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Eastern Utah advocate. (Price, Utah) 1895-1915, September 12, 1912, Second Section, Image 12

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Hi , own To othhiis :
B 4 You "oho It (i jourclf'' to
M IIUY WIHISIiY. If (licrcV n
H rlmnrc ( wnk 11111 iloljnr nero
H) oli 11 h well ni two iIoIIiii-n or-
K tllimrlly, tin )(iit "imo it to
H' jinn-wlf" (o fliul (lint tlmiici.?
H, If then nnt chance lo mtc
H fho ilullnm on a Milt of litli,
Ht or on a lrvw, it plwo of f urnl-
H til ni, a Jewelry iurclm)K't n
H trunk, on tin monthly grocery
B Mil", tin iniiiitli'fi ii'iiitltiinH
B for diof-i, lint, ImlHinlaslirr',
H on "hiw It lo joiirKi'lf" min-
H I) to flml tli-n chanci! Koine
H- of johi' filewli hiv fltHlliig atith
S clmHcr AM, THU 1I.MHI Ttiej
Hb. nif niUritlM'iiiiMil muli-tv, of
H com.
B. Ho, If )un uniilil MI oni of
Hr tf it moot lmmitiinl ami iirjfenl
Hi of the debt tlml jhi oho to
H jot'i-wlf, Iktoiiii an ailtpitl
Hb ihuiiI ikiiIct a Imji'r of iwltft I
HK I llxil IIiIiim! I
Hi '. C. MrWIII.SNKV "
Hr Atim-ii(i)-M(iji
Hft W"1 1 1 practice In nil the court
HJf nf the Rlntn. Office first iloor west
Hk nf The Advocate, Prlco, Utah.
HS Bamuol A. King Claude I. King
Hb Altorimju-nM.iw
B Commercial Meek, Rnlt t.ako City
H, v. rim:
HF 3 Attoricj-iit-l.i.w
Hi Practice In nil courta of tho Mate
HJ, Also In tho federal court. Office In
Hf ' Klmt Natlonnl llnnk, Price, I'tnli
H. . a. ivimso.v
Hff Altomi')iitUiv
B"1! Will iirnctlco In nil Iho courts of
HE i U10 Mate. Office nt residence,
Hi. 1 North KIrIiIIi Hlreot, one block from
HJ J Mnln, Price, Ulnli.
Hl) IfAnyiT'
B Water find mining llllftntlon jjlvcn
HJ mioclnl nttontlon. U-iml matter, co,-
HJ lections nuil nil legal buitncM. Will
HJ liracUco In nil tho court. Iloyd
B Park Ilulldlnir, Suit Uko City, Utah.
Bi I" O. Hoffmann P. K. Woo!
HJ AttoriicjN
M Will iirnctlco In nil tho court of
HK tho ilnto, Offlco nt tho county
HJf ourt lioukc, Price, Ulnh
HI I SK' 1
Hi 1 11
IB i Pir.((i:it.M iiiios, ifc.i co.
H IrrlKttUil Irftml
Hr 2C Atln Illock, Bait Uko City.
Hf-N II. J. PltiKornld, Attorney,
Will practice In nil tnto nnd
fotlcral court. 222 Moston llullil.
Idk, Suit I.uku City, Utnli.
ij ih:xtistuy
HE 11. 11. i)inV.MA
H! IHMitUt
HH Succoinor to Dr. Thome. KxnmN
nations niul eatlmntoo frvo. Offlco
HJ over Comiucruliil nml Bavlnc Jlnnk.
HJ Phono 163, Price, Utah.
B a. a soui:si:.v
HJ, Pli)lclnu nml HurKfou
HJ lcclalltt In women' una clill-
HJ lron' dUeaiii, Oonoral aursory
HJ and medicine. Office, Commercial
HJ and BnvInK Dunk Ilulldlng, iliono
HJ ti, Price, Utnh.
m Misoi:MiANi;otTn
m . c. Mci)oAi,i
HE Coittructor nml llulltUr
HJ Kvttmaten given on nil claue or
HJj work. Phono 49A, Price, Utnh.
H It. J, TUIt.NHIt
HJ Chll anil Mining' HiiKtiuvr
m Surveys of nil kinds. Mine ox-
HE nmlnntlons nnd reports on cool
HJ lands, p, o. Ilox 32, Price, Utnh.
HJ Coiitrnctor and llulldcr
HJ Kstlmatos furnlshod. Dione 113Y.
H P. 0. Iiox 228, Price, Utah,
Suggestion For Transforming
the Rear of Homes.
How Yard In Dack of tha Hauls of j
Mr. Oannlion In Oeranton, Pa, la
Utilised In All Statent of tht Yar. '
It It Coenomlaal.
There I ntnily In contrasts In 1
Iwrk ysnlo, unit It i1fmontrte what I
may I nerompllilietl by tbe pxiwmII- '
lure ff some effort and a llttt afclll In 1
floriruliun Anyhorfjr with n lawk
yanl no matter how lllllpntlan In ntw !
or low Merp, fnay hare a pretty IMtl I
Ikiwer or resrtaW Ranlen. In many 1
larm town and rltlm there Imr Ionic
Irft-ii a fwreaafnl movement for the I
U'aiillfylna; nf that traditional eye
aorr. the liaolc ynt. wliere mot n"ple
appenr to think all Umln of rublilti
and 'li-lirl kIkhiM I ilnl up and
Cl-p'ijpfJ In a conit'ruuiii tinnnor
('lowers nnd rcRctablcs In tha back
ynnls Lrcp the young folks-nnd the
older one, tiu-out of mUcliIcf, nnd n
hounetvlfe who Jins to caro for n few
plants hn nnt much tlmo for conalp- '
Ine nnd conforrlnc with cmoilpy nolsh
lor over the rear fence. Asldo from
limine thU highly iMMicflclal effect, a
ynrd full or nlco thine Is inoit In
Iructlve. It tnkc peoplo back to the
oil nnd Klrvs thorn somothtug more
to think nliout than tho ordinary work
aday matters of pronnlc life. As n
rule, thoao Intcrcntcd In land culture
not only tako their work scrtoualy, but
find In It ouo of tho crcatest pleasure
of lire.
During nu Investigation of town and
cltlr for tho betterment or back yard
0110 that wa a pleasure to tho eyo
ard n credit to tho city or Bcranton,
In., wo the rear yard or Mrs. P. B.
Dennlaou. There Is qutto n plot or
ground In the rear or her bouse which
was n sight to mako tho spirit rlo up
and rvbel when she first saw It There
were old tin cans nnd boots, nnd weeds
sprouted In much confusion, Hut she
soon chnnged nil this.
Purchasing some seed, sho fell to,
and In n very short tlmo ttint unsightly
bnck yard btosaomed Uko tho prover
bial roo garden. Now she has ever
so many kinds or plant. Hho has
mado It n prnctlro In the morning be
fore attending to her household duties
to take hold or hoe and spado nnd to
work In her garden. Tho rest or the
family lend their nsalslnnce nUo. Shu
has n procession of tlowcr. Itofore
tho snow leaves tho ground In tho late
winter tho snowdrops appear In tho
beds; then whrr. March winds blow
nnd bluster pretty crocuses peep out,
followed by Joiifjull nnd bleeding
hearts; then n summer roll round her
garden I n mass of beautiful dower !
nnd n variety of vegetable. Now, this
llttlo sermon Is prenched to ruratltes
not to tell them of tho pretty yard or
this Industrious woman, but only to
demonstrate just what can bo dono
with that nmall spaco In tho rear or
their home. 80 let those that nro not 1
affected with hookworm nnd Interest- I
od In the Improvement of their towns
band together to see that the small
pleco of ground back or their houses Is
tilled nud made leautlful and useful.
Law on "Common Tdwl.M
In acconlanco with tho provisions of
chapter CO of the acts or 1112 the
Massachusetts stato board or health
at a regular meeting has voted to mako
these regulations as announced by Sec
retary Mark W. Itlchardsou: It shall
bo unlawful to provldo n common tow
el (a) In nny building used ns a public
Institution, hotel, restaurant, theater,
public lml I or public school or (b) In
any railroad station, railroad cor,
steam or ferry boat. Tho term "com
mon towel" ns used In tbeso regula
tions Hhnll be considered to ncan a
roller or a towel nvallablo for nso by
inoro than ono person.
I: " :
; ciency. J
According to Harrington Emir
j J son, th notsd tewsgsand watsr J
, t works expert, the altruistlo prln-
I cieles of efficiency are six, as fol;
J lowti a
I Flrtt. Ideals. -
I 8econd. Common tents and
a Judgment, J
Third. Competent couniet,
Fourth. Discipline.
J Fifth. The fair deal. J
Sixth, Effieieney reward.
1 The practical principle! are
alio eixi ,
FirtLReeorde Immediate, rs
I liable and adequate. J
j Second. Planning and die-
I Third Standards. J
Fourth. Standardlied condt
. Fifth. Standardized opera-
J Sixth Written standard prae-
tie Instructions.
I Intended For the Farmer, but of Use
j to the Merchant.
A man or cetistdemble oxperlcneo In
I retail ronton mtr!' tho fnlhiulng
rlM of don't for ntiMance of reader:
Don't retail your poods at wbetosale
prl.-t-s and kick (be arocor If he dee
not pn) Jon retail iriie.
Ihin'i hate n different price for rach'
Don't have jour vustomerti mnkc
jour price lie sure you nro right,
then go ahead
Don't buy cold storage ega nnd sell
them for freshly laid egg. It Is nn In
sult to honest farmer.
Don't sell fifty-fire pound) for n sixty
pound bushel.
Don't put sitintt apples In tho bottom
1 of tho tmrrel,
Don't overestimate the quality or
your goods,
Don't forget that "hero n llttlo nnd
ficro n little' Is tho gross profit In the
Don't forget that n steady keep nt It
I will win.
Don't talk politics or religion.
Don't sell n fowl for a chicken. It
will pay bent to rovcrso tho order.
Don't tnlk about tho last customer
you called on at tho next stopping
Don't try to mako pcoplo believe you
know what they want better than
they do,
Don't forget, rain or shine, circus or
town meeting, lo bo on hand on your
regular trips.
Don't try lo sell overcoat lu July
and linen coats In December. Sell sea
sonablo goods at scasonablo times.
Dou't forget to say "No" to n doubt
ful customer
Dou't bo afraid to turn your basket
or bcrrle bottom sldo up.
Don't forget to sell No. 1 goods at top
notch price.
Don't forget n bargain counter has
Its demerit. If rou have any admit It
nnd pass on.
Don't forget to suit your trade,' and
they will pay for It.
Don't forget common senso people
still lire.
Don't wear your heart on your sleeve.
If you havo n banknote to meet keep It
to yourself.
Don't forget to smllo on entering tbe
houso and don't forget to keep your
placo ns n salesman.
Dou't forget to mako friends with all
your customer. Orango Judd Partner.
Belvlders, III, Uses Water Sprinkling
Tho city of Ilelvldere, III., baa Just
completed tho Job or sprinkling with
oil tho principal business and residen
tial street.
Tho work was dono under tho direc
tion or Kupcrlutcndcnt or Streets Ho
mer Kennedy, A. Vnkcflcld does the
sprinkling, using tho wagon regularly
employed for sprinkling Iho streets
with water. The oil li white nud suf
ficiently light lu density to admit of
sprinkling by the ordinary method, be
ing In consistency about that or kero
sene. Tho property owners pay for tho
oil nnd tho city the expenao or sprlu
kllug the streets. Tho cost to tho prop
erty owner was aliout C cent Kr run
nlng foot The result or this oiling or
macadam pau-d streets Is, as ha been
demonstrated lu other places, to keep
down tho dust, mako n binder to bold
tho surface to n considerable extent
nud make somewhat or nn nsphalt surfacing,
Policemen Hav Deen Added to New
York Health Doard.
A squad or oIlcemeu have been as
algt.H to Now York' health dpart
ment to mako war on tho fly. Thoso
nro Mayor Oayuor's orders, and they
will bo curried out.
The "fly squad" will not bo jerni!tted
to kill file. That U not tho object at
all. They will simply havo to see that
no fly or no more tiles than are just
necessary will make tholr homo In tho
Their prlncliwl duty will consist In
clapping the lids down tight on all
garbage cuus In tho city. It Is a vio
lation of soctlou 103 or the sanitary
codo to leave n garbogo can opeu.
This sectlou is disobeyed In every quar.
ter, nnd the "fly con," therefore, ir
they nro dlsobejc-.! too much, can make
Wplls Pargo & Co., blng com
pollod to glvo up tholr present olflco
locution, nro figuring to eroet their
own building on railroad right of
way ground near tho Denver nnd
HIo Qrando dopot.
,i a: op twkxtv.itvi; to
TiiiitTV-Pivi: en.vra.
IW-M Hull I-nnit'i I" Demnnil nt
rotiml Hiv Hlglit)l'ln l Hewn
Ten Lighter Itwlptn Tlinn n
Viiir Ago nml ("renter Deinntiil
I miiii the Oiuntry llujif'.
(.. rrnpondence The Advocate.
KNAS CtTY, Ho., Sept. 7.--(ile
received h)fe this wk 65.
f,", last wck tS,(00, aam week
l- ar 8,J90 hosid. A eoflslder
alti" part of th iRcnrM In cattle
th. week waa In th quarantine dl-
,n, and th market there nhow
rl more tmekbon than It baa ills
plio'd In a month. The cows nnd
rah.s In the quarantine division
i!, week sold firm, nnd the steers
m. raged nearly ntead), with the
!- one aellln at f 6. 1 f to 6 60,
hi !k at $6.00 to 16.00, some light
nkanans teer-i down to J1.10. In
in. native division the feature haa
. :: the heavy count r demand,
th.it channel nleorblnK nenrly half
ihi. run. Prleea nn count rr anutes
slumped a little, thunch decline on
sticker and feeders seldom atlck
tble season. Within h day or two
after a break they will be found
the old prleea again. Peeder eel I
acw mainly at fG.OO to $7. IS, nnd
stock steer $4.10 to C.S0. Pin
leheil cnttlo were nenrce, a few lot
selling nt $10.20 to $10.10 during
the week, steady price. Top grass
tevr sold nt $9.15, though tho
bulk ranged from $0.00 to $S.I.V In
the native division. Colorado beef
steer sold nt $5.8 ft to $7.00 till
week, nml cow nnd heifer nt $t.00
to $5.85. Iteport of dry weather
keep coming In, wid unices It rains
this week somo cattle will bo forced
in from Central Knnsa.
Sheep received hero this week
C.ono, Inst week 41,900, sntno week
last year 71.S00 head. I -I tub nnd
reeding etock nro up tw.nty-fUe to
thirty-five cent this week, and
wethers nnd owe nro nlso stronger.
Ileal Utnh lamb bring $C.8S to
$7.10, nud feeding Inmb nre taken
eagerly nround $B.10. Pat wether
sell nt $4.25 to $4.40, several
string of Montana w other hero
this week within that range. With
tighter receipt tlinu n )ear ngo nnd
a greater demand from tho country,
tho market looks alright nhend.
Muffiil l.liin May Itecium. An Actu- '
ullly I'mler New Plans.
Tho Denver, .Northwestern nnd
Pacific, known na tho Moffat road,
I to bo reorgonlxed, according to n
dispatch from Denver. Tho tele
graphic communication any that
contracts wero signed In Now York
Inst Mondny In which Nowniiiti Krb
nnd n Now York syndicate will tnko
ovor tho control of tho road. This
syndicate will get 61 per cent of
tho atock of tho now company, tin
dor tho term of tho ngrocmunt, iho
company to tnko ovor tho property
nt 11 foreclosure sale.
Tho bond Issues or tho now com
puny will bo $25,000,000. Of that
nmount $7,500,000 will bo Iiwued
Immediately. Tho holder or tho
$3,500,000 note nnd tho $8,000,000
In bond will bo held na collateral
aocurlty. Krb nnd hU tiyndlcute,
which Include tho Donver men in
forested, will tako $1,250,000 of tho
Tho dlKtrlct court will bo naked
to nuthorlzo an nddltlonul $300,000
In receiver's certificate, to be Is
sued for improvements.
Htako convention of tho Young
Men' and Young Udlea' Mutual
Improv onion t iiMoclntlons will bo
held In tho Price public achool
building next Hunday, Beptembor
1 5th, nt 10 o'ol'vik in tho morning
nnd 2 o'clock In the nftornoon.
Might o'clock In the evening ut
City Hull will bo hold conjoint
somIoii, ut which this program will
bu tendered:
Folo Albert llopklnson. Bunny-
Violin Selection Levi .V. Har
111011, Jr.
Voonl Solo Alia Wooilvsard.
Vocnl Holo IMItli JonoH, Cnstlo
Violin Duet Wolllngton wnrd.
Btory c, K. Ilrnrls, Booflold.
Vocal Bolo Winter Quarter.
MuBlcnl Selection Clonr Creek.
Tnlk by visitor from general
board Y. 1.. nnd Y. M. M. l. A., of
Snlt Luko City.
Kvorybody la wolcome.
Hon. William II. King nnd Satnucl
II. Ollsou nro inuklng sevoral wnter
locatlona uoar llolpor for power
purposes, Hupposodly for tho Inter
urban railroad Intoronts, recently In
corporated nt Salt Lake City, nnd
which It Is proposed to oxtond to
tho coal flolda of Carbon nnd Km
ory countiee.
My now goodB havo arrived nnd
can supply you with moat anything
lu tho furniture lino. Tho socond
hand etock will bo plocod within a
fow day. Sumnor, next to Ilallln
Should eolect a routo famed tor 1,
Sconlc Attractions and SuBr.
Train 8orvlM. "0r
mmm "Tho Sconlc Lino of tho Wotjj.
This Houto orfoni tho 'nv -EMt"
Txavolors inoro varied u.
nttrnctlona, that can bo soon tn
tho car windows without al
LnQrW JJ0 for 8ld0 tr,ps- thnn ony oC
Through Standard and Tourtii
,. sleeping cars dally to Donver KiV
M j I Q Q os CUy 8U Lou,g' 0raaa and cS!
ElinTllfn I rarM and fuU arcuars luu
f II. I II IK ' oheerfully furnlshod on appllcatin
I lUlUIUiii j to any HIo Qrando ngont.
. - . j I. A. 1JHNTON, O. A 1 . D ,
8alt Lake City.
j Donvor, Colorado.
!; It. W. C'ltOOKinT, President. I -lahluhH iwisl
I U IL ICLDHHIKllI, .Secretary. I -aD'hed 1898 j
!; The Largest and Strongest Local Fire Insurance
Agency In the State.
R. W. Crockett: & Co,
l General Insurance Agents.
i Losses Adjusted and Paid From This
j; Office, No Contested Claims,
Exceptional Facilities For
!; Handling Any Lines,
! Lare or Small.
J Abstracters of Titles For Carbon County Under $10,
f 000.00 Bonds. Price River Valley Farm Lands
( and Fruit Orchards. City Property.
i Haye Your Window and Screen Doon
i; Made to Order. Then They Last and Work BijU
I; Shop made goods are In a class by themselves.
iWe can also furnish and install the fob-lot kind
where cheaper work is desired. We do all
kinds of Millworkand building.
Johnson Bros.
Phone 134. .,- Price, IM
., i:iti:ciivi: may io, iom.
" Learf
J Donvor, Puoblo, ChlcnKo nnd tho East lUt
'i Denver. Pueblo, Chicago nnd tho Past ..lOlHf-'
138 Sunnygido and Intormedlato points l
Ogdcn, Salt Uko City nnd Provo .... T;0I
it? Bdonnn,J 8U Lake City 6ifJ
139 Prom Sunnysldo ,, ,,,, ,, 4:l P-'
No l ZT n?Un rr 8cof,'" "d Clear Crook .. : jj
fo. 051 Uaves Clear Creek ror Colton 7i"
S: 11! isss affUSJar?". :.v . .v.-: . : : : :"il! '
(Ml lor CreeV T rUn,a tr,ps dftl" " Pr,c8 t0 'SSS
Utah ,in. .. No rBular achcdulo. Trains loavo Bo'"1"
UtaU depot at root ot Eighth street, Carries mall. Ml"d "
(otdar Cr,rt)r T rUn,a tr,p8 dllH trom rr,c0 t0
Utah Lnot , f .r0KUlar Bchodu0 Trains leavo W
depot at foot ot Elshth street. Carries mall. MUtd tr
morning, McentL ,nml '"tmodlato point, loaves PrW
moll, p"De:g. Z a 8 o'clock. Carries tho United JJ
ofr.coPw.t7ri,sVoXPKo..Tchrn8 FUlg' ABC
PrfcoEdVlyrath7 o' Cmery nnd' ntermodlato potoU
Passongernnd oxofft.C.k V"morala Cft"le" miti BtS
Darns. M 0xprc"' A M. Abolln, Managor, nt ttoner U"
t 9

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