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Kaws (mJI
as a farmer carrying nn express package from a Chloo hi - - -'- fSKKHlK
3 on them, anil besides you would have bMn nat.-JfiJi0 .0r house who wag accosted by a merchantljjho MM "Why didn't von i,nv tw i.m f .i. ., t i . . .. - i iirsSHHnltHB
rcad thorn and didn't know vou J uTu'Slg.'-'? h "" "'- M 3 "r M&ZJP'-ZfJKl oZluVZir n "X" HBH
Eastern Utaftdvocate iffl
I1"1' niwr- CTA" TiiuiwuAY, jgr. 20, lum, xumiikk no. J ,EHH
id steady
i mm us
a i.mim in di:maxd at
MA HM1 I-'It'ltIM.
iljmicntfi the Utile On Cat
d Quality .Ml ml to Com
1'lrnly of lol In tlio Com
Ccrplng OMinr Ilnck Mod.
IttitK Aro Predicted.
nilcnco Tim Advocate
AS CITY, Mo., Sept. 21.
rtolved horn this weok 74,
l week 72,000, tuimo week
' (0,400 head. Medium kilt
ie brolco fifteen conts yes
mil tho general markot in
iho week It a hesitating
Thcro have ben no
cd steer hero this week,
i kind aro q.otnblo up to
Quarantino civttlo took on
strength tho II rat part of
k, but slumped off n llttlo
j Tho run of quarantines
stamp of tho ond of tho
sod It Is said fow good
amain to como from bolow
. MUed shipments aro tho
d quality medium to com
tomo cattle aro bolng hold
r winter feeding, slnco tho
crop In North Texas and
in has turnod out so prom
i'lenty of hay In tho moun
mtry, and tho blggost crop
r beets on record aro opcr
) ) old back cattlo In tho
at might bo put forward In
rear IMonty of feed In tlio
It Mill dotaln many feeders
, tho wholo situation pro-
set of conditions pointing
rito runs of cattlo from now
October and Novomberrln
Inquiry from fowler buyers
stimulus Into tho markot
Kta any bear Influouco of
ling Interests, ovon whon
luence Is allowed to como to
bate held stonily this
u lambs seesawed n llttlo,
'clay at tho host point of '
k wIlli best rango lambs
nt (7 4 j Montana wethers'
11") on several days this
-U feeding lamb bring $0,10
Tho margin between fat
Hi,: It' ibs, fairly reasonable,
ly wiped out when It gets
rllEiR-, f.tt and thin ono sell
l(,t..r at S 00 to fS.50.
roit sti:i:us MAKIM
Till U ,TITll)i: ItKCOIlD
A(,(), hipt, 19.- Steers lit
rtyards today for tho first
ceo I l.o civil uar sold for
dollars u hundred pounds,
rlcus high mark wns reach
' weekn ago when tho price
ft at Die yards nro now do
that tho price of high-grade
UI rvnch fifteen dollars n
1 pouuds not later than
surprising feature of tho
dollar price wos that it was
t !c(m below tlio stnndnrd
w ugo tho sumo grado of
could be bought for eight
t?r hundred pounds,
Win to Mnko C'umi Against
fin County Hun e) or. I
. . I
., ii
1 Turner, county surveyor,
quitted before City Justlco
Harmon, of I'rlco last Mon-
'he cliargo of embezzlement
uy Lars Uundorson. Tho
1 alleged to Jiavo bocn unac
'for In about fifty-two dol
bl was polltox collected nt
Clen by Itoad Supervisor
and sent by tho lattor
Turner to County Trooauror
r 'he stato had Introduced IU
T In tho case, Tumor's at
rgued a moUon for a dts
l tho complaint on tho
that tho tosttmony conclu-hovu-d
that no crlmo had
winiltted. Tho court, after
t'tno nrgumonU of counsol
"con, ordorod tlio dofondant
f1 C, Stanley I'rlco was
f clmrgo of like nature
1 Turnor, preferred by II. C.
to como up within tho
da'8 probably not until
.Hk Tho amount Involvod is
1 evcnty dollars,
extracted From Komarks of Hon. William K. Humphrey of Washing
ton, In Congressional Ilecord, April S3, 1004.
It there is ono thing that charac
terizes tho democratic party, ll 1
Its ovorwholmlng. deslro to ojIvIm
nnd Us eternal failure to perform.
As 1 havu sat In this houso day af
ter day nnd listened to tho over
rondy, never ending, gratuitous ad
vice coming froin the other sldo of
tin Iioiim1, I lm'e uomWred what
has given birth to this assurance,
this iwlf-umertinl wisdom. Why tiro
gentlemen so confident that they
know nil tilings? Why should n
parly that brought upon us tho lior
, rors of tho last democratic adminis
tration, that went hysterical over
freo silver, u party that has learned
1 nothing In forty years, n party thnt
has forgotten nothing In forty vars,
a party thut has not kept u promise
In forty years, a party that has not
beii right In forty years why
should this party nssumo that with
ll wisdom shall perish from tho
earth? (Applause.)
The )eoplt of this country only
onco In forty year have listened to
democratic promises nnd followed
domoorntlc odvlco nnd placed that
party In powor. Then that party
revised the tariff; It enacted tho
Wilson law, that tho gentlomnn from
Now York (Cock ran) has so olo-
intently condemned, nnd that law
withered our prosperity ns do tho
hot winds of tho desort tho blos
soming harvests. That party np
pllod to tho land that doctrltto thoy
now advocate for tho son. During
that democratic administration our
untlonal debt Increased a 1ml mil
lion dollars each day. Knelt day
wo lost ii halt million dollars In
forolgn trade. During that admin
istration tho valuo of farm products
deenwsod more than J500.000.000.
Tho business of this nation In two
months after tho onactmont of tho
Wilson lnw decreased 0 por cont.
Immediately upon tho passage of
that law fear, distrust and panic
paralyzed tho great industrial os
tein of ouf country, banks closed
their doors; business houws as-
signed; tho balonco of trado was
against us; bonds woro Issued; cap
ital withdrew;, from. tho Holds of lo
gltlmato 'enterprise lnfo""Bocrot
places; labor was forced Into unwil
ling Idleness; wo hnd deserted milts,
smokeless factories, silent machin
ery. Wo had tramps nnd beggars nnd
Industrial armies, starving womon
nnd children. In tho midst of plen
ty, with bountiful crops rotting un
hariested In tho field, nt a. million
hoarthstones sat fnmluo pitiless and
cruel. Two million mon were out
of employment nnd begging for
work bogj-lriK for nn opportunity
to earn bread to feed tho starting
lips of llioso they loved. William
McKlnley was elected, the system of
protection wns restored, and In
eight months time n million Idlo
men had gono to work.
Whnt has tho democratic party
done to command confidence Hint
Klvs It the right to assumo to nd
lino tlio American people! The
democratic party asks always to bo
Judged by tho future and not by tho
past. It always nsks to 1h Judgod
by Its promises and not by Its per
formances. That party in fifty years has add
ed nothing to progress; nothing to
the sum of human happiness; no
thing to tho causo of liberty; no
thing to freedom; nothing to. tho
glory of Its country. It nlwnys goos
Into partnership with calamity. It
feeds on disaster and fattons on
despair. Tlio only time It had con
trol of this country during this gen
eration it shut tho doors of indus
try nnd clothed labor in rags. It
opposed kooplng our flag In tho
Orient, and advocated that it bo
loworod In rotroat and trailed in tho
dust or dishonor.
Tho democratic party always has
Its faco to tho past and Its back to
tho future. It novor sees nn op
portunity until It Is past, and nover
gets on the right sldo of nn Issuo
until H Is settled.
CHICAaO Bopt 22. Chairman Chnrles D. Hllles of tho repub
lican national commlttoo nrrlved from New York today and had
sovoral Intorvlows with the mamgers In clmrgo of Westorn hoad-
'""Mmve como to Chicago to talk with a number of gentlemen
who aro taking loading part in tho campaign which will Urmlnato
Tn NovmnbTr i tho reelection of William Howard Tnft," said
'"'Tho Issues upon which the business elemont of the country Is
turning to President Taft nro thwo of the tariff and of contlnuoo
iirosnorlty Tho Taft sontlmont among merchants, storekeepers
and trades people generally hi unmistakably outspoken.
"It le gradually coming forward as a factor In tho campaign Just
as It camo forward In tho campaign of 189C TJ,o prosperity of
"o country was threatened by tho promulgation of nefarious doc-
thiyiSift of labor and the work.ngmen of
tho country awakened In time to a proper realization of Issues
,,d ? IholV Influence on tho side of continued republican pros-
ltrurt tlio Itt'liulillrmi Htnto CVii
Iml (Ntiiiiiiltlco to I'ndxi Clinrgv
Agnlimt tlio KuniU'to Cundldnte
imiil 1'iininr DUtrlrt Judge D
finteil Ono IMilblts Huddcji I'oli
llrnl Purity.
HALT hAKIf CITY, Hcpt. 23.
Charging (hat unfair methods, II
lgsl voting and fraud contributed
to hi defeat for tho nomlnnlion for
congress at tho hnnd of tho statu
I republican convention nt Salt Iiku
City on 8eptmber Btli, Harry H. Jo
seph will today submit through T.
1.. Ilolman. n petition for u hearing
and n domain! for Investigation of
, thw chnrgos which he declares Jio Is
lpreired to proie.
i Tho request Is directed to 8tato
, Senator Unrdner, chairman of tho
republican state committee, and tho
i hearing of tlio charges of alleged
I unfair practices on tho part of some
of the politicians who swung tho
I winning votes to Judgo Jacob John
son of Haupete county will, It is un
derstood, be urged for us early n
,date as is conienlent to tho com
mittee Demands liiieMlgntlon.
"I am for my party, first, last
and all tho time," said Joseph last
nltiht, "but I will not support John
son If my charges against him us
to tho niolhods that were used to
securo his nomination nnd my de
feat nro sustained, and I am confi
dent they will bo If I am granted a
hvarlng, for I have tho evidence,
the exact nature of which I do not
care to dlscloso until nn investiga
tion In nnlnrml "
Further discussing this phase of
the question which ho tins raised,
Joseph said: "There Is a law which
provldoa that n man who secures
his nomination by Illegal means
must, If elected, forfeit his office,
and I will not Jeopardize the Inter
ests of my party by taking chances
In the coso of Johnson until my
charges nro investigated."
Alined At Johnson.
Joseph presided as temporary and
permanent chairman of tho repub
lican legislative convention hold
hero last Frldy, and In the courso of
his keynote speech said "In mak
ing these selections ou should bear
In mind that while competency,
honor, morality and Integrity nro
tho first considerations, tho matter
of party loyalty aud past sorvlces
likewise demand your careful atten
tion. It Is honorable to
aspire to office provided your record
and prlvato character aro clean and
your claims aro presentable." Jo
seph said last night this portion of
his speech had direct bearing upon
his fooling towards Johnson.
Hnj Claims Disregarded,
Ever slnco tho convontlon thoro
havo been rumors ntlont regarding I
the candidate who defeated Joseph I
by tho narrow margin of twenty
two votos nnd about ten days ngo
Joseph says he called tlio nttontton
of (loicrnor Spry, Senator Bmool
and Chairman Onrdtier to hi claims
In tho matter
"Nothing has been done, so far
ns I know," said Joseph, "nnd I
now will tako tho step of formally
asking for an Investigation."
It was learned Inst night thnt n
number of republican women hnvs
been making an Investigation of the
record of Judge Johnson.
win kotweadInsanitv
.fotinitone'N Attorney tfnjs IIU 411.
cut Will (let Hall.
C. Stanley I'rlco, attorney for
Doputy Sheriff Kdwnrd II. John,
stone, accused of murdering young
llrUhnm Taylor nnd wounding his
companion, Ampld Iloardall, Is nuth
orlty for tho statement that John
stono will not plead insanity. I'rlco
regards tho tragedy rut a lamonlnblo
mistake nnd bolloves his client will
bo permitted ball.
Johnstone's story of tho affair
puts n now light upon tho killing,
according to his nttornoy. Ho claims
that tho fact ho was to meet tho
payraastor of tho Southern Utah
may havo been known nnd ho was
on tho nlnrt for a holdup. Two
horsemen stopping at Iho bridge on
tho road to Helper aroused hi sus
picion. Whon tho two boys emorgod from
tho bushes, dust covered, they ap
peared to tho cxcltablo Johnstono
ns highwaymen, and ho opened fire
upon thorn.
Itennlnll Impntilng.
HI'HINUVII.I.i:, SepU 20. Arnold
Iloardall, tho boy Injured by Kdwnrd
II. Johnstone, Is rapidly Improving.
Several bono splinters havo boon re
moved from tho wound. It Is not
thought that amputation of Ms leg
will -be necessary. .
Ueardoll, spoaklug of. tho shoot
ing, says that 11 ho had not remain
ed quiet whon first shot, ho Is cer
tain Johnstono would havo put nn
other bullet Into htm, as he did
with Tnylor. Ho says thoro was
absolutely no reason for tlio shoot
ing. Tho general sontlmont here Is
strongly against Johnstone. Hnd
Johnstono returned to Hprlngvllle
after ho killed Maxwell, the bandit,
two years ago, ho would have been
hailed ns n hero. Today ho Is re
garded ns n cold blooded gunmnn.
Mrs. II. I', I, like, Uito or Oninge
lllle, I'MkM nt Kail Uiko lily.
Kilo months and one day after
tho death of hor husband from
heart failure, Mrs. Kmnllne J. I.uko,
38 years of uge, of 'J2I Highlit I'.ast
street, Salt Lake City, dlod In
Judge Mercy Hospital from typhoid
fever hist Friday. Mrs. I.uko, who
had brooded secretly ovor tho doath
of her husband, who dlod last April,
contracted the dlsouso thnt caused
her death, two weeks ago and grew
gradually worse until tho ond.
Four chlldron, liny, 17, I.uclle,
14; Altn, 12, and Klwood, 2 years of
ago, aro orphans by tho death of
their mother. Mrs. I.uko, who be
fore her marriage was Miss Hmallne
J. Davis, hit a father, James Davis;
n brother, Itobert Davis, nnd a sis
tor, Mrs. Josoph Orange, living In
Oranguvllle. Two other sisters aro
living, Mrs. Frank Carroll, In Sn
linn, and Mrs. Kdward Oontry, in
I'anaca, Nov.
Tho I.uko family wont to Salt
I.hI.o City somo four )oars ago from
Ornngevllle, whoro Mr. I.uko was
known for sevornl years as u load
ing morchant of Kmery county nnd
prcmlnent ns n domoorntlc politi
cian, representing his county In the
state legislature and othorwUo, Ho
at ono tlmo was county suporlnton
dent of schools of Kmery county. Ho
was born and reared at Kphralm.
Martin Madden, ngod About CO
years, was bound over to tho dis
trict court last Saturday boforo Jus
tlco Ilalllnger to nnswer to the
chnrgo of burglary Ho is accusod
of breaking Into Jwopli Jones' gro
cery nnd moat shop last Thursday
night and carrying off about ninety
pounds of hams nnd bacon, besides
a quantity of canned goods. The
merchandise was found cached In n
small building on tho premises of
Deputy Sheriff Peterson. Tho old
man has boon working for tho coun
ty lately nnd Is considered not al
together right montnlly,
Lot us flguro with you on a loan
for building. It. W. Crockett & Co,,
Price, Utah.
1L1001N I IB
.. ;! h M
Mnmirncliin in nnd lii-gu (.'oinnicf ,. jv jePJJjH
clnl Hoiim-m Not tim-xtlng In Um ) ' KssLLl
lllnrk Diamonds Without I'lrsi PffH
Knoiitiig Absolutely tile Denting , ijljjf sbsbsHM
l",,," f'H
Only n fow yctrs ngo a coal nn- S HH
nlysls wns n complicated puzzlo to ' jUl H
most people. Hut recently It has m H
bocomo nn economic necessity to Jilu
scrutinize tho coal bill ns carefully 1 y H
ns tho food bill, and wo havo lonrn- I ir Wl
rd thnt n chemical analysis, whon j '
properly made from n samplo prop- j ttVH
erly tnken, Is tho turost tent of A l! I fit'H
coal's fuel valuo. This valuo Is gon- i j V'''.
nrully stated In terms of tho Ilrl- L m'ibB
tlsh thormnl unit (sometime nbbro- J ! Hjl
vlntod to "11. t. u."), tho quantity I Kltl
of boat necoMsnry to ralso tho torn- A '''sEH
poraturo of n pound of water on :l f 5 H
degree Fahrenheit. jj W H
Manufacturers and largo commor- ' H
clnl houses havo now found It a. V H
matter of economy to dotormlno tho W IH
heating valuo of fuel purchased for B
powor or heating, and tho coal S rlejsfl
testing laboratory Is considered ns ' kel
Important ns the accounting room. .1, K M
Tho United States govornmont In '11. fLH
making Its contracts for coal re- j
quires n gunrnnly not only as to ', k H
ash content 11 govs ovon much PJul M tsB
farther thnn this nnd makes on- r K T "
nlysos of samples tnken from each 'ill' I
shipment to dotormlno whether tho jjjj I
standard sot by tho contract is bh- M I 4
lilfmalntnlned. r I '1
From time to tlmo during tho ii k'
lost six yoars tho United States has yHi L
made nnnlysos of n largo number . 1 1 It im 4jH
of samples of cool collected by goo- f I ll ( nT
legists from various stnteci and ' - ""4U' V
fields. Most of iho samples worn - -. Sr, E '
tnken In anticipation of tho publlca- 'jsVill, P sLI
lion of n geologic report on tho wlf'' EtssH
field from which they were obtain- jj L "H
od, but for various reasons tlio f Jl t H
preparation of the sevornl nports ' jl f H
has been grently delayed, nnd somo ! ' i H
of them hnve been tostponed for ' .! H
consolidation with reports on other ' i. I H
nreas. In vlow of tho fact thnt tho (J ''- H
annlyws nro valuable to iKirsons In- ' I H
terestiHl In the fields fro in which t H
the samples woro taken, the geo- H
logloal suriey has published tho H
data for more than n hundriyl nnd 1 H
sixty of thso snuiplm In Ilullolln U H
During the early singes of land ;1 H
classification nil nnalytloal work if H
wiu done by tho geologlonl survoy tl H
but with tho establishment of tho I ' ,H
bureau of mines the nnu'yzlng nnd fift 'H
tnstlng of coals, llgullri nnd other ' 'H
mineral fuels of the United States, '' JM
under tlio law, passed lo that bu- :- M
reau. A number of thu coal tin- -m; '
nlysos published In the bulletin worn Jj , ,r'i
made undor the direction of thu bu- j) " H
reau of mines. ' i B
In the tables tho analyses nro ' jkf "ffsVJ
glieii In four forms, iho first, ropro- Nt t swswJ
sentlng the samplo ns It 'comes JBBJ
from tho mine; tho second tho coal , HI J 44BHJ
after It has boon dried at n torn ! fWI H
poraturo n llttlo above normal; tho " . VHJ
third tho theoretical condition "of BVJ
tlio coal after all tho moisture hna M- SHJ
boon ollmlnuted, nnd tho fourth tho a j Hl
coal after nil the, moUturo nnd ash '('f; BHJ
linvo boon theortlcnlly removed. Tho iflj , j BHJ
last Is supposod to roprosent tho v 9HJ
truo coal substance, free from tho iVjVJ
most significant Impurities. Wf sBHJ
Copies of the report may be oh- 'jtfii i 9VJ
talnod freo on application to tho dl- fWJj BHJ
rector of tho United Stntos goo- Bj H
logical survey at Washington, D. C. Jljj )
i'Aiu:vi:i.i, I'AitTY (;ivi:n MV 9V
TO I)i:i'AHVl.(J I'ltlll.VDH jn " 'VJ
CI.UAU CHDKK, Sept. 26. A Ut,! .l ,flVJ
faro well party was given In honor 'Lflf j V 'iwsa
of Uoorgo Hilton nnd Joseph South- JtSlf ) ' flWJ
worth on Saturday last at the home iWn Vfl
of Mr. yid Mrs. A Walkor, the for- pll VJ
mor gontlemon leaving tho camp to iSf flVJ
return to England. After tho cloth 'ffti LwJ
was romoved tho ovonlng was spent aSl 'Hfl
In songs, dancing, etc. Songs wore flfflii .flH
rendered by Messrs. Southworth, 'iHsm '9VJ
Hilton, Wnlker and Mrs. Zabrlskle. Im ' flBj
Mr. nnd Mrs. Anton Sover sang nn fi'fll 1 wAI
Austrian song. Among other per- ) HH
sons who assisted In furnishing on- fj.Jj ' ' .""H
tertnlnmont during the evening wan I$nl it t 'H
K. Arnoson, ho giving somo splondld tsUBIll 1 aswJ
eoioctlona on t)io gramaphone. Ito- HD t LVJ
freshmonts woro served and all pros- JJiWa Ii I 'flVJ
ent drank to the hoalth of Messrs. (HPf 1 1 2HH
Southworth and Hilton, with best iffi! 1 iVcVJ
wishes for u successful arrival home Wmft I ' '! 'fll
to their dear friends. Tho dopart- 'AW 1 LVJ
ing onos took from Clear Crook tho 1)1"! r eBsl
well wishes of many frlonds hero, j'Jj i1 1 fli
and n good nnd anjoyablo ovonlng uy ..iSV
oatno to a close by tho singing of 'fiJlS S'HH
"Auld I.nng Syno." wS ', 9VJ

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