobacco,
Raisins, Almonds, Chocolate,
Imperial TEA,
Salt, Swedes Iron and plough moulds, 1
Log anJ Trace chains,
Nails assorted,
German and Blistered steel,
Russia sheeting, Domestics,
Brown Platillas,
Salt petre, Ginger, Allspice, Pepper,
Glauber salts.
Ponder and Shot, Bar lead, &c. &ic.
jrsn—R marln rl/wtlvinr>
which are a few superfine coats.—All of
w hich will be sold at reduced prices for cash.
Monticello, June 28, 1823. 13-3
Jewelers &r Silver Smiths,
Respectfully inform the citizens
of the town of Monticello and vicinity,
that they have opened shop in said town in
the house formerly occupied by Linson and
Jones where they will carry on said busi
ness in all its various branches; hoping by
their assiduity and attention to business, to
share a part of the public patronage.
I (Kr J he public have been notified by B.
T. Linson, that neither of us are professed
workmen, implying by this modest assertion
that neither ot us have served a regular time
to the above business; this statement we
feel compelled, in justice to ourselves, to
say is untrue, as to skill the public w ill judge
bv experiment; as it regards the skill of Mr.
Linson, th-y have so judged.
Monticello, June 20. 1823.
N. B 'The public are informed that pay
’ments made to B. T. Linson on account of
, the firm of Linson and Jones will not be
(Considered valid without the consent of the
'subscriber, as the books are illegally retain
ed by said Linson.
■ s
OFFERS his services to ihe public in tbe
line of his proles-ion, all work commit
ted to him for repairs, will be carefully re
paired and warranted, viz:
Patent Lever, Horizontal Repeat
ing. Musical & Plain watches,
And Musical and Plain Brass Clocks
0^7“ All those having work when the sub
scriber is absent, will be so good as lo leave
the same with Wm. Hay, inn keeper, and
it will be thankfuHy received by the subscri
ber, repaired apd delivered to the owners
when called for.
0^7" All those indebted to the firm of Linson
and Jones, are requested to make payment
to B 1 . Linson, or I shall not consider tbe
debt discharged, as I am in possession of the
books—and all those having demands against
said firm will please lo present them to . me
for settlement. I also notify the public that
Robert Jones my torroer partner has taken in
watches to repair in the ihop formerly oc
cupied by said Linson and Jones.—I further
notify the public that Robert Jones and his
workman are n< t profes-ed workmen at clock
and watches, neither of them served their
time to the above business.
JVfnnf irialln T linn 1,1 1009 lit**
ABOUT the beginningnf June or the lat
ter end of May, a Bible and Prayer
Book were stolen from the Episcopal Church
in this city, and aflerwaids were offered for
sale to Mr. Joseph Leonard, of this cqnnty,
by a man calling him-elf Evans, who repre
sented himself as a traveller in distress. Mr.
Leonard purchased the Bible, but the Pray
er Book has not been recovered. It appears
that Evans is well known in some parts of
the county, as a Preacher lo Negroes; and
upon one occasion has been in the Stocks for
intruding upon a plantation and associating
with slaves. This notice is given, that in case
any person should recognize him, he may be
apprehended and punished as his crime de
serves. There is ample testimony to convict
him, and all well disposed persons are ear
nestly requested to assist in effecting it. He
intormed Mr. Leonard that he had come from
St. Louis, and was on his way to Bayou
Sarah, where he said he had a brother resid
ing. It is, however, more than probable, that
this was a plea to avoid pursuit,
Natchez, June 1% 1823.
State ol Mississippi, Lawrence
ON the first Monday and the day follow
ing in August next, an election w ill he
held in the following Election Districts in
and lor said county, viz: At the house of
William Herbert on Boguechitto; at the house
ol David Hutson, at the house of William
Sparks, at the housed John H. Oates and at
the court house in Monticello. for the pur
pose of electing a governor and lieutenant
governor of the State, a senator to fill the va
cancy occasioned by the resignation of Doc
tor I homas Ander-on, three representatives
to tepresent the county of Lawrence in the
next general assembly of this state, a sheriff
and Coroner, for said countv.
R. COLLINS, Sh'ff.
June 21, 1823.
T\V EN i Y FIVE General and twenty
five Special Warrantee Blank Deeds
was lost on the road leading from Natchez to
this place; they were roled up in paper and
tied with twine. Any person finding the same
and leaving them at the office of the Missis
sippi State Gazette, Natchez, or at this of
fice, shall be liberally rewarded.
Monticello, March 22.
t§t«U of Mississippi,
For Sale at this office.
For Sale at this Office.
A Journeyman Printer,

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