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Eastern Utah advocate. (Price, Utah) 1895-1915, August 01, 1912, Image 8

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ABAwtl- , ? 'fUPWzS- - v " """ " 3.---- , ?
Hi .. r, . ' " -t BAl
ABA; O. O. Walker of Wood a I do was
ABA a Savoy guost during tho weok
U E. J. Cook of Orocn Hirer wns
ABAf registered nt (ho 8avoy thin week,
ABA? Mr. and Mr. E. Lloyd of Sun
ABA nysldo were guest of tbo Savoy Inst
ABAl Monday.
AAA D. I). Houtx Is n Tavern guest
ABAy today, coming down from Zlon Tues-
BBfi day last.
BH 1 Lars Jonson of Scotlotd was
ABA , transacting business nt I'rlco tho
ABA first of tho week.
ABA Mr. nnd Mrs. Has Frandscn
ABA spent tho Twenty-Fourth with rol-
ABA ntlvos nt Ml. 1'lcnsant .
A It. P. Cnffoy of Salt I.ako City
ABA l hero today an business. Ho Is
ABA rerlslored, nt tlio Tavern.
ABA John Y. Smith on mo in this
AAA)' morning from tho east after making
ABM ' i trip through Colorado.
BBB' N. 8. Nollson caino In from Mt.
AAAf I'lcasant last Sunday to look nfter
BBA Ids varied Interests hereabouts,
BBLi Nell M. Madscn was down from
BBm Scoflold last Saturday to nttond n
BBl" meeting of tho high school board.
BBfl' Mrs. I,. It. Evans has returned
BABJ ' to Castlo (Into ntler n very plens-
BAA1 nnt visit with relatives nt Halt Lako
BABJ ' -Mrs. Edward C. Hampton of
BABJ, ' Kcnllworth oamo down from that
AAAA! en mp Tuesday for n visit with Mrs.
AAAA i Matt ailmour.
BBM(J Mrs. Harry (Ion as has returned
BBA to her homo In Salt I.nko City nf-
BBALl tor spending scvorat days with her
BBJfi; husband In I'rlco.
BBJr-1 Mr. nnd Mrs. Fred Paternoster
BSBJ, ' of Sunnysldo nro In I'rlco tentnornr-
BABJL 11 lnco their homo nt tho coal
ABAt ' camp was burned.
m Mr. nnd Mrs. 1. M. McArthur
AAAA ' of Mt. I'lcasant worn guests over
BSBJ tho Twenty-Fourth with Mr. mid
ABAV 1 Mr orRo Hylond.
AVBJta J. S. Johnson nnd family loft
BABx Tuesaday morning for nn outlux in
BBAu tho Strawberry country to bo gono
BBAfrl ten days or two weeks.
BBAt Mrs. J. W. I.oofbourow nnd
BBAv daughter, Miss Ruth, departed Hun-
ABAAr "ay nwnlnic for nn oxlonded visit
BABA w,t'' rolatlvc 'u California.
ABAK Claude L. King, of tho law
BABff , firm of King ft King, was transact
BAAv' Ips business nt I'rlco yesterday, bo
BABI H ihg a guest of tho Tnvorn.
Ht 8. C. Shorrlll of Salt Lako City
BBAV " a guest of tho Tavern yestcr-
BAwAf j 4nv un olto to Hlack Hawk, whom
ABAw 5li' ' building fifty now houses for
BABAv the coal company.
BABJ 1 - E. it. 10 of tho Wells wn do-
BBBL, Ing business at I'rlco tho first nt
AAABjLri tho wook, returning with a largo
AAAB' consignment of merchandise for his
AAAB. (' goneral storo there.
BAAwM " J" A' Tno of Winter Quar-
AAABji ;' cr v"tl nt lr'ca ln Saturday prov-
AAAVr ,nc UI on ll1 homestead lu. Spring
AABA; t Canyon. Ho ts now chief clerk for
AAAW tnc U"1'1 l''"c' mPan)r nt th for
AAABj't mor place.
ABH Judgu and Mrs. I U, Wools
AAAAf nnJ tjiolr son, Freddie, returned
AAABj Tuckday from a trip or sovornl days
AAABi vrl,n the Oundersons In tho moun
AAABJ tains nmr Scofleld, They report n
1 ------------ most pleasant time.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Hans DonUon of
Sunnysldo and their fatuity nro vlslt
lng with their parents, Mr. and Mrs.
PPp Joseph Dentseu, and Mr. nnd Mrs.
AAABJ I Joseph Lund, respectively.- Castlo
ABLW'lj " Progress, 27th.
H4 rrca Wn trous and (leorgo E.
BJAAV.ni Mulvoy, tho former only nn ml I tor,
BAAv 1 1 "ni1 tho 'nttor ll prominent rancher
AAAH H nmI lm,l,,e" "inn of Myton, were
AAABJ J urrlvals from tho north jwiterdny ;
BABJ ; 'riie' wo,lt froll lioro to Zlon. I
Miss Hcsslo Kennedy leaves to
day for Kansas City and St. Louis,
nnd Its branches, Including tho Ulng
whoro sho will solect hor fall stock
of millinery nnd study tho fashions
In two of tho best mnrkots of tho
United 8tntcs. Bho will bo nway
about threo weeks.
Dr. F. II. Blopansky of Helper
dropped off In I'rlco a few hours
last Saturday en route homo from
a brief trip to Denver, Colo. Ho Is
looking nnd feeling good slnco a
vacnllon of sovoral weoks on tho
Strawberry, whore hlmsolf nnd Sev
ern! friends wero fishing
C. 11. 8N.vcn-.on of I'rlco figured
prominently In tho "bull mooso"
convention nl I'rovo Inst Saturday,
being assigned to sovcrnl of tho
moro Important committees. Ho re
mains tho chalrmnn for Carbon
county. Thoro nro any number of
enthusiastic Itooscvolt supporters
I). Valcrlo, n saloon keeper of
Scofleld nnd ono of tho enthusias
tic bnsabnll fans of that place, wns
n Helper visitor Mondny nnd paid
tho Times office n visit. Vnlorlo
says that Scoflold has n good ball
team, but Helper has n good dcnl
hotter one. He says that If tho
Scoflold boys oor expect to boat
Helper they'll havo to drink Krug
beer. Helper Times, 27th.
Dr. A. C. Sorensen, local sur
geon for tho Deliver nnd lllo
Urnndo, wns called to Thompsons
lust Sunday morning to nld tho sup
posedly Injured thcro by tho derail
ment of n passenger trnln earlier
In tho morning, hut found his serv
ices wero not nt nil needed. While
several pnssongors wero moro or
less shaken up, nono realty requir
ed any medical or surgical attention.
Miss Sadto (Iraham of tho lo
cal poslofflco has returned from
(Ircen Itlvcr, whore sho has boon
tho past ton days assisting tho now
postmastor of that place, F (1. Wlm
in or, In becoming nccuslomcd to tho
poslofflco work. Tho postmnster at
Urcen Hlver has purchased nil tho
furnlturo formerly used In tho old
I'rovo offlco nnd Miss (Iraham re
ports that u splendid offlco hns beon
equipped nl tlrecn Hlver I'rovo
Herald, 29th.
(). J. Anderson nnd wife return
ed to Castlo Dnlo yesterday from
tho Scnndlnnvlnu mtsslon, where
Elder Andorsen has been for some
four years In clinrgo and vdlltng
tho church periodical (Scandinavian
Star) In tho city of Copenhagen. I
Mrs, Anderson hns also boon per
forming missionary In Iters and as
sisting Elder Andersen for about n
yoar. It Is with much Joy nnd glnd
ness thnt their families greet them I
homo to Cnstlo Dalo, although tho
mooting will recall much sadness In
tho hearts and recollections of El
der and Mrs. Andersen, ns during
their nbsenro they wero called to J
part with their dnughter, (lunda. 1
l'rotous to Mrs, Andersen being i
called nnd nfter Elder Andersen's
departure they had the sorrow of
parting with their son, Ferdlnnnd, i
anil son-in-law, howls l.nrsen Cos- I
tlo Dnlo Progress, 27th. I
Dsby bys,
Hsrt's a fly.
Lst us swst him, ysu snd I,
Whlls talk.
8 him walk
And tor mlerebtt ntvsr balk.
Do you think with six auch fstt
You and I would walk on mtatt
Will this fly
Tall mo why
Ho will walk on brtad and plot
Suro ho knows
That his toti
Aro all eovtrod with typhos.
I should think If I war. ho
I'd not fail In milk and toa.
Kill him quick
Or ho'll mako you vary sick,
Fllaa you strictly should avoid
If you would not hsvs typhoid.
Cooktry School Msgatlno.
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noviT fornot tils tcrrlblo oxposuro
to n merclloss storm. "It kixvo mo
a tlrondful cold," bo writes, "that
caused sovero pains in my chest, so
It was hard for mo to breathe. A
noluhbor gavo mo sovoral doses ot
Ur. KltiR'u Now Discovery which
brought Kfeat relief. Tho doctor
said I wns on tbo verge of pneu
monia, but to contlnuo with tbo Dis
covery. I did so nnd two bottles
completely euml mo." Uso only
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4 SI8f
(Publisher). DeiHirtment of tho In
terior, U. B. Uml Offloy at Suit
Lako City, Utah, July 24, 13U'.
Notlc Is hereby Klven that AVIIIInm
II. Luwley, Sr., Mhom) postofflce ad
dress Is KenllMorth, Utah, did, on
tho S2ml day of August, 1911, file
In this office sworn Btntoment nnd
application, No. 08540, to purchase
the m 8KV 8ic II. and NKU
NKW &c. H, Twp. is Bouth, llange
0 Kust, Halt Lake meridian, and tho
stono thereon, uniler thu provisions
of tho act of Juno 3, 1878, and nets
nmondntory, known as thu "Tlmbor
and Btono Law," nt such value as
might be fixed by appraisement, and
that, pursuant to such application,
tho land nnd stono thereon havo
been appraised In tho sum of
K'00.00, tho stono ostlmatod nt
J2.50 per acre nnd tho land $0.00;
that said applicant will offer final
proof In support of his application
nnd sworn statement on tho 10th day
of October, 1912, boforo tho clerk
of tho dlstrlot court, nt Price, Utah.
Any person Is nt llborty to protest
this purchase boforo ontry, or Ini
tiate n contest nt nny tlmo before
patent Iwiihs, by filing n corrohor
ntod affidavit In this offlco, nlleg
Ing facts whch would defeat tho
ontry. K. D. It. THOMPSON, HobIs
ter. First pub. Aug l; last Bopt. 20,
1912 '
Nhnll L'nrlmn County lie HiirvM?ut
itl At ComiiiK Coiikivmm?
Correspondence Thu Advocate
"A Queen of Irrigation" In to
reign nl the twentieth session ot
tho National Irrigation congross, to
bo held lu this city Boptombor 30th
to October 3d, noxt. Wobor county
will send hor majesty to tho con
gress, Utah county will supply tho
right maid of honor and Cacho coun
ty will oontrlbuto tbo left maid ot
honor. Kvory county In Utah Is bo
Inn nskod to send n maid of honor
to nttond tho "Quoon of Irrigation,"
and this roijuest Is now being nont
out to boards of county commis
sioners by (Joorgo A. Hnow, chair
man ot tho Utah board ot rontrol
for the congross.
County commissioners nro taking
grout Interest In this mnttor, their
ambition being to send to tho con
gross court of honor tho most benu
lful representatives ot tho woman
hood of tholr respective stnto sub
divisions. Tho ceremony of presen
tation of tho uueen, nccompnnled
by maids ot honor from tho coun
tloa of Utah and by royal ladlos Jn
waiting from other states In tho un
ion, ts to bo n brilliant affair. .The
ijueon and hor nttondnnts will aUo
participate In tho grand ball and
reception on the evening of Octobor
In connection with tho quoon's pit
gonnt will bo a mammoth electrical
parndo ot magnificent floats, nlle
gorlcnlly significant and Jionded by
ono representing tho stnto of Utah,
following this chlof float will como
ono from each county In tho Btnto,
overy float to bo peculiarly ropro-
i). c. Mcdonald "
Estimate fllirn on All Classes of
Phone 40A. irce, utahi
sontnlivo ot tho region coKiBJ
It, and. others from nt!ABJ
statos. County coniralu!BJ
being nskod to provide ncktBJ
ns spectacular nccompinbi,BJ
their maids of honor, n "
splendid ndvertlsements (Aj
counties. JM
G. Johnson, Propl
North Ninth St., Price, W
Wholesale and RW
Delivered Anywhere Id A1
Out of Town Orders i
Dry Packing BiB
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