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„y y w IKÏfmt
ïTJMVS — Pontotoc County.
un bv Win. Pitt* living 8 miles north .
Y.** rood, one
horse supposed to be 11 hands high,
^B 11 '^'11 snrui" with a white snot mi the
■ S ni g a *flax mane and tail appraised to '
■ Anoraied »>y C. II. Little, and Jar
B*~ j F. vmcjm.trn. Peace.
H_,. t 8 th
K r isen up by Samuel Knowles living i
HP , . ,,f Ellis Town one clav batik horse
H '. 1 *' 1,1 1 J ,'t Spur.-'.and about ,, ,, inil ,,
■ ,, mx,v" dollars by Joseph
I Knowles. '
—ks.ndJ- ■ NCAN Jus. reace
™ J . r '
lîlli. .
STkEX up bv Thos James, living about one j
^V u „„',| 0 f I'oiit «toc, one dark bay liorse, sup- ]
about three years old, nearly lour- :
high, lett bind tool white, a small
*3 »«it in the fortdtead, long mane and tail;
« old«" thirty dollars, by 11 . Lclisppi and;
j j lM s
— , n d subscribed before me this 19th
ftîVli 1!. iM ITC I i EL. J. I*.
v i . Tl I Dunmn tu t
col Jr wnh'a limb M-.t . 1 ,
H: " ...Tkeil » ill. a crop and under bit in t
one ol a daik brown color with
H'i:tarÄ* faee.cropiu Urn loll .-ar- !
a * J .ml split in the right car. Appraised to
< rW i ,'| p. hv Henry Pitts and Alt'onl Limcns.
■ subscribed to b* tore me. 'Judo!
T. I>. KIDI>,
id NCAN, Rangt r. :
1 ' .lust ice of the Peace. I
t prs fee $3 i
S.. rj 2 'S' IT Ej m2 'SO tStjSfj
I * 4 " ... .. f
L. "RN I onlotoc isliss. on i i" "''„r
BX ll August, el.. a _ negro. ii
iiiiplexajn. atioiit •> «**«•« s J' r , ;
b chi s high, w illI weigh alHinl 1 »»
pound*, about -«> years ot age. :
face rallier long, urge white teeth,
speaks quick when spoken to,
sais lus name is I om, anti mat
Thompson Crenshaw, ot »alt«»- i
Hurt ß'lb, 1 ' 12 .
' 4
S,bel 1 'll" s
ti*ar«.untv A/iss. The owner is requested lo j
1 , 11 'uar.l, prove properly pay chai and
be will be dealt wi*l« as the
Deputy Hier iff.
hun away, or
.Itr ..nt r 1 I,..vine ltr.-n a: oinled i
Rir un.!« r-ignc«l iiaving ** r ' vL, * "
atimuiixtialor of the estate '"".'ijà "i
Dims ttceeascti, at tiw lune term 1-4., o :
Pruhale court ol i ippahconniy 10 ttre *t a ''' ;
|lis»i*sippi, notice is therefore given i» ait
■i'" 1 ' '' * r Lim* against saw estate to
■ Lent them properly aut heul icatnl. w ihm the
■ |c pi«-, rd»« d by taw*, or they wilt t>e tain !—
I |nr-"nsiiulchttsl t<> said « state are required
akepaynwnt immeiliatelv. ;
W H.Ll.i.M II. J.'M'KSON,^Jmr. j
l.i-tiw* i
NOT: €5%
ogust la,
I THE STATU, t >F M|SSI<S||»|*I, $
1 Chick \swv County.
■«hate( ourt. Term, Is* Monthly in July, 1842.
Bt appearing to tin' satisfaetion of the Court
■ that the personal estate of Jackson M. De
Kii'is't. di«'« iseti.is insufficient lopay bis detits
Ktk-v I- thcre'bro. hereby given to all (aTsons
Hdi.U'l m the lands, tenements and hcreiii
B'iiit, belonging tilth«* said dri'ea-oi's estate,
B^Dp;H*ar Im 'oii* the said I'rohate Court at the
Biurt-lHitise ill t ho town of 11 « ill-ton, «>11 the fir-t
orulav ,„t>< lo .er next, lo sh««w c .« 1 «?, it ny
tv can. ivhv a., nr,1er si,.„.Id not l„* made lo
'l*TV f-: (TS
■ IflF. und.Tsigneil admin rtr «tor and ado.ui
B i-ti.itnx of the e-tate of Danii l t ox. late
■< lioctaw county. decea*e«I; gives notice *"
■ ier*««ns hohlmgclaim« against saiil I'stato t«»
■r-oiit them within tint time prescribed b^ law.
■ liwv wul be forever barre l
NAM V < t)\..7!m'x.
14 4«v I'r's. fee i'j .70.
ll tlie said lands, dec., 1 r so much tbereuf as
h ient lo pay tlie debt».
JlVnni'.s 1 I 1 .* Honorable I). B. Glover. Judge
ot'tlie snd Probate < i<url, with tin* seal!
ttisrili* annexed, the
July L'42.
T.N. MARTIN.( i k.
ll-4w* IV*. fee ;7 «»;>.
W A f. 1 -IÎ.
■ *ri . . , r -
■ nereis at tins time n-o ut
' • , ' 1 -*• I have been pay *»u thi 1 •
a min,hi*r .,f ,K*rs,.,.« tor more ;
*»,ths, :„,.l am apprelie.is.vL* it I continue to
vitmueh junger gentlemen, y.mtui' !*-»»{
,'v a 1 ,, mrèler. ,lt ';il postage tor
L.rt ion g per, 0 , 1 , are r,*.«|„ cttnily rei|ucrtixl
► Mjake pay mint.
Tins i«otn*e g, ntlemrn I would by no means
ire construed into a dun, but simply intend it
I* plain unequivocal cull >«„ 1 . to r. duml
monev that I have good natumily pail to.
h I'o-t Office Department on your account tor
M»|i*per postage.
August G. 1842.
Ï FTTrn« bavin** been
ln' U ,l r - | V ;! ' 1 n0 " C '' ,S .^Fstate H "e
■ '—.«i.ng claims against s..;«d L-'*
.ll„n Ihe tune prescribed by
■bit tlie
■rua y will he towver barred.
prs fee f 3 ad
s uite u
■ July 30 1 M 2 .
13 Gt
Y virtue of a decree ot Hie Hon. Superior
( <mri ot't 'hanccry made at Oxforilon the
Plstdavof April A. D 1841 in the ma* 1 er of
ilDnry ( 00 k et. al. comphinant», »*- Evelina L
►'f Dowell et. nl. D lls. I shall offer at pnhtie
^uctmn. to Hie higl^t bidder, on tl«e public
rr in ibe town of P«min»oc. on Thureiuf
»mb day of October 1842, »h .t parcel ol
■K*w known as Section 1«. in rownsbip4.or
•hi# II, West of the Baiis Meridian acr.or
ln 2»o the public Survey of the Chickasaw
«»wo King ai„| being in tl« Statnof «Mi-»iss
JPt.oo a rredit of si< Months, tho purchaser
fiiting Umd with ai«pr. ve«l «ix urirt.
prs Le
U r.
■ >
Ju!y 30 1 M 2 .
W W » « ai * •■.» W é> W a • K>
UE undersigned. commissioners, appointe!
JL h V *•» B«* ®* **«•"» lor Chickasaw |
< -''nty. will receive prop wal*. until the 1 st dav
ot November, 1M2, tor building a HOLLOW t
KATONG'HIE,or» the main road lead
feet wale with turn outs at suitable distances.—
e "' er ' nl î' ^»tthgoodie
o in ,, 1 ", 0 . " !" '~V u ". " :l ' r . a - v, ' ar '
"•*'»« '«•■ ' !: "e of Ins hond. and to keep t besame
* r «*ï;=».r hjr the term year. ...r which lie
may takeit. 1 he remuneration to be the right
«* *»•«« »«trig the hnd.-e. a,
may be agreed on with (lie Board. Tlie propo
wl should specify the term ol ye rs and t lie
rale ot toll, at winch the applicant may be will
mg to undertake the job. |
Any lm il««.*r information in relation to the «uh
ject will be ciicerltillv given bv application to !
llhe commissioners, at Houston, Mis*.
CVHI S |t. l(\Lj)W|N, t j
rilO S N MARTIN. Commissioners.
July 30, IM.'. ï:u:u ' prsfeeîG
^ olufiibiis Arktis will publish the atiovcllircc
_ .
t . . , ~ --
! . * 6 ! > ' 5Ci *
Hll virtue ot a deed in trust executed to me
| w as trustee bv l.illletierry Lcttwich on the
»ith day ol June IfS/T, and duly recorded on tlie
I-tli day of same month in the office ot the Pro
: hate C'ltTk of Ih'soio County, tosecure the pay
I mint of a certain Billot Exchange therein
i mentioned, to tlie President, Directors and < 'oui
pany o Hie Agricultural Hank of Mississippi. I
'hall expose to public sale for cash, in front ot
jtheC'oiiit House door in the town ot Pontotoc.
on the hth day of Oct. next, an undivided moiety
half of sections hand Î, and of lown.liip 3. i
and range !», west; in tlie ( hickasaw cession
; and State of Mississippi. The same being con-1
vc y (H j 1o |nt . secure the debt before describe«!; !
: iltt ^ u balance thereof remaining due and un- !
((( , " j
Acting ns trustee. I shall only convev such ti
tic as is in me vested.
i JtMlN I). BRADFORD, Trustee.
la-td ttrs fveâll
July ! 0, I -4g.
c.. e re:. s ss e: fsvf a. v.
1 ▼t'®'"!' Il A VE recently received in addition
! V v to our tornier stix-k, .V2 pieces of prints.!
I (b-rndsomrstvb*) and adopted lo the present sea*
J .on; together wirb u lot ol eommoirprints from 1
i ' ls l-' r ?.. " 1 ^ mo-li'is d.e per j,ais.;
gr ig'i im- 2 » t.» 4 4 5 ; ble rrlie I an I brown drill- 1
rugs, 1.7 to 2.7 i ts- Va. rrianufaeture<l negroeot-i
: t(M1< a vu ; ic in >r article; t!-l malting, a g«*sl ar- 1
; Bek*. Simol silk.do. cotton; patent thri'ad, coal
moisit otloof ros*-* Rhelp s superior black wiit
j fluid,faint lined veliumletter pajicr; do fuuU*
p,«.other with entry other articles, to wbiel
wc rt . s r,ect!ull\ invite theattintioo of hnvi i«.
j P(in Jn]y 16 ,v W . Ju!y Midi.
i |p above will be sold very low for
Alt ha ma nuinev; and still lower lor Tenu, or j
other current money, and for specie vet a little
cheaper. D. «V C.
*« • "J ""!. 1 ' ! «* " .
snutl. «ist quarter ol section No J2, lound.ip
No. I,range No7.
J ANE B AKER. f Adm's.
• * i i
JTTtV ORDER of the probate reurt I will sell
ü* ^7 the following land belonging to tlie estate of t
j Richmond Baker «leeease<l,t«*'he l«igbc«t hiihler
at the court house ihior in the town of Jacinto
Moiidav the 22nd of August next «in a credit
Ti-IIoMIM;*» CotNTV.
i I
TI.« E*|*»F>n(0 A ol* T£n!;»
OIUIIIM» * O.UUA Tal-s**., !
AVING on the 23d «lav of Oe'nlier 1841, '
j kQ granted letters of A«lminisfra*ion on Ihe
esta'eof Riclimond Raker ilerea«d. N«»tn «*i'
Iieirl vgiven to all |«ersonshavingelaimsagainst
! It.«* i stale of the said d, cedent, to exbi'itthe'
! sam** within the time limited by law.or the same
> . , 1 ,, t .i
1 J u lv r>th 1842. JOHN M BAKER >
j tl |v U» ll-3t prs fee $G
... , aM
j •' 4
4 Adm's.
.... . . ,,
J'Y virtue of a «.er.l of tm-t exeeuleil by
Titr st s t u:
f JY virtue ot a «.er.i 01 ir<i-« « x. > . 0 « «« «>>
]{l John Woo'drieh on the Dtb «Dy oH etn
her 1841 to ine a« Trustee, io s« lire the pay*
n H -nl of certain debts Hierein mention, 2 . which
- I. ii heen «lii'v recirdeti m the «»lli« - «* * 1 ! the /V«»
|, aW4m sa < ounlv. Mi-«.m D««sl
«. ». \,, : ,, a ;7.7d. GO and til : I will iwi tlie
.g.v „1 IbTemher n. xl.at the I ourt hou-e
' ' „! ,„wn of Fnltun. m-.I !.. the h,gl.es« hnhl.T
*, |c ,„||,„vmg «l.-er, (»<',! tract nl land
i*'"i Ti'ÂÏ fa*
J Tt.«t.tl. lo said land L
hHnoed to Ur g,s> I. but I will only convey such
vested in me tothe j»orrl.as« r.
it H'lc a J. ROBINS, Trustee.
j ,
to. - '*
- ,,
Ï'.IX ( OM«M B «K - MM*.
Notic**.—Oon tlie'eetuid Momlay in October
next,at H* Court house in the town ot Ripley i**
»aid County, I will expose lo public sale, tor
Kenn . The South If. qr. N^.ion 29.Township
Range I. E The >*„,th L. «;r. >i et,
T , )Wll rt,ip 3. Range 1, East; taxes #3. •»'teil as
the proportyof John D * mw* :- hc .
ur. SiTtion "M Township .». Range », r.as ; taxes
>3 7.7 list ml as tlie property ul I laden Irigg.
Ttu "' kJ ~ "THOMas «hoove.
Tax Collector 01 Tippah Counttv JWiss.
July 2. 1M2
COMMITTED to the jail of
Tippah county 00 the Mhot Ju
ly, '842, a negro boy about 11 or
1 'Jwhis old, dark' complexion,
spare made, and will weigh about
7.7 or 8 « pounds, four te* t eight
j* inelie* high, an«! call* lit« name
"*** Washington, and savs hr be!o*«g
tn Th rans llerief««ni of Tii«cumlHa.^*.«. Tue
owner is requeste«! »«* c«*m** tnrwanl. prove pro
iwnv.pav cha-ges and lake him away, or he
.. •It he dealt withaecor :m'.* '«* law
will be lie ll ^ ^ , loGF P S J T r
1 j-3»v pi'* feu $2 ÖJ.
,]u*ui! 13,1:43
District Court of the United States, Nor
them Diät riet of Mississippi.
-~t 0 T 1 CE is hereby given to all persons inter
^ ested,that ROItEUT C HANC E, of Tip
pah county, has tins day hied Ins petition lor the
Suicût oI ,„e P.uikru-i Law.and that the third
vtoodav of October, 1-4.'. has (.can appointed
by the « ourt tor the hearing of the same, at the ,
cion room in the town ol Aberdeen, Mississippi.
September 1st 4 M '
'i... ' G. M RlGSDufLG m
s..„i aj uh 1 - 4 w '
* * * " .
District Court of t lie United istaies, Nor
ii \|,«L
thtru District nl
Ko. 433,
_ T#wlrP , r „w ... „ • , .
\ , h'-.HlO M?S F I »ItONn-stlN.ff
t ll i «i , , , . i i , »
„"X. benefit' ot the Banknîp. L.uTaud 'that
the thn.l Monday ol October 1-1 ». has been ap
rturned by tbe court tor the Im ariug oil lie same, !
at llw court room ,o the town ol AÎicnleen J/.s
si-sippi. August -'..1^44.
Test: G. M. RAGSDALE. Cl'k.
Sept. 3,1843. l'- 4 w
- -—:-:-- — sa |
District Court oil lie L inn d IStHtes, Nof |
them District of Miss ss i pi.
. * '
No. 423.
»»atipc • |.„,,p._n ..._
X ' ,s ' .J* . , ' ' 1' .
^ ^ interested. »Mt W.M. Mil III nl lip*
i poll County, has tliis day filed his |«/ition for
tlie benefit ot tltc Bankrupt Law, and that II«*
Third .Vomlay of Octotier, 1-4.', I.a-hern ap
! pointed bv tlie Court for the hearing ot tlie same
! la the Court loom in (he town of Aberdeen, j
j Mississippi. August 34th 1842 i
Te»!: G. M. RAGaUALE. Clerk.
August 31, 184 i 17 4 w
' _ •
,, .. .
Distrp:t Court .»I tin? Lotted .Nt:it«*s Nor
them Di-tnct. of Mississippi.
I Vt it ion «t.
_ _ No. *12t.
''ÄTOTICK is hereby given to nl! person- j
i-w intere.ted, lli.it III IL\.M K. ROtîKIlS 1
1 nf Ti fount y bas this day fried his peti
||on , (| . , (|(> „1 1 l, c . Bankrupt L -w.:.n«l
.« . .« « u 1 c i\ . « »^«.i « 1
that the J bird Monday of Oeiolier. 1-4.. h «s ;
been apimintid by tlie t oort for the heating «»t
ih«' s.iiu.at the ( ourt room in the townoi Alier
deen, Mississippi. Augfst 24. »342.
I C'st: (#. M. KAG^DALL, l IcrK.
August */!, Is4i 17 4ir
District Court «•! 'In* United States, Nor
1 bet 11 District ol Mississippi.
No. 121.
LTOriCr. is hereby given ton'l persons
xl inter* sied, tin«*
11. M. Al.LU.X ol
<'arr»iH county, has this «l.«y filed his petition
I for the benefit of the Bankt upt Law, aud that
the'l bin) Monday ot Oetoher,l842, ha* ht*en ap- i
i pointed bv IlieCour* for tlie hearing ot tlie same, l
,<i tlie Court room in tbe town of Aberdeen,';
m' 1 '' 1 ' 'lb ,u
t 1 '
Anglist 22 . I M 2 .
G. M. RAGSDALE. Clerk.
17 4»v.
August 31, 1842.
District ('«nul of ihe United Stales, Sor
ti. er« District of Mississippi.
Ti.homingo Ununty. has thi* day filed h s peti
lion for the benefit of tho B «iiknipt Law. ami
t!iiMbe4lh.V.ii«day«»IN*ptfinliei 1843. hut hewn I
appointed by the t 'ourt h«r the hearing of the !
»ante,at the Court loom in the town of Aber
dem, Mississippi,
,-lugu-t Hi, 1843.
lest. G. M. RAGSDALE. Clerk.
Atv*u-t 2ft. 1342. 16-4t.
JOTK'lv is her* hv given lo all persons
intf»ws»nl. timt LKU IS

file* United Stabs, N**r
Distiict Ci „ 11 1 0
tliern District of Mi>
2TGTICE is hereby given t«» nil persons
^ 3 iiner. si,-d. ihm TbU MAN J. SMITH.
ol Yallabiisha County, lias ibis day filed his peti* i
I ion for t he benefit lit Ihe Bankrupt Law, and
that the 4th Momlav of Septcinlier Is4. , .liastn-i ii
|, v P e Court lor the hearing of tlie
i «ame. at the ( ourt room in
deen, Mississippi.
.-In gust 14, I M2.
»Ju-Us. ~0, 1842.
..... -r«*l
the tow'uel Aber-;
----- „ . s ,v ur
DtsiflCl C.mrt ol Hi« D 'ol , ^ ur '
; tliern District of Mtsst.-sippi.
»TICK is l.r*r«hy given to all person«
into«*«'. .1, il.nl .1 \ MK.S W. Cl B>t »N,
oI ,Var*l.alt Count v, has this day filed hi* peti
f„ r t»..* hem lit of the Bankrupt Law . and
that the 4 th Mnixlav of Spt. 1-42, has nix 11 ap
., „,„,.,1 | lV U,e Court lor Hie hearing ol the
. «.,.«.„,, . . ... ilu* i«.»n «*' Abtr
a .™* M, J-m o.
4 ' .4 Yloo
Tes' 'g Jtf. RAGSDALE, Clerk.
.lugust 2J.1842. 1G-4U
Q | | ct Court of the United Stute», Nor*
^ -x-^w*. r .„ 0
,tp7, n „„cc County, has this day filed bw ,>eti ;
. for Uie ..,„e Bankrupt Law. and
|h#| , |ic 4(ll M un , !ay o( s*pl. 1842,ha* hceu a|»
»„„nie.! hv Hie Court for the hearing of the
s . im e, at ihe Court room in the town ot.lber
Jtfci* ,8,J -
n 02 4 ^ 41 .
DUtrici ..; .*f ^l'""-J
them District ol Missnoi'pi* 1
No 242. i
Jotice t» her* l«v piven to nil reran»»« tn
■ te reste, I, that CARUAEL «DUTCH,
iff the Countv «f T**ho*»ingo ha* this day filed
•its netitien l«»r ike benefit of the Bankrupt L«w. I
«ml tha* tlie Fourth .»fond «y of September. 1
1S4* has heen appointeil bv Ute Court <i.r tlie 1
bearin'* of Hie iimr at the'Ctturf n«o in t*«e i
-own of Aberdeen. M.s.s.-mpi. J.dv 18 I-42. \
re.i. G JL RAGaLVïLE, Clerk. I
jSy»,lSe 4w-li
iPzmiaAia^ ôj:süï£)©i
1I,b * 1 A 1 h UF _ WU SISÄ,m »
Itawamba County.
PROBATE COLT.T, September Tl erm 1842
J , . . . term
>«>"*<* » given load persons in terert
, £ H* estate of Abram K.iyHendall, dec d.,
»'• ^ andappar at the September Term of our
Probale Court for Itawamba County, oo the lat
Monday thereof, when the undersigned Admin«
itr.ilor will present his account for final settle*
tnent and allowance,
June I s . 1942.
r«,.,,, nil(l c (A1 ..- <ilH
1 «Il III îlllfl ^loc K lor fcîilc,
FBAlIE SUBSC RIBER offers his Farm Iv
« mg three miles east of Fa,mew, ,n til..
ccMintv, for Sate. It is a tract ot 160 acres,
jjjf Ï t j "dlin'J'ai^oml us^'ti a
s? ck bTlon^in.? IK 1 Farm J Ï
! ..'i pô ^~ 1 p! i , , ^Tn t 's f «?*
Y^obtXr^hv Lu^n lèdare PP J
" > c l • .1 • p. f .p
** " '•
1 TT VIRTUE of a deed in trust executed by
B P James .4/ .rtiri to me as Trustee to secure
ihe payment of a certain sum ot money due by
the said James Martin to Willoughby S West
dated the ;kl day ol August A. D. 1840 and
duly reeordetl in the office of tlie Clerk of ih«
Probate «iHirt of t hiekasaw county, .A/iss. 1 will
sell on Monday tlie 5th day of December next
at the court house in the loivu of Houston
at public auction to the highest bidder for silver
j or its equivalent the following described tract or
i panel ot land, to wi': The Wist half of lha
Northwest «jnnrter of wet ion thirty six, in
Township twenty two of range nine. East of tli«
• basis of meridian of the late < hoctaw cession.
!Said tract of land has Stt or 25 acres cleared
^comfortable cabins \c.
HE Fall Session of the School under them
perintendance of Mrs. Frances Rootes will
commence on Tuesday the 5Ui July. Terms of
tuition the same as heretofore.
June 25th 1342.
8-3t. prs fee |2
7-2m prs fee 95
MayW 4
ü prs |26
May 231812
! July 2 nd
H AVE removed to the house recently occu
1 — l*»cd by J. W. Drake, Esq., one half mi!a
; f rom |, )WII upon the Rinlev road,
scut upon |im'e-»ional business, ]
times be found almv residence orat mv office in
Town. ' 4 HAS. P COFFIN.
piintntnr Mav 2ht, IN'i.
Unless ab
shall at all
Lbs first rate new Bac< n
ou hand, and for talc,ve
ry cheap for cash,
April 2,184?.
LARGE lot of Blank Books. Record Books,
and School Books ou hand and for vatu
i April 2.11-4'—
Lbs. common bar and
s'ab i ton on hand und
for sal« by Ihe .subscriber.
J. N. U'lLIE.
A prill 2.1942
.lu»t lietcivnl ami For ftalr,
20 Di z. assorted size Weeding Hoe*.
4 do Grubbing do
o ('oilin'» Axe*,
4 ( | u Kings
j do Collm's best Broad Axes.
ALSO, a lot ol trace chains Arc
1 -tf.
May 7,1842
r;sTi:.iYS-Tm'\n county.
TOKEN up I y Davis \V. .Irmour, living
sixteen miles south east of Ripley, near tho
t arrollvdle road on dry creek, one bay maro
.'IIso one bay year ol«i horse roll—no
ponv; . .
, n «rksorbran 1* nerceivalde; apmaisedby Wil«
tMeCartv i.n l Tbos. Roberson, to Ç3Ü.
April IG, 1-42.
T.fKEN up bv Ransom rnlier living two and
half mile» «ouih east of Spring Hill, one sor
horse, with s iinewlnta flax male and tail,
a large ball in his lace, about five year*
old, no other marks or brands perceivable; ap*
pr.ii«. «1 by Nathan Nooner and John Simpson,
lo$4d. July 23, lM2.
T.IKF.N unhv. lohn Murrv, living nine mil««
north ot 111 ,dev,«me bay mare, brand« d on the
|.. t , s |„„,|der and thigh with the letters W at d
T.7KF.N up bv Richard Smith, living fideen
miles west of Ripley on ithe' water«> of Wolfnrfir,
one y. k.* o oxen, one ml and «kite with a crop
«»tl tl.e lett car. an.l umkr bit in Hie right—the
other is a ,taik ml. will, w hue m both flanks
,naike«l sinooth crop and un.ler bit m tl«e right
ear ami over bit m the lett; Ih„I, rosed to be
s,x years old; apprais.sl to forty dollar* by Jew«
Lasscter and Lewi* McDeuoy Jagm\ i, 1843.
T. JKF.N upbv John Reel, living fifteen mile»
west of Ripley, one yellow brindle steer,
marked with two split» in tlie left, ear and one
Jugusl 13, . lo2w
; L; about seven years old; appraiscil by Charles
\\ alker and Vmccn Cooper, to fat). ,4pnl 3»).
tub state of MISSISSIPPI*
TlsItoMlNOO Cou.xty.
Sqvtnr. Booxt
Aitach't for #3CC,69
1 -,
Lirkix A. CevtfiOTOX.
To October term 1842, Circuit Court levied.
rgMlE attachment in the ubore stated cas*
1 three hundred and sixty six dollars, and sixty
i eight cent s, or thereabouts, having been issued,
I« turn. 1 'ale to the next term ol tlw circuit court
oj - >a j i co ,„,|y on tlie second IMonJav in Octo
herrext.und the same having been re urned
and being now pending beloie said c jurt; notice
I is hereby given that unless H e said deiendant
1 xhalla|tpear, give sjiecial bail and plfrad wttliio
1 ihe time limited for h»s appetraitcu in aaid case,
t*«e i judgment will be entered, and the estate »0 at
\ H-clwd l wdl be sold l " V.' "i TAVLoî?*
I Julv 2 üH«. 1M2. CALYNN A. TAYLOR,
' July -Utu 4*l prs. lee W. Uert

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