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SEpaSiaTT cO!T 'TF.TCSI 7P32H28&»
:Smi.Mntn fl, 1^4*2.
With this number closes the publication of
the " Spirit of the Times." Whether we have
redeemed our promises to the public or not. in .
conducting the " little neutral" is not for us to
determine; hut that we called in the aid of our
best judgment, with the view of doing equal
justice to all parties in chronicling passing po
litical events, is a matter whenever subjected to
the scrutiny of our own conscience, we have
been able to dismi«s without a pang of remorse.
W e are aware that we licve not escaped cen- j
sure ; hut it was gratifying to know that it came
from the members of both political parlies, as
the occasional bending to either side convinc
ed us we were hearing ourselves nobly in the
struggle to preserve a perpendicular. In takin
leave of the public, as the conductor of the
"Times" we feel pleased to say that the palm- ;
nngc received was fully equal to the morns of
the paper, and sincerely wish our patrons (save I
those w ho o»vc us and don't mean to pay) peace j
and plenty on earth, and after death a blessed
The "Southern Tribune" will be sent to the
subscribers to the "Times" for the unexpired
term, of their several subscriptions, if desired
Those who wish their accounts made up to the
present time, and do not wish the " Tribune,"
will please notify us immediately.
The undersigned embrace the earliest opportun
ity of informing the Public that they have formed
a partnership for the purpose of publishing a pa
per to be called the 'Sot tiii bn fninoE.' The
new paper will be issued from the oflicc of The
Spirit of the Tin.es upon an enlarged sheet and
will support the great principles of the Demo
cratic party. The Spirit of the Times will he
merged in the Trihunc. But, in order to obvi
ate any difficulty which might ari-c from contin
uing several advertisements in the new paper,
which wore ordered by the Courts to he pub
lished in this, the new sheet will lor a time re
tain !mth name».
The fir-t number of the Trihunc will he issu*
eJ on Wednesday the 14th instant,, and will he
forwarded to all the subscribe!* of the Time s
to whom wc trust the change will he accepta
ble. They w ho desire to discontinue their sub
scription can do so. hut we request all sucli to
notify us of their wishes on the receipt ot the
first number of the new paper.
K 7 The terms of the Tribune will be $3 in
advance and $4 if not paid till the end of the

Tiif. Rio tariff.—Fo it appears that the!
friends of the protective system in Congre««
have succeeded in forcing through the House
of Representatives, the big tarilf which was
vetoed by Mr. Tyler, with the distribution sec
tion and the tax upon tea and coffic stricken
out. In this shape the bill was pa««cd through
the House on the thid ult. after the severest
struggle we have ever seen, ,n the rcportcl pro
cceilings of Congress. The bill was once lost
on the question of engrossment. 10 ) to 101 , the
i . • .i .• r. . - l
rpcaker voting in the negative; after which a
, . . ,
reconsidcr.it inn was m «cd an I carried. The
question was then again put anJ carried, two
or three affirmative vote« having in the mean
time been whipped in to secure its passage. On
the same day the bill was read twice in the Sen
ate and referred. Ot its passage through that
body without amendment, we have no doubt.
And that in that shape it will receive the signa
ture of Mr. Tyler is almost certain.
F IVANCE.—The French Chambers have ap
pointed the Duke of Nemours Regent in tlic con
tingency of the death of Louis Philip duriog ti»e
minority of tlie infant lieir to the throne.
China — that Opiim.—B y the last foreign
advices we learn that the British had whipped
the Chinese into the payment of forty millions
of dollais! to defray the expenses of the war and
compensate for the loss of the Opium destro yeJ.
W c should say, that opium ha* been rather a
dear and destructive atfair to the Celestials, io
more senses than one.
Gi.ass Waistcoats.—T he very ingenious dis
covery of making glass into a substance resem
bling the richest silk, is now being brought into
general operation and in various ways, such as
gentlemen's waiscoatsand stocks, ladies dresses,
and many ether articles of decoration, in Die
most splendid patterns. It is superior even to
silk in flexibility and softness, and the durability
ol' it (a point liowever ot' do consequence among
the higher classes among whom at present it is
exclusively used) as a matter of course vastly
su|«rior. 'In process of time wl*en ttie manufac
ture of it has arrived at a more |>erfect state,
and all its little dcects remedied, and all its wasi
lags discovered, it will in all prob ability, cone
wuhiu tlie reach of most classes of hocudy, but
at present US cost is a "draw-back." Tue mag
ficence of its appearance is remarkable, and
when used in acy considerable quantity, such as
wmJow cu> tarns Xc., it sliould be seen before a
ist appreciation ot' it* richness and elegance
B be entertained.— [London Paper.
Tiie Cotton Crop. —\Vr are now sat
isfied that the cotton crop of this section o'
the country will be light. Until the middle
of July, the crop was unusually promising
and nn abundant yield was anticipated.
It was believed that nothing short of aoim
unusual disaster would prevent an nverng»
crop from being realized. The plant, dur
ing the early part of the season, had grown
oil finely and was well stocked with bolls
and forms. A remarkable change has now
taken place. On the river plantations,
most of the early bolls have decayed from
the frequent rains and the rank growth «•
the plant. Many planters inform us^thai
b th upon the bottoms and uplands, lhe\
have never known a more rapiJ and eiten«
The same causes,
. ,
sl ' e S '* 1 ! ,n ^. ° *'»rms.
the peculiarities ol ui ailier, h.ivi* probably
occasioned the rust, which, on many plan
talions, has left the cotton plant almost de
muled ol leaves and forms. It is also said.
that both the bull-worm and can rpiller.
have appeared in the cotton fields smith ol
this latitude and arc committing serious
depredations. Most of the cotton now
picked, is somewhat stained hv a part in I
decay oft be boll. It is possible that fine
weather and a favorable fall, may partial
ly restore the early expectations of the
"[planter, but there is more likelihood that
|hft j„j ljrv d<»no to the crops is more
M . r j, niÿ ,|„ in j s ,. V cn now anticipated,
f t «| confident that the crop in litis neigh
t Trailer.
i!l he short of an overage one.—
'I'he following piece of ingratitude we
could ha rill v heliev»* to have (lowed Iron»
the President of Texas, did it not come to
a manner:— American
os in so authentic
r.xrcfTiv r Prt'.vitTMr.NM,
City of Houston, July 1 "th 1 s l'j.
To the lion, the Sian'e.
I have the honor herewith to lay before
your honorable body copies of orders, re
ports nnd correspondence, having relation
to the conduct, condition and operations ol
ilio foreign volunteers stationed upon out
western border. It will le* sein that from
the first, a spirit of utter insubordination
and mutiny, has openly provided, destiny
mg every hope ol im In'ness and harmotiv
as degrading, hv disre-jieet and
ilisolietlience, the authorities of the land
from which th« numerous orders so rt •
pea'edly violated ami disregankd have e
It is therefore submitted to t' e honora
hie Congress w hether it would not I»»- more
politic to rdy upon our own militia, nnd
furlough or d »charge those v.ho will
longer yield obedience to the lavs mal
rules of war enacted o»r their government,
I despair of reformation mid will not le
accessary, through the Department ol War,
to tantalizing the hopes mid
mm the volunteer aid Irorn the Unit« d ;
States. They nre as expensive as they
have hitherto proved useless fo our route 1
expectations i
of our citizens w ho have hoped for succor,
t ry,
The Houston p ipers give the par'icu*
:ars in relation to a pinj**etcd campaign
across the Kin Grande authorised uv the
(Executive, 'i'he services of thirteen htm«
(drill men arc to lie received—they are t
j "J«* ,l,nr ow ■ n!fieers-a..d have , -nms
smn lfl ►*>* Contributions upon the Mex can
i t,,w,,s lor 1 ,, |r s,, l , l > ' ,r *" ■»■* migt'ot,
Montoomerv, ravette, nnd IDstrop emin.
I . " «. • , . . 1 . ,.
' ties are authorized to liirot-h, each, Id.
... ,
men.mid lïrasBnrtn. Austin, port lb-rid. Ihr
ris. K"ber'snn, Mdarn, Gonzales, ('obiraih*,
Jacks »n, Vic* *ri«.
No troops are authoriz 'd from tie
an I Ward, til
; each.
eastern countie*, unie** *>ili«fnrtory
xtirnncf* nr»« given of I heir ability to sub
sist themselves while passing through tin
West w ithout bnnheumg the people of that
Beef and such mmnniiition
section. I
in.iv lie on hand will he fiimi'h'-d by tie
•iovernment. Ti.e rendezvous is to h** a 1
the Sulphur Springs near the inou'li of th*
Citadi. 'I'he Telegraph states that Gen
Burleson, Col. J. II. Moore, nnd Col. Cook,
of Washington county, will join the expe
News from the int-r'or represent crop«
of all kinds ns unusually promising, and
ns a consequent:« the farmers are all in
good spirits.
After the nlmvft was in type, we met n
gentleman who had rc-civ il n 1**1 ter from
Galveston, informing him—on the nuihori
ty of Col CiMikc—that every merchant vex
scl in the port of Vera Cruz, anmn fifteen
or twenty had been pressed to convey M**x
Iran troops to the number of 7 003 to Yu
entail—as was said, but it is surmised
*h»-ir destination is the city of (lalvaston.
If this is so, nnd we cannot doubt it, a se
rious "flare up" may Ik* soon lookcJ for.
First Fntirs. —A hale of the present
year's growth of Cotton was
*he evening of Saturday lust, by Mensrx.
Nelson & Titus, Commission Merchants of
It emit»* Irmn the plantation ol
received on
our city.
A. II. Pogues, K-q., ot La Fayette County,
Miss., nod received the usual premium.
On Tuirsduy ls*t, n bale was teceived
by tbo same gentlemen from Dr. XV. S.
ntwmfH m u m
J — "1
Winfield, of Tippah County, Miss,
were shew n a specimen, fine, fnir, of Ion",
and excellent staple. The weather for n
«hört lime past has been very favorable to
'he maturing of the cotton, and we may
soon look for large supplies of this impur
• tint article of export. The crops in all
ipinrfers nre sa.d to lie almndant, and ot
excellent quality.— A in mil.
Manufacture of Silk in Ohio. —Mr.
lohn W. Ctll, of Mount Pleasant, Hamil
ton county ( Miio, manufactured
during the
last yeur upwards of 9!)lM0 worth of Silk
His clear profit on the capital in
vested was ten per cent, lie has three
large coeeoonertes, and commenced tins
season to feed upwards of two millions of
worm«, which, he calculates, will yield him
upwards ot six hundred bushels of cocoons,
worth at present prices $ 2000 , hut much
more to him, as he will manufacture the !
whole crop into various fabrics. Ha has
in operation six Pieduuintcso r* e's i
with improvements; one windin'* machine
lor raw or reeled silk; three twisting mu -1
eh inrs; preparatory for tramming;
machine; two tramming machines
for organzine. All the machinery except
ingthut lor weaving is propelled by a steam
engine, Yd the most delicate operations
are performed with the greatest e xactitude.
— Phil. Lctfgrr.
Tlie follow ing letter was written to a Com
mute of gentlemen in .North Carolina, m
answer to nn inquiry referiinglo a s ate,
ment made by Hr. Iltll. The nature ol
the statement is explained in the l> tier.
Washington C iv, June Cth, 1"I J. !
.1 , , . , , I
ilHtmni; — I have to acknowledge the |
! the V.M ot May. ]
only leach'd u>
receipt ot your le 1 er
without postmark, w hielt
vestiTilav, in which you say that Hr. Fred !
eriek J. Hill has dec an d ni a publie me ' j
mg that he heard (me) say in the Har- |
ri'lmrg (..'iinvf-utiun. tint (I) was m f vnr
of a I nili tl Stines Hank ns a matter of e\.
pedieney. mid ns the only means ot regu.
luting the exchmigis, in the restoration n j
a Miotnl currency throughout the Iniou. J
and desiring me either t*> admit or deny the
stiiteinent thus made, so ns to relieve you
iroiu unititi ntiunul error m contiudictiii '
In reply, I have to say, from my first I
entering on the theatre of public life to thej
present moment, I have uni otmly avowed .
tint same opunou, in nil places, to nil j«-r- ,
sous, and on oil occasions, where I hav» '
expressed mi opinion concerning it. viz: j
'hat Congress had no power conceded toil
by ihn Collet rut ion to incorporate a Hank
a.r the l ,ion, or to grant any corpora »
right« on* ol ihr- District of Columbia,or n
Tcrri'orv nf the United States. This u
oyer and ov< r ag iin ex
Vtrgmia L»*gislaUiie, in t!i<
ot It» pri sc nlativej, and in the Se
0 f the Uiiitnl State*, I v votes th-r. in
pinion has been
,, M .>M-d m the
|| 0 u>e
leeorilt d, and s|t* t-e!.« s and reports there
ll Ins also ÎK-en avowed tiefiir»* pop
t i. i i, *
alar asseuihhes, both orally and in wrt
tmg; anil now, probably lor the liundrciltii
time, I once more declare, that I d i not b*-
lievc that Congress has the right to charter ;
a hank b.r the l n.ted Males, by . x,.re- J
grant, nor by ih-rivatton, uiiie-s a cas '- h !
.-.itV shall uriM—which I do n-»t b*-- |
— intimately assr*-i«te,| 1
•Such, I an» happy to sav, was the opinion [
of ( «encrai Harrison: as expressed and
published in his Dayton speech, during tin
last election, and put l*»rr 1» to th** world in
his adilnss to the people of Cin innati in
ttRia.umi previously at firmed |»y Ins vote
m Illtt, in the House of Représentâmes . n
neve ever can arise
with the cxistcnc • ol Ilio l,"verimi< nt.
i moti.'ii hr a ncire facias to repeal the 1
•barter of the think, wlieu l had the plea* !
-lire to vote i»> he did.
I presume you must have misunderstood
Dr. Hill, ascribing to me the niter*uc»* re !
liticrcnt sentiments in Convention at Har
l isburg. I have no ree»»lh*ction of having
*|ieie*d my bps in that lnnly on any subject
whatever. In short, I di sta!«-, resting
ipon my memory, which is not apt to de
cive, that | was perfectly nnd entirely si
lent in that Convention.
I will add larther, that 1 WB* nominated j
to the Vico Presidency most unexpectedly j
, n myself—was w ho'ly unquestioned «ibmit
my opinions, and was »elecleti, as I firmly ;
lielieve, becau*e of my uniform opposition
to a broati construction of the Constitution,
, i .-., i
md my known advocacy ol the principle* j
of the g»ind old, holiest, Kepiihlican party,
I am, gentlemen, vour f»*llo«r citiz-n.
R »1 1 \i TV I Fit
JtUIN 1 1 l.l .1*.
To Mwr<* S. A. Ln«|M*%'rr f S. N. €.■:•!- \
towav and John Davis. Smithville, llruns
.irk a., N. c.
Cheap Lan4 anti llisb Nrgract. I
f BAI1E subscriber living twelve mites south
M of J irin*n_Ti biwninyn rrrunty Vôt , •~ ; ' 1 1
sell four or eight hundred acres of land for ne
gntes. 'I lie Und is a» good a* any in ttie Chick-i
a saw purchase, aad well watered. Eighty a
cres of tin* Unit are cleared—and in a fine »late j
of cultivation—with a good ganlen, and kevcr.il
cabins erccte .1 ou ,t. 1 have fixed the price for
ttiewU.1« tract at (3 SO, and 4 lot the beat
Jas. iv r. lia
Sept. 3d, 1842. 4«w pr». fee
. 1 »•*"* « a lady j„ X L
,s '»'««he
M i ^r.n hcrtca or J
American gold
Ihnk of Louisiana
Gas Bank P>Wi'*l
»■•xcliange Bank.N CVU. uwN
Improvement Hank do n af; *
Atchafalava Hank T
It.mk ol Orleans ,i.. i® a *3 £1
( ilizens Hank Ä" 5
< oiiMilidateil, j
Louisiana Mate V**(s .
< anal 1 * a lf| *
toinmcreial '•*»1» .
City <0 £
Municipality \ m . i&>i° V*» ?
** Fo. 3 *o a Is 7
Commercial Ilk Naict, I tUa7a 2
payable at N. Orleans t So » 3 j ,
overcigns, . . ... R
* 5 '2«52i ,
4*J Dt Pt»k
.!" w 4
•6 « j;
10 * I t do
* Parai
P "M i
•* a 'i dj
.' »? r "3<!n *
) u a Ijd, *
?' a * a
1(1 » l-'lWiJj
aMB ^lo„ev k.
3 M
K 1
* '•*». Treasury Notes,
iianV^îr (CiSTSuSST 1 *
Alabama, - . '
Arkansas State Rank,
It Real Estate,
Miss. I'. Ha ik post notes,
Agricultural Natch, t t
I't.inters do
Port Cibson,
(•rand Gulf.
( "in, R. R. Vicksburg,
^ *
. ï:st *
f, ^ ii
3 a
*iMKka«t v
^ RfJ [-. r «- * ?r8J
Agnctiltiimt bank. (( ofiuuhia)
Uk.ol the Male of Tenu. NasbrilW
i -

City Rank. (Mobile)
('ummercial Hank, F.ntcrpriV
j' 1 ' ,l !' 1 M*'elianls^'Ilk, Ihmuti^ r*
loinficc klu-e I tank. m. m, j
Planter s bank ul l'.orctiec
State L.iiik ot Alahauij,:U Tuval.«*,-n*
ALL OTIIF.Rs !•'* n>•jiVnn
Bank of Ntwbern, New hem)
^'j V* (Vi'IVFI'S *'^* 1
* -pu r ADOLl.N \
Rank of Chi raw, Clieraw'
f Nl
'» 6 rnEMiu
• ; !
c.i 8 rr.tMiui
Hank of Co'iimhie, (IVilumhos Jltjx
<;< i';, r | " ,a H - ^ 11 « Atbe»; Moi
hr.uith, .Aujjibt»)
lîl Mi «V Fill;*,
Comniiosiim Mcn-Imat* ned farters
7T. respect fully renew Ikr rfi-r o f «■
«er» ices to mir fii*mU and tie Pi.r'nH
gi ncr dis . au I ue.irm litem lit it wc loll H
tfiee in Ot-ti»!»er next, to a lege ti'oAi H
Ibtck Ruilditigs 'licn-tii'orrorriiNwl av'-H
Wirr-llitiN',5 un the virrrr at MateraBi8- H
I .mu- Streets, a few rj.lv nortlririst ir^m er H
present liM-at'iin. H
On the opening of its* comin;s-'sm *i- * ■
( ash .Imim'I" 1 ■
.nr o
a* usual, make i.iazavt.
'ht i, .n is ii ism. hut in t bf »fill til« »"
. ' . . . ii, »mvh
not advance or nen-pt on t'* fm«in,c
p,, tl ,.j ( 0 j, c ;(ll j F«inil> w;*'le' > D»
(î !«. Ar. I uwpver. nre »Iwnv* forni-W<*
r:i Id. wlien reqiiiml by Planter^mg*'-*
-,*or i.i'ormalwm concerning H*
, v hicti hu,i«:e-. cntriistisl
»«»r practical ka.»wkstg<ï«ftj* 1^, '
an-l onr acquaintance wtlh t H ^ t
wr h«»if li ave to rcirr i»h**o 10 wim .
iK-r-oa dty knuwn, toanv ot itie g»*r. ^
'luring five years that our fini» f ' 1 ' ' %
iMinuredtis wit b tlieir nMifi'Icnct*^,^
;*t.I i —
AVOOI,! WOOLit W0®l» !!!
hainl at ki»***
ru t II F. «ub«crit»er bason
M Pontotoc, and also at lu»!'b n i -
il«-s west of Pontotoc.a lire
|„. will sell lew, aaJ in*»tc*
ot' purchaser* tliereto,
U <*
i y. WlLlt
August 31, l"-»'-«
, lirroi ol ' _ . |*g.
^ irciiit ( ourt to î * t * ,,CT ^
JotinGordoo / >B j rtint***'
j 0 j tn stone. '
RMbcrt ||„nt,siimmonel
r*UIE Attachment in
( the «nit of John Gordon h**'*;
»*«' John Stone for the «»" ' 'j* 'hi ****£
( W? lÄl^Ä
s-«. L»rÂ*i25l*îSf«i
Montlay of September »
intf also been r ''. n,r,, 7-ànusii'C.
been summoned h oarni«" \ntn'* s ;-.
||MW tn-fore *atd **''■ • bB ,
hy given that unless < ? M> , ■iihm^ o.
near, give «prend r ^. , n w 1
»'•»'ted for kr» f •• •'3#
wil , ^ eutertsl andtbr f*'
^,11 k< »ui «0 iati»IV ^
ellrctsor debts in t^e * * j.i»
••■»'•'rg 1 '» ... rri
" Il IBDÏ w. *rM22i».
Aag. 57th, i: *"
- "_ aTOR'j
AD Kjll'I'l 4
J'lli.* STA'lT* OF Ml *- 1 i
* ItiWA»»» CorVf»* ia n
. , ( -„urt Julv T**".
., VL n I»
W OTI * ^{So«i* fi* I
.N r . H jr a , t»w « M
Nctkoadrc d to V| l >od«> ^e)t«'

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