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Eastern Utah advocate. (Price, Utah) 1895-1915, October 03, 1912, Image 1

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I -iHH
was a farmer onrrylng an oxpross paokag fi. j i-- - - .. 'WAH
I Eastern Utah Advocate IE
)IX)IM I) Mi:X Ql'Allltnif
ff um: in m:ai.
Hiltli Munlcml it) 1'nuik C.
Hon At Iho Cunt Camp Dur.
Kinrrrl Out n Woman Jug
Brln Hotr-rcd (lullty Ono
K, in (ho Mil.
Ht c Johnson, colored, killed
Hltn, colored, At Costto Onto
Bur night In a quarrel over
n, sotorlng hla Jugular Vein,
Bring At once. Johnson took
HhlU heavily armod and Is
Hurge. Tll culllnB WM m1(1
B boon cauaod over n woman,
s could bo learned, Johnson
Hot a quarrclsomo nature,
Hmlth was a peaccablo follow
Hard working man.
Hjf Keller wns at onco notl
Hb killing and togother with
Hjl'fttrion wen tto tho sceno
H automobile, arriving tlicro
Horty minutes after tho affair
HJ4. Sheriff Keltcr and Ms
HjtMlstcd by citizens of Cas
H and scvorat colorod people,
j the hills In tho vicinity of
H camp all Friday night and
Saturday morning Searching
murderer, but ha in ft do good
H( In tho rocks.
Hjjiy nlfcht It Is supposed Hint
Hj camo back to tho mlno and
at lunch buckols belonging
HklMrs, as several woro, miss
H(a lunch tlmo camo. Sheriff
Hjvcnl out again Sunday, nc
Hjod by Deputies Peterson nnd
HI but no trace cf tho fugitive
ft fount? ..
HTia was nrmidvflt1i-nvfo:n'l9
Hja he took to tho hills, nnd
Hj bad negro tho sheriff nnd
HJ took no chances, and had
Hjne upon him ho would have
Hj'.tlo show Johnson survod
Hjn Jail hero this nummor, be
Hk here from Konllworth for
Hj He Is said to bo urn led
Hjido on two charges, ono for
HJmd tho other for assault.
HJf Keller lion boon sending
Hmptlon of lilm to tho varl
rers over tho countrx nnd
Hf will bo apprehended bo-
a ijiiE m
Vlii IMit Orn-u HUtr
Pr Quickly Apprehended.
i furnlturo ii ml hnrdwnro
'B broken Into Friday night,
Hlrs breaking In tho bnck
H and removing tio sash.
.Belt roolvors, flvo pocket
Htbrro razors, two glass cut
flxrew drltor, ono minor's
Babi nnd brushes nnd hoiuo
pBloa were tnkon, an woll ns
iBlonglng to Clny Aslmus,
Oreen lllvor Dispatch. In
their I'scnpo tho culprits
"to cxn kegs of red paint
, sladow, Boino of this on
thcs lu to their capture
Ailmut nnd Speclnl Agont
next morning. Clay, dls-
iH1' a 'tramp, ontorud tho
ZJm la tho willows below tho
pjBM whllo engaging two lio-
conversation, raw his hut
la a tree nnd signalled to
-"ko mado tho arrest.
B'oe both had red paint on
'Iini and ono of thorn, n1
'Out 35 ears of ago, boars
llca'lon of being n first
JM nil nil around bad mnn.
M fine bunch of skoloton
jW burglar h tools ond It Is
that bc&Hles being a desor-
j be army ho Is wanted on
't for offensos similar to
kr chap, about 25 years
PPared to bo moroly n big
' ' and claims to bo an ox-
"r They woro guarded
, 'l every mlnuto during
', ration
u I ! Cook ttni Spoclnl Agent
! lr aeernl hours of clover
-" efdtd In gottlng the
s confession nnd Infor-
io tho whoreabouts of all
goods, wj,ch j,nd boon
' tLi!lin J'ouao.
UU Hahn of l.ovolaiul, Colo.,
rrlce Tuosdny evening on
' Bl daughter, Mrs. C. O.
'J, and to join Mrs. Hahn,
,en horu tho past throo
l.np. ""oHlRht (Thurs-
iul? ?,r8, ,lal' will lenvo
v ied visit to California.
.. .?ro,U'. U n "production of a
notlco which has appeared In tho
last two Issues of tho Carbon Coun
ty No s In the form of an ndvor
tuomont. Wo nro glad to glvo U
spaco In Tho Advocate ns well. Tho
owner of Tho Advocate Jiaa Inform
ed Mr. Btovonson Uinl he Intends to
do everything In his power to do
foat tho progresslvo party. Mr.
Stovcnson knows tho reason why,
and for tho Information of tho pub
lic In general, The Advocato has
theso reasons to offer
Tho progreule party was organ
xed by Mr. lloosovolt after ho had
been defeated In tho regular repub
lican party convention at Chicago.
Mr. lloosovolt first exerted every
effort to securo tho nomination for
tho proildency at tho hands of tho
republican oonvontlon, and whon
unsuccessful, organized tho progres
sive pnrty In order Hint ho might
get oven with tho republican or
ganization which would hnvo nono
of him, and consequently among
men who linvo no particular admir
ation for squcolors, Mr. lloosovolt
cannot hnvo or bo entitled to vory
much sympathy. This Is virtually
-truo of 00 pur cent of tho progres
sive party candidates throughout
tho Uuttcd States from tho con
stables up.
Tito iimv olwiiIhiIIoii m'viiix I"
linwi liiimglit (Tigi'llii'r iiImiiii nil of
tho ilUgninlliMl iiilauthrM,, fiiwi
Uck, rmnks, iMilltlcnl Mirvlienils and
dciiuiKitpifj, nnd to huto orgiiiilMtl
tliriu umhr iltn imiiio of "pngn
hUh" rt). XothlnK I more pat
ent Hum Um Incompetency of llil
tj io of (ItUi-ii to hold tlm ivIiim of
In Carbon county, where about 9B
por cent of the population Is either
directly or Indirectly dependent for
Its livelihood upon tho successful
conduct of largo corporate enter
prises, this party has ussiiinotl u do
flnnt nttltudo toward largo local
corpomtu Interests, nnd In Its plat
form makes stronuous objeotlon to
tho corporations having any say as
to Jiow tho county government shall
bo handled.
The porcontngo of the population
AVi:itAIJ !' :ih VCll
WA8IIINOTON, I). C, SopU 27.
Tho 1,114,389 aliens, Immigrants as
woll ns aliens temporarily here, nr
rlvlng In this country during tho
Inst fourteen months, brought 40,
712,097. Tho Immigrants carried
33,1C2,CB0. They had an average
of thirty-olght dollars por capita
during the fiscal jenr and forty dol
lars during tho two months follow
ing. Theso figures nro glvon In a ro
port mado to Commissioner flonoral
Koefo of the Immigration bureau.
Tho report shows that tho tide of
Immigration Is running stronger
than a year ago 58 por cont for
July and August although tho first
flvo months of tho fiscal year ran
honvlly bohlnd tho previous years
Of tho fiscal year nrrlvols, 1.0 por
tent were dobarred from this coun-
of Carbon county actually hostllo to
the corporations comprlso tho non
Industrious class. Including leaches,
bums, nnnrchlsU and others, who
have no real Intorost In tho welfare
of tho community. Theso men novcr
overlook nn opportunity to knock
men who really do soraothlng for
tho community, nnd nro always alert
to disturb a tranquil and prosperous
sltuntlon whonecr thoro Is n pros
pect to stir up community hatreds
and goncrnl dissatisfaction among
tho people.
As a matter of fact Carbon conn-1
ty, over slnco tho dnto of Its organ
ization, somo eighteen yenrs ngo, has
continuously progressed until It has
become ono of tho foremost coun
ties of Utah, nnd possesses n future
prospect far suporlor to any other
county In this or any other of tho
Wcstorn States. This progress has
boon posalblo only by renson of a
tulornnt spirit, and a disposition on
tho pnrt of tho large corporate In
terests to encourage ull public spir
ited enterprise.
Again, the officers of Carbon
county hnto averaged well In Integ
rity nnd ability with tho officers of
tlm average county anywhere, and
nothing Is more certain than that
tho general nvorngo In this county
has been far suporlor to what
would prevail If tho county govern
ment should bo turned over to men
whoso predilections nro anti-corporate,
um! who huvn a disposition to
otemnlly foment strife.
Tho local progressiva party was
launched In I'rlco for tho ostensible
purpose of electing to offlco men not
connected with tho corporations of
tho county, and with tho ulllmuto
object of controlling tho policies of
tho corporations to tho oxtont that
they might bo controlled In their
relations with local politics. Tho
Advocato Is with tho corporations,
and with tho employe of tho cor
porations, and with the business
mon who hnvo sonso onotigh to ap
preciate that tho past, present and
future prosperity of Carbon county
Is solely dependont upon corpora
tion with theso largo Intorosts In
ovory effort that makes for tho
try. Tho Immigrants from Canada
carried tho greatest amount por cap
ita and those crossing the Moxlcan
border had the least money.
i'iiiuitini: oi'Ticww
Am: (jCTTiXfj too i.vr
WASHINGTON, D. C, Sept 27.
Undo Sam's staff sergeants In the
Philippines have waxed fat and the
array subscribes to tho dictum, "No
body loves a fat man." So donoral
Oarllngton In his annual Toport to
the secretary of war rocommonds
that the fat bo eliminated.
Lapped In the lazy luxury of mili
tary life In oriental headquarters,
tho sergeants hnvo dovoloped what
Is politely tormed embonpoint, other
wise paunch. To this tho Inspector
general objects strenuously. Ho
recommends that offending rergennts
bo forced to desert tho headquar
ters' hammocks and exercise, and
demands that a suitable walking test
iBMtr- Ti' Ull III ' M JB"'W"'MMMI
community welfare, and wo belle e
thnt this is a sentiment which
Blioilldjt)o felt nnd recognized by
over good citizen who hns any nin
bltlonjip assist In tho upbuilding of
the county, and particularly of the
community of Price.
1'rk has been retarded long
enough by such drags as nro doing
tho shouting for the progrcssUo
party.t Hoecr, the) have nlwnys
boon here, and the growth of the
community for more than twenty
yenrs Was retarded by their activi
ties. Xht old generation droto tho
Denver and Itlo Urntido rnllroad (II
vlslonfcway from I'rlco through
thelFymnnlfestntlons of nntlpnthy to
corporations. They nnd their de
scendants hnvo been cursing nnd
criticising the local corporations
ovor ilneo, with the result thnt
every railroad engineer sent Into
this flcld-jocms to succeed In find-
- ' , ' " ' '
' ' n ruiW "i .. J.
T& All Progressive Party I
Voters, I
a Tto Carbon County News mt
t- trill Be Bjedai tto official Prog estlre Party &
organ, printed la Price, Utah. W
, Fay no attention to any article printed B .
In trie Eastern Utah Advocate, aa Robert Mt
ir latenua to do ererythlag In fah pevrer to Dc 'T 'Tnm
feat the Progressive Party.
Ooaaty Gftilrnan ProgrcMlre Party. i
1 : a If
'd met many old-timers that bo officials and Baron Muncbcnhaupf, a
'in early days. German banker, were sidetracked Ini .
4Mh nro.orrWIntf dally for this clt- '
Ing an easy gradu for tho avoid
ance of I'rlco, and there Is no ques
tion but that such constant agita
tion should nnd will moot with em
phatic resentment If It assumes
sufficient proportions to merit nny
hoHous consideration on tho part of
tho iersons nnd Intornsts sought to
bo Injured thereby.
This clamor should cease, nnd Jf
tho men at tho head of It would de
vote but one-half tho tlmo they are
now devoting to theso wrongful ef
forts, to tho raising ot funds for
tho establishment In I'rlco ot Job
bing houses, nnd tho socurlng ot in
ducements to railroads for tho loca
tion of shops nnd jnrds In I'rlce,
there Is no quostlon but that confi
dence of the corpomtu Intorestn
might bo restored to tho communi
ty, and their co-opcrntloii iwcured
for Us upbuilding.
Individual knoakers nro bnd
enough, but when It comes to per
fecting an organization whose aim
as Indicated by Its platform Is sim
ply tho stirring up or strife, Tho
Advocato Is against It, nnd that Is
tho reason wo had In mind whon we
Informed Mr. Stovonson that wo
should do everything in our power
to defeat the progressive party.
be presorted for tho Islund divi
sion Oeneral Oarllngton criticises the
general standard or instruction in
th army njtd recommonds that in
struction regulations In fonclng,
bayonet exorcises, flag signaling and
general field servlco bo tightened
J. V. Halley was arrested In Bait
Lake City Tuesday, brought back
hero and lodgod In Jail, charged
with obtaining money under falsa
pretense, having forged tho namo of
J W, Hansen of tho Utahna drill to
some checks. Halloy, It Is said,
eluded tho offlcors hero and went
to Salt Lako City several days ago,
Monday ho was seen on tho street
there by Marshal Ilryner of I'rlco
and pointed out to tho Salt Lake
City offlcors who mado the arrest.
Ho was brought back to I'rlco
II 111"
Here li Um plntfimii of tlm pn
mwlui pnily of t'nrlxtit county,
tuloptcil nt I'rlco mi Ttiemln), Hep
trtnbrr HI, IIMU, nmt which l II.
Htctt'iUMin, tiKrrftUo county tiinlr
limn, tried to Iimu HlTPItllSHHI.
Tlm Aihocnlo linn lot Mr. Httncn
son's Imsliie, but ulll try Ami
wurrj- nlong, Jut tlm Mine. Tor
further liifut-iiintloit mil mi or ml
ilnn II. V, CriKkrtt, alitor or Hie
Tlm I'lnlfimit Ailoptid.
The progresslto party or Carbon
county, In convention assembled,
concodo to tho democrats ovorythlng
or accomplishment that makes up
our nation's history from 1770 to
1860 a history thnt hns discredit
ed tho further spread of monarchy,
nnd that has fostered tho froo ro
publlo In tho untenanted continents
or thin world.
Wo concodo to tho republicans
ovorythlng or accomplishment In
our nntlon's history that step by
step has llftod us from tho demo
cratic simplicity ot 1800 to our
world's commercial sovereignty ot
1012. Tho democratic pntly has
given us n Washington nnd a Jeffer
son. Tho republican party has given
us a Kockcfolter and a Morgan. Tho
people now demand thnt aomo part
or the glory ot tho first and ot tho
wealth of Die second bo more llbor
ally shared with tho ono hundred
million citizens who hnvo mado pos
sible tho cxWtonco ot both. -
In tho call ot tho progressive
party wo neo tho promUo of thai
domnnd. In Its platform wo recog
nize the means ot Its accomplish
mimt, nnd wo hall as their standard
bearer, jrtieodoro .ltooovoU, voul of
our cause is already lAarly'woti. -lv
Wo especially commond that
plank in tho progressive platform
which promises us tho Industrial
commission clothed with powor to
grip the mtddlemnn, who bars tho
door of tho manufacturer to tho
buyer of his wares. And wo es
pecially futlhor commond that plank
which declares that to dbuolvo tho
unholy alliance between corrupt
business and corrupt politics Is tho
first task of tho statesmanship of
today, ,
Wo bollovo that tho railway pass
and tho corporation gift to a gov
ernmont official is the first stop to
wards Hint unholy alliance, and we
hero nnd now jdodgo oursolves to
nominate no candidate to offlco in
Carbon county who will accept such
railroad pass or such corporation
With prldo oqunl to that of a re
publican or n domoomt wo point to
tho great nnd small corporations of
our county, and with oqunl hope wo
harkon to tho call with which our
luexhnustlblu resources nro beckon
ing to nulold corporations yet to
come, nnd w opromlso each corpora
tion horu and jot to como the equnl
good will of our parly. If our pres
ent laws and rules aro Insufficient
for tho growth and fosterlug of our
corporations, wu promise them more
nnd bettor rules nnd laws to that
Wo regard tho property rights of
our corporations as sacred as those
of tho people, and wo will overlook
no consideration for both that como
within tho law.
Wo claim that tho pooplo of Car
bon county can look to tho welfare
of hur corporations with more Jus
tice mid disinterestedness than can
thu paid agents of thoso corpora
tions, nnd wo pledge oursolves so to
Wo accept in Its entirety tho plat
form of tho progros&lvo party ot tho
United States, and wo pledgo tho
peoplo n Just and honest administra
tion of Its county affairs.
Colonist business to tho West and
Northwest during tho last wook h&A
been unusually heavy. Tho salo of
tickets commencod In tho Kast on
September 25th and will continue
for fifteen days. During tlib last
few days the Denver and Itlo Orandd
has been running Its trains In two,
three, four and flvo sections to tnko
care of the business. At Salt I.uko
City this road turns the homeseek
ers over to tho Salt I,uko Kouto,
tho Wostern Pacific and tho Ore
gon Short Mnn, and at Ogdeu to
tho Southern Pacific.
Wo wrlto all liquor bonds at our.
1'rko office no Bonding away or I
delays. It, W. Crockett & Co. Also
plafo glass insurance I
Tho stnto supremo court has j KT H
handed down nn opinion In tlm eoso h mS H
of tleorgo Ilruce against Joseph C. K H
Shnrp, sheriff of Bait Lake county, j jg:
holding thnt a coin let lou under tho ' JWv.lH
felony gambling law passed by tho flPJaiifl
last legislature Is valid, regardless Buiaaaaaaaa
of whether or not thnt section ot ' ' tSk?ljL
tho law portnlnlng to the conflscn- l J'gt
tlon or gambling paraphernalia Is Iff ? ff H
llruco wns arrested for gambling K :H
and mado tho defenso In tho lowor ft ' B
court thnt tho confiscation clauso , (? H
was Invalid nnd honco nil soctlona ,'U
or the law beenmo Invalid. Ho j H
brought suit for habeas corpus nnd j H
lost. Tho cno was carried to tho n H
supremo court on tho snmo Issue. L M
Thn supromo court without paSs- , I ,..,'1
Ing on tho validity of tho section i B&uJM
In quostlon holds thnt ns there was V ' W'&H
no confiscation In tho llruco com S ) KiJH
that Issue cannot bo proporly I fik l
raised. U ,F lH
l'enrti Ortimm of Utsli BuffiT On jj
Arroiint of I'nutls.
, H
Peach growers and truck gnrdon- H
ers or Ivo counties or Utah will ,. H
lose ovor a hundred thousand dot- .'t' , H
lars as n result or Uio cold woathor I ' M
or the last wcuk, according to ro- -fi H
ports received by the Bait I.uko ':-' 1
Tlegram tram Dox Kldor, Weber, if M
Davis, Salt Iiko nnd Utah counties- f if
Tho loss Is the heayst Hint hns U I iH
boon auffcrod In yenn. WoMhcr lljl H
copdltlons two weeks ago woro per 'i M
feci for tho harvesting or tho groat- f t ,H
ost peach nnd tomato crop In tho Ifl I;. aH
history or Utah, Tho poach crop In w (H I v'ri ''H
linsbr4nViRrKprvi8iMfyMriirallP9Sv I 5 I . iH
lomato crop In tho flvo couaUeT" " ?WSStJ j , I M
was greater than It has over been. ' VH4!snnnnl
The cold nights or tho last week f
have ruined thousands or tons or JLu IH
ponchos and tomatoes, to any no- ' i I H
thing or cutting ofr tho supply ot ' L 'Jl
cucumbers that had been coming In- v ,H
to Salt Lake City tor n month or M
Not In tun yenrs have pouches . M
nnd tomntiHot sold on tho Halt l.ako 1
City market nt prices as-low an -S
hao been offered this season. Tho ' i M
best quality hare been offered At I M
as low ns fifteen fonts u case, throo ,, f 'il
oitsts to the bushel. Tomatoes hnvo M
been orferwl as low as thlrty-rivo . , M
cunts u hushol. Within tho past ' 'H
row days prices have gonn skyward J H
on first-class stock. 1 H
WIM, Itlll'Allt TUAXH.HTATi: ' . i j ii .f'anH
. 'H
M. C Itamsey, with n crew or "3H
about twenty men, will lenvo early U 1 . n
Mondny morning for tho Utah stnto ft ( M
lino In three nutomoblles, says tho K I 1
(Irand Junction Sontluol ot the 2Slh. ' J 'JH
The cars will also carry a full oqulp- wtf, ' 4H
ment of shovels, spades, etc., to ro- n't ', ',H
pair thu trnns-stnto road west or 'JRb y J
tho Utah lino. Wi ' cTH
Tio road overseer In West dls- if B
trlct has agreed to loavo oarly to- if ' - jH
morrow morning with his men nnd , tV H
loams and will bo ready to com- 4J t , H
menco work as soon ns tho unto J H
party nrrives, Tho corps or men fi ) . ,-tM
brought In tho machines will do as j t) ''"1
much work us posalblo to make tho it R I JH
road passablo and will return tho J 41 -TH
samu day. ar i 4H
Tho road ovorseer, however, will mm'''' ' "B
remain In Utah for several days un- SI l ' JM
til tho highway Into Cisco Is In good wM I 'vH
enough condition to carry tho ivuto- 111 v
mobile association party ovor It In Ku ' ' v'ol
good tlmo. This party will urrlvo If , H
early next month on their H'uy to Sb ,i .1
Suit Lake City, and If able to Hugo- l l Jm.JH
tlato tho trip in u satisfactory man- FII t ywBM
nor will deslgnato this road as tho mm .. 1 H
official exposition highway. PSj H -XM
puioi: youxo pi:opu: aui: ffl j M
Word reached horo yesterday that fflBlil ' !H
two popular young peoplo or Price, SOl!1 "' "$H
Stanloy Ilalllnger and Miss Allco HH t '''H
Fouts, wore married in Salt Lako I W -.'-SH
City, tho wedding being a surprise I ill I AsS
to tho parents as well as tho friends 1 1 B I; )" 'jH
of the couplo, Tuosdny morning llali I "'ill
Miss Kouts nnd Mr. Ilalllnger went KB II r iH
Into tho city, presumably to attend HH 1'tfM
the fair and Irrigation congress nnd JflffiS I ' r '
aftor gottlng there decided to get mC? ') 4H
married. They procured a license 91; I J fidH
nnd wore murrlod by Ilov. 1). F. E ' ,U,t!H
Short, u Mothoillst minister of that jlfi; 'j iL.W
city. A telegram was received hero lW'' t J;
yesterday apprising tho parents of flfr I r'aJB
tho affair. Mr. and Mrs. Ilalllngor IfMl , ,fi4JGB
left nt onco for u trip to tho North- HH! , mmM
west, oxpoctlng to bo gono several Hjf rtoH
woeka. m Y,h i tlvHl
i, IE , ,LM
t jrjyiBnH

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